Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Missing One Year Old: Updated Analysis

Shaylyn Ammerman (Provided Photo/Jessica Mae Stewart)

Sometimes investigators and analysts will ask for a sample of a truthful statement or of an innocent mother's statement to compare to others, including Kate McCann. 

There are not many found online because they do not create news.  Here is a very short statement by the parents of a missing child in which the father did not give us enough to go on, but the mother showed indication of concern for her child, which suggests belief that the child is alive. Regrettably, the child was raped and murdered and the killer found. News: 

Kyle Parker, 23, who was charged with murder, rape and a slew of other felonies in the girl's death. Of the three people questioned with polygraph machines, two failed.
That left one option: Offer a plea deal.
Owen Circuit Court Judge Lori Thatcher Quillan accepted the agreement after a hearing during which she expressed disgust for Parker, but said the risk that he could walk free was too great if she rejected the deal.
Quillan sentenced him to 60 years in prison, per the agreement. Parker pleaded guilty earlier this month to murder and kidnapping, and will serve 60 years for the murder and 16 for the kidnapping. He will serve the sentences simultaneously. The plea agreement also stipulates that Parker will register as a violent offender, but not as a sex offender.

  Consider mother's statement compared to DeOrr mother and father.  These are limited statements.  Even in a single statement, the mother expressed concern, not for herself, but for what her child might be experiencing.  This was not heard from in other cases, including, Madeleine McCann,  Baby Ayla, Lisa and above mentioned DeOrr, in spite of his parents speaking extensively in an interview.  Neither expressed any concern over DeOrr's condition or care.  

Investigators have been searching for 14-month-old Shaylyn Ammerman since Wednesday morning. Shaylyn is described as 20 inches tall, 20 pounds, blonde hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing white zip-up pajamas with an owl design and carrying a “Winnie the Pooh” blanket.

She was in the care of her grandmother and father Tuesday in their Spencer home, according to Indiana State Police. The mother and father are not together but share custody of Shyly.

Police say the child has now been missing for more than 24 hours and they are worried.

Tamera Sue Morgan, the girl’s grandmother, told police she put Shaylyn to bed and last checked on her around midnight Tuesday in a home in the 400 block of West Jefferson. When Morgan checked the crib in the morning, she told police the child was gone.

“The first feeling was panic,” Morgan said. “‘Where is the baby, she can’t get out of her baby bed so somebody had to take her.'

Note the contemplation of what occurred to the baby instead of "I have no idea" which is often heard when a subject does not want to give information. We all have lots of ideas about most of everything in life. Here, the grandmother identified panic and then immediate reasoning taking into account the baby's age. This is to show alert hormonal response, even from grandparent.  

Morgan said she won’t stop at anything to find her granddaughter. She was putting up signs Thursday morning. Next we see "impotence" from the parent or grandparent. This is where the parent (in this case, grandparent) has a broken pattern. 

The parent feeds the child when hungry.
The parent changes the child when messy.
The parent soothes the child when the child falls. 
Suddenly:  the parent is left bereft of the fulfillment of natural instinct: 

I’m going stir crazy at home. I’m not getting any information whatsoever from anybody so I’m just going out and trying to spread the word as far and as wide as possible,” Morgan said. “I am very concerned. It’s been so long since we’ve seen her. I’m just so scared to death of where she’s at, if she’s safe, if she’s being taken care of.”

Police said several people were at the home the night Shaylyn disappeared. Officials said they have interviewed several witnesses including family of little Shyly. This is important when looking at the short statement of the father. 

We like to hear parents express concern for what the child is experiencing at the moment the statement is made.  This is the father's quote and then the mother.  

“Just shocked that somebody would do this to me. I have no idea why or what’s going through somebody’s mind that would do this,” said Shaylyn’s father Justin Ammerman. “I’m going crazy. I don’t know what to think.”

a. "just shocked" is without commitment. Without the pronoun "I", we cannot say he is "shocked" since he does not say it. 

This raises the concern regarding who he associates with. 

He considers this done to him.  He does not know what to think after telling us what he thought. He puts the brakes on thinking (unlike grandmother) by having "no idea why" someone would do this.  When taken with the sentence beginning without the pronoun "I", we wonder if: 

He does, indeed, have some ideas regarding those he associates with. 

"To me" may indicate feeling of failure of father to protect. 

  No remark about care for child, but the quote is very short.  From this alone, I would question his associates closely as well as explore with him why he thinks this was done as a grudge. In other words:

In his perception of reality, those near him are capable of kidnapping for a grudge. 

Few of us might think this in our lives. 

Ammerman said he didn’t have people over Wednesday night, and he thinks someone took his daughter from her crib in the middle of the night. He now engages the idea process.  

“I don’t know who in their right mind would do this,” he said. “Somebody’s got a big grudge over us. I don’t know who it is, but they better confess and give my baby back.”

It would be someone not in their "right mind" that would do this. 
Also notice that 'confess' comes before 'give' in his language.  
He does not here express concern for what the child is experiencing at the moment.  It was done to "him" and "better confess and give my baby back" suggests, in order, that he sees this done to him and he is responsible. He does not issue a threat, but it may be implied. 

Here is the mother:  

Jessica Stewart, the girl’s mother, spoke to 24-Hour News 8 Wednesday evening.
She said her daughter’s blanket and diaper bag are also missing.

