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Training Schedule April 2019

Team Analysis Training April. 

April 23, 2019 9am to 3pm EST
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Sapphire said...
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Anonymous said...

Miniapolis..any surprise

Kurt said...

If you know what really happened why don't you just tell us in stead of linking to a load of unsubstantiated crab?

C5H11ONO said...

Peter, with regards to the Notre Dame fire, their spokesperson stated, “Everything will be destroyed”, as the fire was raging. That was an odd choice of words coming from someone even more attached to this monument that any other person. I found it hard to accept this happened. Then I learned that the cathedral’s relics had been saved because of the ongoing reconstruction. The spokesperson was not identified by name which is also peculiar. To me red flags are waving. What do you opine?

Billy said...

It was an accident. Probably someone accidentally spilled gasoline in the attack & their boot heel created a spark on the first day of Holy Week. No biggie. It can be rebuilt...many craftsman know how to do incredible ornate Gothic architecture. They did an arson investigation while the enormous cathedral was still engulfed in flames and ruled “no arson”. Are you a member of the Alt-Right, C5H?

C5H11ONO said...

Billy, I seek the truth. You should too.

Billy said...

They told me on FB that climate caused it @ it’s no big deal cause they can just rebuild it.

John Mc Gowan said...

* When you cant switch off SA*

Pronouns. "My" and "our"

Status (a friend) update on FB. A friend said..

"Happy 18th birthday tomorrow to our youngest daughter (name redacted by me) . So proud ! X

They are not getting on and in the process of departing.

Me said...

John, You revealed much in your own use of pronouns in your post about “a” friend (on facebook). Or should I say—your LACK of pronouns.

A lot of sensitivity surrounding the word “friend”.
You said “a” friend twice.

By your lack of pronoun usage you revealed
1) Contempt for the “friend”.
2) Lack of actual friendship with the person.
3) It’s an ex of yours.

John Mc Gowan said...

@ Me. lol, you are so wrong

Me said...

“so” wrong = sensitive

John please start telling the truth.

Nadine Lumley said...


Handwritten statement

18 January 2009
Translation of Leonor Cipriano's Statement

I the undersigned Leonor Maria Domingos Cipriano, inmate number 34 at the Prison of Odemira, today the 15th of January 2009, confess and swear that this is the entire truth that I know about the disappearance of my daughter Joana Isabel Cipriano Guerreiro – that my brother João Manuel Domingos Cipriano convinced me on the day that he arrived at my house in Figueira (in the early morning of the 12th of September 2004) that I had no financial conditions to care for three children, that they would become miserable persons like myself, without a future and without money and without an education. That he knew a couple that couldn’t have children and that he thought they could be a new family at least for Joana, as Laura and Ruben were too small and everyone would suspect if one of them went missing. About Joana they could say that she was abducted, that Joana would be well cared for, by a family that would give her everything, as they had money that he knew them and guaranteed that they were trustworthy, that they would never hurt Joana, that they only wanted a daughter that they couldn’t have. That Joana would be taken abroad and that I could never see her again personally, but that they would do everything to send me news about her and even send some photos of her when she would be grown. That he (João Cipriano) was my brother and that I could trust him, because he also wanted the best for Joana. That they had to invent a story for Joana’s disappearance, because lawfully I couldn’t give Joana away to this couple as an adoptive daughter in this manner, because the law of Portugal didn’t allow it. But that I shouldn’t worry, because Joana would be very well cared for and it would be the best for her future. At the beginning I refused, but he insisted so much that he managed to make me believe that what he was saying was truly the best for my children. That I would receive a financial help so I could look properly after my two youngest children (Laura and Ruben). That everything would be fine, he would talk to Joana to explain to her what was going to happen, everything had been agreed already. I believed and trusted my brother João Cipriano. He arrived on the 12th for that purpose already. I never met any of the persons that he told me would take Joana abroad. But he always asserted me that they were trustworthy and that he would put his hands into the fire for them. He arranged everything for 8 p.m. Then he asked me to fetch Joana shortly after 6 p.m. from the house of my mother-in-law, Maria de Lurdes David. I went, took Joana home and in front of me he told her that she would have a good surprise on that day, because she was about to go on a great trip. Joana was happy, she wanted to know more, but he didn’t reveal a lot of details to her, that she would find out later. My younger children were playing but they didn’t hear anything, because they were in the living room but further away from us.


Nadine Lumley said...


At 8 p.m. I sent Joana to do the shopping at Pastelaria Célia. As soon as Joana left, João placed some of her clothes in a plastic bag, and never returned either with the bag or with Joana. I knew that he was going to deliver Joana to that couple as soon as she returned home from the shopping, but without entering the house. João told me that we both should make believe that Joana had been abducted by strangers. It was only one and a half hours later that I saw João Cipriano again, but he arrived without money, the money that he told me the couple would give me to help my younger children. I asked him what had happened. At the beginning he didn’t answer me, he only said that everything had gone well. It was only later that I saw blood on the lower part of his trousers. I was alarmed. I asked him about Joana. Then he told me that things had not gone well. That the “guys” (citation) didn’t have the money. That Joana knew about everything already, that he had told her that she was going to spend holidays in Spain with a couple that were his friends. That she then heard the verbal fight between him (João) and the “guys” and realised that she was “going for good”. That they didn’t take her because he didn’t give her away because there was no money. That he sent the “guys” away and the Joana started to say that she was going to tell everything. That he slapped her in the face. That she protested even more. That he slapped her again, but she wouldn’t shut up. That he lost control and the girl had died. That the body was hidden for him to dispose of it later. I panicked. But he told me it was no use anymore, that if someone heard me we would both go to jail, because we were both into it. I screamed at him that I didn’t kill Joana, he replied that if I didn’t kill her at least I wanted to sell her. After a big verbal fight, I agreed to say nothing. Later on, he told me that he had buried the body “up in the hills of Figueira”. I was scared. I cried very hard for my daughter. I prayed for her. I know that I didn’t kill her. But I was afraid of being arrested because I tried to sell Joana. I only wanted the best for her. But people might not understand. I decided since then that I never went through any of that, and that I would always say that I didn’t know anything, just like my murderous brother said that he would do. I couldn’t bring Joana back anymore. When I was spanked by the Polícia Judiciária, which is true that I was just like I said at the Court in Faro, I signed what they wanted me to sign, I didn’t even read what it was. I never said anything, I just said what they wanted, what they wrote, which I only found out later what it was. I didn’t kill Joana. Mr Gonçalo Amaral knows that, then why did he order them to spank me? Why? Why am I in prison for the murder of my daughter Joana? Why? I didn’t kill her! It was my brother João Cipriano, the monster, who killed her. The police knows that... Why did they arrest me? I erred, I trusted João, that monster, I regret what I did, but I only wanted the best for my children, for Joana. Forgive me Joana. My beloved, my angel, from heaven where you are, my dear Joana, forgive me.