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Kaaryn Gough: Mark Redwine

We have all heard Mark Redwine'  description of being unable to wake Dylan up.  Here we hear his words about "struggle" and "beat up" and know:  these words come from somewhere.  "Struggle" and "beat up" are in context of missing 13 year old, Dylan Redwine.

Here is Statement Analyst, Kaaryn Gough weighing in on the issue.  Please note that the statement Kaaryn uses is quite upsetting, emotionally.  

I have asked Kaaryn to join us on Crime Wire Tuesday night with special guest Elaine Redwine, as we seek to keep the case strongly in the public's eye, crying out for Justice for Dylan.

If anyone doubted Mark Redwine's guilt in this case, he did his very best to remove doubt when he appeared on the Dr. Phil Show, reneging on his agreement to polygraph, using the word
"we" inappropriately (he was by himself).

Pronouns do not lie and are instinctive.  Here are some of Kaaryn's observations and analysis from the statements made by Mark Redwine.   Note the abbreviation, "MR" is Mark Redwine.


I think we all agree MR had something to do with Dylan's disappearance and sadly, MR's words are painting a picture that Dylan is not alive. I think the focus of our SA efforts should now be on finding the verbal clues that will help lead to Dylan's remains.

Language is not accidental. Our words don't fly out of our mouths or from our fingers in random selection. Everything we speak/write comes from what our brain knows (the truth). It is the brain's default position to  reveal what it knows. MR's brain is trying to tell what it knows.

From the January 31, 2013 interview with KUSA

Do you blame yourself too, a little bit? 

normally wouldn’t , but I do, I do blame myself . I relive this a thousand times and every time it comes back to  I-- s-seeing him laying on the couch and I didn’t try hard enough, maybe, to wake him up to have him come with me knowing that he had talked about going to spend time with his friends and letting him sleep like he does so many time before, I beat myself up over that constantly. But that’s not helping me. And it’s not helping Dylan. I mean, it’s hard enough for any parent to have to deal with something like this and to sit here and beat yourself up over and over and over again about what you could have done differently, could have made the difference is a—not helping me stay strong which is what I feel like what I need to do for Dylan. I don’t know how to do it and I struggle with that every day, but it’s something that I believe I have to dig down deeper and deeper every day and find the will and find the strength to stay strong for him because I believe that he needs both of his parents. He needs me to do that for him and I know he needs his mom to do that for him.

Note the choice and order of words: 

"I normally wouldn't"--"normally"--there is something about this situation that is different from previous ones. What other events have occurred similar to this one? Is there a history of his children 'disappearing'? Has he been accused before of harming his children? 

"I relive this"--"relive" speaks to a specific moment in time where an event of note took place. We don't "relive" hum-drum, day-to-day, non-important moments.

His brain holds onto this moment. Why?

"seeing him laying on the couch"--not "sleeping"

"beat myself up"--physical violence. The question was "Do you blame yourself?" and he acknowledged he did blamehimself. But then he moves to saying "I beat myself up" indicating that for him, blame and beating up are connected. 

"beat yourself up"--no longer, "myself". He has distanced himself from this action. Still, he uses "beat up", a physically violent action.

"struggle" - He is having a difficult time either mentally, emotionally, physically, or all three. Deciding what to do. Deciding what story to tell. Deciding how to dispose of the body. Deciding where to dispose the body. Moving/hiding the body would be a struggle. Deciding to bury the body. Doing the actual digging would be a struggle. The act of shoveling the dirt back into the grave would likely be an emotional struggle (knowing this is the last time he'll see his son)

"dig down deeper and deeper"--not just "deep" but "deeper and deeper" suggesting he got to one level but then decided he had to dig further. He got to another level and decided he still had to go further.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mark Redwine : "We're Going To Take Polygraph"

Follow the pronouns.

He went to the pronoun "we" instead of "I"...

Did Mark Redwine drink a half bottle of Jim Beam believing he would be disqualified from the polygraph?

in the end, he knew he could not pass the test and could not dare go through with it.  Reason overruled his need to control.  He knew law enforcement was watching the show, and he appears to understand that the walls are closing on him. 

What did he do to Dylan?

Did it start with "you're not going with your friends; you're here with me!" and escalate to Dylan defending his mother's name and honor?

After the first session, in which Mark Redwine failed to deny killing his son, the drama continued as Dr. Phil had challenged Mark Redwine to take a polygraph. 

Readership weighed in on whether or not Mark Redwine would, in deed, take the polygraph. 

Not a chance. 

Mark Redwine attempted to divert attention away from himself, even blaming his ex wife, before Dr. Phil went directly after him. 

Dr Phil:  “If you have your son stashed somewhere, or if God forbid you flew into a rage and you hurt him accidentally and he’s dead, if something has happened, I will help you deal with it now, and we will go recover that young man right now … but my offer has a shelf life.”

“Just know that I offered,” said Dr. Phil.

Mark Redwine did not issue a reliable denial, nor has he since he first started speaking to the press. 

He has been unable to say he didn't do it, and in Statement Analysis we have a rule:

If someone is unable or unwilling to say he did not do it, we are not permitted to say it for him. 

A reliable denial is made up of three components; not two, and not four.  Add to a denial, and it is no longer reliable.  The innocent say so early and often, and without additional language or sensitivity. 

