Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hate Letter For Two Women

What do we know about the author?

The letter was on the vehicle of two elderly lesbians coming out of a leftist political party meeting.

Is it genuine or is it "fake hate"?

What do we know about the author's

a.  background?
b.  experiences?
c.  Motive?
d.  Personality Traits? 

What is the author's linguistic disposition towards the recipient?

What is the author's linguistic disposition towards same sex attraction?

Is there anything in the letter that suggests it is a fake?  

A fake letter would be one in which deliberately planted to appear to be "hate."  


LC said...


Malene said...

The author begins with "Dear Madam", and continues in a very polite tone, which is unexpected for someone who claims to be one of many who "thoroughly despises" her "notions of equality". The author knows this is a woman, and not just a woman, but a "madam". But at the same time, the author has a need to persuade that the reason "he" is aware of this notion of equality is because of a sticker on the back of her car.
The author doesn't actually say anything bad about her "notions of equality". This is also unexpected. We would expect "him" to at least spill out some of that despicableness right here. A counter notion. It is almost as if the author is giving a discrete compliment to her dedication to her notion.

If you take away the descriptive words, there is nothing hateful about this note. We would expect hate to shine through here and there still. It is as if the negative words are added without context to the state of mind of the author.

"tolerate" is a word often used by people pleading for tolerance. "we are not going to tolerate" - or what? The author doesn't say. It is as if the lack of "tolerance" is a punishment of it's own. Which it only is to someone who believes tolerance is an aim of it's own.

"Jack booted oppression" is a strange slang to use here, I had to google it and ended up with a reference to nazi regime and russia. My point is, it is a slang of an older generation.

The language is soft and considerate, likely female. There is no aggression in the expression eventhough it is meant to appear aggressive.

So, the author is likely an elderly female who is pleading for tolerance, voting for Hillary and in need of material for an agenda.
It is fake hate.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't appear to be a "hate" note but more of a warning.

"Please" is used twice and a nod to the bumper sticker which received a "thank you" for wearing your political views on your car.

Big difference between "me" and "we" as the person assumes it talks for all Republicans.

A message of you can't win is coming though, much like that gay councilman in Fla.

Jack booted like a fear someone is coming to take their guns away. A NRA expression.

I think it is genuine, too, though not hate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The jackpot:

makes more sense since this was written a few days prior to one of the worst bombings in america in retaliation to the "jackbooted" ways of federal agents.

Anonymous said...

1. Background
John Q. Public was a common character in the 1950’s Oklahoman cartoons.
John Q. Public is also an innocent person, as opposed to a criminal.
Jack booted is imagery that mostly described Nazis – the author is likely aged in their late fifties or older.

2. Experiences
The author knows how to use centering and italics, but there are some capitalization errors.

3. Motive
Attention seeking.

4. Personality traits
Very angry due to a perceived lack of 'equality'.
Possibly questioning personal 'screwed up notions'.

5. Linguistic disposition towards the recipient?
Respectful of age and appropriate greeting for recipient(s).

6. What is the author's linguistic disposition towards same sex attraction?

7. Is there anything in the letter that suggests it is a fake?
The polite greeting and signature.

Anonymous said...

Thanx, Bobcat. Here's what I dug up:

The term John Q. Public was the name of a character created by Vaughn Shoemaker, an editorial cartoonist for the Chicago Daily News, in 1922.[2] Jim Lange, the editorial cartoonist for The Oklahoman for 58 years, was closely identified with a version of the John Q. Public character,[3] whom he sometimes also called "Mr. Voter". Lange's version of the character was described as "bespectacled, mustachioed, fedora-wearing".[4] In 2006 the Oklahoma State Senate voted to make this character the "state's official editorial cartoon."[5]

When the author states 'We had', I would have used "We've had." (which makes me a liar that will never change as that is how I Learnt it. lol!)

But, then again I don't get when the use "women" for one woman nor when the more often used "their" is used to describe a place.

Anonymous said...

In which state did the person get served with the harassment note?

Anonymous said...

It's Florida! 'nuff said.

Doubtful you'll ever locate the author without use of a camera. They were at the library when it occurred. Most libraries do have cameras nowadays.

Their free speech is akin to terrorism as any and everybody is fair game.
Most likely someone wanting ad revenue for a trumped up news story.

