Friday, December 1, 2017

Nick Carter & Melissa Shuman Report

When we analyze an open statement we recognize the context of which the statement is produced.  It is an "open statement" if it is not a result of a direct question.

Nick Carter was accused of rape of Melissa Shumann by Ms. Schuman.

In taking several teams of analysts through the public statement of Ms. Schuman, the allegation of a sexual assault was given this unanimous conclusion:

"Veracity Indicated."

No analyst, from professional to newly enrolled, indicated her for deception within the allegation of sexual assault.  Three teams met separately and worked for more than 5 hours each on her statement.   

Nick Carter had issued a denial.  Our expectation remains the same:

"I didn't rape Melissa Schuman. It is the simplest and most straight forward sentence.  It is what he should tell us. 

am shocked and saddened by Ms. Schuman’s accusations. Melissa never expressed to me while we were together or at any time since that anything we did was not consensual. We went on to record a song and perform together, and I was always respectful and supportive of Melissa both personally and professionally. This is the first that I am hearing about these accusations, nearly two decades later. It is contrary to my nature and everything I hold dear to intentionally cause someone discomfort or harm.

The analysts, very much likely similar to Ms. Schuman and her family, recognized the inherent manipulation and contemptuous insult in his statement. 

1.  He does not deny raping or assaulting Melissa Schuman. 
2.  He accuses her of "not expressing" lack of consent. 
3.  He uses "behavioral analysis" instead of denying the accusation, which accuses the alleged victim of going on to record with him.  Whether she recorded with him or did not is a tangent away from issuing a denial.  
4.  He then brings into question the length of time that he "heard" of this by stating it is "the first."  This is a numeric to be examined. To have a "first" (numeric) introduces to the reader/listener, the unnecessary element of "other times", including second, third, fourth, and so on. 

This is something we may not have thought of, but since we now have it introduced to us by the accused, it warrants:

a.  more questions
b.  closer examination. 

This is probably not what the subject wanted, but it is what his words indicate. 

We now may question if the accused was, in deed, told of this allegation (note it is singular but for him, it is plural) by the accuser's manager, representative, or his own manager and representatives.  This will now introduce specific people with specific names, dates, and methods of communication.  They can be  brought in as witnesses. 

We may not have thought about the element of timing in his learning of the allegation had he, himself, not introduced it. 

Next we see that he introduces a form of virtue signaling with:

5.  It is contrary to my nature and everything I hold dear to intentionally cause someone discomfort or harm.

Here, while avoiding telling the public he didn't do it, he shows the need to be classified as "a good guy", without having to directly state it.  

Since we all do things we consider against our nature, this not only is flagged for the lack of denial, but it is an attempt to persuade us that he is a "good guy."

We see this often produced in the language of those with guilt. 

"I'm a great mother!" is a signal to investigators:  check history for child abuse, including other elements of abuse/neglect such as baby born with vicious and painful withdrawals, and so on.  

The need to be "the good guy" in Statement Analysis is often an indication of the status of "the bad guy."

When a child goes missing, we listen carefully to the parent's words.  

We find some parents show a priority of concern for the welfare and survival of the missing child, as appropriately stated. The innocent parents are so consumed with the plight of the missing child that they care little what anyone thinks:  they have "tunnel vision" of caring only for the child.  

Other parents spend their energy focusing on themselves.  These we often find show guilty knowledge of the crime, and will tell us what "good parents" they are.  This virtue signaling belies guilt. 

In sexual assault cases, victims can be consumed with defending poor decisions they made, and can even be coached into lying.  This is always a mistake. 

If you put yourself in a bad place, say so. 
If you used drugs or alcohol, say so. 

What can happen is that a police officer, a judge, or even a jury, can hear:

you lied about "a" and you lied about "b", so I cannot believe you about the allegation.  

Advocates often add to the damage by "buttressing" affidavits which end up doing more harm than good. 

In Melissa Shuman's statement, she said she was both afraid and trapped, and gave a description of what this intimidation looked like. 

Rapists humiliate.  

They exert power, control and violence and often aim it at the very person and body part that is created for life, intimacy, love and tenderness.  

This can lead to a life time of suffering. 

After the conclusion of the analysis, one found a video of the accuser. 

Melissa wrote:  

I felt scared and trapped. He was visually and clearly growing very angry and impatient with me. I couldn’t leave. It was evident to me, that i couldn’t leave. 

The language, including placement of emotion, told us that the assault evolved into a "story" because of time and processing.  "My abuser" is the language of professional intervention.  

