Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Arch of Triumph Reported Destroyed

The ancient "Arch de Triumph" has been reportedly blown up, and destroyed by Islamic warriors, reports from Palmyra stated. It is not a report widely seen through main stream media.

This is an example of "what we believe; we do" on one hand, with deception via missing information on the other, as seen in the reporting of media outlets closely tied to governments.

You should believe what one says unless they give you reason not to.  These are those faithful to their ideology, which is in writing.

Why are these ancient symbols of past cultures destroyed?

The Koran teaches that when Islam spreads by immigration, they will come upon lands that were without Allah and not developed, and the ruins will be testimony to not following the Koran, so when they come upon beautiful buildings, or remnants of advanced cultures, it proves the Koran false, so they destroy the landmarks.

It is why the Twin Towers in New York were targeted, and why the Eiffel tower will be a target as the Islamic population grows in France and integration continues to fail.  In Sweden, social workers with years of experience in integration report that the ideology leads them to believe that the free money is "owed" to them, and being forced to get a job is "punishment" as the supremacy thinking fuels victim status rage.


Juliet said...


...'As IS notes in the eighth issue of its own publication, the glossy Dabiq magazine, they see ancient cultural heritage as a challenge for the loyalties and legitimacy of Iraqi or Syrian people to IS itself.
Destroying such heritage is thus a part of their duty, as they see it, to reject such a "nationalist agenda" that the statues, temples, and indeed, cities represent.
In a wider sense, the IS brand of intolerant Islam motivates it to attack polytheism wherever it is found and to reject the worship, as they would put it, of idols that they see these sites as representing.
Elsewhere, it is also no surprise to see IS destroying Shia and Sufi sites, and even Sunni shrines.
If anything, IS ideology despises other variants of Islam even more than Christianity or Judaism. Liberally sprinkle such intolerance with a self-serving, simplistic, context-free reading of a few scriptures and a "religiously" justified policy - or commandment even - is put forth.
Shock value
But there are more political, expedient motives afoot not noted in Dabiq.
Chipping off parts of statues and otherwise selling stolen antiquities in markets around the world is a good way to earn hard cash. The UN believes that this is being done on an industrial scale, adding tens of millions of dollars to IS' wider war economy.'...

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:


IDAHO FALLS – An independent Colorado film crew working on a documentary about missing children has been in Idaho Falls the past few days interviewing people close to DeOrr Kunz Jr.

The Idaho Falls toddler disappeared July 10 while camping with his family in Leadore. Extensive searches have been conducted around the area but there has been no sign of the little boy.

The film crew spent hours with DeOrr Kunz Sr. and Jessica Mitchell, Deorr Jr.’s parents. Both agreed to go on-camera and share their story in their first interview since speaking with EastIdahoNews.com.

Filmmakers also conducted an on-camera interview with Isaac Reinwand, a friend who was camping with the family. Kunz’s twin sister, Tenisha Thompkins, and their father, also DeOrr Kunz, spoke with the filmmakers as did family friends Kelsey Olsen and Jamie Prestwich.

The producers plan to travel to Lemhi County Tuesday to visit Timber Creek Campground and interview Chief Deputy Steve Penner.

The yet-to-be-titled documentary will feature several other cases of missing American children dating as far back as the 1950’s. It will include in-depth interviews with those close to the Jaryd Atadero case, a three-year-old who vanished from a campground in the Comanche Peak Wilderness Area of Colorado in 1999.

Film producers say one reason they are attracted to the Kunz case is because of the massive attention it’s received on social media. Thousands of messages from folks all over the world have been posted on Facebook.

Completion and release dates for the documentary haven’t been released.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Interesting, John!

I'd love to see the raw footage of those interviews for analysis!

Bethany said...

Look at that- Missing411.

I am glad that Jessica and Deorr did the interviews, I am looking forward to the film coming out.
David Paulides is a retired detective, and he does not come out in the books or in the movie saying Bigfoot "took" anyone.

All he does is show how many children have went missing in national parks and let's the reader/viewer come up with their own conclusions.

If you ever have time, listen to some of his interviews on YouTube - they are terrifying.
This is great news.

Juliet said...

Thanks for the info, John.

I'm intrigued by the parents' willingness to appear in a documentary - will Jessica finally speak, and if so, what's changed since their two-month mark interview? Isaac - wow! Grandpa Kunz, too. I hope they complete it and that we get to see it.

I wonder what happened to the planned sketch of the creepy guy in the Stage Stop store and Swan Valley 'sightings'. It doesn't seem too urgent a lead after all. PI quiet - he seems very part-time, or maybe busy working on another scenario.

Bethany said...


Just hearing Jaryd Atadero's father is heartbreaking.

I'm so glad they talked to David Paulides. Maybe some good can come of it. Just goes to show they do want to do interviews and they must be allowed to talk.
I really want to hear what they have to say.

lynda said...

Well..seems to be an explanation for the "media blackout" of Deorr Jr. parents. If film crew will be out there Tuesday, they were contacted awhile back and I'm sure told, "not to talk"..save it for your "movie". This makes me ill that they are going to give a forum to those vicious imbeciles. I wonder if they're going to show Jessica's and Tanisha's filthy FB messaging and such?