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

PORTLAND, Maine – A Maine toddler whose 2011 disappearance sparked a massive and ongoing investigation has been declared legally dead, clearing the way for her mother to file a wrongful-death lawsuit against her father.

Cumberland County Probate Judge Joseph Mazziotti on Wednesday issued a court order that toddler Ayla Reynolds died on or around Dec. 17, 2011. The judge says the preponderance of evidence supports the order.

The judge's order allows Ayla's mother, Trista Reynolds, to file the lawsuit against Ayla's father, Justin DiPietro.

The father has told police he believes Ayla was abducted. Investigators who found blood in the father's basement bedroom say they believe Ayla was killed.

No one has been charged with a crime.

Trista Reynolds' attorney has said the goal of the lawsuit is to find out what happened to Ayla.

It is going to be interesting to see how dipietro reacts and responds and also how his mother, his sister and his girlfriend respond when it will be time to throw someone under the bus.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

"Madam" is more closely aligned with 60+ in age, while "screwed up" is more of a younger expression-these two word choices seem incongruent. The whole thing is entirely too polite to be a "hate letter". The author lacks the political passion to have authored the note ("people like me" and the lack of personal insults). The note ties the equality bumper sticker to the recipient being Democrat, via the author's signature- which make no sense unless there'a a Democratic bumper sticker on the car or one supporting Obama or Hillary. The author mentally correlated the two, yet there are Republicans who support equality. The need to persuade that this was written by a Republican and Trump supporter is overkill with "despicable" Obama administration, "we voted for Trump in Droves", and John Q. Republican. Who's the "we" referenced 3x if this was allegedly written by a single author. Yet there are two women who purport to be victims of said "hate letter".

Anonymous said...

I would think the author is male with the introduction of "madam."

Most likely in his 70s due to use of "droves" (cowboyish) and speaks for everyone instead of just himself. Jackbooted and

Is put off by women that do not focus solely upon his wonderful qualities be they lesbian or otherwise.

"notions" is also condescending of their belief system like hysteria is/has been equated to women when men are more hysterical and more prone to gossip.

Someone who capitalizes off the media coverage of the note. Perhaps a bi/homosexual himself and someone in the news business.

Anonymous said...

We had oppression under Hillary? Wtf?

The letter, written this year, believes Hillary was President some time in the past?

After rereading "we had" is appropriate if this person thinks Hillary was in charge.

Anonymous said...

Peter, you might consider getting the original note posted instead of this woeful rendition of it.

A lot is left out, including a bumper sticker drawing embedded in the note. I would never have known what the symbol was about if not for this "disturbing" note.

Bottle Cap said...

What do we know about the author?
- Super polite (salutation, please used twice, signed with regards, please don't take this personally, thank you)
- wants to come across as a hater, but can't bring herself to do it (people like me, hides behind "we")
- no threat or direct insult, does not really hate

Is it genuine or is it "fake hate"?
As Elaine Bennis said, "Fake fake fake fake fake"

What do we know about the author's

a. background?
- Seems to be an older generation or trying to appear as (use of word droves, John Q, Jack booted, madam)
- at the same time, uses a hip phrase "self identifying", knows what an equality symbol is and uses the word tolerate. So this person is politically active, progessive

b. experiences? Seems to have been oppressed at some point
c. Motive? To make republicans look bad, seeking attention for a cause, make republicans and Trump look bad
d. Personality Traits?
- Identity is important, "Thank you for self identifying"
- intelligent with good vocabulary

What is the author's linguistic disposition towards the recipient? Kind and considerate

What is the author's linguistic disposition towards same sex attraction? Positive, she doesn't even go there

Is there anything in the letter that suggests it is a fake? All the "we"

Anonymous said...

In regards to why the letter was "left" (Seems 1995 is a common thread throughout many words and things inside this letter)

Full Answer

The blue and yellow equality logo was introduced by the Human Rights Campaign Fund in 1995. It was part of a new era for HRFC -- an era in which the organization strove to reach mainstream advocacy for the LGBT community. Today, the Human Rights Campaign as it is now known, is the largest LGBT advocacy group in the nation. This success is partially due to the popularity of the blue and yellow logo, which can be seen plastered on social media sites, cars and clothing not just in the United States but also in Canada.

