Saturday, December 2, 2017

Mariah's Mother Guilty Knowledge?

The mother's boyfriend is under arrest for concealing Mariah's body, though the body has not yet been found.  I do not have any statements from him to analyze, but the mother's statements, although disjoined by media, give us insight.  

Thanks to an investigator/analyst for these quotes: 

Excerpt #1:
"My last memory with her was feeding her and putting her to bed and telling her I love her.  She said she loves me."  

In a statement regarding personal (domestic) homicide, the statement "I love you" in various forms, may indicate the time of death.  

As the mother recalls this (she may have been asked, "What is your last memory...?") she will choose what is most important to her. When one goes to the "I love you" principle, they often have a "need to persuade" the audience of a good relationship; suggesting otherwise.  This may be the approximate time of the child's death and may have been unintended death, often associated with neglect, substance abuse, etc, such as an accident in which the parents believe that they will face charges, so they move into coverup mode. 

Excerpt #2:

"I got a lot of thoughts and questions that’s unanswered.  I mean it’s just not making sense to me about where she could be at, who she could be with."

I do not like the expression "where she is at" in any form.  It is not to say, "I don't know where she is" and it is found in statements by parents who indicate guilty knowledge of the death.  It also could be technically truthful if the body has been disposed of in water, where it will move.  

Note also that here and in other statements, there is no concern for the current welfare of the "missing child." 

Where one is "at" is often an emotional state, but we've seen this before and may indicate a desire to be "vague" technically about the exact location of the remains.  It is possible that the boyfriend did not tell her exactly, so she would not be able to tell police, but this would not alleviate the guilt of knowing that Mariah was not coming back.  

This next statement is new to me and further leads me to conclusion: 

Excerpt #3: (This is in reference to leg braces that Mariah wears)
"She’s supposed to wear them every day.  Um, We didn’t have them on her fortunately though.  She doesn’t sleep with themUmshe does have..if she would have walked anywhere, I don’t see her making it very far by herself."

She was reported to have gone missing sometime between midnight, when the boyfriend told her to go to bed (she was 3) and 6am when the mother "noticed" she was not there.  

We have already covered the word "noticed" which is an attempt to portray happenstance or chance, which suggests the very opposite.  Some use this revealing deliberation.  

Now consider the time of "disappearance" with these words "unfortunately" used here. 

We note its inclusion in the status of "missing child" and we note the time of disappearance should have been when the child was sleeping in the middle of the night.  (note the statement in the negative as elevated in importance) 

Excerpt #4:
I love her and I’ll never let her go again.  (X) Just want to hold her tight, see her smile, (X) be safe.

We have noted the word "again" used here, indicating that she "let her go" previously.  
Note the missing pronouns here, which psychologically "eject" herself from the statement.  

She spoke frequently without using the child's name.  This is not what mothers of missing children do.  This is psychological distancing from the child in the child's supposed most frightening time:  when she needs her mother. 

This is a signal, along with the lack of concern for Mariah's wellbeing of either extreme neglect, and/or knowledge that Mariah is beyond this mother's help. 

This is where we expect to hear things about Mariah, personally, including her favorite items and need for comfort. Instead, the mother said, "she goes by Mariah" as if a 3 year old child has an alias.  This is, within context, extreme distancing language. 

The extremity of distance is associated with guilt.  

The mother repeatedly spoke of the child without using her name.  The mother expressed concern, late at night, that she, herself, could not sleep, while not giving us a single word about what Mariah may have been going through.  


The mother used the word "angel" in one of her statements. 

We are careful not to interpret. We classify, for example, words normally known with the "afterlife" (Deification, etc) by a parent of missing child as possible signal of knowledge of death. It is a classification. She may mean it this way, or that way; but with classification, this is something different.  


Like, "I'm sorry", we note its inclusion, and avoid interpreting if it was a signal of politeness, guilt, etc. We note its inclusion like a dispassionate statistic.  

I believe this mother's language fits the category of knowledge of death. If media had not broken her quotes so much, it would be easier to conclude.  The inclusion of the new quote with "unfortunately" affirms the earlier analysis. 

The only tricky aspect here is that the mother's language is also consistent with abuse/neglect parents.  

A chronically abusive parent may not show concern for the child's welfare unless it is for attention. This mother's lack of concern is noted while the child was missing. 

McCanns; interestingly enough,  neglected their child, but the mother does not indicate sociopathic language. She took care of her children in spite of other issues raised in the language; they were normally fed and cared for.  

This makes her verbal lack of concern for the Madeleine's  wellbeing, when reported as kidnapped,  a strong indication of knowledge of death. A caring mother of a missing child is going to have a priority of not defending self, but of what the child is currently experiencing.  It will enflame her maternal instincts to rawness.  

This was not evident because the mother had processed the death of her child.  
Had she been sociopathic, it would be more difficult to conclude from this alone.  

Note, I conclude this only about the mother. 
McCanns, both, gave us lots of indicators of deception; to the point of overwhelming my presupposition of kidnapping. 

Law enforcement now says the child is deceased, and it is a recovery operation. 

They also indicate that the "family" is cooperating.  

The mother's language shows knowledge of the child's death.  It remains to be seen if she will be charged, or if a deal is made, or if the assistant district attorney does not feel he has enough to charge her also. 

This may prove to be unintended death via neglect with a subsequent coverup.  

With this mother's language, it is her norm to not express concern for her children?

Can we elevate this to the point of saying,

"the mother's norm is not only to not care for her children, but it is normal for her to show concern for her own comfort while her child is missing?

This would be an example of sociopathic traits and would  be evident in the complete interview.  

This is where the statements lead us:

Mother either has guilty knowledge of her daughter's death, or she is so acutely abusive (specifically neglect which takes no effort) that she has no concern for her child.  

It will be a hard sell to attempt to show the latter. 

For training in deception detection:  Hyatt Analysis Services. 


Nic said...

Thank you, Peter.

