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POLL: Analyzing the Detective

Recently, a man came into a case as a witness.  He was concerned that what information he gave to the two investigating detectives would cause trouble for innocent employees, as well as personal backlash from an unstable suspect.

The two detectives went to his home and interviewed him.  Shortly after, the harassment from the unstable suspect began that suggested to the man, that the information he gave to the two detectives, was shared with the suspect within an hour of leaving his home.

What do you make of the answers?

Put the reason for your conclusion in the comments section.  Name redacted.

Q.  "After you left my house, did you go and speak to _______?"

Det.   "After I left your house, did I go speak with ______?  I have spoken with _____."

Q.  "Ok, because _____ has started a campaign of harassment shortly after you left here and I am wondering if you told her the information we gave you."

Det.  "I would never share information with ______ just as I would not share information with you.

Did the detective share information with the suspect?

if you find he was deceptive, how many signals of deception were present?

Did the Detective Share info with the suspect? free polls

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Police: Heather Graham's Remains

Police say human remains found Saturday in Virginia could be those of missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham – who was last seen on Sept. 13.
Further forensic tests are needed to confirm whether the remains are those of Hannah Graham, Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo told a news conference. The remains were found on an abandoned property in southern Albemarle County by a search team from the Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office, Longo said. They are being transported to Richmond for identification.
"Right now we have the discovery of human remains and a great deal of work ahead of us," said Col. Steve Sellers, Albemarle County Police chief. "We cannot and will not jump to any conclusions regarding today's discovery. I ask for the public's patience as we move forward and pursue what is now a new, ongoing death investigation."
Authorities are asking anyone who recalls seeing any suspicious activity or vehicles in the area of Old Lynchburg Road in Charlottesville – where the remains were found – to contact the Albemarle County Police Department at 434-296-5807.
Thousands of volunteers had searched for the 18-year-old Graham in the weeks since her disappearance.
Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr., 32, has been charged with abduction with intent to defile Graham. A preliminary hearing is set for Dec. 4 on the charge. In the meantime, Matthew is being held in the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail.
Police officials Saturday afternoon had blocked the road leading to the site where the remains were found.
Surveillance videos captured some of what Graham did the night she vanished. Authorities say she met friends at a restaurant for dinner Sept. 12 before stopping by two parties at off-campus housing units. She left the second party alone and eventually texted a friend saying she was lost, authorities said.
She can be seen walking unsteadily and even running at times, past a pub and a service station and then onto a seven-block pedestrian strip that includes the Tempo Restaurant.
Tempo Restaurant owner Brice Cunningham has said Graham appeared to be incapacitated as she walked away with Matthew. Police have said they have no reason to believe she and Matthew knew each other before their encounter.
Matthew, an operating room technician at the university's hospital who sometimes drives a taxi, had been drinking at the bar earlier that night before he encountered Graham, Cunningham has said.
A week after Graham went missing, Longo publicly described Matthew in detail without naming him, saying investigators wanted to talk to the "person of interest" and had searched his apartment because he was the last person to see her.
Matthew showed up at police headquarters, asked for a lawyer, and then sped away, according to a police account. His exit prompted a warrant for "reckless driving," a charge that Longo cited as he named the suspect and appealed for information from anyone who saw him with Graham the night she disappeared.
Matthew was arrested a few days later in Galveston, Texas.
While Matthew was a fugitive in Texas, Virginia police added a charge of abduction with intent to defile, a violent felony that under Virginia law compels suspects to submit to DNA testing.
Very quickly thereafter, Virginia State Police announced a "forensic link" to Harrington's killing. That case, in turn, has been linked by DNA evidence since 2012 to the rape of a woman in Fairfax, Virginia, who survived after a passer-by startled her attacker, the FBI has said.
Following Matthew's arrest, Christopher Newport University released a statement noting that he had been named in a police file involving a Sept. 7, 2003 sexual assault on the Newport News campus. Matthew was a student there from January 2003 through Oct. 15, 2003.
Matthew had transferred to CNU after three years at Liberty University, where he also was briefly on the football team.
When he was at Liberty University, he was accused of raping a student on campus. That charge was dropped when the person declined to move forward with prosecution, Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney Michael Doucette said.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Deception: The Wrath of a Liar

Liars hold the world in contempt.  You've heard me say this (or write it) many times. 

One who will fabricate reality is one who thinks he can "get one past" just about anyone.  Those who have been "trained" and "instructed" in deception from childhood can do an array of damage, far more than most of us even care to understand.