1.  First Person Singular, "I"
2.  Past Tense Verb  "did not" or "didn't"
3.  Allegation specific

"I’m not involved in this no matter how I come across, I’m not involved,” said Mark Redwine,

Note that this is present tense.  

Dr. Phil:  “If you’re not involved in this then there is something seriously wrong with you, because your reaction to this, something’s seriously wrong with you.”

Redwine reneged on his agreement to polygraph.  This was not a surprise to many.  The test administered by law enforcement led Redwine to disparage the polygrapher, taking a page out of Billie Jean Dunn and Justin DiPietro's playbooks. 

Dr. Phil said he had never encountered a parent of a missing child who refused a polygraph.  


Will Jodi Get Away With Murder?

Will Jodi Get Away With Murder?

"I personally can't see any motive for this" said Jodi Arias.  You have to love this!

I hope readers here are following the trial as she is demonstrating Statement Analysis principle after principle.

She talks, she confirms.  Each point of analysis seems to come up, at some time or another.  Just as Casey Anthony's statements are now used to teach deception, so will Jodi Arias' statements.

Will the trial end the same?

"The gun went off" is another.  Here we see passivity seeking to remove herself from responsibility.

She loves to talk and is a Casey Anthony-like liar with all the extra details she gives.

She portrayed the victim as a monster at times, and as a loving, attentive wonderful person.

She lies via selective memory loss, but it is in her descriptions that she best matches Casey Anthony.

She is a confident liar who's additional details are comical.

The make over reminds us of Casey Anthony as well.

Q.  Were you being truthful?

A. "I believe that I was truthful on that one."

I love it!

Will this end as another Casey Anthony Verdict?

Defense objections usually run something along this line:

"The state has millions of dollars at its disposal in order to prosecute my client!"

What is missing is that the State cannot hire the top shelf talent attorneys and when all is said and done...

well, you've seen, for yourself, what happens to justice when a high profile attorney steps into the spotlight.

Will this end like Casey Anthony?

Will Jodi and Casey have a celebrity boxing match?

Will they share the stage for a "reality" TV show?

What are the odds of Casey Anthony becoming pregnant and giving us a novelty name for the child?

These, and other questions will be answered, but only as our stomachs churn with the acids of injustice.

What Happened to Dylan Redwine

The following is speculation and opinion on what I believe happened to 13 year old Dylan Redwine, months ago, after a court ordered visit with Mark Redwine, Dylan's biological father.

It is based upon, principally, the words of Mark Redwine.  After these words, I considered Elaine Redwine's words, some of the details of the case, and the appearance of Mark Redwine on the Dr. Phil Show.  I have also taken Behavioral Analysis into consideration into this opinion.

What Statement Analysis has concluded is this:

Dylan Redwine is known by Mark Redwine to be deceased, and that Mark Redwine is deceptively withholding information on what happened to Dylan.  Dylan did not go missing, but met his fate at the hands of his father, who has since hidden Dylan's remains.

Mark Redwine on the Dr. Phil Show

Mark Redwine's eyes lit up whenever Elaine Redwine's pain became evident.  He thoroughly enjoyed himself and the attention, but his particular delight was seeing Elaine on the verge of coming apart at the seams.  Her visibly evident pain brought Mark Redwine satisfaction; the satisfaction he sought, I believe, when he silenced Dylan and sought to inflict unceasing pain upon Elaine, for the rest of her life.

He enjoyed himself because he enjoyed his success.

He is a controller, who needs to pummel others, and the court that ordered Dylan to visit him, sentenced  Dylan to his death unawares.

The ego of a liar. 

Elaine pointed out that Mark did not know how to construct lies about Dylan.  He could not even invent a proper television channel for the 13 year old boy which later Mark Redwine used to feign good parenting while portraying Elaine in the negative.

This was not a "he said; she said" case like some media outlets may like to portray.  This was a mother pleading for her child, allowing the killer to bask in his moment of satisfaction, all in the hope of a single slip of the tongue which would allow the mother to bring her baby angel home for proper burial.


This is the word Elaine used to describe Dylan to me.  He is now her "angel", as she has come to accept that Mark Redwine took Dylan from her, and she needs to find him, to bury her son, and grieve her loss.

The Focus

Elaine's focus was Dylan.
Dr. Phil's focus was on Dylan, and on some of the drama that unfolded.  He did well, at times, by appealing to the ego of Mark Redwine.
Mark's focus was Elaine.  He honed his skills of abuse over many years, and has hurt many others in life, but it was his almost uncontrollable giddiness over hurting Elaine that confirmed to him, that he, in his twisted logic of control and harm, did the 'right thing' in silencing Dylan's defense of his mother.

Mark Redwine got the ultimate revenge on Elaine, hurting her in the one spot she could never heal from:  by taking her youngest child from her.

Mark Redwine holds the world in contempt.  There's little doubt that he will, eventually, blame Dylan for what happened, after he is done blaming Elaine.  Perhaps he will blame the judge who mandated Dylan's ill-fated visit.

Dylan spoke up.

This is what I believe happened.

Dylan spoke up for his mom.

Dylan did not want to be with his father, announcing his arrival with a symbolic sad face on a text message to his mother.

