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Fiona Barnet Accuses Professor Katarina Fritzon of Rape: Statement

The following is a post from 

Allegation:  The author alleges her teacher raped her. 

Analytical Question: Does the subject reliably report rape? 

What does her language indicate? 


In 2006, my Bond University forensic psychology lecturer Katarina Fritzon began making sexual advances toward me. 

The subject begins with a date; not with the pronoun "I" in her priority opening. Psychologically, this is to begin without a strong presence.  

She then states, at the start, that the accused, "my Bond University forensic psychology lecturer Katarina Fritzon" (complete social introduction indicating a positive linguistic position towards the relationship) "began"; that is,

an activity that has no conclusion. 

This is to report something that began but without ending.  We need to consider:

*possible PTSD like symptoms of ongoing impact
*possible perseveration from an earlier event, projected or ascribed to the accused

Linguistic Commitment:  "I" plus "past tense verb" plus "accusation" 

The claim of "rape" is not made, nor is "sexual assault" alleged, but "sexual advances."

Though outside the scope of this abbreviated analysis, beginning with an indefinite activity which is minimized ("assault" to "advances") should cause the investigator to explore possible perseveration.  

It did not register that this female was actually sexually interested in me. If a male gave out the same hints, I would have noticed more readily. 

After the complete social introduction (indicating a good relationship with the context of her making sexual advances) the subject indicates other thoughts ("actually" compares competing ideas) and gives more insight:

If the accused had been male, she would have "noticed more" readily.  

This is a verbal admission that the subject "noticed" the sexual advances, but in comparison, it would be "more" if the accused was a male. 

But not from a female who was not openly gay, was divorcing her husband with whom she had a young child, and who knew I was married with kids and not openly bisexual or the like.

here we have the shifting of blame.  

While making sexual advances, the accused should have pronounced herself "openly" gay? 

This is a form of blame shifting which indicates a need to shift blame. 

Victims, even as they blame themselves, generally do not show a need to shift blame off of themselves. (They generally take blame for that which is not their fault). 

Our subject has revealed something very important about herself. 

Katarina Fritzon’s sexual interest in me began to register after the night she invited me to her home for wine and cheese. That night she initiated a discussion about women’s breasts, and she described mine as “magnificent.” But still that wasn’t enough to alarm me.

The pace is slowed here, often indicative of sensitive information to follow. 

It certainly perplexed me when Katarina Fritzon grabbed my breast at her birthday party at a noisy night club. 

Note that in Statement Analysis, passivity and passive voice are psychological terms, not grammatical, in which passivity is recognized and the subject may move into a psychologically distancing state of passivity (passive voice) where personal responsibility is negated or minimized. We note it as such, and determine if it is appropriately used or not, based upon context.

"Rocks were thrown" in a crowd where one does not know who threw the rocks is an example of an Appropriate use of passivity. 

"The gun went off" is an example of concealing the identity (responsibility) for who pulled the trigger. 

If the subject uses passivity and remains within it (contextually) we call this the "passive voice", which reflects the psychological distancing. It is crucial to enter into the subject's verbalized perception of reality. 

Statement Analysis borrows from grammar and analyzes the subject's verbalized perception of reality; not reality. In this, we use expressions that do not make technical sense, including verb tense, or expressions that represent the subject.  

For example:

"I got up and Heather got up and we had coffee" leading to S/A statement:  they are not married" makes no sense in reality. Yet in Statement Analysis' view of a subject's verbalized perception of reality, it reveals truth as found within the subject's words. 

Note first:

1.  She did not say, "Katarina grabbed my breast"
2.  She began with her emotion:  "perplexed"
3.  She qualified (weakened) this state with "certainly." This is a word that is unnecessary and means to accept without doubt. In Statement Analysis, we cannot know something unless the subject tells us.  

Since she "knew" but not "fully knew", we now have a subject who wants her audience to believe she was "perplexed", and to accept this assertion without question ("certainly"), which shows why she built up the case of what "began" rather than a reliable assertion.  

To be "perplexed" would be to indicate being "baffled", or "unexpectedly confused" 

To have the need to "call in reinforcement" with "certainly" indicates the weakness. 

This weakness is seen in the structure or import of the sentence: 

it is not the event that she reports, but her reaction to the event. 

The analyst now recognizes:  this was not a surprise to the subject. 

She has even more need to portray herself as "perplexed" by stating the "female" had a "boy" friend.  This is to further build her narrative of confusion, which only continues the weakness of her point. 

