Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Letter Threat Against Political Candidate

                                 Fake Hate or Real Threat?

When a threat is made, it is personal and will cause a reaction in the recipient:   the unknown is frightening. 

Analysis Question:  Is the threat genuine? 

Follow up Question:  Does the subject believe the threat is genuine? 

 We look for this in the language of the recipient.  In the letter itself, we look for the quality of the threat and the author's linguistic disposition towards the recipient.  

 Media reported that "two threats" were received.  We look to the language to learn:

1.  What the threat is
2.  What is the "quality" of the threat

In threat assessment analysis, we look for a verbal commitment to the threat and to carrying it out.  


As reported in media:  

Two threats from a Ku Klux Klan entity landed on the door of a gay couple in Cape Coral -- one of which is running for office, according to the police department.
The report said it happened off SE 5th Street in Cape Coral.

We first note that media reports "two threats."  We can analyze both threats.  

Media continued:  

James Schneider said his partner found a letter on his door from a member of Ku Klos Knights – a Cape Coral division of the KKK, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

"I kind of dropped it," said Schneider. "I didn't know what to do with that. I was spooked by it immediately. It really shakes you to the core."

This is an interesting response.  
What does it mean to "kind" of drop it?  
Was this a statement indicating emotion?

Next note he reports in the negative, elevating the importance to the analysis.  Would you know what to do with a threatening letter?  You'd likely know to call police.  

Note the word "that" creates distance between the subject and the letter.  This is not expected given both the nature of the letter, and the present reason for speaking to media.  It is not something "of the past" to the recipient.  

It is not expected that upon receiving this letter in one's own home, that there would be the distancing language of "you", employed.  We use "you" when something is commonly known or done. 

It is not common to run for office, receive letters from a hate group.  

The note said, "We know where you live [expletive]. We are going to win. Quit now.
"When you girls least expect it, We will be here for a nice visit,"

 if Schneider doesn't drop out of the race for District 5 because he's an openly gay man.

Please note that this is added by media:  "if Schneider doesn't drop out of the race for District 5 because he is openly gay."

This language does not appear in the note, itself but is editorialized by media report.  

"I am going to stay in the campaign," Schneider said. "I almost quit which would've meant they won. I think I'm the appropriate candidate for the position."

Another piece of paper left at the door includes the name "Emperor Paul Lamonica," as well as an email address, a street address, and a website.  

This is no longer an "anonymous threatening letter" status. 

What is its threat?  

We analyze the level of threat within a note. 

1.  There is no threat in the letter.  
2.  There is the acknowledgement of knowing where they live.  

The subject stated it was posted on his door.  

Not only note the use of "we" but of the soft language of "visit."  

The language is polite. 

The only "threat" is:

"We will win"; as to threaten defeat. 

When one is committed to bringing terror to alter plans, there is a linguistic commitment to coercion.  

In this case, there is no actual threat made.  

Note not only politeness but the insult is also very tame:  "girls."  It, too, is plural, just as "we will win" is plural. 

Throughout this campaign, the planning and zoning commissioner has seen degrading posts put on social media about him.

"Every time I see one of these things on Facebook, the pile-ons from people who don't realize that their cyber bullying and saying horrific things and they don't even know who I am," Schneider said. 

Schneider has reported the recent threat to police and the FBI. He's also installed security cameras at his home. 

"I mean literally we were sleeping 25 feet from where they dropped this thing off," Schneider said. " Whether it's real or not whoever did it they shook us up." 

Although Schneider knows campaigns can get heated, he said this is a step too far. 
Shaken but not beaten, he hopes his sexual orientation won't persuade voters one way or another. 
"I don't want sympathy votes; I want votes on the fact that I'm a better-qualified candidate," Schneider said.

Analysis Conclusion:

The threat is not genuine.  

There is no linguistic threat other than media reporting it as such. 

"We will visit you" is enough to frighten anyone, and may be considered an implied threat.  In Statement Analysis, we use the language to determine if the threat is genuine and how committed the author is to carrying it out.  

The language of the subject, although only a small sample, suggests he does not believe the threat is real. 

What is needed next in the investigation, once threat assessment is complete, is to learn the answer to the next question:   

Does the subject know the identity of the  author(s)?  

The author of the note is  likely more than one person. 

In spite of the headline and attempt at editorializing by media, the note not only is not threatening and is polite, but even in an attempt to inflict emotional pain, the insult is very weak.  This suggests a possible favorable view of the recipients by the author (s).  

The author of the note seeks victory in the election for more than one person.  

Linguistic Disposition

Anonymous Threatening Letters are analyzed carefully.  The author or authors will reveal themselves.  Therefore, we look to see what the linguistic disposition of the author towards the recipient is.  This tells us a great deal.

Context:   KKK Supremacist, Racial, Criminal 

With KKK letter  to homsoexual politician, the expectation is threatening, hateful, insulting, taunting and and so on.  

No politeness or minimizing language is expected from such.  

The linguistic disposition is not threatening, nor even seriously unfavorable.  

The author (s) although a member of a hate and supremacy organization cannot bring himself to give much of an insult towards the recipients' homosexual status?

