Thursday, March 22, 2018

Training & Certification Opportunities & Announcements

Statement Analysis is "deception detection training" that is invaluable to law enforcement, journalism, business, hiring, negotiation, social services, litigation, and so on.  Wherever communication exists, this skill, once acquired and employed serves us well.

Trainings Offered

We offer both seminars and in-home training. The seminars vary, dependent upon the audience and the need.  We have seminars in Statement Analysis, as well seminars specifically designed for law enforcement, this includes advanced training for Sex Crimes Units, Military intelligence, Handwriting Analysis with Steve Johnson, advanced analysis for employment, and training for adult/child protective services.  Sex Crimes Units, like social services (child abuse, elderly abuse, therapists, counselors) requires specific study of victim language. 

Steve Johnson, detective (ret) is a certified Statement Analyst and a handwriting expert.  I have long doubted and struggled with the efficacy and accuracy of HWA due to unprincipled application. This changed while working with Steve. Steve's understanding of human nature, evident in his work in statement analysis, flows seamlessly into the handwriting analysis.  As required in statement analysis, he imposes self discipline, discards guess work, and has produced consistent matching with the psycho-linguistic profiling done within statement analysis.  Combing the disciplines is exciting and to further the advantage of the analyst. Although e writing has diminished volume, we have case after case where the HWA and SA matched and helped formulate strategy for the interview, as well as the overall investigative process.  With the use of the Employment Questionnaire, many are still handwritten. 

The at home training is the same training done within law enforcement and it is the "Complete Statement Analysis Course."  This is done with both e version and printed book and tuition includes 12 months of e support.

In the UK, years ago a study was done that showed those trained in SCAN had a 74% success rate in deception.  The participants were given 2 1/2 days of training and tested.  I liken this to 20 hours of training on the guitar and asking the guitarist to play the Royal Albert Hall.  Had those who received this initial training received ongoing training, the 100% accuracy rate would have been reached.  The dismissal of said results stated it was not "cost effective." 

The initial Statement Analysis training must be supported and it is that new enrollees work at 100% accuracy because their work is checked. If an error is made, it can be traced and corrected.  The only exception to the 100% accuracy expectation is the contamination of a statement. This is where an interview took place before the written statement, and the statement itself is answering questions unknown to the analyst.  This is best set aside, though advanced analysts may work through the contaminated statement.  It is also something analysts are trained to spot. 

Once you are enrolled in the Compete Statement Analysis Course or attending a full seminar, you are eligible to sign up for monthly guided team analysis training. Acceptance is at the discretion of Hyatt Analysis Services.  

This is where you work, online, with professionals from around the world on specific cases.  It is to put your knowledge to work and it allows you to interact with some of the best analysts within law enforcement, intelligence, military and the private sector. 


The live monthly training is eligible for Continuing Educational Units used for professional licenses in the United States where renewal is necessary. (CEUs).  It can be done monthly, or a 25% discount is given for those who sign up for a 12 month subscription. 

Our accreditation is only worth what our work results yield.  

As we work together, we maintain the level of 100% accuracy in detecting deception as well as moving into advanced work, such as psycho-linguistic profiling, employment analysis, anonymous author identification, threat assessment  and so on. With limited exception, no analyst/investigator should submit work without a second opinion.  Our support system of professionals allows for this review of our work. 

To reach the accredited level of Statement Analyst I, the analyst must:

1.  Participate in Seminar or Complete Statement Analysis Course (successful completion, including homework and all tests). 

2.  The participant must obtain a minimum of 60 hours of live work.  

3.  Approval of three (3) professional analysts.  This is where your work is observed over time (one you go beyond 60 hours) where 3 professionals critique your input.  This generally includes one federal level, one full time instructor and one private sector professional. 

60 hours is the minimum, with certification coming generally beyond this.  Those who enroll in multiple trainings expose themselves to more training, more statements and most importantly, repetition.  

The recommendation by three professionals indicates the confidence in the work for 100% accuracy in detecting deception.  

This accreditation is our "letter of reference" for the analyst.  It means the expectation of excellence remains consistent. 

Announcement:  Those who are beyond 60 hours and have submitted all their tests, homework and quizzes, please email with the following:

1.  Subject Header:  Accreditation 
2.  Information:  Number of current hours live training 
3.  Length of participation (months/years) study
4.  Name exactly as it is to appear on Certificate.  

Please note that some include their rank yet due to the excellence of work, have been promoted beyond said rank. 

Homework submissions - responses generally consist of:

1.  Concerns addressed
2.  Requests for more information, including samples.  
3.  Some questions, if needed. 

These submissions should be lengthy in instruction and written as if one is addressing the untrained public; explaining each point. 

This will later serve you in submissions to supervisors, district attorneys, editors, etc, as well as in potentially sharing your findings with the general public.

Currently, we have openings for Wednesday and Thursday training. This takes place in the last full week of each month (sans holidays) and is 6 hours, live, at Go To Meeting.  Enrollment is at the discretion of Hyatt Analysis and includes a confidentiality agreement. 

Statement Analyst II certification is:

1.  Successful completion of SA Course
2.  Succesful completion of Advanced Course
3.  Minimum of 120 hours of live training 
3.  Submission of thesis or similar paper
4.  Written approval of three professionals. 