Listening is Fundamental said...

On topic reply to the Post made by PH
if you ten mins to spare: https://youtu.be/TNV2HBXF8S0

For who is interested in listening to what PM Vladimir Putin said out loud in full, CC. The invited US and foreign press, this conference held fall of 2014, he 7mins speaking.


On topic of what is happening right now. The media to spin that Russia is utilizing their own forces as a pissing match with
areas they shouldn't be in. It's all spin. Russia today is unveiling exactly what Putin said would be found. He not the only one of this known to be expected.

Listen to him. He is amazed by the ignorance of who is within the media supposedly assigned to the on goings within Syria,Ukraine. They have no reservations? They go by history, by what's already happened or no. What is truth worth to the media representatives? Does reporting the truth matter? Or what matters is the Obama administration sways the media swell, job security their concern, their only concern.

Watch the faces of who is supposed to be the seasoned media correspondents. These some who feel themselves as celebrities are not in the room. These persons are the ground-lings who gather the info so the Pretty people can read the cherry picked from their teleprompters. Compare what he says here to what is happening right now.

Bethany said...

It's not their movie, per se. It's a documentary about children and adults going missing in national parks. They started the kickstarter for it July 17, 2015.
Ben Paulides, David's son, has been wanting to do this for years after the books came out. They just didn't have enough funds to complete it. There are lots of parents of missing children, who have spoke to the media and such that are involved like Jaryd Ataderos father. He's not paying anyone to participate as far as I know.


But as far MSM goes, they will probably get a much more sympathetic audience from DP than from being on the news, since the news does like to spin things a certain way.
I think if things were different, we would have the answers to all of our questions had Nate Eaton asked, and pressed them the way Peter said he should have.
(Not that it's Nates fault, but he has a whole interview of the family including TBC and only chose to release parts of it, when he could have released the whole interview.)

Also I don't think DP would back them if he thought they had something to do with it with his 25+ LE experience, I am hoping if he saw something hinky he would have stopped them from being included immediately to preserve the integrity of his project.

Just MOO.

Anonymous said...

I see where you all are going with this: The Arch of Triumph is similar to missing children in that once they are gone, they'll never return-at least not as they once were.

In order to restore the artifact to an earlier time, it is feasible to look up old data compiled by historians, philosophers, and produce a documentary and call the research your own.

Thus, in the case of missing Kunz, throw him in with all the other "National Tragedies" and make people aware that being in the woods alone can be a scary place for children and sometimes adults.

The release date will be when funds allow. After that boogeyman sketch is made available and made generic.

Anonymous said...

Peter, thank you for posting this topic re: the "Arch of Triumph". I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said and I commend you for touching on it on your blog. It is sad, and frightening, that so many out there feel the same way as we do, but are afraid of not being seen as "PC". I'm so tired of the "PC" bs, it's what will be the downfall of America.

Ok I just typed out a 3-paragraph rant but have decided not to post because my filter on this subject is not strong enough and I am sure that I would probably have offended people so I have decided not to post it. But yeah, Peter, it is terribly tragic, what is happening right now.


Anonymous said...

I know, wouldn't you PREFER someone to "sell these cultural items on the black market" instead??

It's very ironic, and I just don't understand. You know that Muslim countries have libraries, and intellectuals (Muslim and non), and people fighting to preserve the culture. These are the very classes people who would be lionized and worshipped by the Democratic leaning media in the U.S., were they Americans. Why aren't their stories being told in the U.S.?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Muslim libraries are few and far between. The ideology is a "death culture" not a "life culture" as dictated from a book that calls for violent conquest of others.

Supremacy ideology must lead to "true victim status" because each place the Islamic supremacist encounters success by another, due to his own supremacy (and that of his nation) the success "must have come from fraud of Muslims", and is torn down.

Most Muslims are not outwardly violent and many are like "non practicing Catholics", that is, born Catholic but not very religious.

I say "outwardly violent" because even non religious Muslims speak of households influence by Islam and physical altercations against women and children are the norm.

The videos tell stories.

One video shows Muslims burning food and demanding money. They believe Europe "owes" them this due to, not the Crusades, but due to their own supremacy.

Another shows a video of an Iman in the UK. He is debating with a British man who is in his car. When the Iman does not like the conversation's direction, he reaches in the car and slugs the driver.

The driver looks to the camera and says something along these lines, "See what I mean? See how violent they are?"

In Lewiston, Maine, the violence among the Somalis is something Maine continually wrestles with. For example, when a Somali works at a retirement home and an aged patient will not take medicine, she will strike him in the face.

No matter how often she is told that it is wrong, illegal, and will cost her her job, she does not grasp it and Somalis have learned that most people fear reporting them, or firing them, due to being called "racist" or "Islamophobe."

Victims continue to mount in number.

It is not African , nor Somali, it is the ideology from Islam that is violent and supremacist and has no explanation for the success of other nations where "Allah was not worshipped", so they tear it down to make the Koran look accurate.

I have been learning a lot about the Koran lately and hope to continue to learn.

The Imans in Europe are truthful when they say, "Democracy is not consistent with Islam"