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Kate McCann's Answer to Why Didn't You Search?

Here is a short statement submitted for analysis. It is a part of an interview by the BBC of Kate McCann, mother of missing Madeleine McCann.  

Analysis seeks truth.  Here is basic analysis of the disappearance of Madeline McCann as a journalist allowed for answers and explanations to the analysis of an interview.  

The analysis is presented in simple terms and successive points.  This video allows for disagreement or for questions, of specific issues.  

Men and women think differently, with different expectations from analysts based upon many years of data collection.  

A mother will speak differently than a non mother.  
Mothers and fathers speak differently. 

In getting to know the case of Madeline McCann, it has been recently called to my attention that the language of Kate is very different than the language of Gerry; and this is not in reference to gender.   I hope to publish more analysis on this difference which may provide deeper insight into this case including the subsequent cover up details.  

Grasping human nature is critical to success in both analysis and subsequent successful investigations.  

In this regard, law enforcement in training excel.  Few within law enforcement struggle in  understanding of human nature.  

Why is this?


It is because when they investigate, they must have results. It is not an academic exercise to them.   They cannot afford, for example, to wrongfully accuse someone, or to excuse the guilty just to satisfy narrative.  The law enforcement investigator must produce accuracy over any other considerations.  Lives may depend upon it.  

Analysts work or assist on live investigations.  

In this regard, even professional instructors are not like the college business professor who has never run a business, for which his or her  theories hold no consequence.  

Consider the contrary as absurd.  If an anonymous  terrorist threat is made, the recipients and law enforcement want to know the identity of the author, of which Statement Analysis is used to identify. 

Imagine subordinating lives to political correctness:  refusing to identify the author because it would be offensive to someone.  

                       Kate McCann and Gerry McCann 

A mother of a missing child will speak differently than a father of a missing child.

Truthful parents will speak differently than deceptive parents. 

Biological parents will speak differently than relatives, including close relatives, siblings, etc.  

This is why data is important in comparison. 

Educated people speak differently than uneducated people.  The medical background in the McCann case is an element to be examined and understood.  

 The processing of information over time must be noted.  There is a decade between the report of the missing child and a current interview.  

The analysis is based upon human instinct and a large collection of data in which biological mothers and biological fathers of missing children's language is analyzed.  

For the analyst in training, there is no substitute for this experience; exposure to statement after statement where the end results are known.  

When you, the new analyst, have analyzed hundreds of statements from mothers, and then from fathers, specifically of missing children, you will begin to see patterns emerge.  You will begin to grasp the language of mothers, the language of fathers, the language of relatives and the language of caring non-relatives, and how they all differ.  

You will begin to understand:  

The truthful speak one way;

The deceptive speak another. 

This will guide your expectations far beyond the initial, "what would I say" that is part of "101" training.  

Our expectations are based upon:

1.  Presupposition of de facto (not judicial) innocence.  We are to believe what we hear (and read) unless the subject pushes us to a new position.  Even then, upon flagging deception, this principle shows us how much reliable information is still gleaned from one lying.  

2.  Human Nature.  In this case,  the instinct here is of a biological mother of a missing child.  

3.  Data building. This is the above exposure to not only research, but your own analyzing of many statements in missing child cases.  


Question from Jane Hill, BBC: “Did you as a mother Kate just sometimes think I’ve got to go and be out there with them, I want to go and be out there and physically look for her as well?
This is a simple question about physically searching for a "missing" child.  The interviewer specifically targets Kate's instincts with the words, "as a mother."  She reveals her own belief that a mother may speak differently than a non-mother.

A mother's instinct is from creation (natural).  This instinct can be cultivated culturally, where people have a high view of motherhood, or it can be neglected (indifference) or it can even be harmed through slander; all with societal consequences that cause us to look at the linguistic results.  

Nonetheless, being a mother is an instinctive element within human nature.  It is within this truth that Statement Analysis discerns truth. 

Here is an examples of such:

1.  When 13 year old Hailey Dunn went missing, it was treated as a runaway.  Yet, when her mother, Billie Jean Dunn sought to propagate this narrative, she inadvertently said, 'She was not allowed to walk after dark.  She was not allowed to just go out by herself...'

This told us two very important points:

a.  While missing, the mother needs to portray herself as a good mother.  The "good mother" is a specific category identified in Statement Analysis.  

This need is viewed in context:  missing child.

b.  While missing, the mother is now referencing the child in the past tense.  This indicates the mother knows or believes her child is dead.  Why?  Because of the natural denial and defense that stems from the powerful instinct of motherhood.  

The analyst will, over time, see this in the statements of innocent mothers and deceptive mothers.  

Mothers have a unique, biological, (physiological) relationship with their child.  Being "natural", it will be different than anything "manufactured."  

Another Example:  Solomonic Judicial Decision 

In the ancient world, two women lived together where one smothered her child by accident but then lied in court about it.  While sleeping, she switched her dead child with the other woman's living child.  

Solomon used the maternal instinct to discern the truth.  First he noted that a mother has a unique bond with her own child, and as such, will name her own child first, whether living or dead. 

Secondly, to further highlight this, he brought to fruition the instincts of a mother of a living child.  

To settle the debate, he called for the child to be cut in half, with each mother receiving half.  

The mother with nothing to lose,  in destructive envy, said, "that's fine with me."  Having lost her own child, she wanted to inflict suffering upon another.  

This is something we note in Employment Analysis.  

Those who experience a crisis in life generally respond in one of two ways. 

One is that they are fueled with human empathy.  As they suffered, they do not wish others to suffer.  Some will even seek out ways of helping others, including professionally.  

The other is indifference.  "I suffered, why shouldn't others?" 

Rare is the one unaffected. 

We use this to discern those who may view a company not as people, but as a faceless corporation of "write offs" to benefit exploiters.  


But in our historic case the mother with everything to lose, said, "No, give her the child, but don't kill it!" thus the audience knew who was the real mother. 

Even while politicians seek to exploit by denying human sexuality, and while culture seeks to erase the differences between male and female, this war is doomed to fail because they cannot alter human nature no matter what levels of coercion they employ.  

When a child goes missing, a mother will call out to the child and look for the child.  This is instinctive.  

A mother who does neither has a reason for her inaction.  

This is no different than in the interview process where the parent is either working with police to do everything possible to find the child, or the parent is not working with police to facilitate the successful locating of the missing child.  

Police interviewers know very quickly which impression is given in the initial interview.  

Remember:  first impressions are powerful.  Consider this from the perspective of Portugal police. 