She was sitting next to her new boyfriend when it happened. 

She did not state, "when she grabbed my breast" but the passive

"when it happened.

Rape or sexual assault does not just "happens"; someone does it to someone else.  

It is unwelcome, intrusive and trauma producing. 

Next, she has the need to explain "why" she did something. This is to anticipate being asked by another, "why did you...?"

I leaned over her other side to talk to her above the loud music when she suddenly grabbed my breast in a sexual manner. 

Note the body posture has a need to explain why she leaned, and the need to qualify grabbing of the breast in a "sexual manner", as if there is another "manner" in which to grab her breast. 

Please consider this point with the emphasis on timing ("suddenly") further attempt to persuade that this was something she did not see coming nor intend to happen.  

This is the language of portrayal; not reliable language of sexual assault. 

Enter into the language both time to process and the topic of alcohol.  

Alcohol may be very important to the subject in this statement. 

But I later dismissed this as perhaps alcohol inspired on her part.

Then in 2007, Katarina Fritzon invited me to a student party at her home. This was attended by her forensic psychology masters students. She told me that loads of students were sleeping. I asked her whether I needed to bring my sleeping bag and pillow, but she told me not too because there was plenty of bedding being provided to students. So, I just rocked up.

She now continues with an inappropriate teacher-student relationship, adding alcohol and sex: 

Following a night of drinking and playing sexual disclosure spin-the-bottle with students, all but three of us students went home. 

Two ‘open-minded’ students slept together in the spare bedroom. 

The subject faulted the accused for not being "openly gay" and now indicates her choice of party, association and activity.  She incorrectly identifies them with quotes within quotes, perhaps meaning to question what being "open minded" means. 

Then I realised there were no other beds. Katarina Fritzon then offered me her uncomfortable couch – or I could share her large bed. I was over the limit and couldn’t drive the 35 minute drive home – but not blind drunk or the like. 

She was offered a choice:  share a bed or take the couch. 

The couch was uncomfortable. 
She was drinking. 
She couldn't drive. 

Note the color blue indicating a very high level of sensitivity in Statement Analysis. 

The subject is explaining why she chose to share the bed with her teacher:  the couch, the alcohol and the inability to drive. 

This is to anticipate being asked, "why did you?" but not waiting for the question; she preempts it.  

She then adds more information about her sexual and marital status: 

And it was too late to get my husband to wake the kids and drive to collect me. So, I chose to share the bed.

This is a very strong signal of guilt (remorse, regret) as the need to portray herself as the "good mother" who will not "wake the kids" to drive her home from her party. 

She chose to go.
She chose to go when she knew, not as much as a man, that the teacher was sexually interested in her. 
She chose to participate in drinking and a sex game. 

She now tells us why she had to share the bed.  Note the shift of blame. 

In the middle of the night, after I fell asleep, I awoke to being suffocated. 

a. time
b. status (sleep)
c. allegation:  "to being suffocated.

The passivity here is contextually appropriate.  If she was sleeping and here bewildered ("perplexed" here would be approrpiate) it is accurate that she would not know who was suffocating her at first. 

Did you notice that at this point, there is no need to portray herself as unprepared, perplexed, surprised, etc?

This lack of "need to persuade" and the avoidance of narrative, now calls our attention to something that likely did happen to her:  suffocation, either by assault or by dream (though some may appropriately argue that sleep apnea, alcohol, etc, could cause the same sensation). 

Let's let her own words guide us to being "suffocated." This will produce a natural defensive survival instinct in humans. 

Katarina Fritzon and her student were on top of me, suffocating me with a pillow. 

This continues and now we expect her to save her life, if this account true as reported and not a dream or intrusive thought from childhood trauma, etc.

  Instead of human survival instinct, we have psychological commentary: 

This triggered me to dissociate. 

Had she "dissociated" she would not have known she was in a state of disassociation. 

She would tell us, "I pushed" or "I fought" in any form of natural and instinctive survival. She does not. 

The language suggests the interviewer should explore the possibility of perseveration here. 

Katarina Fritzon then proceeded to rape me in her bed.

If she was disassociated, how would she know?  

Why would location of rape be so important?
The word "proceeded" is to elongate time and procession of activity.  

This is not expected language in a rape victim. 

Disassociation is not something a subject is generally aware of until much later through much processing of information. That she avoided giving any detail, including sensory detail, yet reliably reports someone on top of her, needs more exploration. 

