Saturday, December 2, 2017

Mariah Woods: Arrest

*police announce that the boyfriend has been arrested for obstruction and concealing a body though no body is yet found.  It is now recovery effort. 

— The Onslow County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI made an arrest late Friday in connection to the disappearance of Mariah Kay Woods, 3, missing since Monday. They charged 32-year-old Earl Kimrey with concealing a death, among other charges, although Mariah has not been found.

Kimrey, who was in the Onslow County Detention Center on a $1 million bond, faces charges of concealing a death, obstruction of justice, second-degree burglary, larceny and possession of stolen property. Family members said Kimrey lived in the home with Mariah and her mother; photos on Facebook show the pair together with Mariah.

State records show Kimrey had previously been charged with a series of small crimes dating back to 2005. Kimrey's previous charges include larceny, assault and drunk and disorderly conduct, according to the state's online records.
In a statement issued just before 2:30 a.m. on Saturday, the sheriff's office said that information gathered in the search for Mariah led authorities to believe she is dead, although no body has been recovered.

"At this time, the location of Mariah is unknown. The searches will now shift to a recovery process," the statement said.
Mariah's mother told the Onslow County Sheriff's Office that she last saw her daughter at their family home, at 2404 Dawson Cabin Road in Jacksonville, on Sunday night when she put her to bed.

She called the sheriff's office around 6 a.m. Monday to report her missing, and an Amber Alert was issued that day.

Since then, professional investigators and volunteers have fanned out across the woods near her home, neighbors have been asked to search their property and a dive team has searched a portion of Southwest Creek under U.S. Highway 17.
On Thursday, the FBI said "items of interest" were taken to Marine Corps Base Quantico, outside Washington, D.C., for testing.

In an update to the media Friday afternoon, Sheriff Hans Miller said that he had a "long conversation" with one of Mariah's family members, and added that "they are cooperating."
Mariah's parents are divorced, and her father, Alex Woods, said that while his daughter is living with her mother, his week had been "like hell, like a nightmare."


Nic said...

I'm bumping this from the other thread:

Interviewer: What would it mean to you to see her face again?

Everything in the world - just to be able to touchher, and hold her, and not let her go again - I’d give anything.

When was the last time somebody saw her daughter but didn't "touch" her?

justto be able to (impedance)
not let her go again

Mariah did spend a month with her bio dad and fiancee while bio mom and boyfriend were investigated by CPS. That is more in line of "staying with" her dad. It was a temporary arrangement while the investigation was going on. She didn't let her go, it was a matter of the authorities "temporarily" removing Mariah and the boys from the custodial home.

On another note, I read bio dad and fiancee have been cleared.

Nic said...

KW: She’s like a angel - I had my tubes tied and burnt - on each side, I found out I was pregnant with her - so we call her our little angel

This strikes me as victim blaming on account of she does not call Mariah her daughter, only angel. Angel is associated with the word "like", so to her Mariah is not an angel, she is "like" an angel, and "unplanned pregnancy". Typically there is a lot of negativity associated with an unplanned pregnancy.

"so" (sensitive) we call her our little angel

Also, she combines angel (heaven) and burnt (hell) together.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

When Mariah's body is found, we may see more charges and perhaps the mother arrest.

Her language is the language of abuse, but it is very difficult to conclude that the extreme distance and after life reference suggest anything but knowledge that the child was not going to be found alive.


Nic said...

I interpret "angel" (when she was alive,) to mean someone who wasn't suppose to be there. An apparition. And the blame put on the doctor/procedure. But that Mariah was the one who suffered the mom's resentment (unplanned pregnancy = negative association).

I will be surprised if the mother is not arrested as well. Hey Jude hit the nail on the head with their analysis of the word "bond".

Anonymous said...

Maybe they found his fingerprints on an abandoned house they searched nearby. If they charged him with second degree burglary and possession of stolen property, maybe he went in to steal plumbing, ac units or parts, and/or molest the child there.Unless he broke into one of the neighbor's vehicles, which may explain why none are seen in photographs.