She gave indication of powerful disassociation in her statement, including shame so deep that it likely has impacted her for years, which would justify her opening priority of seeking healing.  The disassociation is so acute (in her statement) that it is evident of post trauma impact that was or is likely to be more acute than what she may be comfortable disclosing.  I have chosen not, therefore, to analyze the entire statement publicly. 

It is a statement invaluable to Sex Crimes Units and how passivity is caused by disassociation.  

It is easy to miss veracity because of such things, but those who suffer do find some "protection" by disassociating from the abuse, and it reflects in the language: 

it is as if they are watching themselves be abused. 

The fight/flight hormone sometimes results in freezing.  

Freezing is often the worst possible outcome in terms of suffering.  This is evident not only in research, but in the wording where one seeks refuge in sleep.  

Consider these words and watch the video.  

"I felt scared and trapped. He was visually and clearly growing very angry and impatient with me. I couldn’t leave. It was evident to me, that i couldn’t leave. "

Does Nick Carter "need" respect?  Does he intimidate the smaller person?

Is this a glimpse into what Melissa saw that night? 

Note the need to intimidate and the demand for respect, from start of video to 1: 11 mark.  

Note the size disparity and the need to ridicule and intimidate.  Consider the quotes in Melissa's statement attributed to the alleged accuser.  Note the need to ridicule and project his own beliefs upon her.  This is insult added to injury.  

The length of time and professional intervention have greatly impacted the statement.  The analysts were able to successfully remain in principle, reducing sensitivity indicators due to the processing time, while obtain reliable information from it.  

Each team's conclusion was unanimous.  The very short psycho-linguistic profile of Carter from the quotes made by Ms. Schuman are consistent with the words in his own statement as well as what is evident in the short video clip.  

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Anonymous said...


They way he turns it round on his brother as soon as the others arrive.
Manipulative narcissist

Julie said...
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Anonymous said...

No, the larger brother does not need respect like he is the father,yet he could do with some consideration. His tinier brother was being inconsiderate...often linked to disrespect, but let's face it-they are brothers and prone to acting like idiots. Not to mention reality show TV is all about idiots.

Having said that, what does that video have to do with rape? I dunt get it?!!

Is this gonna be like one of those free invitation type thingys?

General P. Malaise said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it shows how he could be intimidating to a young girl. when there is no physical evidence of a fight or struggle it is hard to convince people she feared him and was raped.

this video goes a long way into showing why a young girl could have felt powerless.

Nic said...

Out of a five line statement, it's the fourth line he mentions it's the "first" time he is hearing about these accusations.

This is very kind of you to do analysis on Nick Carter and Melissa Shuman, Peter. Every bit of support will go a long way to help Melissa Shuman stay strong. It's known there is a culture of abuse in Hollywood and I'm sure we are just seeing the tippy top of the iceberg. Melissa Shuman is very brave. Blessings to her.

Nic said...
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Nic said...

Blogger General P. Malaise said...
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it shows how he could be intimidating to a young girl. when there is no physical evidence of a fight or struggle it is hard to convince people she feared him and was raped.

this video goes a long way into showing why a young girl could have felt powerless.

Acting the victim was really rich considering the way he was baiting his brother before he slammed the door on the cameras. If we didn't see it, he didn't do anything and he is to be believed. "Respected". That video illustrates beautifully how easy it is for him to lie.

Anonymous said...

Who is that in the pic up top? He is ugly as son. Gross lipstick shade, too.
What a hissy fit thrower in the video. The little brother should have gone karate crazy and opened up a can of whoop ass on his frantic little hissy fit.

Anonymous said...

should say "ugly as sin" lol

Anonymous said...

I like how he tries to act black except no neck action in his hissy fit

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a young man or ardent TV viewer used this video for a comparison to a rape allegation?

Baiting his brother? You really think that?

He was being his usual annoying self, imo, and cranking up the music to please himself. His older, and a tad bit larger OLDER brother, could hear it and not go to sleep. Annoyed, and now pissed after having the same discussion before, he attempts to tell him again in an (MORE?)aggressive manner.

The truths revealed:
Younger brother-you talk to me like I'm a child
Older brother-I need you to respect me (Does he really? Isn't respect something that's earned.) and closes in with physical intimidation and when he is TOLD not to spit in the other's face, he resorts to belittling by thumping the younger one's nose. A form of humiliation in such a heated argument.

The smaller brother has always been under the other's thumb by mere birth order and perhaps the parents always told him to do as the older said and he did.

