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Pete Townsend Statement on Child Pornography

Music has a profound impact upon our lives.  Studies showing a release of dopamine, for example, are things people have known since antiquity.  

Consider, therefore, the impact of an increase of dopamine on the brain of a teenager; one in the midst of acute hormonal increase and activity is especially powerful.

In teaching Statement Analysis to investigators, one in the audience asked, "Did Michael Jackson molest children or was that just a money scheme?"

Great question for analysis. 

We viewed the statements made, openly, by Michael Jackson in which he was both indicated for deception (guilty of molestation) but also revealed that he had victims in other countries besides the United States. 

One investigator objected and although she had done well in the training, could no longer accept Statement Analysis as a tool of investigation.  

Her reason?

She loved Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album. The emotional connection caused a shut down. She did not disagree with any point of the analysis.  She was disgusted by the conclusion and was lost to training. 

She was intelligent, educated and experienced.  

She saw how, case after case, the same principles were applied in the same methodology and agreed with each point, each building of analysis, and each conclusion, but not when it came to Michael Jackson. 

Yet, she was no longer interested in training. 

So it is with human nature. 

Sometimes we can separate the person from the entertainment. For some, context dependent, it cannot be done.

When I enjoy a restaurant, I do not want to know the chef's personal life. 

Heather used to say, "Please don't tell me what Bob Hope was like in real life; I enjoy his movies."

For others, there is a hero like status that clouds judgment. 

Someone may take a rubber ball and throw it, accurately, through a metal hoop and this person is now given exalted status for the skill. 

Another may be a gifted musician, who knows little about anything but his music, yet he is "the voice" to follow politically.  

Even Propaganda uses music to persuade. 

Music can raise or lower our blood pressure, our moods, and can even impact violence.  

When one worships an entertainer, all reason may be lost. 

Pete Townsend was found to have purchased child pornography. His statement is useful today in learning deception detection techniques, as well as equipping mental health professionals to better help people and keep children safer. 

Everyone of us has a personal, internal subjective dictionary. 

Pedophiles are sexually aroused by pre pubescent children. 
Child pornography is evidence of a crime having already taken place. The photos are designed to elicit a sexual response from the viewer who is sexually aroused by pre pubescent children. Whether or not one has sexually molested  a child, it is the attraction itself  that is addressed.

When caught, Townsend said he was doing research for law enforcement. 

In working on child abuse cases, some have had child pornography.  Here, some investigators could review it, and testify later,  or could allow a single designated law enforcement professional the task instead. Their work was to determine if the actors were beneath a certain age and biological threshold for puberty.  The professional was trained specifically for this task.  It would then fall upon the trained professional to testify; not the investigator.  The investigator could testify to behavioral elements, but not evidence. 

Those who review the evidence in such cases can be psychologically traumatized. This is why training is needed and the position is short-lived, or rotated.   As computer imagery advances, so does the deviant exploitation of children, warranting greater law enforcement techniques.  Yet these officers, themselves, need psychological support for the work they do. 

Exposure to general child abuse causes secondary trauma, from seeing injuries first hand, interviewing child victims, removing children from acutely abusive homes, to horrific crime scene photos, interviewing pedophiles and from analysis. 

They can be haunted by the imagery of children's lives destroyed. 

I am haunted, to date, of staring into the  blue lifeless eyes of a child on life support, brain dead, soon to die. She had been shaken, in a moment of frustration, by a young man freshly discharged from military.  He was interrogated loudly for hours to no avail. 

I sat with him silently for less than an hour and he told me what happened. The screaming was impenetrable and he used the same defensive technique on the frustrated interrogator that he used in the military: disassociation. 

Analytical Human Empathy

It is in analysis that we must have "analytical human empathy" for accuracy. This means "getting into the head" of innocents, as well as murderers, thieves, exploiters, racists, homophobes, child molesters, rapists, arsonists and so many more. 

This linguistic empathy does not excuse criminal, immoral, illegal or illicit behavior.  

It grasps it and identifies the steps that led to it.  

It is routine for an analyst who has completed the work on a vile crime case to say, "I want to shower off this filth" in some form or another. 

Law Enforcement professionals most all suffer from some form of psychological trauma, whether they admit to this or not. 

The routine traffic stop, each and every time, means the possibility of a civil exchange, or that the professional will not be coming home tonight to his or her spouse and children. This erodes their immune systems slowly and incessantly.  

These professionals often adapt but fail to realize the toll it takes. Later, as their natural hormonal strength decreases with aging, depression, anxiety and self medicating (substance abuse) are often unwelcome guests. 

Child Abuse Victims and Child Abuse Victimizers

Most victims of childhood sexual abuse do not go on to offend. 
Of those who offend, most all have been victims of childhood sexual abuse. I have yet to interview one who either confessed to his (or her) own childhood abuse, or it was in the language. Child abuse takes lifetime tolls and it is difficult to quantify. 

I cannot prove "all", but I have never encountered one, or a professional who believed he or she has encountered one, or a single statement to suggest to the contrary. The unnatural sexual arousal towards a child  began somewhere. 

 This article was written when it was only rumored that musician Pete Townsend was involved in child pornography. 

Question:  Who is to blame for Pete Townsend downloading child pornography?

Statement Analysis gets to the truth.  

Please note that we have covered Pete Townsend's prior statements denying accessing child pornography.  When caught with child pornography, he said he purchased it for research sake.  This is from an article came out years ago as rumors surfaced that he was caught downloading pornography via the use of his credit card.

 Prior analysis showed deception indicated on the part of Townsend.  Please note that most involved in child pornography report being sexual abused as a child and we are able to view the veracity of this allegation through their language as well as through collateral interviews. 