There is a large amount of symbolism embodied in the HRC's equality logo. The equals sign stands for the true equality that the campaign seeks for all humans regardless of gender, race or any other factor. The colors were chosen because they were bold and looked strong, much like the strength found inside the HRC's members and supporters.Full Answer

The blue and yellow equality logo was introduced by the Human Rights Campaign Fund in 1995. It was part of a new era for HRFC -- an era in which the organization strove to reach mainstream advocacy for the LGBT community. Today, the Human Rights Campaign as it is now known, is the largest LGBT advocacy group in the nation. This success is partially due to the popularity of the blue and yellow logo, which can be seen plastered on social media sites, cars and clothing not just in the United States but also in Canada.

There is a large amount of symbolism embodied in the HRC's equality logo. The equals sign stands for the true equality that the campaign seeks for all humans regardless of gender, race or any other factor. The colors were chosen because they were bold and looked strong, much like the strength found inside the HRC's members and supporters.

Unknown said...

Two prefixes...


Anonymous said...

It's Hillary, she wrote this. She is still pissed at Huma.

Anonymous said...

It was a women's political meeting; not a gay meeting of any kind!

The capitalization of Droves leads me to believe the author is focusing on herding and the letter may have been written by a professional troublemaker/stalker.

In the 'good ole days' a letter to the editor was the way to go. Nowadays, masked bandits operate online. Always a "we' when hiding.

This is someone that longs for the 'good ole days' once more.

Only transgenders and media operators view the world as living in a dystopian novel.
Self-identifying may have replaced coming out of the closet.

Technically, as polite as the letter was, it most likely won't be viewed as a crime.

Others view what they do as criminal.It is harassment if nothing else.

There is a break in words in the handwritten version much similar to some letter I recall seeing in maybe a murder or something high profile. Best look at the original before proffering too much.

Bottle Cap said...

I agree with Anon at 10:10. After seeing the actual note and story here I believe the purpose of the note was to promote and build awareness of the equality sticker.

- As Anon at 9:11 pointed out, the note had a drawing of the sticker
- The spokeswoman spent a lot of time talking about the stickers on the news
- stickers will be handed out because of the note received

Anonymous said...

"jack booted oppression"???

Its written by a woman who wears lumberjack or combat boots.

Anonymous said...

"Thank you for self-identifying"

The writer is a closeted lesbian who wears masculine clothing & who is afraid of being outed or who has previously been outed against their will probably by a vengeful lover.

General P. Malaise said...

Thanks for posting the video Bottle Cap.

There is no threat in the letter. So it isn't a threat letter. It doesn't say anything hateful.
One wonders why write it at all. It was put on the car of a lesbian couple attending a women's Democrat meeting. So as it targeting the couple? If so why? Few people go after 70+ year olds.

How do we know about it? It made the news, but the couple declined to call the police or be interviewed. A woman with the couple (also who attended the meeting) seems eager to talk to the press.

I think it was a woman in her 50's who wrote the note possibly with other person(s) input. There is no threat, it uses polite terms please twice, starts off with "dear madam", knows the relative ages of the lesbian women. Goes from using the pronoun "me" to the plural "we" indicating she didn't act alone. I think the author(s) are Democrat(s) and write negatively about Obama and Hillary to bolster the ruse that they are Republican. Equality is mentioned twice making it important to the writer(s). Droves being capitalised makes me think the writer(s) is/are involved in voter registration drives.

Background: middle aged woman, college degree, most likely a lesbian

Experience: community organiser. voter register. social justice warrior.

Motive: demonize Republicans, attention for equality and attendant moral relativism. let people know what the bumper sticker stands for.

Personality traits: thinks of self/selves as morally superior. end justifies the means. willing to damage lives to suit agenda.

Question on linguistic disposition to target: positive, cordial/friendly, not hate. starts off with apology for letter.

Question on same sex attraction: linguistically favourable to same sex. no direct mention of same sex only equality can mean other things. Mentioned two people who are linked to same sex attraction, Obama and Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Its a closeted lesbian

"clearly represented by equality sticker"

The writer hides their true lesbian feelings from the world. She wears boots. She probably had a cruel dominating lover that reminds her of Hillary--thats why she says "jack booted oppression" under Hillary.

Writer is age 35-45
College educated
Wears boots
Victim of DV from lesbian lover
May have experienced rape by a male
Inner conflict over sexuality
Occassionally (very rarely) will go to a gay bar but is deeply ashamed
Conservative religious upbringing
Tough talking woman

Anonymous said...

