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My book, "A Voice for Hailey:  How Nancy Grace Became the Voice of a  Murdered Teenager" is the first in a series I am working on regarding missing children and the deception practiced by the parents who possessed guilty knowledge of what happened to them.

To answer some questions about it, its content and other volumes:

Hailey Dunn's case is volume one, by itself.

Each child 'deserves' their own book, but because the basis of my work is not biographical in nature, but is based specifically upon the scientific process of analyzing words, no parent has spoken out in more volume than Billie Jean Dunn, Hailey's mother.

For this reason, the volume of material provided to us by her is of such an extent that it is like an entire semester of Statement Analysis training by itself.

In this manner, not only will "true crime" readers of interest be drawn to it, but it will be a "training manual" of sorts for investigators, law enforcement, journalists, therapists, human resource professionals, and all those who wish to learn.  It is, in many places, advanced analysis, and although readers without knowledge of Statement Analysis may enjoy the work, it is far more valuable to those who know the basic principles; the deeper the understanding, the more mining will be of value.

Because the mother spoke so much, those of you interested in what is, perhaps, the "ultimate" of analysis, "profiling", will especially appreciate what we learn about the person, herself, by her words.

This specific aspect, alone,  is valuable to:

Investigators as it teaches them how to approach a specific personalty type of subject for the interview;

Human Resources Professionals who go far beyond internal investigations, but can be faced with the almost impossible stress of, "Who hired this troublemaker!" after the company experiences a tragic loss through fraudulent means;

Social Service Professionals including counselors, therapists, and others who develop a sense of 'diagnosing' on the fly, which, although lacking is specifics, allows for the professional to quickly (often immediately) change wording in her questioning, to brilliantly uncover the critical points of an intrusive issue;

Analysts who seek to complete the ultimate:  identifying the author of an anonymous threatening statement.

Knowing a subject teaches us how to approach and speak to a subject and what triggers may exist in their personalities that are best suited for confessions.

By having a single, deceptive subject do so many interviews, and make so many verbal and written statements, all on a single case, is unique within itself; providing the investigatory mind with a rich opportunity of learning.

In the words of the mother of a missing child, we learn:

The truth about what happened to Hailey.

We learn details of the case that, at early points, were unknown not only to media, but were unknown to investigators.

We learn the value of leakage to the point of being able to see how the mother, herself, signaled where Hailey's remains would be found.  This is invaluable to investigators, if they apply themselves to more intense training, such as those working the case of 35 year old Crystal Rogers.  Here is why:

I believe that within the words of Brook Houck, her fiancé, exists the location of where Crystal's remains may be recovered.  If investigators have transcripts of a lengthy, well done interview, with little contamination, it is likely that Houck was incapable of suppressing the information.  I covered this case publicly on the blog, because it was in the news.  I do not publish any analysis done privately for law enforcement, nor reference it.  I have not analyzed the Rogers case privately.

In this, I cover how leakage works, explaining the psychology behind it, and teach investigators how to locate leakage within a statement and, perhaps in a most ground-breaking manner:

How to ask questions to precipitate leakage.  This can and should be done.  The subject can be asked very specific questions to engage the brain to cover the area where knowledge is being protected by deception, and combining the precise words with the knowledge of the basic personality type, we are able to facilitate the flow of information in ways that may make even experienced interviewers exited with a new found zeal for success.

Billie Jean Dunn has done more for the advancement of justice within both analysis of statements and  in analytical interviewing than she will ever be credited for.

The book is, by itself, like an entire course to advance one's own skills.  I have been the recipient of much sound teaching from others, and have learned from a variety of sources.  I do great injustice if I do not include Billie Jean Dunn in my list of instructors.  She 'took analysis' to a new level, allowing us to see the chronology of accuracy, and to use hindsight to confirm the accuracy and help establish some innovative principles to apply when seeking withheld information.

Profiling has gotten a bad reputation from the 80's on down to the illogic suppression of information through "political correctness" as even identifying "gender" is now suspect.  The words which we speak reveal:

Our background.  This includes our gender, race, age, and so on.

Our Experience in life, including education level, and has much in connection with backgrounds. This includes specific and uncommon trauma that has impacted the language.

Our Personality.

Our words reveal much about our personalities and for the purpose of profiling, it is invaluable to know the basics elements within personalty types besides the typical sociopathic elements.

