Monday, December 18, 2017

Complete Statement Analysis Course

                   There is no substitute for excellence. 

Our analysts do not have a 73% accuracy rate of detecting deception.  They run at or near 100%.  When they submit a report or finding to a superior, it is with peer review. 

                   Complete Statement Analysis Training 

Certificate of Completion 

If you enroll in our Complete Statement Analysis Course, you receive 12 months of e support in which you will submit homework and test results.  

The submissions are lengthy.  One question, for example, should result in a full page response. 


Because you are to answer each question as if you are writing to an untrained person and explaining your answer, including citing examples to buttress your response. This will train you in many ways, including:

*being able to be interviewed and answering questions in a way that the untrained general listening audience will understand;

*submission of written reports to District Attorneys for prosecution 

*written reports for employers, supervisors and others

*journalism, blog entries, and other written correspondence 

*strengthening of your own understanding of the psychology of the principles.  

The ability to explain your findings to the untrained mind is invaluable. 

With 12 months of e support, you will not submit errant reports nor come to errant conclusions. 

Your work is checked, proofed, strengthened, corrected and you will see the wide gap between amateur interest  and professional training, especially in exceptional or complex cases. 

You not only improve discernment, but gain traction for your career. You must commit to the work and you must commit to excellence.  The course will challenge you and should you embrace the challenge, the corrections, and the ability to move deeper, you will succeed. We outperform the polygraph because we not only discern truth from deception, but give Content Analysis:  What happened.  

The Certificate of Completion is awarded within 12 months when the course is successfully completed with a strong understanding of both psychology and application exhibited. 

Also by enrolling in the Complete Statement Analysis Course, you are eligible for professional entrance into our live, ongoing training sessions.  These are by selection and invite only, and are accredited for professional licenses with the University of Maine (CEUs) for mandated bi-annual training, and for the professional status as Statement Analyst I.  

Upon reaching this level, the analyst is not only running at 100% accuracy in detecting deception, he or she will see career value and opportunities, including the wide open field of Employment Analysis.  Achieving Statement Analyst I requires a minimum of 60 hours additional live training and the approval from 3 professional and active analysts.  Those certified are actively engaging in professional analysis, with one particular need being acute: 

In 2001, the US Dept of Justice estimated that 40% of those who stole from their employers planned this before being hired.  This statistic does not include exploitation via fraudulent claims. 

We teach certified analysts how to analyze job applications before the interview process, showing potential employers those who are deceptive and those who intend on defrauding their company.  This form of legal exploitation has become very popular worldwide as politicians have convinced people that they are "victims" and successful businesses are the "offenders."  Next, politicians limited what questions Human Resource professionals and interviewers may ask. 

Our analysts do not need to ask, "Do you intend to file a fake claim of harassment?  Do you like to  use cocaine at lunch?  Are you a thief? Did you come here with an ulterior motive?"

Statement Analysis, with careful application in the context of employment, gives critical insight into motive, personality traits and concealed history of the applicant.  

Tuition is going to increase on January 1, 2018.  

The list of professions enrolled in training is lengthy.  Wherever communication exists, analysis and discernment needed, formal training brings results. The obvious law enforcement benefit is seen in that no investigator ever submits a report without having his or her work checked.  This not only ensures justice, but protects the reputation of the investigator/analyst.  When one is promoted, all rejoice in the success. The guilty are caught and the innocent cleared, with accuracy and time savings. 

With enrollment, you are given 12 months of assistance.  This can be anything from quiet assurance (the work is coming along fine) to corrections, to final support.  New friendships and supports are established as professionals love to share information and learn. 

You do this work entirely in your own home, at your own pace.  We urge new enrollees to go slowly, with lots of repetition and practice.   You receive the lectures on disc (MP3), and a physical workbook, along with the e -version which makes submission easy.  

Law Enforcement officials generally receive tuition reimbursement.  Several small departments declined payment only to see the officer's successes and reimburse them for tuition.  A tuition payment plan for law enforcement is available. 

Some companies are also sponsoring analysts, and for those who hold professional licenses in the U.S. and require Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) may enroll in full year subscriptions for additional training.  Our analysts include some of our nation's best. Internationally, we have analysts in Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland, England, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, South Africa, Australia, and Russia. The training is in English and the advantages of multi linguistic analysts is powerful as the professionals at Diligence have proven consistently.  

To see what Statement Analysis sounds like to a general audience, see the sample interviews:  Madeleine McCann and Katelyn Markham below.  