Next, this mother is concerned about the baby's comfort, at this moment in time, while missing:  

“I’m hoping that whoever has her is taking care of her and will bring her back home safe,” Stewart said. “I’ve got a bad feeling since talking to the cops today and I am hoping I am wrong.”

Stewart also said she knows of no one who would want to take the child. We don't have a quote, but my guess is this:  her friends are different than the baby's father's friends. 

“I just want her home,” she said.

Here the mother is concerned for the very thing a mother should be concerned about; in the moment. Recall in the early McCann interviews that this was missing. The same concern was missing from other parents indicated for guilty knowledge. 

Next, note the dent in denial/confidence, is explicitly caused by what was said in conversation with police. 
The word "just" is a comparative word of reduction, as to say "only"; her sole 'want' or desire is to have her home.  

Then note the unnatural pessimism is assigned as caused by the knowledge police gave her.  Yet even here, there is hope against it. 

The word "just" is a dependent word in which we know the subject is thinking of something else.  In context, it is related to what police told her. 

This did not end well. 

A sex offender was charged with the child's  murder. 

What did we learn from the statements?

1. Mom showed no signal of guilty knowledge that the child was dead. Instead she showed concern for the present circumstance of the child.

2. Mom assigned "blame" of pessimism upon why police told her. 

3.  Dad indicates some guilt over not protecting the child ("to me") and some sensitivity about those of whom he was associated with. 

4. Grandmother, who was caretaker at the time, showed immediate processing of information, like a machine, to facilitate information to lead to the child's recovery. 

Although these are very limited quotes, we do see, especially in the mother, a natural and expected reaction:

"I hope someone is taking care of her" which is to show concern for the child while the child is missing. 

This is something that may be absent from those who know their child is beyond helping or human care. 


Anonymous said...

How sad. If you look at a picture of the murderer, he looks like a sweet innocent young man.

He, the father and grandfather were partying most the night together.

This is what most likely happened to that drunk mom in Kansas (was it kansas?) whose boyfriend was at work the night her baby went missing.

Anonymous said...

PH says: In his perception of reality, those near him are capable of kidnapping for a grudge.

Of note, we've seen this repeated with Baby Ayla and others, where the dad's perspective is that the baby is "missing" as a grudge for the dad "being a bad father." Something to look for when analyzing future father statements.


Randie said...

1st. Big grudge
2nd. Confess
3rd. Give baby back

The baby is last on his list.


Dave L. said...

The Dad said "scared to DEATH".

An innocent parent would not introduce the idea of "death" into a statement when their child has just gone missing.

He TOLD us what happened to her.
They always do.
He scared HER TO DEATH.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone in a room with him to make him PAY!

Anonymous said...

A lot of people do things for grudges it seems. A childish mindset, but it is what it is in today's world.

Look at Peter Fonda calling for the kidnapping and rape of the President's own son. How old is he? People should be burning "Easy Rider" in pits at this time. Will they? Likely not. They'll torch Dixie Chics, though.

I read an article that detailed one black mans terror that happened within a few hours of moving into his home in Missouri. He could hear men outside saying, "We'll get him." Then later they tried to break into his five-year-old daughter's bedroom window.They broke the burglar bars on the basement, too. And, later he heard someone outside saying, "He's still not safe." He couldn't figure out why someone would do that to him. He has a record of assault, but it's 30 years old and in California.The only thing he could think is he has a common name and maybe mistaken identity.

Or, he could have driven too close to someone at the grocery store, not waved at someone on the way home, ignored a call, not given some beggar money, almost anything could cause people to do that.

Looking for infractions and reasons to attack and destroy.

Anonymous said...

See! DAve needs very little to commit violence. All someone has to do is use the wrong word when exercising free speech.

Dave L said...

The Dad is a baby rapist and killer. Odd that you would call that "very little" to cause someone to want to waterboard him. I believe in death penalty for child rapists/killers.

Dave L said...

He used that beautiful baby like she was a poece of garbage.

Anonymous said...


Rosanne blacklisted for a stupid tweet.
Fonda advocating sedition and kidnapping. What will the response be? This is the evil fruit of so called entertainment. Its brought drugs, stds, drunkeness, rebellion and idolizatiin if evil. From music to movies.

Dave L said...

Oh sorry, I thought the Dad did it! I didnt read the intro closely enough.
Many details missing like how did a sex offender "get her" while under the Dad's watch.
I do find the Dad's language concerning on many levels, however.

The focus on himself

He says he is "scared to death". Why introduce the word "death"? Why would he be so focused on his emotions? It seems possibly sociopathic like feel bad for me, even thiugh he may have been involved.

Grudge against him. This seems like he is throwing out a "false motive" much like a "false alibi".

His language is incredibky concerning and show ms guilty knowledge at minimum, most likely actual imvolvement.

I find his statement HIGHLY concerning.

Dave L said...

For a man to say he "is scared to death" when men pride themselves on being stoic, along with introducing the word "death"....I feel he was at minimum, present when the rape of his daughter occurred. He saw her being "scared to death".

Dave L said...

Find me an example of innocent parent saying "scared to death". You wont be able to bc it is leakage of guilty involvement.

Anonymous said...

Good. The secret service notified about Fonda's statements.

MP said...