Rock star Pete Townshend has admitted paying to enter an Internet site advertising child pornography but said he had done so "purely to see what was there." 

If a site advertised expensive Mercedes Benz cars, would you enter it to see if it sold sailboats? 

The admission came in a statement released  which emphasised his "anger and vengeance towards the mentally ill people who find paedophilic pornography attractive".

He was on a "righteous pursuit."  This is often the indication of guilt; faux morality or faux moral supremacy.   It is also why we flag repetition as to increase sensitivity within analysis: any word repeated, like a topic, becomes seen as increasingly important to the subject. 

The statement was distributed to reporters gathered outside his mansion in Richmond, south west London, after he discussed rumours that he is involved in a police investigation into child pornography.

The statement by The Who guitarist - idolised by fans since the 1960s - said:

 "I am not a paedophile. I have never entered chat rooms on the Internet to converse with children. I have, to the contrary, been shocked, angry and vocal (especially on my web site) about the explosion of advertised paedophilic images on the Internet.

Here he tells us what he did not do, and why he did not do it.  This is the "rule of the negative" times two.  It is extremely sensitive. He did not view child pornography to "chat."  This is motive reported in the negative, buttressed in the negative. 

It tells the analyst:  he entered into child pornography to do something other than "chat" with children.  This is alarming. 

Next, note the "Good Guy" principle where he tells us he was "shocked, angry and vocal (activist)" with the emotion being also "unnecessary information."  Who wouldn't be "shocked"?  Who would not be "angry"?

The need to tell us that which needs no reporting should be carefully considered (principle:  "Rule of the Negative" meets "the Good Guy") which addresses awareness of guilt.  

The one who needs to portray himself as "the good guy" is giving the paradoxical view in admission. Bad guys have the need for a new portrait.  This is similar to those who refer to themselves as "normal" in a statement.  It indicates anything but normal. 

I have been writing my childhood autobiography for the past seven years. I believe I was sexually abused between the age of five and six and a half when in the care of my maternal grandmother who was mentally ill at the time. I cannot remember clearly what happened, but my creative work tends to throw up nasty shadows - particularly in Tommy.

This is the "hina clause" of explaining "why" he did what he did, and I believe him. 

Listen to him.

He entered child porn chat rooms where men exchange child pornography and arrange for access to children to sexually abuse them. 

He did not go there to chat. 

He now tells us why he went there. 

He went there because he believes he was sexually abused.

He is telling the truth. 

He is technically truthful about not going to chat and the double negative presentation tells us he is withholding information about what he sought, but he reliably tells us the genesis of his interest:  sexual abuse. 

His sexual arousal by children stems from his own childhood sexual abuse.  

Even when attempting to deceive, subjects reveal truth.  This is why the training is such a powerful tool:  we do not dismiss liars; we listen to them. 

Note that he tells us, in an open Statement what he cannot remember.  He reveals knowledge of suppressed memory. 

Tangent Diversion 

Note the entrance of "Tommy" (a reference to his work, not a person).  This is "unnecessary" information, making it of great importance to the analyst.  

Recall the manipulative appeal this may have upon his audience.  
It is as to say 'if you loved Tommy, there's no way I can be a bad guy' some form.  

It may also be used as a tangent.  

Some of the things I have seen on the Internet have informed my book which I hope will be published later this year, and which will make clear to the public that if I have any compulsions in this area, they are to face what is happening to young children in the world today and to try to deal openly with my anger and vengeance towards the mentally ill people who find paedophilic pornography attractive.

Linguistic Disposition

In advanced analysis, the investigator or analyst has a foundation of at or near 100% accuracy in detecting deception. They move now to psycho-linguistic profiling. 

In this advanced analysis, we view the "linguistic disposition" towards another by the subject. 

Setting:  he is angry and he is vengeful. 

Towards whom?

Is it towards the "monsters" or "pedophiles"?  

We follow his language and restrict projection. 

He is "angry" and he is "vengeful" (strong language) towards a specific description: 

"mentally ill."

This, for advanced analysts, cuts close to a linguistic admission of guilt. 

In the context of child sexual abuse and its evidence (child pornography) he has a "Positive Linguistic Disposition."

He cannot bring himself to condemnation, but to excuse pedophilia as a mental disorder. 

It may not, therefore, be the child sexual abuser's fault if he was ill.

This is where we note that the subject is speaking about himself. 

He is angry with himself.  It is "my anger" and "vengeance."

This tells trained therapists that his prognosis for treatment at the time of this statement, is not optimistic.  This is not one who takes personal responsibility. 

Please note some of the following observations and questions: 

 in the subject's language, does he relate mental illness to being sexually abused as a child?  

Would such lead to suicide?  

When someone accused of something says "only the mentally ill would do that" or "only someone sick in the head would do that" they often will describe themselves, later, as mentally ill.  

Please note the passive language "have informed my book" as passivity is used to conceal responsibility. 

Please note that "hope" is a weak assertion and unless he tells us his book will be published, we cannot say it will be.  This was his original claim when caught with child pornography. It is a "hina clause"; that is, within analysis, a most sensitive point.  It means the subject needs to explain something before he is asked. This is a pre-emptive move that often reveals guilt and even motive. 

 Most males caught with child pornography make one of two claims: 

1.  It got downloaded by itself (virus, someone sent it)
2.  The subject is learning about it to protect children

The first claim is easily debunked, usually by volume, and by use of passwords and credit cards.  When the first excuse is debunked, most all turn to the second claim, with slight variations, including "research" and "I have a niece who needs protection" and "I am a child advocate."