The $1,100,000 bond is remarkable. I wonder if this is strategy. Part of BJD and boyfriend's strategy was sticking together hence why LE couldn't get them to roll on one another. Same with Lisa Irwin's parents. The mother would not allow the husband to be interviewed by himself once he gave his statement to police (he was working).

I hope officials now have "enough" to remove the boys and place them with their bio dad and fiancee.

I wonder if the boys were ever questioned of if they are allowed to be. Another reason why bio-mom would probably fight tooth and nail about the boys going to live with their dad.

Anonymous said...

She’s supposed to wear them every day. Um, We didn’t have them on her fortunately though. She doesn’t sleep with them. Um, she does have..if she would have walked anywhere, I don’t see her making it very far by herself."

She's supposed to wear them every day. It doesn't sound like Mariah wore her leg braces every day, otherwise, wouldn't the mother have said 'she wears them every day' or something like that in the present tense?
And the 'we didnt have them on her fortunately' part ... That just blew my mind. I just can't even wrap my mind around that. I mean is it fortunate for the mother because she's already planning to sell them or what?? In my opinion that shows a strong signal of neglect as the mother doesn't show that she's worried about Mariah's legs while she's supposedly kidnapped or a strong signal that she knows absolutely that Mariah is dead and doesn't need her leg braces.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Nic said...
Thank you, Peter.

The $1,100,000 bond is remarkable. I wonder if this is strategy. Part of BJD and boyfriend's strategy was sticking together hence why LE couldn't get them to roll on one another. Same with Lisa Irwin's parents. The mother would not allow the husband to be interviewed by himself once he gave his statement to police (he was working).

I hope officials now have "enough" to remove the boys and place them with their bio dad and fiancee.

I wonder if the boys were ever questioned of if they are allowed to be. Another reason why bio-mom would probably fight tooth and nail about the boys going to live with their dad.
December 2, 2017 at 10:47 AM

This is an astute observation.

Never think that attorneys are not paying attention to other cases.

Separate the two.

Now consider the FBI agent's statement about "cooperation."

The bail is extraordinary. They want them apart for a reason.


Anonymous said...

Um, We didn’t have them on her fortunately though.

@elf...I thought the same thing. WE is showing they both knew of the death, and the lack of leg braces and FORTUNATELY (blows me away, too) makes me wonder if they (braces) have metal in them. (Sweeping woods with metal detector)

Coupled with the..."my last memory WITH her"" is telling of time of death.
Like Peter said...what did Peter say again about that part?

Hey Jude said...

The neighbour, when demonstrating how Mariah walked, said 'and she always fell over'. Probably she always was without her braces or special shoes, which is why she always fell over - 'she was supposed to wear them every day' sounds a bit like putting the responsibility on Mariah to put them on herself. Perhaps she realises that in next saying, 'we' didn't have them on her - she still avoids saying that she did not put them on Mariah herself.

What is 'fortunately' about? Metal detector sounds likely.

Anonymous said...

What did they find that led to boyfriends arrest?

Anonymous said...

On a comment board under a youtube video last night someone wrote that Mariahs body had been found.

Tania Cadogan said...

She’s supposed to wear them every day. Um, We didn’t have them on her fortunately

She uses the word fortunately not unfortunately Peter.

It is revealing that she tells us that Mariah is supposed to wear them every day which implies that Mariah was not wearing them every day.
Given Mariah's issues with walking, did the mom not put the leg braces on to prevent Mariah from walking?
Could this be a form of abuse?

Not putting the leg braces on would restrict Mariah from walking around too much making her easier to care for if she couldn't get around much as was confined pretty much to the trailer or a specific room?
No need to worry about where she is or what she could be doing if she couldn't get around.

Could not putting her leg braces on every day be used as a form of punishment?
If she did something that annoyed her mom or the boyfriend, could they take her leg braces off so she couldn't get around easily?
No leg braces meant she couldn't go out to play or they could confine her to a room or a specific area knowing she could not get away.

What was fortunate about Mariah not wearing her leg braces the night she was allegedly kidnapped?
Had she had them on, she would have been mobile and perhaps could have tried to escape or had the power to perhaps try and kick her alleged abductor.
Having leg braces on would have fortunate for Mariah.
Not having leg braces would have been unfortunate for Mariah
Not having the leg braces on is fortunate for mom and the boyfriend, why?

Excerpt #3: (This is in reference to leg braces that Mariah wears) "She’s supposed to wear them every day. Um, We didn’t have them on her fortunately though. She doesn’t sleep with them. Um, she does have..if she would have walked anywhere, I don’t see her making it very far by herself."

She self edits at She doesn’t sleep with them. Um, she does have..
What was she going to say?
Was she going to refer to Mariah's walking impediment?
Is there something she wears at night to help correct her legs?

The boyfriend seems to be the prime suspect.
He doesn't seem to have said much publicly, her mom seems to have done most, if not all, of the talking regarding Mariah.
Is this deliberate perhaps, the mom talks whilst the boyfriend stays silent and thus can't say anything incriminating?

Was her death accidental?
If so, why the need for a cover up?
Were the mom and boyfriend under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and they feared the consequences when Mariah died?

Was her death accidental during the commission of a crime(s)

Was her death accidental caused perhaps by the ingestion of illegal substances?

Was her death accidental perhaps due to being given an illegal substance to keep her quiet/sedated to allow the adults "me time"?

Was her death premeditated given the fact she was conceived after her mom was sterilized (tubes tied or cut) as she didn't want any more children?
She was in effect an unplanned (and unwanted?) child.

Was her death premeditated because as well as being unplanned (and unwanted?)She also had a physical disability in regard to her legs and being able to walk and as a result needed extra care and attention?

Was her death the result of an adult losing their temper?

Was her death the result of punishment?

Was her death accidentally caused perhaps by getting in the way of her mom and the boyfriend during a fight?