  In analysis, this is a classification in which one should ask:

Does the author (s) of the anonymous threatening letter have a favorable view of homosexuality?  

The KKK is not in need of politeness, nor of a priority of victory here.  They would threaten, intimidate and insult personally and harshly. 

Double Masking?

We do not find "double masking" in anonymous letters, as the author does not want to have himself immediately found out.  It is to overthink the analysis.  The KKK is not likely to double mask; that is, claim to be KKK while being so "polite" as to make us think "it can't be them."   

The author is, indeed,  likely to have a positive view of homosexuality.  Note the need of media, itself,  for the explanation as to why it was sent and what the sender wanted:  because it is not in the letter, itself.  Media had to break a rule of Statement Analysis and 

"State for the author what the author was unwilling or unable to state. "

We do not interpret; we listen.  Here, we find media doing what it has become known for: narrative driven editing.  

Order of Letter 

It is interesting to note the order which indicates priority.  

1.  Knowledge of location
2.  Victory in election 
3.   Quit the race 

1. The letter was posted at their door.
2.  There is no threat or use of coercion to pull out of the political race. 
3.  the recipient used the letter bringing it to media to announce he would not be "quitting" the race.  

The author of the letter profile:

1.  No threat
2.  Soft Language
3.  Political Expediency 

This is "Fake Hate"

The recipient knows the identity of the author.   


Anonymous said...

Fake hate. Attention seeking.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Interesting..."I was spooked by it immediately."

My first thought- How old is James Schneider?
What race is James Schneider?
Is he a "Southerner" (i.e. born and raised "in the South"?

"Spooked" is not a word I would expect an actual victim of a KKK threat to use. It is a word I would expect a white person, of a certain age (40-75/80), with southern heritage to use to derogatorily describe any KKK member (a.k.a. "Spook"). So, the first thing I would want to know is does Mr. Schneider fall within that age bracket? Is he white? Was he born and raised primarily in a Southern leaning state?

Anonymous said...

His actions speak volumes in this case.Perhaps they weren't scared enough to call the police so they bought security cameras.Concerned, but not fearing for their lives.

Calling them an @##** and inviting themselves over for a nice visit and a campfire treat would make me feel eerie.

I'm picking up potential arson from a young person.

Anonymous said...

James Schneider was raised in Annapolis, Maryland...which (depending where you read) has many local racist groups. And yes, he is in the age bracket.

Hey Jude said...

It sounds as if the writer is gay, and a bit camp - 'you girls' - and 'a nice visit' and 'semores?.' Gay guys sometimes call each other 'girls' as a camp joke. It also can be an insult or joke from straight men towards gay. I think KKK members would be more likely to prefer coarse language to making themselves sound gay.

I think inclusion of a name and address with a message which, on the face of it, appears threatening, and as if it is meant to be anonymous, is unlikely. Why would the writer not write a direct letter if he was leaving his name? I'd think the author would not be the person whose name was with the note. The inclusion of the name makes the named person appear stupid to have supposedly chosen that form of communication - people don't generally like to make themselves appear stupid, plus the name would lead the police to his door. The note is printed, and the name also is printed on a separate sheet - the note-writer avoids writing the name of the supposed sender onto the note itself - perhaps a resistance to doing that, but the intention, nevertheless, is to implicate the person whose name is on the separate sheet.

Anonymous said...

What about for vegan members? Will they provide a cart to ride on instead of a horse?
If I have a milk allergy do they have goat or coconut milk at their rallies?

Hey Jude said...

The KKK is anti-gay and anti-social, Anon - so they would not be looking for transgender recruits, while to be vegan would be laughable, and probably considered something like a symptom of gayness. I think so would be the idea of writing quite such a gay sounding anonymous lettter.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was interesting to include the old "I was sleeping" comment, as if to say he could not possibly be involved. Also, do the KKK members routinely include pictures to make sure the recipient know who is sending the letter? Do they use the fancy script as well? The letter was made by someone who has quite a bit of time on their hands and is creative at the same time.

rob said...

"I don't want sympathy votes"

He telegraphed his reason for writing the note.

Instead of go-fund-me dollars, he wants to win the election.

Peter Hyatt said...

Some interesting comments here!

Perhaps the KKK has gone soft on gays?

A sort of "kindler, gentler" hate group?



Anonymous said...


If Mr. Schneider published the letter as fake hate for self promotion, the KKK references may come from his upbringing. It's something he's familiar with, but has distanced himself from as a (gay?) adult.

I doubt the KKK has gone kinder or gentler.

Anonymous said...


It's both: fake hate that can quickly turn into a real threat.

tania cadogan said...

It is interesting that, in fake hate letters they always seem to be polite, no actual threats, please and thank yous etc.
What is missing is actual threats, hateful language such as name calling, racist language.

it also seems to be that those who write such fake hate letters have an agenda, often something that is being ignored as a whole or the alleged victim wants to gain attention for a cause, themselves such as vote for me or to get back at someone else who perhaps said they would amount to nothing.
Some have a financial motive and may even have tried similar things previously or started a godundme for items they want.

I am amazed that we haven't seen or at least heard of, more fake hate letters concerning Trump Haters/supporters.