It would be easy to eliminate an intruder if there were no fingerprints on the backdoor other than theirs though it was unlocked.

If the other children didn't hear or witness anything in the trailer, it most likely happened elsewhere.

Nic said...

I'm reading the comment sections of the news reporting. One commenter said that bio mom's Thanksgiving picture was minus Mariah

neither he not the mother went out me,that makes the both of them look guilty.and how long has this girl actually been missing? she's not in any thanksgiving posts,and the pic that shows the "family " on thanksgiving,the comment says,almost my whole family,or something to that effect.what a beautiful child and what a terrible loss..I'm so sorry for this girl.

Mariah's birthday party was November 10th (?). American Thanksgiving was November 24th. Mom called police on November 27th.

Pak31 said...

As much as I hate judging a book by it’s cover, this whole case was pretty obvious from the get go. Single mom, live in boyfriend, trailer home, seedy and or disheveled looking family members. Not that there aren’t people out there with the same description and they are good and decent but it just fits the typical scenerio. Boyfriend was never interviewed on camera, mom wasn’t acting like a frantic worrier, distancing and past tense language. The story of how she went missing was so lame and didn’t make much sense either. What angers me the most is when single mothers don’t put their children first and if they meet a guy, make sure he’s a decent one. They just invite them to come into their home or she moves in with him for convenience. What normal mother would date let alone live with a guy with a criminal past? These women just don’t care. I also fully believe she was in on the whole thing. Like others here are saying, she either participated in or allowed her boyfriend to abuse that sweet girl. Again, CPS was there so we have lost another child in a home where people knew something wasn’t right.

Nic said...
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Statement Analysis Blog said...


these are risk factors in assessing a child's safety. In a sense, it is behavioral analysis.

Sometimes the book cover is an accurate reflection on what is inside.


Anonymous said...

My speculations that mom did it and boyfriend hid the body.

Lemon said...
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habundia said...

If Mariah (usually) wore braces, and would have difficulty to walk, would she then be able to come out of bed alone? And go back to bed again alone (when told)?

Anonymous said...

According to warrants, Kimrey is accused of breaking into a nearby abandoned home sometime after 11 p.m. On Nov. 26 taking out two dressers belonging to the property owner. The home in which Kimrey is accused of breaking into and removing items is an abandoned single family home with dense thickets of vegetation growing on all sides of its structure.

The front and back doors to the home were wide open Saturday morning and scene looking inside, seen from outside, appeared to be very disheveled with SOILED GARMENTS [emphasis added] strewn about the floor, broken furniture, loose papers and other reading material and tubs of unrecognizable matter covering every area of the home.

JoJo said...

They have found Mariah's body :(

Anonymous said...

The boyfriend looks totally drugged out in the mugshot. Meth? Pot?

Hope he & the mother get the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

Her body was found in a creek.
I said from the mothers statement "she could be anywhere" that Mariahs body was in water (water flows).
The mother is an accomplice.

Anonymous said...

A dive team found her.

The mother knew she was in water. "She could be anywhere".

Wait a few hours...she'll be arrested next.

Anna said...

I believe you’re correct. Her language was hinky from the start.

Tania Cadogan said...

Sad to say the end was not unexpected.

When i saw the news reporting Mariah as missing and the timings and family situation, i knew she would be found dead, that the abduction was faked.

It is almost like they read a book on how to fake a stranger abduction of a child at night.

They say and act almost word for word the stage setting,the last check of the child and what was said and then the noticing the following morning that the child is missing/has been abducted.

It is almost so predictable, the 911 call, the pressers with the"panicked mom" sometimes supported by the boyfriend/step dad with appropriate grieving face, who can sometimes force themselves to say a few words.

The faked tears sometimes wiped away with a finger or corner of a tissue, in other cases concealed by huge sunglasses,a big hat and a clutch of tissues so no face can be really seen.

