Monday, July 17, 2017

Woman Reported Kidnapping Via Text

                                     He Said; She Said?

This is in article form meaning we have broken and edited statements.  The accused said he has evidence that she was not kidnapped; that is, held against her will or positioned in a way that she could not call for assistance.  Statement Analysis is in bold type. 

Here we have a lesson in pronouns that is useful.  

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Hutto man charged last month with the aggravated kidnapping of a San Marcos woman in Austin says that’s not what happened, publicly denying the charges against him.
Stephen Milder, 24, told KXAN he has evidence that the woman’s claims are false. “This did not happen the way she said it did. She was not kidnapped.

Here we know that something, in deed, happened, but not as "she said it."  The use of passivity here, "She was not kidnapped" avoids saying "I did not kidnap her" but also affirms that something did happen that he is thinking about and it happened to her. 

Milder says the victim in this case, Hillary Harris, texted him asking him to pick her up, even providing him with the address she wanted to be picked up from.

Lesson:  Emphasis Using Pronouns 

“I went there and I picked her up, as she asked, and we went to San Marcos,” said Milder. He says they stayed in San Marcos for around 15 minutes, but got into an argument. So Milder says he drove her back to Austin.

What can we know from this statement?

1.  "I went there and I picked her up" is reliably stated.  

Question:  What about the emphasis with the pronoun "I" here?

It is an unnecessary emphasis that suggests that we stay alert for what follows.  It means that which he gave reliably, he is emphasizing because that which follows may not be.  

What followed it?

The reporter or editor took out his quote and paraphrased instead.  Therefore, we only know it was arguing. 

2.  "...and we went to San Marcos."

The pronoun "we" indicates unity between them at this point in the statement; that is, why headed towards San Marco.  

Since we are cued in upon the argument, following the pronouns is key:

“As the argument progressed, and got worse and worse, she started becoming more and more irate. I pulled over, asking her to get out of my car if she couldn’t control herself, and she refused several timesShe started texting really quickly on her phone. I didn’t really think much of it.”
1.  "As the argument progressed" addresses the element of time and the pronoun "we" is absent.  It would have been interesting had the journalist not interjected information and let the subject speak for himself.  Let's follow the linguistic perception of reality.  

2.  "As the argument progressed" is also passive, removing from it who caused the argument to make "progress."

3.  "...and got worse and worse" tells us the intensity of an argument of which not only broke the unity of "we" but is given in a way which conceals the subject's own responsibility for its progression.  It also elongates time.

4.  "...she started becoming more and more irate."  This must be understood in context of the subject removing himself from responsibility of progression of argument.  

5.  "I pulled over" is likely reliable

6.  "I pulled over, asking her to get out of my car if she couldn't control herself and she refused several times."

Here is the incongruence in language.  This is where we hear police officers intuitively say, "this doesn't pass the smell test."

While concealing his responsibility in the escalation, but telling us she escalated, he "asked" her, not if she wanted to get out of his car, but "to get out" of his car.  

He gives the additional qualification "if she couldn't control herself" and she "refused" several times.

The language of congruence is either a demand to get out of the car, or a request if she wants to get out of the car. 

We now see why he felt the need to "over empathize" what part he was reliable about.  

There is deception here.  

She did not "decline" his offer or request, she "refused" 

Little did he know, at that point on the night of June 22, Harris texted her friend stating she had been kidnapped by Milder, and that he was punching her whenever he saw her texting. The victim was able to relay the type of vehicle she was in and says Milder was driving her around in circles in West Campus and then somewhere on Oltorf Street.

“She texted me from her number asking me to pick her up, and there was no physical abuse inside that car,” Milder said.

This is victim blaming.  She texted him for a ride, so it is her fault.  He goes back to the beginning with that which he was most comfortable with.  This is why he repeated the pronoun "I" unnecessarily.  

Was there other forms of abuse in that car?
Was there physicality in the car but not "abuse"?
Self defense?
Mutual fighting?

Remember, his account of "asking" her to get out was incongruent within the language chosen.  

In the realm of "he said; she said" this needs further exploration:  
Harris told KXAN she had no choice but to go with him. “He was angry and agitated and then he was like, ‘We can make this hard or we can make this easy.'
"He was angry and agitated" is to use plain language.  

She does not quote him reducing commitment with the word "like";
She then uses the word "we"
Due to editing, I cannot discern if this was an expression or a quote. 

When her friend contacted Austin police just after 10 p.m., they were able to use the department’s HALO cameras to track the car. But police said there were long periods of time where the victim wouldn’t respond, only saying that “she was being threatened and couldn’t talk,” the affidavit continued.  

This is the likely origin of kidnapping charges:  that one cannot communicate the danger due to coercion.  
Milder says he dropped Harris off on San Gabriel Street, where he picked her up and drove home.
Austin police arrested Milder at his home in Hutto, to his surprise. “When he told me aggravated kidnapping, I wanted to faint. I was in shock because I knew I didn’t do that,” he said. “I think about it every day. Try to figure out a reason. I’ll never know why, the particular reason why she did it.”