Acutely narcissistic, Mark Redwine knew his son did not want to be with him, but wanted to be at home with his mother, and if he could not be with his mother, he would want to see his friends.

I believe that in that trip to McDonalds, the escalation from Mark Redwine increased exponentially as he saw that Dylan loved his mother, and reached its zenith at the home where, I believe, Mark Redwine first verbally attacked Dylan's mother, and when Dylan spoke up for his mother, the boy's bravery and character was more than Mark Redwine could bear and his trademark anger broke loose upon the small boy, with his wrath unsatisified until he could not longer 'wake' Dylan up; that is, resussictate Dylan.  This is the verbal description of Mark Redwine in which his mind went as he sought for words to deceive.

Mark Redwine is a sociopath who will be viewed much like Scott Peterson:  having gone on national television, feigning care, while harboring the secret of murder.

How many viewers saw him speak, and barely contain the flash of joy in his eyes, when he saw the pain he inflicted upon Elaine?

Dr. Phil's manipulation of Mark Redwine's ego is to be commended.  He told Redwine that he would provide for him the ultimate opportunity to clear his name via the polygraph test, taking the liar in his own pride.

Remember:  liars are those who fabricate reality.  Mark Redwine is right up there with Billie Jean Dunn and Justin DiPietro.

All three are liars who killed and all three were baited into taking polygraphs, knowing they would fail. All knew that once they take the polygraph, they were going to fail, but they have, all three, grown so used to being successful in their lies that they could not cancel and get out of the test.  Even Shawn Adkins had the presence of mind to avoid the polygraph. * (This is the basis for my belief that had Shawn Adkins been arrested, he would have revealed the location of Hailey Dunn's body.  He is not a confident liar, did not want to take the polygraph, and had to be talked into it by Billie Dunn.  Later, Shawn Adkins' family paid for him to take a private polygraph, believing that the police had, as Adkins claimed, "set him up."  They paid for it and he took it, and promptly failed it just as he did the police administered polygraph.)*

Mark Redwine's pride built up in him, over all the years of successful lying, betrayed him, and caused him to "prove" to the challenge of Dr. Phil's words, that he could pass the test.

For Mark Redwine, Billie Dunn and Justin DiPietro, the polygraph itself, was the ends, and not the means.

For police, the polygraph is a means of which they use to eliminate the innocent, allowing them to move on in the investigation and find the missing child. For the three killers above, it was not about passing the polygraph to find their children, it was about "beating" the polygraph.

Did you notice that all three share something else in common about the polygraph?

All three disparaged the administration of it.

Billie Dunn, in her brutal attack on the English language said "they had me faithful in that lie detector" ; which translates into blaming the police for removing her faith in the polygraph.
Justin DiPietro blamed police for not "giving" him the results.  He did not "pass" the polygraph, instead, he "smoked" it.
Mark Redwine attempted to disparage the credentials of the polygraph administrator.

All three disparaged the polygraph that they sought to "beat" rather than pass, including Dunn showing up stoned to take it.

All three share in common deep and abiding hatred of innocence.

All three despise the judicial innocence of youth.

All three were spoke out, eventually, about the "missing" child, and all three were taken in their own words.

Statement Analysis got to the truth of Baby Ayla, when DiPietro was finally goaded into speaking out, just as Mark Redwine, another "emotionally incapable" father, did finally speak out, and when he did, we knew.

We knew.

I wish we didn't.

Before that, we had hope that Dylan was a missing 13 year old who would be fine.

I knew that when Crime Wire attempted to make contact with Elaine, that she would have to hear the results of the analysis of Mark's initial media interview.

She knew.

She wishes she didn't.

Mark Redwine has been publicly humiliated before a national audience on a TV show seen by millions.  The next move is his.

Will a Joe Tacopina step forward, smelling the free publicity, and squash the case police are building against Mark Redwine, the way he did in the case against Deboarah Bradley in the Baby Lisa case?  I believe that police were thisclose to Bradley confessing and allowing Lisa burial when Tacopina swooped in with his Rolex watch and $700 per hour price tag.  The DA folded up tent and went home.  The police, once bravado in their press conferences, packed up and went home.  The FBI, tail between its legs, actually shared evidence with Joe Tacopina BEFORE any charges against Bradley were filed. Re-run the video of Tacopina making that announcement and tell me if you can't see his chest swelling with pride knowing the FBI begged him to cut a deal, but he said, "no, thanks, boys, we're moving on..." and all was well with Bradley and Irwin.

Only Baby Lisa was left to rot in the river, without a Christian burial.

Let us hope it is not the case with Dylan Redwine.

Elaine has suffered enough.  In fact, we can safely say that the long years married to Mark Redwine were suffering enough for a lifetime.  Mark Redwine has won.  He has inflicted pain which will never cease, as Elaine can look at herself in the mirror, month by month, and see year by year age progression, as she ages a year for every month Dylan is "out there", unburied.

His glee was barely contained when he attempted to portray Elaine as a mastermind kidnapper, dopey enough to send Dylan on a plane, only to tag along and take him.  At least Dr. Phil did not allow that to pass without some biting sarcasm.  I appreciated Dr. Phil's rebuttal to that.

