Sunday, January 31, 2016

Violence and Deception: Statement from Swedish Citizens

The inevitable violent backlash has arrived in Europe, and it is unknown how widespread it is due to the deceptive nature of the socialists governments' conspiratorial silence with media.  It is safe to say, for readers of the Statement Analysis blog, that whatever "officials" admit to, the minimization is likely a strong factor and numbers should be considered as such.  

Sweden blocked an article from "The Daily Mail" from reaching all Swedes in Sweden.  The article reported that the 6' bearded migrant murderer was likely not a "refugee child of 15" but an Islamic adult invader who has illegally entered their country, received free benefits, and continued to make demands upon Sweden for improvements in all things.  

The article did not reach citizens who, instead, received a generic message as if there existed an internet error of sorts.  

We have learned that in Germany, "stand down" orders, or "no arrest" orders have been long issued by politicians to police officials, further empowering Islamic criminal behavior, including rape, robbery and drug dealing.  We learned that "trickle truth", usually reserved for infidelity in romance confessions, was used by the European leftist in telling the world that:

a.  Cologne Germany had "some issues New Year's Eve, with a few youths misbehaving" which then became a story that trickled more and more truth, a little at a time, with: 
b.  Thousands of Islamic males attacked Europeans in Cologne
c.  Thousands of Islamic males attacked Europeans in 75% of German states
d.  Even more attacked not only in Cologne and not only in Germany, but throughout Europe
e.  This was all communicated via social media, including Facebook, which censored anti-Islamic and anti-migrant communication, but not the Tararusch koranic rape -game reward of Islam
f.  That the elite knew it was planned but deliberately limited the number of police as to "not alarm" the citizens and to "not galvanize" the anti Islamic migrant movement of Merkel. 
g.  That this is not even the first year it has happened in Europe.  

"No Go Zones", ridiculed by Snopes, and apologized for by Fox, were not just areas in which it was "foolish" or unsafe for a European to walk through:  they were, and are, entire enclaves of Islamic rule, where police have no authority and often cannot safely enter, and are even told not to enter, especially in uniform.   Sharia rules these independent areas; independent except for the European financial support where there is 75% to 100% unemployment by the Islamists, who, in many cases, openly state that they should not be working for the 'inferior infidel'; and especially not for the 'infidel female', of whom they call "whore."

143 police in Cologne for the Islamic rape game they knew was coming, but 1500 for the protest of the rapes.  They refused to use force on the Islamic rapists, but turned water cannons on their own people.  Police, themselves, complain about these orders, express anonymous patriotism, and leak out, when they can, the documents hidden from the public.  

A young woman who stopped a rapist with pepper spray, faces charges for protecting herself, while truckers going through Calais go into harm's way, also not allowed to defend themselves while police continually attempt to arrest migrant arms smugglers only to have politicians subvert their work, and conceal the information from the public.  The arms continue to pour into Europe but citizens are not permitted to defend themselves.  Video is now becoming the common tool used by citizenry to cry out to the free world for help.  

Russia Today highlighted the police retreat from Islamic male dominance.  

German feminists carried signs that said they preferred rapists instead of racists.  

They are likely to get their wish. 

Perhaps the most grotesque news story of all this week is the mass rape of a 10 year old boy.  

This week, social workers at a "migrant center" attempted to save a 10 year old boy who was being repeatedly sodomized by the Islamic men, but the men would not give up the boy, so police were called in.  The ferocity of the Islamic men was such with their desire to keep their victim  that police backed down and failed to rescue to the boy.  The mob frightened off workers and then police, so that they could continue to rape the child.  This is the "widow and orphans" and "war refugees" that Obama ridiculed opponents of Islamic importation.  The "safe" Europe he has described, has had massive cover ups of Islamic criminal behavior, and we are learning that throughout Europe, locals are fighting back, some of whom have lost their neighborhoods, schools and safety to Islamic invasion.  

Police returned, but incapable of freeing the boy from the rapists, simply "relocated" several of the rapists to other "migrant and refugee centers."  

Iran, Obama's ally and exporter of Islamic terrorism is billions of dollar richer for exporting arms to Europe and on the way to the nuclear bomb, has its Ayatollah, or spiritual prime minister, who gave a very detailed description of what sex acts are permissible of Islamic men upon infants.  

The UK reports frequently blame the European children for being raped.  

But there was something else that took place, this week, that may have incited more violence and it went beyond the murder, but to shocking words by a local police chief.  

The remark by the police chief, expressing sympathy for the killer of the 22 year old worker infuriated the public. 