It strongly suggests active engagement.  

In advanced analysis, investigators are taught to spot disassociation in the language. We do not expect a victim to claim the status. 

Following this incident, 

note minimization of "rape" 

I began cutting off from Katarina Fritzon. 

a. Note activity that has started but without conclusion 
b. Note "cutting" regarding possible self loathing/self abuse. 

I contacted her for a reference at the start of 2009. I was arranging a 2 year training program which would provide me registration as a psychologist. 

The strong focus on self is evident in the subject. 

During this call, Katarina Fritzon told me Bond University had just had a last minute withdrawal from the forensic masters program, they were desperate to fill the position, and would I be interested. It was a much easier pathway to registration, and I agreed.

During the masters program, I avoided socialising or even speaking alone with Katarina Fritzon. 

This is a reliable statement. Next note the intensity of the focus upon self: 

My resentment toward her grew, and during her classes I spoke openly against the pro-perpetrator material she presented, including the faux research by Elizabeth Loftus, and a denial of evidence for the existence of ritual abuse. I endured mocking from other students in class for saying ritual abuse was true.

The subject is writing to tell us of rape.  She is now ingratiating herself ("the Ingratiation Factor" in analysis) into victims and/or advocates regarding ritual abuse.  This is a form of emotional manipulation or persuasion that should not be necessary in a reliable statement. When we see emotional manipulation we consider exploration for the use of substances, including psychotropic medications, illicit drugs and alcohol impacting the subject's perception. 

It was after I began confiding in other students about Katarina Fritzon grabbing my breast at her birthday party that I was placed under excessive scrutiny and targeted for removal from my psychology course. 

She confided, not that she was raped, the horrific, intrusive and life damaging assault, but "grabbing" (note verb tense) "my breast." 

I had suffered a vestibular system stroke at the start of the masters course but worked through this, only reducing my workload to accommodate rehabilitation. My grades were excellent, and I received fantastic feedback from clients and supervisors. 

She has a need to portray herself as "the Good Guy" (SA) which reveals to the contrary. 

I made one stuff up while under supervision with Bruce Watt, and it was I who, against Bruce’s judgement, insisted on documenting this on our final supervision form.

Although there are multiple reasons for making this public post, we can glean some insight by the language chosen: 

Katarina Fritzon and her girlfriend of 20 years Rebekah Doley placed me under excessive scrutiny and subjected me to disability discrimination

Unnecessary language takes effort and is only "necessary" for the subject. This is why it is critical in analysis.  She wants her audience to believe she was surprised by the professor's sexuality, but here goes into the unnecessary length of time of the professor's relationship.  

Analysis Conclusion 

At this point, I will conclude the analysis and for those in training, you may continue to affirm this conclusion. 

The subject has publicly accused a professor of rape. She used the identity and the photo in this assertion. 

Our subject is deceptive in her allegation of rape.   

Our subject has regret for her participation of sexual activity with her professor and is unwilling to accept responsibility. 

She is also potentially destroying another's life and/or career with her public claim. 

Our subject is likely a victim of early childhood sexual abuse and is in need of mental health intervention. 

Though the activities of the professor are unethical and exploitative due to disparity of position, the accusation of rape is not supported in the language. 

The subject is in need of professional  intervention, and what follows in her statement will show this need, its impact upon her life and loved ones,  and how she sees herself as persecuted. 

This is sad and the subject needs assistance but the professor is under false accusation.  The professor may have been inappropriate, unprofessional and unethical, but she is not a rapist as claimed. 

The subject may have perseverated from the past some of these events upon the professor. 

I have highlighted some of the wording for psycho-linguistic profiling.  There is much here that she has taken to the public that she likely did not anticipate being understood. It is not necessary to post publicly that which is revealed below. 

 The subject should not be working professionally with a vulnerable population.  To be trained in deception detection, visit:  Hyatt Analysis Services

They also set me up to fail at a horrendous placement where I was supervised by someone whom my supervisor informed me knew Fritzon and Doley back in the UK. The obstacles these women placed in front of me were horrendous and would have caused any other student to crack. But I did not break. I kept meeting their impossible expectations until finally, they simply made allegations up against me. I tried to complain to the Queensland state Psychology Board, but they refused to take my notification. However, they certainly acted on the false and vexatious notification that Rebekah Doley lodged against me.