We had the fake hate assaults claimed after Trump won bu8t that seems to have died down, possibly because everyone jumped on the bandwagon and every one was proven to be fake.
It can be difficult to claim a fake hate attack as it means sustaining injuries, either self inflicted or with the aid of others with an agenda in mind, or perhaps as a result of injury caused by drink/drugs although it may be tested for or CCTV proving it did not happen or independent witnesses say they saw the alleged victim drunk/stoned etc.

Letters are far easier to do, type and print out on a computer or better yet someone else's computer to conceal the electronic footprint, harder to trace unlike handwriting which can be far easier to identify, especially if you have a distinctive writing style such as capitalization, words or phrases.
Is this the start of a spate of fake hate letters?

What we should do is make sure that anyone found guilty of fake hate gets the same sentence as someone found guilty of a hate crime.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

A fake hate crime, given the current environment, would certainly create an instantaneous backlash against both Paul Lamonica, the Church Hill TN KKK (if there is such a group), and any perceived KKK member. I say perceived because of my concerns that anyone in the Charlottesville VA riot who may have been there observing/documenting/live-streaming for their Facebook page (some people are that dumb)and was caught in the rioting may have been erroneously tagged and labeled as a KKK supporter by John Q. Public and an army of internet sleuths and is now a target for local public mob "justice", as well as Cyber Bullying by their IP and others.

How did a letter from Paul Lamonica in TN get on the doorstep of James Schneider in Cape Coral FL? Why would a City Council race in Cape Coral FL be high priority in Church Hill TN? What connection does James Schneider or his partner have to Paul Lamonica, past or present?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

This may sound ridiculous, but the Mistral font in Microsoft Word is a little too"flowy", decorative for a threatening letter. The author bypassed more visually "menacing" ("forceful", "loud", attention-getting) fonts like Brittanic Bold, Cooper Black, Copperplate Gothic Bold, Engravers MT, Impact. Why? Due to the hatred motivating a serious threat (particularly if it's on my doorstep), I would expect a threatening message to either be scrawled largely and boldly ("loudly" and angrily) or typed largely and boldly in an authoritative font. Maybe it's just me, but that's what I'd expect.

There would be no "I didn't know what to do with that.". Close and lock the door, call 911, set the paper(s) down on a clean surface, and wait on the line with dispatch for police to arrive.

A real threat on your door is personal and Mr. Schneider should have been experiencing an elevated and heightened sense of personal fear and anxiety (possibly mixed with anger). If the threat was personal, his language should reflect that. As the letter was a personal threat to him, left in his personal space, and in his hand (if it's an experiential memory), his response should have sounded more along the lines of "I didn't know what to do with it.".

New England Water Blog said...

I've been around some nasty people, they never would have used the term "girls". Lets get real here, they would have called them 'fucking faggots' or something along those lines...

Trudy said...

"When you least expect it" is very weak. If the writer truly intended to stage a surprise attack on Mr. Schneider, it is unlikely that they would telegraph the fact, giving him time to prepare for and protect himself, from the attack.

I love the analysis on letters and 911 calls on this blog. There is a lot to learn. I watched a 20/20 episode about the murder of an elderly couple, the Kohlers. During the investigation, the son of the couple received a threatening note in the mailbox and called the police, distraught. There is police footage of the son, Eric, very upset, saying " ...and it says, 'Fixed You'".

Eric Kohler: I went out to get the mail, opened the mailbox , brought the note back in.

Thanks to SA, the extra word "back" jumped out at me. How could he bring a note "back" in, unless he'd taken the note out, in the first place? A red flag went up. Sure enough, Eric Kohler later admitted he'd written the note and put it in the mailbox, himself.

It is somewhat ironic that writing notes intended to draw suspicion away from a person, often have the opposite effect. I worked on a case where a young Indonesian man was accused of rape. It didn't look too good for him until the prosecution delivered a copy of the man's diary into my hands. The "victim" had called police, a week after the alleged rape, (distraught and crying) saying she found the young man's diary and it had "I had sex with Karli even though she didn't want me to" written in it. She gave the diary to police. (In Australia, the prosecution is obliged to provide the defence with everything pertaining to the case) What a Godsend! Clearly, she had written it herself. The language and style were markedly different from his. I obtained a copy of Karli's handwriting and sent it, with the diary, to a handwriting expert, who excluded the man from having written the damning sentence, AND concluded that it was, in fact, Karli's handwriting. The Crown withdrew. The case did not go to trial.

tania cadogan said...

Hi New England Water Blog

I agree FFOF The font used seems almost feminine.
I would expect to see bold print, agressive, large, angular even.
This is written in a cursive script and slightly rounded, almost friendly as if the type of writing used in advertising such as wish you were here postcards.
Although cursive it is very easy to read, especially since many kids at school aren't taught cursive any more.

I wonder why this font was specifically chosen over that of another?
Is this a font often used by the author and thus they feel comfortable with it?
Is this their default font for printed items?
Is this their default for emails?

We know where you live
Stating the obvious there since the letter got to the recipient.
Was is mailed or hand delivered?
If the author did not know where they live, how did the letter get there?