Angela Merkel's treason, and the constant deception has not only infuriated the public, but the deception by omission by their paid media outlets has filled its citizenry with resolve.  More and more buildings are being set ablaze when the town learns of the politicians' plans to place the illegal migrants.  The politicians who live in safe armed gated neighborhoods deny the citizens what they have for their own children.  This is not lost on the people.  

As so many fear taking a stand to protect their women and children from Islamic rape, something prescribed from the koran, for fear of being called a name; "racist", the inevitable self defense is moving towards offense, with violence meeting violence. 

As the Swiss General said, a third European war is not upon them.  

As the winds of war blew through out the decade of the 1930's until in September of 1939 it began, so it is that media black out, elitism, deception and widespread Islamic supremacy violence has now brought Europeans to the place where they will be fighting for their own land and freedom.  

Self loathing political correctness has betrayed them, socialism has, as Churchill warned them, brought financial debt and the deprivation of the human soul's drive to succeed, and "The Rape Capital" is no longer just Sweden, as the cover is slowly coming off as to the true nature of Islamic crime, and European elitism Dhimmitude is unveiled, with creeping Sharia coming "one tolerant step at a time."

Here is the written statement given out by locals in their attempt to regain control of their homelands. I think the police chief's public statement about the killer, as well as the migrant center's silence about the stolen knife, and refusal to even visit the dead woman's family, has impacted the language of the written statement:  

“All over the country, reports are pouring in that the police can no longer copy with preventing and investigating the crimes which strike the Swedish people.”
“In some cases, for example, in the latest murder of a woman employed at a home for so call ‘unaccompanied minor refugees’ in Molndal, it goes as far as the National Police Commissioner choosing to show more sympathy for the perpetrator than the victim.”
“But we refuse to accept the repeated assaults and harassment against Swedish women.”
“We refuse to accept the destruction of our once to safe society. When our political leadership and police show more sympathy for murderers than for their victims, there are no longer any excuses to let it happen without protest.”
“When Swedish streets are no longer safe to walk on for normal Swedes, it is our DUTY to fix the problem.”
“This is why, today, 200 Swedish men gathered to take a stand against the north African ‘street children’ who are running rampage in and around the capital’s central station.”
“Police have clearly showed that they lack the means to stop their progress and we see no other way than to hand down the punishment they deserve ourselves.”
“The justice system has walked out and the contract of society is therefore broken – it is now every Swedish man’s duty to defend our public spaces against the imported criminality.”
“Those who gathered today are neither your politician, your journalist or your policeman. We are your father, your brother, your husband, your colleague, your friend and your neighbor.”
“Swedish men and women deserve safety in their everyday life and we are therefore calling on all others who also see the problem to follow in our footsteps, both in Stockholm and in other places around the country. For a better future together.”

Friday, January 29, 2016

Knowledge and Wisdom in Analysis

Politicians regularly pass laws that are emotionally satisfying, even though they bring damage.  They "feel good" but do not "do good" for the public.  They often know what audience sophistication awaits them, and tailor the message accordingly.  

If knowledge is the accumulation of facts, wisdom is knowing what to do with them. 

This is relevant, in context, for two departments:

1.  Investigatory 
2.  Hiring 

If one submits a personal statement for employment, the well trained analyst will know.  He or she will "know" certain things about the applicant that, perhaps, the applicant did not intend to disclose. 

The interview must be legally sound lest the company be open to suits, depending upon variations in state laws.  

The "anti establishment" trend has embraced strong "anti business" sentiment, further strengthened by media compliance and judicial appointments.   Want to be a pariah in college?  Mention something about "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps" or say something pro business and you will find the call, "we need some muscle here" by the fascist college professors who's offices were built on monies that came, in deed from businesses and those who exerted talent and initiative.  

The HR professional must be well acquainted with not only state and federal nondiscriminatory laws, but trends, as well.  Judges are now emboldened to circumnavigate laws, trump precedent, 

"My name is Sally Sue Smith.  I am 37 years old, and I love to interact with people.  I am a member of green hair free organization as an active member, and love doing good for others.  I am the mother of two children, and am married.  
I am proficient at customer service skills, and am very punctual and reliable and am a very quick learner of new things..."

The applicant has now identified specific membership in something that may be sensitive and if she is not hired, or if she is not offered an interview, she may seek to file a complaint of sorts, in some manner, against the business specifically alleging, "discrimination" even though she was not asked, "Are you a member of...?" but had offered it, on her own, in the application process.  

By offering the information, itself, it is important.  By offering it so early in the statement, it speaks to priority.  

