Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Politics in Statement Analysis?

Is Statement Analysis formal training for you? 

 There are good people of whom this training is of great benefit; just as there are good people who hold to certain belief systems that will only clash with analysis. 

 This clash produces not only error, but is stressful and frustrating.

Are you open minded? 

 Willing to put the work in?

Want to discern deception day to day in life?

Wish to understanding the media's employment propaganda and how it differs from truth?

How about in advertising?

 Care for truth more than narrative? 

 Hyatt Analysis Services: Complete Statement Analysis Course


Nadine Lumley said...

In Canada we don't do this pay for Elementary and high school things and we're very happy up here. It's called public school and it works great:

“At first it was confusing,” said Lin, a six-year-old Syrian refugee, waiting in line to enter the school. But, she said, soon “I knew all the words in English. Now I am teaching my mom and dad.”

In Canada, the public education system is largely seen as the convection oven for multiculturalism — especially important in a city where 46 per cent of residents are immigrants.

The schools are considered good enough that even wealthy parents send their children to them.

“You have kids from different cultures, with different levels of income,” explained Charles Pascal, the professor at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education who developed the province’s early learning plan. “That’s why later they don’t understand homophobia and racism.”


Bobby Murphy said...

Nadine exactly what does your comment have to do with a course in statement analysis?