This following info is missing above and is key as to understanding why they made the plea deal with Kyle Parker:

Of all the evidence collected from the grim Gosport scene where the body of Shaylyn Ammerman was found in March, none contained DNA that matched that of Kyle Parker, 23, who was charged with murder, rape and a slew of other felonies in the girl's death. Of the three people questioned with polygraph machines, two failed.

Dave L said...


Wow! I was right! The Dad did it too. What evidence do they have on the convicted guy?

His language is incredibly GUILTY!

Dave L said...

Amazing how many innocent people are falsely convicted of even heinous sex crimes while the real perp roams free. So sad.

Ladela said...


One of the reasons there probably wasn't DNA recovered is because he washed everything down with bleach.

MP said...


I did read that, I also read that though Parker claimed to have done so, no traces of bleach were found.

MP said...

Dave L

Interesting about the polygraphs, they don't say who failed but I did find who passed.

(Parker is the confessed killer and Adam the baby's father's brother who lived with the father and invited the convicted killer an acquaintance of his, into the home.)

Parker and Adam were drinking alcohol and watching a movie, according to investigators. Adam allegedly told police he fell asleep during the film, but awoke to the sound of the front door closing. He allegedly told detectives he gazed out his bedroom window to see Parker heading for his car, “carrying something.”

Authorities say Adam subsequently passed a polygraph test.

MP said...

In the probable cause, Parker told authorities where they could find Shaylyn's body but never admitted guilt. In fact, he implied he was not the only one involved. Parker is the only person charged in the case at this point.

Dave L said...

"heard the DOOR close"
--father's brother

The father and his brother were both involved.

The only one I havent heard indicators of guilt from is the convicted one.

Dave L said...

Sounds like the father & his brother blamed/framed the sex offender. Maybe that's why they invited him over in the first place was so that they could frame him for what they were planning to do to the baby.
The sex offender probably "confessed"/pled guilty to avoid death penalty.

Dave L said...

Where was the father during the movie and "kidnapping"?

MP said...

Adam Ammerman told police that he saw Kyle Parker leaving the house between 3:00 and 4:00 am. Adam saw that Parker was carrying something. Adam told investigators he yelled to say good-bye to Parker, but Parker would not turn around. Adam said he thought he saw a foot dangling from Parker's side but wasn't sure. He went back to bed at that point.

Dave L said...

MP, Sounds like total bull coming from the father's brother--I dont believe a word of it.

Dave L said...

It really does sound like they framed the sex offender.
Or did they just want to Netflix and chill with him?
Why did they invite him over? Think about it: Who's going to get blamed?
Child rapists are the most manipulative criminals out there, and that always needs to be kept in mind. They are capable of diabolical levels of manipulation. Framing others would come naturally to them.

MP said...

Dave L

The father supposedly went to bed while his brother and Parker stayed up drinking.

There are more disturbing details at the link I posted above, about what Adam said about Parker's former depravity.

Yes, this detail about seeing a foot and going back to sleep, this does not wash.

MP said...

...But Adam did pass the poly.

MP said...

Parker gave police multiple, conflicting statements – at times implicating others in Shaylyn's death. Although he reportedly told his father the DNA evidence would point police to him, none of the DNA investigators were able to recover matched Parker's. Parker also reportedly told his stepfather he'd used bleach to try to cover his traces after sexually assaulting the 1-year-old, but police found no bleach on Shaylyn's body or clothing.

Making matters worse, the primary witnesses in the case had problems of their own.

Without specifying who he was referring to, VanDerMoere, in a short exchange with Master Trooper Stacy Lee Brown of the Indiana State Police, noted that several witnesses in the case have "a large number of impeachable offenses." At least one of the witnesses had previously been charged with rape.

Furthermore, a forensic sweep of electronic devices that multiple witnesses had access to turned up online searches for violent, pornographic images.

To drive home the point, VanDerMoere read a list of search terms found on the devices to Brown:

(A disturbing list follows.)

......... And these search terms weren't associated with Kyle Parker, these are associated with our witnesses, correct?"

Brown agreed that was correct.

(more disturbing searches)

"Multiple people had access to these computers during the time frame of our investigation, is that correct? And this is all evidence that we can't hide from a jury."

Brown, again, said that was correct.

"The only piece of evidence that came back conclusively was related to a third party, not Kyle Parker," VanDerMoere said. "None of that helps our case."

VanDerMoere said he eventually came to the unwelcome conclusion that the evidence could very well jeopardize the case if it went in front of a jury. He decided, he said, that risk was too much to take.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Interesting comments.

The only conclusions I can draw is due to the lack of statements:

1l mom appropriately concerned for child

2. dad leaves question mark regarding his associations

If this was a fresh live case, Mom would be cleared but dad would not be. Here is a tricky aspect for analysts:

Attendant crimes.

I once had a dad who was deceptive about what happened to his child, while missing.

The child was killed by a sex offender.

Why then, was dad deceptive?

He was passed out on the couch due to substance abuse, while the child left the home.

This is called "attendant" (crime, guilt, etc) in analysis.

Sometimes, the subject did not "do it" but did other things concurrently. We see this in employee theft quite a bit.


Mike Dammann said...

Can deception show up when a father had his instinct tell him that his child is in danger, but he goes against that instinct and doesn't protect his kid the way he believes he should have?
Listen to Justin speak about Kyle's presence in the house starting at a little more than 1 minute into the video:

Anonymous said...

