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Susan Rice Statement on North Korea: Benghazi

Susan Rice recently weighed in on North Korea's threats to the United States, Japan and South Korea.  How trustworthy is Susan Rice?

Here is her statement she made regarding Benghazi with analysis to follow.  This is a good statement to learn some basic techniques from.  

"Our current best assessment, based on the information that we have at present, is that, in fact, what this began as, it was a spontaneous – not a premeditated – response to what had transpired in Cairo.  In Cairo, as you know, a few hours earlier, there was a violent protest that was undertaken in reaction to this very offensive video that was disseminated."

One of the things we consider is how might a shorter statement be made?

This is because of a pattern of complexity within deception.  

Truth stands on its own and needs no persuasion.  When not believed, or from a defensive posture, we sometimes see subject's seeking to buttress truth, which can weaken the assertion. 

But when we see the need to firm up, or qualify, we see continued weakness.  

Here, a deliberate Islamic attack took place but the Obama administration sought to blame a critic of Islam who made a video on you tube that was unknown instead.  

The attack was well planned and warnings unheeded. Later, when the attack took place, calls for help went ignored resulting in death for Americans.  

The Obama administration left it up to Susan Rice to deceive the American people about the deaths.  This is her statement:

Our current best assessment, 

The statement begins with "our", which is appropriate, as she was speaking for the Obama administration.  

The first qualifier is "current", which is also appropriate which identifies the element of time.  This suggests to the recipients that the assessment may change given more time.  With any initial response, this is appropriate weakness. 

The word "best" is the second qualifier of the assessment.  It is unnecessary to use with "current", which already signaled that new assessments, or, specifically, subsequent (time) assessments may come. 

By using the word "best", we now know that there are other assessments the subject is thinking of at this early point in the statement.  This is a point of weakness. 

based on the information that we have at present,

Here she introduces the element of time again.  Since this was "current", the additional wording of "at present" is unnecessary to state.  

This is where readers begin to sense deception:  the unnecessary adding or "piling on" information, which reveals the need to persuade, rather than report. 

"at present" now affirms that the subject is "very sensitive" about presenting information at this time and this sensitivity is causing a linguistic "stutter" where no such stutter should exist.  

This is now the 3rd qualifier used, where one was sufficient.  She is "hedging her bet" in an attempt to avoid an outright statement of assessment.  

One hedge is appropriate for someone who does not fully trust the information to be accurate.  

Two hedges indicates weakness.  This subject is struggling to believe. 

Three hedges suggests deception.  This subject knows it is not true and we look for the rest of the statement to affirm this point for us so that we may discern deception.  

We then receive confirmation: 

 is that, in fact

Here, she calls upon the reader to accept that which she has hedged three times as "fact."

This is a point of incongruous in the statement.  She has just finished convincing us that the information could be incorrect and would be updated by more information in time, but now demands it to be accepted without question as fact.  By contradicting herself (3 qualifiers are now nullified) she has revealed why she had such need to persuade, rather than report what happened.  

what this began as,

Here we have a broken sentence which is to show self-censoring.  She has stopped herself from completing this sentence.  We now seek to learn what she needed to "correct" or censor: 

 it was a spontaneous

By her introduction, we must now consider that the subject is deceptive about a specific point: spontaneity of the attack. 

The self censoring followed a point of deception (incongruous declaration) which would now lead analysts to question if deception is indicated here, at this point of the statement:  spontaneous.  

The analyst should now consider that this is the alternate information that the author referenced in the word "best." 

Like all assertions, we look for the statement to prove it for us.  We are not made to wait: 

 – not a premeditated – response to what had transpired in Cairo.  

here we have an elevation of importance as seen in the negative, she reports what it was not, however:

it is unnecessary to state. 

"spontaneous" has already told us it was not premeditated.  This indicates the need to persuade us, now by definition and emphasis, that it was not premeditated. 

The analyst now knows:  

the subject is lying and
the subject knew the attack was planned

Note the attack is not mentioned.  It is called "this" by the subject.  This avoidance (distance) is, due to the extremity of the situation, is close (this) psychologically, to the subject.  

It is as if she has reported someone breaking into a bank and robbing it, and then adding that breaking into a bank and robbing it is robbery.  You might wonder why the person has the need to repeat this with emphasis.  

She continues to speak in broken sentences.  This is not only self censoring but a refusal to commit:

response to what had transpired in Cairo.  

Note the missing article (or pronoun) within the broken sentence.  This is an example of the internal stress of lying causing disruption to processing.  

