Sunday, September 17, 2017

St. Louis Police Shooting: Statement

Question for Analysis:  Did Jason Stockley murder Anthony LaMar because LaMar is black?

We have the first statement from the shooter, after the verdict ended the formal gag order from the court.  

Statement Analysis gets to  the truth. 

In context, a reliable denial must contain:

1.  The pronoun "I"
2.   The past tense verb "did not" or "didn't"  (only Reid differentiates, claiming that "didn't" is more casual.  Statement Analysis shows both to be equally reliable). 
3.  The specific allegation addressed.  In this case, if he says "I did not kill Anthony LaMar", it would be unreliable.  He did "kill" LaMar, but the allegation is "murder."  

 Jason Stockley,  was found not guilty in the fatal shooting of a fleeing suspect, Anthony LaMar.  

The former police officer broke his silence and said, 

"I did not murder Anthony Lamar Smith. I did not plant a gun.  I can feel for and I understand what the family is going through, and I know everyone wants someone to blame, but I'm just not the guy."

This is a very strong denial.  Note that he does not blame the criminal, which would, in context, further increase the danger to his own life.  

"Black Lives Matter" claims that the former police officer intentionally  murder the suspect because of racism. 

Consider the fleeing suspect, dangerous chase, and refusal to follow orders by a drug dealer, as context, while considering the claim of murder by race.  Stockley continued:  

"It feels like a burden has been lifted, but the burden of having to kill someone never really lifts. The taking of a life is the most significant thing that one can do, and it's not something that is done lightly and it's not something that should ever be celebrated. And it's just a horrible experience altogether. But, sometimes, it's necessary."

Note now, with the word "kill" in an admission, why the denial of "I did not murder" is appropriate.  This is a reliable denial.  

Note next the distancing language from the trauma (being accused and actually tried for murder) with the pronoun "one", along with his own rebuttal ("but") regarding necessity of police.  Note also that the distancing language, in context, is one coming out of the trial, having just been accused of deliberate murder.  It is appropriate to distance oneself, especially in a job where lethal force, in cases like this, is necessary.  

This is to blame the victim without doing so outwardly.  He puts the responsibility of the shooting upon the criminal action of the suspect.  
Some did not agree with  the judge's verdict and thus far, 10 police officers have been injured in the violent protests in St. Louis. 

Protestors did not agree with the judge's "not guilty" verdict took to attacking police and damaging property, claiming that, along with "Black Lives Matter", believe Stockley deliberately killed LaMar because of the color of LaMar's skin, and planted a gun on LaMar.  

The judge who acquitted a Stockley in the killing  is described as objective and well-respected by both prosecutors and defense lawyers alike.
St. Louis Circuit Judge Timothy Wilson, who must retire when he turns 70 in December, has ruled both for and against police during his 28 years on the bench.
"He's very methodical and a very objective judge," Jack Garvey, a lawyer and former St. Louis circuit judge told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "He really will review everything before he makes a decision. I don't think he's ideological in any way."
Jason Stockley was charged with first-degree murder in the 2011 death of Anthony Lamar Smith following a high-speed chase in which LaMar fled a scene, and was found with both heroin and a gun.  

 Prosecutors claimed Stockley planted a gun in Smith's car.

The judge said he pored over the evidence "again and again," including reviewing three sources of video: 

 from a restaurant surveillance camera, 
the squad car and a bystander's cellphone.  
The gun recovered from the car was a full-size revolver that would have been visible on video if Stockley had tried to plant it, Wilson said, because it couldn't be concealed in his palm or pockets, and Stockley was not wearing a jacket.
What's more, Smith's DNA was on a bag that contained heroin found in his car, and the judge said based on his nearly 30 years on the bench, "an urban heroin dealer not in possession of a firearm would be an anomaly."

He said Stockley also did not begin shooting Smith when he approached the car, but 15 seconds later, after he ordered Smith to show his hands and open the door.
Stockley talked about the optics, which gives insight into why he puts responsibility upon the criminal, but only indirectly:

"Every resisting looks bad. They never look good. So what you have to separate are the optics from the facts, and if a person is unwilling to do that, then they've already made up their mind and the facts just don't matter. To those people, there's nothing that I can do to change their minds."
The violent protests will continue to make police less likely to stop black criminals, further increasing the risk to black communities.  