If you hire someone with an agenda, sooner or later (I wager sooner) the person will find an opportunity to exercise her interest in her agenda.  If she is against people with green hair, you can set your watch on someone with green hair coming into conflict with her.  It was important enough for her to not only tell you this in the application process, but it is an identity she gave chronologically before her children and marriage.  (note that order, too).  

In the interview process, you must skillfully avoid certain questions, yet can and must listen to what is offered to you. 

As the interview progresses, you discover that the applicant has an acute need for relevancy, and this organizational connection is precisely what she finds her self worth in, increasing the odds that she will eventually come in conflict with either:

a.  someone with green hair
b.  someone who disagrees with her stance against people with green hair.  

                       Legally Sound Interviewing

What to do with the information you have gleaned from the statement?

You cannot have an employee preaching to customers or bullying co-workers.  

The applicant included the information specifically in a job application packet, not leaving something personal to be...

If you have had an agenda-hire, you already know how difficult it can be, and if you have had a self-appointed martyr, you know it is even worse:  the employee is seeking 'persecution' or 'prejudice' of some form.  

Even hiding behind "PC Language" trouble makers reveal themselves early and if ignored, morale problems are the least of your concerns.  

Those who come to promote their brand of "social justice" at the workplace seek opportunity to bring themselves to 'front and center' and highlight themselves above others.  

This is not good for business.  

Analytical Interviewing and Report Writing is legally sound, non intrusive and uses Statement Analysis to not only discern truth from deception, but to measure content, including priorities.  

By using this method you may, in Human Resources, weed out those who are likely to seek to defraud your business, either through theft, or through exploitation of more sophisticated methods, but you are also able to use the personality matching to get the right person into the right position, as analysis shows reliability as well.

For training for your company or individual, go to Hyatt Analysis for more information. 

We also hold monthly trainings online, and as one class is filling up, another class is forming.  

There is no substitute for formal training and hard work in lie detection.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Reyna Bruns Deceptive?

Reyna Braun reported that an otherwise healthy 24 year old Syrian refugee has been waiting on line for so long that he finally died.  

What can you see within her post?

Does she reveal herself?


This is translated from German, therefore, 'step back' and note such things as order of wording as indicative of priority. 

Note chronology; emotions and dedication of number of words to topics.   Also note that I edited out the introduction, which was almost the same length as the following, which gives you insight into pace as well as priority.  Here is, first, an exert, which should be analyzed, but then the expanded context:

“…a 24-year-old Syrian, who has been queuing for days (waiting) on LaGeSo in freezing temperatures in the slush, by fever, chills, then cardiac arrest in the ambulance, then in the emergency room – DIED”.

