Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Beverly Young Nelson Statement

We have a new accuser of Judge Roy Moore:  Beverly Young Nelson.  

She met with famed agitating attorney Gloria Allred, who does not have a reputation for truth telling.  

In a separate article, I will look at sexual abuse and delays in reporting and why victims often wait.  

What we seek here is to learn if Beverly Young Nelson is giving a reliable report of what happened, or not. 

Does the language indicate experiential memory? 

There are many people who have concluded deception due to the video. 

It does appear to be choreographed, as the language, itself will suggest, by Gloria Allred.  In fact, I challenge students of analysis to find other statements in which Gloria Allred took over and see if there are similarities in not only the video presentation, but the language. One of Allred's habits is to declare the conclusion of the matter, before the account is made.  

This leads us to discuss "contamination" in a statement. 

Contamination:  we recognize that this statement is likely written under the guidance and influence, if not the direct language of Allred.  You are likely to see entire sections of editorializing by Allred.  Therefore, we must consider reducing certain elements of sensitivity as we progress through it.  

Remember, we analyze the statement, and not the person.  

Oftentimes when an attorney issues a statement about his or her client, we are able to know the attorney's opinion about the client's guilt or innocence.  We may find this to be the case in a contaminated statement. 

At times, language may suggest an attorney attempting to alter the statement.  This, too, must be considered. 

Regarding the signed yearbook, if genuine, it would affirm that the subject (Nelson) had contact with Judge Moore, something Moore denies.  

Before we begin, a few points to consider: 

"I remember" in an open statement is a signal of suppressed memory.  

"I don't remember" in an open statement is a red flag.  This is different than in a response to a question. 

"I don't remember" in response to a question (or "I don't recall") is not necessarily deception.  In a court, it is, however,  often used to deceive.  

We are focused, not on her body language, her "performance", her coaching, or anything else but the words:

do they reveal reliable information or not?

Even if the subject is deceptive in parts, is she reliable in other parts?

This is something we work through in witness statements:  reliability. 

This is an abbreviated analysis only.  

My name is Beverly Young Nelson.

I was born on November 14, 1961. In Santa Maria, California.
My husband, John, and I have been married for the last 13 years. He has taken time off from his work as a truck driver to be here with me today and I thank him for that.

"My husband John" is a complete social introduction. 
That he has taken off work "as a truck driver" may indicate possible financial motive or incentive from Allred. 

There is no reason to tell us her husband took off work; there is no reason to tell us what he did for a living...

unless there is a reason or need to do so.  

It is on her mind.  

When I was 15 years old I began working after school. I was attending Gadsden High School. I worked at the Olde Hickory House on E. Meighan Blvd. off of Highway 431 in Gadsden, Alabama. I worked there after school as a waitress. Some nights I worked until 7pm and other nights until 10pm.

We like to see the pronoun "I" and the past tense verb used which shows commitment to a sentence. 

Mr. Roy Moore was a regular customer. He came in almost every night and would stay until closing time. He sat at the counter in the same seat night after night. I remember exactly where he sat.

That she offers what she "remembers" here may be in response to a question by Allred.  This may be a point of contamination.  

Mr. Moore was an adult. He was much older than I was. 

This is unnecessary information, and it is very likely that it is the language of Allred and not the subject.  It is, in this sense, editorializing, rather than reporting.  This is similar to what other Allred clients have sounded like.  If it is the subject's word, the reader/analyst should consider that the subject may have had some type of relationship with the 32 year old, indicating a need to distance herself from him, before the account begins. 

The contamination or distancing continues:  

I knew that he was the District attorney in Elowah County. 

I believe her. I believe she knew who he was. 

Now, we will begin to see a series a statements in the negative, which is unusual.  They appear to be contaminated by Allred.  They are explanatory where no explanation is needed. 

Truthful people tell us what happened -- note everything in the negative. 

I did not understand what that meant, but I knew that he was an important person and I always treated him with respect.

There is lots of editorializing in the statement.
Emotions are often an indication of artificial placement in a statement when they are in the "logical" position.  However, given the passage of years, brain processing allows for emotion to accompany narrative. 

When he was at the restaurant he would speak to me and would sometimes pull the ends of my long hair as I walked by him. I had red hair down to my waist. He would complement me on my looks. I did not think anything of it. I did nothing to encourage his flirtatious behavior. I was accustomed to men flirting with me because I was well developed and I competed in beauty pageants.

Rule of the Negative

There is some reliable and some unreliable information here.  She shows signals of classifying the case; something an attorney would do.  

As a 16 year old, she may have enjoyed the attention of an older man but this may be the influence of the attorney on the language.  Enjoying the attention is not a crime, even if she encouraged or enjoyed the flirting, but something seen more times than not in cases like these.  

The need to portray what she did not think suggests to the contrary, including encouraging flirtatious behavior.  

The difference in age, education, money and sophistication make it ripe for exploitation even if not criminal.

Many young victims "see stars in their eyes" over predators. Predators seek girls who respond in this fashion.   I prefer a truthful account. This is what the langauge is suggesting, in spite of Gloria Allred.  

 Note how much is reported in the negative. Her attempt to portray herself as an innocent child suggests that the teenager may have had a relationship with the 32 year old that is now being reclassified from the perspective of an adult with a lawyer:  

 I did not attach any significance to Mr. Moore’s behavior towards me and I did not respond to any of Mr. Moore’s flirtatious behavior for two reasons: First, I had a boyfriend. Second, even if I had not had a boyfriend I was not interested in having a dating or sexual relationship with a man twice my age.

The sensitivity here is very high. This is not truthful reporting.   This should be considered for contamination by the attorney as well as missing information.  (I think it may have been  ejected  by the attorney). 

Victims often feel guilt, but we seek the truth, no matter what.  The suggestion is that she was flirtatious with him, but regardless:  he was 32, and she was 16.  The need to say she had a "boyfriend" is to explain why she was not interested in him. This means that if she did not have a boyfriend, she night have been interested?  This is not honesty but likely the influence of the attorney over her.  Victims are more likely to be believed when they tell the truth.  Victims make mistakes.  They flirt.  They accept rides.  They make poor choices.  This is what teens do.  This does not justify sexual assault, nor does it alleviate the 32 year old from responsibility. 

