Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Racial DeFacing of Property: Nakea Darisaw

Nakea Darisaw posted the following at Facebook: 

"I live off of C-25 in Belleview and woke up to my home and vehicles vandalized with racial slurs on them and the word GO written on my front door. The woods in the back of my home were set on fire as well as my phone lines were cut outside. If anyone has any information please contact Marion County Sheriffs office. My children have been terrified by this"

The following are the pictures of the vandalism that were posted at Facebook with the imperative, 


This is followed by a  link to Go Fund Me.  

At Go Fund Me, the statement is:

"Our home and vehicles was vandalized while we were sleep. My children and I were terrified. We are looking to come up with enough money to repair the damages endured on my home as well as my vehicles. Anything Helps and will be truly appreciated."

We have several statements to analyze. 

1.  Her initial statement of what happened from Facebook
2.  The anonymous author writing (spray painted). 
3.  The Go Fund Me statement 

Question for Analysis:  Is Nakea Darisaw a genuine victim of racist vandalism, or is this "fake hate" for the purpose of financial exploitation. 

Post your thoughts in the comments section. 

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Anonymous said...

My first thought on this is: 1) Call the police 2) insurance will cover this. They look like all pretty new vehicles, so there must be a loan and this would be covered under their comp. coverage. On the home it would be covered as well. Maybe their total deductible is 2000$ but I wouldn't think much more than that. 3) What is the go fund me for? If it is just to help with the deductibles they can probably find a mechanic and a contractor who is cheating the system and won't charge them a deductible. So why the go fund me? 4) I donated to a go fund me the other day for a local homeschool family with 7 kids where both parents were killed in an auto, why the go fund ? 5) writing is very pretty....and as much as there is....did noone notice this happening 6) deception indicated. seems pretty calm based on the amount of writing. I would be fearful of further isssues with whomever did this

Anonymous said...

African Americans do not see the term "nigga" as a racial slur!!! She clearly has the same paint in her kitchen. Coincidence???

Lars Bak said...

Isn't "nigga" black speech - does white people say "nigga"?

Lucia D said...

She starts (showing priority) with where she lives. Seems unnecessary information to me, except maybe for stating what city she lives in. Second in priority, "woke up to" this vandalism, and in the go fund me statement, makes sure to state it happened " while WE were asleep". So she is alibi building, claiming neither she nor her children could have been involved in the vandalism.

Her third priority, listed in both statements, is that her children "were terrified" by the vandalism. This is to invoke emotion and sympathy because children were hurt by this vandalism.

Two other things stand out to me, one is the use of "nigga" instead of the spelling ending in "er". I believe "nigga" is commonly used among blacks to each other, in a non derogatory way. It is a softer, less harsh version of the term. So the linguistic disposition of the vandal toward the family is not as negative as would be expected in a genuine hate crime. The other is claiming outside phone lines were cut. In the age of everyone having smart phones attached to their hip, what criminal is going to bother cutting phone lines?

She is showing deception. I'm going to call this one fake hate.

Lucia D said...

I also think if she and her children were terrified over this, she wouldn't have publicly stated such a detailed description of where they live!!

Jen said...

The go fund me statement:
"My children and I were terrified".

Were terrified. I would still be terrified. What if they come back? My children and I are terrified.

Also I note "the damages endured on my home". Endured is an odd word to use to describe a vandalized house.

Anonymous said...

nigga with the spelling is black person not white. white insult is nigger

Peter Hyatt said...

"Nigga" is casual, with "Nigger" insulting.

Also the writer wrote, "Go" and not "Get the %^&*( out of here!" or similar message.

The emphasis upon being asleep in the 3rd statement is important.

Some good commenting here.

Polygraph required.

What state is this in?

Anonymous said...

The woods in the back of my home were set on fire as well as my phone lines were cut outside.

rjb said...

"My children and I were terrified." Wouldn't you still be terrified if the person who did it hadn't been caught?

The use of"nigga" instead of "nigger" makes me think it's fake hate. The "-a" ending is the one used in rap and socially. I see it on Facebook all the time in memes about black culture. The "-er" ending is the one that I associate with actual racism.


