Thursday, December 31, 2020

Statement from Police Chief on Missing Toddlers

 "We just want to dig up any evidence..."


John Mc Gowan said...

"Words don't come from a vacuum"

Habundia said...

Alexander Wang Calls Sex Assault Allegations ‘Baseless and Grotesquely False’

"After days of staying silent amid multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, fashion designer Alexander Wang has released a statement, denying all the allegations made against him.

“Over the last few days, I have been on the receiving end of baseless and grotesquely false accusations,” Wang said. “These claims have been wrongfully amplified by social media accounts infamous for posting defamatory material from undisclosed and/or anonymous sources with zero evidence or any fact checking whatsoever. Seeing these lies about me being perpetuated as truths has been infuriating. I have never engaged in the atrocious behavior described and would never conduct myself in the manner that’s been alleged. I intend to get to the bottom of this and hold accountable whoever is responsible for originating these claims and viciously spreading them online.”

I wish you all a happy New Year!

Ryan said...

Dig up? :(

Anonymous said...

Dig up? :(

Hey Jude said...

Orrin West apparently had a fractured lower leg, of which the Police Chief was unaware until informed by a reporter.

Difficult to imagine in what circumstances you might forget to mention that one of your missing toddlers also has a broken leg.

Press conference with Chief of Police

Hey Jude said...

Missing person flyer - it is not stated when the fracture occurred. I have read on a FB discussion that it is an old fracture, and was the reason the child was removed from his biological mother. In those circumstances, I can see why the police chief might be unaware of it, and why the parents did not mention it.

Anonymous said...

"multiple dog searches have been conducted but have not found traces of the boys outside the house."

happyuk said...

Off-topic but an interesting example in mendacity from British politician Sir Keir Starmer:

"I'd like to make it absolutely clear that I plan to abstain on making a decision about whether or not to quit as Labour leader."

Applying the principles that:
1. shortest sentences are the best,
2. we believe what the subject tells us and do not try to interpret

The whole section "I'd like to make it absolutely clear" is unnecessary and is a typical piece of nonsense used by many of the great and good in British politics. I guess it's the equivalent of "hear ye, hear ye" of the medieval town crier; or "Y'all listen up" of the American.

"I am undecided about quitting as Labour leader" is shorter and better.

Note the indefinite article "a decision" and not "the decision" suggesting an unfamiliarity with what is being anticipated. Maybe a number of options have been presented to him.

"I plan" is not the same as "I am going to" - it signifies something he potentially might think of doing, without actually following up with a definite action. Kind of like Hillary Clinton who "tried" to be honest.

To "abstain" also means to prevent oneself from undertaking an action.

"about whether or not to quit as Labour leader"

He gives the possibility "or not" suggesting that this option is also available to him.

We believe what the subject tells us and that he has no intention of carrying out the activity of making a decision on whether he will stay. If he is not going to do then someone is going to do it for him.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi HappyUK
You do realize that it was a parody and not the real labour leader?

happyuk said...

Hi Tania doh! Still it was a good little exercise ;)

John Mc Gowan said...


Mysterious Four-Toed Footprints Spotted On Driver's Frosty Car


A woman was left incredibly confused when she came out of her home to find a trail of four-toed footprints strewn across her car.

Alicia Smith, from Scartho, Grimsby, was confronted by the bizarre frozen prints on Thursday morning (31 December).

The mysterious pattern starts near left hand corner of the windscreen and moves up and across and onto the roof before disappearing.

And while there is no fifth toe on either foot, it could just be that the culprit was walking very awkwardly due to the incredibly cold temperature.

Unsurprisingly, the whole thing left Alicia scratching her head as to how they got there and wondering who they belong to.

She and her partner have now shared their photos to see if anyone can shed some light on it.

"We'd never seen anything like this before, it was very odd," she said.

"They're a strange shape and only have four toes, and don't quite look human. I'm not sure if it was a child.

"And why would someone be barefoot in this weather?

"The car was parked outside our house all night so whatever did it must have been just outside. We didn't hear or see anything.

"It was 10.30am when we came out and spotted the footprints."

Adding: "We had no idea what made them, and wanted to see if anyone else had seen anything similar. We really want to hear people's suggestions on what they might be."

happyuk said...

Hi John McGowan.

Presumably the

"I'm not sure if it was a child"

Would that potenbtially be an embedded admission?
Not necessarily a definite.
If the sentence was something like "Joe Bloggs is not sure if it was a child" then it wouldn't, because it is being ascribed to someone else.

