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February 2018 Training Schedule

                         February Training Schedule 

February 12-13:  Advanced Analysis, Profiling and Handwriting Analysis w/ Det. Steve Johnson Veritas Profiling   Contact Det. Johnson at 

steve@veritasprofiler.com for availability.  

February 14:   HIDTA  Phoenix, Arizona   Deception Detection (closed) 

February 20:  Live 6 Hour Training  9am to 3pm EST 

February 21:  Live 6 Hour Training 10am to 4pm EST 

February 22:  Live 6 Hour Training  12pm to 6pm. EST 

Please note:  the "Live" training seminars are for those who have completed or are in the process of completing the "Complete Statement Analysis Course" and have enrolled in the training, either on a month-to-month basis or a year's subscription.  

This training is guided team analysis, often quite intense, and is via confidentiality agreement. 

For those with professional licenses, it is approved for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through the University of Maine.  The CEUs are for those who must maintain credit hours annually or biannually through their state's licensing board. Enrollment in the "Live" training is by approval only. 


Sex Crimes Units:  We offer specific advanced Statement Analysis training for Sex Crimes Units.  The focus is the specific language of victims as well as those who indicate predatory behavior within their language.  

Units trained in Statement Analysis, Reid Technique or similar schools benefit from the advanced training, including:

a. identifying linguistic signals 
b.  recognizing disassociation and its impact upon deception discernment 
c.  post trauma stress, 
d. as well as the language communication issues inherent for adults developmental disabilities  

Child Protective Services

This is Statement Analysis training for child and adult protective caseworkers.  The legally sound, open-ended interviewing is enhanced by analysis, increasing accuracy, court documentation (including affidavits in support of protective action) and report writing. 

We offer one and two day interactive training to licensed social workers who must identify risk factors and take appropriate steps to  reduce, mitigate or nullify the danger to the vulnerable. 

Religious Organizations

We are contracting with religious organizations in hiring to avoid hiring those who pose a risk to others; particularly children.  We have correctly identified pedophiles and those who pose a risk to others. This includes those who have been deceptive in presenting their background, and of whom motive has been revealed to be illicit or inconsistent with the religious or charitable organizations' belief system. The cost effectiveness of this confidential work is inestimable. 

 If your church, synagogue or charitable organization hires, we identify those who seek exploitation and bring harm. 


We both train business and contract with them for:

Employment Analysis discernment
Anonymous Threatening Letter Author Identification 

The employment analysis will allow businesses, in a legally sound format, to identify the best and brightest hires, while screening out those who pose the risk of theft.  The highest threat of exploitation comes from fraudulent claims.  We identify, specifically, those who pose said risk, work with your attorneys, and will save your business money, time, stress and reputation.  

If you or your business receives an anonymous  threatening letter, we can successfully identify the author's background, experiences, motive and dominant personality traits.  We may know:

a.  If the threat is real 
b.  The level of threat posed
c.  The author's primary motive

Deception Detection expectation:  100% accuracy 
Threat Assessment Accuracy expectation is above  90% 
Identifying elements:  With 70% accuracy of the author;'s background (sex, age, race), experiences (education, work experiences, such as ex military, etc), priorities (motive, sub- motives,) and dominant personality traits, leads most clients to recognize the author. 

This confidential work is most advanced and has successfully led to identification and adjudication. 

For individual or seminar training, please visit: 

Hyatt Analysis Services for Training Opportunities.  

Currently, we have those in training within law enforcement, business and the private sector.  Tuition payment plans restricted to law enforcement. 

Our in home training includes analysts: 

New Zealand

For specific questions contact hyattanalysis@gmail.com 

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