Thursday, June 18, 2015

Abuse Victim Confesses to Murder

Here is an article from Daily Mail about a confessed murder.  Note the analysis in bold type within the article.  

Abuse victim brings courtroom to tears as he admits murdering former Boy Scout leader who raped him for years as a child

  • Clark Fredericks of Fredon, New Jersey pleaded guilty to murdering his former Boy Scout troop leader Dennis Pegg on June 12, 2012 
  • Fredericks claims that Pegg raped him for four years starting when he was just eight-years-old
  • Supporters of Fredericks burst into tears as he detailed the sexual abuse he claimed to have suffered at the hands of Pegg
  • The prosecutor accepted Fredericks' claim of passion provocation as part of a plea deal and he now faces five to 10 years in prison

A New Jersey man brought a courtroom to tears as he confessed to murdering his former Boy Scout troop leader.
Clark Fredericks admitted to breaking into the home of Dennis Pegg, 68, on June 12, 2012 and stabbing the man over 20 times.
Fredericks, whose confession was part of a plea deal with the prosecution, claims that Pegg raped him for years when he was a child.
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Dennis Pegg, 68, was found stabbed to death in his New Jersey home in June 2012
Clark Fredericks is accused of brutally murdering a former scout leader he says molested him
Stabbed: A plea deal may soon be reached in the case of New Jersey man Clark Fredericks (right) charged with fatally stabbing a Boy Scout leader, Dennis Pegg, 68 (left) he says molested him when he was a teen
NBC 4 reports that Fredericks, 49, told the courtroom on Wednesday; 'From the time I was eight-years-old until I was 12, I was sexually assaulted and raped by Dennis Pegg.'

This is what a truthful statement sounds like. 

He then claimed that his best friend Jeff, who took his own life in 1983, was also a victim of Pegg's sexual assaults as a child.
Fredericks said that after seeing the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse trial his 'shell cracked,' and that the next day, after getting drunk and snorting cocaine, he traveled with a friend to Pegg's home.
Sandusky was an assistant coach at Penn State University who was arrested and charged with 52 counts of sexual abuse that occurred over the course of 15 years.

'I started stabbing Dennis,' said Fredericks. 

What one starts should be brought to completion.  We also note he uses the first name only, while "stabbing."

Fredericks (above as a child) claims the abuse began when he was just eight-years-old
Fredericks (above as a child) claims the abuse began when he was just eight-years-old
'I said, "How does it feel raping little kids now. It's not so fun raping little kids now, is it?"'
He then told the judge; 'At the end I slit his throat.'

Here it is to completion.  
Note "I slit his throat" is consistent with something within the abuse.  

This admission caused those in attendance, most of whom were supporters of Fredericks, to break down in tears.
Fredericks also claimed that it was not just sexual assault he suffered at the hands of Pegg, but also emotional abuse and threats of murder.

'Dennis Pegg controlled me by torturing and killing animals in front of me, saying he would do the same to me if I told anyone about our secret,' he said. 

Here he uses the full name while the victim is "alive." 
Note the connection of silence with the slitting of the victim's throat. 

CBS 2 reports that Fredericks’ guilty plea on charges of passion provocation manslaughter means he will be sentenced to five to 10 years in prison when arraigned in August. 
Prosecutor Francis Koch told the judge that Fredericks' defense could not be 'disapproved beyond a reasonable doubt.'
After Fredericks finished describing his alleged abuse, the courtroom applauded him.

'If someone was to hurt my child, I'll be honest with you, there would be no judge, no jury,' said Rose Funari, who claims her brother was also sexually assaulted by Pegg.
"Child" is the word associated with child abuse.  
Bob Reynolds, the friend who drove Fredericks to Pegg's home and has been charged as an accomplice in the murder, is due in court on Tuesday. 


Anonymous said...

Poor guy. His abuser deserved his final punishment for the years of abuse he inflicted on the abused boy as a child, plus others he abused; can't say I blame him for one second. Just, it's a shame he had to do what he did in his final anger and a bigger shame that he will have to serve time in prison for it. Very sad situation for this poor guy. NOW he gets to pay for what someone else did to him.