"And why would someone be barefoot in this weather?"
Answering a question (how did the prints get there?) with a question is also an indicator of deception.

"whatever did it must have been just outside."

A better sentence would be "whatever did it must have been outside." The word "just" is often used to minimize things. For example, it is correct to use the word "just" to minimize time if the action was immediate: "He's just left the building."
When the word "just" is used to minimize a person's surroundings it is an indication that more things transpired than what the person is telling you.
The use of the word "just" indicates whatever did the action could have been inside the house too.

The rule of the negative: truthful people will tell us what they DID see, hear or feel, not what they didn't. In the statement I see at least three examples of them answering in the negative, which we should note: "I'm not sure", "We didn't hear or see anything", "We had no idea what made them".

Verb tenses. As a rule, statements should be in the first person singular, past tense, thereby indicating they are speaking from memory. In this statement they alternate been past and present tense usage: "We'd never" .. "They're a" .. "The car was parked" .. "

"We had no idea what made them" - does this mean they present DO have an idea what made them?

"We really want to hear people's suggestions on what they might be."

"Really" is unnecessary and weakens the assertion.
Note that "what they might be" is not the same as "what they are"
We believe what people tell us and do not try to interpret.
These people are not interested in hearing what people think the footprints really are, because saying so would be a lie.
They are interested in hearing fabrications from others.

happyuk said...

Some statements made by Good Morning Britain star Kate Garraway concerning the fate of her husband who was taken to hospital with covid in March 2020.

Revealing details of the bittersweet development, Kate confirmed that her husband had said "pain" in response to his medical team. The star revealed she was not with Derek at the time, but shared he had "very clearly mouthed the word".
"And then later, I was watching and I saw him mouth it again," Kate said.

[Note the following absurdly convoluted way of saying "He said the word 'pain'"]

"It is a huge breakthrough because even though it's heartbreaking because what it means is he feels pain, which we don't want… what it means is he's been able to connect a sensation in his body with his brain and connect that to his mouth to shape the word 'pain'."

"Is he in there? Is he locked in? I believe he is in there," she confided.
"Now, that's a long way from him being Derek, with all his multiple words, of many colour, and all the love and all the feelings he has. It's a long way from all of that, but it's a start."

"I think the power of hope is huge, but you're also constantly trying to think, 'At what point do you have to start being real?' and, 'When is hope still real?"

"Now what I have to be careful of, in terms of the children and his family, is not running away with that and thinking, 'Ok, this is it. Within a couple of weeks he'll be back home', and all of that because it is still a long road to go, and we don't know how far down that road he can come. But it is a massive, massive moment."

"I was getting scared. I thought, 'If it's hard for me, what is it like for him trapped in there?' So I was getting scared that he might be giving up, you know, and so it feels like a fight for him."

"He's been able to fight out of this to utter the word 'pain'. Again, it's horrible because I don't want him to be feeling pain – it would have been much nicer if it had been, 'I love you darling Kate', 'Say hi to the children', or something! But it's the first step. It's a sign, I'm hoping that it's the beginning of recovery."

John Mc Gowan said...

HI, Happy uk

Possible to the former of you reply,

I'm not sure if it was a child. "Child" noted. Do they have kids?

Then we have this

"We had no idea what made them,

So she does have an idea. Deception indicated.

I would like to know who it was that first "spotted" it?

The article states. "A woman was left incredibly confused when she came out of her home to find a trail of four-toed footprints strewn across her car.

Yet she doesn't want to stand alone, "We".

If it is the case they "spotted" it together would the headline not read, "a couple" was left incredibly confused when she came out of her home to find a trail of four-toed footprints strewn across her car.

happyuk said...

"We had no idea what made them"

She does not say "We had no idea who made them".

Saying this would also be a lie, since "who" would indicate a human intervention.
The use of "what" allows for the possibility of something non-human, ie animal as well as human.

I hadn't yet bothered to pick up on the pronouns (slaps wrist).

Yes, the "we" pronoun will indicate more than one person was present and always indicate a partnership between the participants, which would make sense if both were present.
She change the pronoun from "we" to "I" in one of her statements. Changing pronouns is an indication of deception.

Since she consistently used the pronoun "we" in her statement we should wonder why she changed her pronoun just that one time in saying "I'm not sure if it was a child" instead of "We're not sure...". Why we she want to claim ownership? Perhaps two people were involved in the planning of the footprints, and one person did the act of going outside in the cold snow and making the footprints.

happyuk said...