“This sacrifice of a human life ought to have been prevented. We all saw it coming. And not just for the past two days. For the past half a year.”
This is Facebook's own translation.
****************************************************** So. Now it's done. Is just a 24-Year-Old Syrians, on for days at lageso lousy slush in freezing temperatures, after fever, chills, then cardiac arrest in the ambulance, then in the er - deceased.
Who accepts responsibility here? Who is the fault of the failing administration or the political will - who else knows what's going on here? - now on themselves have loaded?
How will you deal with it now? Next move, tinted, cover up? React? No matter what you do: this would have been the victim of a human life must be prevented.
We have all see it coming. And not since two days ago. Since half a year.
Now it's too late. He's dead.
For half a year, local residents, we see what is happening. For half a year, we help, race, care, provide, feed, cure... And say again and again, it'll be dead if it continues like this. And it is downplayed, sweetens, way of talking. It is pretending that everything is normal, only a minor crisis management, soon we will have everything under control, we are improving a little bit here and a little bit of screws, it'll be okay.
At least four miscarriages haven't enough - these are not dead? - a " Murderd Chylde, from the chaos that could be abducted, wasn't enough - that is not a dead? - several constant resurrections on the site, heart attacks, diabetes-shocks, Allnächtliche Ambulance-inserts for collapsed persons and so on and so on don't have enough to make it clear: this is not an ideological debate.
We abuse requirements, not as a matter of principle or pleasantry. This is about people with eyes, ears, cold feeling... Around children. To old.
And no mistake: the situation at lageso continues to be life-threatening.
While I write these lines, it is two blocks away merrily so on.
The boy who now has died, 24. was one of the "Young, healthy men", The yes everything abkönnen, no one to take care of the needs, and in the first place, to be looked at askance - what are they doing here? Why aren't they in the bombs area? Why try to get out of the distance the situation of their family, to improve it, but if they are in the vicinity, in the war... Can't? And No, to the haters, in Syria's civil war is "they should bring a weapon in the hand and defend your country" is not an option, informs you look, who's there so everything with oversized resources which bombed and well equipped is on the way - and that "a weapon in the hand" when in doubt, always against their own fellow countrymen. Of an ex-Soldier Assad's, yes, a deserter, I was allowed to meet at lageso was, because he had fled the atrocities "His" Army not more with people could look at. Because his "stop it, leave her alone" - call nothing availed. We came into the conversation, because he took me to find a blanket asked. With a fever so he not out of the night and had to spend - ceiling or not! - we brought him in private.
The boy who now has died, has made it this far, and we - our state, our society, our country! - got him less than protected.
I was at night for weeks on lageso. Individuals now have thousands of people need housed the behelfsmässig, from there we have imparted - including so many children.
I'm three times as sick of the cold and wet conditions that I eventually give up and my help had to move on during the day. Weeklong colds and work with singers of world class don't mix so well.
I had a choice. Every time I left from there, I went with the quiver of consciousness, an absolute privilege compared to hundreds to have - to be able to walk away. I had no idea how people could stand the cold at all - stand! In the thin clothes that I saw in front of me, I asked me from my freezing ver mum mel theit with five layered: how can you stand it? Very simple. The absence of choice.
While I write this, the situation is just two blocks from the same - as long as not a jacket, not a hat, not a sleeping bag were paid by the Senate, you have to describe it. Even if the incredibly strong helpers, the there jackets, hats, scarves, hot drinks and soup distribute remedy and invest in themselves, to the extent that no one can imagine, been through it or not, at least not with my own eyes has seen. She quite specifically that and actually save lives, should be clear by now.
Last Friday, where I only for a syrians pick up position and wanted to discuss with four other, now what the next steps are, I did the first time on the way home crying. Until then, was the confidence that this city, this land but at some point the humanitarian bang must hear, still not completely broken - that it takes that we but the working conditions, which we are accustomed, but at some point be experience again, also In the lageso-context.
But this time it wasn't just too cold. It wasn't just the many, many people who were in the cold, the crying children, people of all ages, waited for the desperate - it was the feeling that something has changed in the square. That something has been dropped: the feeling of temporary emergency... It was gone. Instead was present a new: that all alert states both in the media, as well as from various, but important politicians have already been through that already long enough was yelled loud enough, and that a new stage is reached - a stage of despair, already in the All is said and done, and the situation in its full dimension a kind of normality has been achieved. That the flimmer hairs in all gehörgängen so overwrought and about roars are of the subject matter, because the belonging to the ears of your body does not have set in motion, the fact that you are also no longer be set in motion and so no cry more profit.
I know too many who give up, do not trust anymore. The already days before her famous "appointment" panic attacks have, abdominal cramping... Yes astonishing, these are the people!!! Have the fear of the lageso. A boy will post a photo on Facebook, where a butterfly on a stone tied trying to fly and the stone to pull up to the day before courage and encouragement to pick up. I'm scared, too, if i go for someone. Your knees are shaking hundreds of feet before. Thank God, thank god there are fearless helper, supporter, not sick, be the helpers, their profession temporarily put on hold for months, hang in there and stay and move on, and for days and are there for hours and help help help!!! You will save human lives.
Dirk Voltz, took the boy, was even until a few days longer in the hospital - erschöpfungszustand. He has called an ambulance, is me dangers - now he's home and with what happened must get along somehow. This state will take responsibility? Will the helper to save the boy, and tried to the emergency room - team of a Berlin hospital now with this last left alone?
Please read even...
I >> do you need company?
May I quote our chat. I write grade. Can't help it. Angry, sad, everything!!!!
You can always quote me, I'm gonna cry once. Thank you very much, I'm sitting in the taxi back in my apartment. I'm fine. It must be yes. But I'm going to get a couple of days off
Cry here and get in the keyboard at the same time
Actually, I'm tired and I want to get it straight, bedtime, it's already late, long samples day ahead of me and so... Since I reached the following message:
2:11 on
Oh man Reyna, that's not all like that anymore. What can we do?
I'm carrying for months, people are now also still sick
I just lie here a man, think about whether i have to call an ambulance
>>Echt??? What are they? Oh God
What did he do?
I don't know, he has 39,4 fever, chills and can't speak. I think I'll call an ambulance now
>>Mach that definitely!!!
Let me know if you need help! I come over
Thank you, I called
Okay, seats in the ambulance cardiac arrest
>>Ich cant believe f ***!!!!!!!! (...) Do you need there support??? Let me come over and hold your hand that can't be you're even still sick
Is arabic - english - translation also??? Hasan is still awake
My friend Matthias's doctor, with whom he brings. To translate
Call me now
>>Ich Born Khaled your no by phone immediately possible
He has tried to call you, he's doing fantastic - native speaker and dearest man - is that possible by phone and helps until the by Matthias comes?
Thank you Reyna, am in clinic Matthias is here now. Can I call khaled something else?
He can add me, please?
I'll tell him
You've also sent his no - you got him just pushed it seems
I'm in clinical
Not >>Kannst Trl.?
He thinks just for you still awake
No, he's dying. Can't tele kidneys
>>Dirk you can in the situation not be alone. Flick with your finger and I come.
Name Clinic is enough
He's just died I'll call you hereby officially from
>>Ich am with everything I have in mind and heart with you. Now, the rest of the night and tomorrow, and always. Tears
... To a friend...
Julia, the boy has just passed away. What are we doing all now??? What do we do? I'm crying here only and I am angry and so desperate... Because not even four or more miscarriages not even a " murderd chylde not even a 24-Year-old with fever and cardiac arrest of the now dead is will change anything. And if you after this human sacrifice change anything then we have all seen for months that this had to happen. But they're going to be from the responsibility winches. Maybe he had a heart disease not recognized. Then it was the fault and not the strains of lageso. Now everything is from the power never anyone good again!!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