Writer may be suicidal or have suicidal ideation: They seem to be mentally located in "unreality" where they are living under Hillary...probably fighting demons in their own head from past abuse of some kind from a dominating female figure.

Anonymous said...

Liberals are mourning their perverted hero Hugh Heffner. Hef held multiple women hostage, some as young as 18, in his dog urine filled mansion for years of agonizing hellish suffering yet cnn is presenting him as a heroic sexy figure who filled the world with rainbows and butterflies. LIBERALS ARE EVIL. ANDERSON COOPER IS THE DEVIL'S SPAWN.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize the centered font image wasn't the actual note.

Patricia Cohn and her husband, a Tampa news anchor.

Social justice warriors.

Patti "saw" the note first.

I'm defaulting to: She who smelt it, dealt it.

She doesn't mind terrorizing a couple of old lesbians as long as she can promote her own solidarity with them.

What a witch.

Anonymous said...

it was a leftist homosexual meeting for a lesbian candidate

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
My take: Author is a conservative Christian woman in her 60's. She visits this library with her grandchildren, and is appalled that it would even host such a group.
September 27, 2017 at 10:20 PM

Is there anything in the wording that leads to this conclusion or just hatred of Christianity?

General P. Malaise said...

Patty Cohn is the president of the democrat club It was after the meeting the note was found on the car, she did the interview for the TV news.

Peregrine said...

I say FAKE based on "Dear Madam". How does the author know the equality sticker belongs to a woman? The writer (likely an older person-as Madam is a more respectful, older terminology for a woman and unlikely to be used in this letter rant)would have to be watching the driver to know it was female and if watching her likely to address her directly. Why write a letter?

Anonymous said...

Many have expressed it was media related. I concur.

Why harass elderly gay people?
Because: THEY CAN!

I think that's where the KKK flyer at the councilman in Cape Coral came from, too.
Campaigners for social justice when these people already had a decent life until they started their bs.

habundia said...

Does anyone have any clue on this particular case? Sebastiaan Burns and Atif (forgot his last name)
Two boys who confessed to a tripple murder on the family of Atif, but ate now seen as innocent by the "innocent project".
"Taped confessions" on netflix shows a docu on this case......i was wondering what SA would tell us about these boys.......could anyone?

Peter have you done SA on this case with you colleagues or others?

Karen said...

There is a case of a black lady saying someone threw fried chicken into her car. This happened locally in St. Louis. She made a video about it. I would love a statement analysis on it. I know this area well. And her story of the events don't seem to line up. For this to have happened, someone would have had to go buy fried chicken, drive around looking for a black person (in a predominately white area) with their window open on a 90+ degree day, in rush hour traffic in a congested area, line the car up perfectly, throw the chicken (while the cars are moving) and have it actually land inside her vehicle.

Interestingly enough, the full original video is no longer available.

John Mc Gowan said...

Karens OT

Woman says fried chicken was thrown at her while driving in St. Louis County

MANCHESTER, MO. - An emotional video has been shared more 500 times in less than 24 hours on Facebook. The video was posted by Alexis Newsome of west St. Louis County.

Newsome claims a piece of fried chicken was thrown through her window as she was in the turn lane on Manchester Road trying to get onto 141 Tuesday afternoon.

"As soon as I started accelerating, a red pickup truck going west, the opposite direction, threw a piece of fried chicken through my window, into my car. At the time it was being thrown I did not know it was fried chicken, I thought it was an egg. I almost swerved and hit the car next to me,” Newsome said.

Newsome went on to say she posted the video so people would understand what the experience felt like.

"A piece of fried chicken was thrown through my window, there is only one way to take this. This implies so much negative connotation. Now I have to be upset in front of my child and explain why mommy is upset. I don't want to have to explain this to my five-year-old, this is not fair," Newsome said. “It’s not easy living in this brown skin, but I want you to understand. I can’t make you understand if you don’t want to.”

Newsome commended the Manchester Police Officer who helped clean her car and gave her a hug.

The Manchester Police Department confirmed to 5 On Your Side that Newsome came into the police department to file a report around 5:20 p.m. The red pickup truck was driving westbound on Manchester and Alexis.

there is a lot more of her FB rant in this link, plus a clip of a sit down interview.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Karen said...