The DSM's latest re-editing is not going to sit well with many professionals as it would appear that each slight trait will now be a 'diagnosis', where we will likely hear complaints from professionals that pharmaceutical companies are underwriting the "new" studies where a 5 year old's natural shyness is given a new "label" to be quickly followed by "treatment plans" and so on.  As long term readers know, I have a "love hate" relationship with modern psychology, with great admiration for its studies and research on one hand, and recognizing the extreme rarity of a competent practitioner on the other (they love training in analysis, hint, hint) but this will be for another article.

Our Priorities.

This is especially critical in either an event investigation, or an event triggered crisis.

The profiling of the 80's where the "white, male, under employed, frustrated" perp was vague, as well as the belief that "no one could commit such violence without a steady increase from lesser crimes" has been cast aside, and any mentioning of race became taboo.  Now that gender has become the latest casualty of illogic, even the recommendation of a specific gender interviewer is met with condemnation.  Yet, when dire circumstances exist, those who simply want truth and fact, the analysis can shine through the nonsense and bring justice, resolution, and answers where needed.

The home study course covers all the basics, but it is not a "101" study.  It is thorough and covers the psychology behind the principles, which not only allows for better memorization, but better and more frequent application, with more than 6 hours of audio lectures which should be repeated often.  It is not an 'easy' course, but it will prepare the professional, in so many ways, for deeper, advanced work, as it is a prerequisite for profiling.

For those who wish to join us in study, go to HYATT ANALYSIS and sign up.  If your department needs a syllabus prior to approval, we will supply it.  Should you wish to apply for University of Maine Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) for your professional license, let us know this too.  For those with financial need, we may permit tuition payments.

For police departments and businesses willing to host our 1 and 2 day training seminar, discounts are offered.

There are less expensive ways in which you may study analysis, but I do not believe you will find deeper, nor better explained training and the subsequent necessary follow up support that we provide.

What I learned from the Hailey Dunn case, I will be forever grateful.  That this particular subject has given us a broader understanding of leakage, alone, is of great value, and I look forward to sharing these lessons with you.


lynda said...

Peter..I will wait with great anticipation to buy your new book. What I find most distressing in this age is that it seems to be quite "easy" to get away with murder. Let's take anyone with a brain in their head knows that the mom and boyfriend murdered her and dumped the body, yet they walk free. Why is this? Are the standards for charging someone higher, much TO high from prosecutors demanding that police deliver "open-and-shut cases" that will lead to quick plea bargains? We all know that many cases have been tried without a body, without a smoking gun. These come from a prosecutor accepting the police delivering a blow by blow of inconsistencies, broken alibis, the perps own statements, circumstantial evidence. Contrary to popular belief, people are convicted all the time on circumstantial evidence because the preponderance of evidence presented allow juries with half a brain to figure out that yes, I can say without a doubt, this person killed this other person. So does this all start with the prosecutors? They want to try successful cases, not Hail Mary's. Are they changing the standards because of the dumbing down of the average juror which will reflect badly on THEM and their office when they lose a case because some juries are filled with idiots (OJ, Caylee) or juries know the person is guilty but refuse to convict because of the growing distrust of LE, racial injustice, and any number of personal reasons. On high profile cases are juries getting their 15 minutes of fame by being the hold-out? I am local to the case a few years back of the priest being tried 25 years later for murdering a nun in the hospital chapel. TOns of coverage..courttv filmed, Nancy Grace, all major news, and not ONE piece of evidence linked this priest to the murder. NOT ONE. No blood, no fingerprints, no DNA (as a matter of fact, the DNA under the nuns fingernails that was found when they exhumed her was NOT HIS) but he was convicted by jury. Now there is an interview I would LOVE to see you analyze Peter! Even with all the evidence NOt saying it was him..he was convicted. Why? Do I think he did it? Yes. Why? I'm not really sure but I do. I know I've gotten off on a rant here and am rambling but I have no idea how to FIX this problem. How to fix the fact that people are murdering their children and continue to be allowed to walk free. Very frustrated...

John Mc Gowan said...


May i clear something up. The blog i have set up "Is The Killer The Caller" for which is dedicated to 911 analysis calls only. Peter is well aware of it. I informed him a long time ago. I have credited him with the analysis, not on everyone i may add, as i forgot to on some.

So, whomever it was who Emailed me about it, i will, just for you, go right through all of them and check.

Thank you for pointing it out.

Oh, i reciprocate. You have a nice day too! Although, it may have been nice if you had a name so we could converse like adults instead of being anonymous on your Email.

