Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Media Deception and Minimization

When media is deceptive, it is not so much that "media" was deceptive, but someone, a person, made the decision to deceive the public, and whether this decision was spread, or mandated, it still is a "human" issue; media cannot deceive, people can.

When media deceives, it is often a money trail that can be found with varying amounts of effort.  Reporting the president in the most positive light gains access to the White House, which gains viewers, which gains advertising.  Being barred from the source of revenue will drive people to deception.

When deception is "owned", the expectation from the analyst is minimization; not truth.  Therefore, the one who deliberately withholds information is one who, when he issues his "mea culpa", he will be light on both "mea" and "culpa", and what is released is no longer reliable, as truth is the currency exchanged, and deception is counterfeit.  Should he now give you $100, you may expect that a portion of this currency is still counterfeit.

Such is the case that has shocked the world in Germany's media.

They deliberately withheld critical information that the German public needed for safety and when the information came out, media admitted withholding the information, but justified its deception via withholding by claiming a moral "high ground."

This is often a sure signal that what follows will also be "for the moral high ground", that is, for the people's "good."

Therefore, when German media withheld the rape epidemic of women by migrants, this deception was first surrounded by deception, and then then the admission came, it too, contained more deception.

Germany withheld the extreme rape epidemic from its people, but allowed a school principal's letter, in exert, to be covered where the principal told parents to have their daughters cover themselves up because there might be "misunderstanding" by the migrants.

The culture from which the migrants arise holds that women are beneath them, and that uncovered women and "infidel" women are fair game.  The correlation between dress and rape nullifies the element of violence.

From Frontpage:

Esmatullah Sharifi, an Afghan refugee, repeatedly raped Australian women and claimed that he was confused about consent due to "cultural differences". Almahde Ahmad Atagore, a Libyan Muslim, sexually assaulted girls as young as 13. The judge told him, he was "very ill prepared to deal with cultural differences". But it was really his victims who were ill prepared to deal with his “cultural differences”.
The Pakistani rapists who went after eighteen women and girls claimed that they could rape a girl because "she was not related to us" and "she was not wearing any headscarf". Their Grand Mufti agreed, saying, "It's 90 per cent the women's responsibility.
“If you take uncovered meat and put it on the street, on the pavement, in a garden, in a park or in the backyard, without a cover and the cats eat it, is it the fault of the cat or the uncovered meat?” the Grand Mufti asked. “The uncovered meat is the problem.
It is difficult imagining a media that withholds such information from citizens that need safety.  Yet, it is "missing information."
The U.S. Military gave "stand down orders" regarding Afghans who were raping little boys, even though the little boys were screaming out for help.  When one marine intervened, his 11 year career came to an end.
I have a first hand report of one who was forced to pass down such orders.  You might imagine the suffering he has had over the years, due to this, as well as those who heard the boys crying for help, in agony, pain, and humiliation.  
The British soldiers were ordered not to speak to the BBC, and the BBC went along with "do not ask" policy.  
The media deception is no different than the guilty confession of a single individual.

Do not separate political or large scale deception from single person deception, even though the scopes are vastly different.  Behind each is a person with vocabulary employed with the intention of deception.

Next up:  Understanding Supremacy Deception and how victim status and supremacy are not only related, but show up in language.


Juliet said...

It's incomprehensible that a judge should buy into the defence that the rapist raped because 'cultural differences' had left him ill prepared - and the Grand Mufti using uncovered meat as his comparison says all anyone needs to know about his attitude towards women. :-/

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing someone was not singled out and executed for this students untimely death after leaving the dentist office:


Lisa21222 said...

Concerning "Clock Boy"
“While [Mohamed’s] discipline record is confidential and his father didn’t want to discuss it, the file was thick by some accounts,” the Dallas Morning News noted. The Sudanese-American sensation du jour said he was suspended for several weeks during sixth grade.

“Kids are kids,” said Anthony Bond, a Mohamed family friend and vocal Irving activist about a middle school incident where Ahmed and his cousin got busted for blowing soap bubbles in the bathroom. Bond, founder of the local NAACP, insisted the school overreacted. “He was a little boy in a new environment, and they were acting out.”

Why (last sentence) the pronoun change from "he" to "they"?

Anonymous said...

Falls under media minimization? Or cause minimization?

...blowin' soap bubbles in the bathroom..."-changing to a school for the mentally challenged may be in order. (What boy does THAT in the 6th grade?)

Anonymous said...

I meant the reporter should change schools; not the boys!

Anonymous said...

He was 'blowin up" soap bubbles with his new clock.

Juliet said...

This is a useful site for under-reported and unreported news related to the rape crisis in Germany - it's also regarded as anti-Muslim by some, and I see why - this doesn't, however, alter the unreported or under-reported incidents of rape.