Thanks, John. The fact that the other car was going the opposite direction at that intersection makes it more unlikely. It's a huge intersection and you can't see who is coming towards you until you are passing right by them. For the person to be able to notice it was a black lady and react that fast and throw the chicken into her car is pretty impossible.

It upsets me, because this is my town. This is a good town. It's not racist like the media portrays it to be. I'm ready to find a less liberal town to live in!

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

""As soon as I started accelerating, a red pickup truck going west, the opposite direction, threw a piece of fried chicken through my window, , into my car into my car. At the time it was being thrown I did not know it was fried chicken, I thought it was an egg. I almost swerved and hit the car next to me,”" Newsome said.

I started accelerating

Started is to begin, what interrupted her?
Why would she "accelerate"? Why not say i was driving.
What does she mean by "accelerate"

"a red pickup truck going west threw a piece of fried chicken through my window, into my car the opposite direction

Can a "truck throw a "chicken"
Passivity. If she doesn't say whom threw it we cant say it for her. Even if she didn't see who it was who through it i would expect to hear. "Someone" threw "chicken through my window.
Where is the "chicken"

These are snippets. She may have said it in other articles. If so, discount.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I am reposting this on crime statistics. It is important regarding deception overall, but recent controversy:

Anonymous said...

Peter, much of that article is correct. I was having an argument with a black guy who demonizes whites. I finally told him flat out that black men need to stand up for their women and no longer tolerate misogynist rap celebrated by the liberal media. Of course, he denied rap is misogynist & told me that the lyrics are meant to fool white people. I stood my ground & said that the words "bitch", "hoe" are not secret code words. Rap music is poison. Black men in these rap songs talk about women like they are less than animals & I told him flat out that until you black men put down your foot and say NO MORE to the garbage of rap things will not improve for your race. Also rap encourages violence towards cops & encourages black kids to think all cops want to shoot them. I told him the liberal media does not care about blacks: The 2015 Grammy awards, Kendrick Lamar (rapper) wins Grammy, performs onstage jumping on a cop car. That song has 70 million views. The libs also awarded Eminen a Grammy for his 2015 album "Recovery" which contained a song about Eminem brutally raping and torturing a young underage girl. Yet blacks think that the liberal media cares about them and that rap cares about them. And they blame white conservatives for everything.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

CAMDEN, N.J. – A man accused of killing his 3-year-old son because the boy was getting in the way of his relationship with a teenage girlfriend was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison.

David Creato Jr. showed little emotion during the court hearing in Camden, staring straight ahead as a prosecutor recounted how he first reported son Brendan missing and stood by as emergency personnel searched for the boy.

"He lied to the police, he lied to his parents. Worst of all, he lied to Brendan's mother, who certainly had a right to know exactly what happened to their son," assistant prosecutor Christine Shah said after playing a 14-minute video that showed a collage of photographs from Brendan's short life.

Creato declined to make a statement before the sentence was issued, but his father later told reporters that his son is innocent.

The 23-year-old Creato pleaded guilty in August to aggravated manslaughter after a previous murder trial ended in a mistrial. He said at the time that he "recklessly caused his son's death under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life by depriving Brendan of oxygen."

Prosecutors have said Creato killed his son because he was worried his then-17-year-old girlfriend was going to leave him while she was away at college. She also made it clear that she didn't want to be around his child and wanted him to give up custody. She was never charged, and the couple has since broken up.

After the hearing, Creato's father told reporters that he believes his son is innocent and that he is reaching out to private investigators to catch the real killer.

"The wrong person is sitting in jail," David Creato Sr. said.

Creato, known as D.J., initially said his son wandered away from his Haddon Township home in October 2015. The boy's pajama-clad body was found hours later in a wooded area about a mile from his home, but his neon green socks were clean. Prosecutors said that would have been impossible if Brendan had walked there.

Ten years is nowhere near enough, it should have been death or LWOP

Karen said...

John, she says the Manchester Police helped her clean up the chicken. Manchester Police have confirmed "she came in at 5:20 p.m. and made a report". They did not confirm that they saw the chicken or helped clean it up.

Even if there was chicken found, we don't know how it got there.

These types of things almost always turn out to be hoaxes, so I'm pretty sure it is.

Peter, thanks for the article. It is right on, but no one will say it.

Anonymous said...