Whatever the reason, Mariah's body had to be disposed of and and abduction faked as her death could not be explained away and "an accident" perhaps due to marks or injuries that could not be explained away, perhaps even sexual abuse.

I would love to hear what the boyfriend has to say, especially now that he has been arrested.
What evidence has been found that points to him?
I wonder also what Mariah's siblings have said to LE?

Will the boyfriend start talking and spill the beans?
Will he implicate the mom?

Anonymous said...

Guess what the boyfriend was doing between 11pm and 3:30 am? Go ahead. Guess!

He broke into a WOMAN's home and stole...wait for it....two dressers.

Yep! Two dressers. (Got a sinking feeling that wasn't the first time he'd been to the property, either).

Assuming he didn't bring them back to the trailer as a condolence prize for the missing three year old child, where could they be?

They were valued at $40.00. Not each; collectively. Oops...!!!

The photos I saw they had nice furniture and the people were clean.
Of course, the children's rooms may have just been a mattress on the floor and no dressers.

It's odd as most thieves steal TVs, radios, recording devices such as DVD players and such,guns, jewelry,tools,...but, dressers?!!

Theirs will be a story no one can compare to!

Yep! That's a punkazz hardened criminal!

Alex said...

I believe that Mariah not having her braces on is a form of benign neglect. It isn't easy to put them on and take them off of a kid who may not want them on in the first place. Kids often don't realize the necessity of such things.

She doesn't see her getting very far on her own. Does this means she knows Mariah is close or she knows someone took her far away? Either way, I think she knows.


Anonymous said...

Re: The boyfriend stealing the dressers. My guess is there was probably evidence in them. Did Mariah play with children who lived in that house and maybe Mariahs clothes got wet or soiled while playing over there, and the Mother who lived there may have given Mariah her own kids clothes to wear and put Mariahs clothes in one of the dressers? They said she was wearing only panties--is that where her clothes were? In one of those dressers? They might have evidence of sexual abuse or blood on them.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I think we will learn that this little girl did not have a good life.


Anonymous said...

Here's long shot:
Knowing men like I do, it is doubtful he'd embark on an endeavor of moving not only one, but two dressers by himself.He either had (a)a male friend, or (b)a straw boss in the form of a woman that could be likened to a character on "Keeping Up Appearances.

Judging from the way she dressed the little girl on her birthday and other times, it doesn't seem likely she would have been on the lifting end of anything, which is why she got herself a big, strong live-in boyfriend.

It's safe to assume he and another's fingerprints are all over the property site.

Danielle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bobcat said...

We need a license to drive and to marry. Why not a license to parent? Why are only adoptive parents rigorously screened?

How hard would it be for carers to be required to check a series of boxes before an infant is released to an unmonitored existence?

Why are there not red flags when all parents and grandparents have broken homes and criminal records?

It is heartbreaking to see such shortcomings in our "first world" society.

Anonymous said...

You must work for CNN, bobcat. Give a name like that, it is safe to assume you weren't raised in a bubble by homosexuals either..

Fascism Rules said...

because the government has too much control anyway. you think the government is going to protect children by parenting classes?

they make billions slicing and dicing up little African American babies in inner cities, and trade body parts for fancy cars. You think they love kids??

You seriously want MORE government in our lives? Bobcat, this is really twisted stuff. sa y that you are joking.

Anonymous said...

According to warrants, Kimrey is accused of breaking into a nearby abandoned home sometime after 11 p.m. On Nov. 26 taking out two dressers belonging to the property owner. The home in which Kimrey is accused of breaking into and removing items is an abandoned single family home with dense thickets of vegetation growing on all sides of its structure.

The front and back doors to the home were wide open Saturday morning and scene looking inside, seen from outside, appeared to be very disheveled with SOILED GARMENTS [emphasis added] strewn about the floor, broken furniture, loose papers and other reading material and tubs of unrecognizable matter covering every area of the home.

Katprint said...

Headline: "Sheriff: Authorities find remains believed to be 3-year-old Mariah Woods."

Anonymous said...


Re: Abandoned house they were prob making child porn in it.
EXACTLY like the book The Shipping News when the mother sells the kids.

Anonymous said...

Hope they hang em high. Pieces of human garbage to do that to Mariah.

Anonymous said...

"You seriously want MORE government in our lives? Bobcat, this is really twisted stuff. sa y that you are joking."

I'm not joking.

Cases like this are a tragic reflection on our society.

Every baby gets a social security number. Why not a checklist as well? I'm not talking about parenting classes. I'm talking about just one layer of involved and invested drug-free and criminal-free generational or community support for the mother and child.

One committed layer of clean support. Just one box to check. Just one person in the child's life that isn't already overwhelmed by trying to live their own life.

Anonymous said...

Jon Benet's parents would have passed ypur test Bobcat. Evil doesnt walk around announcing itself or checking boxes.
These people killed a 3 year old. Pure evil & it couldnt have been predicted. Complete morons can keep a 3 yr old alive. These people KILLED her.
Bio father can say what he wants but he didnt do jack shit to protect his kids--he hasnt even seen them for a year even though he had visitation rights.
I guarantee the boyfriend is a sexual predator & bio Dads uninvolvement is what made him feel he could do what he wanted which was to molest.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, the body was found in a creek and it's cold this time of year. News state Holly Shelther Creek that is 25 miles away (unless it's an oops...forgot the decimal point; it's 2.5 miles away) They'll know if she was sexually abused or drugged or got killed stealing $20 old, dirty dresser in an abandoned house.

His criminal record is 2005-12 years ago-larceny, intoxication, assault. He looks to be under 30 now. No one thinks anything about it when a drunk man makes his own breakfast at Waffle House while drunk and the employee is sleeping nearby. It isn't intoxication, or's Internet fame instantly.

News reported the child's birthday on Nov. 10th-that's 11/10-and now is bond is at $1,010,000.00. The birthday is the 8th of Nov., and who really knows what the bond is?