There is missing info here:  

I turned 16 on November 14, 1977. About a month later I received my yearbook from Southside high school where I had spent my freshman and sophomore years. I happened to bring my yearbook to work with me to the restaurant on December 22, 1977. I put it down at the end of the counter. Mr. Moore happened to notice it and asked if he could write in your yearbook. 

Note:  the repetition of "happened" is sensitive. This is a need to portray happenstance.  The need to portray it as such tells a different story. 

 It may be that she told her regular, flirting customer about it, and he offered to sign it.  

An attorney does not need to convince us of the "innocence" of the young girl with a grown man.  

 She may have been very flattered and enjoyed the attention, which would be expected given her age.  She might have brought it in for him to sign.  If this is true, it is best to simply state it.  When an attorney is involved, particularly this one, a political motive meets a financial motive. 

For analysis students:  find statements by Allred clients and note the similarities in the statements in editorializing and concluding. 


Advocates often paint with broad brushes and become so entrenched in helping victims that they feel a moral superiority that leads to lying. 

It is counter productive. 

I have gotten into debates with advocates who lie on affidavits thinking they are keeping their clients safe.  It often backfires because judges sense deception.  In more than a few cases, a "padded" affidavit removed the man from the home but when the woman allowed him to return, the judge ordered the children out of the house. 


Because the "assistance" from the advocate was deceptively describing the danger of the male, directly to the children.  The woman was then left without her children and forced to admit she lied about him in the first place. The judge then is left knowing that the woman will lie under oath.  

Truth is always best. 

I like this next portion of her statement. This is realistic language to reflect a 16 year old:  

I felt flattered and I said “yes”. He wrote in my yearbook as follows:

 “To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say ‘Merry Christmas.’” 

There has been comments on the writing here about it being fraudulent.  It is possible that after the signature, the date and restaurant was added. I am not a HWA expert and await a response from Veritas.  The writing suggests mutual flirting, but the language chosen by the subject suggests that the signing of the yearbook was mutually planned. 

I took the yearbook home with me at the end of my shift that day. I felt honored that Mr. Moore, who was such an important person, would write in my yearbook.

The element of time (timing) is very important to her account: 

A week or two later I was working at the restaurant. My shift ended at 10pm when the restaurant closed. It was a cold night and I went outside to wait for my boyfriend to pick me up and drive me home. My boyfriend was late. Mr. Moore exited the restaurant at the same time as I did. He noticed that my boyfriend was not there and he offered me a ride home.

There is some very sensitive information here about location, and the ride home. 

  She may have deliberately waited outside for him but more likely is that there may have been a plan to spend time together in the car before the boyfriend arrived. This is why the element of time is important to her. 

Sensitivity:  When a subject explains "why", where no such question exists, the subject is telling us very important information.  She anticipates being asked "well, why did you...?" when we would not have even thought to ask such.  This is where we find our missing information in criminal cases. 

  The need to preempt such questions suggests that she has a need to explain herself before you ask her. 

  I continue to assert:  just let the subject tell the truth, without editorializing.  She had a need to explain why she was outside when no one asked, "Why did you wait outside?"

When we find the word "noticed" in a witness or even statement, there are two things to consider:

1.  "noticed" is used to conceal planning or intention.   Or
2.  It is a form of linguistic contamination by Allred. 

I believe it it the former due to the overall context of the statement.

That they exited at the same time and he "noticed" (the language of story telling) suggests that they  planned this.  If so, it is best to state it as such. 

She might have wanted to get a ride from Judge Moore.  It would not make her guilty of anything. Note the language: 

I trusted Mr. Moore. 

Note the short structure.  This is likely true.  She could have loved the attention and wanted a ride home:  it would not change the assertion of sexual assault, nor would it make her guilty of anything other than being a teen girl being given attention by an older man. The "trust" was very likely this meeting in a warm car together before her boyfriend arrived (see the element of timing later in the statement regarding boyfriend). 

Even if she got into the car, knowing he was interested in her (note the mentioning of flirting), it is not a burden to fall upon the 16 year old, nor does it, by itself, negate the allegation. 

  This seems to be more contamination:  

He was the District attorney. I thought that he was simply doing something nice by offering to drive me home. I did not want to wait outside in the cold so I agreed.

a.  "I did not want" the rule of the negative noted. 
b.  "agreed" often indicates discussion and some 'back and forth' between them.  This affirms the analysis of "happened" and "noticed" above. 

"simply doing" suggests other planning.  "Simply" is a dependent word excluding more ideas (complex), which, this use shows, was in her mind when making the statement.  We would not have thought of anything but a nice ride home if she had not told us this via the comparison word, "simply."

Here is an example of foolish editorial contamination. It also shows a need to persuade us that she was "good" to her boyfriend.  This further indicates deception.  

I wanted to call my boyfriend but this was before cell phones and I had no way to contact him. 

Artificial Editing 

Given the date, she would not have thought of cell phones.  This is an attempt to persuade that she did not want to be in the car with him, which tells us to the contrary; she wanted to get a ride home with him. 

She has a need to explain why she got in the car with him, when this is not something we would have challenged her on.  This is an example of sensitivity in pre-empting a question.  My guess is that she was given a difficult time by Allred over this. 

My home was only about two and a half miles away. I planned to call my boyfriend after I got home to let him know that I had gotten a ride home and that there was no need for him to pick me up.

She now feels the need to explain why she wanted to call her boyfriend but did not.  This is not something we would have thought to challenge her on, unless we thought she helped arrange this ride home.  

This is not honest reporting. 

Taken in a whole, this unreliable and artificial editing suggests that she liked Mr. Moore, was flattered by him, and enjoyed getting a ride from him.  This was probably very exciting to her.  It would be just as exciting to a 16 year old girl as it would be upsetting to a 16 year old girl's father.  

Next, we have more contamination; likely as a response to questions from the attorney:  

Mr. Moore was wearing brown hush puppies on his feet. He drove a two door car. I believe that it was an old car, but I do not recall the model. 

Here she tells us what she does not "recall" in an open statement to a point we would not have asked. 