We are going to win
Win what?
The election?
Getting rid of gays?

quit now
Quit what?
The election?
Being gay?

When you girls least expect it
Why girls and not the expected offensive words often used in reference to gays?
Many gays refer to themselves and their friends as girls which makes me wonder if this was written by a gay rather than one who hates gays.
Girls is almost friendly.

We will be here when you least expect it
Here not there?
If the author does not live there i would expect the more distancing there as travel would need to be done to get to the house.
Here makes me think the author is referencing their location when writing the letter, here as opposed to there which would be another location.
Here is close, There is distancing.

I also noticed the spelling of semores as opposed to smores, I wonder if this is a word the author often misspells?
This would be an easily identifiable marker as to the author.

Why would someone in a different state send a letter with their real name and contact details?
Is This an attempt to involve someone else/blame someone else?

What is to be gained by publicly naming said person and their email address?
Who gains?
Have the two people ever met?
Have they had any contact with each other?

Why use the title;e emperor when more often it is grand wizard or imperial wizard?
Surely a klan member would know how to refer to their leader?

Anonymous said...

Cant believe noone has looked at the bridge perp in MA story. Something real weird going on with that. Some oddities also in article m/interview with lady whos door she knocked on.
Perps lawyer saying although girl has severe strangle marks that his client was not with her, client went home after cookout & police have video footage of him stopping at gas station on the way home.
Im wondering if perp & lady who helped the girl know each other. Something is weird. Girl does not tell lady she was thrown off bridge and swam 100 yds. Someone hurt the girl badly, but is the girl being fed a story by someone to cover up what really happened?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousSeptember 6, 2017 at 10:55 PM
Its fake.

When you least expect it we will be HERE for a nice visit.

Not "there" but "here"

These words are instinctual indicating the gay man wrote it himself as he gives away the fact that he is "here" writing the letter.

Ann said...

When I was reading further in the post talking about it being soft language,I was thinking 'fake hate' and he/they wanted some sympathy but mostly votes using this tactic from the public's own sympathy for (if there's any) them. It's either 'feel sorry for me' pity playing or 'your opinion of us means you're a 'phobic''. They keep doing things that keep giving ppl reason to cont. to dislike them.

"I don't want sympathy votes; I want votes on the fact that I'm a better-qualified candidate"

They do want sympathy,the kind of sympathy that will equal votes. I believe this guy's 'partner' was the one who printed it out and the 'we will win' is gay ppl will 'win' the political seat the main one of the two that is is running. These ppl like to count their eggs before they hatch,gays and many blacks/racial ppl in general have this self entitlement thing in common,that somehow being gay or another 'colour' means you're somehow better then the next person.


Anonymous said...

The guy could be Japanese if he called the Grand Wizard the "Emperor".

Anonymous said...

Has anybody asked Paul Lamonica if he wrote the note? Do you think that, if asked, Lamonica would issue a reliable denial?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ann. Either Schneider's partner or a gal pal wrote the note. The analysis and comments here are so interesting. Some posters have an incredible eye for detail, and gift for analysis. I really like Tania Cadogan's posts and her step-by-step approach. I agree that the spelling mistake (semores) may provide a great clue to the author of the letter. (See Patsy Ramsey's "so hence" and Robert Durst's misspelling on the envelope). The analysis and comments here are so interesting. Some posters have an incredible eye for detail, and gift for analysis. I also like FFOF's posts. In particular her identification and analysis of the words "spooked" and "girls" as well as the mistral font.

Ann said...

Thanks :),

The images on the paper seemed 'weak' approach to me in some way and the font made me laugh a bit at the 'approach of a threat' seem to also weaken it. You use words to convey your 'strength' in mssge/threat,not images - at least like these along with a 'dainty font' lol.

I agree,many here have a good knack for this subject and good at detailing and so on.


Anonymous said...

The picture of the KKK man pointing his finger seems to be the only fearful thing the author could muster. As if to say, "I can't get myself to say anything really scary, so here is a scary picture instead".

Anonymous said...

What do the three dots at the end of "We are going to win..." indicate? To me, it seems like the recipient is supposed to complete a mutually shared thought. Wouldn't a credible threat letter be less vague?

Anonymous said...

It was hand delivered and the use of the word "here" was for psychological effect.The second on may have been mailed.

the... inserted let's you know they enjoy writng

Take note the gay guy is council over planning and development in Fla.

The KKK in Tn is interested why?

trustmeigetit said...

Should be an interesting SA case

Aspiring Pastor Accused of Killing Wife in His Sleep Appears to Blames Cold Medicine: ‘I Can’t Believe I Did This’

28-year-old North Carolina man is facing a murder charge after allegedly stabbing his wife in bed — but the newlywed claims he doesn’t remember carrying out the alleged crime because he might have done it in his sleep, PEOPLE confirms.
Matthew Phelps, of Raleigh, called police distraught early Friday morning, declaring that his wife, Lauren, was dead on their bedroom floor covered in blood.
“I had a dream and then I turned on the lights and she’s dead on the floor,” he says in a 911 call obtained by PEOPLE. “I have blood all over me and there’s a bloody knife on the bed and I think I did it. I can’t believe this.”



trustmeigetit said...