A mother of a missing child has a personal, (biological emotional) connection to the child that is evidenced in Pronouns and the linguistic disposition. 

Pronouns are 100% reliable for detection of deception.  They are not subjective, and they are instinctive.  They require no pre-thought.  

This is objective.  

Consider the case of missing Baby Lisa where the mother, in her first interviews, could barely even say the child's name.  

Listen to the 911 call of Sergio Celis regarding his 7 year old daughter, Isabel, for a cartoon-like report where his deception is both early and often.  

Consider the case of missing Baby Ayla.  The father, Justin DiPietro,  provoked by the baby's mother for his lack of cooperation and refusal to search , said he was "emotionally incapable" of speaking to the press. 

Speaking to the press?

This was an emotional appeal for sympathy.  "Speaking to the Press" was to place him in the immediate point of addressing the "kidnappers" who, he claimed, stole his daughter. 

Which was more important?

A.  Ayla, as seen in pleading for her return?  
B.   His own feelings?

This is a denial of instinctive and natural paternal protective capacities.  

He did not mention what Ayla might have been experience while kidnapped.  

Our language reveals our priority. 

We do not expect the parent to talk about self over the child victim.  

It is, in missing child cases, the "unexpected."

Did you as a mother Kate just sometimes think I’ve got to go and be out there with them, I want to go and be out there and physically look for her as well?

She is asking Kate, 'why didn't you search?  You're the mother!'

This is a fascinating answer.  

 Kate McCann: Tut, sigh, “I mean I did” erm, tut “I mean we’ve been working really hard, apart from the first 24 hours, as Gerry said, were incredibly difficult and we were almost non-functioning I’d say, but after that you get strength from somewhere.  We’ve certainly had loads of support and this is giving us strength and it’s been able to  make us focus really.  So we have actually in our own way, might not be physically searching, but we’ve been working really hard and doing absolutely everything we can really to get Madeleine back."

Here is the answer again, broken down into smaller segments with emphasis added:

 Kate McCann: 

Tut, sigh, “I mean I did” erm, tut “I mean 

What is expressed with "Tut" and "sigh" is in Statement Analysis a pause.  This means that the subject needs time to think of her answer. 

The context:

Missing Child
Biological Mother 
Experiential Memory  

Given the three basic portions of this context, the need to pause to think of the answer tells us the question about searching for her own child is sensitive to her. 

In statement analysis, "sensitivity" is noted as a specific element needing consideration.  

It is expected among innocence that when a child goes missing, a mother will search.  

Since this is chronological, there should be no need to pause to consider the response.  

It is, in a  sense, an accusation against Kate McCann, which, given the years of public doubt and disbelief, should need no pause.  

Question:  Why would it be an accusation?

Answer:  Maternal Instinct

The question presupposes that an innocent mother would, instinctively, search for her child.  It is, in this manner, a reflection of the wisdom of Solomon.  

"I did" is given as a short denial, following the pause.  This should suffice. 

Deceptive people have an overwhelming urge to persuade.  They do not posses the powerful psychological "wall of truth" that allows for truth to defend itself.  

Remember, this should be easy to answer if it comes from experiential memory.  There is no need to pause to think of what she did in the most hormonally active crisis she has ever been in.  The accusation is against her, and this is her child.  Therefore, we expect her to tell us what she, herself, did.  

The pronouns guide us:  

we’ve been working really hard,

That a biological mother would immediately move from the personal, intuitive "I" to "we" is a red flag of guilt at this place. 

Remember the emphasis in the question.  It was not necessary to add the words, "as a mother" to a mother.  "We" are not under accusation of having denied maternal instinct and not searched; Kate, herself, is. 

This instinctive move to "we" is indicative of guilty knowledge.  

The guilty do not like being psychologically alone.  This shows itself in early childhood when the guilty comes home and immediately reports what "everyone" was doing.  Next, the guilty child, even at an early age, learns what it means to play "victim status" by claiming to be unjustly singled out for the same behavior of all. 

Even at a very early age, the child learns to avoid the guilt (hence, no lesson learned) and attempt to indict another (blaming teacher for not correcting others) and manipulate parents.  

Its human nature.  

Through training and maturity, it is hoped to be overcome or mitigated with lessons in personal responsibility; the opposite of victim status.  

Did you notice the subject's verb tense?

"I did", which is strong because the event is in the past, but she makes a very quick change:

"we've been working really hard" not moves from the complete or perfect past tense to an indefinite period of time.  

a.  She moves from "I" to "we"
b.  She moves from perfect past tense to imperfect ("did" to "we have - been working"

c. Then, note the unnecessary description of effort:  "really hard." 

Would a parent of a missing child need to use this term?
Would a parent of a missing child need to convince anyone of their effort?

This unnecessary and sensitive description will, even intuitively to the untrained, suggest:  'I did not.  Nor did I work hard at all.'

It then leads to the question:  "Why?"

When a child goes missing, the parent will either want the child found or the parent will not.  

"hard work" is qualified by "really", making it sensitive.  

Question:  Why would working to find Madeleine be sensitive to the subject?

Would there be lesser than "really" hard work?
Could there be even "more" or "really really" hard work?

It is to compare degrees of effort within language.  She now goes even further in giving away information by further qualification of "work" to find Madeleine:  

 we've been working really hard apart from the first 24 hours, 

This "really hard work" is now further qualified (the first is "really") with "apart from the first 24 hours."

She now exempts the most critical period of time in which a parent's hormonal responsive is seen in action:  adrenaline.  

The protective capacities of a mother, in particular, is even seen in nature.  "A bear robbed of its whelps" is not one to encounter.  The proverb only works when we accept what nature offers. Those who do not accept this as truth may not wish to test their hypothesis, however.  

When a child goes missing, innocent parents 

a.  call out to the child
b.  look for the child 
c.  show stark clarity of mind and body due to the increase in hormones to assist them in satisfying the primal intuition to save the child.  This is sometimes seen in the incessant phone calls to police, at all hours of the day and night, with some minor point suddenly remembered.  

Years later, they may describe this as in a "fog" of sorts; as they were "running on instinct", without fatigue.  They were so singularly minded, that everything else around them disappeared into the fog.  The only thing they "saw" (focus) was their child.  

When a child goes missing, deceptive parents

a.  hesitate to call out to the child
b.  refuse to search, or do only perfunctory searches
c.  claim special status of being too shocked to assist  
d.  hinder the flow of information to law enforcement 

Kate's "I did" is immediately nullified in her attempt to persuade.  

