Thursday, August 3, 2017

Statement of Parking Lot Altercation Exercise

I was minding my own business, out for a swim...
Pop Quiz:  Is this account truthful or not?

Deception defined in context:  

Most deception (90% +) is by the means of deliberately leaving out information.  We find in analyzing statements that a deceptive statement is often 100% technically truthful, sentence by sentence.  This is why Content Analysis is so useful:  even a liar will guide us to the truth.  

This is a report of an altercation being investigated by police.  

Question for Analysis:  Is this reliable or is there information missing from it?

Remember, when two people give an account of what happened, the perspectives are different.  

Deception is deliberate.  

This means the one who is deceptive is deliberately (willfully) withholding (or changing) information in order to alter the recipient's perception of what happened.  

This can be within content, but we also look at what the words reveal about the subject.  This is called the "Pscyho-linguistic Profile" which reveals:

1.  The subject's background
2.  The subject's experiences in life
3.  The subject's motive from priority (priorities)
4.  The subject's personality traits. 

In profiling, the greater the same, the more information we have.  

The subject is a  40-year-old woman who was waiting for a car parking space when a man approached her vehicle.

Posting anonymously, she wrote the following:  

“I was waiting for his parking space and was  minding my own business.

I heard shouting and slamming of doors and thought nothing of it.

It wasn't until I had my full attention on him.

I was shocked he had been talking to me as I caught the tail end when he said "you're all disgusting!”.

 He obviously saw a Muslim lady with a headscarf sat there and thought he could intimidate me

His wife or partner was so embarrassed she couldn’t look at me,
 everyone else in the car park were looking at us so must’ve heard what he was shouting too.

The irony is that just before this incident I was watching and partaking in a two-minute silence at 11 as I watched crying as it aired live on the BBC.

I am angry too just as you are.

I would like to remind people that we are Muslim and not terrorists.

All I wanted to do was do a food shop.

 I am not the victim here, the tragedy that unfolded before our eyes were the victims.

Their families, friends and loved ones are all the victims and we need to come together,
let’s not let them divide our close community. Educate yourself.”


C5H11ONO said...

The subject wants to post about a man ranting and raving at her for no apparent reason other than she being a muslim. She used the "Muslim" word enough times, she got her agenda across. She stated that she heard shouting and slamming of doors and thought nothing of it. - She stated this in the negative and makes it doubly important. She knew what was happening.
She tried to make a statement for the man by using "obviously" so that we take for granted what she was saying. She did catch the tail end of what he said. "you're all disgusting". That's what set her off. What she doesn't tell us is what happened. What pissed the man off. You realize that later as she states, "as I watched crying as it aired live on the BBC". She was watching her phone and wasn't paying attention. She was probably blocking the man from leaving as she just stood there in her car blocking someone because she was watching her phone. She is arrogant and believes she can do whatever she wants. She isn't conscientious about others. She is not a "moderate" muslim as she identifies with the terrorists. She stated "we are muslim" - we means unity and cooperation. She's right, she isn't the victim here.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why anyone would want to be Muslim? Why do femiinists love Islam & try to shout down that one female activist who speaks the truth about Islam?

Unknown said...

Same with the gay LGBT qxyz community. They get tossed off building with Muslim crowds cheering their demise for simply loving or having adult sex with the same gender. Yet they will support Islam and rally around them all the while being hated and spat upon by them. Mind control. Brain washing. Religion.

John Mc Gowan said...

My brief effort:

“I was waiting for his parking space and was minding my own business.. (when a a big brown bear and goldilocks..) sorry i couldn't resist. Lol

Already we see she has singled him out.
Why not say "i was waiting for a parking space.
She tells us she "was minding her own business which is unnecessary. She is building a narrative.

"I heard shouting and slamming of doors and thought nothing of it".

She says this in the passive voice. Passivity is used to conceal responsibility or person

She does not say she heard the "shouting and slamming of doors" coming from him. She wants us to fill in the gaps and assume it's him, we do not.

"It wasn't until I had my full attention on him."

This makes no sense.

I was shocked he had been talking to me as I caught the tail end when he said "you're all disgusting!”.

Emotional placement.

he had been talking to me"
Note the soft language here. "Talking"
Yet earlier she said she heard "shouting and slamming of doors"

"you're all disgusting!”.

Whom is "all"?

He obviously saw a Muslim lady with a headscarf sat there and thought he could intimidate me

Now she is telling us what he thinks. "Obviously" is to take for granted. We take nothing for granted.
Body posture enters her language increasing tension.

"His wife or partner was so embarrassed she couldn’t look at me,
everyone else in the car park were looking at us so must’ve heard what he was shouting too."

Now she tell s us how his "wife or partner" is feeling. "Embarrassed"

"everyone else in the car park were looking at us so must’ve heard what he was shouting too."

Whom is "us"? Guilt doesn't like to stand alone.
She again tells us how others must've "heard".
We have a change in language again.
First we had "shouting" then we had "talking" and now we are back to "shouting"

"I am angry too just as you are."