Now note the description of self is praise worthy. This is another signal of guilt: 

"I predicted many years ago that what has become the Internet would be used to subvert, pervert and destroy the lives of decent people. I have felt for a long time that it is part of my duty, knowing what I know, to act as a vigilante to help support organisations like the Internet Watch Foundation, the NSPCC and Scotland Yard to build up a powerful and well-informed voice to speak loudly about the millions of dollars being made by American banks and credit card companies for the pornography industry.

Note the language he chooses including "pervert" (verb) the lives of "decent people"; regarding the millions, how would he know who is "decent" unless he is referring to himself.  In his recent interview, he praised himself calling himself "genius" and other superlatives. 
Note to act as a "vigilante" is "part" of his duty; what other duties does he have?

Note that in the organizations listed, Scotland Yard is listed last.  SY claimed that Townsend was guilty in downloading child pornography.  

Seek to enter into his language:  

Note the guilty he vilifies:

It is not the makers of child pornography, nor is it the purchasers of child pornography:

It is the banks who issue the credit cards that are used by decent people to purchase child pornography.  

This is the subject's direction of language; not the perpetrators against children, but the banks who profit from the high interest rates. 

"That industry deliberately blurs what is legal and what is illegal, and different countries have different laws and moral values about this. I do not. I do not want child pornography to be available on the Internet anywhere at any time."

Please note that banks do not have any say as to what a customer uses his credit card for.  He vilifies the bank issuing the credit card in which the pedophile uses to purchase illegal and vile material.  

Please note that he does not "want" child pornography to be available "on the internet"; but he does not tell us that he doesn't want child pornography to exist. 

Why is Pete Townsend so angry at the bank that issued the credit card and not at the exploiters of children?

Why is Pete Townsend so angry at the credit card?

Townshend's statement concluded: "On one occasion I used a credit card to enter a site advertising child porn. I did this purely to see what was there. I spoke informally to a friend who was a lawyer and reported what I'd seen.

Please note "on one occasion" does not say "only once."  
Note that his statement begins with this "one" occassion but then puts the emphasis upon the use of a credit card.  

Question:  Would it matter how he accessed the site?  
Answer:    He was caught by tracing his credit card. 

Note that the site "advertised" child porn; indicating what it would have. 

Note he entered it to "see what was there" which had already been known since the site advertised child porn and this came first in his sentence, showing that he knew what was there. 

Note "purely" is a sensitivity indicator regarding his motive. 

Note the additional word "informally" in speech.  This is a strong indication that he is being deceptive:

"a friend" not "my friend" who is a lawyer, with "lawyer" coming late.  He "reported" what he had seen:  that the advertisement was true.  Does he want us to believe that he he needed to confirm that the advertisement of child porn was not "false advertising"? 

The guilty need to deal with their guilt, and often do so by projecting their guilt elsewhere, either demonizing someone else.  In this case, Townsend demonizes banks who issued the credit card which he used to access child pornography.  Next, he turns to elicit sympathy for himself: 

"I have enclosed my web site article about my friend Jenny who commit (sic) suicide because of sexual abuse she suffered as (a) child. "I hope you will be able to see that I am sincerely disturbed by the sexual abuse of children, and I am very active trying to help individuals who have suffered, and to prevent further abuse."

Note the need for him to say he is "sincerely" disturbed.  This statement preceded the public disclosure of his involvement in child pornography. 

The statement came after Townshend had earlier discussed rumours saying that he was the rock star reported to be at the centre of a police inquiry into claims of the downloading of child pornography from the Internet. Yesterday's Daily Mail reported that details of a musician, a household name on both sides of the Atlantic, had been passed to detectives dealing with an American pay per view porn ring.
Earlier Townshend himself came to the door in a white dressing gown to explain he had studied child pornography for research into a campaign against it - and had told police what he was doing. The 57-year-old star said: "I am not a paedophile. I think paedophilia is appalling."

Please note that "I am not a paedophile" is not the same as saying, "I did not download child pornography"
Please also note it is in the present tense.  

In dealing with pedophiles, skilled therapists convince those seeking help to allow them to be polygraphed by the therapist (or a hired polygrapher) where direct questions are asked:

Are you sexually attracted to children? and so on.  This is often used in the early stages of therapy and is used to gauge the level of risk a pedophile poses to the community.  It is not a treatment for pedophilia.  When a subject willingly acknowledges sexual attraction to children, he will often agree to supervised contact with his own children, for example, rather than go to court to dispute it.   Skilled therapists know that the subject will not be "talked out of" their sexual attraction, so they seek to minimize risk by polygraphing a willing subject, and setting boundaries (no computer use, no alcohol use, no going to parks, playgrounds, Little League games, and so on). 

Here, as an activist, he set himself up to be a martyr where he could shift blame to another.  

In doing so, he also sought to provoke pity: 

Townshend said: "To fight against paedophilia, you have to know what's out there. "I've been in touch with Scotland Yard to tell them what I was doing. I have contacted them but no police officers have contacted me. "I am waiting for the police to talk to me but they haven't been round.
"I was worried this might happen and I think this could be the most damaging thing to my career."

Note" "I've been in touch" is passive; used to conceal responsibility.  It is true, he has been "in touch" with Scotland Yard; as Scotland Yard has been "in touch" with him. 

Note:  "to tell them "what I was doing" is present tense.  This is not "on one occassion" but ongoing. This is an admission of guilt. 
Note that which is in the negative. 

Damaging to his career; but nothing about the victims. This would not be expected from one who wishes to portray his motive as "vengeful" and to save children. 

Desensitization and Tolerance in language. 

He said he was interested in adult porn, adding: "I've always been into pornography and I have used it all my life. "I'm going to talk to my lawyers to see what happens next."