Next, she attempts emotional manipulation.  This holds no interest for the innocent.  

as Gerry said, were incredibly difficult and we were almost non-functioning I’d say, 

a. "as Gerry said" is to continue to move away from experiential memory and stay in the "safety" of recalling the script; that is, what Gerry said. 

b.  Note that continued refusal to speak for herself.  Gerry cannot answer the specifically worded question "as a mother"; only Kate can. 

But she will not.  

Note "almost non functioning" is the opposite of the language of innocent parents who were moving on instinct, with stark clarity of purpose, so much so, that everything else, including those around them, their own food and sleep, lacked clarity (fog).  

This is where support forces them to eat.  

They do not skip foods because they are grieving, but because they cannot bear to comfort self while comfort is denied to their child.  They are too busy to eat, sleep or think of their own well being. 

They do not care to be "emotionally capable" while some stranger has their hands on their child.  

They have strength and then after that is spent, they often collapse under the weight of despair and slow erosion of the natural denial of death. 

Under powerful adrenaline, they are strong, with heightened senses, but as time passes, they weaken.  

What do the deceptive do?

They do the opposite:  

but after that you get strength from somewhere.  

Note that a missing child is not "universal" in experience.  "As a mother", Kate should be speaking for herself. 

Kate McCann has a reason why she cannot and must not speak for herself.  

Innocent parents are concerned with what the victim is experiencing.  

*Does she have her favorite blanket?
*Is she being fed?
*Does the kidnapper know Maddie's favorite song that helps her sleep?

These are the types of questions that can drive parents into extremes.  

When a parent of a missing child shows language about "self", we teach analysts to believe them.  It is about them.  The child is dead. 

They've become the acceptance process intellectually and emotionally, and they are in self protection mode, even if they use siblings as an excuse.  

When a child is kidnapped, in whatever words, the innocent parent is going to focus upon what the child is experiencing and this is described in the most minute and insightful wording.  Only a mother knows the look the child can give at bedtime, or the look when a child is scared, or when to comfort, when to correct, and so on.  

Here, we have Kate avoiding the victim and avoiding being psychologically alone as "mother" of the victim, with her focus on their comforts:  

We’ve certainly had loads of support and this is giving us strength and it’s been able to  make us focus really. 

This is the opposite, again. 

The focus of hormonal response is powerful when the focus is needed most. 

It is a force to reckon with.  

Even when police demand a parent not search (in kidnapping cases) and "leave it to the professional", they know they have a fight (father) or argument (both) on their hands.  

Listen to her:  Madeleine being "taken" was not enough to bring them focus and strength.  They could not rise up, call her name and turn the world upside down to find her, on adrenaline alone. 

They had to wait to be comforted by others, all while the critical hours (days, months, years) passed. 

 Others gave them what nature did not? 

This is deception.  

Count the number of sensitivity indicators in one sentence that follows:  

 So we have actually in our own way, might not be physically searching, but we’ve been working really hard and doing absolutely everything we can really to get Madeleine back." 

How many times must you hear, "we are really really really really trying to get Madeleine back" before you ask,

"Who are you trying to persuade?" 

Gerry and Kate McCann's language is consistent from interview to interview, year to year. 

They have not claimed that Madeleine was kidnapped and Behavioral Analysis and Statement Analysis have been in synch.  

The language indicates a maternal guilt, and I agree with the recent assertion by another that Gerry's language shows a decidedly different personality than Kate's.  

For training in Statement Analysis, in your home or via seminar, please visit Hyatt Analysis Services.  

Please give a listen to the Richard Hall interview (you tube) and search on some of the missing child cases covered here in the Statement Analysis Blog to see more examples of how deceptive parents address the issue of a missing child.  


Tania Cadogan said...

Thanks Peter.
You explain it so well and in simple, easy to understand words and yet their supporters still believe that Maddie was abducted and her parents are innocent, using words the mccanns refuse to utter.

How much clearer can it be explained?

I suspect that should the mccanns come clean tomorrow and admit to their involvement and guilt in Maddie;s death, there will still be supporters claiming the confessions were coerced/beaten/threatened.

Should the mccann's then provide undeniable proof of where Maddie's remains lie, those self same supporters will still have excuses as to how they knew (blackmail/threats/coercion)

Those the mccanns have to fear most will be their most ardent fans who will not take lightly to being made to look foolish in front of others.

Trigger said...

Off Topic,

I heard today that the mother of Crystal Rogers died. A close family member said it was caused by a broken heart over the death of her husband Tom Ballard coupled with the loss of Crystal.

Trigger said...

I meant her late husband Mike Ballard, not Tom.

It has also been reported that the girlfriend of Brooks Houck was caught removing the signs that were placed on private property that acknowledged suppoort for the Ballard family and justice for Crystal Rogers.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Hobs wrote:
You explain it so well and in simple, easy to understand words and yet their supporters still believe that Maddie was abducted and her parents are innocent, using words the mccanns refuse to utter.

How much clearer can it be explained?

I suspect that should the mccanns come clean tomorrow and admit to their involvement and guilt in Maddie;s death, there will still be supporters claiming the confessions were coerced/beaten/threatened."

It is true.

It is human nature.

There are those so stuck in narrative that there is nothing, including someone popping out of a coffin at a funeral, that would change their minds.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again, if you know what I mean, it's the obvious pointed out. That is to say things about this case that just don't hang right and you have the ability to explain.
Although this particular interview was again well after the event, raw memory \ real memory is always edged with emotion, it's what adds to the memory, more senses involved more of a memory of recall. But ... the McCanns have some disconnect between emotion, verbal and non verbal.
Whatever the cause of Madeleine's disappearance, I go for the simple, four nights of neglect, accident and cover up.
Then why do a group of intellectuals, not regroup, some search & assist through the night, whilst others rest, particularly in the knowledge of knowing others are awake.
But please exmplain to me, why this lot ACTUALLY went to bed! Closed down, shut up shop. I've shown more concern for a cat that stayed out at night.
Their behaviour, as individuals and a group, totally defy IMHO logic.
From the begining to the present time, whether just the McCanns or their friends, their behaviour is unfathomable.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic: Anyone listen to Trump's short speech re N Korea. He is promising N Korea with fire and fury and power like the world has never seen before."
If I do SA on that it seems he is threatening to drop a nuclear bomb(s) on them.
Anyone have any thiughts?

Anonymous said...

I dont get why the worlds freakin out about n korea. Dont their missiles suck & we can just intercept them anyways. Is Trumps outrage fake bc hes trying to give Kim Jong-un the impression that he's powerful so he'll cool it down?