Isn't Indiana the state in which the FBI agent (teacher at Oklahoma University) lived when he tried to use someone in his neighborhoods' wifi for his child porn addiction?

Why child porn is even allowed to exist on the Internet is mind boggling.

Why does it exist? Anyone?

MP said...

The baby slept in the living room.The father and brother live with their mother. The grandmother talks a lot, but no concern is expressed for the baby's current situation. But she makes sure to say that there was no party, this is sensitive to her, her reputation.

It seems this was indeed a spot where random dubious people came to party, not a good place for a baby in the middle of it all.

This interviewer does not follow the guidelines Peter lays out.

Dave L said...

"scared to death" is deeply concerning and warrants examination of any other samples from the father. This is the phraseology of the psychopath who "scares other(s) to death).

Peter was staying within the statements he was working with. This is professionalism.

We simply need more sample.

My intuition tells me the father and brother have much more nefarious imvolvement, however we need more sample.

"Heard door close" is very concerning. I dont recall us getting anything comparable from the DiPietro's statements.

Mike Dammann said...

At 10 minutes into the video, grandmother does express concern. When asked how she feels, she indicates fear, anger, frustration... and then takes it back around to clarify that the fear is FOR the toddler.

In addition to Shaylyn sleeping in the living room:

The front door was not locked and grandma made sure to "teach" the listener that there never was a reason to have the door locked. The killer, Kyle was in Uncle Adam's room. They were drinking and grandma made sure to tell the listener that "it was very little" they were drinking.

It is clear that at one point, the interviewer turns from interviewer into someone wanting to help likely due to the demeanor of Justin. He does not suspect criminal behavior on the side of the family and compassion kicks in. I cannot blame him considering that in a situation where a child is still missing and the family appears genuine, his number 1 concern becomes helping find Shaylyn having eliminated family members as suspects in his own mind.

And indeed: The house appears to have been a terribly unsafe place for a child. Justin wondered "who would do this to me?". He didn't prevent this crime from happening and relied on other "doing right by him".

Both father and grandmother were "attendants". Both show signs of guilty knowledge. Not guilty in terms of committing the crime. But negligent in terms of not having prevented the crime which could have easily been prevented.

Mike Dammann said...

"scared to death"

I believe his words. There is such a thing as paternal instinct. There is a way to "sense" danger if you will. For yourself and for your child.

Many victims of various crimes have mentioned having gone against their own instincts putting themselves in harm's way. "I knew not to let him in, but didn't want to seem impolite".

In this case, Justin indicates having gone against his own instincts. Not in the short statement Peter posted in the blog post, but the extended phone interview I have posted above.

Mike Dammann said...

It is tough to listen to this interview. Not the part of Justin's... he appears humble, remorseful. The grandmother appears defensive. Overly defensive to the point of wasting everyone's time to make sure little alcohol was consumed, no full-blown party was taking place and that it is normal to leave your doors unlocked while the child sleeps unsupervised in the living room.

As I have said... at the end she did turn it back around and she made it about the kid exclusively... at least for a few seconds.

I know they are all suffering not just the loss but knowing how the toddler died and suffered. So this is obviously not to contribute to pain. But it is quite alarming when you see a grandmother so negligent and then try so hard to do damage control for her own image. But then again... this is why there is a need for having a psychological profile present when looking at SA. This type of negligence comes from somewhere. And as we have learned on this blog, those who have suffered sexual abuse in their childhoods can either be overly protective towards their children and grandchildren or quite the opposite... copying the negligence of their own parent who has failed to protect them when they were in need of being guarded.

MP said...

Big contradiction here.

What grandmother said about Kyle Parker

“If you were ever around Kyle, you would not have thought him capable of something like this,” Morgan explains. “There were no signs, no nothing. He was polite. At least he was always a very polite gentleman around me. But you never saw or heard anything ill or mean from him. Nothing. It just wasn’t there. This makes no sense whatsoever.”

Adam's testimony regarding Parker

Adam Ammerman also told police that his mother walked into the house one day and found Kyle Parker sitting in a rocking chair drunk, holding Shaylyn in his lap. He told police Kyle liked to watch pornographic movies which featured people being spanked...

Dave L said...

I will be watching the interview shortly and will comment in detail when I am freed up.

I disagree that "scared to death" indicatrs paternal indicates leakage of somwthing horrible that he was involved in. No innocent parent would introduce the phrase "scared to DEATH" that soon into the investigation. Natural denial would prohibit rhe thought of death that soon into the investigation. Psychopaths enjoy that phrase "scared to death".
Also, Mike Dammann, how strong were the father's paternal instincts if he allowed a sex offender in bc he didnt want to seem "impolite" & the baby was also raped and killed ON HIS WATCH??

Dave L said...

I just listened to the recordimg:

Dad; "She was with me the whole time."

They were all up late "fixing the satelitte" aka. disposing of Shylnn's body.

They ALL know what happened.

Dave L said...

Grandma's a liar.

Dave L said...

Grandma: "We were up late (2 am) fixing the satelitte" (laughs)

The crime took place outside (satellite dish). That is why no traces of bleach were found.

Mike Dammann said...

Dave L.:
"I knew not to let him in, but didn't want to seem impolite".
is a quote from a different case used by a rape victim talking about how she had her instinct alert her not to let a man in who asked to use her phone. According to her, she knew that something bad was going to happen, but mentioned having been raised to be polite and therefore going against her very own instinct and with that winding up being victimized.