This is contamination by an attorney.  My guess is, "tell me some details..,you know, like what was he wearing..."

Allred can be known, not only by her words, but Advanced Analysis by scanning statements of her clients.  She is a powerful personality force. I think Allred sought for some description that would prove she was facing downward.  When someone includes color in a description where color may not be called for (non-vehicle), it is often an indicator that the subject had personal contact (or knowledge) of the item. 

I believe this is Allred contamination via direct questioning, which is why the subject had to offer what she did not know about the vehicle.  

We look for truth in spite of Gloria Allred.  

However, given the attempt at forcing her to commit oral sex, she may have noticed his shoes.  This is what may have been prompted by Allred's questioning.  She is clever. 

 Usually we get either sensory description or dissociative distancing language.  Having analyzed other statements associated with Allred, I believe it to be her influence. 

I got into his car in the passenger seat. 

Note the pronoun "I" and the past tense verb.  We now see a reliable sentence.  

She also has an unnecessary need to tell us which seat she got into.  

I believe she is telling the truth:  she was in his passenger seat.  But why include this?  Unnecessary information is very important to the analysis. 

Yet, we would not have thought to ask, "Did you get into the back seat?  Climb on the roof?"  This sounds like a response to more questioning from Allred rather than let her tell her account. 

Next:  the verb tense changes.  In statement analysis, we look for the formula for commitment to show reliability:  the pronoun "I" and the past tense verb.  

In sexual abuse cases, however, due to ongoing psychological  issues, some of the events "begin" but do not have completion.  It reduces reliability but it should not, alone, bring us to conclude deception. 

Regarding the need to tell us she was in the "passenger seat of the car", we are prompted by the language to ask:

 Was there any point where she in another part of the car besides the passenger seat?

He began driving. I thought he would get on the highway, but instead he drove to the back of the restaurant. 

She should tell us what happened, not what did not happen.  She should tell us what she thought, not what she didn't think.  This unnecessary editing further affirms that that they may have met to go parking together behind the restaurant. 

The confirmation continues: 

I was not immediately alarmed as there was an exit from the back of the restaurant to the street and he could drive from there to my house without getting on the highway. 

This is very weak. 

She tells us what she did not feel and then explains why she did not feel this alarm. 

This is either deception or it is as a result of an attorney asking questions and altering the statement. The 16 year old would not think to herself,

"I am not alarmed here" and then explain to herself why she is not alarmed. 

This is artificial editing. 

However, instead of driving to the street he stopped the car and parked his car in between the dumpster and the back of the restaurant where there were no lights. The area was dark and deserted. I was alarmed and I immediately asked him what he was doing.

"immediate" is unnecessary attempt to persuade.  This is either more Gloria Allred contamination or she wanted to go "parking" with him.  

If it is the latter, it would not impact a reliable claim of sexual assault.  

 This is where she describes the assault.  We prefer past tense verbs (complete) while recognizing impact emotionally in sex abuse cases does cause verbs to change to an imperfect past tense (less definitive) similar to post trauma stress impact. 

When she asked him what he was doing, did she expect an answer? 

Instead of answering my question, Mr. Moore reached over and began groping me, putting his hands on my breasts. 

Note the change from "groping" to "putting his hands."

"Groping" is to grab. It is strong language. 

"Putting" is soft language. 

 This cannot be done without "putting" his hands on her.  Again, it is difficult to discern where there is contamination ( "groping" is likely Allred's word) 

It may be an attempt to portray touching in general, but then his hands to her breasts. 

"Putting" is soft language; not intrusive or harsh. 

This is where the adult may later, if caught, claim "consensual." 

This is reliable in the sense of sexual contact, but inconsistent language with the change of "groping" to "putting", with the latter, technically, not a sexual assault. "Groping" is distinctly unpleasant and could have been assaultive by itself, but "putting" is placed in the same sentence, so close to 
"groping" that it is incongruent. 

This is where consensual may come to an end: 

She now wants to leave.  Even if this leaving was drama and not sexual assault, we must follow the language and let her guide us: 

I tried to open my car door to leave, but he reached over and locked it so I could not get out. 

"Tried" is attempting and failed.  She failed to open the door and explains why she failed. What caused this? We have questions here. 

What else did she fail at?

I tried fighting him off, 

She attempted fighting?  She attempted fighting him off?

The language is not clear. 

while yelling at him to stop, 

She does not say "I yelled at him to stop" instead focusing on the element of time:  "while" yelling. 

This avoids saying "I yelled" or "I was yelling" and speaks of timing instead. 

but instead of stopping 

This may indicate expectation that he would stop;

he began squeezing my neck attempting to force my head onto his crotch. 

Here she reports what he "began" to do:  squeezing her neck.  This is not compete commitment, but it is stronger than the "yelling" and "fighting" above. 

I continued to struggle. 

This next sentence is to show conflicting information. In a sexual assault, the victim is under the control of the perpetrator during the assault.  

Note that she was determined to not "allow him" which puts her in the position of either allowing or not allowing.  

I was determined that I was not allow him to force me to have sex with him. 

This may be coached, or it may be the result of the passing of time in processing.  It is difficult to discern: 

I was terrified. 

The incomplete past tense verbs continue: 

He was also trying to pull my shirt off. 

this sounds contaminated:  

I thought that he was going to rape me. 

This returns to action:  

I was twisting and struggling and begging him to stop. 

as does this:  

I had tears running down my face.

This is the type of editorializing we have seen before when the attorney gets involved.  It is an attempt to persuade the public of a conclusion, rather than let the facts speak for themselves.  

At some point he gave up. He then looked at me and said, “you are a child. I am the District attorney of Etiwah County. If you tell anyone about this, no one will believe you.” 

He finally allowed me to open the car door and I either fell out or he pushed me out. 

This is interesting and not something an attorney would know.  She either "fell out" or "he pushed me" but she does not commit to either one. 

Then, she uses the language of passivity: 

I was on the ground as he pulled out of the parking area behind the restaurant. 

Passivity is used to conceal identity and/or responsibility.  If you read the sentence, "I was on the ground" by itself, you would consider that the subject is concealing from the audience, how she got on the ground.  