I don't have time to type up but here is the full 911 call

He is super calm and talking slow.

Calmly tells 911 his address and does not say what happened until he asks


Peter Hyatt said...

Anonymous said...
It was hand delivered and the use of the word "here" was for psychological effect.The second on may have been mailed.

the... inserted let's you know they enjoy writng

Take note the gay guy is council over planning and development in Fla.

The KKK in Tn is interested why?
September 7, 2017 at 11:41 AM

the word "here" is the location of where it was written at the time of the writing. It would not indicate the location of delivery unless the author sat at the doorstep typed and printed it.

This is a very basic point in identifying the author (s) of an anonymous threatening note.

We work by statistics.

The babysitter hears the phone ring. It is the phone company calling her back:

"The phone call has been traced. The calls are coming from within the house!"


Anonymous said...

OT regarding "here"

Davey Blackburn speaks of wife's murderers 12/23/15.

"The enemy used a couple agents to make it happen. You know what the enemy wants us to do now? He wants us, wants us to cower in a corner, and hide. He's trying to take the breath out of us. Well, he messed with the wrong family. He messed with the wrong church. You hear me! You understand the enemy- thinks that he has laid a knock-out blow to this church. What he doesn’t realize, is that Jesus has already won the victory. What- You know what he doesn’t realize! He doesn’t realize that what we are about to do, is we are about to take the enemy and put him in his own corner, and we’re going to lay punch after punch after punch after punch to his knocked out body. Now listen. You know who the enemy is, don’t you? The enemy is not any human being. The enemy is not who did this to Amanda. [53:48] It's not the, the two or three guys that did this to Amanda here. The enemy is Satan."

Anonymous said...

"The phone call has been traced. The calls are coming from within the house!"

In a crasser form...

"He who smelt it, dealt it."

Anonymous said...

That is the first thing I noticed was the word "here" Peter...that is what I zeroes in on to know the letter was fake. I must be pretty good at this stuff!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, that's how those cameras will come in handy. If the babysitter can catch the phone company on film, it would lessen the effect of say moving a chair back and forth on the front porch.

My brother explained to me that spooks do these things. I thought he was talking about the infamous govt trained type. I guess I never really knew what a spook was. I'd heard black people called spooks before. How strange is that? Now I learn the KKK are the spooks.

If only I'd been born black or gay.

mom2many said...

This is the doozy that stuck out to me rereading that quote:

"He doesn’t realize that what we are about to do, is we are about to take the enemy and put him in his own corner, and we’re going to lay punch after punch after punch after punch to his knocked out body. Now listen. You know who the enemy is, don’t you? The enemy is not any human being. The enemy is not who did this to Amanda. [53:48] It's not the, the two or three guys that did this to Amanda here. The enemy is Satan."

(Kids are back in school. Maybe I can string two thoughts together.)

Anonymous said...

So, you guys think his partner did it to scare him from running again? Or, to promote him?

mom2many said...

"The enemy is not who did this to Amanda. [53:48] It's not the, the two or three guys that did this to Amanda here. The enemy is Satan."

Does "this" refer to the punch after punch to her knocked out body? Did that happen? Was she beaten after she was unresponsive rather than before?

According to Davey, the enemy, Satan, is not who did "this" to Amanda. That's quite an absolution he grants there.

Anonymous said...

The clan photo matches that used by the Mo. KKK in their neighborhood watch programs.

Door to door terror isn't unheard of with these groups. Though targeting gays are.
they are more aligned with the "when the shit hits the fan/arm yourselfs/prepper there to hep you out.

Gays always know they can get help. Blacks, too.

More popular among the younger extortion groups.

I'll wait and see. Still not convinced it came from inside the house. someone probably has cameras already on their street-if the police haven't already pizzed them off and they don't want toshow it.

Anonymous said...

I miss crazy Davey.

Anonymous said...

It is possible the author sat in his/her vehicle and typed and printed that KKK letter. It's almost funny unless you sympathize with someone who's had creeping around their house at night.

Wonder what the slur was?

Anonymous said...

It's just that it's so stupid, I have a hard time believing a man in his 50s would write something like that-gay or not.

We are going to win so quit??
If you are going to win what difference would it make?

Does the author even know what s`mores are? (which rules out real women imo)

t said...

My apologies to go off topic...Davey Blackburn's recent blog post is quite telling. Daveyblackburn.com
It is a steady decline and there are some "blue " words in relationship to his son.
I look forward to reading the analyses of some off the "old hands" here.

t said...

Anon at 11:59
I am not connecting anything. I am pointing out some interesting utterances that are readily analyzed by statement analysis. I have said nothing about his personality.

Anonymous said...

"Anon at 11:59
I am not connecting anything. I am pointing out some interesting utterances that are readily analyzed by statement analysis. I have said nothing about his personality.
September 8, 2017 at 1:36 AM"

.....and do you remember the conclusion from Peter's analysis? He concluded that DB's words showed "guilty knowledge." That's a fence-riding, conveniently ambiguous "conclusion."

Anonymous said...