DeOrr Case Examined: Unintended Death Theory

Did DeOrr Kunz jr drown because he was not being watched properly by his parents?

Is this a case of unintentional death and subsequent panic coverup?

Police have announced that the parents of DeOrr Kunz are "suspects" and it appears this is by reason of deduction.  

Why make this announcement?

Why make this announcement now?

The announcement comes on the heels of frustration by the public who sought answers for the child, with commentary overwhelmingly in favor of unintended death and cover up by the parents.   

Is this a signal of weakness?

It may be that the announcement is made now in hopes of not only pressuring the parents to speak out more, but to cause someone of whom either parent has confided in, to come forward.  

What we have learned through Statement Analysis has come primarily from the father, who loves to talk.   Unfortunately, in the lengthy interview, the IR did not do a good job in brining either parent to a place of denial, nor even about the polygraph.  Here are some specifics from the analysis to consider:  

Analysis Question

Do the parents possess guilty knowledge of their son's disappearance?

In viewing good social introductions, we may be able to rule out 

intentional homicide, but not accidental death and coverup.  This 

is simply because the parents love the child, and what may have 

happened initially, was not intended but came from negligence.  

With parents panicking over being believed, or due to substance abuse, they would need to remove the child from the locale and report him missing. 

Question:  Does this theory fit the language?

The case (and analysis) has progressed enough to take a working

 theory and apply it to the interview's analysis.  

Interviewer: Alright, DeOrr, take us back, was it Friday?

Jessica: Yes.

DeOrr Sr:.i'm not sure what day it is today!

I : today's Monday. 

This is not expected as "the clock" and "D-Day" are often

 very important to the hormone-elevated parents.  The

 exception may be due to extreme fatigue.  Generally, the 

loved ones are on high alert, and know exactly how many

 hours, including days, that the loved one is missing.  

Might this suggest that the father, DeOrr sr, wishes to be 

viewed in a 'victim-like' status as exhausted loving father?

J: It was Friday.
D: Friday, about 2.26 was when I, was it 2.26?

This is to assert an exact time, while not remembering the

 day of the week.  

Should the same parent know exactly the hours 

 the child has been missing ?

J: It was 2.36 when I called.

She corrects him with precision.  It is likely that someone 

looked at the cell phone to note the precise time, perhaps in 

preparation for the interview, or due to the "clock" ticking, 

concern.  We let the words guide us towards a conclusion. 

 The mother wishes to assert herself (pronoun "I"), which 

should have signaled interview strategy of working one 

against the other, particularly the mother.  

D : 2.36 when she called and I was in the truck hauling down to 

the road trying to get service because I didn't think one bar 

would get it. So I, she got very very lucky. I was blessed that she 

was able to get service because I didn't think, I didn't want to try 

and risk getting half way through my talking to 911 and have it 

cut off. So I went down to where I knew I could get a little 

service, about a half mile down the road. 

Note the delay in him making this call warrants explanation.  

Note this in relation to his wife's correction, precision and 

use of the pronoun "I" to assert herself. 

This is an extremely sensitive portion of the interview.  The 

father wishes to convey that which is unnecessary:  that he 

was rushing and in a panic. 

The need to persuade is therefore, noted.  There is no reason 

for an innocent (or delaying parent) to make certain we, the 

audience, knows he was "hauling" and rushing.    