While working in the Bond University Psychology Clinic, I had a 10 year old foster child disclose to me in front of her lovely foster mother that she had been sex trafficked by her previous foster father. This information married what I directly knew from a raid on the same DOCS (child services) office that occurred back in 2000. In accordance with mandatory reporting legislation, and with my supervisor’s knowledge, I reported this child abuse disclosure to the governing body that oversees DOCS, the Children’s Commissioner. Without consulting me, Bond University withdrew my complaint. However, the Children’s Commissioner wrote to me and informed me that despite my withdrawal, she found grounds for proceeding with an investigation. However, my notifying against this child abuse disclosure was used as one of the grounds for notifying against me to the Psychology Board.

I had disclosed my child abuse history to Katarina Fritzon and another lecturer who pretended to be my friend just to glean information from me. My child abuse disclosures to these two lecturers featured in Rebekah Doley’s notification against me to the Queensland Psychology Board, along with the accusation that I was both psychotic and my child abuse disclosures were a product of my psychosis, AND that my child abuse disclosures were true and thus I was a criminal for participating in ritual crimes. Simultaneously, a Queensland police officer who worked at Bond University named Terry Goldsworthy (whom I have never met) contacted the NSW police officer to whom I had in 2008 reported my child abuse. Terry Goldsworthy then removed the fact that I was a child at the time of my ritual abuse, and instead reported me as an adult perpetrator of those child abuse crimes committed against me, to the Queensland Psychology Board.
In response to these accusations, I submitted a formal notification against Bond University lecturers to AHPRA, the administrators for the Queensland Psychology Board. In response, AHPRA informed me that they would not be applying the Australian Psychology Society’s legally binding Practice Code and Guidelines in their consideration of my complaint about Bond University psychology lecturers, but that they would indeed be applying that same document in their consideration of the false and vexatious notification Bond University staff made against me.
AHPRA tried to have me attend a health consultation with a dodgy psychiatrist who under archaic Queensland legislation had the power to have me dragged off by police from his office to a psychiatric hospital without the knowledge or consent of my family. My doctor advised me not to attend. There ended my psychology career, destroyed because I would not consent to being sexually assaulted by my psychology lecturer.
Since my psychology career was destroyed, Bond University professor of criminology and forensic psychology Paul Wilson, who co-wrote the first Australian textbook for these areas with Katarina Fritzon, was sentenced to prison for sexually assaulting a young girl. Bond University published Paul Wilson’s articles in which he advocated for pedophilia. I had zero knowledge of these publications when I volunteered to assist with their textbook. But it explains the anti-child abuse victim stance that Paul Wilson and Katarina Fritzon demonstrated in their shared classes.
It has taken me many years to recover from Katarina Fritzon’s sexual assaults and her destruction of my reputation and career. For years I suffered guilt, shame and blamed myself. I knew no one would believe me because adult women don’t rape other adult women, right? Yes, they do. Women can be as sick and perverted as men. Women can be sexually aroused by raping someone, just like men can. Women rape, torture and sex traffic children, just like men do. I am dumping what Katarina Fritzon did to me right back on her dirty filthy head. Eight years I have prepared for this, and here it is. Female sexual predators do exist – and Katarina Fritzon is one of them. Katarina Fritzon deserves to be charged and deported back to the UK. She should be stripped of her psychology registration and condemned to never practice as a psychologist again… unless the Australian psychology board condones this type of abuse of power.
Eight years ago, God promised me vindication, compensation and reinstatement following Bond University’s destruction of my life. Somehow this will happen. I don’t know how, but I have faith that it will.If it happens in this life, then that would make one awesome testimony concerning the true nature of God. That would give me a source of hope to share with the downtrodden. But if it doesn’t happen in this lifetime, then I still won’t deny my God’s omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence. I still won’t compromise in exchange for social status and the rewards on offer from a Luciferian pedophile run society.
God said that what the ruler of this broken society intends for evil – he uses for good. Much good has come out of Bond University’s attack on me. If it wasn’t for that, I would never have gone public about my own child abuse, I would never have helped the countless fellow victims who have contacted me to say thank you for going public because now I realise this was not my imagination, this actually did happen to me to. Victims thank me for helping them to find God again, or for the first time. Therapists contact me for advice in working with victims like me. Victims contact me for advice concerning how to heal. Thanks to Bond University’s vile attack on me, I was forced to confront my own abuse again and this led to my full integration. I can’t be forced to dissociate again as happened the night Katarina Fritzon raped me. Thanks to her sick assault, I tossed aside the things of this world and am storing up riches for the next. I was on a selfish path focused on a career instead of what truly mattered – my family and friends. Thanks to the attack, I am a better mother, partner and friend.
So, there it is, my #metoo moment. I am Fiona Barnett, and it was not my fault.