This is going to be a very expensive fake complaint for this woman and her children. The police need to charge her for their wasted time investigating. The Go Fund Me should be pulled and she should be made to return the money immediately. She'll be paying for all the damage done. What a (literal) mess !

Hey Jude said...

"I live off of C-25 in Belleview and woke up to my home and vehicles vandalized with racial slurs on them and the word GO written on my front door. The woods in the back of my home were set on fire as well as my phone lines were cut outside. If anyone has any information please contact Marion County Sheriffs office. My children have been terrified by this"


The pronouns used are “I”, “my”, and “anyone” - the writer does not say that 'someone' has vandalized her property with racist slurs.

The vandalism is a greater priority than the fire and cut telephone wires, which is unexpected. It is in the vandalism of "racial slurs" that the motive of the claimed attacker is identified. The reader is meant to understand first, that the vandalism is the work of a racist or racists, who also set a fire behind her home and cut the telephone wires. She does not say there was an attacker, or that her family has been attacked, yet ‘attack’ would be expected if, in addition to the spray painting, she believed the family’s lives had been endangered by arson and the cutting of telephone wires.

The writer uses passive language, through which she avoids stating that she believes someone outside the home was responsible.

“My home and vehicles vandalized”
“the word GO written”
The woods “were set on fire”
“my phone lines were cut outside”

There is no perpetrator in the account. The writer does not say that she woke to find or discover that someone, or some people - had vandalised her home and vehicles, set a fire, or cut her telephone wires.

Her children “have been terrified”, which terror would be ongoing if the person who set a fire near to their home as they slept is unknown and still at large. The writer does not say she also is terrified, which would be expected. That the account is all past tense is surprising - had the paint even dried when she wrote the post?

She does not ask that anyone who has any information about the person who has endangered her family’s lives, or even about ‘who did this’, to contact the Sheriff’s Office - just “if anyone has any information”- she lacks commitment to the existence of a perpetrator, or to wanting any specific type of information to be given to the Sheriff’s Office.

Nakea Darisaw is not a genuine victim of racist vandalism; the incident is one of "fake hate" for the purpose of financial exploitation. 

Hey Jude said...

"Our home and vehicles was vandalized while we were sleep. My children and I were terrified. We are looking to come up with enough money to repair the damages endured on my home as well as my vehicles. Anything Helps and will be truly appreciated."


The writer, who in the previous post referred to “my” home, and vehicles, now switches to “our” home and vehicles - this is to bring her children, belatedly, into the sharing of what was established in the first post, to be hers.

Again, she (almost) gives the alibi that she was was asleep - “we were sleep”, typo or otherwise, she does not say they were all sleeping.

In this post “my children and I were terrified” - she now writes that she also was terrified; previously she wrote only that her children were terrified. The expected would be that she, and they, are still terrified, as the attacker has not been apprehended.

That her children share her home and vehicles, and that she also was terrified along with her children is to appeal for public sympathy for them all, using her children.

Why becomes apparent - she is “looking to come up with enough money”, in which seeking she does not want to be alone. “We are looking to come up with enough money to repair the damages endured on my home as well as my vehicles.” I do not know the ages of her children, but finances are more usually the concern of the parent - children are not likely to be “looking to come up with enough money to repair damages endured”. The home and vehicles revert to her sole property as soon as the (non) request for money has been made - though she does not actually ask.

“Anything Helps and will be truly appreciated." - this is doubtful, as she does not say by whom it will be truly appreciated.

Again, the priority is that the home and vehicles were vandalised. She omits to mention that they were vandalised with “racial slurs”. More significantly, she omits to mention that a fire was set behind her home, and that the telephone wires were cut, that their lives were endangered while they slept. If those things were done by a person or persons unknown, it would be expected that concern for her family’s safety would be her priority - it is not mentioned, her concern is that she should receive money.

Hey Jude said...

On the spray painting, there are no insults.