"kidnapping" in the traditional sense, is precluded in the subject's understanding (subjective) because he did not "steal" her; she, herself, requested he pick her up.  Kidnapping charges can stem from either refusing to let someone out, or refusing them access to 911.  
Harris told police she had known Milder since February of this year, but they were only friends and were never romantically involved. However, Harris said Midler became “obsessed” with her. She said she had to report him to police when he threw rocks at her apartment in San Marcos.
Two weeks before the kidnapping, Harris said she cut Milder out of her life and said his behavior became more erratic. She said she lived in fear, knowing that Milder stalked her.
Milder claims their communication was consensual, that he was not obsessed with her. 

This may be the "evidence" he uses to combat the allegation of kidnapping.  
“She would call me. She would text me. We would text each other back and forth,he said. “I did not stalk her and did not blow up her phone. If she had asked me to leave her life, I would.”

The use of "we" tells us how he perceives their relationship.  Most interesting is the teaching lesson on emphasis and pronouns.  Note that here he has no need for the same emphasis as above:

I did not stalk her and did not blow up her phone.

He has no need to double up on the pronoun "I" as he did before, as here, he believes his own words.  This is, even though subjective, something he believes to be true, increasing reliability. 
According to court documents, the victim said she filed police reports regarding Milder with San Marcos police and Austin police but never got the protection she needed “due to the overlap in jurisdiction.”

This is something that may be disputed by officials.  

What of the victim's credibility?

In working with D/V advocates, I emphasize truthfulness and have encountered several who exaggerate claims which later are seen as false and dismissed.  
I just think after like after four or five times of the literal same reason I’m calling the cops, he should be flagged or like take me seriously,” Harris told KXAN last month.

There is likely a reason she is not taken seriously.  

 “I’m almost relieved that something happened finally to where I can be taken seriously by people who are not my immediate friends and family. I think the only reason I was taken seriously was because I was physically hurt. I even think if I wasn’t physically hurt, they wouldn’t have taken it as serious.”

The equivocation on her part may come out in "evidence" of text messages as well as past claims and lack of honesty.  
Harris says she’s now in the process of getting an emergency protection order against him.

This would have been an interesting quote had the journalist included it or asked about the delay.  
As part of Milder’s bond conditions, he has an ankle monitor and cannot go near Harris. His next court date is set for Aug. 21. He is still charged with aggravated kidnapping.

Austin police say every case follows a clear process. The first goal when responding to a scene? Protect everyone. Next? Conduct an investigation. Third? Interview everyone involved.


consider that a reporter is asking a police officer about domestic violence.  The officer's own words reflect what happens when dealing with dishonesty on both sides.  
We take all the information so that we can have the best, or a clearer picture of what actually occurred. Then an officer will write an offense report,” explained Officer Destiny Winston with APD.
“A detective will review the case and they will determine, ‘Does it meet elements of a criminal offense? Is this even a criminal offense? Is this something we need to investigate further?’ They will give it the appropriate title and then they’ll either clear it, or they’ll continue on with the investigation and then it will go up to either having a warrant served, and then on to the courts.”

The equivocation and lack of truthfulness on both parts may be evident in the language of both the reporter and the police officer:  
Winston says working any case takes cooperation and communication from all parties involved.
“Sometimes gathering all the information and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together can take some time,” she said. “We look at it objectively. That’s what police officers do. We’re there to enforce the letter of the law. So, we look at it from that perspective and the more information that we have, the better.”
But, the bottom line? APD takes victim reports very seriously.
“When we receive a 911 call, it’s an emergency — nine times out of 10. We’re here to help enforce the law and of course, protect victims of any type of violent crime. That’s what we want to do,” said Winston.
There are several community and department resources available at APD, including a large number of victim services counselors and advocates across Central Texas, as well as legal aid services. Whether you are involved in a dating or family disturbance situation, police want you to call 911 to report it and take advantage of those services to stay safe.

Analysis Conclusion:

He does not believe what he did was "kidnapping" because she asked him to pick her up; he did not go there and take  her against her will .

He is not truthful about what happened in the car.  She was likely assaulted and his attempt to "punish" her from texting could be to stop her from communicating an emergency, which is legally kidnapping.  

She is not truthful about the nature and scope of their relationship.  

She is not likely a truthful person, as she needed some form of injuries to get people to believe her.  This suggests habitual deception.   

hat tip:  John 


Anonymous said...

It sounds like if she feared him she wouldn't text him for a ride when Uber is all the rage. What about her family and friends? Don't they drive?

The "asked" her to get out may have been more like,"do you want to shut up or get out?"

She is, imo, similar to the old man who compared his traffic stop to the roadside harassment of black Americans in various parts of the country.She wants to be beaten to a pulp victim of domestic violence and will do anything to make that happen.

They fight. Why even consider being friends or anything else?

She looks young. I'll bet he looks stupid.

Uness he was about to push her out of the moving vehicle as many DV survivors have suffered injury.

Anonymous said...