Note the position of his words:  he is into pornography and then "see what happens next" relating to lawyers.  It is close in proximity  to his "been into pornography."

The process of desensitization takes place with pornography, and as the thrill is met with built tolerance, to have the hormonal release, a new "thrill" is sought.  This is where desensitization and escalation meet. 

It is something sometimes found in very high level financial crimes of exploitation where the subject has the means, time and ego to indulge self, and conceal his crimes from others. Men of power who have a history of exploitation can find it difficult to stop the "thrill" of conquest and the need for hormonal increase. 

Asked if he had a message for his fans, or if he planned to make a statement, he said: "I am not a paedophile. I want to clear my name. I'm going to see my son. I've not been charged with anything. I've always been warned about campaigning about this. I'm hoping that this will go away."

The media said the name, credit card details and e-mail address of the star involved in the investigation were contained in a list of 7,000 people passed to British police by the US Postal Service after the pay per view service was smashed.

British police conducted their largest ever investigation, codenamed Operation Ore, into online paedophilia and child pornography. 

About 1,300 people, including a judge, magistrates, dentists, hospital consultants and a deputy headmaster were arrested.

Fifty police officers were arrested and eight of them charged with offences, including two officers involved in the investigation into the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. 

Analysis Conclusion:  Deception Indicated 

Pete Townsend entered the child pornography sites due to the sexual attraction to children that began, he believes, by being molested. 

His motive was not to chat, but was one which he sought to conceal.  This is a strong indication that he went to engage. 

In the psycho-linguistic profile, he reveals a bit about himself:  his background, experiences, priorities and personality.

1. Decent. He considers himself to be a "decent" person,

2. He considers himself "decent"  but one who is "mentally ill" rather than "guilty of criminal behavior." As being "ill", it is not his fault.

3.  He is manipulative.  The language suggests substance abuse, as this is often seen in manipulation. 

4.  He projects guilt. 

5.  He was, at the time of this statement, giving some insight into possible suicidal ideation.  The legal fight may have provided impetus or inspiration (energy). 

6.  He is aware of his audience acutely. 

7.  He does not indicate linguistic empathy for victims. 

8.  He does have empathy for himself, however. 

9. At the time of this statement, he was high risk for recidivism. 

10. Although the rejection of the classical view of human nature in exchange for the therapeutic view is evident, the negative external (fear) consequences could limit him. 

This is often dismissed in moralizing language but in human nature it is necessary to have:

Negative External Consequences. 

The negative internal consequences (tender conscience) are a strong assistance in limiting criminal behavior (including theft) but alone, will not.  The fear of imprisonment, loss of employment, finance, etc, all will hinder criminal behavior.  

What is missing from his language, especially in this context, is human empathy for the victims.  

Some argue that aging will provide a reduced risk to children. 

Having investigated elderly perpetrators, including those who sexually abused children from their wheel chairs, this is a wrong comparison to physical violence and the declination of hormones of male criminals. 

"I am not a pedophile" is to deny the current state.  It is similar to an addict who says, "I don't do drugs", having just personally quit the day before, or the hour before the statement. It is to deny status and conclusion but it is not to say, "I am not sexually attracted to children."  

In the years since making these statements, it is unknown what factors contribute to his current status. 

Pedophiles are often drawn to where children may be accessed.  This includes scouting, schools, coaching, as well as religious organizations where they sometimes will reveal conflict.  They seek children while seeking something to alleviate guilt. They often find religious organizations to be "trusting" and "forgiving", which often leads to lowered or non supervision and oversight. 

Trauma and Treatment

In any trauma, we often respond in one of two ways: 

we either become cold, indifferent, and defensively self protecting, or we become deeply empathetic towards victims, including hyper vigilance over our children. 

Most adults who experienced childhood sexual abuse do not go on to offend, but  become loving, protective parents. Through hurt, they bring healing to others. 

Some even need assistance to not become over protective.  


This is often controversial. 

Some will submit to professional disciplines, including oversight, restriction of access (internet), restriction of geography (schools, parks, etc regular counseling affirmed with the polygraph.("Did you visit...?  Did you go online and...?", etc)  

These self report being saddled with a sexual desire they did not seek nor want, from childhood sexual assault, and wish to not offend.

 They take personal responsibility (rather than state they take personal responsibility) and have human empathy towards victims.  They recognize the danger this sexual attraction poses, and work diligently on impulse control. These are those who have not committed a crime, but recognize the potential for such.  

The results vary too widely for consensus. 


Anonymous said...

This brings to mind the many comments that explained curious statements by Amanda Blackburn's relatives as "mental illness" and "narcissism".

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Although I’m not always a fan, here is a very emotional yet still accurate classification of deception.


MP said...

Very interesting, the bank is to blame, and it is a mental illness anyway, no mention of the child victims.

Townshend said: "To fight against paedophilia, you have to know what's out there. "I've been in touch with Scotland Yard to tell them what I was doing. I have contacted them but no police officers have contacted me. "I am waiting for the police to talk to me but they haven't been round. "I was worried this might happen and I think this could be the most damaging thing to my career."

-Note: "to tell them "what I was doing" is present tense. This is not "on one occassion" but ongoing. This is an admission of guilt.
Note that which is in the negative.

"What I was doing" is past progressive (past continuous)

He was in touch with them, but they were not in touch with him, about "what...(he) was doing"

How is this an admission of guilt?

Anonymous said...

I think it's a myth that some CSA victims go on to offend. Most of then say they were sexually abused as children but then when asked if they will take a lie detectir test, they retract their claim that they were sexually abused in childhood. Being raped does not make a person turn evil. Child rapists deserve no empathy & I would gladly pull the switch while they are in the electric chair and I would not a lose a second of sleep over it.
I believe CSA offenders are predators & sexual sadists. Child rapists should be executed. They are the most dangerous members of society.