Just wanted to add: not only did she change the pronoun ("we" to "I") in that statement, she changed the verb tense as well, from past to present.
This is also an indicator of deception and that the person is not speaking from memory.

happyuk said...

As a general observation Kate's statements seem inconsistent with a woman with a desperately ill husband who wants him back into the family fold as soon as possible.


"you're also constantly trying to think, 'At what point do you have to start being real?' and, 'When is hope still real?'…"

When the subject is using the 'you' pronoun she is not talking about herself.
When she says "you're also constantly trying to think" she is telling us that "trying" (attempting but failing) to think is something that others do.

"At what point do you have to start being real?"

Being real means being truthful.
By again using the 'you' pronoun she is telling us that being truthful is something that others do.
"At some point" means being truthful not now but in the future.

happyuk said...

2. "Is he in there? Is he locked in? I believe he is in there," she confided. "Now, that's a long way from him being Derek, with all his multiple words, of many colour, and all the love and all the feelings he has. It's a long way from all of that, but it's a start."

"Is he in there? Is he locked in? I believe he is in there".
She wants to give the impression her husband is "locked" in a coma or in a hospital, but that is not what she is telling us.
We can only believe what she tells us.
"locked in" seems an unusual phrase to apply to someone with a medical condition.
"locked in" means trapped or imprisoned against ones will.
Indeed elsewhere she uses the word "trapped" to describe her husband's condition.

"So I was getting scared that he might be giving up, you know, and so it feels like a fight for him."

"I was getting scared" - is not as strong as saying "I am scared"
"you know" - the problem is we don't know, Kate wants us to take for granted what she is saying is true.
"he might be giving up" is not as strong as saying "he will give up" or "he is going to give up"
"it feels like a fight for him" - she knows Derek is conscious and how he is feeling because that is what Kate is telling us.
She omits a lot of information. Derek was in danger of "giving up" on what?
Was she afraid of Derek "giving up" on a fight for life? Or some other personal battle?
She does not tell us, so we believe both are options.

"Now, that's a long way from him being Derek, with all his multiple words, of many colour"

We see a subtle insult of Derek here, Kate wishes us to believe that Derek used bad language.

happyuk said...


We don't know where Derek is or what his condition is, we cannot say it for Kate.
She uses the pronoun "he" and "him" when referring to her husband, and only once refers to him by name.
She never introduces him as "my husband, Derek"
Instead of telling us where he is and how he is doing, she frames the information as questions rather than statements.
"He is in hospital / coma" would have been a better statement.
This indicates relations between Kate and Derek are not good.

4. Unusual words:

"mouthed" the word - instead of "speak", "say", "said", "uttered" etc.
In British slang "mouthy" is a derogatory term for someone with offensive speech.

"trapped", "locked" to describe his medical condition, we would expect a description of the pain is in, the treatment he is receving, his medication etc.

"fight", "scared" are used multiple times.

Earlier she says that she was not with Derek when he said the word 'pain'.
She only says he "mouthed" "the word" and "mouth it again" without saying what word was said.

"he feels pain" is not the same as "he is in pain".
"he feels pain" could simply mean he is able to feel pain, like the rest of us
"which we don't want" - she is not telling us what Derek doesn't want.

We note a change in personal dictionary from "mouthed" to "shaped"
If a person is telling the truth, her personal dictionary will remain consistent throughout her story.
Here we see no justification for changing her personal dictionary from "mouthed" to "shaped" to "utter".

"Again, it's horrible because I don't want him to be feeling pain – it would have been much nicer if it had been, 'I love you darling Kate', 'Say hi to the children', or something! "

She is comparing what she doesn't want him to be feeling (pain) with what she would have liked him to have said. She is not comparing like with like.

Kate's statements are more consistent with a woman in an unsatisfactory relationship than with a woman with a desperately sick husband.

John Mc Gowan said...


The past two weeks have been a true nightmare. On Monday December 21 our youngest two grandchildren/nephews/cousins were reported missing by their parents in California City. Our extended family, all who live hundreds and thousands of miles away from California City were notified and immediately were engaged with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), California City Police Department and the Bakerfield City Police Department.