This is to certify 100% accuracy in detecting deception, with the exception of contaminated statements, as well as consistently high level submission of advanced analysis, psycho-linguistic profiling, anonymous author identification and employment analysis. 

It is a marathon of work, with submissions going well beyond deception detection.  It is based upon the Complete Course which is the prerequisite for enrollment. This is for the active professional, proficient at detecting deception, moving into advanced areas of study.  

Complete Statement Analysis Course 

A certificate of Completion is issued for this course.  This is not only valuable for one's resume, but for those who do live interviews, it is a certificate hung in the office where said interviews take place, which puts the subject on notice:  the Interviewer expects truth. Successful completion of this course includes all submissions.  The live monthly training is not required for completion. 

The live training is addictive and for some, it is a life commitment of continually applying their skills and learning from other professionals.  As iron sharpens iron, so it is that many of these top professionals are both generous and humble; they love to share and they love to learn.  Entrance into the live training is not guaranteed. A single, free invitation may be extended to those enrolled in training.  

Live Training Expectations and Results 

In some cases, we take submissions from law enforcement in the United States where we assistance is requested.  This comes under strict Confidentiality.  There have been cases solved of which the emotional satisfaction within the team is acute.  These are teams of analysts and student analysts, working together for a common goal.  The support new enrollees experience is routinely cited as a source of encouragement.  

It is, in this sense, to take all the learning, and begin to, step by step, apply it in real-time cases, with professionals of whom consequence of the work is at hand. 

Other trainings are restricted to law enforcement and military personnel only and may require background checks. 

Tuition payment plans are only available to law enforcement and military.  

If our work indicates excellence, our accreditation's worth is evident.  

As we put our names upon our work, it is that we must buttress and explain our conclusion in a matter that is understood by non trained recipients, including juries, judges, prosecutors, supervisors and even suspects in our interviews.  


MizzMarple said...

Good Afternoon, Peter,

My apologies for being off topic with the request below.

Would you be able to do an analysis of this "open letter" by Gayle Benson, third wife and now widow, of Tom Benson?

Tom Benson was the owner of the New Orleans Saints professional football team and owner of the New Orleans Pelicans professional basketball team, who passed away on March 15, 2018. Gayle's letter was written on March 16, 2018.

Thank You, Peter!


Read Gayle Benson's open letter to New Orleans Saints, Pelicans fans

Updated Mar 16; Posted Mar 16

By Herbie, | The Times-Picayune

New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner Gayle Benson released an open letter to fans Friday (March 16) in the wake of the death of her husband, Tom Benson, who died Thursday (March 15) at the age of 90 after a month-long bout with pneumonia.

Here is her full statement:

"While we are heartbroken by the loss of my husband, we are also tremendously grateful for the overwhelming love and prayers we continue to receive. Tom Benson's love for his teams was rooted in his love for the fans. There was nothing he enjoyed more than greeting fans on game days, driving around training camp practices to shake hands or seeing so many loyal fans welcoming the team back from a road trip- win or lose. He felt a special connection to our incredible fan base because he truly felt like a fan himself - a hardworking, passionate New Orleanian who loved everything about his city. Following the Super Bowl victory, his first order of business was figuring out how he could share the Lombardi Trophy with as many of you as he could. He vowed that our trophy would be the most traveled, touched and photographed in the history of the NFL and ordered that a tour of the Gulf South be scheduled so that as many fans as possible could have their turn with it.

"To his very last day, Tom Benson's greatest hope was to bring more championships to our fans. I want you to know we are more committed than ever to make his hopes a reality. We will never forget his belief in what truly powers our teams- our fans. I would like to assure you that we planned carefully for this day and, while my husband could never be replaced, I am blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful leadership team and staff and we will move forward successfully together. We cannot thank you enough for all of the joy you gave my husband and will continue to do everything within our power to make you proud of our teams and city.
"Thank you for your continued prayers and support as we celebrate my husband's extraordinary life. Most of all, thank you for your unwavering devotion to our teams and city. I look forward to sharing many more special times together."

Gayle Benson
New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans

MizzMarple said...


Regarding my request for an analysis on the letter above, I note the following:

1. The letter was written by Gayle (one person), but starts off "While we ..." I counted "we" 9 times in the letter, and "I" 4 times.

Question: Who is "we" ?

2. In reference to the deceased: Gayle wrote "my husband" 4 times; her husband's full name "Tom Benson" 2 times; and Gayle referred to him as "he" 5 times.

Question: Is there distance when the term "my husband" is used? And what about the use of his full name?

Does Gayle speak for herself, or on behalf of others?


Just an FYI: I live in the New Orleans area, so I am familiar with all the "legal drama" that started about 3 years ago regarding this family. The original successors to the sports teams were Tom's daughter and 2 grandchildren. But in January 2015, Tom announced that he was transferring his estate, to include control of the Saints and Pelicans sports team, to his wife Gayle, and the lawsuits began.

I am not a sports fan, so I do not care what happens to the professional sports teams, who owns the teams or manages the teams, etc.

I do not know any of the parties personally.

I tried to do an honest analysis of this letter/statement, but my "bias" - which was based on the lawsuits - seems to get in the way.

Thank you Peter !

I hope to have some input from you as well as your posters.

LuciaD said...

The live training is addictive, it's one of the most gratifying things I have participated in for a long time. It's been a privilege to join in.