Recently in a training, a woman approached me and said, "My boss is a liar."

I knew what she meant. I also knew what she did not mean.

She did not mean he lies about work hours, her hair, or to his wife on the phone.  The setting (short training) and her face (dead in earnest) spoke to her pain.  She knew.  She knew the damage a liar can do, particularly when he has authority over another's life, including ability to provide a living for her family.

Her boss held her life in his lying hands and she spotted one of the most dangerous of lies:

One who lies when there is nothing to gain from lying. 

This "unnecessary liar" cannot help himself; he lies like we breath:  instinctively.  

Another man approached me.  His boss had just graduated from speed to cocaine, and the drain on the business finance was getting harder and harder to account for.  

Addicts lie.  This is not in dispute.  Addicts lie with impunity and in reflex, as if everything inside of them is wired to protect their addiction.  

The results can be destructive to business and to personal lives.  

People are often surprised when a guilty looking suspect agrees to take a polygraph.  "Why would a guilty person take a polygraph?"

Sometimes, the guilty person is up against the wall of pride.

In the murder of Hailey Dunn, her mother, Billie Jean Dunn, and mother's boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, initially balked at taking a polygraph.  Eventually, Dunn convinced Adkins that they could beat it by drugging up, but when discovered and sent home, she was now in the state of "Challenge", something the deceptive person bristles at.

Call her immoral, call her promiscuous, call her perverted but do not call her a liar, as it brings out the tiger within.

What now?

She was sent home due to drug taking, and now she and Adkins have to decide to go through with the rescheduled polygraph.

If she does not show, she has backed down from the challenge.  If she shows, clean, she fears failure.

Pride, as it goes, seems to tip the scales to the fall.

They showed; they failed.

Liars hold the world in contempt, and this is even seen when caught.  They do not "own" their mistake, but will blame others, including the polygraph machine, the polygrapher, or anyone else in the way.

Richard Blumenthal.

We covered this back when he was seeking election.  

Those who dismiss analysis by saying "all politicians lie, so what about it?" are the same who will point the finger at others when the world they once knew and lived in, is damaged beyond repair. 

Broken promises are not lies unless there is intent to deceive.  

We live in a world very much changed before our eyes and we do not know what to expect tomorrow.  
Liars will do what is in their own best interest, and not in the best interest of others, including us. 

When caught, the liar will attack. 

Look at the wake of damaged lives caused by still-millionaire Lance Armstrong!  What does he care for his own disgrace, while his victims are left bereft of name and money due to his attacks and damage he inflicted upon them, while they were guilty of nothing but exposing the liar!

What of a man who's very position could mean the difference between life and death, freedom and prison?

Is it possible that a Harvard educated Attorney General could boast about his service in Vietnam even though he never went to Vietnam and secured 5 deferments just to avoid going there?

How can this be?

Answer:  Liars, that is, those who fabricate reality, hold the rest of us in contempt.

Instead of saying, "I am sorry.  I shamelessly sought to gain votes of veterans and I have insulted their intelligence", he had something else to say.

I'm reasonably sure that if I were to fly in a plane to a foreign country, particularly one in which a war was raging, I would remember being there.

Blumenthal talked about being in Viet Nam in order to garner support.  The problem?  He wasn't in Viet Nam.

When caught, who is the target of his apology?  His mea-culpa was a bit light on the "mea" and the "culpa" may be "misdirected."

"Misspoke" means lie.

"On a few occasions, I have misspoken about my service and I regret that. And I take full responsibility, but I will not allow anyone to take a few misplaced words and impugn my record of service to our country."

That is a comment by Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal regarding questions surrounding his past statements about his military service.

By now, you have learned to key in on the word "but" in Statement Analysis, to know the important information in a sentence follows this particular word.

"On a few occasions, I have misspoken about my service and I regret that. And I take full responsibility, but I will not allow anyone to take a few misplaced words and impugn my record of service to our country."

"On a few occasions" remember, the shortest sentence is best. Additional words give us additional information. If a sentence can work without a word, the added word should be noted.

"few" is an attempt to minimize.
"occasions" are instead of formal speeches. Attempt to minimize. What would you have said? Remember, the statements made were in front of not only live audiences, but cameras rolling. Maybe he meant that he said it, off handedly, at a picnic, or something. Would you forget that you didn't go to a country, thousands of miles away, while being shot at with weapons that could have ended your life?