We have an extreme point of sensitivity and it is about the

 father being inside the truck.  Let's explore this. 

We note that the father, "D", explains why he did something

 without being asked.  This indicates a need to explain why he 

drove in his truck.   This means that he thought to himself, "I 

better explain why I was in the truck because they are going 

to ask me about it."

Therefore, we assign the reason why someone did something 

only when not asked, to the color blue which is the highest 

level of sensitivity in analysis.  Should we find two colors of 

blue close together, the sensitivity becomes extreme to the 



The exact time was off and was corrected by the mother.  He 

did not remember the day, but used the word "about" when 

giving the exact time. There is nothing "about" when stating 

"2:26" as "about" is used to estimate.  We use estimation 

with round numbers, and round times. 

"It was about 2:30" is consistent.  

"About 2:26" not only shows preparation, (and failed 

memory or communication) but to say "about" shows the

 inconsistency of using estimation and exactness.  

The time when police were called is a sensitive topic, but this

 is not as sensitive as the truck.  

The Truck

Please note:  placing himself in his truck is very important to 

the father, so much so that he twice explains why he was in 

the truck. 

This is very sensitive to him, as is the time line.  

Why is it so important to him that we, the audience know, he 

was in his truck?

*If this was unintended death, was the child moved, via truck, 

by a nervous father?  

That he was "hauling" is not only unnecessary to say (no one

 would consider this a leisurely 

drive) but it is also 'story telling', which is to make us 

consider the location of the emotions within his statement.  

The father in the truck has produced intense sensitivity in his 


Uh, we searched for - after about twenty minutes in a dead 

panic, not knowing where he was in such a small area, and not 

knowing, never being there, I knew I was in trouble.

Does the choice of wording suggest leakage of unintended 

death and cover up?

He began with "we searched" indicating unity, but then gives 

an 'editorializing', or inclusion of emotion ("dead panic").  

The emotion here is not necessary since the child is missing.  

Emotions in the "logical" portion of a statement are often 

put there artificially unless something has caused the subject 

to debrief and process the emotions. 

What causes emotions to enter due to processing?

a.  the passage of time. 

When enough times passes, it becomes more difficult to 

conclude "artificial placement" of emotions.  In truthful

accounts, especially fresh, or told for the first time, the

emotions come in the "after" portion of the statement.  Such


I could not find him;

we searched everywhere in the area;

I called 911.

I was in a panic. 

This shows that the emotions take time to process, especially 

since parents are on "auto pilot", that is, zoned to find their 


What it makes us wonder is if they really were in a "dead

 panic", or they wish to convince us that they were.  The 

choice of the word "dead" may be leakage; that is, that 

while considering the truth (see theory), the subject uses a 

truthful word that comes directly from experiential memory.   

b.  The repetition of the account. 

Once the account has been told, emotions have had time to

 settle in, and in repetition of an account, the emotion is then 

sometimes added in the "logical" portion.  

I do not know if this father has repeated this account enough 

times to have processed emotions.  I do not think enough 

time has passed, by this point, so my question has to do with 

how often he has repeated this account.  

"dead panic", however, is not a word ("dead") we expect a 

parent of a missing child to use.  

"I knew I was in trouble" is an interesting statement.   What 

"trouble" is he in?  Does this mean he must take action to

protect himself?  "Trouble" may suggest that what happened 

to his son was not anticipated but became a circumstance 
in which he needed to get himself "out of trouble" from.  

 Um, so we decided to call search and rescue, uh, and that's 

when I drove down. 

"Um" is a pause, giving one time to think. 

Next, "we decided" shows both the unity of "we", but also 

that they 'came to a decision', which is to say:  There was a 

delay in calling for help.  

To need to "decide", or debate, tells us also that what 

happened was not likely intentional.  

Here, the parents may have been left with a decision:  do we 

report what happened to authorities, knowing that even 

that Child Protective Services will be involved, or...

do we handle this ourselves. 

Note that the father, himself, was in trouble.   

Did the decision making process include any threats from 

him towards his wife to say "we both are in trouble" so you 

better support me in this?   "After all, it was an accident!"

It is very likely that there was a delay in calling, which 

confirms the analysis of the father's "hauling", or need 

to persuade that he was rushing.  

Next, "that's when" speaks to time.  He returns to the truck, 

further making this a very sensitive point to him.  Is this 

where DeOrr was transported, chronologically?

The truck, the truck, the is repeated in his 

language, and it is something that is of great importance to 

him and even includes editorializing language, which often 

belies the need to persuade.  

