Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Homework in Compete Statement Analysis Course

The Complete Statement Analysis Course is done in your home, at your pace and includes both the e version and the hard copy.  It comes with 12 months of e support; in particular, getting your homework checked. You don't need to be in law enforcement to learn how to detect lies. 

The principles are taught, exampled, but also the psychology behind them is explained. This is critical for growth. 

To become efficient, students are implored to go very slowly and use the entire 12 months of support for the course. 

The lectures are on CD (MP3 format) and the e version can be copy/pasted and edited.  You are also to work through the print book. 

Homework Submission 

You are to submit homework that:

1.  Answers the Question 
2.  Explain your answer as if you are communicating with a non trained person. 
3.  Find Examples to support your answer. This can be from private life or from news stories. 

Often, a single question produces a full page of explanation. 

This has interesting positive consequences including:

a. A deeper understanding of the psychology of principle 
b.  Exposure to data: with each allegation, you increase the volume of what deceptive answers look like and what truthful answers look like.
c.  By "teaching" your answer, you are preparing yourself for whatever tomorrow may bring. 

Communication is our vital human element. Wherever communication is important, detecting deception is needed.  You need not be in law enforcement or in military intelligence to benefit from training. 

As you learn to explain yourself well, this is likely to serve you in your career and in your private life. From being able to present your finding to a supervisor, district attorney, or an audience as you write, this deepened understanding teaches you, and it teaches others. 

Submit your homework in length. 

Getting an answer correct is only the beginning. 

To enroll:

1.  Read analysis here in the blog. 
2.  Go to YouTube and watch a few videos.  The disappearance of Madeleine McCann is a good start.  Sex Abuse cases, routinely in the news, present their own challenges. Begin here for the introduction. 
3.  Go to the Website Hyatt Analysis Services here.   

4. Email Invoice request at 

The training for social service professionals (social workers, child protective, psychologists, behavioral specialists, etc) is used by law enforcement as well as attorneys, and for Human Resource professionals. 

Wherever communication exists, discernment is needed.  Those who take their time and who embrace correction become efficient in detecting deception. It is not easy and exceptions are examined,  but the self discipline and patient practice is rewarded with excellence. 

Submit homework at the instructor; not the student. 

Training Schedule for investigators and analysts for October: 

Tuesday,  October 23, 2018 9am to 3pm EST 
Wednesday, October 24, 2018 10am to 4pm EST
Thursday, October 25th, 2018 12Noon to 6PM EST

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