This is why deceptive people, uncovered in Statement Analysis, get caught: they cannot change.

If you study statement analysis in an attempt to become a better liar, it will not help you. It is something ingrained within you at childhood; truth or fabrication, and it is habit forming. Even those who read that deceptive people often employ words like "swear, honest to God, swear to God, honestly" and so on, STILL employ these words, as the brain tells the mouth what words to use processing this information in less than a microsecond.

"I have misspoken about my service "

No, he said he was in Vietnam and research has showed that he worked hard at making sure he was not in Vietnam, but safely in Washington, D.C, running "Toys for Tots" in the reserves.

"misspoken" past tense is a word used to soften or minimize (neutralize) the word "lied". Misspoken conjures up thoughts of an innocent mistake, rather than an intention to deceive.

"and I regret that"

"that" means distance, "this" means closer.
"regret"is an emotion. He has not owned, nor asked for forgiveness. I think anyone who said that they were in another country only to be caught lying would likely regret being caught. I believe his regret is genuine, but it is not linked to deception, but rather to having been caught.

"And I take full responsibility"

at first glance, this sounds strong. But remember, the shortest sentence is best. "And I take responsibility" is shorter. "full" is the emphasis that he feels he needs to add, thus weakening the statement, however, this wasn't the end of the sentence. The word "but" now employs the most important part of his message:


"but I will not allow anyone to take a few misplaced words and impugn my record of service to our country."

he will "not allow"; forbid, control. How can he "not allow"
"anyone" (neutral gender)

This shows the arrogance of a liar. He now expresses himself in terms of divinity; controller over destiny, and over the minds and hearts of Americans who will hear these words. He will not "allow"; language that deludes himself and shows how far from reality he is.

When you read this you can now see why someone with his intellect and place in life can be so utterly void of common sense.

In your life, could you go to your job, or to your family, and simply announce that you were in, for instance, "war-torn Bosnia" during the height of conflict? You know, when they thought you were home, or at school, all that time, you were really dodging bullets in the streets of Bosnia. Your family might look at you and call the doctor.

It is equally absurd; showing how out of touch a deceptive person can become over the years. A young liar may be good, but a liar who reaches the age of a grandparent has a lifetime of practice at deception but ego overrides and causes them to look foolish.

Who is "anyone"?  The reporter that decided to check the facts?  Shoot the messenger?

I'm thinking...he, himself, doesn't seem to be the "anyone."  When something feels awkward to you, it is because, well, it is awkward and it should be.

"to take a few misplaced words"

Here we have a change in language, from misspoken to misplaced. A change of language represents a change in reality. When the girl kissed the man, the man fell in love with the woman. Notice the change? She was a girl, but once they kissed, she became a woman.

Where there is no justification for the change, it is likely deception.

"The car ran roughly. I ran out of gas. I left the vehicle on the side of the road."

It was a car when it went, but now that it cannot transport, it is a vehicle.

Here, we have a change. His words were "misspoken" but now, are not "
misspoken at all, but were "misplaced", meaning, put into the wrong place.

This means that he stands behind his lies and reveals what his regret is:

That he spoke his lies in the wrong settings. Had there been no cameras running, he could have used his "Vietnam" experiences to persuade vets to vote for him and if called on the carpet, he could easily deny.

But because the cameras were rolling, it is hard for him to watch and listen to the lies he told.

He takes "full responsibility", but he has provided service to his counrty. The use of the word but suggests that he doesn't take responsibility at all, because he feels that he has a record of service to his country after all.  "But" is often used to refute, or at least minimize that which preceded it.  It is used in comparison.

"I like steak but I love lobstah."  (Petey)

This politicians statement regarding the lies he told about his service in Vietnam reveal that he is a chronic, long term liar, who thought he was above being questioned, and is still in denial about his own mortality.

There is much talk about "pathological liars" who "can't even tell when they are lying."

Be careful with that one. The "pathological liars", when confronted, wiggle uncomfortably, and use lies in attempt to justifiy themselves. Guilt aside, we count on the internal stress that lies cause to flush out the language for us.

How is it that politicians can demand that we, the public, trust them, when those closet to them, their own families, can not trust them? (for another day)

The arrogance and deceptive nature of the statement issued by Blumenthal tells me that this is a man who has long lied without much consequence and that he has been a man of power, who has had much success in exerting authority over others.  I'd hate to be a defendant up against one who is not afraid to invent his own reality.  One can only imagine orders passed down from him that impacted the lives he was in contact with.