Someone is stalking the mother and sent photos to a news org. stating she was drinking and laughing at outback a few seconds prior to that photo (clearly a cell phone photo and she was sitting on her hands like she was freezing and it never happened as they probably had video on).

The blamers are out in full force.

Doesn't sound right for a young man to steal from an abandoned house items for a family. Just not right. Who knows if he broke in the door or if it was already broken into long ago? Sounds like it was filled with trash and he retrieved a couple pieces of it.

In most the photos it is him that is holding or playing with Mariah and from an early age. She's usually in pretty dresses that surely her mother selects.

Some people lie or conceal when the environment is too rough to deal with truth.

Anonymous said...

Both Mom & boyfriend know exactly what happened.
And Bio Dad knew they were being sexually abused & he didnt kick the shit out of the molester (Moms botfriend)?
Right. Cause he's a big baby. Good-looking guy but his girlfriend looks like she could be his Grandma cause he needs a Mommy. Real tough guy (not). It is his job to protect them & his girlfriend said they knew the kids were being sexually/physically & mentally abused. He should have snapped the molester's neck but he was too busy having his Grandma girlfriend tuck him into bed.
RE: the dressers. Meth money & maybe not related to Mariahs disappearance.

Anna said...

Look at the photo of Mariah and the mother in this article.

Anonymous said...

The mother looks like a retarded demon baby-bottle feeder & little Mariah's eyes look faraway & troubled like someone has been abusing her. She looks dazed and troubled & almost disassociating from her surroundings.

Anonymous said...

Excuse my spelling (PTSD combined meds--I know Im misspelling words but I cant remember how to spell).

Anonymous said...

oh I spelled ot right lol

Anonymous said...

The mother has Mommy Dearest vibe (or Carrie's mother?!) like "the bottle needs to be in that dolls mouth for the picture! Babys need to be fed!!!!"

In the other picture it is similar where you can see she has commanded Mariah to "feed the baby doll!" (in the pic Peter has up).

I get like a Carrie's mother kind of vibe from the book "Carrie", like the mother probably spazzes out if everything isnt just so. Kind of a Carries mother vibe with the mother saying her tubes were tied & burnt but Mariah is an "angel": Is the Mom a religious psycho like Carries Mom?

Anonymous said...

In the pic Peter has up you can see Mariah's eyes look glassy & in the other pic her eyes look dazed & faraway--those are the eyes of someone who has been abused & maybe even drugged. Mariahs Mom looks like she is trying to overcompensate like "This pic needs to look perfect! The baby doll needs to be fed in the picture!"

General P. Malaise said...

Anonymous Bobcat said...
We need a license to drive and to marry. Why not a license to parent? Why are only adoptive parents rigorously screened?

hold on there. you don't really want the government more involved in anything. look at the damage they already do. the government (and licensing is the government) doesn't do anything well, other than waste money.

Pak31 said...

What good is a license to parent? People speed and drive recklessly and married people get divorced. A license means nothing.

Bobcat said...

Perhaps not a "license" per se, as people will make babies regardless, but some sort of check system for babies when they are registered.

Does this baby have at least two noncriminal parents/registered and clean sponsors?
Does this baby have at least two nonusing/nonaddicted parents/registered and clean sponsors?

If the boxes can't be checked, the baby needs better arrangements.
There should be follow up in the interest of the baby until the boxes are checked, or in extreme cases, a "hold" until clean sponsors are in place.
That's not to say a baby can't ever go home with parents that have minor records, but somewhere in the close circle of care, there should be two clean people committed to sponsor and support a safe upbringing for the child.

I doubt Mariah's circle checked the boxes.

Hey Jude said...

Mariah probably owned the pink car and princess ourfit for all of a day/photo-shoot. Mother said Grandpa got her the car - grandma probably got her the princess outfit. Fireplace family photo makes me think grandma probably dressed the whole family for photos - but she wasn't stretching to an outfit for that loser boyfriend, too.

Anonymous said...

Bobcat, you enjoy pipe dreaming'. Perhaps that is where you should start.

Develop a small town similar to the one Edward Scissorhand lived on the outskirts of, insert a nuclear family like the Beavers on Leave It To Beaver,and start a new generation of people that only have access to TV that promotes healthy ideas, healthy foods, healthy energy sources, etc.

As soon as the world of idealism takes over, they'll be destroyed by the Roman Polanski types that wish to insert their ideas and others will approve for monetary reasons. Some of the commentors on here cannot see the parents as anything other than a "like this or that movie" type character.

Now a news source is stating Kimrey is the one that made the 911 call and the FBI is claiming they knew from the beginning the girl was dead. However, knowing that, they flashed her face all over national media and Amber alert signage to promote looking for an abducted little girl? All that energy expended for what? To find the child? Make fools of the family? Recruit people that care? Or, promote something they want?

Total the costs of all the buffoonery and calculate the cost of raising a child from birth to age 7....what'll you get? How many children could have profited?

If the body was found 25 miles away, the rescuers did not merely stumble upon it. He had to have told them where to go. Someone that steals old, worthless dressers isn't a criminal mastermind.

habundia said...

How many of these so called protector service people have failed their jobs when being asigned to families where things already are unsafe and dangerous.....still they make wrong judgement and children end up death......government involvement doesnt give any more protection and gives non guarantee that children are being safe......we need envoironment of children to be more amendment to report for the safety of children they know...too often people know things aint right and do shit because they are not demanded to do so.....theu should be punished too for neglecting the safety of children around them......childprotector services have proven to be just as failure as humanity is......even in this case childprotector services and judges have failed big time in this girls life, so how could she have been better protected if they cant even protect those who are already known to them?

habundia said...

Cant open this link

habundia said...

Not all death babies died at the hands of addicted parents.....many died also because protection services failed to do their jobs.....many addicted parents have been good parents and raised good children......just because someone has an addiction doesnt make them bad parents to start with....also children from "perfect" families have been raised into abusers and many adoption families or foster care parent have been "checked" and eventually killed the child they were asigned to?