For more information and to sign up go to:  Hyatt Analysis Services. 

To enroll, send email to

You will then receive an invoice and upon receipt, the course is mailed to you.  While you wait, the e version is immediately transferred to you via, which has worked seamlessly for us. 

The course material contains the same principles taught in law enforcement seminars, HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area), presented at the FBI National Academy,  and taught in private, advanced seminars for intelligence, and other professionals. 

Hyatt Analysis Services also offers advanced private seminars which includes:

Risk Analysis 
Anonymous Threatening Letter Author Identification 
Pyscho-linguistic profiling 

Sex Crimes Unit:  Specialized study into the language of victims. This is for Sex Crimes Units who have been trained in Statement Analysis and is critical in discerning truthful allegations, particularly from victims with developmental disabilities, PTSD, or Disassociate Identity Disorder like symptoms. Sex Crimes Units have some of the most dedicated professionals who have a drive and passion to obtain justice for victims.  They often have even greater stress related impact upon their health, as they deal with deep suffering as well as the other law enforcement stress regularly found. 

For supervisors of Sex Crimes Units, please contact Peter Hyatt  personally regarding this training.  

The training for Human Resources, Social Services (child protective workers, social workers, etc), is task specific. 

We offer subcontracting to businesses in pre screening.   Where we are unable to commit to a company, we have a list of professionals we can refer to in order to meet the demand.   Employment Analysis pays for itself as the savings is seen in reduced unemployment, but more importantly:  in saving the company from incessant payouts and fraudulent claims.  

Even religious and volunteer organizations  are benefited.  Pedophiles, for example, who apply for work in private schools, boy scouts, mission fields or churches, are caught by their own words.  The saving of heartache is inestimable. 

In 2018, look for our upcoming new YouTube channel on Detecting Deception in Criminal Cases video shorts.

Also in 2018, we hope for completion of  new courses including:

Employment Analysis
Hiring for Law Enforcement 
Advanced Profiling 
Ransom Analysis 
as well as further study into identifying the author of anonymous notes, emails, letters, etc. 

The disappearance of Katelyn Markham: 

The disappearance of Madeleine McCann:  


Anonymous said...


Minneapolis is eliminating the psych tests for cops. It appears blacks and Muslims weren't passing them in high enough rates.

So, the FIRST line of defense against bad cops is being eliminated there. That should work out well for them./sarc

Anonymous said...

They already require cops to score under I think it is 120 on an IQ test bc they feel that higher IQs will not stick with the job bc of the mundane paperwork. I
have a friend who very much wanted to be a cop but he was turned down after scoring too high on their IQ test. I think he scored 130 (it was high but nit genius level). I believe this is a HUGE factor in why so many cases go unsolved.

Anonymous said...

I went to school with that guy & he was bright & in all honors, respectful, responsible.

One guy from my grade who did become a cop from my grade was in level C classes (the hierarchy was Honors, Level A, B, C, D). His writing skills junior yr in high school were on a middle school level bc I was editor of the high school literary mag & he actually submitted pieces that were by far the worst things ever submitted. He was also a notorious and vicious bully who would bully people till they cried (that includes other guys). He would pick easy targets with low self-esteem who had already been bullied by others.

Anonymous said...

I also know one good guy from my grade who became a cop.
But there are clearly very comcerning elements in the hiring process.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

On his instagram, the pic of her bridal dress shopping, she has fear in her eyes. Davey writes beneath it , "Im in love!" Hasnt Peter discussed public declarations of love before?

Anonymous said...

Peter you are very well-spoken in the interview above. Peter is a superb SA teacher.

Tania Cadogan said...

Dang davey was real quick off the mark, I wonder why?
Is she pregnant perhaps and thus requiring a fast marriage before the bump shows especially since he is a pastor and must be seen to be a good boy.

Any bets on how long they stay together before the rumors start up?

Angrew Vidad said...

"They already require cops to score under I think it is 120 on an IQ test bc they feel that higher IQs will not stick with the job bc of the mundane paperwork. I
have a friend who very much wanted to be a cop but he was turned down after scoring too high on their IQ test.

This is an outright, bald-faced lie. I've been a cop for over 20 years, and I have never heard of one department anywhere that even gives IQ tests, let alone with this supposed asinine "requirement". There is one story from CT of one incident in which a man sued because he wasn't hired for ONE particular department because, supposedly, he scored too high, but it wasn't an IQ test and it was ONE department. One story from almost two decades ago doesn't translate into a standard for every agency in the United States, that's just dopey dumb-dumb thinking.

