Saturday, December 20, 2014

Heather Elvis Update

Horry County police also seized $10,600 in cash and two shotguns from the Moorers’ home at 8786 Highway 814 in February, but police returned the weapons a day later, documents show.
Police took two swabs from a shotgun, but the warrants don’t specify from which shotgun the swab was taken.

As a result of the search warrants, police took Sidney and Tammy Moorer into custody on Feb. 21.
Both have since been charged with murder, kidnapping, obstruction of justice and two counts of indecent exposure. A trial date had not been set as of this posting.

Elvis, 21, who was 20 years old when she disappeared around 3:41 a.m. Dec. 18, 2013, has never been found. A cause of death has never been identified.

Jimmy Richardson, 15th circuit solicitor, couldn’t be reached for comment as of this posting.
Prosecutors and defense attorneys are prohibited from commenting publicly about the Elvis case.
So are police officers investigating the case, employees of the solicitor’s office and Sidney and Tammy Moorer themselves.

Polly Caison, mother of Tammy Moorer, said documents stating that police returned the shotguns serve as further proof her daughter and son-in-law had nothing to do with Elvis’ disappearance.
“We were all together the night she went missing,” Caison said. “They [Sidney and Tammy] had just gotten home around 3 o’clock [a.m.] and they never left the house. We were up that night. We all go to work early in the morning.”

Horry County police executed search warrants at the homes of the Moorers and Caisons on Dec. 23, 2013 and Feb. 21, 2014, records show.

According to an affidavit, police sought and obtained the Dec. 23 warrant to search the Caisons’ home after they noticed a video recording device on their property.

“This video surveillance could be instrumental in finding the whereabouts of the victim,” a Dec. 23 affidavit states.

Nothing, however, was taken from either the Caisons’ or Moorers’ homes as a result of the searches, a search warrant return from Dec. 23 states.

“Nobody in this family has done anything with [Heather Elvis],” Polly Caison said. “They [police] don’t have any evidence those kids have committed murder because they didn’t.”

Police also searched both homes on Feb. 21, seizing a variety of electronic recording devices, financial records, phones and five video game systems, which included two Xbox systems, an Xbox hard drive and two Nintendo Wiis.

Read more about this developing story in the Dec. 25 and Dec. 26 editions of the Carolina Forest Chronicle, Horry Independent and Myrtle Beach Herald newspapers.


Apple said...

"those kids have committed murder"

Anonymous said...

Love triangle; cell phone threats; drugs/alcohol...guilt written on the whole sordid affair.

Former apt. being occupied by polterigiest that clogg the toliet and write love notes in Spanish ...guilt written by the pyyric forces that bee.

Tania Cadogan said...

What about the time before sidney and tammy got home?
3 is the liar's number (Mark McClish)

How can you all be togeather that night if the moorer's didn't get home till 3?

If they all to work early in the morning, what time does work start?
What time do they leave for work?
What time did they wake up that day?
What time do they usually wake up for work?

Night is considered anytime after say 9pm so what happened between say 5pm and the next day say midday?

elf said...

Conflicting alibi's here. Polly Caison states that they were all together the night Heather disappeared but earlier reports say that Tammy and Sid were out on the town that night having sex in public places and was momma Casion part of all that? I think I also remember that when the last text messages were sent from heather phone, the moorers were supposed to have already been in bed for the night? And by saying 'those kids' I have two questions - why the distancing language and who are those kids? Is she talking about Sid and Tammy or the moorer children? And how does the returned guns prove innocence? There are more ways to kill and dispose of a person than by shooting them.
I think old mother caison knows exactly what happened to Heather.

Anonymous said...

Great- if she was with them, she should be arrested as an accomplice.

Also, how many of the calls are verified as from Heather? Just because a call was made from her phone after 3:00 doesn't mean she made the call. When was the call to the friend verified? Are there pings showing when she arrived at the dock?

Anonymous said...

March 17 2014

The hearing, which was scheduled for 2 pm and lasted until 3:30 pm, allowed the prosecution to present a PowerPoint to Judge Johns that included multiple elements of evidence not made public until Monday's hearing.