Anonymous said...

Another phrase mother is saying

she's... got the personality of make you laugh, she is goofy, outgoing, talkative. she knows how to make your day brighter. and people that are here looking for her love her to death at minute 01:27


habundia said...

Another girl missing under suspicious circumstances, no statements yet of family

But a 4 year old last seen outside wearing a pink worrying to me especcially a " non speaking" girl......4 year old should be able to speak, so why cant she?

Nic said...

Peter said,
The bail is extraordinary. They want them apart for a reason.

Add to that if the boyfriend is addicted to drugs, being interviewed can be very uncomfortable if he is going through withdraw. I don't imagine LE stock methadone, or similar, in their first aid kits.

CptKD said...

I'm having my first cup of Coffee this morning ... After a restless night, with little sleep - Being the last news I read up on, was the finding of Mariah's body, which was located at the bottom of a Creek, 25 Miles from family house/trailer.
(I can't use 'Home' - HOME to me = SAFE/Love!)
While the FBI Agent wasn't giving a 'Positive' confirmation on IDENTITY - She gave what WAS rather that of the belief of 'CERTAINTY', or 'Probability' & That (As usual/Per Protocol) they were waiting on OFFICIAL confirmation by the Coroner/ME!

Tania: I'm sitting here reading what you've written & It's PRECISELY What I was thinking while going through & reading Peter's Post - Almost line by line, paragraph by paragraph!

I'm hoping today brings some further clear & clarifying answers - However the Sheriff WAS very clear, that the Arrest Warrants (Up to Now) Have been, not only Public, but rather DETAILED & Disclosing of much information!

ANYTHING pertaining to the 'HOMOCIDE' of Mariah WILL NOT be!


Anonymous said...

"It was too late to save Mariah the moment the 911 call came in," FBI agent Stanley Meador said of the call the girl's mother made Monday to report her missing. "The arrest warrants are public record and the records speaks for themselves. We will not discuss any details related to the homicide investigation."

Shall we pick over this statement for a while?

Arrest warrants are public record and those records speak (what language, though?)
Within 60 seconds of calling 911, they knew for certain Mariah was dead.
...the girl's mother made [the call]...""
...will not discuss ANY details...""

Okay. Now, what does secretly disposed of the body mean? Do most murderers take a bullhorn and shout, "Move outta my way, dead body coming through...don't call the cops!!"

Nic said...

Hey Jude said...
Mariah probably owned the pink car and princess ourfit for all of a day/photo-shoot. Mother said Grandpa got her the car - grandma probably got her the princess outfit. Fireplace family photo makes me think grandma probably dressed the whole family for photos - but she wasn't stretching to an outfit for that loser boyfriend, too.

That's a really great observation. Grammas like to spoil their grandkids and if Mariah was the only granddaughter, and if Mariah's mom was the only girl, I wonder if she felt a bit resentful how much Mariah's grandparents "spoiled" her, i.e., "I never got that." "They never spoiled me like that." etc. The pink princess cadillac wasn't parked outside the trailer in any of the photos, that's for certain. Maybe it was being stored at gramma's.

In my opinion the "formal" family photo should not have included the boyfriend. Everything I've seen and watched about this family strikes me as is staged. The picture of Mariah and her mom feeding her doll the day of Mariah's birthday, sums this up perfectly The mom could stage everything except Mariah's willingness to cooperate.

Anonymous said...

can someone explain why Peter said she would be in water from the analysis?

CptKD said...

I so DISPISE 'That' Saying!
We should LOVE Someone - To 'LIVE'!


Anonymous said...

Think (no "I" used as thinking isn't something typically done)John may have said that in the comments. Something to the effect of her saying she doesn't know where she could be her body may be fluid though deceased.

Nic said...

At least it wasn't NYE and they were having a party.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the video. Upon a closer listen, it seems she may be saying "unfortunately."

I also note that in her list of "unanswered questions" she doesn't have one about the well being of her daughter.

Anonymous said...

so thank you. I thought that but wasn't sure. it is like "I don't know where she is" would be okay if the body is moving and where someone is "at" at like the very moment mama is talking to press?

Nic said...

@ Reli,

The bio dad and fiancee were cleared Thursday night. If you listen to the fiancee, their process was extensive. Begin @ 25 sec

Anonymous said...

Her "last memory" of feeding her and putting her to bed are two events = two memories.

I wonder with all the mention of neglect in her language, why she is showing responsibility for "feeding" her daughter. Is it part of her need to be seen as good mother?

The last memory could just be putting her to bed, but "feeding" her was connected to it. Could this have something to do with her disappearance?

Nic said...

I guess the 911 call hasn't been released? Maybe because it's evidentiary? That would be interesting to listen to.

John Mc Gowan said...

Anon said

Think (no "I" used as thinking isn't something typically done)John may have said that inSomething to the effect of her saying she doesn't know where she could be her body may be fluid though deceased. the comments.

Something to the effect of her saying she doesn't know where she could be her body may be fluid though deceased.

Hi, this is what i wrote, whether its correct its still a sad outcome. I still believe the mothwr has guilty knowledge.

John mcgowanNovember 30, 2017 at 1:57 PM
It’s not making sense to me about where she could be at,” said Woods, “or who she could be with.”

If she has been placed in running water then her body will drift and this may explain why she doesn't know where she's at

Nic said...

@Anonymous, I interpret it be missing time. Time that the bio mom purposely skipped over. That's if Mariah ate dinner at what we consider the "normal" dinner hour and not before she went to bed at supposedly 11pm.

Nic said...
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Nic said...

In Newfoundland they'll say, "Stay where you're at and I'll come where you are." So I interpret what the bio mom is saying is she doesn't want to know where she "is". It could be that she didn't want to know and told her boyfriend to just take her and don't tell her where he left her.