Our priority is to find out where the boys are and their safe return. The truth has to and will come to light. There are also four other children affected that our family is working overtime to protect and shield from this nightmare. We have engaged with a team of private investigators and are proactively supporting the official investigation.

e were and are still in shock, worried, heartbroken and fully cooperating with the authorities which included hours of interviews and questioning within less than 12 hours of the boys inital disappearance.
It should be noted that the two brothers are the youngest of four adopted siblings and share two older siblings who are the biological children of their adoptive parents. That is six children in total who are our primary focus.
The boys and their sibling joined our family legally last year when the parental rights of their birth mother were taken away by the State of California and the birth fathers collectively gave up their parental rights. From day one when the boys and their siblings came into our lives through emergency foster care our number one priority was to embrace them and treat them as our own. When the approval to adopt was granted last year we were ecstatic that they would have a permanent home. We will not disparage or bash the biological family of the boys but it should be noted that they were placed into the system for various reason and were adopted as a result. We are sure the pain and anger we feel is also felt by the biological family and our hearts go out to them.

There have been speculation and theories as to why we, the extended family, are not physically leading the volunteer search efforts on the ground in California City and why we have avoided the press. Those theories do not reflect that in less than 24 hours of the disappearance of the boys our extended family started receiving threats of physical violence including death threats. Family members who live thousands of miles away have also received these same threats. We were advised appropriately to avoid public spaces and crowds given the immediacy and intensity of these threats. In fact the boys home has been pelted with rocks, windows have been broken and vandals have attempted to break in. While we understand the anger and frustration felt by so many — this type of response has complicated our ability to lean in fully and has distracted from the actual search. All threats have been taken seriously by the FBI and local law enforcement.

Our priority is to find out where our boys are and their safe return. The truth has to and will come to light. There are also four other children affected that our family is working overtime to protect and shield from this nightmare.

We thank those who are standing in the gap by searching as volunteers and fully support all law enforcement agencies in fully investigating all possible scenarios and leaving no stone unturned. For those who have attacked us, wish us harm and ill will — we will continue to pray for you and ask that you direct your energy on helping the actual search.
If you have any information that can lead to the location of

Orrin and Orson and unpack what has happened please contact the following agencies:

ss said...

From above link

"It should be noted that the two brothers are the youngest of four adopted siblings and share two older siblings who are the biological children of their adoptive parents. "

This is a comment from above link, from a biological relative of the boys, whom he refers to by their original names. He says he thinks that the boys never even lived in the California City house.

I am the biological grandfather of Cincere & Classic, my grandsons doesn’t deserve the names of irresponsible people such as you. Your lack of concern for my grandbabies disgust my soul. You and your wife’s nonchalant attitude screams guilt. I doubt if my grandsons ever made it to that house in California City. I wouldn’t put it pass you guys to have sold my grandbabies. I guarantee you this, whenever the truth comes out you’ll both will have hell to pay. And this ploy of a statement is total scripted BULLSHIT. Kid outside @ 5pm in the cold playing with chalk.. Shit doesn’t even sound logical. Where were your biological kids @ in the house by the fire? If I were the police or the Feds I would forensically check that previous house you left. I guarantee you Trezell and you Jacqueline both you know where my grandbabies are.. Both your body language screams FOUL PLAY.

Written by

John Mc Gowan said...

The West Family
14 hours ago

For the readers of this statement — it is NOT issued by or on behalf of the adoptive parents.

This has been made clear on multiple platforms so all comments directed at them will not reach them because they had no role in issuing this statement.

This is the statement from the Grandparents, Uncles and extended Family that make up the West and Watkins families who reside in Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Oakland, and in the states of Texas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Maryland, New York, Illinois and Washington DC. We have collectively been affected because there are six total children involved that we love. We have been harassed and threatened inappropriately when the responsibility for all of the children rest first on the “Parents” both biological and adoptive.

All of the “Parents” both biological and adoptive must be fully investigated and held to account for why we are where we are today. The children involved are innocent and did not choose to be in this tragic situation.

We as the extended family have done nothing wrong (this is an undisputed fact), have invested heavily in the lives of all the boys (this includes time and resources) and are fully cooperating with law enforcement every step of the way. Our priority is finding the missing boys and bringing the other boys home safely. Anything less is unacceptable and the attacks directed our way are a distraction from reaching the truth. All adults involved need to focus their time, talent and resources in ensuring no stone is unturned until we find the babies and bring all of the children home.

John Mc Gowan said...