Now the older brother reverts to parental threatening by proclaiming he is in HIS house (IDK)and the other should play by his rules (makes sense)but, childishly brings up that the other brother took a photo of a girl he'd just broke up with in HIS car (what that has to do with the price of tea in China I don't know)like that should never happen and he should be mad at the girl, too ???

It would have been simpler to state what the house rules were and remind his brother to adhere to those rules.

They fight, make up and forget it.

Rape is different.

Tell me why this video is here.

IS it the Golden Rule? He that holds the gold rules?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much fun I had with him frolicking with our blended family through the fields on our photoshoot, me in my autumn dress (probably slightly too risque with the slit up the side but Davey said it would be OK since he was wearing tighty jeans again). When I look over and smiled at him, it was sincere, I see our future together, the nights lying in bed together dreaming of our ministry while he surfs gay porn, and holding his hand through God's walk.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure if he was "The One" but God had a special talk with me and told me it would be OK and that I was doing God's work to be his handmaiden on his journey.

He told me he would take me to the ballet and as he always full of surprises, a woman took me instead, and that's when I knew how much respect he had for me, that he would never let me fall.

Anonymous said...

When I look in his eyes, for the first time ever, I saw my future, not only as his loving wife, not only as his partner, his companion, his helpmaiden, but as his future bride walking together with Christ.

Davey and I have Christ as the centerpiece of our union.

Anonymous said...

Davey stole my jacket even though Im a petite size 0, and paired it with skinny jeans on our walk with God.

Anon said...

Anon 10:51 - 12:06

Very funny!

Anonymous said...

Anon, you must be a decorator or a florist as most Christians would probably use the word "cornerstone" in place of "centerpiece."

I'd guess decorator first since you place clothing as a priority in your gay fantasizing of Blackburn,

I read his blog and he is consumed what others think, but he'll press on anyway; you will,too.

They'll continue to meet at Chic-Fil-A, cuz that's where the beef aint'. In addition, it is Christian owned and denounces the gay agenda-boycott worthy which is why you stick like glue to narcissistic Davey and his clan.

For a few extra clicks, Roy Moore is still up for grabs. He's got that conspiracy thing coupled with spiritual battle environment happening. Wouldn't you be much happier in Ga.?

Anonymous said...

"Turn it off!"

Anonymous said...

Why are you yelling at me? I just said he stole my jacket on our walk with God. Im not a decorator but I do love flowers. Davey bought me some from the 7-11 after God told him to do that while he was showering.

Anonymous said...

@951, Are you serious? It was a friggin joke. Im not obssessed with Davey. I looked at his blog post bc someone was asking about it on here & posted the link. Get a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't yelling.

"Like a light switch."

Anonymous said...

WTF that is the gayest song ever! I think listening to it just burned some of my brain cells. I guess I should turn off my worries about Davey. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I think the photo you have up at the top of this story is of younger brother Aaron Carter, not the accused Nick Carter. Just an FYI

Unknown said...

nick is innocent..and your blog is bullshit! you are BIG LIAR! we already know that the lying bitch Melissa hired u to make a fake blog against shut up and leave nick carter alone! you're such a freak, a loser and a famewhore..get a life! lol

Unknown said...

nick is innocent..this lying bitch making false accusations towards nick is just using him...just saw her video talking about her career saying that her goal is to become important on the internet and trending to get her career back on track. .Plus her details about the rape allegations is obviously copied frm someone else..AND that girl allegedly said I'm a virgin - saving myself for my husband which is something she said as well. What is the likelihood that detail would be exactly the same.. clearly this one of her desperate moves to get attention and publicity

Unknown said...

this blogspot analysis is bullshit! this is is a big LIAR! aside from waiting 15years for her to come forward, her stories also keeps on changing.. there has been a lot of holes and inconsistencies w/ her story..anyway, one of her friend told us that she is indeed mentally ill and obsessed with fact, she has been going in and out of the hospital..she has been following nick all these years bcoz she haven't move on yet ever since she hooked up w/ him..she was dating her husband when she hooked up w/ nick and lost her virginity, and so she made up the rape thing as an excuse why she wasn't a virgin for him..right now she is broke and cant afford to buy her own house..she's desperate for money thats why she is provoking nick so she can sue him for bad, a lot of ppl already know that she is lying.. lots of evidences coming out that that this is one of her desperate moves so she can get her career #timesupmelissa #deadbroke #loser #falserapeallegations #TellTheTruth #StopTheLies #istandwithnickcarter