Dr. Phil got Mark Redwine backed into a corner, by exploiting the abuser's own ego.  This was  a good technique, as pointed out by Kaaryn Gough.  The follow up will be interesting, too, but what matters most now is Justice for Dylan.

Justice for Dylan.

Without forensics to allow Dylan to be heard, we will have to rely upon Mark Redwine's version of what happened.

For some, this is injustice.

Not so, for us.

Statement Analysis gets to the truth and whatever version Mark Redwine ultimately makes, we will know the truth from deception.  We will use his words, and see them in context, and carefully apply the principles of analysis, and we will know.

We will know.

I believe that Dylan died because he refused to let Mark Redwine trample his mother.  This is my belief.

I hold out that Dylan was noble, even as a young man should be.

Like the story of the boy who came into Sunday School, disheveled from a fight, Dylan stands tall.  The boy came into class and the teacher asked him what had happened.  The boy explained that he got into a fight because another boy had insulted his mother.  The Sunday School teacher rewarded the boy for his desire to stand up for his mother and gave him a coin and told him that if he gets into a fight to uphold his mother or sister's honor, he will give him another coin, each and every time he defends one of them.   When the board heard of this, they dismissed the Sunday School teacher.

The teacher's name?

Theodore Roosevelt.

I hold that Dylan loved his mother, and did not want to visit his father, but would not join an evil alliance and agree with Mark against his mom.

I believe that Dylan Redwine died because he loved his mother, and it was this love that Mark Redwine could not abide.

Let us continue to pray for Justice for Dylan Redwine and push prosecutors to have courage and face down Dylan's killer.  Sure, Mark Redwine will eventually tell us that he did not intend to harm Dylan, that it was an accident in a moment's anger, but his own words will betray him.  We will know.

We will know.

Justice for Dylan Redwine. 

Dylan Redwine: Scent Hit

Dog team finds scent in search for boy

- A team of cadaver dogs working to locate a missing Colorado teen Dylan Redwine has picked up a scent near Vallecito Lake, one of the focal points in the three-month search.
"We had a couple of hits in that area," said Wendy Kessenger of K9 Forensics.  "What we did is we moved it closer to east side of lake where the five branch rivers flow into each on that side and we had many alerts going off there."
The K9 group from Edgewood has been in the Vallecito area for two weeks.  They say while they have gotten scents, they have not found any sign of Dylan.
Dylan disappeared during a court-ordered visit with his father for Thanksgiving.

The group will share their findings with the La Plata County Sheriff's Department, which will then decide what to do next.
K9 Forensics volunteered its services for the search.
"To give closure to families because on such a huge search like this the funds run out, the manpower of overtime, they can't keep up with it," Kessenger said.  "And when they can't make the find, the family is like, 'Well, what next?'  They're kind of left hanging."
The group is expected to search for a couple more days

Statement Analysis: Barak Obama on Humility

What does President Obama think of humility?  Is it something to be embraced, so that he can work with Congress?  Or, is it something he does not consider a virtue, and perhaps, even an hindrance to what he wishes to accomplish. 

A man is known by his words. 

Even the president's strongest supporters will find the following quote to raise eyebrows:
"You know, the one thing about being president is, after four years, you get pretty humble. You'd think maybe you wouldn't but actually you become more humble--you realize what you don't know," Obama said. 
"You realize all the mistakes you made. But you also realize you can't do things by yourself. That's not how our system works. You've got to have the help and the goodwill of Congress, and what that means is you've got to make sure that constituents of members of Congress are putting some pressure on them, making sure they're doing the right thing."

When is the 2nd person, "you" expected?  When is it not expected?

When someone experiences something acutely intense and personal, we have the expectation that the first person singular will be used.  A good example of this is mother of missing 7 year old Kyron Horman, Desiree Young.

There is no real 'sharing' of the experience of a suspected murdered child.  It is not something common to many others, therefore, the expectation is first person singular.  "I can't sleep; I can't eat.  I can't stop thinking about my son..." and so forth.  (both first person singular, and sentences in the negative; what she cannot do, showing high highly important and personal this is.

"You work hard and you get results..." athletes often say after spending an off-season working hard.  The word "you" is often used, as there are many athletes who experience this:  it is a more commonly shared theme, especially that non-professional athletes number in the millions.  Every weekend warrior in sports shares the principle of work and results.


If you have ever been robbed, you know it is intensely personal and feels acutely violating.  To know how a stranger entered your home is to know a very personal and deep feeling of intrusion and violation.

How about Robbery where a child is taken...almost as an afterthought?

"To know that someone is casing your be waiting for a sheriff to call about your granddaughter..." Phoebe DiPietro said.  It is not common to have someone enter your home, case your house, and take your grandchild.  In fact, it is so not personal to her (it did not happen) that her use of the 2nd person is actually appropriate for one who knows it is a lie.  It is also true:  "you" might be waiting for the sheriff to call about your granddaughter, but she isn't awaiting any such call.

Humility and the President.

I cannot think of a job where more humility would be dished out to its recipient than being president of the United States.  Body language analysts talk about the "Obama chin", the lifted chin of arrogance.  His body language in this area is extreme.  "You're looking down your nose at others!" is an expression that finds its beginnings in the lifted chin.  The person appears to be actually looking downward at others.