She tried getting a signal out - um, as soon as I got a hold of 

the,, I kind of, they told me that she was on the other line with 

them and they had our location, and they were on our way. They, 

they were amazing, they are amazing and they still continue to 

be. Ah, Lhema High County Sherriff and Salmon Search and 

Rescue, you could not ask for a better group of people, 

volunteers, and search and rescue, and just everybody. You 

couldn't ask for better people - so sincere, so concerned, and 

they were - everybody was emotionally attached to this, as you, 

anybody would be of a two year old. 

As we have noted, this is to praise searchers who failed.  

He's pretty small for his age but he moves pretty good, and that 

was our concern. 

Past tense reference noted. 

a.  That he is "pretty small" is not a negative, as it is 

'rebutted' by the word "but", in describing how well he moves.  

b.  Note next that he uses the word "that", which is 

distancing language; and

c.  He uses the past tense "was"

Taking the distancing language of "that" and the past tense 

"was", it suggest that this is not his concern, any longer. 

d.  Next note that this is not his concern but "our" concern.   

This is a form of personal distancing by a biological parent.

He, uh, was right with us, where it's at, I mean I thought it would 

be perfect to go camping there because it's enclosed by walls and

mountains, and there's not much space around there he could go, 

and our biggest concern was the creek, which was knee deep and 

a few feet wide, but he's a little guy.

Here we see the need to justify himself.  He is "in trouble"

and he is in need of justification.  

He went on to praise those who failed to locate his son, but 

next we see something else unexpected:  concern about 


J: They thought it was, it might have been, a part of a shoe, or something, but they said, go check that out.

D: These guys search miles, so the miles radius they have - it's 

very rocky terrain, it's very open, it's not -.the helicopter they 

used is used to back very deep Montana, it is designed for a lot 

worse situations than this, and there was not a trace of my son 

found - there still isn't but the search is on, that's - the hearsay of 

things has kind of gotten way out of hand, the search is so far as 

it's been put on, that it's been suspended, and that is not entirely 

sure or true. Sheriff Dave of Lhema HC, I just spoke with him on 

the phone this morning - he has got horseback riders and 

trackers up there right now, and very advanced professionals. I'll 

be going up, and I've just come down to get any resources I can 

get to go back, right on back up today. Um, what questions do 

you guys have?
The use of "my son" is consistent with the theory of 

unintended death. 

Note that he has told us:

1.  He is in trouble

2.  Referenced his son in the past tense (no longer in need)

3.  Praised the failed search

4.  Is concerned what people are saying about him in 

"hearsay."  It should be of no consequence.  

I: You were in the truck so you were the first to realize, ' Oh, no, 

DeOrr is not here.'

D: No, we both did, I -

J: We both did.

This is a signal of distancing language via plural 

pronoun use by a biological parent. 

Recall "we decided" is something that indicates a delay, a 

possible debate or discussion and the joint sharing of 

responsibility.  This is a sensitive point to them both.  

Consider this with his statement about finding the 

perfect safe place, which is self justification, showing it

as a need, and fitting the theory of unintended death.  

D: After twenty minutes of up and down the creek and up and

 around the camp, and he wasn't there, that's when I got in my 

pick up truck and drove down the road to try and get some


J: - especially after screaming his name, we have nicknames for 

him, no sound of him, no crying.

She knows his nicknames:  She must be a good mother. 

This, too, shows need to justify and rebut criticism of 

not being a good parent.  

This is an important point about the mother:

Everyone (or most everyone) has nicknames for their toddler.  

Did you notice that the mother has no need to quote herself

 using the nicknames?

D:.he's a goer and a mover but he does not go away from his 

parents, he does not.

This is a positive and actually not an insult as he both praises 

his ability to move, and recognizes that he doesn't drift too 

far from his parents.  It is, however, the context that speaks

to us:

The need to show them as close, caring parents speaks to


Not necessarily chronic neglect, but the theory here is that

a short time of neglect caused DeOrr to die and the parents

fearing not being understood, or being blamed, took 

matters into their own hands and made a false report 

of him going missing, while the father had actually 

disposed of the body.  

J: Yes, he's very attached to us.

This shows her need to 'defend' herself.   

I: So this is unusual.

D: Very unusual, sir.

J: And we didn't hear people around us, we didn't see anybody, 

we have -

Off camera: social media, that needs to be addressed.