I know when someone has been obsessed, stalking me and throwing rocks
at my window, they become the exact person I think to call for a ride. Face-plant. I would like to know if substance abuse was a factor.

LisaB said...

I wonder why she was TEXTING for help, rather than calling. He was not trying to interfere with her doing so, did not take her phone, and he "offered" her the "option to get out of the car. Even if you believe that he was trying to PUT HER OUT OF THE CAR, she REFUSED, which does not sound like "kidnapping" from either perspective.

He came to pick her up in the car. He must have told her what he would be driving. Not being able to tell the person she was texting for help what kind of car it was does not pass MY sniff test. At a minimum, she could have seen the color, and the manufacturer's name generally appears in the middle of the steering wheel.

She seems to have been intentionally obstructing the flow of information.

Gohanuua said...

If Peter you"edit"the statements,how can we be sure you are unbiased?

Peter Hyatt said...

Gohanuua said...
If Peter you"edit"the statements,how can we be sure you are unbiased?
July 17, 2017 at 4:13 PM

I do not understand your question.


Anonymous said...

He could have spoofed the call to make it look like she called him if he were cyberstalkng.Then she would have to explain how she ended up inside his vehicle.

She's young and tech savvy enough to block him.Calling the police that many times in the area she lives is something an older person would not do.

Being Austin is a college town, it may be her way of leading the pack for the cause. Others do not appreciate her sentiment.

Most have 911 on speed dial, why not call 911 and have the conversation in earshot of someone who can help without involving the friend who obviously wouldn't give her a ride?

Either this tale is heavily edited hoping a death will occur and ratings will rise, or she is engaging in the entrapment process many do in today's media frenzy.

Anonymous said...

"we have broken and edited statements"....your words.I meant have you "loaded the dice"?simple question

Anonymous said...

Not statement-related, but her complexion looks like that of abusers of certain types of drugs.

Anonymous said...

Gohannuna, you can google the news article or simply click on the link provided for comparison to make certain Peter has not edited the article pieces he presented.

I wonder: did he own a gun? Did he have it with him? Did he do things that were so crazy it sounded like a lie to police? In other words, was she coerced into entering the vehicle? Had he contacted her friends/family and that is why they believed her?

Does she think herself a savior and hopes to save him or else he'll go to jail if he doesn't adhere to her behavioral modification program? Any point during a time he pulled over would have been perfect to flee. Kicking his shifter would have forced him over.

Kidnapping isn't an anomaly in the Austin area so it seems.

FYI...he looks unstable

Unknown said...


This seems to have some interesting statements and possible exercise on SA.

"The Tesla driver sent an email to the sheriff and a local media outlet stating that he did not intend to blame Autopilot or Tesla for his accident."

Clark wrote that "to the best of my recollection, I had engaged the autopilot system, but then I had disengaged it by stepping on the accelerator. I then remember looking up and seeing the sharp left turn, which I was accelerating into. I believe we started to make the turn, but then felt the car give way and lose its footing like we hit loose gravel. That was the feeling I was trying to describe to you as I lost control of the vehicle. The next thing I know tall grass is whipping past the windshield and we were travelling at an odd angle in the ditch and then flipped over the right side and ended up on the roof."
"I am truly thankful for the safety features Tesla has put into this car that has saved all 5 of them from serious injury."

Which is bizarre because according to the official police report as reported by the press, as recently as this morning the driver was "blaming the crash on the car’s “autopilot”, according to authorities."

Trudy said...

Thank you. Great analysis and conclusion. They are both deceptive. Often, I am tempted to think that only one party is deceptive about what happened, and therefore, the other must be telling the truth. In fact, both parties can be deceptive.

Anonymous said...

Found a version that claimed he grabbed her and threw her in the car. Could be for media hits, who knows?

Anonymous said...

What is a "formulated phrase"? Does anyone know?

Amyl Nitrite said...

I think that because she had attempted to get a restraining order against the guy in the past and failed, she may have taken matters into her own hands. That would explain the call from her to pick her up. She set him up this time. Now there is a restraining order which is what she wanted.

Laura said...

I simply wanted to know if Peter could do a blog post sometime on how to identify letters that someone has been forced to write oftentimes through dictation to the individual. I cited the Elizabeth Fritzl tragedy whereby the letters she had written were not closely examined until the end of her 20 yrs of captivity when an expert on cults looked at them and said they seemed to have been dictated due to the very precise handwriting that looked like calligraphy, non-genuine statements and "formulated phrases" in the letters. I am just interested to know what are the indicators that a kidnapper or someone like that has dictated a letter to their captive like in Elizabeth's case where she was told to write that everything was fine and telling her family not to look for her, etc.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could find the letters online bc I want to know how they could tell they were dictated letters.

Anonymous said...

San Marcos police may not have viewed throwing rocks at her apt as very serious. It isn't her property he would damage unless he threw them at her window.The persistent calls could be avoided by getting a new phone, burner phone or blocking him.
the extent of the stalking isn't stated in this particular article.

It claims stalking also occurred in Austin-not where she lives. Does he live there? Austin police may take it more seriously since a large population of missing/murdered come from the college crowd.(It can happen to any age group though).