You would be correct. 

Next, you would ask, "is this an appropriate or inappropriate use of passivity?"

If someone is a large crowd said, "A rock was thrown" (passivity) and did not know who threw the rock, the passivity would be "appropriate" in analysis. 

"The gun went off and my wife was bleeding on the ground" uses passivity to conceal who pulled the trigger.  This would be, if not in a crowd, an "inappropriate use of passivity" in our designation.

She found herself on the ground. This is passive. 

She just finished telling us that she did not know if she jumped or if he pushed her. 

The passivity used is appropriate in context.  What happened at that point was upsetting, made her cry and she could not discern if she left on her own will or he kicked or pushed her out.  

I would like to ask her if Gloria wanted this portion removed from the written statement. 

The passenger door was still open as he burned rubber pulling away leaving me lying there on the cold concrete in the dark.

The mention of "passenger door" again brings us back to the question if she or they were in the back seat at any time of this.  

This is not only very heavily contaminated with dramatizing, but if our subject used the word "leaving" for herself, we may have insight into the defense that Roy Moore may offer, should he change his defense of "I never met her and I don't recall any such restaurant." 

The "leaving" or being "left" is very important. It is difficult to imagine an attorney using this word.  

I got up and tried to pull myself together. 

This is a point of emotional upset and it is very likely a point of insult for her.  

I was making my way to the front of the restaurant when my boyfriend arrived. 

Recall the artificial thought of the cell phone before the use of them.  

"making my way" is a temporal lacunae.  There is missing information here. The word "when" addresses the element of time. 

Timing was on her mind at this point where her boyfriend arrived.  

It was late and it was dark. I did not say anything to him as to what had occurred as he had a violent temper and I was afraid that he would do something that would get him into trouble. 

This is a very sensitive part of her statement.  She reports what she did not do and feels the need to explain why she did not do something. 

Note the soft language of "what had occurred" and not "that I was assaulted" or "I was almost raped."  

One might wonder if she felt that she was "caught" in her meeting with the adult, by her boyfriend.  

When I got home I went to my room. The following morning my neck was black and blue and purple. In the days following I covered the bruising on my neck with makeup. I did not tell anyone about what had happened. I was scared. I felt that if I told anyone Mr. Moore would do something to me or my family. I decided to keep what happened to myself.

The need to explain the silence is not necessary, nor is the need to explain why, after all these years, she is speaking.  I will address this in a separate article.  

The day after Mr. Moore assaulted me I called the restaurant and quit my job. I never went there again.

About two years later I told my younger sister what Mr. Moore did to me. About four years ago I told my mother what happened. Before I married my husband, John, I told him what Mr. Moore had done to me.

Back to contamination with unnecessary claims:  

My husband and I supported Donald Trump for President. This has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats. It has everything to do with Mr. Moore’s sexual assault when I was a teenager.

I thought that I was Mr. Moore’s only victim. I would probably have taken what Mr. Moore did to me to my grave, had it not been for the courage of four other women that were willing to speak out about their experiences with Mr. Moore. Their courage has inspired me to overcome my fear.

Allred speak:  

Mr. Moore attacked me when I was a child. I did nothing to deserve his sexual attack. I was frightened by his position and his power. I am coming forward to let Mr. Moore know that he no longer has any power over me and I no longer live in fear of him.

Analysis Conclusion

There is enough reliable information to indicate sexual contact took place between 32 year old Roy Moore and the 16 year old subject. The language suggests, however,  that this began willingly, as she shows unreliable statements intending to downplay her interaction with Moore and reached the point where she was no longer willing and it stopped. She did not want to engage in oral sex. 

The point of squeezing her neck could constitute legal assault but would likely end up being "he said; she said."  It does not help that she editorializes and withholds information. 

The need to portray herself as disinterested in him is over the top, which is why people will call her a "liar" and may dismiss it all, rather than understanding that sexual assault cases are complex. 

The grabbing of the neck is not stated in plain language and  is very difficult because even if it is not criminal sexual assault, according to her language, a father would react with a vengeance. She reports the bruising as an after thought which seeks to cause us to accept, without question, that he caused the bruising without her telling us. This would be to interpret her words.  It is something we avoid.  There are many sexual assault examples here on the blog where readers can see how victims linguistically connect the events directly rather than rely upon interpretation. 

She shows an anger or humiliation by him, including regarding the door and squealing of the tires because of his "leaving" of her.  

There is much contamination by the attorney. 

There are areas of reliability and there are areas in which the subject is not telling the truth.  In the area of her interaction with the adult, she is not truthful.    

Sensitivity Indicators 

The sensitivity of the subject suggests that if Mr. Moore changes his account from having never met the alleged victim to something else, he will likely claim that this was consensual, in spite of the age and sophistication disparity. 

He may claim that they both expected some romantic activity, but due to the age and sophistication disparity, the public is not going to accept this.  Cognizance of the public reaction can influences denials.  How Moore is viewed may be very different than how celebrity  Jerry Seinfeld, with his teen aged girlfriend was viewed years ago. 

The sensitivity suggests that she may have been flattered, and wanted to take a ride from him.   They may have discussed this, and we may even hear later that she offered to bring in her year book for him to sign.  These are details that will not change the account.  It is where contamination can reach a point where the public could dismiss her account entirely.  

                         The truth is always best. 

The attorney should have just let her speak.  

Even if she had romantic interest in him, it does not change the nature of exploitation of a 16 year old girl by a 32 year old man. 

a.  the disparity of age
b.  the exploitative nature of sophistication disparity 
c.  allegation of grabbing her by the neck in the car.  

Nor does it change the interaction between a 16 year old girl and a 32 year old male. 

I believe in watching the video that Gloria Allred likely coached her on how to present the material as well, which will cause some to dismiss it entirely as overly dramatic.  

It is not appropriate for Allred to do this.   It does not help victims.  Allred is famous for her exploitation and it is with this contamination in mind that we must consider in the language.  This can lead to error: 

One body language expert said that rapists don't just "stop" in the middle of their rape. 

This is false. I don't have a percentage but it may be very high that rapists do stop at various stages of an assault. 