We now consider that the subject is either very nervous or is not a smooth pathological liar.  

In Cairo, as you know, a few hours earlier, there was a violent protest that was undertaken in reaction to this very offensive video that was disseminated."

"as you know" is, in Statement Analysis, the same as "of course", expect it is even weaker as it appeals to what "you know", which is a psychological ingratiation. 

It attempts to "win you over" to the subject's side, by attempting to cause "you", the recipient, to acknowledge something you may not want to acknowledge.  

Victim Blaming and Victim Shifting

Weighing the Language:

Which gives emphasis?

Which is stronger?

Which is used for effect?

Note there was a "violent" protest to a "very offensive" video. 

Might you have said, "there was a very violent protest because of an offensive video"?

The subject places greater emphasis is placed upon the content of the video than upon the violence that took place in Cairo.  

This is to say that the video was worse than the violence. 

What was the video?

It was critical of Islam. 

The author's viewpoint is that a you tube video critical of Islam is worse than the violence; hence, the subtle shifting of blame, or "victim blaming."  

The deaths of Americans, and the violence in Cario are given a subordinated classification, while the criticism of Islam is elevated.  

This represents the subject's position, whether it is her own, or her own in defense of her boss' ideology.  

The awkwardness of self censoring indicates a disruption in the speed of transmission of the brain.  

Islam, as an ideology, calls for death for anyone who criticizes it.  The enforcement of this is called the Sharia Blasphemy Law, and it has kept Islam immune from reformation for 1400 years.  Muslims who have sought reformation have been targeted with violence, including death, 

Analysis Conclusion:

Deception Indicated

The subject knows the attack was premeditated and the attack was not related to a you tube video.  

The priority is deception and the protection of Islam's reputation, as well as cause the public to divert its attention from the deaths and violence, on to the video (and its maker).  

In this lesson, I wrote that we ask ourselves how we might word something. 

"Our current assessment is that this attack may have come due to protests over a video."

While some liars seek to say very little, most feel the need to go on and on because of the weakness of a lie.  There is no psychological strength within it.  When someone is lying and there is a minor point of truth, within the, lie, they often emphasize it because it provides some relief from the stress.  The word "did" is often a signal of such. 

"I did see the little girl at the store during the robbery..." instead of "I saw..."

This is because the thief is using sentence after sentence to deceive and feels a momentary flush of confidence in being able to assert something from experiential memory.  It is often, within a deceptive statement, a reliable fact investigators can use. 

To determine if the subject here, Susan Rice, is a habitual liar, we would need more sample.  In this statement, it may be a combination of factors including her own personal reluctance to protect Islam, as well as the internal resistance to the stress of direct lying.  In this short statement, she does not show a skilled habitual liar.  

If you wish to be trained in deception detection, please visit Hyatt Analysis Services. 

We offer both seminar and at-home training for a wide variety of professionals and law enforcement.  

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Ann said...

Good article,Peter.

Have you done a post along on the subject of "A need to persuade",the language used etc. or have some tips on to what to look out for (I've seen some in various older posts). If you do already have a post on such a topic,let me know where to find it lol.


Anonymous said...

When a person makes a public statement, they may want to emphasize some aspects that it is important for the audience- in this case a broad group of people with differing levels of sophistication and background- to grasp. Repeating is a useful tool to accomplish that goal. Especially given the topic, a developing major news/crisis situation, her speech doesn't seem to indicate any weakness but a desire to keep in listeners' minds the reality that what she is saying is incomplete as it is part of a developing situation on which more will likely be learned and it may be later proven incorrect in some aspects as well.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

If you bend over any further to accommodate narrative, be careful you don't snap entirely.

If my conclusion was that Susan Rice's statement was deliberately designed to "keep in listeners' minds the reality..." I would also sign it "Anonymous" rather than embarrass myself. Take your stance on repetition to conservative statements in which deception was indicated and justify them as "seeking to keep in listener's minds..."

This is why this site is dedicated to truth; not leftist narrative, which seeks to pervert truth at the cost of protecting politicians' bizarre, illogical and exploitative shifting ideology.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I went to high school with her. She was a good person then. I suspect she was caught in the administrations messaging.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

You may say "truth be damned" with your views and throw logic and reason out, replaced by your narrative.
You have 99% of all media and hollywood, but you don't get to attempt to damage the scientific principles of analysis here.

We follow principles of analysis of a statement; not make excuses for them.


Ann said...