I: Yes, social media can be a good thing but it can also -

D: That's, that's one of the -

J:.We just don't want anything to twist it

I: Yes, we don't want to twist it, so clear up any rumors that you've seen or heard

J: We've-

Off camera [inaudible] - we 

need to talk about -

J: One thing that concerned me -

Rumors cannot hurt DeOrr jr, therefore, the concern 

expressed is for someone else, since professionals (who 

were extremely praised) were searching using sophisticated


D: We wanna get to that. Most of the biggest rumors that are 

going around is - I mean, I have heard everything from the - I 

mean, why you would make up a rumor that has to do with a 

three year old is - if you're not going to help, please, don't - if it's 

not helpful - it's -

J: Yeah.

She agrees.   It is not helpful to the parents.   In a missing 

child case, the child is the one who needs help.  

Interviewer : is there any rumors or anything you've seen that you 

want to clear up, Jessica?

As in all missing child cases, it is better to ask, directly, about 

their own involvement, to let them issue a denial.  This is a good 

place to deny involvement. 

Jessica: I just, somebody at the store, um at Leador, said, it was 

one of the ladies that had worked at the store, said that they saw, 

um, a gentleman and a younger blonde boy matching our 

description of our son, really filthy, buying candy for him, and he 

was just bawling, in a black truck. That is the only other...

Jessica: he drives a black truck.

The child is "missing" yet the father has the need to 

rebut a rumor...about himself.  

DeOrre Sr.: as a family, we went down to get a few things. It was 

me, but they claim it was at six o clock...that afternoon, evening, 

but we..were...

Jessica: Earlier, it was earlier that day

DeOrre Sr.: ..with search and rescue until what, a quarter to four..?

Jessica: yeah..

DeOrre Sr.: we didn't, we never, haven't left the camp since one o 

clock that afternoon, so it's just a lot of hearsay, and..

interviewer: was anybody camping round you?

D: that we don't know is...come to find, I didn't know the area, 

and I didn't know, I ..there, it's very open but you can't see much 

...there's a road that goes up and along the top - we're camped 

underneath the reservoir, basically right below it, and you can 

go up above the reservoir, and I didn't even know the road was, 

did that, I didn't know the road was up there, and as I travelled 

up there myself, I could've found out [?] I could see everything 

that was going on at the campsite, but you can't see out - you 

can't see up, you can't see round and if anyone comes to the 

bottom of your camp ground you can't even see they are...

interviewer: So they could've come to your...

The father's habit of speech is to speak rapidly and lots of 

self censoring.  We note that this does not seem to change or 

shift much, from topic to topic.  

Note the change from "we" to "I" being very important to 

him:  it is about the area.  It is likely, according to the 

language, that he is very sensitive about having chosen this 

spot for his family to camp.  This is self justification while 

no one has accused him.  The site location bothers him, 

which may also fit into the unintended death theory. 

D: they could've come in and you could never know it. The water 

was not very, it was not a fast running creek, but it is quite loud 

moving through the logs and things like that, so hearing range is 

not all that far's you couldn't hear anyone coming up 

Interviewer: so he was just kind of playing, you guys were doing 

your thing and then you noticed...

D: he was playing with grandpa

J: he, yeah, he was with my grandfather

Did DeOrr accidentally drown?

Recall the assertion that officials said, "100% he is not

in the water" as offered to the interviewer.  (full interview 

is available on the blog search feature). 

D:.he was over, he was getting ready for a nap, uh say it was 

almost, by that time it was almost two, and he usually takes his 

nap, um...we was just, yeah, we decided we were going to go a 

little exploring, and he was going to be good with grandpa by the 

campfire, we weren't more than fifty..

Do they believe he drowned because he was so tired and in 

need of his nap?

J: ten minutes

D: fifty yards away and ten minutes, but for time, we, I, seen him 

to the point I figured out he was gone and I come back up to the 

creek and I actually seen, there were some things down by there, 

some little minnows that I thought he would just love, so when I 

come back up to get him and I yelled over to grandpa, um, 

where, you know, where is little DeOrr? He, immediately shock. 

He says, he came up to you, because it's such a small area. 

That's what a lot of people, they don't understand, they just 

assume how could you let your child out of your sight? This area 

is pretty well blocked in and you can see, you, there is no way 

you couldn't not see him, in what we thought, and just a split 

second your whole world is upside down and - vanished, there's 

not a trace found. That's the reason why they, this been called on 

the news a suspension, because it is not a suspension, but there's 

not s single trace of him. This child loses stuff. He's two, almost 

three, anybody who has a child that age range knows, they leave 

trails, they lose stuff..

Here we have the need to be seen as any other parent.  This 

also speaks to a mistake and a desire to be 'understood' just

like "anybody" who has lost a child that age.  

This, too, is consistent with unintentional death and 

cover up.