My point was just that: Paternal instinct may have alerted Justin that something was not right. It may have dawned on him once the kid was missing, that he has likely ignored whatever warning signs were there and feared for the worst. This type of attendance can produce similar words as guilty knowledge does. You know that you have exposed your own child to danger rather than protecting her. "Scared to death" tells me he was at that moment afraid the child is dead. After being negligent on so many levels, it could be possible that when he was confronted with all potential realities, he went as far as being unable to do what he has been doing beforehand which was suppressing his paternal instinct.


Politeness is an easy mask for people with something to hide. It shows grandmother was easy to manipulate.

ima.grandma said...

Is Fonda strategically marketing ideology toward the destruction of our freedom of speech to a targeted audience?

Is it possible reverse psychology is at play manipulating the masses?

Could the law of supply and demand contribute to child pornography on the internet? Is this concept intertwined with freedom of speech and other constitutional rights?

Anonymous said...

Is Fonda strategically marketing ideology toward the destruction of our freedom of speech to a targeted audience?

Nope. not imo. He is utilizing his (freedom of speech) to promote not only terror in a little boy whose life is already living in constant fear because of who he is, but to try and gain control over the leader of the free world much like any terrorist would------going after his family, namely his children for a political agenda.

Is it possible reverse psychology is at play manipulating the masses?

Nope. He's an old worn out washed up man whose main role in the movies involved riding across the US on a Harley and promoting drugs, sex and rock-n-roll. He doesn't think in psychobabble terms.

Could the law of supply and demand contribute to child pornography on the internet? Is this concept intertwined with freedom of speech and other constitutional rights?

The law of supply and demand could contribute to child pornography, but there'd be a missionary salesman in between the factory and final distribution point,i.e., pimp.
It's not a concept unless you are that missionary sales person. Otherwise it's known as a federal crime.

Kat said...


I was wondering if there is anything that can be analyzed and learned from social media statements and rants like the recent tweets by Peter Fonda.

Thank you.

MP said...


"Politeness is an easy mask for people with something to hide. It shows grandmother was easy to manipulate."

If Grandmother had actually witnessed Parker drunk and with the baby on his lap as her son Adam says she did (he passed the poly) I do not see how this would be an instance of hiding behind a mask of politeness, or of being easily manipulated; if she saw this, it would be wanton negligence to allow Parker in the home.

Mike Dammann said...

MP... what if she did see it and "made nothing of it". Some women who have been grossly violated in their own childhood can have tendencies to fail completely in terms of protecting their own. "I went through it, so can you" is sort of the attitude. We need a profile on the whole family. Normal logic will not apply here.

MP said...


Yes, maybe she was predisposed to allow the abuse, due to her own upbringing, and that might make her turn a blind eye.
She would still be an accomplice.

And if so, what does this say about her son's (the father's) upbringing?

How could he be so oblivious to what was occurring?

Parker had been in their home on numerous occasions.
Others regularly arrived to party, this was their lifestyle
One has to wonder what kind of movies they were watching.

As you say, lots of info is needed.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes let's try to solve a case when we cant differentiate between true and false statements. On an SA board. Because if "LE" thinks it, it must be right! They MUST have it all figured out! Doesnt even matter if there is no reliable evidence or any evidence at all to incriminate someone or if the convicted is declaring his innocence and SA shows veracity! He is still guilty! Oh and witnesses dont matter either! If someone witnessed something happening or not hapoening or sees with their own eyes the perp didnt match the descriptiin, that's utterly irrelevant!!! Its impossible for someone to know anything about any crime outside of LE's omniscience. Oh and if starements from an accused party show veracity, dont let that trouble you!!!!

ima.grandma said...

Elevating the interest in Fonda’s tweets voiced by a previous poster. I make a motion to initiate discussion on Peter Fonda’s public tweets at the discretion of blog owner, Peter Hyatt. Do I hear a second?

Dave L said...

I commented on them but I dont see my post. I also asked about Melania's jacket (I am a Trump supporter) as a point of interest as it had "I truly dont care, do u? written on the back of it, but I guess that may have been controversial. I am very sorry if it offended.

ima.grandma said...



"Like many Americans I'm very impassioned and distraught over the situation with children separated from the border. But I went way too far." He says, "It was wrong, and I should not have done it. I immediately regretted it and sincerely apologize to the family for what I said and any hurt my words have caused."

ima.grandma said...

Where is all the rage coming from in Fonda’s first tweets? We vs. they mentality.

Why is personal pronoun missing from “see if mother will will stand up”?

Ladela said...


I figured the pedophile comment was leakage. I saw a headline on this story that asked "Who thinks like that??" My response: People involved with/having knowledge of those things thinks like that. And he is Hollyweird, so there's that.

ima.grandma said...

Me too L. What is it with all these 60’s so-called revolutionaries of their time poking their heads back into current culture? Could it have an element of unfulfilled abstract concepts never evolving into fruition? Never making the true difference of idealism, instead becoming stunted by greed and capitalism. Result: arrested moral compass. Now where?

Dave L said...

"surround their schools"

Pedophiles troll schools and playgrounds

The threat he made towards Barron would seem to be leakage of severe deviance.

Many pedos are sadists.

He is probably a pedo who targets kids Barron's age.