For some reason I don't 'believe' that anonymous comment of going to school with Ms. Rice. The "She was a good person then" sounds like you're trying to 'convince',maybe because the use of the word 'then'. I relook at it as is,and the sentence would fit better as,

"Interesting. I went to high school with her. She was a good person. I suspect she was caught in the administrations messaging."

Adding the word 'interesting' seems a little out there to be added. Why not,'I find the (or your/Peter's) analysis interesting' instead? That would sound better.

General P. Malaise said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you feel that way why do you post here? you do know that make you a troll.

and since you defend the undefendable Rice I think I need to add in case that that is a bad thing as you probably couldn't figure that out on your own.

rob said...

Great analysis.

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic.

My apologies it is a long one, it is chloe ayling's interview with the daily mail.

Chloe Ayling felt a growing sense of unease as she stepped into the dingy warehouse on the outskirts of Europe’s fashion capital Milan.

She had been expecting to find a bustling studio where she had been booked to star in a glamorous photoshoot advertising motorcycle leathers. Instead, she was met by an eerie silence.

Laying her black, wheeled suitcase on the tiled floor, Chloe, 20, was briefly reassured when, peering down the gloomy corridor, she saw a laminated sign on a door to her left marked ‘Studio’.

Dressed comfortably in a pink Zara jacket, pink body suit, blue River Island jeans and white Adidas trainers, she turned towards the door ready for her assignment.

But as she reached for the handle, a gloved hand suddenly came from behind and smothered her face.

Gripped by fear and panic, and unable to breathe, she tried desperately to wriggle free. Then, to her horror, a second attacker appeared in front of her, his face covered by a sinister black ski mask. Chillingly, he was brandishing a syringe.

Seconds later Chloe was wrestled to the floor, her jacket was ripped off her to expose her bare arms, and the syringe plunged into her right wrist. Within seconds she was unconscious.

That was the dramatic start of a terrifying kidnapping story that has made headlines around the world.

Today, in an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, Chloe bravely reveals the full horror of her seven-day ordeal, in her own words…


He had a syringe… then everything went black

‘I had never been to Italy before so I was really looking forward to it. I arrived a day early, so I could go shopping and be fresh for my shoot, and bought two bikinis.

‘The job had been booked by a photographer called Andre Lazio, who I had met briefly once before in Paris in April on another shoot that was cancelled at the last minute.’

Tania Cadogan said...

‘He had sent me an email via my agent Phil Green giving me the address for the studio. He said the door would be open and I should let myself in. I walked through the open door and put my luggage down. I was expecting to hear people setting up the shoot but there was silence. It was a bit creepy but then I saw a door with a sign on it which said “Studio”. As I reached for the handle, I felt an arm come around my neck from behind me.I tried to scream but a gloved hand was covering my mouth and my nose.

I panicked because I couldn’t breathe and I brought my hands up to my face. I was trying to get his fingers off my nose and I managed to catch one breath.

‘Another man stepped in front of me wearing a black ski-mask. I could see only his eyes and mouth. He yanked my jacket off me and grabbed my right arm. He had a syringe in his right hand.

‘This was my worst nightmare. I didn’t know what was in the syringe. I was panicking. I thought they were going to rob or rape me. I was terrified beyond words.

They dragged me to the floor. I just gave up – I thought, “I’m not going to get out of here alive.” I felt trapped, then everything went black.’

Police forensic tests later showed the model had been injected with ketamine – a powerful horse tranquilliser. While unconscious, the men stripped Chloe of her trainers, jeans and baseball cap and, most disturbingly, took photos of her semi-naked body. They would later use the horrifying image to advertise her ‘for sale’ as a sex-slave on the dark web – an encrypted part of the internet used by criminals. Her clothes, passport, credit cards and iPhone were found the next day when police raided the address after Chloe’s agent raised the alarm.

‘I woke up in the boot of a moving car feeling terrible. It was like anyone’s worst nightmare come true. My mouth was taped shut. I could hear the car’s radio blaring.

‘Both my feet and hands were handcuffed in front of me. I realised I was inside a bag. I felt groggy, claustrophobic and I started panicking. I was wearing just my knickers, socks and body suit. I touched my face and managed to rip the tape off my mouth. The bag had a hole in so I could breathe and see out a little.

‘I managed to unzip it enough to get my arms out. The car was a hatchback and I started banging on the underneath of the flimsy retractable parcel shelf, shouting, “Driver, driver!”

‘The car radio was playing but they could hear me. I felt the car pull over. The boot opened and, through the hole in the bag, I saw two men in ski-masks standing over me.