Inappropriate email from uni lecturer to student.

See the Independent Australia online journal for details concerning Bond University, AHPRA and the Psychology Board’s mistreatment of my case:


Unknown said...

You're being suffocated, in the dark, with a pillow and you know EXACTLY who is doing it? You know it's the host and not a burglar or rapist who snuck into the house? How did she know who her attacker was? Was the pillow not totally covering her face?

Anonymous said...

Where you speak about disassociating, and how would she know that she had, this was in 2006. Isn’t it possible, she now recognizes that particular moment as one where she disassociated?

General P. Malaise said...

there is a vein of humiliation in the subjects language.

LuciaD said...

This is not the first time I have noticed that some sick and personally damaged people are drawn to mental health professions. Is it a case of “physician heal thyself”?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

She was “in the event” and stopped the flow of information, to give commentary.

I stopped the analysis at the point of clearing the innocent.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Solid observation.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

It’s more common than one might guess.

Linda said...

It should be a more natural transition. Not "I woke up". There is no need to say I woke up" if one was truly sleeping. Very unnatural phraseology. Excellent point.

Linda said...

Alsio, very good point from the commenter: there is no need to say "after I fell asleep". It should be a given, because she said I awoke. It is just a way of slowing down the pace and indicates fabrication. Excellent. I wouldn't have caught that! I'm learning a lot since I stumbled upon this blog after I googled the Mollie Tibbets case!

Linda said...

Would it be the same with "I got in my car" amd then "I arrived at the store". The "arrived at the store" should negate the need to say "I got in my car"? It helps so much to just picture "What would I say?" I'm trying, but it's hard! This is not for the simple-minded! It keeps me on my toes, especially the comments that delve (I had to use a synonym dictionary to even cone up with that word lol) deeper!

Dave said...

Linda, I think stating it in a more natural way like "I was sleeping when...." would be a truth indicator.

JoAnn said...

That was fascinating. I’ve read it over now several times. Very sad, but how lives can be ruined with words. Words are powerful.

Bobcat said...

What happened to the Chappaquiddick article?

Bobcat said...

Oops. Disregard above comment.

Anonymous said...

I stopped when I got to the part where her professor of psychology had a drunken party at her own house.

Several things could go sideways under those circumstances.

She may be lying, but it is doubtful her professor will suffer much.

Tania Cadogan said...

This sounds like payback. She felt slighted, insulted, betrayed, rejected (the 20 year girlfriend and this is her getting her own back.
It is as if her own career was ruined so she is going to take down the person she blames for it.

Mike Dammann said...

We have learned about the importance how someone opens his or her statement. But how about how someone closes it?

"So, there it is, my #metoo moment. I am Fiona Barnett, and it was not my fault."

Does using "my #metoo moment" say anything in terms of not making a presumed traumatic experience something more unique and personal than one of many stories in a movement?

and it was not my fault also strikes me as odd as the last part of the last sentence. Nobody accused her of it being her fault. The only thing we are interested in is facts.

I would much rather expect a sentence starting with I as in "I will have to live with this memory for the rest of my life".

Statement Analysis Blog said...

This blog is intended for instructional purposes to analysts and students. It is also to inspire those interested in training. It is why error is addressed.

I have responded to a critical error made here:

This is a "Statement Analysis 101" learned early in training.

The rules of grammar are useful in what we do, but we only submit to the statement. We use many expressions that can cause confusion for non-trained but make sense to the trained.

Example: Domestic Homicide:

"I woke up. Janey woke up. I had coffee and Janey got dressed. I had to go to work..."

We will say in the statement: "The subject is not married to Janey. She is not his wife." This is said even though we know they are married.


Because we do not analyze reality. We analyzed the subject's verbalized perception of reality.

I hope this helps anyone who either struggled or was misled with the public assertion: see the comment I entered.


Habundia said...

I do read some kind of sexual experimentating in the form of a threesome maybe even some experimental suffocation during sexual interactions.
("Katarina Fritzon and her student were on top of me, suffocating me with a pillow.")