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

Thank you for another very thought provoking and concise analysis where you have explained all the key points I found odd and couldn't put int words, the tugs in this response have always infuriated me. This should be such an easy question for a mother, unless...you didn't. She actually essentially admits she did not physically search. With so much trying to persuasion for an otherwise confident woman similar to a Gerry's long winded response to the question on the Australian interview. a simple short answer would have more than sufficed.

I have three questions if you don't mind, I find this fascinating especially how you relay it, 1 you mention her guilt. Can you elaborate on that, I am trgimg to place that with the reason for it. Is it the neglect or her accident or something else. Does her language point to guilt relating to the incident or long term guilt over time? Or it's not clear?
2 you speak of how different Gerry speaks to Kate? Can you elaborate? I would like to understand in what way?
The last one - I can never understand their behaviour, lack their of, why there is no reaction. People say it's because they are Drs but that's not it. I saw you said before, about how they processed and have accepted it. I agree with you, I think that is the only explanation but Still I struggle to fully get this and how it part I find so difficult to reconcile. I am someone who very much wears my heart on my sleeve and this is just no sensible for me as a person. How d they process and accept this? Does this then maybe suggest it was a u fortunate accident. For example if they knew it was caused by someone else they may be angry? They so,who's claim to not be responsible in any way? is there any infromstion in how they speak that explains their feelings for Madeleine? Is the distancing related to guilt for not being there for her and they do still care/love her? How d Matheus appear "happy" in photos in the aftermath? I don't understand if they are simply narcissists/sociopaths or if this is a coping mechanism.

Whee can I find more of your statement analysis on the case?

Thanks so much, such an insight. Very helpful.

Gibletts said...

Many years ago I had an argument,i was in the right.Anyway I broke the law after it,smashed my enemy's windows.I got arrested(while drunk)lied my ti*'s off*....afterwards I realised IF I didn't "smash the windows"I'd have gone back to the police and took legal action against the accusers AND police,,,Maddie's parents are nonchalant about any accusations...just saying.

Gibletts said...

Trump's angry,NOT scared.

Laura said...


They viewed Madeleine as an object/possession (recall them saying 'she was perfect except for the stigma in her eye). Do you know many mothers who view their child that way? Scrutinizing and critivizing the way someone would view a dog in a dogshow...this dog is nearly perfect but has one small flaw.
Both are psychopaths. From looking at this case, I believe Jerry & Payne molested and killed her by the tennis courts. Kate helped get rid of the body. (Maddy was so tired leaning against Kates knee in the car--I believe she was dead at that time). Kate viewed her as an object so she really doesnt care. Madeleine may have fallen after they gave her pain pills after Jerry & Payne attacked her but they are to blame for her desth.

Gibletts said...

Trump's angry,NOT scared.

Laura said...

This case can only be understood if you realize Kate, Jerry & and Dr Payne are predators. The trip, in fact I believe was arranged by Payne for the purpose of preying on Madeleine. Kate and Jerry were both well aware of that fact.

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic and causing a lot of interest and doubt.

Glamour model Chloe Ayling fended off sexual advances from one of her kidnappers by promising to have sex with him when her ordeal was over, she told police.

The 20-year-old said Lukasz Herba told her he was being driven crazy with lust as he watched her shower.

She said oddball Herba, 30, slept next to her in a double bed, he bought her underwear and chocolates during her six-day ordeal.

Miss Ayling was taken to a remote Italian farmhouse after being kidnapped, drugged with ketamin and stuffed in a suitcase when she arrived in Italy for a fake photo shoot.

In an extraordinary 3,500 word statement made to Italian Police and obtained by MailOnline, Miss Ayling said: 'MD (Herba) tried various sexual advances with me but I always stopped it by putting it off to the future are more intimate knowledge of each other.

'In effect I was leading him to believe that we would have become more intimate friends when this kidnapping was over.

'On one occasion I remember that I was in the shower and he was watching me and he told me to stay in the shower and said that he couldn't take it any more and carried out a sex act.'

Last night, it emerged the mother of one has signed up to top international celebrity agency Kruger Crowne, which represents stars including Cher and Bob Geldolf.

The move suggests she has ditched glamour modelling after her old agent said he had to 'cancel' a photo shoot on Tuesday, according to The Mirror.

Meanwhile, Herba said he did not knowingly take part in any crime and his involvement stems from wanting to raise money to treat his leukaemia.

The young mother, from Coulsdon in Surrey, also explained in the statement why she did not make a run when she was taken shopping for shoes in Milan the day before her release.

She was asked by a detective: 'Doesn't it seem strange to you to go and purchase shoes with your kidnapper?

She responded: 'I realise that but for me Herba or better yet, MD, was the one that could save me and thanks to him I could gain my freedom.

'This is the reason why I didn't rebel and I did not ask help from the lady that was selling shoes.

The topless model also said in her statement how one of the captors climbed into the boot of the car where she was bound and gagged and lay alongside her as they were driven to the hideout.

She told police five men were involved in her abduction – but she only saw the faces of two of them.

Herba, from Poland, who lives in Oldbury, West Midlands, is the only one of the five that has so far been arrested.

She was lured to Milan after Herba allegedly posed as a photographer called Andre Lazio and booked her from her agency, paying £900 in advance.

He reportedly said he wanted her for a motorbike themed shoot and paid for her hotel in advance. But when she arrived on July 11 she was ambushed, which was the beginning of her six-day ordeal.

Tania Cadogan said...


Describing the moment she arrived at the house where she was held captive, she said: 'After 30 minutes the car stopped definitively. They put the handcuffs back on my and taped my mouth shut with adhesive tape and keeping me inside the bag, two men pulled me out of the trunk and carried me to the entrance of this two-floored building.

'Here they pulled me out of the bag, loosened the cuffs that I had on my feet and led me to the inside of an apartment that I reached by climbing stairs to the second floor. '

She said: 'From the second night he took the cuffs from my feet, ass­uring me that sooner or later I'd be freed so I had no need to esc­ape.

'From that moment I always slept in his room, sharing the bed. To be clear, he didn't molest me sexually or ask for sexual favours.'

Police revealed that Chloe went shopping for shoes with Herba in Milan after he agreed to set her free because she is a mum, La Repubblica reported.

The kidnappers said they had a bizarre code of conduct that stopped them from abducting mothers or pregnant women.

She told police how one of the kidnappers sat down with to explain she was being set free.

She said: 'After a few minutes the man without a mask came back up to the bedroom and sat down beside me on the ground and he told me in English that they had spoke in the meantime on the phone with their boss who was furious in as much as they had taken the wrong person.