‘I asked them, “What’s happening?” but they didn’t reply. It was terrifying. They calmly tightened my handcuffs and zipped the holdall back up.

‘We started moving again and it was so hot inside the bag that sweat was pouring off my face.

‘I managed to open the holdall again and was shouting. They stopped again and this time, pulled me up and cuffed my hands behind my back. As they were doing this I noticed, through a gap in the parcel shelf, that they had an empty suitcase sitting on top. It was about my size. That was the moment I gave up hope and accepted I was going to die.

‘I thought they were going to kill me and dump me in the suitcase. I thought, “I am never going to see my mum or my son Ashton again.”’

Tania Cadogan said...

Having become frustrated at her yells and the banging, Chloe says her abductors pulled over for a third time. One of the men got into the boot with her for the remainder of the journey.

1. How did she know her abductor?

Chloe travels to Paris on April 21 for a £600 photoshoot booked through her modelling agent and paid for in advance. It is called off after a terror attack but Chloe meets Lukasz Pawel Herba, who booked the shoot posing as fashion photographer Andre Lazio, when he gives her money for a taxi to the airport.

Subsequently, neither she nor her agent have any concerns when he rearranges the shoot in Milan on July 11.

2. Why did she fall for the fake studio?

Having flown from Gatwick to Milan on July 10, Chloe spends the day shopping and goes to bed early at her Best Western hotel. The next morning, following emailed instructions, she takes a taxi to the ‘studio’ – in reality a dingy warehouse – for the 9am motorbike-leathers shoot.

Many fashion shoots take place in industrial venues, with portable lighting and backdrop, so Chloe is not overly concerned by the building’s rundown exterior.

Tania Cadogan said...

3. Why didn’t she make bolt for freedom?

Chloe is jumped by men in masks who inject her with ketamine before stripping her to her underwear and photographing her. The picture is emailed to her agent and used to advertise her ‘for sale’ on the dark web.

Police storm the site on July 12 and find Chloe’s clothes and passport. Police staged a re-enactment to show how she could be put in a bag and carried in the boot of the car to a farmhouse three hours from Milan. Forensic evidence later confirms her hair in the boot and traces of ketamine are found in her hair.

4. Why did she share a bed with her abductor?

Awake on arrival, Chloe is handcuffed to a chest of drawers in one of the house’s two bedrooms. Her captor, claiming to be a member of the Black Death gang, tells her she will be auctioned as a sex slave on the dark web for $300,000 (£270,000).

He shows her two knives and warns that if she tries to escape, she will be killed. After 24 hours, he invites Chloe to sleep in his double bed in the farmhouse’s master bedroom. She agrees, hoping to win his trust and have her life spared.

5. Why did she go ‘shopping’ with her abductor?

Some reports have claimed the pair went shopping. In fact, after five days in captivity, having feigned an emotional bond with Herba, Chloe is told she will be released the next day. Until then, she has been wearing his boxer shorts and a T-shirt. He gives her his tracksuit and flip-flops and takes her to a camping shop in a nearby village where he spends €40 on a pair of grey Lotto trainers. They also buy fruit. Believing she is being watched by Black Death throughout, she is too terrified to raise the alarm.

Tania Cadogan said...

6. Why did he take her to the British consulate?

Over the course of the week, Chloe rejects Herba’s advances, but tells him a relationship may be possible once she is free. Herba tells her he will hand her over to the British Consulate in Milan on July 17, demanding she tell officials he’s a friend. But they are suspicious and he is held.


‘The man who got into the car with me was unmasked. He was tall and pale. He lay behind me, and spoke to me in English with a foreign accent. He told me, “You’re going to be fine. Nothing bad will happen to you.” I couldn’t believe him.

‘He took off my handcuffs and unzipped the bag a bit. I asked, “What is going on, where are we going?” But he wouldn’t tell me.

‘The journey felt like hours. We stopped and the boot opened. The unmasked man told me I must put the handcuffs back on or he would inject me again. I was zipped back up in the bag and lifted out of the back of the car.

‘They carried me for about two minutes and I could hear birds and I knew I was no longer in the city.

‘Then they carried me indoors, placed me down and unzipped the holdall and let me out.

‘The house was dark and cold – all the windows were shuttered. We were in a basic kitchen with a big wooden table, some cabinets and faded yellow walls. I was still in my underwear and felt incredibly vulnerable and scared.

‘They took the handcuffs off my wrists but left them on my ankles so I could just about hobble.

‘The unmasked man led me up the concrete stairs into a small room with wooden floors, a small bed, and a large chest of drawers which had a sleeping bag laid out next to it. I was allowed to go to the toilet. The man came in with me. It was awful.