How does she know whom is angry?

"I would like to remind people that we are Muslim and not terrorists.

Here we have the agenda. She introduces "terrorists" in the negative making it sensitive to her. Whom did she remind before?

"All I wanted to do was do a food shop."

So why didn't she?

I am not the victim here

I believe her.

the tragedy that unfolded were the victims.

Change in language from "incident to "tragedy"

"before our eyes"

Oops. Pronouns are instinctive, they don't lie.

Was she with someone else?
Did she write this with someone else.?

She employs the passive voice.
The change in language indicates deception.
Her pronouns also change.
She brings terrorism into her account which for me is concerning.
She frames the words "I am not the victim" and i believe her. She is not quoting anyone or parroting back language.
She has an agenda.

Ann said...
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Ann said...

Good catch John ;) Hey all, I'm new here,I've been reading this blog for a small while lol. I like this subject of S.A. and I love Language and Culture.

I've seen Mr. Hyatts interview with Mr. Rich and would now and again re-watch as a refresher course,along with a video of Mr. McClish on the subject of S.A. as well as another fellow who I found on YT,I can only remember his first name was Rich and he too does S.A. and I've watched his video repeatedly now and again.

I've also been taken notes from all these videos and I need to go back and make a proper list of all the 'words'/'nouns' and 'pronouns' etc. so I dont forget lol.

I am analytical (and I love detail in things lol) and can pick up somethings before I found this topic,but I'm glad I found this topic as it helps even more,to understand words more clearly (listening) as well as sharpen my English skills in both general and when you get older you get 'rusty' haha.

EDIT: Had to redo the comment,it looked too cluttered lol.

habundia said...

I feel fortunate to learn from all of you who give their analysis on this blog. I wanna thank you all.
When i read these analyses i often think to myself..."that sounds so logical" and everytime i am amazed to see how much there is to say about even the smallest statement.

When SA is learned is their an order in which you learn the principals and rulings? One can't learn them all at once i would think, at least not the average person, maybe the smart once can, i am not one of those. Haha

I read you need to analyse a statement at least three times. Starting with believing the subjects words, they didnt do (or they did do)
Some could say they did something, while they didn't, this would be deceptive too then or wouldnt it?
(Like the saved puppies, which weren't saved by the person who stated he saved them)
Believe one tells the truth.
"presupposition of innocence".

Second round, if first round gave inconclusive anwser, then think the subject did do it (or didnt saved the puppies)

Third round has to be done after an emotional and intellectual break, step back from statement by doing something that doesnt make one think about the statement (let it go, free your mind)
And then round three can be started.

Is there a certain order in which you analyse a statement as a biginner?
Does one start for example with looking at pronounce used? And then get on to another "ruling or principal"?

Thanks for your lessons!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Ann! I bet you and Habundia will be great pals--such similar personalities!

Anonymous said...

St Theresa, Yes, absolutely. Its mind-boggling the double-think required for gays to support Islam.
There is a female activist against Islam who was raised Islamic & underwent female circumcision & yet there are other so-called female experts who step in to say that she is wrong & that all the evils she speaks out against are not caused by Islam, they are caused by the "ancient culture" & its like dont you think the other lady who underwent the tortures of Islam WOULD KNOW BETTER THAN THE OTHER LADY?! So condescending but thats what you get crom libtards.

rob said...

If you're waiting for someone's parking space, they're leaving. I don't believe they would get out of the car to attack you. She didn't notice until the end that he was speaking to her. If she's waiting for his space, she would be watching his car, so she could pull into it when he leaves.
I'm thinking, she's sitting in her car, watching something on her phone, paying no attention to the fact that he's wanting to leave and she's blocking him in. She's offended that he had the nerve to tell her to MOVE.
I wouldn't have gotten out of my car to approach her, I'd have laid down on my horn to get her attention.

Anonymous said...

I do not know why a man she was waiting to leave his parking spot would waste his time to get out and address her Muslim headscarf wearing self unless she was parked and praying too close to his car as to obstruct his backing out and leaving.

Nope, she is not the victim here!

Maybe pulling her head out of her arse prior to doing A food shop would be in order.

Ann said...

Thanks @ one of the Anons lol,I enjoy it here,though I dread some of the mentally handicapped who comments thinking they are 'actually doing anything' to Peter and his blog by being immature lol. I also believe that some of those ppl are just pest as well as they don't want to believe that their own words can reveal them,even IF anon.


Anonymous said...

I am listening to Cinderella
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Until waves of pain
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My heart is broken
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The singer says
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I am staring at the floor
Tears fall

I microwave a frozen yogurt
Oh did I forget to throw away
That panera mac & cheese
I couldnt eat
Oh well

Michael said...

I really enjoy how there's great discussion and debate and learning about SA and psycho-linguistic analysis and at night there poems to read also. This blog is one of a kind and great.