Lacey Peterson's case has been in the news. I was wondering if Mariah and been weighted down.

Deejay said...

I don't know where my daughter is.
I don't know where my car is at.
The addition of at (while not stellar English) sounds more like an inanimate object.
At implies location. Is implies a state of being.

Anonymous said...

When I heard about the bf stealing the dressers, I thought he might have placed Mariah in one of the drawers of the dressers, placed the drawer back in the dresser and threw it in water, an effective way to weigh her down.

Hey Jude said...

Nic - yes, Mariah looked sad and as if she didn't know what the fuss was about. I'd think if there were photographs in which Mariah had been smiling, they would have circulated those instead - those were probably the best they had. I'd guess grandma was the one arranging events and photos as the ones on the mother's facebook were mostly of the event type rather than the randoms more usually seen on pages of those who post their children's photos. There are photos in which Mariah looks well and well-fed - the birthday photos are quite different.
Wondering what happened to the initial story that the grandmother discovered Mariah missing at 7.30am when she went in to wake her. Maybe grandma normally woke the children, or 7.30 was their usual time to rise - I don't believe the mother 'noticed' Mariah was missing at 6am.

Generally, I don't like the OTT birthday 'Princess' thing - it seems a type of virtue signalling, to me.

LC said...

"THIS is my Life. THIS is my Angel."
enough said...

Anonymous said...


I was talking about what the mother said

Nic said...
@ Reli,

The bio dad and fiancee were cleared Thursday night. If you listen to the fiancee, their process was extensive. Begin @ 25 sec

December 3, 2017 at 10:29 AM

John Mc Gowan said...

I think she was dead a few days befor reported

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I urge caution on judging CPS or court decisions.

I have fought for justice for victims but I have also fought for justice standing against workers with agendas.

Like other helping fields, it can attract those with projective issues.

That one family was chosen over another may have been the lesser of two evils. There have been cases where good workers were unable to prove abuse, while other times, worker neglect was indicated.

It is too broad to make a judgement. Usually, a single experience with CPS will shape one's view.


Anonymous said...

Why oh why oh why would someone do this? Why? Her eye is in intense pain and leaking purple ink. Why oh why?

From dailymail:
Hindsight is 20/20! Woman whose ex-boyfriend gave her an eyeball tattoo that went horribly wrong is considering REMOVING her eye

Anonymous said...

There are many reasons a 4 year old could be non verbal, Rhett Syndrome, Autism, Hearing Impairment....

Nic said...

Hey Jude, Did you see the Thanksgiving pics? (I'm not on social media, so if not public, I cannot view.) I read Mariah was absent. Did you see this?

habundia said...
Just a "hand full" of cases....eventhough there are good social workers who provide good judgement and observation, and therefor children did end up in loving homes and safe environment but at the same time too many mistakes are made and little is done to prevent this from happening, in the meantime many children are getting lifetime traumas and those who cause it are not being held responssible and are even being defended because of their humanity. But if we state that neglect of parents or care takers is criminal and punishable then it should be too for those asigned to investigate and protect, the safety of children and fail in doing so. That doesnt mean there arent good workers, there are, those unfortunately dont make up for all those victims of "the system", they save some from the missery of childcare protection system, but so many are not, with all consequences ahead.

Hey Jude said...

Nic, no, I have not seen the Thanksgiving pics - I read Mariah was not in them.

I expect Mariah went missing days earlier than reported, due to the mother saying 'we call her our angel'. I think it likely that in response to her brothers' questioning to where was Mariah, someone probably said 'she is an angel now'. The mother's reasoning for why they call her an angel - tubes tied and burned, does not make sense - she didn't want any more babies. Had she regretted the decision, and been glad she'd had Mariah, it would be more expected that she would have been called 'her miracle baby' rather than 'our angel'. I wonder if she is even taking the opportunity of explaining there, why 'we call her our angel' - it could be on her mind that the boys, if and when questioned, might say their mother or her boyfriend had told them Mariah is our/an angel now.

Alex said...

A social worker can remove a child from an unfit home, but the final decision often is a judges' to make. I don't think anyone should be held accountable for the decisions of others.


rob said...

In all the photos of Mariah, she looks sad and far-a-way. I hate to know what this little girl lived thru.
I think the charges of the stolen property and all added up to anything to get the guy in jail and keep him there long enough to crack him or the mom. Who cares if you steal cheap furniture from an abandoned trailer. I think he probable already told them where to find the body. And, I didn't kill her, I just moved her. My personal opinion is that the mom killed the child, possibly by neglect and the boyfriend hid the body to help her. But in his photos, he looks like a druggie or been crying his eyes out, so he's probably sweating in jail.

As to the mom saying I don't know where's she at, southern, country people use that phrase, like calling and asking, 'where you at?'

Nic said...

I’m surfing to find any more updates to the arrests and came across this:

and IF whoever has her please I’m begging you, please bring her home safe.

begin @ 1 minute in the third video:

WOW. “If”? whoever has her, This is the first time I have heard this interview in its entirety. Usually it’s been snipped and/or edited. The mother reported Mariah having gone “missing” between when she put her to bed and 6:30am, and said she couldn’t go far without her braces. IMO, this really demonstrates guilty knowledge.

Anonymous said...

The difference in the more recent photos of Mariah and the earlier ones when she seems to be much younger is telling - in the photos of her in her car in her high chair she's beaming with happiness and pure joy. This this photo reminds me of Alyiah (?)Lena Lunsford's daugther which makes this more heartbreaking. Mariah was at one time a happy, joyous little girl - what happened? Did the boyfriend get tired of dealing with a special needs little girl and take it out on her while the mother stood by? I hope LE does't stop at the boyfriend and look into the mother's culpability as well

habundia said...

Of course there are situations were a social worker wants a child be removed from the home and a judge decide different, so of course they shouldnt be held accountable for another ones decission....that is not what i meant to say....but to often the social worker doesnt even suggest a removal of the child and the end up with life long traumas or worse...they end up death....just like in this case....everyone who failed this child (or any) should be held responsible for their part of the situation.