The prosecution's presentation outlined communications between the Moorers and Heather Elvis starting as early as November and up until the night heather vanished on December 18.

The prosecution noted a relationship between Sidney Moorer and Heather Elvis blossomed in June 2013 and ended in October when it was discovered by Tammy Moorer.

When Tammy Moorer learned of the relationship, she contacted Heather Elvis multiple times, sending explicit photos and messages to Heather, the prosecution said.

The discovery of the relationship between Sidney Moorer and Heather Elvis prompted Tammy Moorer, according to prosecutors, to allegedly go to work with her husband, monitor all cell phone activity and handcuff him.

In court Monday, the prosecutor introduced at least two messages from November:

Nov. 1, 2013

To Heather.. someone's about to get their a-- beat down.. your b--- is about to take his last breath... You can tell me where you are right now or I will find out another way... that way wont have a great turn out for you... I am giving you one last chance to answer before we meet in person.. only one.

To Heather.. I've been having Sidney followed since Jan. 2012.. it's best you call back and speak to me, save yourself. Hey ...... you ready to meet the MRS?

Heather responds...
I think you are a little obsessed with me. I'm nobody you need to worry about anymore.

Nov. 3, 2013

To Heather.. by the way dad no longer owns a phone.

The prosecutor also presented timeline of several phone calls and video that was captured the night/morning that Heather Elvis disappeared from Peachtree Boat Landing.


Anonymous said...

Here is the timeline that the prosecution presented of Dec. 18:

1:35 am.. phone call from pay phone by Sidney to Heather.. call is 4:53 minutes

1:44 Heather calls (person unidentified) who is in Florida at the time. And says Sidney just called and is leaving Tammy. Heather appears upset because she had been trying to get her life back on track after the affair and the harassment by Tammy. Heather is still at her home when she makes this call. The call lasts 2:20 minutes.

2:29 Heather attempts to call the number Sidney called from which is a pay phone. Several times it does not appear anyone answered.

3:16 am Heather attempts to call Sidney's phone with no response.

3:17 am .. Heather calls Sidney's phone and has a 4:15 minutes conversation with Sidney. Heather is at her home at this point. Sidney is at his home which is approx. 3 miles from the boat landing. After this conversation, Heather gets into her car and drives directly to Peachtree Boat Landing. Sidney also denies this conversation until police confront him with Heather's phone record and then he says he did talk to her but it was just to tell her to quit calling and leave them alone.

3:38 am.. Heather attempts to call Sidney's phone. She has arrived at the boat landing at the time of this call. She attempts to call at 3:39, 3:39:46 and 3:41..

Her phone data ends at that point. 3:41 am.

3:36 am.. A private residence video surveillance captures a vehicle coming from the direction of Sidney's headed towards the boat landing. This camera is 1.7 miles from the Moorer's residence.

3:39 am ... a business video surveillance a mile from the first camera closer to the landing captures this vehicle still proceeding in the direction of the boat landing.

3:45 am.. same business video surveillance captures the vehicle coming from the boat landing headed towards the Moorer residence. The camera is approximately 1.2 miles from the landing.

3:46 am the private residence video surveillance captures the vehicle headed from the boat landing to the Moorer residence.

Tammy Moorer allegedly wrote on Facebook after Heather Elvis disappeared.

Well Sidney cheated on me in the months of Sept/Oct with a psycho whore who has since went missing and now her crazy daddy is threatening to kill my children and Sidney, therefore making Sidney stupid. (This girl grabbed his business card out of the office at her workplace and had fantasies about him as far back as March, but talked about it in July, naming him!) I don't know of any other word to describe my "husband" at this point. All you have to do is research this girls Twitter (although 4 months of it has gone missing in the past couple of weeks) and her Tumblr to see what a twisted person she truly is.

I could care less seeing that I had a boyfriend of my own for the past couple of years, but when someone brings my children into the scenario it's a whole other story. I will not tolerate anyone hurting my children because my husband banged a hoe 3 times in the backseat of her car and nothing more. I could care less what he screwed around with, but the fact that this jerk is stalking my family is unacceptable.