'They explained to me that the boss after the events of Paris had written an email saying that I wasn't supposed to be taken and that they had erroneously interpreted that and instead though that I was supposed to be taken anyway.

'I wasn't supposed to be taken because the boss had seen my Instagram profile and saw my full name and some photos which clearly showed that I was a mother with a small baby and this was against the rules of the organisation.'

Her ordeal came to an end when Herba took her to the British consulate on July 15 where she was set free and he was arrested.

Her lawyer, Francesco Pesce, said his client had been threatened with death throughout the ordeal and decided it was better to cooperate with Herba.

He said: 'She did testify that she went with her captor to buy shoes and buy groceries, and this does appear to be strange.

'I understand this and I will continue to respond to this. She was told by this man that there were many people of this 'Black Death' organisation around her, and even if she tried to flee, she was going to die.'

Mr Pesce said the reported ordeal had left Ayling traumatized and that she is cooperating fully with police 'not only for her case', but to help if the group has other victims.

He added: 'She understands that there is a bigger picture.'


Bob Gdldof said...

"Just give us the f*#*#n money"springs to mind!!!.The fact she "sold her story"within days alerted me lol

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, lets do another "Off Topic"!

Anonymous said...

Im sure Peter really appreciates having every thread marred by "off topics" when his posts are rich with material for discussion!

Bob Geldof said...

The"Off Topics"get on my ti*'s*.The "look at me"brigade lol

Off Topic said...

Mark Redwine has waived extradition and will be brought to Colorado to face charges.

anon said...

Wow wonder why he did that? GUILTY CONSCIENCE MAYBE!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Previously mentioned was the McCanns, Paynes reactions were because they were controlled by some unique ability, that is being doctors, hence the could account for their behaviour\responses.
Each of us in life plays many roles. I was a nurse. I could take anything thrown at me during a shift.
But, when my dog was dying & died, I was ME. ''Me'' the human being. Beyond grief.
A good example of the tight upper lip, is the Royals some might say, but their behaviour in public is a ROLE. Simply put you act according to the role.
A mother, a father at the loss of a child, particularly where they have no idea(allegedly) where or what has happened, are raw emotional parents. Not doctors as in this particular case.
And a bloody good pointer to that is, as doctors, particularly anaesthetists they could or couldn't even deduce whether the children were drugged (tea stains!) Even I could do that!
So if you stand back, look at each role in life you\we play, simply put, your child has ''gone'' flash... zapped .... disappeared, you what GO TO BED ! all of them with no contingency plan? you sneak out in the morning to look .......... zoom me back to earth, Scotty, this really isn't for real.
I can't analyse this behaviour, but it certainly isn't right.

Bob Geldof said...

BRILLIANT!!!! You CAN do the analysis,you just don't realise it yet.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Off Topic: Anyone listen to Trump's short speech re N Korea. He is promising N Korea with fire and fury and power like the world has never seen before."
If I do SA on that it seems he is threatening to drop a nuclear bomb(s) on them.
Anyone have any thiughts?
August 8, 2017 at 4:49 PM

Just don't claim to be trained here.



John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Father charged in son Dylan Redwine's murder waives extradition

DURANGO, Colo. -- Mark Redwine, the man accused of killing his 13-year-old son Dylan in 2012, waived his right to an extradition hearing in Washington state and will soon be headed back to Colorado, a La Plata County spokeswoman confirmed to KOB.

Spokeswoman Megan Graham said Tuesday he expects Redwine to return to the Four Corners within the next few days. A grand jury indicted Redwine with his son's murder last month, and Redwine was arrested in Washington.

Dylan Redwine went missing in November 2012 during a court-ordered visit with his father in Vallecito. According to court documents, Dylan's blood was found in Mark Redwine's living room. The boy's remains were found in 2013 near Redwine's house.

Then in 2015, Dylan's skull was found. Court documents stated it had signs of blunt force trauma. During a press conference on July 25, District Attorney Christian Champagne said the discovery of Dylan's skull proved vital in the investigation.

Mark Redwine worked as a truck driver. Police in Washington state working alongside Colorado authorities caught Redwine in Bellingham, which is southeast of Vancouver, Canada. He has been in custody ever since.

Redwine faces second-degree murder and child abuse charges. For years, he said he was innocent.


John Mc Gowan said...

If kate (lower case intended) used anymore qualifiers (not just in this statement) she would "qualify" for the next olympics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

It seems others untrained in SA got a similar impression from Trump's words. On the front page of my local newspaper this morning, is an article which states that Trumps words are being widely interpreted as a nuclear threat against n korea & his words of "fire and fury like the world has never seen" are being widely compared to Trumans words before he dropped a nuclear bomb on Japan.
I may not have stated it clearly in my previous post but I wondered if Trump was makimg that kind of threat as a type of strategy to give Kim Jong-un the (perhaps false) impression the US finds him powerful & threatening in order to stroke his ego so he will cool it down. N Korea as you know is an impoverished hermit kingdom which isolated itself from the world about 50 yrs ago for what can be understood as logical reasons of distrust bc of the huge losses and atrocities and feelings of betrayal they experienced during the war. N Korea is crippled with insecurity and feelings of ppwerlessness...it would be clever of Trump to act more scared than he is of any threat from N Korea...so much of n koreas bombast is for show "see how powerful we are!" It would be wise I think for the world to say to them yes we get it you are so powerful before they actually do develop a missile that can transport their nukes. So longbstory short I wonder if Trumps threat contained a strategy ie make n korea feel they are more powerful than they are so they will feel respected and cool it down. jmo
(N Korea needs to be drawn into the world community imo).

Anonymous said...

Its weird bc I always thought Trump would be the only leader capable of actually being capable of the kind of diplomacy that could draw n korea out of isolation into the world community & thereby stop their threats. Maybe in some weird way he is trying to by making them think they are on equal footing power-wise. I dunno...thats why I was curious of others thoughts/opinions.

Anonymous said...

Trump can not go back on his words, less looking weak, if Korea do test his threat.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi, Tania

Something is off (her account) re your OT. I don't what it is, but for me, given the brief statements (a no no i accept) it's not sitting right ("the smell test") iwth me.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I am working on an article on understanding the language of Donald Trump.

It is far from finished, and some parts need to be made more understandable to the general public, but...perhaps soon.