If this was indeed forced and unwanted why is she only accusing her teacher of 'raping' her, while she herself tell us it wasn't only her teacher on top of her but 'her student' was too (she doesn't name this student at all and does not accuse her of raping her)
How can this be seen as rape? Accusing one whitout the other? If this did happen and it was unwanted then I would call that 'attempted murder' instead of rape.
Nothing in this statement suggest a rape took place.

"Lucia D said...
This is not the first time I have noticed that some sick and personally damaged people are drawn to mental health professions. Is it a case of “physician heal thyself”?

August 9, 2018 at 2:34 PM"

You will be surprised how many (i dont say all) professional health care workers are the ones needing the care themselves (you need some experience with mental health problems to have some understanding of mental health problems, is my believe) and are using their clients to make themselves feel better.....not to help cure the client and help their clients make themselves feel better and become psychological stable.....because if they do they wouldn't need their help anymore and so they will lose their income and probably feel as if they failed and therefore feel even worse about themselves.

"Then I realised there were no other beds. Katarina Fritzon then offered me her uncomfortable couch – or I could share her large bed. I was over the limit and couldn’t drive the 35 minute drive home – but not blind drunk or the like."

How would one know that a couch is 'uncomfortable' if you never laid on it before?
How would she know her bed was 'large'?
She knew up front she would spent the night......that's why she drank to much so she couldn't drive home. If she hadn't intend to spent the night she wouldn't have drank to much and would have left the home of her teacher like all the other (except for three) students who did leave the home of the teacher.

"It was after I began confiding in other students about Katarina Fritzon grabbing my breast at her birthday party that I was placed under excessive scrutiny and targeted for removal from my psychology course."
This sentence on it's own proved she wasn't raped and she doesn't believe herself either she was raped. She doesn't even show unwanting touching' in her language. She confided other students about the teacher grabbing her breast. She doesn't say she didn't want that or was somehow apppalled by it. She only say she did that, not that it bothered her.
She also isn't saying anything else happened except the teacher 'grabbing her breast'.

Habundia said...


"Anonymous Anonymous said...
Where you speak about disassociating, and how would she know that she had, this was in 2006. Isn’t it possible, she now recognizes that particular moment as one where she disassociated?

August 9, 2018 at 8:51 AM"

"But I later dismissed this as perhaps alcohol inspired on her part."
If she had 'regonized' her 'dissociation' at a later timeframe why wouldn't she have used the same kind of sentence as she did with this sentence?
She didn't.........
"This triggered me to dissociate."
her statement for 'dissocation' is stated as she was experiencing it at that time, not that she regonized it at a later time.
If she can't say it, we can't say it for her.

When someone dissociates they don't remember what is happening. Only when they talk with others about it and after often a lot of time maybe some memory will be brought back, if their dissociative parts give back their memory, but this doesn't happen while someone is 'dissociated'
(I've lived together with someone who dissocaiated for quite some time and she never knew what was happening while she was dissociated. it took me to tell her what had happened because she didn't know and even when I did tell her she had no memory of it and execpted my words as she trusted me)

"Blogger tania cadogan said...
This sounds like payback. She felt slighted, insulted, betrayed, rejected (the 20 year girlfriend and this is her getting her own back.
It is as if her own career was ruined so she is going to take down the person she blames for it.

August 10, 2018 at 6:40 PM"

I was having the same thought. Like she was somehow humiliated by her teacher.
Humiliation can bring people to commit murder so it can also cause false accusations of rap, I would think

Habundia said...

This girl didn't fell on her own!

The couple who she lived with when she 'fell of the balcony' said.......'We were a sleep....." always causes alarmbells in my head everytime I see or hear these words.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi, Habundia

In the latter of your links they have an opportunity to issue an "RD", they do not. The sample (statement) provided is far to small even though i said they could have issued an "RD". They may have in other statements, however, i am intrigued.

Habundia said...

Hi John,
Thanks for your reply.
What exactly does RD mean?
Here in the Netherlands we don't have that much access to statements made to police ....we have strick privacy's even not aloud to use full names of suspects, not even if they are convicted.......they always keep their right to privacy......even more then victims get.

I found another link:
Here more statements of the wife are given
"Smit is believed to have fallen off the couple’s 20th floor condo balcony at around 10am that day. She crashed through a balcony roof on the sixth floor."

The following morning, Luna claimed she had gone out to send her daughter to school, returning home at 8.15am.