Many rapists are stopped; some by fighting, some by pleading, some by interruption,  some for self preservation, and some for unknown reasons, and do not continue their assault to final rape.  It is a  comment that does not speak of  experience working with sex assault victims. 

There is enough information in the statement, in spite of what Allred has done, to believe an encounter took place between her and Judge Moore, and at some point, she told him to stop and he initially refused, but then stopped.  

The "leaving" she used in her statement,  may be a point of humiliation that has stayed with her for many years.  Humiliation is a powerful trigger and can stay with a person for decades and when something happens that reminds them of it, they may take revenge. 

Thus far, Moore maintains having never met her, nor remembering the restaurant.  

With this type of denial, it should not be difficult to prove or disprove.  

In spite of the heavily contaminated statement by the influence of the attorney, sexual contact (touching of her breasts) is likely to have taken place and even if the teen changed her mind, this is her right to do.  

"Left" in Rape Statements

In false allegations of rape, we sometimes find, at the end of the statement, the motive for making a false report:  humiliation.

"and he left..."

It is the "leaving" that bothers the subject into making a false claim.   There are a number of false rape allegations on the blog here (use search) that you will find the word "left" or "leaving" in the language. 

For our subject, he not only was "leaving" but "burning rubber" in doing so.  This may have felt like a mighty humiliation of rejection.  

We would likely know much more if not for Allred. 

If one wishes to make an argument that Allred has too heavily influenced or contaminated the statement to the point where we cannot know what happened, I will not dispute it.  

The experience of the analyst, especially in sexual assault cases, is needed in the conclusion.  

What is analyzed here are the words, not voice inflections, tears, or body motions. 

It is recognized that this was a written prepared statement and the analysis shows that there are at least two overall authors in the statement.  

Roy Moore's denials continue to be unreliable and his need to call upon Deity indicative of deception.  

Contaminated Statements

In general, the rule to follow is to set a contaminated statement aside.  It is too easy to fall into error.  

When the analyst has a strong personal data base of sexual assault statements, he or she may feel more comfortable analyzing, knowing that much of the indicators must be reduced or even discounted.  

For training in deception detection, we offer the Complete Statement Analysis Course at www.hyattanalysis.com

email:  hyattanalysis@gmail.com to enroll. 

tuition increase 1-1-2018 


rob said...

Whether this actually happened or not, when I see that Gloria Allred is involved, I know someone is wanting money.

Big OT:https://daveyblackburn.com/blog/trial-and-book#comments-outer-wrapper


he is definitely moving on

mom2many said...

Could the neck bruising have been hickies? If he grabbed her by the back of the neck, to force her head down, the bruising would have been around the back/sides. Less noticeable when inspecting oneself in the mirror and harder to cover adequately with makeup given the difficulty of trying to view the side/back while applying. Hickies would be more likely in the front, very noticeable and covering hickies with makeup, on the other hand, quite common.

Anonymous said...

I believe it happened, though not necessarily as it is written. I agree with Peter that the lawyer had some doing in the editing of the statements.Watching her read it is telling as she gets emotional when reading events that took place inside the car.A breach of trust, imo, is the point for humiliation coupled with noting she was on the ground as he sped away-near a TRASH dumpster.

It wouldn't be happenstance if he came in every night and sat in the same spot night, after night, after night.And, it wouldn't be unusual for a teen to show her yearbook to other co-workers either. They may have friends, relatives, etc. that would be in the class or merely want to see if the teachers they had while in school were still there and if so, had they changed. Gadsden population around that time was appx. 38,000. A large city for country folk, and a small town by today's standards.

She never accuses him of rape, only that she THOUGHT he was going to rape her.
She never accuses him of pushing her out of the car, only that the door was open and she was on the ground as he squealed his tires leaving.It is possible he started to accelerate as she was exiting and she fell. Still, dangerous and shows total disregard for her welfare leaving her alone to walk home by herself on a cold January evening.

Btw, the restaurant ad stated they were open until 11p.m. back then.Maye she only worked until 10pm as she was still in school.I thought it strange he'd exit the restaurant at the same time she would since many are required to stay and clean up.
Her quitting work the next day may have been noted by some locals that saw her leave after/same time as she did. Perhaps it is for this reason the police watched him closely at the mall.

She doesn't remember the make/model of car so ruling out a sports car would be first. Seems most creeps like that want a flashy car like a corvette or something.

I'd suspect Mr. Moore knew she had a boyfriend and knew exactly what he drove. I'd wonder what he could see coming down the road from behind the restaurant and/or what he could hear.Redneck boys like loud cars, i.e. glasspacks.

Anonymous said...

Does the law of econnomy suggest that she should have downgraded Mr Moore (to him/he/his) once the assault began?

Peter Hyatt said...

Anonymous said...
Does the law of econnomy suggest that she should have downgraded Mr Moore (to him/he/his) once the assault began?

Astute question.

Short answer: yes

Long answer: ...well...this is contaminated and Gloria Allred's influence is everywhere. Although it is time consuming, anyone with time, please read the statements of other Allred victims.

It is tricky to get the truth OUT Of a statement this contaminated, and in doing so, I risk my reputation in public.

If I was not familiar with Sex abuse victims and Gloria Allred's language, I would have passed.


Peter Hyatt said...

Other anonymous:

The need to portray "happenstance" is most always an indicator of planning.

I had this statement:

"I noticed I received a sexy catalog in the mail..."

She did not say, "I received a sexy catalog in the mail..."

She "noticed" it, instead.

The subject "noticed" it because she was looking for it because she had ordered it.

I do expect some nasty, "you're victim blaming here!" comments from advocates.

I respect those who seek to help victims, but many "professional advocates" (paid) are moral narcissists and agenda driven. It gets in the way of truth.

Truth is what it is. This case would not hold up in court. The girl did not want to participate in oral sex and I believe money is the motive.

Yet, look at Kristina Cohen's rape statement. This is what veracity looks like. LAPD is investigating. I hope she gets justice.

Then, look at the copy cat who posed for lots of pictures "celebrating" her "rape" with Dailymail.com.

Its an insult to victims.

Some advocates that are deceptive will claim not believing any woman is a crime.