Suffice for now:

He did not threaten to use nuclear weapons. He is attempting to use words to force NK to negotiations. He does not parse his words like politicians, of which we are far more comfortable with.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, I look forward to reading your article on Trumps language. He certainly is an interesting & compelling speaker. You have interesting insight regarding your impression of Trumps motive (to get North Korea to negotiate). I tend to agree with you! Trump I think is very intelligent & probably knows that negotiations is the only way...even what I am seeing in the news re "N Koreas people will be in peril if Kim Jong-un doesnt back down"....Trump is more than intelligent enough to know Kim Jong-un does not care about his people. Imo, Trump's only way forward is to somehow get Kim Jong-un to trust him and respect him. If Trump succeeds in pulling N Korea out of their isolation thereby defising the threat he will be the most remarkable president ever imo. I guess we will all see what happens as history unfolds!

Tania Cadogan said...

John mcgowan said...

If kate (lower case intended) used anymore qualifiers (not just in this statement) she would "qualify" for the next olympics.

Plus every one after that.

Hi John, the alleged kidnap suspect's behavior does not match what would normally be expected of a rescued kidnap victim even after the passage of a few weeks.
Her friends seems to have said more than she has and her friend seems doubtful about what is claimed, doing an anthony /mccann and claiming that it could be her way of coping (getting her kit off)

The Italian police reported that for the first 2 days neither she nor her alleged kidnapper would cooperate, witnesses claimed they were behaving more like a couple, laughing and joking.
Her excuse as to why she did not do a runner does not make sense since she had ample opportunity to either run and indicate she needed help.

Then given the alleged letter explaining why she was being released (way too wordy reminded me of the ramsey ransom note) and the threats if she said anything plus them expecting her to contribute to her own release fee makes me go Hmmmm.
Given why she was allegedly abducted why then go on tv wearing minimal clothing and then going topless for a newspaper when surely the expected would be to cover up and keep quiet so as to not draw unwanted attention to herself.
She knew her alleged abductor who is reportedly known to be a fantasist and bigging himself up makes me wonder if this was done for publicity and money?
The group who allegedly kidnapped her are known to LE but they have never abducted anyone before.
It all sounds too much like some movie plot and who would pay £300,000 for her when you can pretty much buy a hooker who will do anything for a couple hundred to a couple thousand.
Again it is all white slavery and being sold to rich arabs, with their money they have women throwing themselves at them and as for being fed to tigers when they are done with her? oh come on.
Released because she was a mother?
Nah, there is something off here and she would not be the first to fake a kidnapping.

I would love to se her police statements in english.

BTW John were you looking for the pronoun WE as well?

Tania Cadogan said...

Chloe Ayling release note found on her alleged kidnapper(lukasz herba) computer.

'You are being released as a huge generosity from Black Death Group. Your release does, however, come with a warning and you should read this letter very carefully.

'You are certainly aware of your value on human slavery market (sic) and must make a note that this isn’t personal, this is business. For your release we have taken a number of factors into consideration.

'A mistake was made by capturing you, especially considering you are a young mother that should have in no circumstances be lured into kidnapping. Second important factor (sic) you are very well aware of is your overall protection by one of our main and very well respected men who made a very clear and solid stance in your case.

'You will, upon your landing in your home country cease any investigation activities related to your kidnapping. You also agreed to sneak a pre-determined set of information in to the media and we will expect to see evidence that has been done in the near future.

'You and your family will, in no way ever talk about us in bad language and without respect. You have been treated fairly, with respect and we expect to hear exactly the same about us in return. You can release any information you have heard from MO while your holding as he would never give you any information that could harm our activities. We will not tolerate lying about anything that has happened.

'You have also agreed to pay outstanding costs of your release of $50,000. We expect that money to be paid in BitCoins within one month.

'Any sort of disobedience with the above will result in your elimination.'

Tania Cadogan said...

BRITISH model Chloe Ayling’s lawyer has slammed claims she fabricated allegations she was drugged and kidnapped by a ‘dark web’ gang who wanted to sell her for sex slavery.

Mum-of-one Chloe says she was taken captive by the ‘Black Death’ group in Milan after being lured by the promise of a £600 photoshoot before being released six days later – but a number of key questions have emerged.

Here’s all we know about the 20-year-old Londoner at the centre of a police investigation and media storm.
Who is Chloe Ayling?

Chloe Ayling is a 20-year-old British glamour model and Instagram star.

The mum-of-one was allegedly snatched by an infamous sex trafficking gang and held captive for six days in a remote Italian farmhouse.

She says masked men snatched her after luring her to Milan with promises of a photoshoot which turned out to be fake.

She told police she was then drugged and stuffed inside a bag before being auctioned on the dark web for £270,000.

Describing her abduction she said: “A person with black gloves placed a hand over my mouth from behind while a second person wearing a balaclava gave me an injection in my right arm.

“I believe I lost consciousness because when I woke up, I was wearing just my pink undershirt made of chenille, and the socks I am now wearing, and I realised I was in the coffin of a car, my ankles and wrists in handcuffs, with a black tape covering my mouth, inside a bag where there was just a small hole in the zipper that allowed me to breathe.

“They had taken off my jacket, my blue jeans, and sneakers.”

Who are the Black Death Group?

The so-called Black Death group is described as an organisation operating deep within the “dark web” rumoured to be responsible for a network of kidnapping and people trafficking.

The name is notorious on sections of the internet due to the scale and depravity of its alleged offending, though it’s not clear if its photos touting women for sale are authentic, nor if it is as proficient as it claims to be.

It’s claimed that users of the “dark web” pay huge fees to buy women who have been kidnapped from across Europe.

A 2015 article by Vice’s Motherboard stated their reporter had found images of women chained up with the victim being offered for sale £115,000.

Who is Lukasz Herba?

Polish-born Lukasz Herba, 30, has appeared in an Italian court for a pre-trial hearing.

Officers are also thought to want to talk to his brother, Mikal Herba, 36, as a witness. The pair share a home in Oldbury, West Mids.

Police say Herba demanded £270,000 to stop the auction, hosted on pornographic sites on the dark web.

He later said he would pay most of the ransom if she could find three people to hand over the remaining £38,000.

Herba was arrested on July 17 after delivering Chloe to the British consulate in Milan. She says she took pity on her after she told him she had a two-year-old son.

Herba then told police he had no idea of the kidnap plan when he was paid £500,000 by Romanians to pose as a photographer and meet Ms Ayling.

He said when he found out they were planning to kidnap her he backed out of the plan.

Tania Cadogan said...

What happened during the six days Chloe says she was in captivity?

Chloe told police how, on her first night in the mountain hideout, she was handcuffed to a chest of drawers.