Make him stop calling me isn't something that would prompt an investigation unless there were threats. People break up and that type of behavior is often seen as normal...until one ends up dead. If she truly feared for her life, he must have done more.

San Marcos is a small town with an Air base nearby. Their police probably come from the military and keeping women alive may not be a priority compared to drug raids or other things that would help them get promoted.

Could be different considering the demographics.

Anonymous said...

On the night of the kidnapping, she said she was walking to her friend’s place when Milder pulled up, got out and grabbed her. According to the affidavit, he told her, “If you love me, you will understand why I am doing this.”"

If this is true, then THIS was in fact a 'literal' kidnapping bar the cell phone intimidation.

Maybe she befriended him being nce and he had problems she was unaware of.

rob said...

Great analysis

Hey Jude said...


A young man confessed to killing a fifteen year old girl, he was convicted and jailed - recently DNA evidence led to another man as the killer.
I thought this interview was interesting - because while the innocence of the man who made the false confession has been established, (I think) he sounds guilty. I wonder why might that be - is it that the belief of others, over many years, that he committed the murder, produces the guilty seeming language?

Lisa21222 said...


Includes 911 call.

Lisa21222 said...

To Anonymous who said ""we have broken and edited statements"....your words.I meant have you "loaded the dice"?simple question"

I believe Peter meant "we are in possession of edited statements" not "we have edited the statements," as they came from an article, and not from the police interview or other unedited material. It was edited BEFORE we got it, but not by Mr. Hyatt.

He may not not have the full statements, or at least, is holding them back to reveal the truth later.

Anonymous said...

Some people just live for drama. The bigger the mess they make, the more turned on they get. And if they can keep something going on, like stringing someone along, then they do.

Anonymous said...

Their relationship is a moot point in this day and age.
One of two ways this scenario played out:
1)She texted him as he claimed and got in the vehicle willingly.
2)He monitored her phone and tracked her to her friends location and abducted her as she claims.

Her "like" statements may more explain her difficulties in explaining why she feared him more than her attempt to get rid of him.If she called LE four or five times with the exact problem, i.e., rocks pelting exterior of apt and calling/texting obsessively then she did not have enough evidence to get a restraining order.However, had a police officer talked to him the situation may have ended prior to when and how it did. They are both young. If he did as claimed, he will be worse as he ages.

There is a reason the author of the article omits the affidavit in which she claims he grabbed her off the street. Why would they do that?

The recent killing of an Australian woman in Minn. by a Somalian police officer brought some of those reasons to light when the first articles fabricated an argument between the two fiancees in order to pry into their personal life and victimize them more. The goal is to manipulate and control the victims in the same sadistic order the Somalian murdered her in her PJs for reporting a crime behind their home.

Like lethal nitrate for the production of "B" rted films

Anonymous said...

Do any of the grammar wizards here know what a "formulated phrase" is & can they give an example?

Anonymous said...

Btw,Lockhart-the one with the missing Spanish teacher wife-was caught tampering with the neighbors cable/phone line. The same neighbors that feared him and heard his death threats against his wife.

The have accumulated enough stalking material to form their own whodunnit teams. The best serial killers have telephone repair trucks.

ima.grandma said...

a "formulated phrase" means a phrase that judges, summarizes, and reduces something complicated to something simple.

example: "an apple of one's eye"  This is phrasing which means favorite. But, it is arranged in a sequence of words that mean favorite. Such phrases are called formulated .

Hey Jude said...

She may have felt she was not taken seriously, as it seems often in stalking cases the police response is that they are unable to take any action unless or until stalking escalates to the point where there is a physical assault or other crime. She said her friends and family took her concerns seriously - her friends and family, who know her best, took her seriously - it was her friend who called 911. I think she believes her earlier reports were not taken seriously, whereas the fact is she was taken seriously, but unfortunately there was little the police could do to offer her protection as, up till the aggravated kidnapping, he had not committed a crime, and also she continued contact with him, which was probably against advice.

One needs only to Google ‘stalking not taken seriously’ to see how vulnerable are victims and how little the police are able to do to protect them, even when they are able to take action, resulting in the belief they are not taken seriously. Where stalking ends in the murder of the victim, it does seem a reasonable complaint - albeit in retrospect, and when it is too late - that the victim was not taken seriously; that was likely not the case, rather that the protection available was inadequate due to the law, or in some cases, due to the police in that locality not being adequately trained in what protections might have been available in advance of a stalking situation escalating to violence.

If she believed he was stalking her, yet continued to engage with him, if only in an attempt to lessen his obsession, one can see how it may have been complicated even for his contact to be termed harassment - that could have led the police, and him, to not regard his behaviour as stalking. Someone said she could have blocked him, yet she may have worried that would enrage him and put her at more risk - she may have felt safer with contact than not knowing what he was thinking or doing. She may have been sending him very mixed messages, at least from his point of view, in continuing contact - if as she said, he was sending her seventy texts in a short space of time and continually calling - well, how frequently was she responding? That would be obsessive in the extreme, were it without encouragement, which is not clear if, or how much encouragement, she may have given him to continue to text and call.