Peter has been wrong rather frequently. His analysis of the parents of the missing/murdered parents of Iowa was crass and farfetched. His disdain for this modern day snake-oil salesman of a preacher means little in solving a homicide. She knew ahead of time there were bad people scouring the neighborhood. Like most men, especially preachers, they turned their back on that fact. In fact, one is to conclude that Peter is about teaching others to report in such a fashion that only satisfies police agencies.Most people do not speak that way.

However, he does teach good tools for use in everyday life, though the average citizen would have to be crazy to continually stalk someone based on Peter's findings.

Having said that, I looked at the Faceb0ok of the KKK and the kkkandidate for planning commissioner and guess what,,,,,,,,,the British Gay magazine is running his story. In addition, he has '60s cop photo and photos of children campaigning for him. Being from Maryland, his knowledge of southern KKK would be limited. However, his need for charity work will not escape those in Tennessee.

And, the local newspaper gave him space without having to give the opponent any equal space. It's all explained how/why though most people would have never questioned it.

I predict there will be a mysterious disappearance of a child during hurricane Ima and most likely one of color. The British are always Johnny on the spot during these trials and tribulations.

John mcgowan said...

It would be interesting to collate all fake hate letters/notes and see if the language used was similar.

Anonymous said...

He has posted his Letter to the Editor on his Facebook if anyone is interested in comparing language.

I picked up relationship doubts and doubts about who their friends they always entertained were.

See what you can come up with.

I still doubt some male in that age group wrote that unless they were drunk and childish when drunk.It's more comical than scary.

Peter Hyatt said...


Anonymous said...


At the bottom of course as it just came out.

I tried to copy and paste earlier, but I could never send it through for some extremely odd reason.

Anonymous said...

Here's the text, Part 1 of 3:

Our city newspaper invited me to be the guest columnist for this Friday's edition. Then, so opponents don't expect to get equal footage, they moved it to a Letter to the Editor, which I approve.

My opponent runs a "clean" campaign and was not the victim of a death threat. But, you understand the politics of life now.

So, here it goes. Hope it provides a learning lesson for someone reading. HATE IS LEARNED.

Threatening letter confirms - Hate is learned

To the editor:

I wish that I needed to share details to introduce myself rather than be the media kickball of the past week, the easiest candidate to send hate-filled mail and calls, but rather be just another candidate for a council district position. But, for Glenn and me, these has been some of the more harrowing weeks of our 17-plus years together. We have been through so much over the years. Family deaths, friend’s deaths, pet deaths, closing our business during the recession, scaling things back, closing the charity food bank which we founded, are just examples.

Yet, our hearts are filled to the brim, from the outpouring of kindness and generous thoughts provided by so many of you… People we don’t even know, from other states, countries, continents — you reminded us that there is so much good. There are so many loving people who care for others. The way our parents raised us to be.

I want to clearly explain something, and perhaps some of the many who are continuing to send the vile, nasty and unrepeatable comments to us will learn. Hate is learned.
We intended to deal with this death threat quietly, thinking that we didn’t want this to affect my chances for election. We knew the moment the letter was in our hands that we had to reach out to the Cape Coral Police. They are doing an amazing job of investigating, keeping us well-informed, listening to our ongoing fears, showing physical support through patrols, etc. I cannot thank Chief Newman and our detectives enough. We are very impressed. The FBI as well.

We did not seek this media stirring. Investigative reporters read through the police reports, no matter how written to prevent such attention. The media calls started coming, and we decided that we could either “sit still and let them tell the story without our input,” or we could make a statement to share our concerns and to discuss what is right/wrong. Perhaps one person will decide not to display hate from this incident. Wouldn't that be nice?

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of 3:

We knew it was going to create havoc in my campaign. We realize that was the goal of the author of this threat. Yet you, who are accusing us of doing this to ourselves, clearly don’t know us. Your comments are dismissed, but perhaps you will learn. One of us has AFib combined with congestive heart failure, the other, experienced a stroke in the past.You really think we did such a terrifying thing? Please hope that this doesn’t land in your hands or on your doorstep. We now live in a secured and alert setting. You, who do know us, know how we loved to entertain, and love to have people coming and going. Our life has been forever changed. I don’t think we ever thought this could have been so difficult to experience.
Hopefully people will stop and think, even decide to educate themselves. Visiting the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has been in touch with us and took an extensive interview, you will be provided with valid statistics. If you want to call it fake, research first. Extensive work has gone into informing all Americans of what is in their neighborhood. They provide state-by-state information on the local hate groups. It is terrifying! All police agencies refer to them for statistics.

Our police chief has state publicly, just weeks ago, that he was under the impression that there was no current/active clan of the KKK in Cape Coral, and he was imploring the SPLC to remove Cape Coral from its site. Sadly now, about the time when that could have happened, this death threat occurred. As a citizen, Realtor, commissioner and candidate who cares about this city, it is now disheartening to know that SPLC will not remove Cape Coral from their national list. It will not be removed. This information does nothing to help our city.

So many have blamed the current president for each of these incidents happening since he was elected. I came to realize he is simply playing to what someone with political insight advised him. Work the hate. He did. I have thought a great deal about this since November, 2016. If anyone is to blame, let’s look at Geraldo Riviera and Jerry Springer, who made hate entertainment which seemed to permeate our younger generations to make it seem normal.