Ladela said...


I think they perceive that their initial attempts at "taking down the Establishment" failed, culturally in the 60's, and they regrouped and infected our educational institutions, from K to post doctoral. The Hollywood-ites just spout the SJW garbage out of their "white guilt" from behind the comfort of their "privileged" gated and guarded homes while employing 'NIMBY' (Not In My Backyard.)

A cacophony of vapid echo chambers.

(I also have no doubt all the Fondas suffered deep personal trauma.)

ima.grandma said...

Language samples exist in other context settings. I’d be interested in variances drawing a similar assumption of pedo. His language is alarming.

...distraught over the situation with children separated from the border.

Children are separarated from the border, not from their parents.


ima.grandma said...

I’ve always been drawn for a peculiar reason to all the Fonda’s. First, Henry who I watched every movie he ever made in my childhood living room growing up. Radical Hanoi Jane appeared during Vietnam along with Nancy Sinatra’s boots made for walking. I digress.

Dave L said...

Many libs express very violent thoughts. They are people who dont bat an eye at the sale of fetal body parts...they are not playing with a full deck.
The insult Fonda said sbout Donald Trump is coming from the mind of someone who enjoys sexually degrading others. Also Fonda may be gay.

MP said...

Ladela said...

I figured the pedophile comment was leakage. I saw a headline on this story that asked "Who thinks like that??" My response: People involved with/having knowledge of those things thinks like that. And he is Hollyweird, so there's that.

This is what I think too.

ima.grandma said...

This is the tweet I see re: Trump. I see this as an antagonistic tweet toward Ms. Trump giving her the action verb of “stand”. Trump is the passive target. His words show increased anger toward her (MOTHER) rather than potus.

ima.grandma said...

I wasn’t aware. I wonder who the pair was raised by. I’ve read much about the emotional rift of Jane and Henry as quasi-exhibited in On Golden Pond.

Kat said...

I'm define fascinated to see what can be learned. Peter Fonda seems to be a good start, though I'm sure there are plenty others (John McAfee's tweets are bizarre) that would be fascinating.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Leftism is a religion. The violence is produced by several factors. Faux moral supremacy meets illogic. This frustrates human nature. We’ve been created to make sense.

Then you add in frustration of not have illogic accepted by others. This is why tyranny must exist.

Lastly there is one other factor : as a religion, Leftism’s god repeatedly changes.

Barack Obama’s border policy was met with a contest of rage when affirjed by Donald Trump.

When police arrest me for breaking into my neighbor’s house, I will be separated from my children.

It is not my neighbor’s fault.
It is not the fault of police.
It is not the fault if the law.

Yet if you disagree, you’re a “Nazi” and are morally equivalent to killing 6 mill Jews.

Hence, the outrage is in competition.

Now they’re calling for harassment if border employees children.

We moved closer to civil war with this issue.

Liberal is not a fair term to use as the subjective meaning has shifted.

For example:
Liberal once meant free speech.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


post them here, in a manner that is easy to copy/paste and if I have time, I can post some analysis.

This is a busy training week, which traditionally means less blog entries.

Fonda's tweets should be viewed from the perspective of revealing his own background and personality traits.


Mike Dammann said...

How do you see the current trend changing in the next 20 years, Peter?

ima.grandma said...

Liberal idealism of 60’s and 70’s

Belief that the oppressed must rise against the establishment to effect change.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Great question, Mike.

Under the current trend, there is a growing number of 18-24 year olds who are thinking "business" opportunities rather than the moral narcissism of "social justice."

These are kids who know that they must survive and are seeing what the "utopian" world of single parenting, poverty., and "high ideals" are bringing.

My concern is immigration.

Nothing gives "the middle finger" to nature better than a self proclaimed "feminist government" inviting rape.

For me, it sums up the war on nature, itself.

"we are a nation of immigrants" is true. When I was a boy, on my block alone, was immigrants from Italy, Poland, Germany, and Cuba as my closest neighbors.

None would dare apply nor accept welfare. It was culturally considered destructive. They loved America, quickly embraced the American culture and worked hard. They achieved what would be considered "great wealth" at the time: owning one's own home, having plenty to eat and reliable transportation.

Today, a single party is being built on illegal entry and voting without identification. It is in the name of "compassion." If you do not agree, you are "evil."

This is to set up a conflict that, historically, ends in war.

If you think that I can mutilate myself and put on women's clothes and am, truly, a woman, there is no reasoning between us.

As Hollywood elite and the sheep that follow condemn border security, their outcry feeds into people trafficking, sexual slavery and drug smuggling. If you don't agree, you are Nazi killing 6 million Jews.

This bizarre dichotomy of thought cannot be rectified by reason.

When reason, logic, and math are "racist", conflict is on the horizon.

I have children and grandchildren that are inheriting my mess. Angela Merkel, Macron and a few other elite European leaders do not have children. They have enough money to never be impacted by Islamic take over.

Sadly, the shorter term appears to be war, though I believe, by faith, that the longer term outcome will be good. We have, as a human race, suffering before us to awaken us. This is the trend of history. We can celebrate the "end of toxic masculinity" in our academies, but when war hits, masculinity is desperately called for.

Faux moral supremacy is illogical. Illogic doesn't communicate, so it must be enforced.

When government stays out of our social lives, including sex, we get along.