Re: chicken
It is possible that a teen or tweenty something threw it and intended to throw it at the next person; she happened to be black and fit the blacks eat fried chicken and watermelon stereotype. (Don't we all?)

Why make a big deal out of it? People do it all the time. Why assume she's a liar.They stand on top of bridges and throw water balloon, rocks, bricks, shoot at people on the highway,throw bottles at signs, etc.

Why is this woman being made a liar into something so insignificant that most likely did happen?

btw: St Louis is known for high crime.

Anonymous said...

Creato got 10 years. Great. 20-25 would have been more appropriate, but 10 is okay if he isn't released early.

Death is absurd; lwop for a first offender is too much depending upon age.
It's better they sentence him than make him the star of their reality shows.

Tania Cadogan said...

He killed a child as his first offense anonymous. In my eyes that warrants death or LWOP.

John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks, Karen

Anon said

"Why is this woman being made a liar into something so insignificant that most likely did happen?"


i'm not accusing her of lying, (they're your words) there isn't enough to go on for that.

Im saying in the clips i've seen or read she employs passivity (""a red pickup truck going west threw a piece of fried chicken through my window, into my car the opposite direction") which is used to conceal identity and or responsibility and is where i have an issue. It is possible that "someone" was driving past and through it out the window (littering) and it went through her window or as you say "It is possible that a teen or tweenty something threw it and intended to throw it at the next person" It is also "possible" she is lying.

Why not say "someone" through it but i didn't see whom it was.
There are plenty of hoax's out the see "Moonbattery" ( ) small and also major , it could also be true. However they all have something in common they are after something beit their 15 minutes, money, any numerous things, or in her case KFC for life, lol.

Was her "child" in the car with her? If not, why tell him/her.? Does a 5 yr old need to know?
How does she know it wasn't a black person who through the chicken?
Why clean (or get rid) the evidence?
It could be she didn't want the car stained.
Or it could be it didn't happen.
There are many unanswered questions.
I will keep an open mind.


U Fucking TWAT

Anonymous said...

I would guess she never looked at the driver but only saw an object flying into the car. The rearview mirror would be the only identification process available at the time-thus the pu/red description-and would have been unable to name the person.

It sounds like she may have been at a stop light and was slow to move after it turned green, thus "as soon as I started accelerating" snippet.(some people nap during these short breaks in over the road get from A to B)

Still, why the big deal? Because she told her tale of "horror" to her friends and family members on Facebook?

Tania Cadogan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tania Cadogan said...

Trucks don't throw chicken at people, people throw chicken at people :)

O/T said...

Trucks don't throw hobnobs at people,people throw HOGS at piglets.

Horse chestnut said...

GREAT job. I had n9 idea what back booted meant. This is written in the language off the liberal activist. Specifically, older activist.

New England Water Blog said...

"“I drove into Starbucks to meet my attorney before court, and these women started on me for no reason, calling me a ‘spic’ and a ‘stupid bitch.’ They were banging and kicking my car, and threw a coffee on the hood. I called 911. They were cursing me out and going crazy. It was terrifying. I didn’t get out of the car because I was dressed for court, and I didn’t want to jeopardize getting to the hearing, nor getting home to my child.”"

Anonymous said...

Here's a fascinating one for you, Peter.

Rumor that Oakland Raiders offensive line deliberately let their quarterback get repeatedly sacked. One of alleged perpetrators gives very unreliable denial:

"A new report from The Armstrong and Getty Radio Show has sent shockwaves throughout the sports world after it was claimed that members of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders may have purposefully allowed their star quarterback to get sacked multiple times after he refused to kneel during the National Anthem.

Carr was sacked two times in a row on the teams second drive and four times overall. And the team’s usually dependable center snapped the ball at the wrong time in three different instances.

“He wants to stand alone, he can stand alone on the field,” one of the teams offensive lineman said, according to the shows source.

What Kelechi Osemele said as he "tried to squash rumors that the Raiders offensive line tanked Sunday’s game in response to Derek Carr’s decision to stand during the national anthem" was a classic "non-denial denial."

“If you guys really believe that… I don’t even know what to tell you. Carr is our brother he fully supported our decision to make this statement we discussed as a TEAM and we all have each other’s back. We’re back focused on working now end of discussion,"

Classic. No reliable denial.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Why are liberals all saying that everyone is racist, that there are thousands of people drawing swastika signs everywhere and that everyone has white privilege? Why do liberals trust the same media who celebrates evil people like Eminem? What do liberals want?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I have an article on "virtue signaling" in language.