This was a terrible case where the victim, who had been in a month long relationship, was murdered, despite police and judicial efforts to prevent the stalker’s harassment - he killed himself, too:


Anonymous said...

imagrandma, Thank you, but I still dont understand bc "apple of ones eye" just seems to be a saying.(not really reducing something complicated to something simple?) ..I dont understand what that would entail to reduce something complicated into something simple. Can you give another example?
I really would like to understand what a "formulated phrase" is...

Lorraine said...

Aaron Carter is telling his side of the story when it comes to his arrest in Habersham County, Georgia, on Saturday night.

The 29-year-old singer sat down with ET on Tuesday, clearly still feeling emotional about his arrest on charges of DUI refusal, possession of marijuana less than one ounce and possession of drug related objects. Carter cried as he talked about how he's spent the last four days, and said he hasn't slept since Saturday.

"Basically, I've been listening to America and Stevie Wonder and the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack," Carter tells ET's Jennifer Peros about how he's coping.

Carter explains that before his arrest, he and girlfriend Madison Parker were in North Carolina for a club appearance on Friday, and he decided to buy a cheap car to avoid wasting money on rentals. He explains he has severe anxiety over flying, due to his experience on Sept. 11, 2001.

"I opened for Michael Jackson Sept. 9 and 10 in 2001 -- we all left the morning of Sept. 11 and watched the Trade Centers get hit across the Hudson River, and I saw it with my own eyes and I saw people jumping out of the buildings and burned," Carter shares.

Carter says the car he bought was in bad shape, and that he couldn't even lock the doors, so he guarded his girlfriend in the car throughout the night on Friday. After missing his show with Flo Rida in Kansas City, Missouri, on Saturday, Carter says he turned around to head to Alabama, and that's when he stopped at an AutoZone in Georgia to fix his alignment after getting a new tire.

"Somebody said I was driving recklessly on the road, that's what the police report said, but the alignment was off on my car, so I went to AutoZone to see if I could do anything about it," Carter explains. "A motorcyclist reported that I was swerving all over the road, but the alignment was off a little bit on the new tire."

Carter says police approached him inside the AutoZone in Georgia.

"[They] forcefully grabbed me out," he claims. "[I] stepped outside. I say, 'I invoke the right to speak to my attorney,' and they disregarded that, they revoked that immediately. They said, 'Is there anything illegal in the car?' I said, 'I have marijuana in the car.'"

"I kept trying to explain the whole situation, to the officer," he shares. "He said, 'You're a professional, right? I'm a professional too, so be quiet.' And then I said, 'OK.'"


Lorraine said...

Continued from above....

Carter claims he wasn't under the influence of any alcohol or drugs.

"I do not drink alcohol at all," he adds, saying he has a medical condition that prevents him from doing so. However, he admits he will occasionally sip beer.

"I'll occasionally have a sip of a beer or something like that, but I can't even drink IPAs," he clarifies. "I can't drink anything like that. I have to drink the lightest beer possible that's not hoppy. I don't drink any hard liquor."

Carter says the last time he had smoked marijuana was nine hours earlier before the incident with police. He says he smokes marijuana for his anxiety, chronic pain and to increase his appetite.

Carter says he's also on pain medication due to a jaw injury, which he has since stopped taking, and stresses that he is not taking any other drugs.

"No. Nothing. Zero. I am willing to do a polygraph test," he says. "I take Xanax, Propranolol for high blood pressure medication, and I took oxycodones for my mouth."

Carter has a message for fans claiming he needs help for drug addiction.

"It hurts real bad because people don't know me, and I have no control over it, and this is the way I am," he says. "I have a medical condition. When I was 19 years old, I got an endoscopy done in Tennessee and I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. The doctor told me I have to keep stress out of my life, or else it's gonna take a toll on me and I can develop cancer."

"I don't need help," he continues. "What I need is for people to understand that I'm human and that I make mistakes just like every other human in this world, but I would never risk my life or my girlfriend's life."

Carter also vehemently denies he's ever smoked meth, crack cocaine or taken heroin. He says his biggest mistake is trying ecstasy "a couple of times" when he was 16 years old.

"I do not drink," he again stresses. "Hire a polygraph person, a professional. Strap me up."

Lorraine said...

Continued from above....
"I didn't harm anyone's ego"he DID he lied from the start.

Anonymous said...

Theres nothing to be found on google except what imagrandma posted. I thought someone here would be smart enough to know but that says a lot that there isnt.

Anonymous said...

In my minds eye, I'd guess a formulated phrase is not part of grammar.Perhaps more of a cliche that takes a different term to sound more educated.

It's not like new wordpress and blogspot accounts appear expounding the purpose of the formulated phrase.

A pattern of obtuse and absurd comments follow such educated buffoonery.

To plagiarize another commentor at another time-'that's ignorant.'

Anonymous said...

