Friday, July 20, 2018

Analytical Interviewing and Training

Analytical Interviewing is a legally sound and powerful tool in obtaining information. 

Its advantage is acute. 

The subject writes a statement. 

The statement is analyzed. 

The subject is interviewed from a position of strength: the analyst knows:

a. If the subject lied
b. What the content contains-veracity 
c.  What words the subject is most comfortable using 
d.  Where the subject left out information (no one can tell us "everything" or the information would be ceaseless

The training teaches the Interviewer (analyst/investigator/journalist/social worker, child abuse investigator, forensic interviewer, counselor, therapist, prosecutor, sales professional, etc) how to construct questions. 

Psycho-linguistic Profiling

The words reveal the person. In a statement, the analyst is able to not only see the subject's priority and priorities, but to see the most immediate dominant personality traits. 

*Many professionals can, intuitively know how to shift the interview if they know the dominant personality trait of the subject.   They often defer to the narcissistic type, to allow boasting. This facilities the flow of information. They learn "linguistic empathy" which not only sees the issues from the perspective of the subject (speaker) but follows the logical progression.  


There is information to be obtained.
If the subject is human, he has an innate desire to communicate. 
In investigative interviews: The subject wants to know what we, the Interviewer, knows. 

The information will not be obtained, if the Interviewer does not stop talking. 

Interrupting a subject (unless the subject is a "filibuster" type deceiver, and even here some run on is useful to obtain content), is to be avoided. 

Lengthy questions often lecture and they teach the subject how to lie. 

Various forms of visible manipulation are popular in training, but often slow the flow of information. 

Using language the Interviewer is comfortable with is a critical mistake that not only contaminates the subject's responses, but can lead to falsely failing the polygraph. 

For Training, contact Hyatt Analysis Services.  

In - house seminars for law enforcement and business as well as the "Complete Statement Analysis Course" which is done at your home and at your pace. 

The "Advanced Course" is restricted to those who have successfully finished The Complete Statement Analysis Course and a minimum of 60 hours ongoing team analysis.  

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