‘Then the masked man came in and gestured for me to lay on the sleeping bag. He opened the handcuffs on one ankle, wrapped the chain around the drawer’s legs and re-attached it to my other ankle. He then re-attached the handcuffs to one wrist, and wrapped the chain around the leg of the chest of drawers.

‘They went back downstairs talking in a foreign language. The unmasked man then came back upstairs. He said they had just spoken to their boss and there had been a mistake. He said they had taken the wrong woman.

‘I felt a rush of relief because that might mean they would let me go. He said the boss was on his way and he had to leave me to go on another job. He left the room and a sudden wave of terror passed over me. I started hoping that the photographer Andre would report me missing.

‘It sounds crazy but I hoped I’d be freed that day. I was thinking how worried my mum would be when I heard someone enter the house through the front door.

‘There were raised, angry voices. A door slammed and a man sounded like he made an angry phone call. Another man came into the room. He unlocked my hands, took the tape off my mouth, and I turned to look at him.

Chloe is unable to say with any certainty that the man now in front of her was one of the two masked kidnappers from the car. But she is certain that she never saw the tall, pale man from the car boot again. He may be a Pole known as Tom, according to statements given to police by Herba.

‘The new man wasn’t wearing a mask. He told me: “I don’t know if you remember me but we met in Paris”. I was confused. I looked at him and asked, “Andre the photographer?” He said coldly, “I am definitely not a photographer.”

‘He told me he was a senior member of a gang called Black Death which kidnaps young white women and sells them online to wealthy Arabs. He said he was known in the gang as MD.’

Tania Cadogan said...

‘He told me there had been a big mistake because they don’t kidnap mothers. He said the Paris photoshoot had been a trap to kidnap me but he had called it off after he looked at my Instagram photos and saw that I had a young son. He said he was angry at the men who kidnapped me because they had misread his email that said I “mustn’t” be kidnapped. He explained they thought it said “must”. I didn’t know what to believe. I just asked if they would let me go but he told me I had already been advertised and there was a lot of interest in me.

‘He said the auction would still go ahead in five days – Sunday – and the starting bid was $300,000 US dollars [£270,000]. That was too much to take in. I was in shock. That will always be the worst day of my life. Then he said he wanted to help me because I had been taken by mistake. He asked me what my family had to offer. It was just me and Mum at home, there was no way we could afford a ransom. I gave him the names of three people who might help.’

Tania Cadogan said...


He said I’d be crazy to try to escape – I’d be killed at once

Three wealthy contacts of Chloe were named in a ransom message sent to her agent, Phil Green. They have confirmed they were contacted by UK police. Chloe named her friend Rory McCarthy, an investment banker, celebrity talent agency boss Dave Read and Paul Baxendale-Walker, the wealthy former owner of Loaded magazine, who she knew through modelling. Mr Green received an email at 10.34am on July 12 revealing she had been kidnapped and demanding money from the named men. He reported the message to police in Lincolnshire, Italy, and to the British Consulate in Milan. A major investigation was launched. Police swooped on the Milan studio and found Chloe’s clothes, suitcase and personal items left abandoned.

‘I spent the first night semi-naked and handcuffed to the chest of drawers. I felt so tired and groggy from the drugs that I did actually sleep despite everything that had happened. My mind was just in total lockdown. I was so terrified I couldn’t even cry out, he’d told me we were in a remote area with no one around to help.

‘The next morning he came into the room, sat down on the bed and told me his boss at Black Death – who he called CK – had said if my family paid “whatever they could afford” I could be released on Sunday.

‘He told me he felt sorry for the mistake. He said he was willing to pay most of the ransom himself to make things right. I was clutching at straws now that I might survive. Strange as it sounds now, I never thought he was a crazy person. I believed him completely, I was so terrified I couldn’t think straight. He had been so convincing, from the moment he came into the house and was angry with the others for kidnapping me. It just seemed to make sense at the time. People might think I’m gullible. It’s easy to say that if you’ve not been through what I’ve been through.

‘Next he uncuffed me so I could go to the bathroom. When I came back, he said I didn’t have to put the handcuffs back on. Suddenly, there was a glimmer of hope.

‘But at the same time, he told me he was an assassin for Black Death and showed me two knives. He said his favourite method of murder was poison. He was talking so casually, it was terrifying. He said that he had worked for Black Death for five years and had earned $15 million [£11.5 million].