It is frightening.

Once called out as a liar, the wrath of the liar is unleashed, and will do whatever he or she can do, to "pay back" the "indignity" of being seen as a liar.

And, oh, by the way, do not be surprised when the liar smears you with lies.  It is the tool dearest to their hearts.

Imagine being an innocent man or woman, facing malicious prosecution, and finding this man, Blumenthal, standing up against you, accusing you?

What fright must one experience!

Those who would destroy exculpatory evidence, for example, or who will turn a blind ear to the testimony of one, such as Kevin Fox, father of Riley Fox, and drive a false confession out of him, are liars with hate, who's own career ambitions blind them to their own depravity.

I cover this, and more cases in my upcoming book.  Look for its release soon. If you would like to help with editorial costs:


We are hoping to take this route instead of crowd-sourcing.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Generational Liars and Violence.

In my new book, I give some behind the scenes information regarding some of the popular cases we have covered the past few years on the blog, including those of "Generational Liars", those of whom lessons began early on how to deceive, often mother and daughter tandem sets of deceivers, and what damage they can accomplish together.  Think Casey Anthony and Cindy.

We see the genesis of such in Juvenile Liars...children who lie, particularly when their is no cause to lie.

This is the single most frightening element of lying:  adult or child, when one lies when there is no need.  It is a strong signal of trouble to come.

We see the result of liars in society; they have as a common denominator the need to put himself or herself first, and foremost, above others.  To think that they might hold others in a higher esteem, hence, produce humility, is not likely. The language will reveal as much.

Juvenile liars are those of whom the school teachers generally tag as 'hopeless' to some degree.  It is anathema to a school teacher to "give up" on any child, but in spite of what teachers say in official meetings, what they say "off record" is something entirely different.

For the teacher, the combative parent will increase the stress and tension upon the teacher, even grade after grade, until 'word' gets out:  it is not worth the stress.  The child's parents will make certain no correction comes its way and the blaming of the school has no end.

When the child is called "liar" by peers, violence breaks out.

Incredibly, the parent encourages and even praises the violence.

The teacher has pegged this child as an "untouchable" child.

With the notion of "no child left behind", there are, quite unfortunately, children that are left behind, deliberately, and it is not the fault of the teacher, school administrator, or school board.  It is the parent.

The parent lies, even when there is no cause; and the child learns the lesson well.

This juvenile form of lying can show itself in the adult parent of a juvenile liar.

Why is the child "untouchable"?

It is because the lying parent has made it so.  The school cannot pay the teacher enough money to get screamed at each time the parent meets the teacher, and blamed for the student's cheating at homework, when it is the parent orchestrating it in the first place.

The deceptive parent has bullied, argued, "advocated" and fought for her child's rights, deceptively, on and on and on until...the teacher has had enough.  To save herself, the teacher must stop caring and disassociate from the nasty parent.

The underpaid teacher soon learns the price she must pay for trying to teach the Liar's daughter:  Mother, large of stature and volume, standing very close, threatening, forever threatening, until the anxiety of the teacher goes through the roof and she feels she can bare little more. When she shares this information with a co worker, she is told, "Everyone knows the mother.  She's vicious and she loves to fight.  Seriously.  She gets charged up and wild eyed when someone threatens her daughter. Stay clear!

Mother likes to fight as much as daughter.

She has a personality disorder that thrives on adrenaline and lives for the fight, feigning to call her "team of lawyers" (whom she has never met nor called) but then openly wonders why her own daughter lies.  Remember wild eyed Cindy Anthony with a shovel?

The culture of which she lives isn't like anything I have ever encountered before, whereas once this form of violence was found mostly in males, and soundly condemned at that.  Today, one might add to the list of troubles caused by the liar:  violence.

If violence satisfies the liar's need to feel that her self esteem is above that of others, then violence it is.  For parents who have raised their children according to standards of ladies and gentlemen, it is difficult to explain how a parent might not only support such egregious behavior, but to applaud it.

The thinking is singular:  me above the next guy.

The teacher soon learns, (sadly, some learn at a very early age) to give up on a child because the parent will not allow the child to receive knowledge; particularly knowledge that corrects errant behavior.

Since those that live by the sword often perish by it too, tragedy awaits them.

Liars put their own interests first and sometimes when violence follows deception, it is because deception puts the subject above all others, and violence seeks to maintain that status.