One of 11 men charged with raping flight attendant found dead in luxury hotel says they’re all gay, rape didn’t happen


Spanish is his second language. He does, however, speak very good English.

@15 mins..

happyuk said...

Republican voter to Mitt Romney: "Why aren't you supporting President Trump"
Romney: "I do support, er the things President Trump does that I think I agree with"


M said...

11 men accused of rape

This is definitely not Spanish being spoken here.
Filipino and English are the official languages of the Phillipines, only 3% speak Spanish.
It is a little confusing because many of the names are Spanish.

Anonymous said...

By: Bayan Wang, 23ABC
Posted at 4:48 PM, Jan 07, 2021 and last updated 2021-01-07 20:08:51-05
CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif. — California City approved a $25,000 reward in the case of the two boys reported missing in the community, back on Dec. 21.

The reward was requested by Cal City manager Anna Linn and was unanimously approved by council members during a special meeting Thursday evening.

The reward will be offered to anyone who provides information that leads to the conviction or arrest of a suspect in the case, or to the location of the boys.

Anonymous said...

Biological mom accuses adoptive parents of foul play after two boys go missing

ima.grandma said...

Thoughts on a response by Lucas Horan’s girlfriend?:

My current working hypothesis is that Lucas emerged from the water at the end of the point, walked along the Bay side of the marina point (around the corner on the other side of the point where the Chinese restaurant is), and then headed down Powell Street either to a homeless encampment (Lucas and I had had discussions about what it would be like to live homeless and I could see him deciding this would be a worthwhile exercise) or he could have made his way to the trails (where he could have headed anywhere from there).

Many people have asked if Lucas and I had gotten in a fight that day or if something had happened. Yes. We had had a disagreement.

If you know Lucas and I, you’ll know we are both madly in love with each other but also very intense people who has a history of co-dependency on each other. Lucas and KK 2.0 has been a beautiful demonstration of how much people and relationships can change and grow and adapt, but like anything in life, it’s about progress not perfection and we have had our share of tension these past few weeks, especially given the COVID work-from-home life where we tend to spend a lot of time together.

That day, Lucas and I were supposed to spend the afternoon together driving to Sacramento to build a meteor from an all-things meteoroid/meteorite/meteor expert there as a surprise Christmas present from Lucas to me. I am a proud space camp alum and total space nerd and so could not be more thrilled about the event. I had to run to Solano avenue in the morning to pick up a bottle of Turley wine I had gotten my ex husband as a Christmas present and then Lucas and I met at this boat around 12:30 to begin the trip. There had been a bit of tension that morning but when we were in the car together, it felt to be that the tension was palpable. We began to bicker a bit (not about anything significant) and then I pulled off the Highway and into the Costco parking lot to discuss with him while we weren’t driving. After some heated discussions, we both went for walks to cool down – I headed to the dog park nearby and Lucas walked towards the bulb. Through some texting, we decided to give the day another go, I called the meteor guy to push the appointment back to 5pm, and eventually I made my way to the car and then to pick Lucas up.

Once I picked him back up, we went back to Solano avenue to get some food and then began to drive again. I again felt like the energy was very negative and I asked him to get out of the car. Understandably, he was upset. He got out and walked home to the boat from there. I drove to Sacramento to meet with the meteor guy..

ima.grandma said...

Lucas Horan Part 2:

We texted some nice exchanges as I drove and then on my way back I texted him a thank you for the incredibly cool gift idea and then confirmed the plan for the following morning. He told me he was going to hang out with his neighbor and plan to come to my house at 7am. He offered for me to come over if I wanted but if I didn’t, he planned to come over the following morning.

Since it was Christmas Eve and I was planning Santa, I decided to stay home by myself and prepare deconstructed Christmas stockings and also prepare for my Christmas surprise for Lucas: proposing to him that next afternoon when he and I were planning to go to my ex husbands house to celebrate Christmas with my two daughters, our au pair and my ex husband. As many of you know Lucas proposed to me at the beginning of October the Monday night before I went to the Moab 240, but I felt I wanted to propose as well (since after all, it’s a two-way deal) and I wanted to do so with my daughters, since I’m a package deal these days. I was preparing my words, prepping the rings I had gotten for all three of them, and generally enjoying my Santa duties.