The "War on Police" which began in earnest from the earliest days of Barak Obama's tenure, continues to put police in harm's way, as politicians have fueled racism and anger to the point of the absurdity of defending dangerous drug dealers over police. 

update:  Black Lives Matter trashed St. Louis library. 


Tania Cadogan said...

This makes for interesting reading.
Meanwhile, keep blaming the cops for black deaths whilst not blaming blacks for black deaths as that is not PC nor does it serve the agenda of the liberals and democrats and general do gooders.

It's simple.

Don't break the law in the first place.
Don't join gangs etc.
When a cop asks you to do something, do it promptly and as directed.
If you disagree you can complain later.

It amazes me that all those that bad mouth and attack the police are the first to start screaming when they become a victim of crime, especially a serious crime.

Anyone who advocates violence against police or any different race should be severely punished, regardless of who they are, how rich/famous they are or job they do.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Black Lives Matter terrorists trashed St. Louis library:

They are attacking children.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone can help me with this question. I have always had problems knowing when distancing langauge is appropriate. In this situation, Peter explains that the distancing language is appropriate due to the officer's trauma. I can understand this. Let's take another situation...a parent who does not intentionally kill his or her child but the child dies in the parent's care due to negligence and the parent makes the terrible decision to lie about his or her role in the child's death. The negligent parent then fabricates a story: says the child is missing and can't be found, child has been kidnapped, parent came home and found the child in this condition etc. In this situation, although the parent decided to lie, wouldn't the death of the child, who was loved by the parent, still be a trauma? Why would the distancing language in these cases be inappropriate?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

This is something difficult to explain, but understood in formal training.

The distancing here is not just trauma, but the context is coming out of court, charged with murder: he is distancing himself from the murder allegation. He just came out of court, years after the event.

Here is the tough part:


It comes down to the sheer volume of statements an analyst has worked successfully through in making application. He or she must build a strong inner data base.

By using peer review,
substantiated findings and lots and lots and lots of repetition, the skill of the analyst comes into clarity.

Anonymous, as to the missing child case: the missing child puts the parents hormonal response on high alert in "survival mode" giving them great clarity of thought.

This, too, comes from experience and exposure to many many statements. Distancing language would not be appropriate in such cases.

There's no substitute for formal training. It means having "cold" statements up against evidence and active investigations where the findings are not academic, but tangible. This scenario demands accuracy. Then, having "iron sharpening iron" of other professionals, with different backgrounds and experiences, they must come to an agreement.

The norm is: "12 to 0" in the voting of conclusion.

Anything short of unanimous means review to find what principle must be addressed and answered.


Anonymous said...

The link posted depicts book burning by the early stages of Nazism which is much different than someone throwing a rock through the glass of a library, imo.

The guy shot was dealing heroin. Does the community support legalized heroin? Or, are members of that community being threatened and controlled and losing their youth to these heroin dealers?

Unknown said...

Where is the "attacking children" part? In no way am I being confrontational, Peter. There is nothing saying kids were attacked. I do not support blm or the left. But being as hyperbolic as they are is helping no one.

General P. Malaise said...

obama did start the war on the police. he went out of his way to make martyrs out of street thugs. eric holder was also a criminal before and after his tenure as AG. carrying out the bidding of his communist leader.
obama sided with criminal thugs over police every time there was any issue between the police and black criminals.

anon get educated. truth is not subjective and you don't seem to know what it looks like.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I don't know what truth looks like, Malaise, but history tells a different tale.

White people idolize thugs over police. All one has to do is look at the fame of Al Capone, Bonnie & Clyde, the outlaws of the old west such as Jesse James and the list goes on.

If someone wants to be a rock star, all they need do is get a reporter to claim they bit the head off a live chicken off on stage or show up naked and screaming and high as a kite.

This isn't a "black lives matter" thing.

Even the Boston Bomber was made into a rock star on the cover of the Rolled up Stone.

Black people are more apt to stick together in a group for their race, but other than that it's about the same.

Note how few, if any, attended the protest where they ran Wall Street and tore up Oakland Calf. I forgot the name of those nuts, but they were mostly white.

Anonymous said...