It would be good to know what the authorities are doing, or proposing to do, in order to protect the helpless women and children who find themselves accommodated in immigration or refugee centres alongside predatory men. It seems incomprehensible that anyone could arrive in Europe either believing, or pretending to believe, that they thought their 'cultural differences' made it acceptable to rape 'unrelated' women, those who don't cover their heads, and 'infidels' (anyone except their female relatives, basically). Presumably, the person making such a claim knew enough about the cultural differences, when he left his country, to want to head towards Europe rather than anywhere else. Those who do not find their situation so urgent as to need to bring their women and children along, the economic migrants and assorted others - I wonder if this is because they know there will be rape, but also that the destination beyond the immigration centre is safe, and so they wait and apply for their families to join them later, once their own application for asylum or residence has been granted, thereby avoiding the risk of rape for their own. Some give the impression that they have been taught that all European women have loose morals, 'the less they wear the less they care', are happy to have sex with anyone, and so they are free to take their pick, and that 'no' really means 'yes'. Newcomers from very backward communities could conceivably have been enticed into believing such things, but they would soon learn otherwise; for the undeterred it's likely to be an excuse, plus rape is a powerful expression of contempt. Even so, it is a criminal minority, the mix of rivalling 'ethnicities', and the confinement can't help much either - it all increases vulnerability. So, why do the authorities put everyone together rather than putting families with women and children in different accommodation? It can't be that difficult. Perhaps it's some sort of unspoken deterrent - an attempt to discourage the dependent families of economic migrants, yet more than unfortunate for the genuine refugees and those in need of asylum who find themselves further victimised in what should be a safe haven. Also, how difficult would it be, as soon as practical after arrival, to ensure that everyone is made aware of what is and is not culturally acceptable in the country of arrival? A few classes, illustrated booklets for those who might not otherwise understand, or who just claim they don't understand. Ignorance, or claimed ignorance, of cultural differences should not be available as a defence for rape or for any crime against the person. Anyone who claims that it's okay to rape in their own culture was already economical with the truth - at least it's unlikely they would find it okay for their sister or mother to be raped by some random man or men who said they thought it was okay because - well, they weren't related, so what's the problem? Incredible. I can see why there is reluctance to publish the stories - it would give rise to panic and to the belief that any Muslim man is a potential rapist and child rapist, and that they therefore all must hold all women in utter contempt - it would give more ammunition to the xenophobic, which wouldn't be helpful either.

Juliet said...

OT - interesting article on East Idaho News



Anonymous said...

After reading some of the comments here, especially the ones concentrated on Idaho, it's easy to see why they dubbed it: UNSOCIAL MEDIA.

They don't need dead babies, poor white trash reality shows, and terror in their neighborhoods to sell trinkets.

Anonymous said...

For cryin' out loud, how difficult would it be for you @2:23 pm to break up your B.I.G., B.I.G., B.I.G. long paragraphs into SENTENCES????? Sheeeesh!

BallBounces said...

The West has lost its civilizational confidence. Unless/until it is regained, we are doomed to decline. Here's what civilizational confidence looks like:

A story for which [Charles James] Napier is often noted involved Hindu priests complaining to him about the prohibition of Sati by British authorities. This was the custom of burning a widow alive on the funeral pyre of her husband. As first recounted by his brother William, he replied:

"Be it so. This burning of widows is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But my nation has also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed. Let us all act according to national customs."

Source: Wiki.

ima.grandma said...



“Getting people involved to help look, if they’re the right type of people, it’s fantastic,” Bowerman said. “But then there’s people who their whole life is social media, and they’ll twist the things you say. It creates a bigger frenzy than it is; it’s really a struggle.”

This is a long article. I copied a few sentences to show its re: Deorr Kunz Jr.

Anonymous said...

I figured as much which is why I neglected to read the article. A few short viewings of what was offered on the Web was more than enough to convince me these missing children (dead or alive) are money makers for those who wish to terrorize not only the family of the missing, but the entire community.

Commenters here rush back to ask Peter if the people are responding as they should. It's as if they think everyone, and I do mean everyone, should have a pre-scripted retort to their harassment.

Anything short of F-off would be too kind, imo.

Anonymous said...

I figured as much which is why I neglected to read the article. A few short viewings of what was offered on the Web was more than enough to convince me these missing children (dead or alive) are money makers for those who wish to terrorize not only the family of the missing, but the entire community.

Commenters here rush back to ask Peter if the people are responding as they should. It's as if they think everyone, and I do mean everyone, should have a pre-scripted retort to their harassment.

Anything short of F-off would be too kind, imo.

John Mc Gowan said...


13 News talks again to Kyrian Knox's mom as new info comes out about the missing toddler in Rockford

Rockford Police call the connection between a missing two-year-old and a dismembered toddler found in Chicago speculation. That announcement came at a news conference centered on the disappearance of Kyrian Knox. He went missing from a Rockford home sometime this summer. Around the same time, a toddler's dismembered body was found in Chicago. Rockford Police say they're still actively searching for Kyrian.