I refuse to hate. Glenn refuses to hate. Even our dogs don’t know how to hate. It is hypocritical to want to be accepted in society for being someone different, and then display hate for others. As a society, we tend to not like people that we can’t understand. But this isn’t hate. Try going one full day without saying something hateful to the other drivers, your TV, or the person in front of you at the checkout line. You may be surprised by how much you have in you without knowing it. Keep it in check, especially in front of young people, who absorb every action and statement you make, because you are the most important person to them. They want to be just like you. Don’t you, as well?

Anonymous said...

correction: above the photo of two male boys hugging (white/black)

Anonymous said...

Part 3 of 4 - there will be FOUR parts:

Even after learning this county’s history (related to Robert E. Lee), we choose not to be hateful. It is OUR history. I chose to become a volunteer to our city, as I could see a place where I could help. For the past three plus years, I have proudly served this city we live in as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner. It is hard work. We eight commissioners have to study and review major decisions that affect property owners lives, businesses, homes for every single case. Not something to take lightly. We are eight individuals from various backgrounds and education levels and business positions. We are ALWAYS respectful of the public, and try to understand their needs as presented before us. We have never raised our voices at other commissioners, nor the public, nor the city employees who work tirelessly for each case presented before us. Months or even years of work can be killed by our vote. Again, not something any of us take lightly. I admire every single commissioner I serve with, and those who have moved on from serving the city. People have compared this devotion to that of an assistant sports coach, or someone who helps out at annual events as a volunteer. The commission's work is a serious volunteer job.

I chose to move forward to help our city, by throwing my hat into the current election. Was it best for my family and our safety? We know now… No. Was it the best idea to expose our gender identity in a community that seems to be so far right in their political leanings? No. We are in our 50's and 60's, having been authentic, honest men. Should we hide? No. But did we ask for the out pouring of hate? No. Did we ask for opposing groups to make those Facebook attacks which began the week I announce my candidacy, people who knew/know nothing about me? No.

I now understand that when these people, none of which see this as a truly non-partisan election where you vote for the best qualified candidate versus the party member, hope to intimidate the more qualified candidate and use seriously hateful tactics to discourage them/me from continuing on with the election in November. They clearly do not know me. An early retired very successful businessman, highly educated, and well versed in group processes, government (not necessarily politics), and how to make every decision considering what is best for my neighboring citizens, not my party.

The Democratic clubs and party have not donated one dollar to my campaign; because they expect that Democratic candidates in Cape Coral cannot win. What? Just because there were few previous candidates or elected officials of their party, that does not mean we candidates are “all the same.” Members of the strong local Republican Party has engaged in nasty memes and comments about me on social media, unaware that it is illegal to cyber bully. But that is the small thinking mindset that permeates in lock step with hateful thought.

I am proud of the many enlightened friends I have who "just happen" to be Republican. It is meant to be a non-partisan election and furthermore, a non-partisan city council. This is how it was established, and needs to be respected by citizens, voters, and the council members.

I just expected a fair race. My opponent announces at every forum that he runs a clean race. I am glad he does. I have as well. But the hate hasn't stopped to date.

Clearly there are factions at work in this city. And now it is very much to my disadvantage that I have been fully exposed, or as you may joke, “yanked out of the closet.” I haven’t lived inside the closet since 1990. When our former neighbors in Annapolis told us that it was a great place to live, we followed them here, and were content. Not so much now.

Anonymous said...

Part 4:

When the local Republican Women’s Club chose to modify the City Clerk’s graphic provided for the candidates, to boldly mark who was a “R” versus a “D” with bold, not to be missed colors, and they posted and widely shared on social media, publicly showing each candidate’s home address; they contributed directly to the ease to share hate and possibly our death threat. So sad. Non-partisan?

Where do we go from here? I’d like to simply say, “Be kind.” “Be considerate of others.” “Don’t hate others for coming from outside of Cape Coral.” “Appreciate that others have different levels of education and business backgrounds.” “Love over hate.” But none of these seem to matter in our nation’s current environment. People who have hated others have recently become emboldened to step out of their closets, and expect to be accepted by others who aren’t hateful and are speaking out. Can they accept others?

People who care about our city are researching the candidates’ web sites to learn about qualifications and platforms to help them to decide; not who is the current one the gang of “face-bookers” were rallying for or bullying and attacking that day. We are so fortunate to have some very well qualified candidates and we have some that are not making any platform beyond the bland party line. As our elementary teachers taught us, we should learn for ourselves. Go learn. Discount hate. Think for yourself. Be kind, please.

Vote. It was once the American way. Together we can bring that back.
God Bless America.
God Bless Cape Coral.


The word "hate" appears 19 times.

Direct link to post:

tania cadogan said...

One of us has AFib combined with congestive heart failure, the other, experienced a stroke in the past.
As if poor health precludes someone from committing a hate crime or any crime for that matter.

it is akin to saying they could not rape someone because they are a happily married man, or they could not kill one of their children because they are a good mother.