Also there were 18 fires, damage to multiple businesses and police officers hospitalized after having bricks thrown at their heads.""

That's the brunt of the story. How broken glass at one library turns into attacking the children is beyond me. Glass can only go so far and it's not like they went through the library destroying books as the article would like you to believe.

If they are throwing bricks at police officers, they are probably throwing rocks at any and everything...hence, the broken glass.

Anonymous said...

Peter, thanks for taking the time to comment on my question regarding distancing.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Saint Theresa said...
Where is the "attacking children" part? In no way am I being confrontational, Peter. There is nothing saying kids were attacked. I do not support blm or the left. But being as hyperbolic as they are is helping no one.
September 17, 2017 at 10:10 PM

My post is regarding BLM attacking the library.

The library is a place of quiet learning. By attacking a place of learning, they are attacking children.

By attacking police, they are attacking authority, which comes down to endangering children.

My post does not involve you nor reference you.


Unknown said...

I know it doesn't reference me. I didn't think it did. Why are you saying that? Because I said I'm not confronting you? Lol relax Peter. Just trying to get you to see I'm not trying to troll or be an asshole. The statement you made was hyperbolic.

General P. Malaise said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Maybe I don't know what truth looks like, Malaise, but history tells a different tale.

White people idolize thugs over police. All one has to do is look at the fame of Al Capone, Bonnie & Clyde, the outlaws of the old west such as Jesse James and the list goes on.

I don't mind a discussion but your saying "white people" indicates most or all of them. I will say that most white people, and most people in general do NOT idolize thugs over police. Those that do are a minority but like to make provocative gestures and tend to hog the limelight. The media plays to them for several reasons. It serves their narrative (demonizing the silent majority, Christianity and family). It makes news headlines. When did you see obama ask protesters to tone it down, NEVER, he encouraged them to violence. The media loved it and piled on.

With regards to the "occupy crowd" which I think is the group you are referencing, yes they were mainly white and they were organised and paid to protest. THEY are less than one percent and probably less than one one thousandth of the population. I you want truth don't start with the media.

Anonymous said...

I would think that allowing a heroin dealer in their community is attacking children regardless of what the police do.

Drugs and alcohol tear down all communities regardless of race.

Dismissing the criminal actions of teens and college students tear down a community as they are old enough to know better.When they get older, they are emboldened and do more and more.

Anonymous said...

Many on this very blog have encouraged others to violence by suggesting others get information about someone on trial or carrying on because someone got murdered and now is a good time to go in and beat them down and spread that fear to their family members.

Ex: Casey Anthony, dave the preacher, the woman who lectures about hot car deaths,
the missing woman from Az that has a name similar to another missing in another country, and many more.

This blog too encourages protests on mainly white people who are the targets. In fact, you see more of those launched on white people and rarely see the same launched against black people...who most likely have as much if not more child abuse.

General P. Malaise said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Many on this very blog have encouraged others to violence

I am not sure what you are saying here. Are you suggesting that justice is violence? Does truth offend you?

General P. Malaise said...

because this explains progs better than I can

Unknown said...

Hyperbolic. Now whut?

General P. Malaise said...

one can probably ban the ip address, it least then it would need to get a different ip each time.

Anonymous said...

Perfect. Just Perfect:

Let's start a list of people who should step up to that responsibility, shall we?

People still stuck on the Anthony family or almost anyone in Fla.
Fans of Nancy Grace
People who try to insert themselves into missing children that garner national media attention..
People who meet up on the Internet to solve crimes and mob and harass the people they THINK may be involved.
The media
People who still think it's the '60s
People who hope to destroy the life of someone that has already stood trial and was cleared though their research shows otherwise.

And, the list goes on....and on....and on.

Anonymous said...

bho, eric holder share responsibility
for so much of the current and continuing
black hatred as a way of life in the
United States of America.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous, re Holder, agreed.

If Trump does not keep his promises, he will further denigrate the country by furthering the cause of lawlessness. This basic element is contempt for:

teachers, police, etc, and leads to contempt of law keepers (civility).

It is the mark of 3rd world nations; those some are intent on importing and creating here.

The President plainly spoke about these matters and although we must wait to see if we are viewing the language of negotiation or actual compromise, it is concerning.