Meanwhile Lucas was supposedly at his house pot hanging out with his neighbor and chatting about life and such. We believe lucas was drinking and did smoke some pot that evening, but that Lucas was not incapacitated, although we do not know this and cannot confirm it. Knowing Lucas quite well, I know he’s a very capable and self aware human, and even when he has consumed alcohol or smoked pot, he still remains very much in control of his physical body. Further, Lucas has not been drinking hardly at all since I’ve gotten back together with him. (As many of you know, I have had a very tumultuous and abusive history with alcohol and no longer drink and he has been incredibly supportive of that.)

When Lucas didn’t show up at 7am, I was a bit concerned but didn’t think too much of it since I had thought it might have just slept in which wouldn’t have been uncharacteristic. And he sometimes doesn’t show up on time and lets his phone run out of batteries (his phone was off). I joined an 8am zoom call with his family half expecting him to be on it as well but he was not.

After the call, I finished up some of my Christmas duties and then tried calling him. When I didn’t hear I spoke with a friend who I asked if I should be concerned. Again, the situation wasn’t uncharacteristic for Lucas and so I didn’t feel super worried but it did seem odd he didn’t let me know. I wrote it off as him falling asleep and his phone dying and therefore not having an alarm go off. I assumed he would be at the house before our plans to go to Stefan’s at 2pm.

When he did not show up at Stefan’s at 2pm, I was concerned. I did Christmas with my girls and their dad and their au pair, but then left early as soon as I could to drive to the boat. He was not there. I asked the neighbor on the other side where he was, she mentioned he had been hanging out with the neighbor on the opposite side so she called him to check in. He apparently was very surprised Lucas was not back at the boat or with me since he appeared to the neighbor to have made it back to shore without issue (and it has been low tide). He called the police immediately, the police called me and a missing persons case was launched.

I’ve obviously turned over Christmas Eve in my head a million times to try and make sense of the day and what happened and where Lucas may have gone.

ima.grandma said...

Lucas Horan Part 3:

He did tell me in a text message while we were trying to find out way to each other after our stop at the Costco parking lot: “I feel like I need to prepare to spend the next 7 days alone.” – the comment seemed off-handed at the time, but now I’m wondering if he planned to disappear for 7 days.

I’m not sure and I certainly have a lot of regrets about not going over to the boat that night to be with him, not being nicer and more loving in our conversations, and not being concerned about his being missing prior to the afternoon on Christmas Day. It’s been a really emotionally trying roller coaster of emotions attempting to make sense of what happened. I believe that more transparent information to the public is better so that we can all put our brains together and work together to figure out where Lucas’ brilliant mind may have taken him. I’ll answer any other questions people have that may be helpful. And in the meantime, I’ll be searching wherever I can to find Lucas and bring him back home.

ima.grandma said...

Peter, the girlfriend’s response was listed here at the time I posted but has since been deleted.

General P. Malaise said...

Blogger ima.grandma said..

interesting case.

the facebook is private, this is unexpected in a search.

there is a page in your link called "memories of Lucas". that is what people do for the dead.

ima.grandma said...

General P. Malaise said...

Blogger ima.grandma said...

yes I saw that yet she refers people to a private site for finding Lucas.

Tania Cadogan said...

Sad news was delivered to the public today as a body found in the water near the Bay Bridge was identified as 39-year-old Lucas Horan.

Horan was last seen swimming from a boat along the shoreline near the Emeryville Marina on Christmas Eve, according to Emeryville police.

The discovery of a body was reported to Oakland police at 11:02 a.m. Monday near the intersection of Burma Road and Maritime Street. The body was identified as Horan by the Alameda County coroner’s bureau. There were no apparent signs of trauma.

Professionally, Horan was employed as a cancer research scientist with Eureka Therapeutics at the EmeryStation campus on Horton street. Personally, he was a competitive ultra-runner and a two-time finisher of the epic Tor des Géants 200-mile race. He also enjoyed the water and owned a small houseboat berthed at the Emeryville Marina.

A website had been created to help gather information about his whereabouts. The case also commanded the attention of The True Crime Society who had gathered details of the case on their site for amateur sleuths to dissect.

“Lucas was an artist of his own life, a half & half enthusiast, a son, a brother, a partner, and a friend to all,” the website described him.

Horan is survived by his fiancé “KK” and her two children and many other family members and friends.

Anonymous said...

RIP Lucas, sad news.

ima.grandma said...

A genius lost to the world. Yes, very sad.

The Chief’s update on the West boys

“My name is Jon Walker. I am the chief of police of the California city police department. ..... J O N ... no H.”