Anonymous said...

I really question whether child rapists are sexually attracted to children or whether it is sexual sadism motivating their actions, since most engage in relationships with adult women.

Anonymous said...

Any child rapist should be swiftly executed. If they choose to rape children, they deserve to die.

Anonymous said...

Child rapists are worse than killers imo.

Mike Dammann said...

I was guilty of not being neutral in the case of Woody Allen. It is tough for me to imagine someone I admire on many levels to be attracted to children. And it is also tough for me to imagine someone as successful to put himself into a position where he could lose an empire.

I have never admired Pete Townshend and there was always something off about him. He is worth 100s of Millions but the singer making his songs famous received crumbs. Yes, the singer is a total idiot as interviews with him reveal, but Townshend has always come off like a weasel. "Who are you?" is probably a song he wrote about his inner turmoil and identity crisis.

Here are a couple of other things:

"if I have any compulsions in this area"

Compulsion is a strong word indicating an uncontrollable urge. It goes beyond an interest in research. He tells us more or less that what he did was something that he couldn't control.

He also later refers to an upcoming visit with his son. An attempt to paint himself as a loving father meaning of course he couldn't possibly be a pedophile.

Sure, he may have never acted on his urges in terms of actually violating a child. But again, this is not the issue at hand. The issue is downloading illegal material. And as your analysis has obviously shown, he is guilty in that regard.

I remember him and his singer being scheduled on The Howard Stern Show and while in the greenroom, they overheard Robin Quivers bringing up the pedophilia accusations against him. Before the segment began, Pete left the building and took off. Roger Daltrey then went on the air blaming Howard and crew for chasing him away.

Could it really be that Pete Townshend was so used to being protected by British media that he assumed Robin Quivers, a victim of CSA herself, would be quiet about this for the sake of an interview. Could it be that getting away with such crime gave him such a sense of being above the law that he expected people to not even think about it anymore?

LuciaD said...

The words "if I have any compulsions in this area" allows for the possibility of it. A person with no such compulsions would never say that!

Tania Cadogan said...

Rape is not about sex it is about power and control over the victim.
This got me wondering.

Most rapists target adult victims be it female or more rarely male, it is having the power and control over their victim, subduing them and taking what they want from the victim, it shows dominance, they are on a par with another adult and able to conquer them,they are the alphas.

I wonder if paedophiles realize that they are not alphas and could not dominate another adult to get control, power and sex.
They would be dealt with harshly by their victim, they would suffer physical harm from an adult victim.
Instead they target children either very young or up to pre-teen and adolescent.
Possibly the paedophile will target only those they could safely as in risking less harm to themselves.
beta males perhaps able to target an older child whilst those at the bottom of the pack would target the very young, those children who could not fight back, children who resisted the least due to age and presented no risk of harm to the paedophile.

Thinking along these lines, my comments would apply to males, but what about female paedophiles?
they tend to be attracted to very young children as we have seen in the news when nursery workers have been found guilty of abuse.

Some do it to please their husbands/boyfriends/male lovers.
Is this a case of perhaps not an alpha male but maybe a beta male exerting control over a beta female or one who is inclined to be more submissive and will do what she is told to in order to keep the male happy and make her own life seem happier?
Better to have a man who is abusive than no man at all.
Perhaps also these women are alpha females running a household with a beta male.
the men would be considered hen pecked, unable to take control, to make decisions for the house.
Often these are heavier or well built compared to the male.
They bully and even resort to rage or violence when someone stands up to them.
What the woman says goes, she rules the roost and is seen to be dominant
What about the few who have no male int their life?
These are rarer still.

I wonder if they have masculine attributes, perhaps more testosterone in their body than would be expected in a healthy female?
That they would sexually abuse a young child or even baby would cause me to question if they had any maternal instinct since to cause harm to a child is not expected.
I wonder what a full health exam would reveal?
I wonder also if sexual abuse by a woman is not done for sexual enjoyment, again rather perhaps one of power and control.
Is it because the woman herself is being dominated and she in turn seeks to dominate someone smaller and younger?

Tania Cadogan said...


What reason could she have to completely ignore all maternal instinct and take what would essentially be that of a male role?
Could this relate to herself having been sexually abused as a child and thinking if she had to endure it, so should her female children?
Could she see it as perhaps altruistic, telling her child victims this is what happens when you get older and excusing her actions as being that of teaching sex education practicals for when the child grows up?
Could it also be down to religious belief , either the usual run of the mill religions or the smaller lesser known ones, either sub sects of mainstream ones or the cults

Paedophilia also runs rampant in islam where violence and sex run together.
Sex with very young children is permitted with perhaps minor restrictions regarding actual penetration dependent on the child's age.
Violence is rewarded with sex and in islamic paradise male martyrs are rewarded with 72 perpetual virgins who have no bodily excretions and are ready to go anytime the male wants.
Do women get 72 male virgins i wonder?

Those who view child abuse images must be treated with the same severity as those who commit the actual physical crimes.
Viewing encourages those who act.
The viewers create the market.
If there were no viewers then perhaps there would be less abuse.
If you treat the crimes as the same then perhaps less children would be harmed since those harming and encouraging harm would be doing extremely long sentences in prison or hopefully executed regardless of their sex.

I will happily offer my services for castration and execution

Anonymous said...


Child rapists are sexual sadists. Attacking an adult would not inflict the same degree of pain--that is why they attack children & the size difference makes them feel more powerful & dominant (again that is an aspect of sadism) than if they attacked adults. I am sure many if them do also attack adults. Child rapists are capable of murder since what they do is WORSE than murder.

ima.grandma said...