Many believe that Barak Obama did not have a resume suited to a position of leadership.  It is said that he had not accomplished anything of significance, had not led anything, nor ran a company or corporation.  His critics said he was not qualified to run a small convenience store, no less a nation, and that he was elected because America wanted to show the world that we were not a prejudiced people.  Had he not been African-American and a good speaker, he would not have been elected to any office.  Spending, his detractors say, has exceeded all the presidents that preceded him combined and the number of Americans living off the government has shattered all records kept.

His supporters say that the belief that government should be caring for its people is the correct world-view, and that eventually all the spending will spur the economy which will then lead people off welfare and reliance upon tax dollars, and that Americans should be paying higher taxes for these services.  His supporters say his lack of experience is a plus, as he is not a "Washington Insider" and his call for change resounded with American voters who gave him 8 years.  His supporters say that the losing side is embittered and racist and that they criticize him because he is black, showing his critics' racism.

It is a powerful division of opinion.

Regardless of your opinion of his critics and his supporters, or your opinion of him politically, what do you learn about him from his statement?

Can you hold an opinion of him, and a view of this statement which may not be congruent?  Can you think of a job that would humble any one of us more than president of the world's most powerful nation?

I cannot. Here is the statement again, with emphasis added:

"You know, the one thing about being president is, after four years, you get pretty humble. You'd think maybe you wouldn't but actually you become more humble--you realize what you don't know," Obama said. 
"You realize all the mistakes you made. But you also realize you can't do things by yourself. That's not how our system works. You've got to have the help and the goodwill of Congress, and what that means is you've got to make sure that constituents of members of Congress are putting some pressure on them, making sure they're doing the right thing."
Statement analysis is in bold type. 

"You know, the one thing about..."
Note that it is "the" one thing, and not "one thing" of many.  by using the instinctive article, "the", the subject is bringing home a very powerful point for him.  It is "the" one thing for him. Will this personal theme continue?  It is "the" one thing, not "one of many" or even, "you know, one thing about being president is..."  
This is very strong and we now expect the language to be consistent: 
being president is, after four years, you get pretty humble. 
1.  Note that he said "you" get pretty humble.  This is not expected, but very unexpected.  There are not many people who get to be president of the United States so it is rare in the extreme. 
In Statement Analysis, we allow the subject to guide us, and ask the reader to believe the subject unless strong evidence exists that the subject is lying. 
He does not say that "I have gotten humble" but that "you" get pretty humble. 
This is distancing language that does not use a possessive pronoun to describe humility. 

2.  Note the verb tense "get" is present tense.  He does not say that, after this time, he has gotten humble, but that "you", not him, "get", present tense. This is a further weakening of the statement. By saying "you", he weakened it, but saying "get", he has weakened it even more so. 

3.  "pretty" humble is to describe the word "humble."
"It is hot out today" is a strong statement.  It is "pretty hot" is not as strong nor definitive.  Since we are speaking about the single highest office in the world today, we do not expect it to be "pretty" humble. 
This weakens the assertion of humility further.  First he used "you" and not himself, then he used the verb "get" instead of past tense, and now he qualifies humble with only "pretty" humble. 
Statement Analysis:  the subject is dead; the statement is alive.  
You'd think maybe you wouldn't
1.  Note the continuation of the distancing language of the 2nd person, "you" is used.
2.  Next, however, realize that "you'd" is a contraction for "you would", which is future, conditional tense.  
3.  Note that which is in the negative:  "you wouldn't"
Question:  Who would not think the highest job in the world  would humble someone?
Answer:  Only the arrogant who is blinded by pride.  
"You'd" is to make something like this common:  Who, in their right mind, wouldn't think being president of the United States would humble someone?  This appears to be an absurdity.  Most people find any form of promotion to be humbling, as they expected it to be. 
If you were being promoted, would you anticipate some humbling lessons headed your way?
This statement shows that the subject did not anticipate being humbled in any way.  
Tom Seaver, in warming up in the bullpen before his very first professional game, threw up during warm ups.  
I cannot imagine any promotion anywhere where I would not anticipate some humbling lessons. Here, the subject is revealing something about himself that is likely to cause most to divide along partisan lines, but what about those who are simply listening to the subject speak?  
Will they express shock at this sentence?
 but actually you become more humble--you realize what you don't know,
Note the word "but" in contrast to what preceded it.  
Note that "you" become, not that he has become.
Note the weakness of the 2nd person combined with the present tense language. 
Note "more" humble, presupposes humility. 
Note "what" you don't know does not emphasize plurality.  
It is expected that any subject would be humbled by the vastness of the lack of knowledge.  At any given time, any country in the world has a change in leadership, or in currency, or in any of a hundred topics, that are unknown to any single leader in our country.  "What you don't know" does not specifically remove the plural, but it does not emphasize it either.  
The vastness and plurality of what is not known in such a lofty position was the expected for this analysis. 
It's absence is striking. 
"You realize all the mistakes you made
The subject does not realize the mistakes he has made; only that "you", the distancing language, does.  The same theme continues.  We look for a change to the pronoun, "I"to be something of importance in a statement where the 2nd person is used.  
But you also realize you can't do things by yourself. 

The consistent use of "you" keeps things very distant from the subject, including "yourself"
That's not how our system works. 

Here is the first use of the plural "our" introduced.  Thus far, it has all been the 2nd person, "you" and here it is "our", when speaking of "the system."