Peter Hyatt said...


great point: it could be.

This was a consensual encounter that had some change in its element. This is why it is so padded with defensive posture of her age versus his age.

Even if it was 100% consensual until the last moment, as a father, I would like to. %*^&(IO

Peter Hyatt said...

The public's reaction to Roy Moore is very different than what we saw the feminist reaction to Bill Clinton's rape victims.

It is fascinating to see the extreme reaction to Donald Trump's inappropriate joke, by moral narcissists who covered up for Weinstein, as well as Clinton and others.

A bad joke is worse than rape to feminists, if the jokester is conservative.

Moral narcissism destroys critical thinking. I sometimes wonder if posters that engage in this even recognize how they sound in their superiority.

Voters in Alabama will make their own minds us and likely need to choose between the lesser of two evils.

rob said...

Ha, Peter, I read to see the same thing.
I noticed the comment section of most of his posts are woman posters, so I guess he's a hot item
His mentor Perry Noble recently filed for a non-profit authorization to start another church in SC(he hasn't yet) and last week made a statement to the media that he and his wife are divorcing. We're betting his new church will be catering to gays/alternative lifestyle people.
If you are open about who you are, I have no problem with you, but if you have to go around the block to get where you're going, then I do.

Anonymous said...

She still lives in the same home state as Roy Moore and his supporters. She may be pulling some punches fearing an onslaught of criticism. She continues to address him as Mr. Moore as he is a well-known political figure. I'm guessing she'd do the same even if he was not out of cultural standards.

If she has grandchildren, or knows of anyone whose girl has been assaulted (and I'd bet she knows alot)could be a reason to come forward at this time as Alabama may be hiding an ugly secret and hiding behind the Bible to keep others from getting help.

She grew up in California until her teens. It may have been a rude awakening to see how the Bible belt lives.She was still a newcomer in high school and didn't have the home court advantage. She competed in beauty pageants with the local girls.

I doubt she had a father in the household as she describes the boyfriend's violent tendencies.And, I doubt telling her mother would have done any good either as this man was the D.A.

Also,she never states what he did night after night while he sat in the restaurant. He must have come in late if he's leaving at 10pm. Did he meet other men and sit around and gossip like many small town men do? Did he meet police officers that he knew from the court house? (Another intimidating factor)Did he bring grown women in for a dinner date?

The counter she describes, what was it? A bar area? A serving area? Did he sit there?

rob said...

Anonymous said in part:"Also,she never states what he did night after night while he sat in the restaurant. He must have come in late if he's leaving at 10pm"

I would assume he's a young guy with a good job and no wife, so after he finishes a long day at work, he generally stops at the same place for dinner most nights.
I would also think he a nice looking, young man, who maybe was the 'big man on campus' in high school or college, and is used to having attention from the girls and never got over that, at least not at this point, and instead of moving up to his age group, he's still sees the teens as his peer group. Now it's coming back to bite him in the butt.

Hey Jude said...

Fascinating, and so much - I did not get that she was consenting to begin. I haven't seen the video, or read all the comments - I commented on the statement as posted by JuneBug without realising it was contaminated. It's very interesting to read how so.

Skirts.n.Daggers said...

I have education/experience in handwriting analysis.
The note was written by two different people and no evidence of when or if it is HER book.
The "7"s are very very different and the date and hickory house are written by a diff person, more than likely female.

it has now come out that this 'accuser' has lied. lied big time. she claims she had no contact w/ moore after the 1977 incident. however, it has come out now that he handled her divorce case which he dismissed.

her interview was as fake as bruce jenner claiming he is a woman.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Peter. I appreciate you providing analysis on current events in the news.

Anonymous said...

Peter. Just outstanding analysis. Very impressive and illuminating. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

If your analysis is correct, Peter, it sounds like the only thing Moore is guilty of is being a little creepy. A 16 year age gap may seem like a lot, but 16 is the age of consent. She probably willingly went parking with Moore behind her boyfriend's back, he wanted more than she was prepared to give, he was annoyed, she was humiliated.

Other than the unverifiable claim of bruising, even her own account doesn't really rise to the level of assault. It's more like he made an aggressive pass. If there was mutual plan to "spend time" together in the car, some consensual physical activity, etc., it's actually not criminal to "put hands on breasts" or even to push someone's head toward your lap. Even if true, Moore reaching over to lock the door doesn't rise to the level of actively restraining her or preventing her from leaving the car. She never says she tried to get out. In fact, she suggests that she might have been pushed out for not putting out. Humiliating, sure. Poor hookup etiquette, sure. But not criminal. I suspect the locked door detail was added to suggest restraint when in fact none occurred.

Also very telling: her long, prepared, rehearsed statement is totally silent on the subject of kissing. Did she kiss him? If she can't say she didn't, we can't say it for her. Based on the cultural mores of the time and Roy Moore's own M.O. according to his other accusers, he would have tried to kiss her. Did he? What happened? Her silence on this point is deafening and damning.

Also, the restaurant parking lot is a weird choice for location. Why not drive a mile down the road first. To me, the choice of location supports your theory that they planned to spend time together before the boyfriend was due to arrive.

One researcher found that the restaurant was open until 11 pm each night back then. It seems possible that her boyfriend was scheduled to pick her up at 11 and she and Roy both "happened" to go outside at 10 pm. Indeed, when she left Roy's car, her boyfriend materialized quickly. How much time had passed? The statement is silent on this matter too. If only 2 minutes, this was more of a pass than an assault. If an hour, there was a lot of consensual hanging out in that car.

I also totally agree that being parked (then left) next to the dumpster is a huge source of humiliation and emotional pain for her. In a true assault, the dumpster would be the least of her worries. But for a girl with a crush, feeling very special about the attention from a dashing older man, the dumpster symbolized the fact that he didn't respect her as much as she wanted him to. In a true assualt, the victim is so outraged by the assault that they aren't hung up on whether or not the assailant's parking spot was respectful enough!

In the current hysterical climate of sexual assualt witchhunts, many activists claim that any female emotional discomfort is evidence of assault. That's not legally true, however.