‘He said I would be crazy to try to escape now because I would be instantly killed. He said we were no longer in Italy, somewhere very remote, and that Black Death agents were nearby.

‘I promised him I wouldn’t try to escape. Then he told me I could share the double bed in the next room. Literally anything was better than lying handcuffed on the floor so I said yes. I didn’t want to upset him – he had told me he was a killer. Anyone in my position would have done the same. Anyone.

‘I lay on the double bed, he sat down next to me and he talked at me for hours. He was not interested in talking about me – it was as if he was trying to impress me and feed his ego.

‘I wanted to block it all out but I encouraged him to talk. I thought if he liked me he might not kill me.

‘He fell asleep on his side of the bed. I couldn’t run. I was paralysed with fear. I thought they would track me down. I silently cried myself to sleep. I didn’t want to cry in front of him.

‘That night, I must have cried for two hours thinking about my family. I imagined what it would be like if I was sold as a sex slave. Earlier, he had told me that when the buyers get bored of the girls they feed them to tigers.’

Tania Cadogan said...


I heard a helicopter… but the sound faded away

Phil Green responds to the ransom email with the single word: ‘Received.’ Herba sends a rambling email to three British media organisations informing them of Chloe’s kidnapping and imminent auction. One of the media organisations contacts the police but is warned that broadcasting the story could jeopardise Chloe’s safety. There is a news blackout.

‘That morning he allowed me to have a shower for the first time in three days. I didn’t want to get out of the cubicle because I knew when I did I would walk straight back into my nightmare. I was still dressed in my knickers and the top from when I had been stripped two days earlier. He gave me a pair of his clean boxer shorts and one of his T-shirts to wear.

‘He had offered me food – it looked like bread dipped in honey – but I refused. I hadn’t eaten because I was scared he would poison me but I had no appetite.

‘I was losing all hope of ever seeing my family again. I imagined my son growing up without a mother and my mum without her daughter.

‘I’m obsessed with my teeth so I asked for toothpaste and a toothbrush. He bought them and I would brush my teeth four times a day. It’s something you take for granted but, in the house, that tiny act of brushing my teeth meant so much to me. I had no other toiletries – no razor or hairbrush.

‘I spent another day in the bedroom. I wasn’t allowed downstairs. He talked and talked to me. There were shutters on the outside and they were always closed so I couldn’t see outside. It just went on and on. It was torture.

‘At some point I heard the sound of a helicopter circling somewhere overhead the house. It must have been for about ten or 15 minutes. It was enough to make my captor paranoid that it might be police or military. My heart was racing that it might be a rescue attempt but it went away. The sound faded then stopped. I was devastated.’

Tania Cadogan said...


He said he wanted to kiss me. I lied: ‘Maybe, when I’m free’

Chloe says her captor confided that he was developing feelings towards her, claiming he wanted to quit Black Death and maybe they could meet in the future. It was like a reverse Stockholm Syndrome, where long-term hostages form strong feelings for their abductors. She decides to lead him on so he will think twice about harming or killing her. Although a website exists on the dark web, it remains unclear whether Black Death is a functioning criminal gang or created by Herba’s warped imagination as part of his plot.

‘After another night trying to block out the nightmare I was living by sleeping, I awoke. He told me I looked beautiful several times. I thanked him. I didn’t want to upset him. He said he really wanted to kiss me but I replied, maybe, once I was free. I was just leading him on and hanging on to the thought he might release me.

‘The thought of kissing him disgusted me and I had no intention of going through with it. Despite sharing the bed, under two separate blankets, there was no physical contact between us at all. Later that day, he gave me some milk chocolate because he could see how weak I was getting. I finally ate. It was the first thing I’d had for three days.

‘The days were dragging by – each minute felt like an hour. It was another day waiting and hoping for my release.

‘I spent the time tormented by thoughts of dying and thinking about my family and what was going to happen to me.

‘At times the worry of how my mum was coping became worse than how much I was worried about myself.

‘We are best friends and normally send each other text messages every two hours or so. She is a worrier anyway so I knew just how she would be feeling and I was heartbroken.

‘I thought about her all the time and about my little boy.

‘He [her captor] gave me two books – battered old paperbacks, I can’t remember what they were – but I couldn’t read them because I couldn’t concentrate. I just couldn’t focus on anything apart from being held against my will. It sounds strange given the circumstances but I’m normally glued to my phone, and it felt really strange not having a mobile or being in contacts with friends and social media. I felt cut off from the world.’

Tania Cadogan said...