This is why I never advocate retaliatory actions against ones' cheating spouse by breaking up your home and leaving your children fatherless while you struggle to make ends meet. Why pay the rest of your life for what someone else did to you? That's just my opinion, a theory I have.

Sara said...

30 years after being beaten and left for dead by a Priest at St. Francis Home for Orphan Boys in Detroit, my grandfather and his brother (the beaten child) located the Priest and paid him a visit. My great-uncle brought his gun and planned to kill his abuser. The Priest was not home when they arrived. So instead, they took a chain and secured it around his front porch columns, one at a time, and hooked them to their truck, and pulled them down. They effectively leveled his house! I am proud of my grandpa and great-uncle for finally getting some modicum of justice for the years of abuse they both suffered at that institution, the near death beating was only the worst of it, there were many lessor acts inflicted. And if they had killed him, I would still feel it was justified.
I'm glad the man in this story killed his abuser. If he had went to trial and I sat on the jury, I would have acquitted him.

Sara said...

A small P.S. To the above comment
My grandfather survived his years at St. Francis because of the beneficent actions of one person--Sister Damien. She saved him in many ways and showed him true Christian love. He repaid her kindness by providing her, and the other Sisters, financial support for the rest of his/their lives. This he accomplished even though he had only a sixth grade education, having run away with his brother after the beating incident.
RIP My Dearest Grandfather. You set many examples for me to emulate and taught me the most important lessons in life. I love you. We will be together again when my time comes.

Anonymous said...

It should only take one good citizen on the jury that believes same sex sex is a SIN and an ABOMINATION and pure EVIL to acquit this victim.

Nic said...

Wow. What a tragedy. Maybe now that Clark Fredericks has "silenced the voices", he can move forward and begin to heal. The best thing for him is jail where he can be rehabilitated and get the proper counseling/therapy he otherwise could not afford.

Sara said...

Nic--you sound like a caring person. Yet, you really really need to reassess your opinion that a person can be rehabilitated and receive "proper counseling/therapy" in jail. This is a myth. Geez, it's hard to get proper therapy even when you are paying $80 per hour. I have been through 2 counsellors myself (waste of time and money) and 3 ( for real ) for my son (only 1 was beneficial).
This man will probably be raped and beaten in prison, as are most inmates. But hopefully, the other inmates who themselves were victimized, will admire his actions and protect him.

Unknown said...

Same sex sex and rape are not the same

Anonymous said...

Correctly spoken Sara, with one exception: There is no protection in prison. Guards look the other way when a fellow inmate is being beaten and/or raped, even sometimes participating in the rapes and beatings themselves. Think for a moment: Homosexual and lesbian sex between prisoners could not be going on in our prisons if the guards weren't allowing it, AND frequently participating! And that's just one example. Furthermore, other inmates who themselves were victimized are in no position to protect the helpless inmate who is being abused, beaten and raped. There is nothing they can do. There is no protection.

Prison is the last place where this person should be incarcerated. I feel badly for him and the horrors he is yet to face. He will be fair game. There will be more than one child rapist and homo out to get him. I just pray there will be a reasonable concession made so that he does not have to go to prison. It's not fair.

There is only one probability that might exist and that is if being in prison is as terminal as so many make it out to be, there would be a lot more murders of child killers, rapists, kiddie porn distributors, serial killers, wife murderers, cop killers and other hardened criminals taking place in prisons than we hear about. Somehow some of them do manage to walk away which is a mystery to me, since guards and prison officials certainly aren't protecting them, nor is anyone else. Members of gangs have a better chance of survival unmolested, but this poor dude is not a gang member.

The only thing that makes sense to me is that most prisons and their prisoner count is contracted out to private business entities who run our prisons. They are paid per head count and services rendered to those prisoners who reside there. If they were to lose half their head count they would lose a huge portion of their income; but this does not mean that the prisoner won't be surviving in the worst inhumane conditions one could possibly imagine. And so it goes, it's all about the money.

Anonymous said...

so a murderer claims his victim abused him, no proof other than the self serving statement of killer looking to escape justice. where is the proof of any wrong doing on the victims part.