Thursday, March 22, 2018

Drowning Death of Kiara Moore

For some, social media is a way to reach family and friends. Still for others, it is a way to network in business. 

Here, it has brought scrutiny to the parents of toddler, Kiara Moore, when her parents took to Facebook to talk about her death. 

An interview with Kimberley Rowlands by police is forthcoming   after her  two-year-old daughter died when she left her strapped in a car that plunged into a river.

Kiara Moore was killed after her mother Kimberley Rowlands left her alone while she dashed into her partner's office to get money. 

Kimberly Rowlands wrote on Facebook: 

Sadly yesterday my beautiful baby girl passed away! Due to my own stupidity, I will have to live with the guilt for the rest of my life! Mummy loves you baby girl and I’m so sorry!”

This is not an unexpected statement, though some may argue its posting for the public.  

 She uses the words "I'm sorry"  preceded by "my own stupidity."  These show strong pronoun commitment to both "stupidity" (with singular emphasis) and "sorrow" regarding the leaving alone of the child which led to her death. 

The local law  incriminates leaving a child alone if it can lead to danger, similar to Neglect laws elsewhere. 

Jet Moore 

The child's father, Jet Moore, set up a fundraiser within hours of his daughter's death, for those who attempted rescue his daughter from the icy waters. This is something that has drawn attention. 
Police have issued a public warning to those who wrote on social media that they do not believe the mother's statement. Police said investigations into such posters could take place. This is very different than in the United States.  

Jet Moore posted the following on Facebook, which is since deleted, describing what happened.  This, too is likely to gain attention.  

Your thoughts on the statement?


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Tania Cadogan said...

Why did she 'assume'the car had been 'allegedly'stolen?
Surely she would have heard the sound of the car engine being started for it to be stolen?
If she heard no engine then it could not have been stolen.
Did she then leave the car engine running and thus would not have noticed it being stolen'?

What gear was the car left in?
What about the handbrake?

The state of the car,gears,brakes, general condition, age of car will all play a part in teling the truth.
I still wonder if there was/is any cctv from the area given the businesses and location.
Who else was in the immediate area, workers,visitors, passers by, boaters etc?
Did she call out or scream?
Was she heard?

What time did she call 999 (911)?
What time did she post her fb postcode?
What did she do between reporting her car and child missing and posting on fb?
Was it fb then 999 even, phone records will show the order which could be telling.
Did she physically search?
when did she call her partner?
What did she tell him?
What did she tell police?
What was her priority?
Car stolen with child in or my child taken she was in the car which was stolen?
What did the autopsy reveal?
River water in her lungs, tap water or something else
What is their financial situation like?
How is the business doing?
Why such a huge amount of money being requested?
Is he serious or does he have no concept of achievable amounts?

The mom can and should face neglect and manslaughter charges.
I have to ask how many times she has done that before?
Has she been told not to?
Surely she would have been aware of the signs.

Do any of the other children live with them?
Which children?
If not why not?who do the children live with?
If not was it voluntary or imposed?
Are the family known to CPS/LE?
If so why and when?

Anonymous Hippopotamus said...

I wouldn't give a dime to Jet. The man can barely make a coherent sentence, let alone spell correctly. He didn't even capitalize Kiara's name. He's not trustworthy at all.

It's not unusual to want to do something in a loved one's memory but it IS unusual to be thinking about it when the child hasn't even been dead a full day. (See Ross Harris as an example - telling the police who were interviewing him hours after he found his son dead in his hot car that he wanted to become an advocate to prevent hot car deaths.)

Anonymous said...

Bank cards can snap, when you bend them over and over they'll eventually snap. They don't snap if you sit on them. Surely the investigators will be able to tell what kind of force was applied to break the card. Assuming, of course, the bank card hasn't mysteriously disappeared.
And why do they even bring up the subject of needing money? What does it matter WHY the mother went into the building? It sounds like storytelling.
Also, why did she choose that spot to park her car when there was other, flatter spots to park.
Something else: Why would she leave her daughter in the car? Wouldn't it make more sense, if her story was true, that she'd have gone inside the building WITH her daughter to surprise daddy. This wasn't a surly teenager who would have baulked at having to get off their phone to go see dad, she was 3yrs old.
I'll leave the statement analysis part to you guys because you know more than I do. All I feel is that none of what they are saying adds up or follows common sense.
Then there's the fund set up. For what! Why would you be on social media soliciting money when you're daughter is dead. That's disgusting. If the mother REALLY felt guilty she would not be online, she'd be on her knees in utter despair.
Was it an accident? I don't know. Are they heartbroken? No.

Hey Jude said...

Anon, he has written on Facebook that press reports were inaccurate, and that he was working over an hour away. As the reports were based on his "It was the lemons" post, which he deleted, the 'misreading' of events, whereby it was assumed he was in the office, would seem to have arisen from that.

Willow said...

Is it only me thinking that we don't have a reliable report of how Kiara Moore died.
There's some written material in the Dyfed Powys Police page but nothing new has been added there since 21. Mar.

We don't know who parked the silver Mini and where.
Nor do we know how instrumental the car was in the death of Kiara Moore.

We don't know how Kiara got inside the car.

We don't know where Kiara died, when or in what way.