I couldn’t run away. Black Death would be watching me

As he had done every day, Herba left the house in the morning, for about 20 minutes to drive down the road, ostensibly to get better mobile reception to check his emails. Police are now examining his mobile devices but have not revealed if he was talking or emailing anyone. Enquiries by the Mail on Sunday suggest he was spotted in the village drinking coffee alone. It emerged after his arrest that Herba’s UK girlfriend, Natalia, thought he was on a business trip in Texas.

‘He would leave me alone in the house for up to half an hour at a time. But I didn’t dare make a run for it or even go downstairs because I believed Black Death would be watching my every move. I know it might sound incredible but I was in a state of total trauma. I had been drugged and taken forcibly. I was simply scared out of my mind all the time I was held hostage and just wasn’t thinking straight.

‘He came back in and said my agent had replied that he might be able to raise some money for my release. I was elated. Then he said his boss told him they may now push back the auction to see if they could get more money from the agent.

‘I was devastated, For the first time I broke down in tears in front of him. The thought of even one extra day was inconceivable. I was inconsolable and he looked shocked at my reaction.

‘He started trying to cheer me up. He revealed we were still in Italy and said he would take me to the local village the next day.

‘This seemed like a sign I might get released after all. Later, for the first time all week, he brought me some of the food he had been eating downstairs. We ate tinned ham and gherkins. It did not taste great but I had hardly eaten anything since Tuesday and was starving. I saw he ate it first so I knew it must be safe. I couldn’t have risked it otherwise.’

Tania Cadogan said...


I was finally allowed out and saw the mountains. Beautiful.

Chloe’s family are frantic, waiting for news from police. No one knows whether the auction threatened by Herba on the dark web will go ahead. Chloe herself is still desperately trying to build emotional ties with her kidnapper in a bid to save her life and see her family again.

‘He woke up really early. He said that I had to have a shower and that he was going to relieve the sexual frustrations that had been building all week. I closed the bathroom door. I knew what he was doing. We didn’t talk about it afterwards.’

Italian police forensic experts later found traces of semen on the double bed they had shared. During interviews, they asked Chloe if she had been raped or sexually assaulted, which she had not. There is no other suggestion from police that the pair engaged in any sexual relations and Chloe insists Herba never touched her.

‘When I came out of the shower, he gave me a baggy blue and red tracksuit and his large flip-flops. I looked ridiculous. Finally, I was allowed downstairs and, when he opened the door to the house, I saw the mountains. It was such a beautiful view. The bright sunlight stung my eyes after days spent indoors with no natural light. I hadn’t even been downstairs since the day they first brought me to the house.’

The pair drive into the nearby village of Viu, a stop-off for people hiking in the region’s mountains, in Herba’s car.

‘It was a ten-minute drive. We parked and walked into a hiking shop and I grabbed the first pair of trainers I saw. They were one size too big but it didn’t matter.

‘People have asked me since why didn’t I run away or raise the alarm. I thought it was too risky. He told me I was being watched. I was afraid if I ran off they would hunt me down and kill me.

‘I didn’t speak the language and was scared no one would understand me. He had a knife and he had said I would be killed if I tried to escape.

‘We bought some fruit at the grocer and headed back to the house in the car. Later, he did another email check and when he came back into the room he said his boss had agreed I could be released but with strict conditions. I was so happy but I wouldn’t let myself believe it would happen – I was terrified he would change his mind again.

‘He said there were conditions and showed me an email he claimed was from Black Death. It said I had to pay $50,000 [£39,000] within one month of my release. Of course, I agreed immediately. I knew I would never be able to afford it but I didn’t care – I was desperate to go free. He also gave me some other bizarre conditions: I couldn’t criticise or bad-mouth Black Death in the media and I couldn’t talk to the police.

‘He initially said he would drop me off at a police station in Milan. Then he changed his mind and told me he would take me to the British Consulate when it opened at 9.30am. He first said he would drop me 20 minutes away and I could walk there – that was the reason I needed the trainers. It was a long drive so he set his alarm for 4am.’

Tania Cadogan said...


I walked up to a woman and said: I’ve been abducted

‘We woke early and left for Milan at about 4.30am. I was so excited when we left the house. I was starting to believe he actually might be preparing to release me. He typed the postcode of the consulate into the sat-nav and I pretended to doze off but I was keeping an eye on the sat-nav. At some point he decided that he would take me all the way to the consulate.

‘He told me I was lucky as only six girls had ever been released from the thousands taken by Black Death, and that was because their parents had paid their ransom.

‘He said he would drop me off 20 minutes from the consulate but we arrived so early he said he didn’t want to leave me on my own and that he would drop me at the building.