But she says for her remaining nights in captivity near the French border, Herba – who she has identified as a captor – slept beside her in a double bed.

Chloe told officers 30-year-old Herba — who claimed to be part of a shadowy group of internet sex traffickers called Black Death — never sexually assaulted her.

And each morning he gave her gifts of underwear and chocolate.

Chloe, from Coulsdon, South London, gave her account in statements made to cops and seen by The Sun.

She said: “From the second night he took the cuffs from my feet, ass­uring me that sooner or later I’d be freed so I had no need to esc­ape.

“From that moment I always slept in his room, sharing the bed. To be clear, he didn’t molest me sexually or ask for sexual favours.”

She said she was so scared of being poisoned she drank only from sealed bottles and refused proper meals before developing a “trusting relationship” with her captor.

It also emerged the alleged kidnapper also tried to sell a story to a British newspaper while holding Chloe captive.

The model said she knew nothing about the Herba trying to contact the media when quizzed by by police, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Why was Chloe Ayling released?

A note found on Herba’s computer after Chloe was freed bizarrely reads: “You are being released as a huge generosity from Black Death Group.”

It says her kidnapping was a mistake and that “our main and very well respected men” insisted on her release.

The note added: “A mistake was made by capturing you, especially considering you are a young mother that should have in no circumstances be lured into kidnapping.”

It ends: “You have also agreed to pay outstanding costs of your release of $50,000 — paid in Bitcoins within one month. Any disobedience will result in your elimination.”

What has Chloe said about claims she made up the kidnapping?

Chloe’s lawyer has slammed ‘evil’ claims she lied about being kidnapped and was in on a plot with her alleged abductor.

The 20-year-old was told people were watching her and she would be killed if she tried to flee, meaning she complied with what her captor asked her to do, her lawyer Francesco Pesce said.

He told Radio 4’s Today programme: “She was told that she was going to be sold to somebody in the Middle East for sex.

“She was told that people were there watching her and ready to kill her if she tried anything.

“So she thought that the best idea was to go along with it and to be nice in a way to her captor because he told her that he wanted to release her somehow and sometime and she thought that the best thing to do was not to go in conflict with him.

“So she abided to his request, ‘let’s go and buy groceries’ and ‘you need shoes, let’s go buy shoes’ and she didn’t try to flee.

“But I believe she was terrified at the moment and even if she could’ve asked for help she didn’t because she was subjugated to this person, or people as she was given to understand.”

Tania Cadogan said...

What concerns have been raised about the allegations and what is the latest with the police investigation?

Questions have been raised after the pair were seen shoe shopping and casually eating breakfast at a cafe during the time Chloe said she was ‘fearing for her life’ in captivity.

Witnesses who saw her with suspected abductor Lukasz Herba said they thought they were a couple.

One even claimed he had seen the pair laughing and joking together while visiting a cafe in Milan, Italy.

Chloe’s lawyer confirmed she went shopping for groceries and shoes with Polish-born Herba a day before she turned up at the British consulate, saying she’d been kidnapped.

A waiter at the city’s Farina Cucina cafe told how he saw Chloe with Herba before they walked into the British consulate.

He said: “She seemed happy and relaxed, they stayed for about two hours.

“They were laughing and joking.”


habundia said...

The lost/missing of a child to a mother can be as raw as the first day, many years later. Ive seen interviews with mothers of missing children who are missing for over a decade, the pain, sadness and devastation these mothers show, is as raw as it was a decade ago when they first got the news.

At least that is my translation of those emotions shown during these interviews.

I think such a experience will be printed into your memory and the basic of that memory will never be forgotten, details can be harder, but even some details will be graved in the brain (maybe even changing the brain litterly, though thats just a thought not based on cientific evidence)

You say four days of neglect.
What i read about the McCanns is that they both were dedicated nurses/medical area.
I wonder how the life of Madeleine was before Portugal. I dont think children who end up missing and where parents have deceptive written all over that these "incidents", called by many "accidentally" are really incidents that accidentally happened.

Yes accidents do happen. Only not in these kind of cases.
it's not an "oops i killed my child" thing, there has to have been prior neglect and abuse, before Portugal.

habundia said...

If you look at past blogs there you can find a lot more information about this case, Peter has written about, in case you didnt read them before, i thought i mention it to you.

Ann said...

The lack of 'searching' not only shows there's no need to as we know by the way of them talking,but also let's say she was kidnapped,this 'attitude' they show is also another view point of neglect - wanting to find Maddie -. To me whether or not Maddie was kidnapped,their 'actions' or lack there of shows neglect of care for the child. The video of greg reacting to her spinnin in the dress creeps me out,his tone sounds like a bit of a perv to me,I feel a creepness about it.


Fire Fury Power said...

Jerri and it's wife our guiltea.

rob said...

Great analysis.

Anonymous said...

Kate cant even givr a straight answer...her answers meander in circles trying to "disguise" the truth within her swirling words.
Kate strikes me as such a b&tch...she probably married predator Jerry for his money & status and she probably molested Maddy also otherwise why would she objectify her and cite her one flaw as being the stigma in her eye. I mean Kate is ugly as sh&t. She looks like a sweaty insect. Who is she to talk? And Gerry pervo pedophile with his slit eyes like an amphibian and his sweaty brow and his arrogant petulant demeanor. Both are guilty as SIN Peter youre analysis was penetrating abd insightful per usual!

Anonymous said...

Poor Kate...very plain, almost ugly noone ever looked twice at her until pervo Gerry. She thought perhaps Gerry could whisk her away and transform her...the prince to her Cinderella. Only Kate was no Cinderella...she was one of the vicious evil step-sisters...I bet she locked Maddie in the wardrobe to cover up for her affair with Dr Piece of Shit Payne.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.47

''Kate cant even givr a straight answer...her answers meander in circles trying to "disguise" the truth within her swirling words''

Here is an example of Peter's work. Memory & recall and how it's subsequently expressed. But first let us say, that no interview with McCanns is a jump into the unknown. Well controlled and scripted. Even Paxman couldn't get one over on Gerry. (Agressive policial interviewer)

Back to the plot, so with prior knowledge of what is to be asked, when replying you can't rely on memory, if you are not recalling it. For the want of terms, if we are to believe that the McCanns are living in a parallel universe (deception) to the truth, the brain has to recall the raw\original memory, reorder to fit the new universe (narrative) and be creative to fill the gaps not covered by the new order. That takes time. Even when you know what questions will be asked.