The sadism begins early with animals because they are simplistic targets. It proceeds to adults, where the satisfaction of power doesn’t give them the same desired result. Ever increasing cravings to satisfy their urges, they prey off the child for sadistic pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Imagrandma, Insightful post....that is probably exactly the progression they follow. They are VERY dangerous individuals. I also feel they attack children bc they are sociopaths who despise weakness & vulnerability.

Ron said...

I hope child rapists will die in hell.

ima.grandma said...

Tania,”...whilst those at the bottom of the pack would target the very young, those children who could not fight back, children who resisted the least due to age and presented no risk of harm to the paedophile.”

The older pedophile hides as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He started young and through the evolution of his life from adolescent, to raging adult, to an older more cunning abuser - he seeks the youngest and most vulnerable victims, often presenting his facade of a loving grandfather.

ima.grandma said...

Because they despised those qualities in their own father.

ima.grandma said...

Because that’s what his own father sought to exploit against himself when he was weak, vulnerable and young.
He hates his father.
He becomes his father.
He hates himself.

ima.grandma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ima.grandma said...

I disagree with the narcissism element.

ima.grandma said...

I believe we’re speaking of two different species of the same animal.

One is genetically created over history and origin.

The other is the true narcissistic sociopath who chooses to be who they are and what they desire.




Hey Jude said...

I wonder why does he only believe, rather than know and remember, that he was sexually abused as a child?


I would be interested to know if anyone has analysed any statements of claimed 'recovered memories' of CSA, and if so, how often they were genuine. I am sceptical of 'recovered memories' and would like to know how well they stand up, or if they don't, in SA.


I remember, as an eleven or twelve year old, having discovered a stash of 'run of the mill' pornography magazines, that I also discovered they carried images of naked children as advertisements for 'special interest' magazines. The children could have been as young as three to seven. If they are still alive, they'd be around fifty now, give or take a couple of years - I wonder do they know, or remember. If they were drugged, could they know or remember?

Mike Dammann said...

Between the age of 6 and 8 I recall vividly other children wanting to sexually re-enact what had been done to them. In 2 cases I know they had been molested. One told me so directly but I didn't believe it not being able to imagine a grown man being interested in a girl my age. The other one stated a lot of things and indirectly told me what happened to her.

There is no need for me to go under hypnosis or recover anything. It is fresh on my mind as if it was yesterday though it happened over 40 years ago.

There is no "belief" that this might have happened. It stood out that though I don't remember many circumstances surrounding the incidents, the details of the attempts have always been right there in front of my mind.

In Townshend's case being around the ages of 5 and 6 1/2 I would assume that something so significant taking place is not a matter of believing or accepting.

You may forget details of a teacher being angry at you. But not details of an unnatural intrusion.

Anonymous said...

Would you consider saying "images of child sexual abuse" rather than "child pornography"?

Mimsie said...

Peter, would you review the statements that Andy Spade has made about his late wife Kate Spade, such as, "[we were] touch with her the night before and she sounded happy. There was no indication and no warning that she would do this. It was a complete shock....We were not legally separated and never even discussed divorce." Thank you.

Unknown said...

Compare Kate Spade's suicide note to her daughter to the "suicide" note Darlie Routier wrote in her diary to her boys.

Hey Jude said...

I agree, there's no need to go under hypnosis or recover anything if it happened, provided the child was of an age to remember. I know people who have no childhood memories before the age of ten - perhaps they had no shock or trauma to contend with, along with exceptionally poor memories - I don't know how likely that might be.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

No, they are two different things, though both are evidence.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Rape is distinctly about sex often accompanied by power and control.

the specific target is sexual including sexual gratification, sexual degradation, exertion of control in many but not all cases.

It is complicated.

The “rape is not about sex”:
This was feminine propaganda decades old that sought different agenda.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Many give weak assertions due to suppressed memories.

It is indication of a struggle.

They see the results of it, has some memory attached and attenpt to put pieces of a puzzle together.

If a subject has sexual attraction to children, for example, he may wonder as to its original cause.

Others, with what they perceive to be evidence, express Weakly to avoid a false allegation.

In this subject’s context, he’s being truthful.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Reenactment cal also be upon pets and toys.

Later, this person may wonder openly if he or she was sexually abused.

We go into each subject openly.

There are so many variables and human nature so complex.

Female rape/sexual molestation cases sometimes produce bizarre statements where the subject believes she is doing “good” by “pleasuring” the victim.

In rape, we also find a wide variety of motive including

Genuine misogyny
and much more.

This is why we avoid strong generalization because it isn’t accurate for investigators. It may fit narrative but it must be born out, not by verbal repetition but in the act.

The damages go well beyond anything I’ve been capable of describing.

It never ceases to surprise me in analysis. Each is unique and harrowing in its own way.

Hey Jude said...

Thanks, Peter. Just because I remember a lot from my early years does not mean that others necessarily do or can - it's all too easy to project.

Hey Jude said...

I was replying to your comment at 1.38, there. ^

Anonymous said...