“ I can only give you a recap of what we have been doing since 21st of December Ahhh”

“ just to give you a recap, as you all know the 21st of December we got a call to this location about 5:45 PM.”

“Ahhh we were notified that there were two missing children Orrin and Orson both four and three years old. There was an extensive search of the neighborhood ahhh which produced nothing. Ummm we’ve done several interviews since then, we’ve had several agencies involved. We’ve been working nonstop on this thing since 21st of December till today as we still working, we’ve been working around the clock.”

“ we have several agencies involved like I said and we’re doing the best that we can to locate the kids.”

“ that’s all we got at this time. Ummm there are things in the works but.....I can only..... I don’t want to taint ...or ahhh ummm... compromise the agency at this time.”

John Mc Gowan said...


'This Case Can Be Solved': JonBenét Ramsey's Half-Brother Says Volunteers Still Work The Case Daily
John Andrew Ramsey remains dedicated to finding the person who killed his sister, whose 1996 murder shocked the nation.

The half-brother of JonBenét Ramsey, the child beauty queen whose unsolved 1996 murder caused a media sensation and has puzzled the nation since, says that volunteers still work on the case on a daily basis.

John Andrew Ramsey will be speaking about the case on an upcoming episode of "20/20,” scheduled to air on ABC this Friday at 9 pm ET.

The 6-year-old child beauty pageant star was found strangled to death in her family's Boulder, Colorado home on Dec. 26, 1996. Before her body was found, a lengthy hand-written letter was discovered in the family home claiming that the girl had been kidnapped and demanding $118,000 in ransom. Her body was found in the house's basement eight hours later.

The murder quickly became a national story and the subject of frequent speculative theories. Her family was eyed in the case, fueling further public interest, and a grand jury even voted to indict the girl’s parents in 1999, CNN reported in 2013 after previously sealed court documents were made public. However, the district attorney decided not to go ahead with charges against John and Patsy Ramsey, citing a lack of evidence.

In 2008, Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy, who had run the county's sexual assault unit, cleared the family after examining DNA evidence. The DNA found both underneath JonBenét’s fingernails and in her underwear did not match anyone in the Ramsey family. Patsy Ramsey died of cancer in 2006.

“Our family has gone through a lot of adversity,” John Andrew Ramsey says in the upcoming interview. He added that in the midst of the media frenzy his family, who he called “just regular people,” had their worlds “turned upside down.”

He said that his family — his father, John Ramsey in particular — has suffered greatly as a result.

“Why I'm speaking out 24 years later, it's in part to relieve some burden from my father, who [has] fought tirelessly and advocated on the family's behalf,” he said. “I think he’s focused on life today and enjoying life with his family and grandkids.”

John Andrew Ramsey, who was in his early 20s when his half-sister died, remains dedicated to finding his little sister’s killer — and he is not alone in that mission. A group of volunteers works “daily” to assist in solving the case, he said.

“I think it's really important for people to understand that this case can be solved,” he insists. “There's a narrative out there that this is an unsolved homicide and that we just have to accept that as fact, and that is not the truth.”

Ramsey, whose murder case remains open, had won several pageant titles, including America's Royale Miss and Little Miss Colorado. Her half-brother recalled the joy that the little girl brought into his family.

“JonBenét was the kid that kept the conversation at the dinner table going," he told "20/20." "You know, she would go around and ask everybody how their day was and what they did, and [she] was just an energetic and fun kid.”

Habundia said...

It would be interesting to see where those discussions were about because she doesn't tell what those arguments are all about. Their text messages
Planning Christmas with her ex and children and wanna propose to him, alreadyan odd situation, yet when he doesn't show up for that appointment, no worries at all.
Her story seems a treasure for SA

happyuk said...

Interesting statement from a frightened and nervous looking Nancy Pelosi concerning the recent "insurrection"

"When we're talking about security, we have to talk about truth and trust.
In order to serve here with each other we must trust that people have respect for their oath of office, respect for this institution.
We must trust each other.
Respecting the people who sent us here.
We must also have the truth, and one .. and that will be looked into, er the uh ...
If in fact it is found that members of congress were accomplices to this insurrection.
If they aided and abetted the crime .. there may have to be actions taken beyond the Congress.
And, and, er in terms of prosecution, for that."

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OT Update:

Ann PearsonDeorr Kunz Jr's Voices
6 h ·
For those of that missed the live episode with David Marshburn and Baby Deorr's mother Jessica Anderson, here is the link.