Where does it say that the parents of Kiara live together?

Willow said...

The Dyfed Police says on their reporting in their web page:

"Update at 14:19, March 20th 2018"

"We have made extensive enquiries into the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident and can confirm that we are not looking for anyone else in connection with the investigation."

What does this mean: "anyone else"?

The police is not saying who they are looking at "in connection with the investigation" of "this tragic incident". They only say they are not looking for anyone else.

The quotations are from the police reports in their website.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Willow
It means the police are not looking at anyone else in relation to the crime such as the alleged car thief who stole the car as per the mom's initial FB post.

It means the only person or persons they are looking at is the mom and jet moore.

The mom could face neglect or manslaughter chargers or possibly either her, jet or both could at a maximum based on the forensic evidence, face murder charges if they police decide Kiara's death was non accidental.

Anonymous said...

Everything seems to have gone very quiet with this case. Even Jet, who can't keep off Facebook, has posted nothing since the morning of April 2. And the total amount of money raised so far towards his preposterous goal has remained the same for the past 24 hours.

But I have a feeling there's plenty going on behind the scenes. Perhaps an announcement from the police is imminent?

Anonymous said...

Darlie Routier’s husband, who somehow was not implicated in the horrible stabbing deaths of his two sons and slept through their screams, also got them tattooed on his arm. He and Darlie had a birthday party at one of the boy’s grave sites. This bizarre behavior is part of why jurors found her guilty of murder. I wish someone would make a list of all the guilty parents/ most likely guilty parents who tattooed their kids face or name on them. From the comments alone— it seems to be a recurring act of trying to look like the kid was of great importance and the parent portraying themselves as loving/ adoringtheir kids who were often poorly parented and neglected before their deaths. The same sort of disturbing pattern appears of children being killed right before a birthday. A birthday represents a big milestone— why are so many children murdered by their parents around the time of their birthdays?

Anonymous said...

Parking a car on a dangerous ramp repeatedly when there are flat options—- hmmmm — this screams premeditated murder to me. Especially if the neighbor/witness is found to have told the parents he would be gone, or it was his regular routine to be gone a certain day. It’s like setting up the “it was an accident” alibi.

Habundia said...

habundia said...

Fb response of Kim Rowlands

Cheery Smith you can say what you want about me but don’t even think about accusing my daughters father of anything! He was there he was an hour away! .. yes I stupidly left my daughter in the car of all of 3 minutes but unfortunately it took less that 1 minute for it to roll down that slip way and completely submerge! It is all on cctv.
There was no sign of my car , I looked so my next thought was it had been taken!
Once the investigation of my car is over and if we get any sort of answers. I will be prepared for any sort of ‘punishment’ as you say the police will throw at me as it will be rightly deserved! As for my card snapping I have proof of that too as I was still sat in my car and took a picture of it and sent it to partner before I even left the car. And if I had left the hand brake off it would have roll straight away as I was in there or when I got out but no!
So try getting your facts right before trying to be the ‘civil citizen’ you think you are!

habundia said...

For a mother who caused her child to die she shows little sadness. I get being accused by so many its difficult not to go in defence mode.....but still i dont read much sadness in her words......if it was me who had caused my child to die because of my "stupidity"......i would be blaming myself worse than anyone on social media could.......i would hate myself and would tell the world i am the worse mother ever.....i would agree on all negative responses if they were about my "stupidity"

Still waiting on autopsy report...

Willow said...

If a report of an incident (memory) is a scripted story that is served up as the truth, no risks in the reporting are usually taken gladly. The scripted plot is delivered sparingly, scantily, with the same key phrases, words and points without changes.

In a deceptive story there are the known boxes to tick, all of them more often than not, and nothing else appearing by weeks and months.
A script is a monolith, no growth or relevant angles developing. No spontaneous views, no unfinished reflections, offshoots or positions that deepen the understanding of the events both for the speaker and the listener.

A characteristic of authentic truthful reporting of a story is that the substance of the story doesn't change even though the reporting of it flows freely to any and all directions. The deepest essence of the story of what happened stays the same even though the speaker adds to it notions and associations by time.
Complementary questions are not a threat for the truth. They are welcomed as signs of interest and compassion.

Darah said...

Apparently no charges are being brought. Sickening as something is off with them two. She’s taking bikini selfie pics and the only time he shows any emotion is over plastic in the sea and animal cruelty.

Anonymous said...
Latest interview with Jet Moore.

MP said...

how the lemons stacked up

Lemons don't stack up. They roll around. You have to put them into a container to "stack them up". Is there some action behind it?

came back to no car. That phrasing would be expected in a slightly humorous story that had a good ending. As in: went to the beach, went swimming, came back to no clothes.
In horrifying, life changing situation, I would expect: came back and the car was gone. Or something similar. But not the flippant expression that was used.

MP said...

As for my card snapping I have proof of that too as I was still sat in my car and took a picture of it and sent it to partner before I even left the car.

Why take a picture and send it? Alibi building? Domestic abuse?

MP said...

sat on bank card which snapped

Maybe she left the card on the drivers seat. Why is it not in her purse? But sitting on it does not make it snap. The drivers seat is soft. So, what snapped? Or who?

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