Remember the roggies ''you know'' Lots of things to remember about this case from the timeline written & agreed by the T9 on the book cover & corrected second edition! before the police arrive, plus a few days later a full typed & agreed written timeline\statement. And that is exactly where this case is so flawed ALL SINGING FROM THE SAME SONG SHEET! Even the roggies, held in the UK - allowed partipants to read their previous and others statements & to see the questions.

And the bewk - tie together loose ends.

Only someone like Peter who has analysed the 'fall out' from this case. But just imagine all the experts on behavioural analysis that will come out of the woodwork and say I told you so, one day when light eventually shines on this case.

But then, is this just my tainted stance on something that I can't bring order to.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Some points to consider:

POTUS is a distinct speaker.

He uses traits that those who voted for him cringe over, including Twitter.

He has no experience with the elite he deals with. This enters the language.

Many who voted for him did not so much vote for him but against Hilary.

The leftist supporters in government oppose him in every agency and appointed federal judges.

The entire media world covers every word he utters, and with the bias of hatred.

To date, no one has ever submitted a transcript to me for analysis here, FB or email.

Mods delete and spam out the insulters and baiters.

Baiters will not receive analysis. Having owned 90% of all media, hollywood, and society, this blog is off limits.

It is for truth seekers; not moral narcissists with desire to continue to bring tyranny to language.

If you answer one of the baiters , your post gets deleted too.

Investigators cannot afford to be PC. They have to get to truth. When they are PC, they eventually must find new professions, even as they attempt to conceal truth to protect their raging ideology.

The New York Mets season is over.

The trend to emasculate males leads to Sweden and snow plowing.

Crime doesn't pay; whether in this life or the next. Don't worship Hillary. Her crimes go beyond what any of us imagine and may rival Goering's international financial crimes.

If there is no God, inalienable rights is an oxymoron.

If you trust short term elected officials (politicians) with your lives, while watching your neighbor targeted, eventually, they do come for you.

habundia said...

Kate never went on a physical search because its difficult to do as if you search if you know exactly where that what you have hidden is......she would have straight up walked to the place they both dumped the poor child (somewhere in the mountains around the accomodation)

Ney said...

"might not be physically searching" - this told all we needed to know.

If abduction was real, this child could have been very close, in a car parked on the streets, in an apartment hidden, etc. Physical search was the only chance they had.

Whatever happened they processed it by the time of their very first interview.
Basically they let us know, they are ok, not much guilty feelings there, the twins are really good, it was such a relaxing holiday up until that point, and it could have been worse (if they took all three of the kids).

Oh boy. They can say the strangest things.

habundia said...

I lost my kittens and SEARCHED for 5 days.

Ann said...

I don't get why she can't 'answer' those 48 questions. An innocent person has no problem with getting to the point in defense for themselves as they want to be cleared from all angles of suspicion.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


great point.

If police had told her, "Madeleine is probably taken out of Portugal..." the truthful mother would STILL have searched, just for the reason you stated above.

An innocent mother has natural denial she has been created with. This is an emotional superiority that is...


It is given because it is what causes children to thrive. It is powerful.

I do not see sociopathic tendencies in the language of Kate McCann.

I see resignation and processed information of Madeleine's death.

It can't be faked.


Anonymous said...

Trump is very smart. He is trying to make n korea think that he views them as being powerful...did anyone see Trumps tweet saying he hopes he doesnt have to use force against n korea but that US will always be the most powerful country in the world! Trying to make Kim Jong-Un think that he has considered that n korea stands a chance at becoming the most powerful country in the world. Trump is very smart. He knows exactly what he's doing... he knows n korea
is desperate, powerless & worse off than many 3rd world countries. Hes trying to give Kim Jongun the impression he respects him as a "powerful" enemy so he'll sit down & tallk & actually do what Trumps says to do.

Ann said...

I think all the lies and manipulation through the years and it it shows on her face. Yet with gerry,he hasn't shown much change on his face,kind of strange. Both should show it,not just kate a bit more being a mother.


Anonymous said...

Kate's language is of a narcissist and possible molester imo. She said Maddy was perfect except for the stigma in her eye and made other bizarre comments. She kinda sounds like the molester in Lolita. jmo
Maddy was surrounded by predatirs. Kates a sicko. Gerry is a pervo pedo psychopath. Dr Payne is a psychopath pedo.

Anonymous said...

Kate viewed Maddy as an extension of herself & she was angry that Maddy was no "perfect" (bc of stigma in her eye). Kate speaks the language of molesters and who knows it sounds like they prob pimped her out--didnt a family member say they overhead Jerry or Payne talk about molesting Maddy? Kate and Gerry and Dr Payne all deserve electric chair. Kates sorry & sad face is an act--it doesnt even look real.

Ann said...

Ya,that book of her' is weird,talking about nether parts,who the hell does that unless you are a perv. I can't see them 'not' touching the twins and saying Maddy was 'perfect' till she got loud like a any child does (some more then others cause of ADHD etc.).


habundia said...

I found my kittens.

rob said...

Great Analysis.

Anonymous said...

Gerry's expressions have changed though,he is quicker to frown/feign disgust etc.

Lilstr said...

The transcript of her statement is here:


trustmeigetit said...

I lost my super mean cat who I still loved.

We drove thru the neighborhood calling her name. Walked with our dog hoping his scent would be stronger. Rubbed our scent on poles, walls, even found something she peed in and put out front hoping that too would be strong enough.

Kate did nothing.

She did nothing because she knew there was no child to find.

Tania Cadogan said...

After this first stop, we carried on for 45 minutes, when we stopped for a second time because of my crying and moving (around) in the back.

After travelling for another 45 minutes, we stopped again, because I was crying out and was stressed. I don't know if they spoke much because the radio was on full volume.

We travelled for a short time, when we stopped again and they took off the handcuffs from behind my back at my insistence, but (were) telling me they would have to go back on once we arrived at (our) destination.

Next to the building, on the left, was a small wooden building, like a barn. We were in a rural area on top of hill and yesterday, when I was allowed (out) onto the balcony for the first time, I saw forests and mountains quite nearby.

When we left the property this morning, we were on a rough road for about seven minutes, going downhill.

Her statement has out of order periods of time and the dreaded "We"
It seems that a majority of people are doubting her story and even her friends are showing a bit of doubt.

Anonymous said...

This is so true spot on excalty.
when i thought my daughter went missing i searched high and low to find her and streamed her name from roof tops to abandon buildings .called police straight away but had no time to wait for them as i knew every second counted finding her . i can really relate to what you are saying how a mother responds when you think your child is missing and its definitely not the way she responded .