I dont think formulated phrase means "cliche".
Unfortunately I could only find a few sentences of Elizabeth's letters , but I think its more that even though her father was claiming she had run away with a cult, her reporting on her life did not mention a cult and was "oversimplified". Same with the letters Fritzl dictated to her after she had babies in the dungeon that Fritzl alleged she had had while in the cult and then lsupposedly left them on her mother & fathers doorstep. I just thought it would be interesting if Peter did a blog post on how to tell if someone has forced another person to write alwtter that is being dictated by the captor.
I know some has wondered if a few of Amanda Blackburns journal entries had been dictated to her by Davey while she was under duress.
Interesting about the firmulated phrase "oversimplication" of the individuals feelings thoughts, life etc.
I def think a few of Amandas journal wntrues were dictated by Davey.
I wish I could find Elizabeth Fritzls letters online.

LisaB said...

Lorraine (re Aaron Carter):

"I opened for Michael Jackson Sept. 9 and 10 in 2001 -- we all left the morning of Sept. 11 and watched the Trade Centers get hit across the Hudson River, and I saw it with my own eyes and I saw people jumping out of the buildings and burned," Carter shares.

So he could see burned people jumping from across the Hudson River? LOL

LisaB said...


I have not heard the term before, but found this (using Google)

"A phrase is a grammatical expression made up of two or more words. It is constructed in such a way that it does not contain a finite verb. Thus, it does not make a complete sentence or clause. It is a sequence that does not contain clause elements like subject, object, an adjective, a noun or an adverb. Example: a shady lane (noun phrase). Another example: he drove very slowly. 'Very slowly' in the sentence describes his driving or his actions. Thus, it is an adverbial phrase.

The verb 'formulate' means 'to represent in a definite form' or 'to express precisely or systematically'. Formulating something is developing or creating a method, system et cetera. Thus, one can develop phrases in a similar way and express the thing intended in a clear sequential format. Example: an apple of one's eye. This is phrasing which means favorite. But, it is arranged in a sequence of words that mean favorite. Such phrases are called formulated phrases."

I guess that it would include things like "up a creek" meaning "in trouble" or "airing dirty laundry" meaning "spilling the tea" (see what I did there?).

Chii Oxable said...

Peter, are you going to post anything about the woman who lied about being pregnant and losing the baby after a shooting at her gender reveal party, or the woman who's parents claim she is being held hostage by R. Kelly? Some VERY interesting language used in both cases. The 911 call from the shooting is now available and the woman reportedly being held hostage by R. Kelly has spoken to the media on two occasions now.

Anonymous said...

Lisa B, Thank you that is very interesting. Since I have not seen her letters I wondered if it could also mean summarizing her alleged life with the cult in simplistic ways. I saw a few sentences like "Im doing great. Dont look for me or I'll leave the country. I hope youre healthy." (Are these also considered formulated phrases due to their simplicity?) Your wxamples are excellent and help me understand: like saying "up a creek" is a simple way of describing being in trouble/having difficulty. Thank you for your helpful examples! I wish her letters were online bc it would make interesting study re dictated writing.

Danny Gray said...

Be careful now...

habundia said...

Formulated phrases

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My theory cuts your idiocy out?

Lorraine said...

In Spain?

Anonymous said...

@Chii Oxable,

I have been checking the past couple of days to see if there is an analysis of the girl whose family thinks she's been brainwashed by R Kelly. Her interview was very shady to me. I hope Peter does one soon. I'm very interested to see what he says.

Anonymous said...

did you post or send him the transcripts? I sometimes do and it is the best way to get analysis

Anonymous said...

does the ANNE FRANK CENTER in Germany really not hire jews??

is this an example of a holocaust museum that doesn't hire jews?

habundia said...

@anonymous.....were do you read no Jews are being hired? Because a freelance Arab was hired doesn't mean no Jews were? I read the center is located next to a synagoge, in the middle of a Jewish neighborhood, it's meant to be bring understanding......not to divide.

Katprint said...

+1 to Hey Jude's comment above.

In many jurisdictions (such as California -- I don't know about Texas) if the police do not observe an injury and the suspect does not admit to having been violent, it is common for the police not to do anything further. Many domestic violence victims reconcile with their abusers by the time the case can be prosecuted in court and then they either refuse to testify or they testify falsely. Other domestic violence victims are intimidated into silence when the suspect bails out of custody, and some flee the jurisdiction altogether and/or go into hiding. Consequently, many police and prosecutors have become somewhat skeptical about filing charges based solely on the initial statements of the victim at the time of the incident without supporting evidence.

Anonymous said...

it is not the only one that doesn t hire jews. it hit the news before this one is run by muslims and jews that applied there were turned away. jews complained not only about that but more about something else:

muslims actually downplay the holocaust with some even denying it, and NO JEWS GO TO THIS CENTER because of it. it is a joke and a lie but we are used to it

bring people together? you believe the elite and are deceived try to visit and ask questions about hitler, or specifically ask how many jews (including my relatives) died in the holocaust and see what muzzle tells you.

then come back and say it brings people together

Anonymous said...



Have you seen the story about the woman who claims to have made brownies for a school bake sale using breast milk after realizing that she was out of milk?