“Alex and Ivana were on our bed. She was awake, he was asleep. I came over and said, ‘Ok, now I’m free’.

“We sat on the sofa and after 20 minutes she put on some music and took off all her clothes. So we went into the bedroom and were intimate,” Luna said.

Luna said she found Ivana later “wandering around, talking to herself and giggling”.
"I was so tired after all this partying. At 10.15 I went back to the bedroom. When my head hit the pillow, I passed out.” the wife says.

If it has been assumed (believed) she fell of the balcony at 10 am.........and the wife is claiming to have gone back to bed at 10.15 have to assume something is of (I know SA isn't based on assumptions and we may not assume.....but these are the words of the wife....and the conclusion of police...... I find these statements realy disturbing at the least)

General P. Malaise said...

Blogger Habundia Awareness said...

it should be remembered that there maybe translation and or other language issues involved.

do you know if the language of the couple is english first?

John Mc Gowan said...

Habundia AwarenessAugust 12, 2018 at 8:48 AM

Hi John,
Thanks for your reply.
What exactly does RD mean


"Reliable Denial"

Although i don't think Peter uses this abbreviation himself.

Bobcat said...

OT: Content analysis on posts from 'Poes'.

Peter, have you observed comments which may be Poes, reveal content details of crimes?

Even though a commenter may be a Poe (trolling satirist without identifying as such), might their true selves leak through in their chosen content?

New England Water Blog said...


Can Omarosa be lying?
She said she had "heard for two years that it existed, and once I heard it for myself, it was confirmed, what I feared the most: That Donald Trump is a con and has been masquerading as someone who is actually open to engaging with diverse communities."

She added: "But when he talks that way, the way he did on this tape, it confirmed that he is truly a racist."

Anonymous said...


I wish you would analyze the very brief statement of Rep. Keith Ellison regarding allegations of domestic abuse:

Karen and I were in a long-term relationship which ended in 2016, and I still care deeply for her well-being. This video does not exist because I never behaved in this way, and any characterization otherwise is false.

Bobcat said...

OT: Statement from family of Richard Russell, who stole a plane for a joyride suicide flight. It's interesting to compare to early statements made by Davey Blackburn and Amber Wilkinson shortly after the murder of Amanda Blackburn.

"On behalf of the family, we are stunned and heartbroken. It may seem difficult for those watching at home to believe, but Beebo was a warm, compassionate man. It is impossible to encompass who he was in a press release. He was a faithful husband, a loving son, and a good friend. A childhood friend remarked that Beebo was loved by everyone because he was kind and gentle to each person he met.

This is a complete shock to us. We are devastated by these events and Jesus is truly the only one holding this family together right now. Without Him we would be hopeless. As the voice recordings show, Beebo’s intent was not to harm anyone and he was right in saying that there are so many people who love him.

We would like to thank the authorities who have been both helpful and respectful, Alaska Air for their resources, the community, his friends and his family for their incredible support and compassion, and Jesus whose steadfast love endures. We’d also like to thank the media for their sensitivity and acknowledging this as the only statement that will be released by the family, and we request that we now be given space to mourn.

At this time the family is moving forward with the difficult task of processing our grief. We appreciate your prayers. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Very long statement from accuser

Habundia said...

General the couple is American.....the wife is original from kazakstan
"wealthy American cryptocurrency trader Alex Johnson and his wife Luna Almaz"
The wife seems to be in the modeling.
So English wouldn't e her first language but I do like to believe seen her position her English would be good enough to have said what she said.
I don't think 10 am would be different in Kazakhstan then in any other country.....the only difference would be the moment this time was because of time differences.

John thanks for explanation of RD

"How did you get into modeling?

One of my friend form Kuala Lumpur, Luna Almaz, introduced me to modeling. Then after that I decided to build my modeling experience by myself."

Anonymous said...

Know both parties - KF has been a stalking victim of FB for many years. Giving a lecture on what to look for in child offenders does not mean she endorses it. KF is still married, never divorced, does not have students at her house and does not socialise with them outside of university. FB has been diagnosed with psychosis and it's simply unfortunate it's part and parcel of the job that KF has been caught up in FB's system of delusional beliefs.

Anonymous said...

I'm splitting hairs here, but...

.... "as if there is another "manner" in which to grab her breast."

OK, I will venture a guess that you have never had a mammogram done by someone who is rushed and/or irritable and forgets that the body parts at hand are attached to a person.