There are those who "see" racism everywhere because they project their own racism, deep within themselves.


Anonymous said...

Okay, Tania, I get it: Trucks don't throw chicken; people throw chicken.

However, most people would only say what they saw last, i.e., red truck, and use that description. It does not mean she is lying.

I couldn't find the link to read it all. I was redirected. Which makes me think they (media source) rethought their commitment to the story. I got that a Facebook posting of the event captured 500 views (big whoop)and that must be how the news station gets their news-stalking people's personal Facebook and other accounts.

Why someone would makeup an event like the one she described is beyond me when much worse is happening in the streets today. There have been people go to get their children out of the back seat only to find them dead of bullet wound when they thought they were passing a car backfiring.

Even if she did make it up, what's the big deal?! That's my point. It sounds like jealousy or something that she did go to the police. Are people not to report objects being thrown at them while driving? It's not littering as others would like to downplay it. It puts the driver and others in jeopardy and is vandalism as well.

It's no big deal-to you or me-but, it was to her. And, rightfully so.

Anonymous said...

Peter, Thank you for your response...I will look up your article & read it. I think you are correct about the projection. I felt extreme distress yesterday when a group of liberals verbally attacked me for asking why anyone would buy into the media's narrative that white supremacy is "on the rise" & that racism is "rampant" when that same media rewards and celebrates artists like Eminem (who even as recently as 2015 received a Grammy for his album "Recovery" which contains a song about raping and torturing a young girl he "pretends to befriend" in a park.
Not one liberal uttered a word of disgust regarding that fact. One said "hes not artistically relevant". They defended the media saying the media is not responsible for Eminem receiving Grammys (even though the media televises it, reports on it noncritically, and cnn as recently as Feb 2015 praised Eminem for "not being afraid to take s stand" (against Donald Trump. Then they said that they have talked to "people of color" and that the racism they experience is disgusting and one said "even in my tolerant little town, someone drew a swastika in a bathroom, and for every instance like that we hear about, there are thousands that go unreported?! Its just so strange bc they seem to be living in an alternate reality, however projection explains it quite nicely.

Anonymous said...

sorry it should say Feb 2017 in post above

C5H11ONO said...

Could this have been written by 2 people? At the start of the note the writer used "I" then switched to "we". Perhaps it is the 2 women themselves that wrote this? The "Republican", I must admit is very polite towards those he despises and detests. How convenient that the Republican also thanked them for self-identifying. I call Fake Hate letter.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When are the liberals going to move to their dream vacation place, North Korea?

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Chicken woman, full FB post

@ 2:55 she is being coached what to say from behind the camera

Statement Analysis Blog said...

ISIS has no hx of falsely claiming ownership.

They report the killing was planned (video calling for death in Las Vegas was made in May) and carried out by new convert.

In supremacist ideology, new converts have need to prove.


Tania Cadogan said...

Hi john, the video is funny as heck, she won't win an oscar anytime soon especially when she has to be prompted what to say.

The comments are worth looking at just for the laugh, combined, the huge majority manage an iq barely into double digits.

Laura said...

Peter, I agree with you...ISIS was behind the question about it & you are right as far as ISIS has no history of falsely claiming responsibility for mass shootings.

habundia said...

I reads negroism an eat sowl feud.

Anonymous said...


+69 said...


Anonymous said...

Very distressing...why is gov denying it was ISIS? The guy even bashed out 2 windows on different sides of hotel & used machine guns to maximize casualities. They also found explosives in his house. His tactics were war tactics not someone just going bananas.

Karen said...

I listened to the police scanner while this was going on last night. This was an extremely planned out attack that he had to have had help with. The types of weapons, the fact that it was a direct attack on Americans (country music, outside festival), how it went down, it just points to ISIS.

Laura said...