I saw everyone getting worked up about her having made this "substitution" and wonder what you think.

I found some comments (it was posted to "Sanctimommy" on facebook) on FB and Reddit suggesting that it is pretty difficult to find a brownie recipe that is made using any milk at all. I checked my own cookbooks, and boxed mixes in my pantry, and have to concur.

Is this woman just trying to get attention?

Anonymous said...

I am Stephen Milder the accused. To the blogger, the state dropped the charges. There was later found video evidence that she got in my car willingly which she stated she was forced into the car. She did very much become irate in the car as we were having a argument, she was on drugs. It was a dysfunctional relationship but where you are wrong is she never was assaulted or kidnapped. No crime was committed. Which was why i was so desperate to get my story out there and show the evidence. The reporter left out a voicemail she left me that same day. However if you followed the story you would of seen the state dropped the charges against me and she was later charged with filing a false police report.....and is right now about to be in the midst of a small claims lawsuit. I have brought a suit against the DA and Hillary Harris.

Anonymous said...

I am Stephen Milder. The accused. I recently came across this article. I will say you are partially right about what happened. But mostly wrong. Im not sure how to contact you privately so i will leave a comment.....truth is. If you followed up with the story. About a month and a half after you posted this. The state dropped the charges. I was never even indicted. Reason being the DA knew she was lying because she wouldn't cooperate with the police because alot of it didnt add up. She knew what kind of car i drove because i let her use the car several times, why she didnt text the kind of car she was in was a question the police had, i had no idea at the time who she was texting? I actually didnt until later after i dropped her off that her was mother and the friend. Her mother and mostly her friend was jealous of our friendship and she knew he would call police but she held back information and kept telling me to turn a different direction while driving. As if she was almost trying to avoid the police finding me because she knew id have proof on my phone of text messages that she never was forced into the car. She never was held against her will or assaulted. I wanted her out of my car and when i asked her to get out, she refused and started crying and thats when she started texted on her phone. Like i said i didnt think much of it. I agreed to drive her back if she would calm down. She was agitated, angry, upset whatever you want to call it. But most of all if you had read what my lawyer wrote to the DA to have them drop the charges. Drugs were involved. I will not name what kind of drugs. But she coming down off a very strong because i wouldnt help her with cash and the car that night which was what most of our argumenet was about as the reporter ommitted from the article. She got her pay back. If you knew Hillary. You wouldnt be surprised. She did it for pay back, but then attention and drama. Anyway to make a long story short. Police and the DA found out she lied about many things. Not only was the text messages and stack of paper work i had not enough but the camera footage they finally pulled of her getting in my car was what dropped the charges and she was then the one facing charges. My lawyer hired a PI to get the camera footage from outside the apartment complex i picked her up at (which detectives never even cared to gather). She was not forced into the car as the video showed and as my text that was showed on the news of her sending me the address where to pick her up down to the last minute of her getting into the car. She is now being sued as well and charges against me where dropped. None of her blood was found in the car or a sign of struggle. She was never assaulted. She was crazy....however i did text her many times at certain moments way before this night happened and she would later text me back and so on our friendship or relationship went. Whatever you want to call it. There where times i ignored her and she blew up my phone with texts and calls as the records showed. We had a very unhealthy friendship. She did spread a rumor that i threw rocks thru her window one night, however the funny thing about this. Is she did report it to police. But it was found out. It happened a month before we even came in contact with eachother. She also said she reported me in other counties.....well if you do your research. She did not.

Anonymous said...

This is again Stephen Milder the accused and innocent. Pt2. To my earlier comment. Is there where many things that proved my innocence, its sad even today i still have to feel like i need to prove it even tho the charges are dropped. And she was later arrested for a false police report. Blah blah. None of it matters because she tried to ruin my life with a statement to police. In the state of Texas, all they need is a sworn affadavit by the victim to press charges and then the cops do NOT investigate both sides like they said they did. They let the courts handle it. They feel they had enough with her written statement. Well they didnt. Which is why me and my lawyer have brought a civil suite against them because these police officers did not even ask me one question. They literally came to my house. Arrested me. Had me wait 3 hours while they decided what to do and then took me in. If they had seen my phone text messages. Which i begged to show them. They would of had to let me go. Because it would of already proved she lied on a police report.

Anonymous said...

So i luckily had money to bail out and hire a damn good lawyer who disected everything. Not only did he later find the video evidence of her getting into the car willingly. He found out many other things. The fact my car was equipped with a GPS tracker. She stated i drove her around west campus and downtown and not to san marcos. GPS showed i did take her to san marcos and also stopped the vehicle atleast 3 times during the course of our argumenet. Once at her apartment complex where we drove to in San Marcos where she sat for 20 minutes having a conversation with me after she had calmed down. I told her many times. If she did not want to hang out and if all we were going to do was argue then i could leave but she begged me to stay. I actually was trying to leave her life as a friend because me and her just had to many arguments that friends shouldnt have. This made her upset that i wanted to leave her life. As we drove back up to Austin to drop her off where i picked her up. She started becoming irate. To be honest she was on some medications called suboxone in which she was coming down off of and became very iritated that i would not help her with cash, a car to borrow. Many things contributed to what happened....