Watching two women beat each other on television is barbaric, but when it is cheered by society, even the mothers of the combatents, we cannot expect cultural excrement to be cleaned away anytime soon.

I cannot help but wonder when it is when teachers will finally say "no mas!" to the rise of violence in society today.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Casey Anthony and Jose Baez Under the Apple Tree

Remember this one from November 9, 2009?  A Blast from the Past!

I sure do. 

"Tot Mom" hasn't been in the news in quite a while, but will be making an appearance in my soon to be released book on deception, so I thought I would bring back a small but interesting aspect of the monstrosity that was the case of perverted justice for Caylee Anthony; the relationship between Jose Baez, the "Swarmy" defense attorney, and "Tot Mom", Nancy Grace's moniker for the dirty dancin' liar. 

"...don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me, anyone else but me, anyone else but me, no, no, no!"

I couldn't resist.  This was a pop tune when my parents were a courtin' back in the day during World War II and it is something I remember from my childhood. 

Jose Baez had a very tough job. He had to come up with a defense for Casey Anthony, accused of killing her own child, because Casey locked herself into the "Zanny the Nanny kidnapped her" farce.

Something as superficial as a few statements, looking back, seemed to mean nothing in the overall picture, yet they stand today as an example of principle in analysis.  It also may make a difference to future clients.  

Even with parents who went along with the charade, inspite of the horrific smell of decomposition that the grandmother attempted to wash out of Casey's clothes and scrub out of the car, Jose Baez has had to hold the family's party line and "search" for a child who was never missing. Since then, George and Cindy Anthony have retired to a life of luxury, going from being behind on the mortgage to George's new diamond earrings and cruises. No job for either.

Since Casey reported that Zanny kidnapped the child and had police search, Jose Baez has been forced to keep to that defense. His endless filing of motions shows one thing:

He does not have any clue as to HOW to defend her.

Ask yourself: would you?? I know I would not. I think the best he can do is seek a plea, but in his position, taking a plea means a loss of fame and fortune. He may not always continue as a lawyer: see below.  Attorneys used to take guilty clients and simply protect them from malicious prosecution.  It is how they once saw their jobs:  preserve justice, not pervert it as if it was a game to win or lose.

On the Geraldo show, Mr. Baez was asked if he was involved in an “inappropriate relationship with his client."  This was because he had been rebuked by prison officials on 3 occasions because he would not take his hands off of Casey. He was seen holding her very closely in public (on camera) many times and she was in his office, day after day, for up to 6 hours at a time.

When a person is asked a sensitive question, by not answering the question, they are giving you the indication that the question, itself, is sensitive to them.  What would make a question like this sensitive?

Ask yourself this: If someone asked you if you had an inappropriate relationship with person A, how would you answer? “No, I didn’t” is the only truthful answer if no inappropriate relationship took place. It is short, it is easy and it is very low stress. It is what innocent people say when facing an accusation.

People do not like to lie. It causes internal stress. Instead, they edit their account, or deceive by avoidance. When a guilty person is asked a direct question, a positive answer will then result in unbearable stress, including disbarment for Mr. Baez. Yet, a lie causes internal stress so that if proof is later offered, his denial on Television can be entered into disbarrment procedings. His is a lawyer.

Question: There were 4 dogs sitting on the grass. One decided to run off. How many were left?

Answer: we do not know. We know that one decided, but we do not know if he went through with running off after he made his decision. Editing should not be interpreting.

“I tried to complete my work” in the past tense is an admittance that the person did not complete their work, but wants you to think they did.  Perhaps they are seeking sympathy or praise.

Question: “Do you know about my surprise birthday party?”
Answer: “who me? I don’t know nothin’!”. This person has been asked a sensitive question and is seeking to avoid the answer.

Question: Did you smoke pot last night?
Answer: Who me? I am NOT a drug user.

This person may have smoked pot, and may have now made a vow to no longer use drugs, and is avoiding answering the question. They likely smoked pot last night. By saying "I am not a drug user" they are editing their answer. They may have stayed up late last night, and confessed to their partner, and now is enjoying Day One drug free. Yet, they skillfully avoided the answer.

"Did you have sex with Amy Fischer?"

"Never, Never, NEVER!" screamed Joey Buttafuouco. Never does not mean "no". Rather, it is something that liars like to use rather than a straight denial.

 Think of him before the judge: "100% NOT GUILTY!", rather than, "not guilty". His emphasis told Statement Analyzers (verbal polygraphers)...yep, he did.