Nic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nic said...

Hey Jude,

If Mariah disappeared before the 911 call was made, like before Thanksgiving, those photos speak volumes to who that mother is and what she projects herself to be. jmo

As well, in the video I linked to, note also what bio mom's emotional plea does not include: a plea that whoever has her not to hurt her or a plea to let her go. Just that she "would" do anything that she "can" (limited) and, "if" someone has her to bring her home "safe".

Anonymous said...

Her unhappy appearance could be by too many "no"s. No, stand still while I fix your hair. No! You can't play with that until you change your clothes. No! That's not how you feed a baby; it goes in the other end. No!Don't eat that without a bib. No! That's not a toy...I want you to look like Barbara Bush with the pearl necklace and earrings; don't break them.

The baby is probably thinking she'd like to find a really large mudhole and play awhile.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, its such a big mystery why she looks unhappy. Bio Dad & his girlfriend said she was being sexually abused, and the POS bio Dad didnt go put a shotgun in the toddler rapist's face. They should all go rot, except for bio Dad's girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

“AnonymousDecember 4, 2017 at 2:29 PM
Her unhappy appearance could be by too many "no"s. No, stand still while I fix your hair. No! You can't play with that until you change your clothes. No! That's not how you feed a baby; it goes in the other end. No!Don't eat that without a bib. No! That's not a toy...I want you to look like Barbara Bush with the pearl necklace and earrings; don't break them.

The baby is probably thinking she'd like to find a really large mudhole and play”

Sick “humor”?

Anonymous said...

Background info:

John Mc Gowan said...

BOMBSHELL: Mom of slain AMBER Alert girl allegedly blames her young son for tot’s death

Nic said...

@ Anonymous @ 9:28,
I was just going to post that link. Here is the interesting tidbits from it. Additionally, I read a comment on Reddit from a poster whose mom was a manager of a hotel the bio mom used to work at. She posted that boyfriend would hang out for hours watching and waiting for bio mom to get off of work. The manager told him he couldn't do that while she was on the clock. Not surprisingly bio mom found another job.

In any event, the article isn't clear whether bio mom got back into the Dodge or the police vehicle. I'm half hoping the police vehicle because boyfriend was not charged with murder, yet.

I'm surprised that the kids weren't simply removed/that the bio dad has to go to court for custody considering the violent home environment, drug use, and Mariah's killing.

At 5:12 p.m., a white Dodge Durango SUV pulled up to the house and a woman got out of the passenger’s side to an awaiting Onslow County Sheriff’s deputy. They walked to the front door of the home and emerged 10 minutes later before the deputy escorted the woman back to the vehicle.

The woman, who deputies identified as Kristy Woods, covered her head and face with a hooded sweatshirt and would not respond to questions from The Daily News.

The Daily News reached out to Alex Woods as well as the lawyer representing him in a custody case for his two sons but was unable to reach them by deadline.

Kimrey has been appointed Walter Paramore at his attorney and Paramore was there to represent Kimrey in court Monday morning.

Paramore did not dispute the $1,010,000 bond Kimrey is being held under in Onslow County Jail currently and District Attorney Ernie Lee told Judge James Moore he preferred it stayed that way. Moore agreed and said a hearing for a reduction in bond could be requested at a later time.

According to neighbors in the Inez Mobile Home Park where Mariah lived, Kimrey is no stranger to violence.

Kyle Bonitz recalled an incident in which Kimery struck the family’s Ford Windstar using a baseball bat.

“He smashed every window and piece of glass on that van,” Bonitz said.

Neighbors and those who drive by the area regularly said the demolished minivan remained on the driveway of their home for several days after the incident.

“After he was done beating on the van, I went down to him and asked him why he did it,” Bonitz said. “He said he had an ‘adult temper’ and was upset that he had been left alone without the keys and without cigarettes.”

Kristy Woods had an assault charge brought against her by Heather Craft in 2016 but, according to the Onslow County District Court Clerk’s Office, the case was dismissed because Craft did not show up for court.


They're a couple of Bonny and Clyde bada@@es. No doubt she feels "real special" she's got herself a real "man". He sounds like a real Hallmark.

Hey Jude said...

Nic @ 2.14 Dec 4 - and anyone reading - she knew Mariah could not leave the trailer by herself - or at least she could not see her getting very far - so the only possibility should have been, to her, that someone had Mariah, and that IF the person who had her no longer had her, then she was very unlikely to be brought home safe. Then one could say she might have said that because she is a loving mother who wasn’t able to contemplate any other possibility - but she already was allowing for an alternative, as she said ‘if’, whilst knowing Mariah must have been taken from the home by someone, as she is not in it or outside, and she can’t walk without her braces/shoes without falling over. If she was thinking someone had, but no longer has Mariah, accounting for the ‘if’ then she must have known, really, that the person was not going to bring Mariah home, safe or otherwise.

I don't know if I'd say 'bring her home' if I was thinking of an unknown kidnapper - people 'bring' a child/children home to where they also live, rather than ‘home’ to someone else's home. You might say, ‘let’s go home’ if you were taking a child to their own home. If I said, ‘Bring her home' it would be because I was speaking to someone who also lived in, or who knew the home - I think I would not be likely to associate a kidnapper with ‘home’. I don’t know that for certain though - ‘bring whoever home’ is often the appeal when a child is missing - I don’t know in how many of those ’bring him or her home’ cases it might turn out that the child never was taken from the home. I think friends/neighbours/internet people, and sometimes LE, make that appeal because they want the child returned to his or her home - but for a parent to associate a kidnapper with bringing a child home, I don’t know how easily that thought might arise? It’s not as though a random kidnapper would be expected to knock on the door, and say ‘here she is, all safe and sound’ - and it would not be ‘safe’ for a three year old to just be dropped off near her home, plus a kidnapper would not risk being seen or identified by approaching it - it’s not a realistic request, then - if a kidnapper had taken her ‘home’ she might have perished outside before anyone knew she was there, or found her. So - whatever that was, it was not a genuine thought-out request made in regard to Mariah’s welfare.