Anonymous said...

Minneapolis is a FAILED STATE? (CITY)

Anonymous said...

Bonus question.To whom is Blackburn related?

Anonymous said...

Really Angrew? Google "Court OKs barring High IQ from becoming cops" from 2000 (I cant get it to cut and paste).
Article also says most cops score around 107 (average). Unfortunately, you would br surprised that scoring 107 on an IQ test is average but it also means the person aint very smart. The guy I know who was rejected for a 130 IQ is honest & he actually announced it on FB. What I find most concerning is that intelligence tends to be linked with a keener sense of justice & ccompassion (this is not always the case).
Plus, yes I do believe more crimes could be solved if you have higher IQs...however some cops are great at solving crimes, but some are not.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if one of the guys who escaped Jeffrey Dahmer would be alive todayif he hadnt run into a not very smart cop after he escaped Dahmer & the cop RETURNED HIM TO DAHMER bc he believed Dahmers lie that the guy was his lover & they were just in an argument. Sorry but that cop was obviously stupid & its actually quite frightening if cops just blindly believe perp's lies. Is it too hard for them to realize "perps are going to lie"?!?!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:50

A bit of wordplay:

I wonder if Amanda who escaped Davey Blackburn would be alive todayif she hadnt run into some not very smart people after she escaped Davey & the people RETURNED HER TO DAVEY bc they believed Daveys lie that Amanda was his lover & they were just in an argument. Sorry but those people were obviously stupid & its actually quite frightening if people just blindly believe perp's lies. Is it too hard for them to realize "perps are going to lie"?!?!

Anonymous said...

Bonus question 2.
why was the Amanda case expedited and by whom?

Anonymous said...

Davey is the top story at Daily Mail.

I am scared for the woman's daughter.
And why is this woman so dumb to marry Davey unless they were having an affair while he was still married. There seem to be linguistic indicators of that being the case ie. He keep staring at her from afar for monoths--yeah cause he was probably already with her but hec the couldnt be seen talking in public bc Davey vowed to grieve for a year.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:05, True. And they also moved her journal.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A Davey fixation and conspiracy theory all rolled into one big package!

Maybe the cop that arrested her murderer was the commenter above and only took in the black people shown on the video and whose finger prints matched those at the crime scene and those on the smoking gun, eh?

Musta just been dopey dumb-dumb cops.

(You know I'm a pickin' on you, right?)

Anonymous said...

You mean the gun tossed in the yard that was never tested?

Anonymous said...

You mean no finger prints until the spit match on the sweater from the guy who has taken a plea deal?

Anonymous said...

You mean the sweater stolen from someone else's house (not the Blackburn's)?

Anonymous said...

Off Topic: What does it mean linguistically, according to SA, when someone writes "I am so sorry for all of this"? yet they havent done anything wrong? Is that just an expression of kindness or concern?

Anonymous said...

I didn't send it to anyone.


Learner said...

ot- Could this quote from on 12/11/2017 Sarah Huckabee Sanders an admission of President Donald Trump's sexual misconduct '..this took place long before he was president'?
around minute 4:45

Tania Cadogan said...

post the entirety so we can see please

Hey Jude said...

The Irish often say to the bereaved, 'I'm sorry for your trouble'.

Often, and more generally, people say, 'I'm so sorry', to the bereaved, out of sorrow, sympathy, and helplessness.

Other circumstances, too - a person can say sorry without meaning they are taking responsibility, or apologising.

I think If you can't share the context you probably won't find an answer.

Habundia said...

I was thinking the same........lacking context makes analyzing such a 'simple' statement not done i think.
Nobody says out of the blue, without anything said before.....'I am so sorry for all of this'.....there has to be something happend for someone to use these words (at least i would think)
How would you know that someone didn't do anything wrong? Just because you haven't seen them doing anything wrong, doesn't mean they haven't done anything wrong. The writer of these words to me has something his/hers own mind thinking he/she did something wrong.
Nobody does 'nothing wrong'........we all are human and so 'doing things wrong' will be part of everyone's person is free from that 'burden'
Still there need to be context of these words to proper analize them.

When people say 'I am so sory for all of this' to me it seem like they tell you they are sorry for things they did and which they consider 'to be wrong' and 'to be sorry for', or they say it when they just heared a sad story about something bad that is happening in someone elses life, then they are not sorry for something they did wrong themselves but are sorry for what is happening for someone else and for the 'wrong' that is happening for someone else.