When government focuses upon our differences, it creates conflict.

We are seeing this in a time that rivals the 1850's when extremism was rampant and violent. More abolitionist societies were registered in the southern United States than in the north, but violence pushed and pushed and many had to defend their homeland, which included the slavery they were against. England ended slavery without a single bloodshed. We killed 600,000.

When you see Hollywood elitist calling for rape of children, Planned Parenthood boasting of selling body parts and people believing open borders is "moral", we are seeing inevitable conflict.

Microshots of this is played out on Twitter.

The most morally corrupt sermonize and are applauded.

I believe, however, that in the short term, we are going to see actual perp walks of people that the elite believed never would happen.

It is a great time to be studying deception detection. As deception becomes more and more popular and accepted, our work becomes vital.


ima.grandma said...

What could happen if groups could see themselves with the same clarity as others see them? What could happen when they recognize that they are not champions of democracy? Would they understand that today they do not really even believe in democracy? Would they understand that the world is changing regardless of whether they think they like it or not?

ima.grandma said...

Middle-fingering nature could be seen as provoking toward desired end of invoking evolution.

ima.grandma said...

Leftists set out to use international politics of the immigration/border war as a fulcrum to push the U.S. government to intervene. The strange politics of this war suggests a larger strategy.

Determined to make the “children in cages” a global metaphor for the American border policy dilemma, their strategy was followed. Leftists fired off tweets, press releases, pestered reporters, and hounded the wire services, placing into motion a rolling snowball of worldwide publicity. Politicians are conflicted by startling revelations and divisions of allegiance.

Others see a bizarre clarity.

ima.grandma said...

Interviewer: “Can you stop terrorism?”

“By taking away the freedom of the United States, Yes. By taking away the freedom of the citizenry of the United States, Yes.”
- Peter Fonda

Statement Analysis Blog said...

In return,

Mike, how do you see things playing out?


Mike Dammann said...

There is the part of me wanting to see the continent self-destruct as it would be fair in my opinion based on the disrespect for this generation towards recognizing the values built up by their ancestors. I am Jewish but a German citizen. I see the Germans doing economically or rather trying to what they were never able to do previously. They have destroyed Eastern Europe. Eastern Europeans are protective people who would never allow their women raped. You look at the Israel Palestine situation and no one mentions Germany as the force speeding up the conflict. No one expects Saudis to take in Syrian refugees. America finally is closing its borders. After millions of Mexicans allowed into the country, the situation in Mexico has never improved. The solution is not immigration. If people are focused on moving to America, they don't take the chance to make their own country better. Europe is done and has to be. If you cannot appreciate and respect your own country, your "tolerance" will permit intolerant people in and create a nation of intolerance. I am happy America and Israel exist. I see a world imploding, but there are these two nations I consider oases. But there is part of me which cannot wait for the destructive nations and people to take each others out to give everyone else space.

Mike Dammann said...

Most of my family is American. If it wasn't for the US liberating the concentration camps, I would not be. Using liberalism as it is used today, is in fact "offensive" to me.

There is no solution for Europe. And ask yourself, why Germany won't allow Ukranian of African refugees, but only Arabs? Why do they allow the only group hating jews as much or more than/as them?

ima.grandma said...

conspiracy theory logic
he who benefits from it is he who helps cause it

ima.grandma said...

Indifference. Apathy in a vacuum.

Tania Cadogan said...

I have long said that Germany used violence to try and take over and control Europe in two world wars and failed miserably.
It was the end of the third reich.

Germany learned its lesson and went for economic control over Europe with countries begging to be allowed to join.
France did its usual trick and rolled over in submission at the feet of Germany in order to have some power via being their right hand man.

This time it worked and Germany had control over Europe, economically and politically.

In Europe we had a 3rd world war but instead of guns and bombs it was currency and politics and the public walked straight into it.
What started off as a common market which is what we in the UK signed up to be a part of, our politicians lying through their teeth in cahoots with Germany and France.
All along the plan was for a European super state, imagined to be an equal to America, forgetting that in America all the states work to a common purpose whereas the EU is 28 countries all united in getting the best deals for themselves over other countries.
Here in the UK we had a referendum and voted to leave.
However in Scotland, we have Nicola Sturgeon demand independence from the UK (they had a referendum to leave and lost. A once in a generation vote allegedly) however Sturgeon did not like the result and regularly threatens to have another referendum to leave, one which she will lose again.
No one can understand why she hates England so much and doesn't want to be under our control per se, she wants freedom yet wants to stay in the EU and submit to all their rules and regulations.
Should they leave the UK they are screwed. Taxes will have to soar as oil profits are down by a huge amount.
Business will leave as will the citizens who aren't going to want to have to pay higher prices for goods, have higher taxes and businesses will leave because it will become too expensive to run.
It seems that if you don't like the result of a referendum you will have to have another one till you get the right result.
If the remainers had won then they would be mighty pissed if we leavers decided to contest the result and demand another referendum or demand other votes at different stages. They would be saying the UK voted to stay in the EU get over it, you lost. but when they lost and we voted to leave then they want reruns and another referendum because since we voted to leave, the EU has changed and it is not the same organization as when we voted.
You have the same thing with the democrats, liberals etc all demanding Trump be impeached, removed whatever and another election run since clinton lost when everyone and their dog thought she would and should have won.
She is still blaming everyone and their dog because she lost, refusing to accept any blame and, if all else fails blame the Russians.
If you all had a paper vote then there could be no hacking or tampering with the voting machines.
There should also be voter ID same as you need for a driving license etc.
The democrats are against this since it is the illegals who will vote for whoever will let them stay in the country and also allows for multiple voting by a person, voting done by persons deceased or non existent.
Where voter id is in effect, they can carry out the scams and they lose.