I wondered, as the only occurrence of "I" in her first post, was in reference to where she lived, and as "GO" was sprayed on the front door, if she wanted, but could not afford, to move from the area. Also wondered, as a fire was set, if originally she hoped to set up a gofundme for enough to move house. If LE had questioned family members for involvement on the basis that they needed to rule out Fake hate, or expressed any suspicion, she might have dropped the significance of the potentially life endangering fire and cut telephone wires - indeed, she has not mentioned those, in the gofundme post. If all she hoped to gain was enough to repair house and car damage, why bother vandalising them, and why risk setting a fire, why cut your telephone wires? I would think because originally the intention was to ask for a lot more than to clean up the spray paint, but to claim that someone tried to kill her family would not turn out to well if LE didn't immediately buy that someone outside the family was responsible. There is not much effort in that gofundme - it's not even trying, IMO - it probably took more time and effort to spray paint the cars and house.

Anonymous said...

Look at the “Go”, it looks like it was supposed to be “Get” and maybe was going to say “Get out” but looks like paint ran out. Maybe last thing sprayed as going back inside.

Anonymous said...

also interesting she has two stall garage but parked both cars outside.

Ceri Black said...

She needs us to believe she was asleep--"woke up." Suggesting that she needs an alibi. It comes before "please help us catch this person" in the statement. An alibi is first, and is therefore her greatest concern.

Her children "Have been terrified," in the past tense, presumably they are still terrified as the person hasn't been caught? She should say "my children are terrified." Unless she knows there is no such person to be terrified of, who is still out there.

Notably, she isn't, herself, terrified in the initial statement - suggesting that she knows there's nobody to be frightened of There is a change of language later-when she is asking for money she includes herself as a terrified person.

Is it possible that on Facebook she is talking about real feelings (her children have been terrified and she has not) but then on go fund me, she is including herself as she will be the recipient of funds? Or is there another reason for the change?

No concern in her language for whether the person is caught - that would be the first thing she should be concerned about. She did say to contact authorities, but this is almost an after thought. She is not able to express a desire to see the perpetrator caught.

The insults written are soft. "Go" and "nigga," not "f*ck off" and "nigga." This suggests the anonymous author doesn't hate her as much as we are supposed to believe.

I wonder are there suggestions of a personality disorder in the way she brings her children into it? It feels manipulative. To do all that and frighten her children, and then to use that fear to raise money-when she did it to them in the first place? It's like her children are more tools for sympathy / attention than people she cares about.

The most disturbing thing to me is that there doesn't seem to be any real concern about catching whoever did it. If this had happened to me that would be the first thing I'd say- "there are dangerous, violent racists out there, they haven't been caught, please help us catch them before they strike again."

I call fake hate.

Ceri Black said...

Also, I'm not sure that financial exploitation was the motive. If it was, I would expect the damage to be more dramatic but also less permanent and difficult to remove. She would have to raise quite a lot of money to get rid of the damage done. Also, the go fund me feels half hearted, almost like she couldn't be bothered. Most go fund me pages at least tell a story. Hers feels like an afterthought.

Is it possible that the motive is something else? Possibly for attention (SHARE SHARE SHARE!) The gaudy, ostentatious way it was done, along with the fire setting/ line cutting etc also suggested a flair for the dramatic - again, possibly more about attention than financial gain? This would also tie in with the way that she uses her children's feelings as pawns to make her point. I wonder, is the motive possibly a narcissistic desire for attention / drama? Something wrong with her personality, rather than a wish for cash?

Another possible motive might be political. I would be interested to see her other Facebook posts - I'm going to guess that she isn't a MAGA hat wearing type.

Looking at the reaction to Jussie Smollett, even high ranking Democrats have been very keen to link the alleged attack to Trump's policies/ rhetoric. I'm wondering whether a possible motive could be political. Is she trying to make a statement? Something like "racists attacked me, so orange man bad?" I can't see this in the language here, but I'd be interested to see her other posts.

I don't have enough evidence/ knowledge to confirm either of these hypotheses, but I'm just wondering whether the questions set might have jumped a little too fast to thinking that financial gain was the motive?

Ceri Black said...

Another possible motive - to claim the left's coveted "victim status."