We are meant to be outraged by Beverly's story, but on closer examination it's the oldest story in the world. A starry-eyed romantic gal is devastated to discover that her Prince Charming may be more interested in her body than her mind. Did that hurt her feelings? Sure. Does that make it assault? No.

It almost doesn't matter whether Beverly was up for some light (but not heavy) petting or whether she thought Roy would have offered a ride home to the pimply busboy as quickly as to the beautiful redhead with hair down to her waist. Beverly's shock that Roy was interested in heavy petting doesn't make it assault.

Bette Sweet said...

Normally after an "accuser" and an "accusee" such as this...I'd have most almost always went with the "accuser," under these circumstances..(from my own past history)..however in this case, it's really hard for me to get past the bad dramatic acting of the 'red head'.. without even hearing the words of either party, I feel the "acadamy award" would be withheld, nomination withdrawn, because of lack of believable demeanor of the accuser...Hence this time the Judge would win, regardless of his poor choice. Further, IF I were a victim, that felt it important enough to turn on the mixer this late in the cake bake, I would probably have chosen more of a believable coach/attorney, if this were the end result.

Anonymous said...

@7:24, I beg to differ. Any guy who is pushing someones head towards his crotch is assaulting. That means the action is not voluntary. If any guy did that to me I would bite his hand. Hard. Thats bullshit for a guy to push someones head into his crotch!

Bobcat said...

Thank you for this excellent blog. There is a lot to learn here. The context of 'he said, she said' and 'he went for more, she refused', all within a contaminated statement... Wow.

In a Tom-Cruise-jumping-on-Oprah's-couch worthy moment, Davey Blackburn has posted a 4,000 word blog announcing his engagement.

June Bug said...

Mr. Moore happened to notice it and asked if he could write in your yearbook.

Shouldn't it read "my" yearbook since it's a paraphrase and not a quote?

Anonymous said...

Honestly, it grosses me out how in the news everyday now, there is a laundry list of who molested who and going back 40-50 yrs...I mean it is just so disgusting. To hear about it every day.

Anonymous said...

It ain't over til the fat ladies sing....and they are harmonizing today!

Two gals worked at the mall and would hide from him. One of them had him call at school and she had to take the call in the office and he asked her out.
Another used him as an attorney to give custody to her mother and while in the office he grabbed her azz (groping). He was married at that time.

Sooo, the attack at the Hickor took place between 10 and 11 on the 22nd?

It doesn't smell like smoke...the place's on fire!

Anonymous said...

Something that struck me was her reference to him pulling her long hair when she walked by. Didn't waitresses have to pin their hair up and/or wear a hairnet back then? This incident sounds like really happened outside her workplace.

Anonymous said...

Junebug, you are right and nailed it on the head...thus the artistic Xmas wishes.

As I recall, yearbooks came out in the spring as many events that occurred during the year would be recorded and added-like Homecoming, ball games, etc.

They don't need a writing expert. All they need to do is look at the events and when they transpired.

Perhaps she is lying. He has made many people's lives a pure he!! with his ways.

We'll soon learn why he dismissed her divorce. Got a feeling she was pushed out of a car at some point in her life and maybe it wasn't actually Moore that did it. She did say her boyfriend had a violent temper.

Anonymous said...


The grabbing the hair thing is believable. One place I waitressed at, I just wore my hair pushed back off my face with a headband. One of the Brazilian cooks who had the hots for me would sometimes stop and run his hand through my hair when he was walking by me and act like my hair was the most sensual thing in the world. It was weird, but didn't really bother me...I didn't find it to be offensive. Another place I waitressed at though, they imported this crazyass Greek guy and he was so friggin dumb and he would grope my boobs constantly, even going so far as to trap me in the freezer and grope my boobs. It sucked, and I even quit because of it, but I wasn't really traumatized because I thought of him as being like an animal like he kind of looked like
Bigfoot, almost like if a dog was bothering you you wouldn't really take it personally, But, then again, I find I am highly resilient with certain things. Or at least I used to be.
Oh, but actually the CREEPIEST customer I ever had was a high profile lawyer (VERY wealthy) and he was old like 60 yrs old. He would come into this Italian place I worked at and he would leave you a $40 tip for a $6 tab. He would also come in at night and pay the bartender (female) $30 for each time she walked back and forth behind the bar. The other female waitresses liked when he came in because I kid you not he would leave gigantic tips and pay someone hundreds of dollars to walk back and forth behind the bar. He never touched anyone. But I hated him, I got the worst vibe. I was the only one who disliked him and who didn't regard him as an amusingly harmless old guy. He made me VERY uncomfortable for reasons I don't understand. One time he came in during the day, ordered a sandwich and beer, and he would just STARE at you. Well, that day, something weird happened. There were no other customers, and he came in, ordered a sandwhich and beer, I brought them to him, and then I had to refill some cakes in the glass fridge that was in the main eating area close to where he was. We were required to wear short skirts and I was simply squatting down to put the cakes on the lower shelves, and when I turned around, the pervy rich guy was GONE. There was a $30 tips on the table and his food was not eaten or beer drank. Later that day, when my friend came in to work for the night shift, I told her that the pervy rich guy had come in bc we would always talk about what he would do when he came in and how huge of a tip he would leave. So, I told her what happened, how he left abruptly. And she started laughing and said why he left...that he got turned on and he hates that because what he would do is some weird control thing. I was like "what are you talking about?" And she said that when he pays people to walk back and forth behind the bar, he does not like to get turned on, he just likes to watch without getting turned on?! My point being, as a waitress I have met many nutcases and different types of pervs, but that guy freaked me out the most and made me feel the most uncomfortable, more uncomfortable than even the gropers or hair grabbers. To this day, I don't know why. His voyeurism was very disturbing for reasons I cant pinpoint.

June Bug said...

I was thinking "your" was evidence of a second author or of someone editing poorly, to whom Nelson's "my" was a "your". Or in her initial statement, she had quoted Moore "Can I sign your yearbook?" and the translation by lawyers didn't quite make it to paraphrase the way it should have been.

Sometimes yearbooks don't make it out until early the following year. She claims she went to Southside "my freshman and sophomore years" which implies she went to a different high school junior year. That might have delayed her getting her yearbook.

June Bug said...