President Obama has been accused of issuing orders in a dictatorial manner, without the "goodwill of Congress", including the Obamacare medical bill of enormous size; so great that no one seems to know its contents nor understand it.  
You've got to have the help and the goodwill of Congress, and what that means is you've got to make sure that constituents of members of Congress are putting some pressure on them, making sure they're doing the right thing."

Note the reason of "you" needing the help and goodwill of Congress:
"to make sure" Congress is pressured.   Here the subject gives the reason of having to have the help and good will of Congress.  This is difficult:
"and what that means" is for the subject to explain what it means for "you" to have the help and goodwill:

He defines it as making sure that constituents of members "are putting", present tense, "some" pressure, "making sure" they're doing "the right thing"

This is a very sensitive sentence to the subject who does not define what "the right thing" is, but that the "help and goodwill" is explained as getting people to put pressure on them. 

This highlights the strategy within very distancing language, and seems to explain the extreme avoidance of humility.  

The lack of humility;
The distancing language moving away from humility;
the coercive action defined as "help and goodwill" in order to accomplish a goal which the subject states is "the right thing" which comes from the subject, himself. 

The subject does not need nor cherish humility, will do what he wants, and will make members of Congress do what he wants, which is, in his mind, the right thing.   Humility would cause pause, and debate on what is the right thing, and warrant listening to others (Congress), which will not be done. 

This statement will likely cause some consternation on part of the President's supporters who may believe that working with Congress is the right thing.  The words reveal that this is not what the President believes. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Absolutely Not. It is not" Miss Deleware

I have been unable to get the full quote, but 

suffice to say that "absolutely" is used to 

strengthen the denial, but it's need, itself,

 shows weakness. 

Miss Delaware Teen USA resigns amid sex video claims

Miss Delaware Teen USA resigns amid sex video clai...

Miss Delaware Teen USA resigns amid sex video clai...: Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King resigned her crown today after facing questions about participating in an online sex video. (2/26/13)
    Melissa King is shown in a photo from the Miss Delaware Teen USA website.
    Hailey Lawler of the Newark area was the runner-up in the Miss Delaware Teen USA pageant and may move up to the top spot. Lawler is shown in 2012 playing soccer for Padua Academy. / WILLIAM BRETZGER/NEWS JOURNAL FILE
    Melissa King, Miss Delaware Teen USA, resigned her crown today after facing questions about an online sex video that claims to star her.
    “I would like to confirm to you that the Miss Delaware Teen USA pageant has received a resignation letter from Miss King’s attorney,” pageant spokeswoman Dara Busch wrote in an e-mail this morning.
    A porn website posted a sex video Monday featuring a woman who looks and sounds like King and claiming it is the teen pageant winner. King, contacted Monday, said she was aware of it, but denied it was her.
    Absolutely not,” she said.It is not.”
    "Absolutely" is added in an attempt to strengthen the denial.  "it is not" does not identify with strength, nor even uses the pronoun, "me."
    Of the porn site’s claim, she said, “There are comments saying this, however, it’s not comments that are true.”
    It is the comments that are not true, rather than the identity.  This is weakening and distancing. 
    King, who was crowned Miss Delaware Teen USA last year, declined to provide her attorney’s name Monday. Pageant officials, however, identified her attorney as J. Gregory Hannigan, out of Hagerstown, Md. He did not immediately return messages.
    An email sent Monday night seeking comment from the website distributing the video was not answered.
    Busch, who is executive vice president and managing director with Rubenstein Public Relations, said the runner-up will take King’s position.
    According to the Miss Delaware Teen USA website, Hailey Lawler of the Newark area is the runner-up. She could not be reached for comment.
    Miss Delaware Teen USA is run by the New York-based Miss Universe Organization. This is not the first time issues have arisen with the organization involving a Delaware contestant. In 2005, Sheena Benton was allowed to remain Miss Delaware USA and compete in the nationally televised pageant after it was learned she had pleaded guilty for drunken driving in 2004.
    And this is certainly not the first time there has been a sex scandal involving a pageant contestant. In 1984, Vanessa Williams gave up her Miss America title after nude photos of her surfaced. Miss America is not associated with the Miss Universe Organization.
    The video alleging King in it, a recording running just over five minutes, starts with an interview on what appears to be a hotel bed.

    Eleven False Rape Allegations From Same Woman

    False rape allegations are vicious and can put a man in prison for a long time.  In dealing with several cases, I found that Statement Analysis showed that the words did not come from memory, and each case was then solved by confronting the accuser, often with a supportive person present, and gaining an admission that no rape took place.  

    Some false accusers will use the word "we" after the alleged rape, showing unity/cooperation.  (If the word "we" is used prior to the alleged assault, it is not a signal of deception).  

    All of the false accusations I have investigated including language that lacked sensory detail.  Some had confused articles, and present tense verbs.  

    Each one in which Statement Analysis proved to be false concluded with an admission, yet none were prosecuted as false reports.  

    The motive is often revenge, though some have child custody issues, and at times, shame or embarrassment over consensual sex, including false reports made after a break up.  

    It remains a very difficult topic to handle without statement analysis.   In one case, statement analysis concluded that a police officer did not rape his fellow police officer, but that the female officer perseverated about sexual abuse from her own past.  When confronted, she acknowledged childhood abuse and resigned.  