How come people dont believe victims about what happened to them? I have PTSD, I have severe symptoms due to horrific things that happened to me, some of which I always remembered, and the zoloft has increased my recall of certain incidents I had blocked out, yet when I say what happened to me, people think I am making it up.
I was horrifically attacked when I was 4 yrs old, and Ted Bundy saved me while he was free after his 2nd escape. He grabbed me by the back of my shirt and yanked me backwards and then hit my attacker over the head, knocking him out. He told me he "was sleeping and wouldnt be waking up for a very long time". He saved my life. I had to go to the hospital and have surgery after that attack. I am telling the truth. What hope is thete for me to heal if noone believes me? I am asking to be believed bc I am telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

The fact that I felt his compassion and that he saved me, and that I KNOW HE WOULD NOT HAVE KILLED KIM LEACH compounds my trauma. He was kind to me, he saved me, and I felt how desperately he yanked me backwards and how swiftly he knocked out my attacker. He cared about me. He was not someone who would have harmed a child and it eats away at me to know the person who SAVED ME was executed for something I know ge would not have done!!!!

Anonymous said...

The fact I know Bundy was bearded after Chi Omega torments me. I remember the Superbowl & I was attacked a few days later--that places things timewose right after Chi Omega, and Bundy had a full bushy beard. The Chi Omega perp was cleanshaven & the witness was hypnotized by police after she knew Bundy was a suspect and viewed his pics to make a police sketch.
The man who saved my life was condemned to die for things I KNOW IN MY HEART AND MIND HE DID NOT DO!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude, You obviously dont understand that very young children block out severe trauma. It is a primitive defense mechanism. Soldiers often do it too. Its callsd "amnesia" of the traumatic event or parts of the traumatic event and it is actually a symptom of PTSD. The mind confronts these memories when it is ready. The memories are not lost, your mind is just not ready to confront them or process them.

Anonymous said...

There are some excellent analyzers here. I am one of the best here, and therefore, I feel confident saying that Bundy's pre-execition confessions & his interview w Dobson are fabricated. They also lack indicators of experiential memory although Bundy has read about all of the details of the cases he was accused of. Of interest is how different his confessiins are from other serial killers like The Green River Killer or The Iceman and others....these serial killers have highly accurate and detailed recall. Their sentences flow. They are being truthful. Their confessions do not have indicators of deception (they are not fabricating their actions). Bundy's confessions are starkly different. He maintained his innocence (again, we do not see that with other serial killers). Bundy refuses to describe any actial rapes or killings in his confessions...again, most serial killers apathetically describe raping and killing or even take pride in describing it. Bundy refised a plea deal--he refused to plead guilty to save his life. Agsin, no other serial killer has done that. They always accept the plea deal.

Anonymous said...

Ot is easy to see why serial killers accept a plea deal. They are caught, they have left a trail of bodies, they know they are screwed. Bundy maintained his innocence till 3 days before his death & his confessions (which he thought would buy him time) were fabricated and did nit lead to the discovery of a single body or clue.

Anonymous said...


The man's name is Pete TOWNSHEND not Townsend. And he is 73, not 57.

I think it is hilarious that you describe the woman who shut down from analysis after studying Michael Jackson as human nature. One of the songs on the "Thriller" album was "Human Nature."

Anonymous said...

Might analyze the words oh Phocian Fitts, hit and run killer of a retired art teacher.

Anonymous said...

Pete Townshend (hope I got it right) contributed a lot to my pre-teen/teen days. We'd listen to that tune "Pinball Wizard" while playing partners on the pinball machine and racking up the numbers over and over again.

We weren't blind. Or deaf.

Just kids making our way through life the only way we knew.

So who, Peter, "who are you?....I really wanna know...who are you?"

Okay. just jesting, but you get the drift.

Hey Jude said...

Anon - you may be right, but you're also generalising - Peter just said that there are many variables.

ima.grandma said...

Mimsie touch with her the night before and she sounded happy.

Once one overcomes the struggle of suicidal ideation and finally succumbs. The determination and overwhelming relief from indecision is a cathartic experience. Endorphins are released, the mind becomes clear and strategy is developed. It is a peaceful encounter.

ima.grandma said...

My post @7:45 somewhat introduces the ignition of a pill overdose method. The helpless requires an activator to complete the process. Strategically, ensuring a positive result, formula preparation satisfies the equation.

ima.grandma said...

Wrist slashing cries out for help. Often a threat not fully carried out to success. Cutting is private. Threatening to slash one’s wrist often requires an audience for desired effect. Both are pleas for urgent assistance.

ima.grandma said...

Pill overdose is not always painless and quick. Unless the method and execution is perfectly orchestrated, unintended consequences exist. The risk does not outweigh the benefit. Unsuccessful attempts lead to life altering complications.

ima.grandma said...

Cutting and arm slashing is an attempt. It is not a desire to complete the mission. It is a scream of fear.

ima.grandma said...

Brutal attacks on the body creates punishment to the self. Knowing the grief that will remain for the living, one needs to also experience the pain they feel deserving of. Thus, hangings are a parallel system of suicide.

Hey Jude said...

Anon, I have been listening to a British serial killer, Fred West, and to an interview given by two of his young adult children, who seemed remarkably sane considering the environment in which they grew up. They had joked that if they didn't behave, they'd end up like their sister, Heather, who was buried under the patio - as it turned out it wasn't a joke. Imagine growing up believing, or suspecting, that your sister was under the patio, and with that being only one of your worries.

ima.grandma said...

It’s a terrifying fear of an impending psychotic break with reality. A madness experienced like no other. A fear of breaking and never returning whole again. During the dissociative episode, the reality experienced is perceived as what is known to the mind to be true and remains so until treatment is sought. Gender does not apply.

Anonymous said...

Ima, That sounds as if it would be terrifying to the person experiencing it--so, you are saying the "scream of fear" suicide attempt is bc the person is terrified of losing his or her mind?

MP said...

The “rape is not about sex”:
This was feminine propaganda decades old that sought different agenda.


Yes, this is what we were taught, that rape was not sexual in nature, but about power and control.

Though of course as you say it distinctly about sex, and using it to gain something.