Anonymous said...

Pt 4. Stephen Milder. I pulled over twice on the way back as she became continually frustrated and told her to just get out. She responded with "so you are just going to leave me stranded out here on the side of the road" i ofcourse felt bad so i asked her to please stop trying to argue with me. That did not happen. She started texting her friend which i did not know at the time as i was focused on the road. I never took her phone, if i did have some sort of control of her phone and was kidnapping her would i of let her text her friend who hated me and tell him that she had been "taken from me and forced into the car" she did not call or text 911. Just her mom and friend....GPS records show around this time and cell pingers. Showed my car was entering down town where apperantly she was being held still against her will as the blogger concluded, however, the GPS that later the DA was introduced to by my attorney was the third biggest key of evidence. It shows she had numerous oppurtunities to exit the vehicle. That she was not being held against her will. The other two main keys. The texts back and forth between me and her and their content showing she never was being stalked. A detective who was assigned to investigate the stalking case. Did not even bother futher after i released the stack of paper work in my interview. The phone records that showed her cell phone and mine in constant contact during times she said she was ignoring me and i was blowing up her phone.....and of course the other key evidence the video footage of her willingly getting into my car matching up to the texts of the address she sent me to pick her up from....

Anonymous said...

PT. 5. There were so many things the reporter omitted from my interview because she knew how bad it looked that they just put a liar on TV. The other local news stations didnt bother picking it up. The reporter did omit a fourth key peice of evicence. Which was the voicemail hillary left me that day a few hours before i picked her up stating she loved me and wanted me in her life. Reason she left many messages like this was because she felt insecure and wanted me around to also use me for money, the car that she borrowed many times that allegedly was kidnapped in. The reporter did omit that Hillary had borrowed my laptop and dropped it off at the police station. However when the officers asked for her name. She did not give it. She just said it was for Stephen give to his lawyer or the DA. Well this turned the heads of the DA and made her suspicious as to why she didnt give her name. Reason was i learned from a mutual friend of ours is she was scared the police had already found out her lies due to my texts and gps (didnt have the video evidence just yet), she was paranoid. And no longer wanted to talk to the DA. She even hired a lawyer for her self preparing....a month before charges against me where even dropped.

Anonymous said...

PT. 6. It was pretty clear to my lawyer. The DA and the investigator on the case who now 6 weeks later was so interested in speaking with me and my lawyer. But my lawyer said there was no reason to speak with them because they knew they were basically screwed and in the midst of a future law suit. Alot of people found this case interesting but what was sad about it to me was the fact that people didnt care about the innoscent man. I had many supporters but when my interview came out. It wasnt nearly as viewed as hers. Because everyone wanted to believe her story but were upset when they knew it was most likely a lie. If anyone who knew Hillary's life at that time and even know. She has turned into a really horrible person. Lying. Stealing, using drugs. She even refused a drug test from the DA. Why was i friends with her? I dont know and i should lf left her life that night and not given her so many chances. I even knew she had made a false rumor about me being some odd stalker and continued talking to her after she made an excuse. It was a messed up friendship point blank but to the blogger. This next part is very important. You concluded that i assaulted her and held her against her will which would still be kidnapping? Im Texas. Not letting someone out of the car after they willingfully entered is unlawful restraint and simple assault. However she was never assaulted. She didnt have any marks on the dash cam footage or body cam footage. She claimed i pushed her face against the window as well. Just complete sillyness....when there was so much prove to show otherwise. But the slam dunk was the video evidence all over downtown.

Anonymous said...

PT 7. Anyway this has been nearly two years since this all happened. It only took a process of 2.5 months from arrest to being bailed out. Gathering evidence on my own. My lawyer worked hard at getting even stronger evidence that made it obvious none of it happened. And the charges were just dropped like that. Within two days a warrant was put out for her arrest. Il post to youtube video that shows the broadcast from kxan saying the charges had been dropped. Hillary didnt cooperate and ran away as an "alleged victim". So please tell me how you think she wasnt kidnapped initially but still.was kidnapped in the car??? Just by disecting my words?? Its evidence and its that i didnt do that. It sucks having to still defend myself even these days. I started a up a actual project for people who have been falsely accused or convicted of crimes if you look me up. I have been falsely accused of crimes 4 times. But this was the first felony or serious crime ever being accused of. All of the alleged crimes i been charged with were eventually dropped. I have no idea if just the police have it out for me or what. But the past few years have been great. We are currently suing APD. The Travis County DA and Hillary Harrris in small claims court. There are so many things i didnt mention. Again to the blogger. You should look at the evidence. I was found innoscent and shes in jail. If youd like to contact me somehow. Just comment and i can email you or something and show you that some of your claims are wrong and that i am Stephen Milder of course.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The analysis did not conclude kidnapping. You did not tell the truth about the interaction between the two of you--- you minimized what took place between you.

Criminal kidnapping and what took place are different

Peter Hyatt