    Our words give us away, including childhood sexual assault.

    One case I handled in which a teenaged girl had been coached by her mother into making a false claim against a neighbor of whom the mother had owed $1500, and did not want to pay it back.  The child entered her mother's language (both mother and child were interviewed separately), and the alleged perpetrator, who's life could have been ruined, gave a reliable denial. 

    Statement Analysis shines the truth in the area of "he said; she said" sexual assault cases.  In some cases, the liar actually goes through with the rape test and the usual response is "inconclusive" on it.  

    This is something that frightens some victims away from making a report.  

    Victims of false reporting can have their lives ruined, their freedom taken from them, and consequences far beyond the 16 months this woman received as punishment. 

    Some liars are willing to see the male go to prison whereas some, when they learn how long the prison term could be, feel remorse.  In a number of cases, the liar's fury did not die down for weeks.  In one case, a woman's advocate refused to believe the woman was lying, even after the woman admitted that she did it out of spite and revenge.  

    The truth is always the safest place to reside. 


    Compulsive liar is jailed for making her ELEVENTH false rape claim, against an innocent man 'who she decided she didn't like any more'

    • Elizabeth Jones, 22, invented her first sex attack in 2004, when aged 13
    • Her latest victim was targeted because she didn't like him
    • After he was held for nine hours CCTV disproved her malicious claim 

    Jailed: Elizabeth Jones, 22, faces 16 months in prison after making 11 false rape claims since 2004
    Jailed: Elizabeth Jones, 22, faces 16 months in prison after making 11 false rape claims since 2004
    A compulsive liar has been jailed for 16 months after falsely claiming she had been raped 11 times in nine years.
    Elizabeth Jones, 22, made her first fabricated allegation to police in 2004 when she was aged just 13, Southampton Crown Court was told.
    Police said that the young woman had accused at least one individual just because she did not like them anymore, putting innocent men through a 'terrible emotional experience'.
    Jones' latest victim was arrested and quizzed for nine hours before being released without charge because CCTV footage disproved her claims she was forcibly taken to a property and raped.
    They had an argument and she was angry with him, so decided to make her eleventh fabricated allegation of rape, police said.
    It also emerged today that in 2009 she was given a ten month detention and training order for making up a sex attack.
    Between 2005 and 2007 she had made eight other allegations, which police investigated, but she did not face court proceedings.
    Police launched an investigation after Jones, from Southampton, Hampshire, instigated a friend to report she had been sexually assaulted.
    She later went to the police station for a medical examination and repeated her allegation.
    Prosecutor Jennie Rickman told Southampton Crown Court a man was arrested but he denied the rape allegation.

      Detectives later viewed CCTV covering part of the house in which Jones claimed to have been attacked. The video did not support her story as it showed she was not forcibly taken there.
      Fabricated: Southampton Crown Court heard that her latest victim was accused because she did not like him
      Fabricated: Southampton Crown Court heard that her latest victim was accused because she did not like him
      Ms Rickman said: 'There is a history of her making false allegations of this nature and this is the 11th incident.
      'Police had to take her allegation seriously and carried out an appropriate investigation.
      'She was later arrested and accepted she had lied about being raped - she said she did it because she did not like him.'
      Jones admitted to attempting to pervert the course of justice and was sentenced for 16 months.

      Judge Derwin Hope said the offence was not only serious because of 'the terrible emotional experience' the man she accused had to endure, but also because it struck at the heart of the criminal justice system.
      In mitigation, Megan Topliss revealed Jones' disturbed childhood and the impact of being in care.

      Jones immediately accepted she had lied when approached by the police and pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity.

      DC Tim Blanche, from Southampton's Public Protection Department, was leading the investigation and revealed Miss Jones had 'intimate contact' with the last victim, 'but they didn't live together'.

      'The man was arrested and he gave a statement - he had to live his life with people accusing him of being a rapist,' he said.

      'He became incredibly stressed and when he heard she got 16 months, he was disappointed and felt that the time wasn't long enough, after what she put him through.'

      DC Blanche felt that this was the 'final straw' for the 22-year-old woman, adding: 'After the previous ten false allegations, Judge Hope felt that it was the final straw and had no choice but to sentence her to 16 months in prison.

      'The evidence in the case was so conclusive as the CCTV images were so clear.

      'I imagine that with the previous allegations the evidence hasn't been there.
      'We encourage all victims to come forward, but sadly Elizabeth was one of the people that was not telling the truth.'

      Mark Redwine Killed Dylan Redwine

      Did most watchers of the Dr. Phil Show realize that they were watching Dylan's killer avoid answering questions?

      Did watchers realize that not once did Mark Redwine say that he did not kill Dylan?

      Did they realize that he did not issue a reliable denial?

      Did they realize that he not only did not issue a reliable denial, but when challenged, refused to answer, but instead attacked Elaine?

      Dr. Phil did not follow up on the questions, but he did not allow Mark to use him to divert attention from Dylan's cause.

      Will Joe Tacopina, or someone like him, swoop into this case, due to the publicity, and foil the cause of justice for Dylan?