13 News has also learned that the person Kyrian was allegedly staying with was arrested the day he was reported missing on a different charge. That's according to Kryian's mother. We know this person's name but are not releasing it. Rockford Police confirm a person by that name was arrested but will not confirm that he is involved with the case. They say the focus now is on finding Kyrian.

Kyrian Knox's family says there isn't anyone who did not love their little boy.

"He's the highlight of anybody's life who walks in and meets him, like he will make you smile," says Lanisha Knox, Kyrian's mother.

But what happened to Kyrian since he came to Rockford this summer is a mystery. Kyrian's mother says she was moving apartments between Marion, Iowa to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She needed someone to watch her son. Her best friend's father offered to take Kyrian Knox in Rockford. She says she dropped him off in Rockford around August 18th and then went to Chicago for a visit. Clannish Knox says on her way back to Iowa for work she visited Kyrian.

"We stopped in Rockford checked in on the boys, everything was fine," says Lanisha Knox.

Last Thursday, September 17th, Rockford Police called Lanisha Knox. They told her Kyrian was reported missing by her friend. What police don't know is when Kyrian disappeared.

"Their details of Kyrian's missing status are still under investigation but there is no evidence to support he was abducted. This was not a random act," says Assistant Deputy Chief Pat Hoey.

Knox says the last person to see her son is now in jail. He was arrested on an unrelated charge on the day Kyrian was reported missing. However, Rockford Police won't confirm this.
Rockford is saying even though Chicago Police found the body of a dismembered toddler, they are not connecting the two cases.

"They did send a team of detectives in the next morning, Friday morning and we've kind of been doing a joint investigation. But at this point until we can identify the child found in Chicago, it would be speculative to say that is Kyrian," Hoey says.

Chicago Police took a DNA sample from Kyrian's mother, but no results are back yet. Rockford Police say they have a lot of people calling in possible sightings of Kyrian and they are following up on those tips. They have also done some targeted searches looking for him. According to the flyer police put out to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Kyrian may be with a man or a woman. Lanisha Knox says she doesn't care who has him she just wants her Kyrian back.

"I'm not hung up on all the, they said 'somebody picked him up.' I can't hang up on that. Cause if somebody picked him up I just need somebody to return him. I need my child to come home," says Lanisha Knox

Police say the DNA results are being expedited but they do not know how quickly they'll come back. They say if you see Kyrian Knox call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 1-800-843-5678 or Rockford Police at 815-987-5846.


Bethany said...

I am just going to come out and say that I cannot imagine just leaving my child with ANYONE- let alone a supposed best friend of his fathers, so I could get my life together and move. I just can't even.

She checked on him and called?
Give me a break! I hate to be so mean but I don't care what circumstance I was in- I would never ever just leave my son with someone and come back randomly!

You were all he knew for his whole life as then you just drop him off and leave? No care about how alone he must have felt or how much he missed you? How he needed you? If he was hungry or thirsty or had enough diaper changes or sick?

Jeez my kids can't go to their grandmas (my own mothers Haha) without me getting a full report every day and night on what they ate, if they are having fun, if they are feeling ok, if they got hurt, I want to know it all!
And this is just a weekend let alone a month!!!
Something is very hinky about this.

They had to call and tell her he was missing.

I don't get people anymore I just don't.

Bethany said...

Sorry John McG. For hijacking your off topic post about little Kyrian- that just floored me.

I am thinking that he is the little boy they found, from the sketch and his pictures. How absolutely horrible it is to know that evil like this exists in the world.

Anonymous said...


I find it odd, too. Of course, people have different values and do things all the time they wouldn't do under normal circumstances. That being said, I want to know what the unrelated charges were for the friend's father and what his story is regarding Kyrian.

It certainly looks like the child in Chicago could be Kyrian. How he got there if it is him is the question. Again, I want to know the friend's dad's account.


John Mc Gowan said...

RE: 2 year old Kyrian Knox

Here is her Mum in a short clip.

Note: It's all about her. Me and My needs.

Note: She never speaks his name or makes a plea for his safe return. She refers to him as "he", "him" and "child"


"When i'm down that's the one person who can bring me, you know, bring me out of the sadness"

The distancing language is not good.

As above, this is only a clip. She may have addressed him by name during the edit.


Bethany said...

Yes, I agree on that.
The friends dad's account is key.
But if I am wondering how it is not negligent as a mother to just leave your child with some man- not a blood relative- just a friend of your husband (baby's father).

I would hope that she would be held responsible as well. Our children are all we have in this world. If we as parents aren't going to be held responsible for keeping them safe then why even have laws?

I am just disgusted by the large numbers of people getting away with hurting young children is all. Don't mind me.

Anonymous said...


I agree. The mother is suspicious to me. None of her story makes much sense to me as a mother. I could see leaving a toddler with a friend for an afternoon while physically moving, but her explanation is just a little hinky.

I want to hear more from everyone.