She could not see her getting very far - she could not see a three year old, who could not walk without falling over, ‘getting very far’ all by herself, in a state of undress, in the middle of the night. She makes it sound as though she had considered that as a possibility, but that she just could not see her getting very far - as though Mariah would be wanting to get ‘very far’ from home, alone, and in the middle of the night. What a strange thing to say, almost as if to suggest her three year old, who ‘goes by Mariah’, might have been a runaway.

Anonymous said...

@John, well since these pieces of shit had no problem raping a 3 year old, it only makes sense that they will have no problem pinning a murder on a 5 or 10 year old. I hope the Mom & boyfriend get the death penalty & I hope that it is a firing squad. Anyone who rapes a 3 yr old has no further right to exist on this planet. Period.

Anonymous said...

They raped her and then killed her either bc she was fighting back or to get rid of evidence. A firing squad is too good for them...hopefully the state executes them both with a bullet to the head.

Anonymous said...

@Jude, They raped her...that is why they are talking about her like she could be a runaway with an alias...thats their perverss view of her like she is a runaway prostitute or something. Both deserve to be executed by the state.

Nic said...

@Hey Jude,

All great points.

"bring her home safe", is such an odd comment. Typically if something valuable is stolen, especially something with sentimental value, the owner wants it back so badly, they ask the person who has the item to leave it at a specific spot and no questions will be asked/no charges will be laid. Not the same thing as an abduction, but in my opinion, expected would be to plead for whoever has Mariah to drop her off at a grocery store, restaurant, gas station. Anywhere where Mariah could get immediate help. In my opinion, pleading with anyone "if" they have her to bring her home, is a close, but concealed statement. What sort of criminal is going to drive up with cops and cameras everywhere, like some hero, to "bring" her home?

That is what you call hiding in plain site.

Habundia said...

Chelsea Noel father after body found.

‘One more time, one more time…please give me one more time, one more time
Oeh, baby, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you Chelsea
Ah ah ah ah ah ah……
Thank you, thank you”
“Thank you for the (support) and love that uh, they’d demonstrated for my family. I can’t ask for anything more.”

“Can’t ask for anything more. I believe they did everything, people come from everywhere (?) Beach, Palm Beach, ?, …….ousie (French is his main language I think) everywhere. People was looking everywhere, but it’s God will, what can I say. This is it.
Reporter: “This all started Saturday night? About what? 10? 11 O’clock?”
“Yeah about 10 o’clock”
Reporter:……I want to write a memorial story about your daughter. Can you tell me and let everybody know about your daughter what kind of a kind girl she was?”
“Very kind, sweet, always coming give me a hug. And I come from work and she come in hug me and hold me, don’t let me go, after I pick her up. Yes, and uhm she’s always there. We , wake her up every morning, to get her school every morning. My phone programmed seven thirty. To wake her up. Man you don’t know how I’d feel this morning, seven thirty, my phone ring, my, I have nobody (sob) , I have nobody. Man, but I know, The community, the community, they, they did everything they can. They, the love and the (?) support. The police department. Everybody come together. They did everything. It’s all in God’s hands. Thank you, thank you.
Reporter: Why did you decided to come here?
Now I had to come here, to see where is my fidal, the final days of the life of my daughter. This is where the final days, well I know she’s in God’s hands. Thank you, thank you”

Did this girl ended up in the lake by accident? Or is there more to this story?
It just doesn't seem logical for an autistic, non speakable 4 year old girl to ran out of the home at 10 pm at night, and end up in a lake couple blocks from the home.
What made her ran outside at 10 pm at the first place?
What was the situation at the moment she ran out of the front door?
Who was in the home?
What exactly happened after father discovered the girl missing? Surveillance camera's tell she left only for 1 minute before she was missed, what happened after?
Seems like the father is a single father, so where is the mother?
This story gives so many questions.

Anonymous said...

What gets me is after reading the statement the ex wrote (quickly I might add as it rolled across the screen)it sounds like her boyfriend's name was Ryan. Or, is that another son's name? Not feeling safe?

It appears that Kimbrey has been around the child a while, though that doesn't mean they didn't split up for awhile and someone else entered the picture.

The fact that the CPS documents can be viewed online and announced to the world is devastating. That should be illegal. It's almost the same as giving the child a record before he has a chance to start life. The bullying will be non-stop as others love to kick the one that's down, and the social worker's life will be in jeopardy, too.

It should be sealed. It is unethical for the media to display it.

They've got their memorial, what else do they want? There's enough stuffed animals for every kid in town. What about the boys who are still alive?

Hope they change their names and get adopted out-of-state and get a chance in life.

Commoncore fails said...

OT Follow the Pronouns

Using the wrong pronouns is an act of violence, debate? discussion
or one persons belief system shared with 2+2 = 7

The Rabbit Hole is deep

Nic said...
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Hey Jude said...

Hey Jude said...

Habundia said...
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Anonymous said...

I wonder what's in that call...

habundia said...

I have read somewhere that it was after 60 seconds into that call that it was already known the caller knew more (guilty knowledge) so maybe its evidence now?

Anonymous said...



Habondia (or Habundia)

Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology
COPYRIGHT 2001 The Gale Group Inc.
Habondia (or Habundia)

The queen of the witches, presiding over the Sabbat. She was also identified with Diana or Herodias. She was referred to as "Habonde" in the thirteenth-century poem Le Roman de la Rose. In his work Tableau de l'inconstance des mauvais anges (Description of the inconstancy of evil angels, 1612), the demonologist Pierre de Lancre refers to Habondia rather sweepingly as "Queen of the fairies, witches, harpies, furies; and ghosts of the wicked."