Thank you,


Tania Cadogan said...

John , if you click on the email and click properties and then click the details tab it will open up the message revealing the senders email address( the one it was sent from) and all sorts of interesting email info if their sent from isn't shown in the actual email

John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks, Tania

A little something for, well, you know whom you are :)

"Oh! What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive"

A sudden light on Marmion broke:–
"Ah! dastard fool, to reason lost!"
He muttered; "'T was nor fay nor ghost
I met upon the moonlight wold,
But living man of earthly mould.
O dotage blind and gross!
Had I but fought as wont, one thrust
Had laid De Wilton in the dust,
My path no more to cross.–
How stand we now?–he told his tale
To Douglas, and with some avail;
'T was therefore gloomed his rugged brow.–
Will Surrey dare to entertain
'Gainst Marmion, charge disproved and vain?
Small risk of that, I trow.
Yet Clare's sharp questions must I shun,
Must separate Constance from the nun–
Oh! what a tangled web we weave
When first we practise to deceive!
A Palmer too!–no wonder why
I felt rebuked beneath his eye;
I might have known there was but one
Whose look could quell Lord Marmion."

Anonymous said...


On the comments following your article "A voice for Hailey" I see where Point Hunter made a post to you on 09/04. I clicked on his name and see this appears to be the same "point hunter" who discovered Haileys' abandoned remains.

It was nice to see him and to know that he still reads here. I felt that he was unfairly bullied and threatened in his personal life after finding Hailey; just, by whom (and why) is the question?

I wish he felt comfortable to bring us up to date on subsequent treatment and if he ever received the reward he was owed. Do you have any idea what is going on with Point Hunter, or are you at liberty to say? ABB

Anonymous said...

They, or he, could charge the bullies or media pundits with stalking and harassment. It would have been easy to find her judging from the path Adkins took that morning and what he did or did not do at work.

These people are not helping anyone. Just collecting evidence for a defense or rumors for offense. There aren't as many missing children stories anymore and many are glad I'm sure.

I wouldn't look to Nancy Grace as a "voice" in anything.

Have children just miraculously quit going missing? Or, have they moved on to a new and more lucrative game in which to hawk their wares?

All those "experts" and Caseu Anthony is free. "Experts" aren't on the jury and too much media lessens the attention span.

Anonymous said...

I'd be really interested to know if Chris Hurst sounds genuine according to statement analysis, a lot of people are saying - it's unbelievable the way he is talking only hours after his girlfriend was killed. regardless of the implications - I'm very interested to know if he sounds genuine to anybody.

John Mc Gowan said...


Story told by father of drowned toddler Aylan Kurdi is full of holes
By PAMELA GELLER on September 6, 2015

“Abdullah Kurdi’s story is made-up. But his lies are now being used and rewarded by the media in full blown propaganda, while pressuring policies to force Europe to take in more economic migrants who have never experienced a war zone. The dead toddler pornography is a dream-come true PR campaign serving ISIS and their overwhelming Muslim supporters.”

Read More:

Anonymous said...

Anon, re your post of 9/8 @ 7:39, you did not use Point Hunters' blog name as such, but I can only assume this is who you meant to be referring too, when you said "they or he could charge the bullies or media pundits with stalking and harassment..." No ma'am, this is not as simple as you imply.

Point Hunter is a prison guard, guarding dangerous felons in a dangerous environment. This man is never safe or secure at any time in his work environment, not even on a normal daily work shift; and now since finding Hailey's remains, as it turns out not even at his residence, nor is his wife. He and his wife have both been threatened with losing their lives via anonymous notes left for him on his windshield and other areas if he says another word, including at his home, as well as other threats. He became fearful for their lives.

Poor man, he needed someone to talk to, just to share his stress after finding Hailey and tried to befriend Peter; even that he is robbed of, now having to watch his back at all times.

And NO, it was not so easy to find Hailey as you might think. YOu would have had to have been reading earlier posts to learn just where she was located, which WAS easy for the murderer(s) to place her there, knowing the area well; just not so easy to get too when she was discovered. Searchers could have easily walked all around that particular spot and not have seen her remains. Photos were posted of the overgrown ugly field at the time she was found. Point Hunter wouldn't have seen her either had he not been wading through and carefully shuffling little patches of brush and briars in a dense area as he went along, searching for hard-to-find old points which was his hobby of many years.