      Statement Analysis has shown that Mark Redwine indicated that he knows Dylan is dead, and is deceptively withholding information on what transpired between himself and Dylan shortly after the time of the trip to McDonalds.

      Body language indicates that he loved the attention today, negative as it was.

      Dylan Redwine: Shocking Statements on Dr. Phil

      Dr. Phil Show.

      Elaine knows that Mark has killed Dylan.  The thought is killing her.  She fears his bones are just left "out there."

      She is brave.

      Could this lead to Mark's arrest?

      He attempted to divert attention away from him, by accusing Elaine of traveling in and kidnapping him.

      Dr. Phil looked at it as the joke it is; a transparent way to attempt to take away attention from himself.

      Do watchers of the program know they are listening to a killer?

      "Where is Dylan, Mark?"

      Dr Phil:  "Mark, are you interested in finding your son?"

      Mark:  "very much so.,"

      Weakness noted.  

      Mark is unable to issue a reliable denial. 

      He wants the audience to believe that Elaine has criminal friends and abducted Dylan.  Dr. Phil is ridiculing him, subtly, via his questioning.

      Mark is a violent, controlling man.

      What I cannot help thinking while watching is this:

      Do people know that they are watching a killer on TV right now, feigning concern over his son?

      Mark Redwine is loving the attention.  Narcissistic personality.  Sociopath.  This was a temper/control killing.

      "I know you know where Dylan is.  You need to bring him home.  I hope you did not hurt him.  I hope you did not hurt him."

      Mark just glared.


      At this point, 40 minutes into the show, do people know, without training, that they are watching a man who killed his child?

      If Elaine had any doubts that Mark deliberately killed Dylan, her meeting with him on TV must have removed them.

      "I didn't find it odd that he wasn't sitting there when I got back."  Mark Redwine

      Heather:  "We mark time in life about things that happen, not on things that did not happen.  He is deceptive.  It was the same with Billie Jean Dunn:

      "I didn't get worried when I didn't hear from Hailey."

      Where were you on 911?  This is a common question.  It shows how we mark time by what does happen, and not what has not happened.

      Elaine:  "Did you hurt him?"

      Mark:  "I wouldn't hurt him."  Unreliable denial.

      Next Tuesday:  Crime Wire will have Elaine on the show as we call for Justice for Dylan!

      Dr. Phil did not get taken.

      He wants Mark to take a polygraph.  Mark disparaged the polygrapher.

      Will Joe Tacopina swoop in now that he saw Mark on national television with high drama?

      This would shoot down the cause of justice for Dylan.

      Dylan Redwine Case on Dr. Phil Today

      Note that even the headline plays into Mark Redwine's controlling nature.

      Dr. Phil Finally Gets Dylan Redwine’s Parents To Talk Face To Face

      Dylan Redwine's parents talk with Dr. Phil (credit: CBS)
      Dylan Redwine’s parents talk with Dr. Phil (credit: CBS)

      DENVER (CBS4)
       – Volunteers probed a frozen lake on Monday searching for missing teen Dylan Redwine, but came up with nothing. The 14-year-old boy vanished during a court ordered visit with his father last November.
      Redwine’s family is scheduled to appear on the Dr. Phil Show on Tuesday to talk about the case. In previews of the show it appears Dylan’s father and mother, Mark and Elaine Redwine, who went through a messy divorce, get into some heated arguments.
      Searchers drilled a hole in the ice on a Vallecito lake over the weekend to look for any sign of Dylan.
      (credit: CBS)
      (credit: CBS)
      CBS4’s Jeff Todd recently talked with Dylan’s father, Mark Redwine. He said he’s been working with a group called K-9 Forensics out ofAlbuquerque, N.M. who were going to search the Vallecito area so that they could eliminate it as a possible area where Dylan could be. But he also said the family feud that will play out on the Dr. Phil show the next two days could bring the national attention the search needs.
      It’s a family feud that’s played out in the media for the last 90 days.
      “Tensions are high between all of us, specifically with mom and my older son Corey and myself,” Mark Redwine told CBS4.
      Twelve days ago when CBS4 talked to Mark Redwine, he said he was hoping the Dr. Phil Show could bring clarity to the situation.
      Elaine and Mark Redwine on Dr. Phil (credit: CBS)
      Elaine and Mark Redwine on Dr. Phil (credit: CBS)
      “(By) keeping the focus on finding Dylan rather than airing our dirty laundry and pointing fingers and making accusations,” Mark Redwine said. “There’s plenty of time for that later down the road. What we need to be doing is focusing on finding Dylan.”
      Signs still plaster the community in near Durango, but the family’s disagreements haven’t helped the search.
      Dylan Redwine (credit: Dr. Phil Show)
      Dylan Redwine (credit: Dr. Phil Show)
      “All the things that have gone on and the conflict between us has put him in a bad situation,” Mark Redwine said. “Is it enough to make him run away? I would choose to say no, but who knows what goes on in a 13-year-old’s head?”
      see previous analysis but know that the "conflict" is being used by Mark Redwine as a red herring.  
      With signs and wrist bands now going worldwide, so has the search. Earlier this month, La Plata County sheriff’s investigators said they have tips coming in from as far away as Australia, but it wasn’t Dylan.
      The entire conversation with the Redwines airs Tuesday at 4 p.m. on Dr. Phil on CBS4