Right, I agree Karen. Someone hooked him up with dozens of machine guns. He shot out 2 windows in 2 different rooms on different sides of the hotel (it makes no sense what the media is saying that he was running back and forth between the windows--there had to be 2 shooters), they found traces of fertilizer used to make bombs on/in his car, explosives in his house, undetermined electronics, he attacked a music festival which is something ISIS likes to do is attack at music gatherings, and just the amount of premeditation that he chose that type of prime vantage point in that hotel room (s) with people so tightly packed together below at the had to be well-planned and premeditated. (I don't even get why he needed all those weapons in the hotel room b/c if he was using a machine gun couldn't he just reload when the rounds were used up? Why would he replace the machine gun with another machine gun? I kinda feel like maybe there were multiple shooters firing out of both smashed out windows bc if you look at pictures, the windows are HUGE and plus why would he need so many weapons? Online, there is video which shows someone who looks just like him at an anti-Trump rally wearing what looks like a Planned Parenthood p@ssy hat in I guess there is the possibility that it was Antifa, but I kinda doubt it cause the attack has ISIS written all over it.

Anonymous said...

Here's the video supposedly showing the shooter at an anti trump rally

Also, supposedly he had antifa literature in his hotel room.

My guess: Antifa has joined forces with ISIS.

Bobcat said...

OT: Apology by Hayley Geftman-Gold

“Earlier today I posted an indefensible post in a Facebook discussion thread concerning the tragic Las Vegas shooting, a statement I sincerely regret. I am deeply sorry for diminishing the significance of every life affected by Stephen Paddock’s terrorism last night and for the pain my words have inflicted on the loved ones of the victims. My shameful comments do not reflect the beliefs of my former employer, colleagues, family, and friends. Nor do they reflect my actual beliefs — this senseless violence warrants the deepest empathy. I understand and accept all consequences that my words have incurred.”

Anonymous said...

There are pictures of the shooter's girlfriend in Dubai on her facebook page, so it seems the lovebirds had been to the Middle East and there was antifa stuff all over his hotel room.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone assume the guy was mentally ill?? And they have moron forensic psychologists saying oh gosh this is so surprising because mental illness ususally emerges well before the age of 40. Obviously he wasnt mentally hallucinating stuff...he was clear-headed to premeditate the event and carry all those guns up there and then keep some kind of composure to keep shooting for 72 minutes. (and why the hell did it take cops that long to stop him?) But yeah, it's always the most evil people who are totally sane.

+69 said...


Statement Analysis Blog said...

We don't know the motive yet but that the motive is missing largely within MSM suggests it does not fit their narrative.

Shooter video shows him at anti- Trump rally in August.

ISIS gives more detail on preparation.

Is this a left wing terrorist or Islamic?

We wait and likely must use our skills to read through to the truth.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, I agree I am unsure if ISIS or Antifa behind it.
One weird thing about the gunman, he told his Florida neighbor he made a living as a gambler & I read of multiple instances where he showed various people screenshots that he had won &40,000 and then $20,000 on online poker. What Im thinking is that yes the guy did gamble, but it is unknown why he was so wealthy. He owned 2 planes. Media is saying he got rich from real estate, but nothing Ive read backs that claim up. "Owning a property" does not equal exorbitant wealth. The guy was either high up in the drug trade running drugs from Mexico or dealing in black market gun trade or maybe he was getting money from ISIS...maybe he was supplying them with something or promising to "blend in" as a "normal Joe" so he could pull off an attack with mass casualties.

Tania Cadogan said...

If he was at an anti trump rally and was protesting against Trump, that will make a rather large hole in their claims and excuses.
They can't blame a Trump supporter/republicans or whoever/whatever is on their go to list.

This took a lot of planning and some time to get together.
How long had he been buying weapons?
Who from?
where did he get the ammo?
Who from?
How did he get it into the hotel?
Did he have help?
When did he book the room?
How long for?
Was it single occupancy or with others?

Is this a daesh inspired terrorist attack?
Is he religious?
If so what religion?
Has he ever converted religions?
If so from what to what?

What was his motive?
A grudge against someone?
A perceived slight?
Hatred of country music?
Attention seeking?
Mental health issues (i would doubt this given the time and planning required)
Revenge for being denied something?

Anonymous said...

He was working for ISIS. If it walks like duck, talks like a duck....

ISIS tried to recruit Black Lives Matter protesters like a year or two ago. ISIS loved when BLM was rioting in some cities a while back. Why wouldn't they try to join forces with Antifa?

Tania... FOR FUCKS SAKE,STFU!!!! said...

Fucking hell!!! Stop yap yap yapping!!

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+70 said...