If you want to go way back and find those posts, although Point Hunters' might have been removed due to safety reasons considering that his own life and that of his wife had been threatened more than once, then try that, just, I am not going back and try to find them for you. Good luck. ABB

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I meant the above post for Anon on 9/6 @ 7:36. ABB

Anonymous said...

@anon last
Oh gimme a break! It's Texas! West Texas at that! The county where this happened would not kill someone that found the body. Just a lot of creeps trying to get him involved in their reality styled freak show. He may be afraid for his wife, but surely he is armed.

I've seen them try to duplicate federal prison guards and even once egged a house next door to one. I've received death threats, had someone drive 500 miles to threaten my father and play it back to me and once was met by a sky mask wearing moron at an Interstate off ramp. It's well known fact these morons are allowed to rule the roost so the media can run the show.

Their missing children crime spree has gone too far!

Wal mart carries a nice selection of bullets and a scope can be purchased anywhere they sell those jaunty boots.

Texans used to prowl the neighborhood looking for vehicles to buy. I wouldn't sell mine to a Texan if my life depended on it. They never wanted one that was posted for sale though.

Anonymous said...

If he lives in Big Springs, the pop. is only appx. 30,000 people. It would be easy to catch the people threatening him. Some place that small they already have everyone's vehicles memorized. They notice out of staters quickly. The car rental places would have records of people moving through the area. Most are white and glued to the NG show believing she is doing God's will. They break up into these petty groups like the orange cow heifers, the conspiracy bloggers who can think up a 101 reasons why he should be the suspect, and some weird radio personality looking to garner support for a broadcast.

They step on or near his property it's criminal harassment, stalking, and terroristic threatening.

I have found the police don't really care until after someone is dead. Hopefully they'll mess with the mail. Contact the post office. That's when you finally see the Dept. of Public Safety out and about.

Anonymous said...

yeah the mail!! That is smart!!

what do you mean by 'the police don't really care?

Juliet said...

Aug 26
Chris Hurst @chrishurstwdbj
She was the most radiant woman I ever met. And for some reason she loved me back. She loved her family, her parents and her brother.

Day after the shooting:

“We moved in together in August because we wanted to save money to buy a house and buy a ring. We were living the dream and that dream was shattered. For our six-month anniversary — we didn’t have enough time to have an anniversary, so all we could have were monthaversaries — she made me this scrapbook and said that we were the ‘cutest, newsiest, prettiest couple ever,’ and we are. And I had that for nine months.”

'The only thing that I really regret this morning is that I, I never got to see her dance in person.'

Chris Hurst Wdbj
3 September at 23:30 ·
So many hearts continue to hurt after last week's horrific event that took the lives of Adam and my Alison. Mine included. I feel like a ship lost at sea with monumental waves. Waves that come in many forms, including confusion about my beliefs and actions. Alison's father is grieving just as I am and has decided to honor her fierce tenacity with a mission of his own. It is his mission. I support him insomuch as I love him and his family tremendously. Alison was a dogged journalist and much work remains to inform my community on many issues she cared about. I am connecting with families of victims of gun violence but only to learn how they coped and are able to navigate these troubling waters. I'm crying every day... the mornings are the toughest. But I'm buoyed by the support of family, friends, coworkers and you. We will get through this and the healing has already begun. I will be at work next week. See you soon.


Yes, lots of confusion about his beliefs and actions. It's all about him, though credit where it's due, Alison was a good gymnast, and he would've loved to have seen her dance. It's interesting that he's now decided that Alison was also 'a dogged journalist' - earlier he offered that she 'considered herself to be a journalist', which seemed a bit grudging at the time. There's so much I'd like to conject about this guy, and his photo album, and his monthaversaries, and his being 'part of the story', but I'm resisting, because, of course everything happened just as reported. :-/. I'd like to know when the dream was shattered, though, just to be sure Alison also knew about, and shared it - that's if there ever was a dream, which seems doubtful, to me.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:06 p.m., (and subsequent post) you sound like you've been a little too long at the bubbly or some other mind altering substance. I quote: "That county where this happened would not kill someone....". Are you loco, or what? Nobody said the "COUNTY" would kill someone! The "county" per'se does not kill people.

Get a handle on it: The man is a prison guard working in a dangerous environment. There are plenty of prisoners right there on the premises who would gladly slice a dagger made from something they've been whittling on by hand through his throat, or that of his wife on the outside by friends of theirs and directed by those who killed sweet Hailey or have a close connection. We are talking about dangerous people, including those (at least) two who killed the beautiful innocent girl.

