Thursday, August 10, 2017

Police Officer Quincy Smith

Brave police officer survives on his training instincts.

  Officer Quincy Smith, of the Estill Police Department, managed to survive that fateful day last January after suffering two broken arm bones and a “life threatening” neck injury, according to Hampton County officials.

Consider the necessity of one self controlled and how the officer, even in the most routine of calls, can face death.  

This is day to day bravery.  

It is acute pressure on the officer and upon the officer's family.  


Anonymous said...

Everyone whould watch this, amazing! Bystander was awesome, would make a great cop, so calm too.

Anonymous said...

Half way through: Wow I had a real bad feeling when the cop had pretty much caught with up the guy, and he still wasnt stopping, something about the guy's demeanor, I thought the cop should pull his gun out right now...instead he pulled out a tazer...very scary the guy shot him, I had a bad feeling but didnt foresee multiple shots being fired at the cop wtf!!!!! I am impressed at how calm the cop is staying

Anonymous said...

Im impressed with how the girlfriend got there before any of the emergency vehicles that can go 100 mph?!

Tania Cadogan said...

Wow. A powerful video, I could hear the conflict in the Officer's words, the self edited threats to do something as the man would not obey his commands and then the threat to taser which he might have done.
The man reacted by shooting at the Officer (i wonder if it was because the officer got too close or the sight of the taser/being tasered.
The Officer calming down once he had alerted dispatch that he had been shot, being able to give a description of the shooter and his own injuries.

This is also a damn good reason for everyone to have some basic first aid skills.
I understand than America can be litigious and firstaiders have been sued by the victim they were trying to help, however knowing CPR, how to stop or at least slow down bleeding could save a life.

I have been in many situations where someone has been involved in an accident/incident and the bystanders are panicking, getting in the way, continuing where they left off (arguing or fighting) taking pictures and generally acting like sheep and i have been the only one actually taking positive action dealing with the injuries as applicable, organizing someone to call 911 (999 in the UK) reassuring the victim and then dealing with EMS/Police.

Learning basic first aid should be mandatory in schools and also as a helpful addendum to organizations such as clubs/gyms/groups etc.
A free class perhaps once a month on the basics

I am glad the Officer Survived and i am glad the shooter got the max 30 yrs plus 5 to be served consecutively.
Personally i would have had 30 plus the max for every other offence he committed to be served consecutively so he never got out (since the DP wouldn't apply here unfortunately)

Anonymous said...

Tania, just my opinion, but it seemed to me that the guy's body language...nonchalant walking...was done to lure the cop closer so he coukd shoot him at close-range. In other words it was premeditated once he saw the fact it was prob why he harrassed some guy to give him alcohol so that a cop would be called & he coukd shoot the cop...cause otherwise if he actially had wanted the alcohol he oukd have just pulked the gun on the guy who had the alcohol & he would have handed the alcohol over to him. I think the guy lured the cop to the scene so he coukd shoot him jmo

Anonymous said...

Peter, would be interested for you to analyze the statement within this article from the headmaster at a middle TN school, responding to claims of sexual assault from 8th graders on a 6th grader.

Hey Jude said...

So many gunshots, so cold blooded and cowardly - he must have intended to kill him, and the officer must have thought he was going to die to say, 'Tell my family that I love them' .

I wonder why didn't the dispatcher give the bystander some first aid advice when he said he didn't know CPR, or how to help the officer? It seemed an age before the ambulance arrived, with no instructions given.

The bystanders were courageous, too - the attacker could have returned, or attacked them later for assisting the officer. The bystander's supportive presence calmed and helped the officer - the woman's drama could have had the opposite effect.

Unknown said...

The cop able vocal, coherent, and aware. Unless the bystander reported to 911 that the cop was unconscious there would be no need for cpr. First aid, yes.

Anonymous said...

Thank God Officer Smith survived this ambush, refreshing to see civilians step up and support good brave LE's serving our communities! Glad perp got the max, a true menace to society..

The Merriman Family said...

The dispatcher I've read was the officers aunt and trying her best to keep it together. He never actually told her he was out with a bystander. Plus I've been on the radio when someone you love is hurt on the other end. It is life changing. Praying for this officer and his aunt.

The Merriman Family said...

Also he does call 911 so unless there was only 1 dispatcher working the phone dispatcher would have given him instructions if he'd said he's out with the officer. Sounds like he reported the shooting and not being out with the officer. Especially because the radio would have put that info out so responding officers didn't think the bystander could be the suspect.

Anonymous said...

He did speak with the dispatcher..he did good I think.

Anonymous said...

This video brought tears to my eyes. How can someone try to kill someone for no soon as he said tell my family i love them i cried. Even though the bystander didnt know first aid he did a great job of staying calm amd keeping the officer talking. I can say there is not alot of people that would have stayed that calm. It took an ambulance almost 10min to get there that is so sad. And the dispatcher could have said some type of encouraging words, i know she was jusy doing her job but when a man says tell my family i love them she couldve responded with you will make it and you can tell them yourself. Or anything.

Stella said...

The bystander was so lovely and brave. He should have been told to run away, in case the shooter was still there. The police officer must have been new to his job.