I suppose they said this to remove the factor of blame that some put on the woman, her dress, the situation she was in, to say that it was not due to her "sexiness"?

ima.grandma said...


ima.grandma said...

Seen in paedophilia, the factor of blame is a result of progressive grooming until the child grows in age and courage to resist. Blame is then assigned for previous pleasurable encounters. Consistent resistance results in physical abuse escalating to rape.

Anonymous said...

Ima @ 11:25, That is interesting, but what would cause someone to fear losing their mind that strongly?

ima.grandma said...

No mercy.

ima.grandma said...

Progressively indicators and damage exhibited as mood and personality disorders not understood.
Rinse, repeat
History repeats itself. Until a decision is made to seek treatment. Still to come is to take action. Now.

ima.grandma said...

It’s a distortion of reality. And that’s the only thing that’s true in his mind. What he believes is happening is his perception of reality. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. If you don’t understand his reality, he thinks you’re out to get him increasing the paranoia. He doesn’t understand why you don’t understand. The people in his life are assigned skewed roles in his interactions in his newly created world.

ima.grandma said...

Addiction and substance abuse escalates the cycle. As the addiction increases and supply is not met, the addict has no coping tools. Reality appears in a non-numb state. Unaddressed issues and complications arise triggering the event.

Unknown said...

Quick question: Is there a way for me to mute out all anonymous comments. I am coming here to learn. Not to sift through a bunch of nonsense.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

1. You can’t block anonymous posts. I apologize. Her posts are spammed out avs eventually google learns IP and blocks her.

Please don’t respond to her. It makes more posts deleted.

2. Re “rape is not about sex”: the commebtstor’s response is accurate. It’s one of the agenda points of feminism that we’ve all been told.

Rape is principly and expliciitly about sex w undertones of contempt, humiliation and sometimes control.

Feminists rage at the mention of sexually provocative dress yet no sane woman will wear revealing and accentuating clothing down a street at night walking past men who come from a misogynist rape culture.

It is a pendulum backlash against victim blaming.

Yes, a woman should be able to be free to dress as she wants etc etc etc but it’s like the cop who tells women in Sweden not to go out at night.
He is blamed instead of the rapists and the politicians who, in the name of moral superiority, imported them.
We are angry but it’s misdirected.

We should be angry at the politicians who put the women at risk not the cop who is hindered in his job, frustrated and scared for women. If he is truthful about rape ideology, at best he may lose his job. At worst he may lose his freedom or his life

To say rape is not about sex is to say murder is not about death.

I had not heard it in a long time. You’ll not hear it from analysts or law enforcement investigators.

C5H11ONO said...

She killed herself

Unknown said...

Off-topic: Recently I have met a German social worker whose job is to "integrate" Syrian refugees. He told me that he had patients who police sent to him as they were not allowed to detain them though they had assaulted women. Rather than arresting the subjects, he was given the assignment to "help explain to them" that it is not ok in European culture to have sex with a female not willing and interested in it.

Unknown said...

"Patients" was not the right word. "Clients". He referred to them as "patients". I guess in his own mind his mission was to "cure" them".

Statement Analysis Blog said...

This is commonly reported (including by LE).

It is both insulting and enabling.

It is similar to the EU politicians spending $ to teach migrants not to defecate in public. The migrants laugh as they use this to instill their supremacy amongst the host people.

That they think teaching that rape is wrong is insulting to Islam. Islam, by precept and precedent, teaches rape as a “reward” from its god.

Even in the afterlife, for those who die killing infidels, the “reward” is to rape virgins.

Islamists and politicians defend Islam.

To obtain votes, they attempt to appear morally superior to their opponents.

French leaders have called for Imans to remove from the Koran the verses that call for our deaths.

These are the same verses the leaders have told us were not in the Koran.

Those who lie, those who refuse to see history, and those who crave the status of moral supremacy over others, will experience the scourge of Islam. They, their children, and their children’s children.

Islam brings destruction wherever it goes.

EU “globalists” are not calling for Scottish citizens to move to Uganda to enrich the culture.

They’re only interested in spreading Islam.


habundia said...

This what Europe and my country always do......they protect perpetrators by claiming they are 'mentally sick", so they need "help" not punishment.
I think the European Union (and my country) is sick for putting out dangerous people into our streets and when they offend.....they get a slap on the wrist......a couple of months detention (released early on 'good behaviour"), and sent back to society and are free to act again.......Europe will get their "punishment" some day soon

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Don’t read Gatestone today. It’ll sicken you.

ima.grandma said...

Music does have a profound impact upon our lives. I get to firm up my foundation, learn techniques, but I also learn songs as I go along. After all, it is the songs that we enjoy playing the most. Quod credimus agenda,

ima.grandma said...

Townshend was cautioned by British police as part of Operation Ore, a major investigation on child pornography conducted in 2002–2003. Townshend was placed on the sex offenders register for five years in 2003 after admitting he had used his credit card to access a child porn website.

The above is the only reference on Wikipedia as to his sexual improprieties (aka abuse). I thought Wikipedia prided itself on accuracy to provide the public with truthful and factual information...Any powerful wikis reading today? I know you visit here. Please revise the entry for Pete Townshend to accurately reflect his crimes against human dignity.

Annette said...

Peter are/were you famimiar with jimmy savile here in the uk? Its almost embarrasing now to look at his statements in text and spoken, to not have realised what a monster he was. Still its likely that many of his crimes will never come to light but for many here, me included, it opened up our eyes to whats being going on at high levels and how it was covered up for years.

I love this page

Annette said...

Townsend must have knoen Savile

ima.grandma said...

Annette, I love this page too.