There is/was massive amounts of violent child porn involved with Hailey Dunns' death, and many participants involved in it's making and distribution. There IS a reason why Hailey's death has not been prosecuted. There are others involved in their own crimes that could be revealed.

Or is there any use in explaining this to you; is it possible to even reach your mind, whatever is left of it? I doubt it. As for you, it sounds like you keep some rough company yourself. Carry on... ABB

Anonymous said...

Juliet, re your post from earlier this morning concerning the ramblings of the grief stricken Chris Hurst who lost his love Alison after only nine months together; I wish there was enough time and space to convey to you the shattering feelings and grief one suffers upon losing their dearly beloved due to an unexpected death but there simply isn't and never will be.

I lost my husband 26 years ago to sudden death, and now our son at 41 yrs old due to a sudden massive heart attack in Sept, 2014. Neither of us could get over the death of his father, we grieved all those years. Now his death is upon me.

It is tormenting Juliet. You think of things you never thought you would, things that didn't even seem to matter at the time. Sometimes you don't think at all, you are a blank space. You discover that you loved that person more than you ever thought or knew you did. You relive every moment and every occasion and places you went and places you lived together with that person, and everything you did and said to that person and wish you hadn't, and what you didn't say and should have said and wish you'd said. You are not logical and don't care if you aren't. You are lost in your heartbreak. There is no relief from crying. You stop crying.

Yes, it does become about 'you' but that you is engrained in THEM. How will YOU go on now without them? Your life and your home has no purpose in so many ways without that person. You wish you could run a thousand miles and that person would be there when you got there, if you could only see that person for just one hour, just to hold him and tell him how sorry you are for everything you ever did and didn't do, and how much you love him; if you could do it you would.

You wish you could take their place in the hole in the ground, if you could, you would, or go there and lie down beside him and then you would be together again and everything would be okay. But you know it will never happen and there is no relief for your pain, nor will there ever be a brighter day. It does not ever go away. Whoever said time heals all wounds lied to us. It doesn't. You are alone now; You have one hope and one hope only, and this is in the hereafter, it is not here on this earth, and THIS is what you hold onto. It's all you have.

Try to understand Chris Hurst a little if you can, he didn't ask for the pain and regrets he now faces; his pain will be indelibly written on his heart until he takes his last breath. There is no escaping it or logically explaining it. I hope this helps you a little to understand. Death of a dearly loved one is a great sorrow. Our Lord sees the little sparrow fall and He sees my pain and I know He cares and one day will wipe away my sorrow. That's all that matters now. ABB

Anonymous said...


Re your post on 9/5 @ 5:00 p.m., it wasn't me who anonymously emailed you. And if I ever did email you or anyone else, my real name and email addy is right there anyhow. I suppose this person could have blocked their name and email addy? Well, since I'm not computer savvy I wouldn't even know how to do this.

Not me, John.

I did email Peter once a few years ago but it was not anonymously. The anon initials I use now are my real initials, the same that are on the email I sent to Peter; this is how I know Peter already knows who I am if he were to look back. I don't make up fake names or initials and don't much appreciate those who do as they are still posting anonymously, although I do understand why they do it.


Juliet said...

ABB - I, too, am well acquainted with grief, which makes Chris Hurst's statements and behaviour interesting, to me.

John Mc Gowan said...



I didn't accuse you. Though, your post is interesting. I will leave it at that?.

Anonymous said...

No child porn!?! Was that a bad dream?

There was an excellent discussion about it including the question of whether LE might be involved in a child porn ring and Peter even said:

Peter HyattNovember 17, 2014 at 1:16 PM

That those in authority may be involved in child pornography sharing (ring) is not something I can dismiss out of hand.

I've been hoping Peter would cover this line of enguiry in his new book. I think we should contact LE, forward them the thread and see how they respond. There has gotta be reasons why these 2 got away with it all.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh! Somebody wake the volunteers!

Anonymous said...

county" can and does kill people when it is a sick county/.

Example: getting many people involved into breaking into homes, monitoring people in their home, and trying to forge a homogeneous group for the common good.

I found financial information in my yard from a new homeowner that had recently purchased in the neighborhood. A stub from a class action lawsuit.(No, it didn't just blow there in the wind-too far away). Guess someone was interested in where their monies came from and thought I should be, too. They were even more interested in what my neighbor got in the mail.

Can't have the children setting up lemonade stands to be used as money laundering schemes perhaps.