When Jose Baez was asked if he was involved in an inappropriate relationship with Casey Anthony, he was asked a very straight forward question. If he did not engage in an inappropriate relationship, a quick 'no" will suffice. It is easy and without stress. Qualifiers are signs of deception.

Baez answered, “I’m not going to dignify that with an answer. I am not going to even dignify that with an answer.”

So, there you have your answer. (including the additino of the word "even", which is added.  Note that not only is it sensitive as seen in avoidance, it is highly sensitive since it is not only avoided, but the answer is repeated.

What your eyes saw on TV and what you read about with the prison officials repeated rebukes of Mr. Baez was not lying to you. When someone walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and lands in your pond: go ahead and toss it a piece of bread. I don't think it is looking for Prime Rib.

If he (0r you!) did not have an inappropriate relationship then the best and most simple answer is the truthful one: “No, I didn’t”

When someone does not answer your question, remember: there is a reason why they will not answer a question.

When someone refuses to answer a question "based upon my lawyer's advice" know this:

It is not illegal for an innocent person to say "No, I didn't"

It won't mess up their case. It is not against counsel's advice. It breaks no rules and violates no laws.

Richard Jewel is a good example. He said "no I didn't". Why was he hounded?

Because law enforcement was split in two camps:

Statement Analysis: He didn't do it. Period.

Profiling: Yeah, he might have: he was white, mid 30's, lived with Mom.

This was really outdated. The S/A folks knew from his statements that he did not bomb anything. Verbal polygraphy is a science.

Jose Baez can never go against his client, lest she decide to talk.  One day, if she sells her story to the media, the romance of being alone in his office, 5 hours a day, may be part of the script.

Younger Brother of Kidnapper Charged in Holly Bobo Case

The younger brother of the man accused of kidnapping and killing Decatur County woman Holly Bobo has now been charged with rape, along with previous tampering with evidence charges.
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced that John Dylan Adams, 26, was indicted on the charges this morning by a special Decatur County Grand Jury. The news release said that on Sept. 17, "Adams admitted to TBI agents that he was involved in the forcible rape of Holly Bobo on April 13, 2011, at the address of 235 Adams Lane in Holladay, TN, in Decatur County."
Dylan Adams has been charged with two counts of rape, according to the indictment in the Decatur County Circuit Court.
Sept. 17 also was the day Adams was arrested on a tampering with evidence charge after the TBI said Adams told an agent that he had disposed of evidence on the day Bobo was kidnapped.
"On September 17, 2014, this agent heard Dylan Adams tell other agent with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation that on April 13, 2011, Dylan Adams disposed of item(s) he knew possessed evidentiary value relating to Holly Bobo," a warrant said. "This offense did occur in Decatur County."
John Dylan Adams, known as Dylan, is the brother of Zachary Rye Adams, who is charged with the felony murder and aggravated kidnapping charges in connection to Bobo's death. A second man, Jason Autry, also is charged with murder and kidnapping in the case. Bobo's partial remains were found in the woods of northern Decatur County last month.
The most recent charges against Dylan bring to light pieces of the TBI's case against the men charged in the Bobo case, placing Bobo in the Adams residence on Adams Lane the morning she disappeared, according to the agency. The TBI first said that Dylan disposed of evidence at the Adams home that morning and now that he participated in Bobo's rape.
The charges against the younger Adams brother both come from alleged confessions to the TBI, after Adams had previously been detained in federal custody on gun charges. The younger Adams brother's name came into the news early on after the arrest of his brother.
Zach Adams, 30, was charged earlier this year with trying to coerce Dylan not to talk about the Bobo case. A warrant on that coercion of a witness charge indicated that Dylan Adams was "a witness in a judicial proceeding involving the crimes of first-degree murder and especially aggravated kidnapping in Decatur County."
While he was in the Chester County Jail in March, Zach allegedly asked another inmate to pass a message to his brother, who was at that time being held in the Obion County Jail, a TBI agent said in a warrant.
Zach Adams asked the inmate to, "Tell my brother he is the one who started this (expletive) and if he don't shut his mouth he will be in the hole beside her," according to the warrant. Adams gave the message on March 4 to an inmate who was going to be transferred to Obion County, the warrant says.
The federal gun indictment against Dylan Adams said he was an unlawful user of controlled substances or an addict.
The Madison County Sheriff's Department arrested Dylan Adams on the federal charges in Madison County on Sept. 25, 2013, and turned him over to the U.S. Marshals Service after an arrest warrant was issued on Sept. 16, 2013.
But members of the Adams family have said that Dylan Adams was actually being housed in Memphis and had been working in cooperation with the TBI on the case since early in the year. Family members have told The Jackson Sun that details Dylan Adams has told the TBI have likely brought about several of the developments in the case, but that they fear Adams' IQ, in the low 70s, has left him vulnerable and easily swayed.
Moss Miller, the first cousin of the mother of Zachary and Dylan Adams, has said Dylan Adams is "a grown man with the IQ of a 10-year-old."
After news broke of the new rape charges against Dylan Adams today, Miller responded with the same defense of the younger Adams brother.
"We are under the impression, in his mental state, he could be coerced to say anything," Miller said. "(After he was brought in for questioning on the Bobo case) they wouldn't let him eat or drink. I would be reluctant to think that this (the rape charge) is true. We are under the impression they are coercing him to say that."
District Attorney General Matthew Stowe said today he is appreciative of the hard work of the TBI to move the case forward.
"We are grateful to the TBI and the grand jury for helping us take one more modest step on the long road to justice for Holly," he said.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Missing: Baby Delano Wilson Case Review