Yes, near the beginning she claim she was going to Gadsden High School, but at the point she's talking about yearbook, she says she went to Southside "freshman and sophomore years."

Peter Hyatt said...

The poster who said bruises may be "hickies" may be correct.

We look for the language of force in assaults and it's not here.


Hey Jude said...

I missed that the description of the neck bruises was passive, so they were maybe not caused by the DA - I think that is because she had my sympathy by then. I also didn't get that there was likely an arrangement to spend some time in his car before the boyfriend arrived - or that she was insulted by him leaving and because she was left near the dumpster.

I think if I had watched the video before reading the statement that I would have been less inclined to believe everything she ssid - or seemed to say, as she was, to my mind somewhat theatrical, and given the passage of time, I would not expect her to be emotional and still impacted by what happened - it was an encounter which she wanted, but which turned out badly - he was a brute who tried to take advantage of her, but thankfully, she wasn't raped. My sympathy is more with the teenager than with the adult, forty years on - I think sympathy or lack of, should not be a factor, and one should strive to be neutral.

The analysis showed me I was too willing to believe all of what she said and implied. She didn't say he caused the neck bruises, yet I interpreted it that way. Other times I spot passive language.

There is such a lot in the analysis that I didn't see - majorly that the statement was contaminated because of the influence of the attorney.

I looked her up and see that she is famous - I should have remembered her from the OJ trail.

Anonymous said...

Let me offer insight on the "forged" yearbook:
Perhaps the first part was signed by Moore and the D.A./ Olde Hickory House was added later. If is possible that a jealous boyfriend or curious parent who seeks information on other potential boyfriends would quiz her about who Royboy is/was.

The D.A. looks darker and the Olde Hickory House is most likely her print.

Anonymous said...

"as he had a violent temper" could be a reason to look for someone else's attention, perhaps someone more mature. She does not sound committed to a monogamous relationship.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the video her stepson made calling her a liar? He, a convicted felon in his teen years, claims there never was an Olde Hickory House and he's lived in that county about 40 years. It is strange that not even Moore remembers it, but years later someone uses the name. I'd speculate it had a bad location but was a good restaurant.

Of course he wouldn't remember it as he'd be young if even born yet. Yet, he pledges his undying devotion to Judge Moore, much like the black woman that kicked her child out on the street for voting in a mock school election for the candidate not of her choosing.

I believe there's a lot more truth in her accusation than what we've been shown.

Peter, does peer pressure affect language?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Reading through the comments here from Peter and some other posters as well-so many good points I would not have caught or thought of (like the language of force and the positional description of the bruising). This is why Statement Analysis is so fascinating. Thanks for the excellent analysis breakdown, Peter!

P.S.- Thinking about some things I've learned here, reading a local news report with statements re: a father murdering his 6yr old son, noticing how much "I" dominates his language when his language should reflect his son's name and how much "he" meant to said father. NTP in light of several CPS investigations, followed by beating the child to death. Thank God for intelligent, skilled officers and a intelligent, listening Judge. Just wish someone had listened sooner when the 6yr old often cried when it was time to go home.

June Bug said...

My thought is that she was smitten with him and "commemorated" it with where and when it happened, which she could have done in between the signing and the incident.

CptKD said...

I'm with you on this one!
I'd be reacting with 'Force', too! Fierce Force, at THAT!
(If NOT in Uniform, that is!)

Pushing someone's head into one's crotch - IS an aggressive way/manner of forcing another to perform, or do something they are NOT consenting to.
WORSE still, they are forcing the other into a 'sexual' act, or performance AGAINST their will.
There ARE Laws against THIS!

Beyond that - I find it absolutely disgusting & Disrespectful!
Speaking volumes about SUCH & describing MUCH more, about & towards the 'Character' of one who chooses to comport themselves, and/or behave in such a manner.

THAT said - I AM equally DISGUSTED in nonsensical nonsense! Finding 'False' Allegations as repugnant as that of one who chooses to ABUSE another!

The DESTRUCTION both bring - To the MANY involved & Surrounding Family & Friends. Goes well BEYOND, being that of a mere irritant!

Trigger said...

I am in agreement that a sixteen year-old school girl would feel flattered by the attention from a man that she perceived as powerful important, or high profile, coupled with the fact that she trusted him because he was a regular customer and had status in the community.

If it was cold outside she could have re-entered the restaurant to wait for her boyfriend to show up. Like most teens, she most likely got into the car because she thought that it was a good idea at the time.

I am surprised that she didn't tell her boyfriend about the incident. Did she have guilt for her reckless behavior? Maybe she feared that the boyfriend would scold her and humiliate her further?

It is hard for me to believe that her story is true as she relates it. If Mr. Moore did write in her yearbook, she would have brought it work with her and offered to let him write in it.

I agree that humiliation was a factor in her desire to come forward. Her timing is open to examination and questioning.

Anonymous said...

When I was 15, a trusted family acquaintance came on to me. There was NOTHING flattering about it. It was terrifying.

To equate Doug Jones, who prosecuted KKK members, to an "evil" is a symptom of how our society has become so bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone considered how Beverly "happened" to get to work? did she ride a school bus and was dropped off there after school and her boyfriend or relative would pick her up at night?

Is it possible she came to work with school books in hand? did homework when it was slow? Browsed her new yearbook in between customers?

When she went to get into the passenger side, did he open the door for her? Or, since she was a working "woman" she did that herself...this was the '70s after all. Mr. Moore was still longing for the '60s when he was in high school. And, it sounds like he still is.

Did he look for other girls in the yearbook that he chased at the mall when he wasn't pestering Beverly at work?

Nadine Lumley said...

This is the first thing I thought.... Hicks go hand in hand with backseat action. She had long red hair so bruising st the back of her neck wud not need to be covered up for casual going about yr business.

If her boyfriend saw any hickies, he would have had a huge fit.

Quitting her job next day ties in with being humiliated and not wanting to see 32 yo any more.

Btw he's such a gross disgusting creep to do that to her.


Nadine Lumley said...

Uggg minimizer. I hope some big man gropes yr man boobs or squeezes yr neck without consent and see how non criminal that feels to you. Piggę