The public plea often barely mentioning the child's name, proclaiming themselves to be great mothers/fathers/parents and how they are suffering or what they are feeling, rather than sole concern on what the missing child could be suffering or feeling.
Sometimes even an almost complete refusal to talk to the media or make public pleas for help to find their missing child, or to call out to the child, citing and demanding privacy.

It is almost at a stage where the news breaks of a missing child or even a missing adult (usually female) and we mentally open the how to fake an abduction book to chapter 1 page 1 and tick off the boxes as the guilty persons tell their story.

What is now to be learned is when Mariah was actually killed.
Was it that night or, was it days or possibly even weeks ago?

If it was days before they made the 911 call what did they tell her siblings?
If it was days before the 911 call, what did they tell visitors such as family members?

It is worth noting how several commentators here picked up on the mom saying she did not know where she (Mariah) was whilst leaking distancing language and guilty knowledge language and them saying Mariah could/would be found in flowing water so the mother could claim with a straight face she did now know exactly where her daughter was as her body would have been moved by the water.

Hopefully not too much damage was done to Mariah's body by the creek and objects in and around said creek so that any injuries caused to Mariah prior to her death would not be masked.
The down side is that any DNA on or in the body would in all likelihood be washed away.

Hopefully the mom will also face charges given what her language has revealed, even to perhaps a motive?
Given the boyfriend's $1,010,000 bond which is a huge amount which i hope he cannot pay, it seems like there was sufficient evidence pointing to him and also sufficient evidence that pointed to the type of crime committed.
Does the high bail amount perhaps indicate sexual abuse?
Is the high bail amount normal for the murder of a child in that state?
Is the high bail amount normal for the crimes he has been charged with given his previous record?

At least now Mariah has been found and can be given the dignified burial she deserves.

Anonymous said...

So true Tania. It is like they all reas a book, even the times 11 pm, 6 am.
I absolutely believe the Mom has guilty knowledge.
In my opinion, the timeline needs to be moved back days or a week. Linguistically we do not see evidence of Mariah doing/eating/saying/crying/ anything either at 11 pm or when sge allegedly woke up at 12 am.
That was exactly the case with DeOrr.
The Mom saying "I fed her" does not involve Mariah actualky doing anything (which would indicate she was alive at that time.
Same thing w DeOrr & it was finally determined DeOrr was never even at the campsite.

Anonymous said...

According to law enforcement sources the mom's boyfriend is saying that the biological father's son killed the girl by accident and boyfriend tried to cover it up to protect child

Anonymous said...

Youre kidding me. How old is the brother? Sounds like total BS.

rob said...

How old are the other 2 children living in the home? Two boys I believe. But those wouldn't have been the bio fathers and not the moms, right?

Anonymous said...

Not a word is being said about the mother.

Anonymous said...

Brothers are ages 5 and 10.

Anonymous said...

CptKD said...

I don't know about that, Tania!
When in the exact, VERY Same Town that they found Mariah, but just the same thing HAPPENED - YET, to a 5 year old! In about as many days - Who, for all intents and purposes ... Seems HALF of the Family IS trying to KEEP, not only from the PUBLIC!
But the Press & From what I've read, from EVEN "Prosecution"!

So, I don't know what is going on, or going WRONG anymore ...

But something certainly IS ...

Anonymous said...

This investigation seems better handled than the Isabel Celis investigation where parents seemed to have gotten away with murder. I trust every detail pertaining Kristy Woods and sons are being investigated carefully and Kristy too will be charged as well. The guilt was obvious from the beginning.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Don't be certain that justice for Isabel may not ever come.

I think it will.


Anonymous said...

I pray so Peter.

Anonymous said...

The recent rumors heard on this case is that Earl Kimreys son strangled and killed Mariah. Kristy knew about it and i guess she was part of the cover up, so now we will have to wait and see as it all comes to a head. The article is EXCLUSIVE news on onslaw with a recorded telephone call.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see analysis on the 911 call that's released now

Anonymous said...