Statements and Deception

Fake Reward

911 Call

Now months have passed after a newborn disappeared from a reported kidnapping, the baby's parents spoke out, and Statement Analysis indicated the father for deception, and the mother's statements certainly raised questions as to what she knows from the father, Willie Wilson. 

 Recall that Willie Wilson said that his 'daughter, er, son' was kidnapped and that the kidnappers beat him and left him unconscious. Some came to his defense saying that a hit on the head might confuse the "son versus daughter" statement, yet others said it was his attack on his daughter, earlier, that may have been in his mind at the time of his statement.  

Police said his injuries did not match his description of the 'beating.'  We also saw his words did not match a personal conflict.  

"All we want at the end of the day, is our baby to be found," said Tanaisha Perkins, Delano's mother.

Delano Wilson

When parents are standing (or seated) together, we may hear things such as "our" daughter in an appropriate manner.  Yet, given the age of the child, we are more likely to hear a mother say "my daughter" or "my baby."  The maternal instincts, Solomon showed, are powerful. 

But the parents of missing infant Delano Wilson say they keep calling investigators for updates on the case and no one is calling them back.  They seem to not understand why police isn't given them any information. 

In short, police do not believe Willie Wilson.  

"It's like just leaving us hanging us to drying. Don't nobody knows what's going on," said Willie Wilson, the baby's father.

 Willie Wilson says a white man and a Latino woman robbed him at gunpoint in an alley near his house while he was walking with his infant son. Wilson told investigators the man attacked him, leaving him dazed, and then snatched the baby, taking off in a blue Ford Taurus.  The description is from media, not from him.  From him, we expect up close and personal language.  Anyone who has ever been the victim of an attack knows just how "close" and "personal" the assault is.  Distancing language raises suspicion. 

"I can still recall everything. Everything. That's something you not gonna forget," said Wilson.

There is a clarity in an attack like this.  Expected is close language, not "that", but "this" and mostly:

"This is something I am not going to forget", and not the word "you" which is distancing language. 

That's why Wilson says he's been searching online for a sketch artist to draw the people he says took his son. Police didn't supply a sketch artist because they did not want to waste resources on an obvious lie. 

"I'm pretty sure a sketch artist who's talented enough would be able to draw that out. 'Cause I know exactly how they looked. They'd be actually able to put it on paper so other people can see and look for these people," said Wilson.

He knew "exactly" how they looked but could not recall if it was his son or his daughter that they took.  


Wilson says investigators haven't offered to provide one, and the cheapest he can find costs $100 an hour.

'I think they don't want to because they see me as a suspect still. That's why I haven't gotten a sketch artist. That's why haven't nobody answered my phone calls," said Wilson.

This is true.  Willie Wilson has been indicated for deception in the disappearance of his daughter, er, son.  

Police have said Wilson's story has left them with questions, but have never named him or the baby's mom as suspects. Investigators have questioned both parents and removed items from their home.

"Anything they want us to do, we're not hiding. We're here. They know where we're at. It's not like we're running from anybody. We're looking for our son," said Perkins.

Taniasha Perkins says that's what they're going to keep on doing until they find him.

"I feel in my spirit that my baby's okay. I just need him back with us, with his family," she said.

Next, we saw a reward offered in which there were enough indicators to question the validity of such a reward:  Was it intended to help find the baby, or make the family look as if it was a real kidnapping?