Rather they outright say they did not write say 'hate letter' although there was neither hate nor threat in it, they explain why they couldn't have written it.

Big difference

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, Tania, but I'm biased to the health issues as it seems some could care less.

I know of man that had been in ICU for three weeks and the cops showed up to question him over an ordinance being broken when he'd barley made it inside the house. Something that would have occurred within a few hours of his release.

People who enjoy inflicting pain and suffering on others could care less. Even less about other's health.

If he thinks that little note was scary, he should talk to women and ask what they have to go through. I can guarantee you police would have no concern whatsoever. At least he has a group that looks after hate targeted at him.

Anonymous said...

The Republcian Women's Club is to blame for sharing addresses of candidates? Is his name and address not public though he has a real estate office?

The Democratic Clubs have not donated $1- semi colon...because (they know they can't win)

Just when the police chief was about to have the SPL remove their city as having a hategroup, crap happens. Apparenty the police are woefully uniformed on what goes on around there and this carefully scripted, cut and pasted ugly photo informing a visit with s'mores is due regardless if he proceeds or drops out of the race. Thank goodness the clansman left an email address and a postal box too or else the bumbling igits would not have a clue. (smellin' some anon)

They forced him out of the closet (or, so they thought) and are proud of their "research."

Extensive work has gone into informing Amerians what is in their neighborhoods (he'll how little effort to stop it has been done now he's tied to those cameras).

But, thank that godless god of their, there's always a study to be done on that.

What are you guys picking up?

Bobcat said...

He is responding to "you, who are accusing us of doing this to ourselves."

There is no denial in over 10,000 words.

I see:

Praise for LE - three sentences praising local LE, but one broken one regarding the FBI.
Sermonizing - he is gay, therefore he can't hate. That would be hypocritical.
Other people to blame - Geraldo Rivera and Jerry Springer
Absolute minimization - "But this isn't hate."

And he gives the reason for "this death threat":
"We knew it (going public) was going to create havoc in my campaign.
We realize that was the goal of the author of this threat."

Anonymous said...

Okay, has anyone actually asked them point blank if they wrote, encouraged someone to write, and place those two sheets on nonsense on their (front I presume)door?

Or is it just smearing and hatefulness?

To simply blurt out: I, nor my partner, did not make and distribute those flyers!
It would be endless.

He is suspicious of media, though he continues on with them.He can be their whipping boy or suck it up and take the heat of their fairy (pardon the pun)tales.

Flordians are hateful people.. Anyone that caught a glimpse of the Casey Anthony saga could surmise they are a nasty, politically motivated bunch.And, they love bearing down on religion as the only one they want is the ratings and almighty dollar.

Bobcat said...

Locals were calling it fake on 9/4.

Mr. Schneider responded on facebook:
"( ) Hope you don't experience this fake event at your home, Mr. Fake Crockett."

^^ He confirmed it as fake.


Peter Hyatt said...

Bobcat said...
Locals were calling it fake on 9/4.

Mr. Schneider responded on facebook:
"( ) Hope you don't experience this fake event at your home, Mr. Fake Crockett."

^^ He confirmed it as fake.

September 9, 2017 at 12:31 AM

So, you're saying its not a kindler gentler KKK?

The sky is falling!


Anonymous said...

They (the media) like to bring up the past so they can repeat it.

When it first happened, it was ...what to do with "that".
Now that it' morphed into a death threat because he's/ german.jew.gay it's "this".

The man(men) lived in Maryland prior to Fla. What would they possibly know about the KKK.

Now the media pulls the same crap agents did back in the day by trying to bullsh!t others into belonging to a group such as the KKK.

I don't trust the man after reading the letter to the editor and it has nothing to do with the KKK letter.

Anonymous said...

Now that Hurricane Irma is encasing Fla., perhaps Mr. Imagayjewgermaine is writing the sequel to "Murder @ Hi Tide...

Only to be killed by a kkk member traveling to taunt sissies.

Anonymous said...


Fake hate or skit?

A brawl erupts (ensues if you will) at a Chicago Starbucks (Chicago known for high crime, mainly among blacks. White dude freaks when someone causes him to spill coffee on himself and starts calling a black guy-much larger than him-slave, vermin,etc.)

Fortunately, an ABC cameraman was in the Starbucks at the time SO the video is better than most would capture at these everyday events:


Anonymous said...

real hate or right?:


rob said...

Anonymous said...

Fake hate or skit?

I'm saying skit. Ain't no way that black dude wouldn't have whopped his azz.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly, Rob!

All those black people and only one goes after the white dude as he's walking away and was hit. He stumbles to the ground and stays down a while being the victim and all those other people standing around letting a white guy knock a black guy down and not all join forces-though unknown to each other-and beat the crap out of "The Man."

It qualified as a hate crime though. His words I suspect.

Too bad they don't arrest people leaving objects such as barcodes, and items under utility services, and food products to imply what he said: your social security number should be attached to a barcode as you are like cattle. Vermin. Walk on all fours like an animal.

Tracking devices on vehicles,threats to friends and family, and throwing objects on other people's property implies the same thing. However, you MUST have a professional journalist involved to get an arrest warrant it seems.

He merely said what stalking groups act out every day.