Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Analysts & Student Analysts: Homework & Test Submissions

Homework & Test Submissions

The pace you set for home study is your own, but the reminder is the same:  the slower, the better. 

The richness comes through both time and experience.  As depth of understanding grows, so must exposure to how human nature is revealed in language. 

Your homework submissions should be very lengthy.  It should not simply include answers, but explanations and new examples to buttress your position. 

Chapter tests should be even more full and fleshed out to actually "instruct" the recipient.  

Live Ongoing Training 

In our live ongoing training, held monthly,  those who are enrolled in the Complete Statement Analysis or our Advanced Course, are eligible to make application for such training.  It is on an approval only basis. 

This training is dynamic, unpredictable, and exciting.  It is where you work with professionals to hone your skills and learn the self discipline techniques used for accuracy. 

For those of you enrolled,  please email HyattAnalysis@gmail once you pass 60 hours of live training, and again at 90 hours. 

At this point, the final aspect of Certification comes from the recommendation of approval of your work from three (3) professionals.  Please include "Training Hours" in the subject line of the email.  

Certification is a statement of confidence that the expectation of at or near 100% accuracy in deception detection is achieved.  For those with professional license renewal requirements, CEUs (Continuing Educational Unit hours) apply.

As the training advances, Employment Analysis, Anonymous Author Identification and other advanced elements are introduced and practiced.  Our foundation remains deception detection, which is routinely revisited, sometimes in quizzes, and sometimes in live cases.  It remains the bedrock for advanced work.  

If you wish to host a training seminar, or enroll in our at-home course, please visit our website, look through this blog of examples, and email HyattAnalysis@gmail.com to enroll.  

Tuition payment plans available for law enforcement only. 

If you represent a small department where the cost of hosting a seminar is prohibitive, please contact us for discussion.  

Licensed Social Workers, especially those who supervise or work in child protective:  we tailor the work specifically towards children and adult interviewing.  Adults with Developmental Disabilities are many times more likely to be sexually abused than the general population. We show how to get to the truth of what happened, but also how to present the material to prosecutors.  

Sex Crimes Units:  We offer both Statement Analysis Training for Sex Crimes Units, with the focus upon victims' language, and offer for those already trained and experienced in sex crimes, advanced analysis in working with adult victims of childhood sexual abuse, PTSD like symptoms within language, perseveration, and other distinctive elements within these sensitive cases. 

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