Statement Analysis gets to the truth:

This is from a man identified as "Marlon Perkins" a cousin of the mother  

"Anyone in Indianapolis can help out my cousin in her time of need. "This is real, and she needs all the help and assistance possible in the safe return of her son. I'm personally offering $10,000 for any information that leads to his safe return. Contact IMPD immediately with any information!!!!"

Please now see the statement posted, again, but with emphasis and analysis:

"Anyone in Indianapolis can help out my cousin in her time of needThis is real, and she needs all the help and assistance possible in the safe return of her son. I'm personally offering $10,000 for any information that leads to his safe return. Contact IMPD immediately with any information!!!!"

The subject is identified as Marlon Perkins, cousin to the mother, who gave the video plea that has already been analyzed. 

1.  Note that help is sought for "my cousin" and not for the baby. 
2.  Note that the statement does use Delano's name, which is distancing language. 
3.  Note the statement, "this is real", begging the question, "Why would anyone need to claim that a kidnapped baby is "real"?  This may cause police to wonder if the subject knows or believes that the child is not kidnapped, and that the subject is either suspicious or knows that Willie Wilson has not been truthful. That "this is real" gives indication that it may be a fake offer.  
4.  Note the cousin's name is not used, either.  (ISI:  Incomplete Social Introduction) One may then wonder about the quality of the relationship between the subject and the mother. 
5.  "She needs" and not "Delano needs" or "the baby needs..."  The baby's welfare is not mentioned.
6.  Note the word "safe" is repeated, and the reward will be paid, not upon the baby's return, but "safe" return.  We may wonder why the subject has added this word as a condition to payout. 
7.  "I'm personally" is not necessary and when taken with:

a.  "this is real", it leads me to question:

* if this is a genuine reward and the subject actually has the money; 
*if the subject believes or knows the child is not going to be returned "safely"
*the subject may be attempting to self-aggrandize, or even use this as a tangent.  

There are enough indicators within this post to question the validity of the offer.  

911:  What is the location of your emergency?  

 Therefore, we expect order to begin with address.  His answer: 

"I'm on Hardy Street, and by chase (?), and I was robbed and someone took my daughter, I mean my son."

Note that being robbed came before reporting his son missing. This is not expected.
Was this a drug robbery?

Note the error between "daughter" and "son."  It would be interesting to learn if he also has a daughter near the same age, with another woman.

It would also be interesting to learn if he is on drugs.

"I'm laying on the middle of the street off Oliver..."

911:  What's your name?

Subject:  Willie.

"One was a white male who was a man the other person who was a  lady was hispanic. "

Specific description even of the shoes.   "Jordans, red black and blue..."

911:  They took your son?

Subject:   Yes, they abducted my son.

It is interesting to note that he did not enter the language of the 911 operator, but changed "took" to "abducted."

He calls out that he was just "robbed and pistol whipped" but did not mention the baby, to the passerby.  That the child was abducted would be the expected first thing he said.

Later, to another passerby, "I was robbed and they took my two month old son" with "took" and not "abducted"

Being "robbed" came before the taking of his son.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (August 28, 2014)– Freshly released from a night in custody, Willie Wilson made an emotional appeal for information on the whereabouts of his missing child.
All I want is my son. I am begging, please search. I love my son.”
The mother of six week old Delano Anthony Wilson Taniasha Perkins made her own emotional statement in the 500 block of Chase Street earlier in the day.
He means the world to me and his dad and as his parents we work really hard for our child and for you to take him away is tearing a hole in my family and in my heart,” she said.
The hole in the heart:  first family, and then the mother.  This is not expected.

Wilson told police that he was accosted by a white male and hispanic woman in an alley less than a block from his home Wednesday at noon.
Delano Wilson
Delano Wilson
Wilson said the pair intended to rob him of his cell phones and his wallet but took his baby instead.
He said ‘I don’t care.’ That’s when he hit me knocked me down. I got the baby in my arms. That’s when I knew they were gonna do more because she didn’t do nothing because the man is constantly yelling at me telling me to empty my pockets, grabbing at my pants. All I could do is give him what I had. I didn’t wanna harm the baby.”

The use of the word "because" twice here is not sensible.  Is the lack of sense due to deception, or is it because he was knocked unconscious?  

The 911 call does not show the priority of a kidnapping.  
The father's account is not believed by police.  He likely killed or sold the child. 

 Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.

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