‘He told me to say he was a friend I had called after I had escaped my abductor. We were two hours early so we went to a cafe next to the building.

‘He seemed very calm. When the consulate building opened we walked in but we were still five minutes too early so we waited in reception. We got in a lift up to the office.

‘Two armed soldiers were standing by an intercom. I buzzed it and a woman’s voice asked if I had an appointment. I said, “No, it’s an emergency – I want to talk in private”.

‘The door opened and we walked in. I walked up to the woman at the counter, an Italian employee, and told her, “I’ve been abducted”.

‘She asked my name and I told her. He was behind me and I saw him put on his sunglasses. It was quite bizarre.

The woman said, “Come with me”. He looked annoyed when she told him he wasn’t allowed in and tried to insist on coming. Then he said, “I’m leaving” and started walking off. The woman told him, “Don’t go, we need you here.” She opened a door for me to go through to a private room and we sat down together.

‘I told her I had been kidnapped at a modelling studio and broke down in tears.

I started telling her the story and she started crying too. She told me she knew who I was.

‘I didn’t tell her the man I was with was my abductor because I was still scared he’d have me killed. But the woman had already called the police.

‘About ten plain-clothes officers came in and surrounded him near the lift. He looked at me and shook his head. It was a look that said, “Don’t say anything.” Two police officers and the female consulate worker walked me into the lift. They took me to a police car and put the sirens on as we drove to the police station. I was free.’

After giving her account to police over 15 hours, Chloe subsequently spends three weeks in Italy under police protection before Herba is charged officially and she is allowed to return to the UK. Since news broke of her kidnapping ordeal, and she was pictured at home in Surrey smiling, Chloe has faced public scrutiny and even questions about whether she might have been involved in the plot as a publicity stunt to further her career.

‘Even after my kidnapper was taken into custody, I was still terrified. I feared other members of Black Death might be hunting for me. I could barely eat or sleep. But the first time I finally spoke to my mum, two days after my release, I broke down and wept. I just cried and cried.

‘I feel so happy to be home but I still feel wary. In the back of my mind part of me is still worried that maybe Black Death is real and they will come after me.

‘I understand why people have questions. People need to understand that everything I did was so I could survive. I was in a crazy situation and I was terrified every minute. I thought I was never going to get home.

‘It has been so frustrating and hurtful to have people not believe me and to cast doubt on what I have been through.

So many lies have been said. But I know the truth, the police know the truth and it will all come out at the trial.

‘This experience has taught me what is really important in life. I am so happy to finally be home. People were criticising me for smiling when I was photographed back home – but why wouldn’t I smile? I survived.’

Tania Cadogan said...

Herba remains in custody in a high-security jail awaiting trial. He claims he was manipulated by Romanian gangsters but has admitted his role in the kidnap plot. He has given police the names of nine men he said were also involved in the plot, including three Romanians from Birmingham.

Herba reportedly told police he joined the gang because he had leukaemia and needed money. But Italian police sources have described Herba as a ‘mythomaniac’, and ‘pathological liar’ and said there is no medical proof of his illness.

Milan magistrate Dr Giovanna Campanile ruled that Herba is ‘highly dangerous to society’ and that he should remain in custody ahead of his trial, according to legal papers seen by The Mail on Sunday. Dr Campanile added: ‘There is grave evidence of the guilt of the arrested person, who has admitted to the Public Prosecutor that he was involved in the kidnap of Chloe Ayling.’

When asked if his client had ever alleged Miss Ayling was part of a conspiracy over her kidnapping, Herba’s lawyer, Cosmo De Rose replied: ‘No. This has not emerged. Absolutely not. No, no, no.’

Ann said...

[ When asked if his client had ever alleged Miss Ayling was part of a conspiracy over her kidnapping, Herba’s lawyer, Cosmo De Rose replied: ‘No. This has not emerged. Absolutely not. No, no, no.’ ]

The attorney doesn't have a reliable denial,they could have said "No" or "No,we haven't heard any evidence of miss ayling being involved in a conspiracy in her kidnapping claim(s)."

To me,it sounds like they are at least aware of that possibility that she might be involved in a 'conspiracy'.


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Benghazi was an inside job. That YouTube video was created by the state.

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Her facial expression is a beauty.

"Emotion Regret"


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I am surprised that the liar susan rice shows any discomfort
with any/all of the lies she made publicly on behalf of the
bho administration.
I consider her to be eager and unrepentant and have learned
that very little she says is truth.