It seems these days that if you don't like the result, demonstrate, have temper tantrums, claims your rights have been infringed, drag up anything you think will remotely cause a rerun or even a recount if it is close.
Claim bias due to gender/race/sexual orientation/nationality/religion.
demand a new vote with added this and removal of that till you get the answer you want.
We have this with the EU and Germany pretty much saying do this do that if you don't you will be punished and if we don't like the result then have another referendum/election till you get it right.

It seems democracy is dying out in leaps and bounds and a dictatorship in disguise will flourish.
Wars won't be won using weapons, it will be won with votes

ima.grandma said...

What is the cornerstone of the democratic cause? Could it also be the source of most aspects of political division? Could they be resistant to infringement of their perceived right to collective property?

MP said...

There are large agendas being played out in the media, the photo of the Honduran child that caused such a stir, was of a baby who was taken by her mother without consulting the father, who stayed at home with the couple's other three children. She never said good bye to them and just left. The father says many people there suffer but he has a good job. He says the wife always wanted the good life, the American dream. (I got this from an interview in Spanish)

The child was never separated from the mom!

And she herself willingly separated the child from the rest of the family and placed her in danger.

This was part of a media campaign of manufactured outrage.

Corporate media coverage is like Skim milk:
Pasteurized, &
99% FACT-free!

MP said...

It is a great time to be studying deception detection. As deception becomes more and more popular and accepted, our work becomes vital.


Yes Peter, you are a ray of light in these dark times.

ima.grandma said...

Left is left fighting defenseless without arms - deploying loud weapons of greed - false ideology, influence and exploitation.

Right is fully loaded, firing with it’s most powerful weapon - strategically whispering wealth - logic, reason and truth.

Bobcat said...

Peter, many of your statements bring to mind the pithy wisdom of Thomas Sowell.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


Very insightful.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Daniel Greenfield pointed out in 2015 that Merkel atonement had 1.5 million Jew haters enter the country. With subsequent family reunification, it goes that 6 million Jew haters imported to atone for 6 million murdered Jews.

It’s beyond twisted. Those numbers are now dated.


Mike Dammann said...

Germans operate out of guilt. Guilt is the main motivator. What do you do when you feel guilty?
You either MAKE things right. Or try to shake it off. And when you shake it off, you act out of guilt which brings destruction. Making it right is to bring peace. Acting out of guilt will benefit the non-deserving bystander.

Another way to relieve yourself of guilt, or rather try to, is constantly airing news making Palestinians look as victims and Israelis as aggressors who deserved what happened to their ancestors in Germany.

Germany has "learned its lesson"?

Germany has restriction making it impossible for them to ever become a significant military power. They didn't volunteer to free the camps. They didn't rise up to make things right. The only way they try to gain some sort of moral authority is claiming they are good people for helping the Syrians. And that is usually followed by "America started this mess" followed by "America is full of Jews trying to run the world" when they had enough to drink.

Trying in a passive aggressive way to undermine Jews and Israel is in their own mind the chance to look better in the future. Germany was creative and productive when Jews and Germans once worked together. Now their tactic is exploiting Eastern Europe.

And in the meantime the funding of Palestinians continues. It is incredible that they not only had the right to vote over Jerusalem, but didn't at least have enough decency to abstain from voting on this issue. Who would have thought in 1945 that they would one day be considered a voice in such a matter.

If a nation cannot take care of its own, it isn't the responsibility of another country to do for them what they are not willing to do for each others.

When doing deception detection, my question is how to get that through to the masses. Every nation has the government it deserves, at least to some degree. Right now, the US is doing it right. But what about in 6 years? I don't blame governments. Even if it is the Obama/Clinton machinery. I blame the people who enable them. You cannot do well without others wanting what you have. And they will always vote for those giving them the illusion to GIVE them what others have earned. This is the deception that doesn't need SA. And no matter how much you lay it out for everyone to read, those not able and willing to make good things happen for themselves are always going to play the victim card and follow whoever promises them handouts rather than opportunity. And having lived in many countries, I have learned that opportunity cannot be taken for granted. And those unable to create it for themselves often do not recognize it when they finally get it.

America needs to give opportunity for Americans. Giving those opportunities to a few from countries never doing for themselves is counterproductive. People in those countries will not focus on making things better for their own nations. They will focus on trying to get to the US and Western Europe. And Canada. Australia is protecting its borders which is why minimum wage is extremely high.

Mike Dammann said...

The problem is when people take their own lifestyles for granted. And they allow those threatening the lifestyles in. Americans fighting for the rights of others need to live among those others for long enough to understand what they are fighting for. America cannot make the world a better place. Everyone can make a difference in his country. And when people complain about how bad their nation is, but do nothing to improve things, they don't deserve to be elevated in my opinion. I see things playing out badly. At least for a while. And I believe it has to happen.

And looking at Churchill's "Americans always do the right thing... after trying everything else" (or something to that extent) is what I do have faith in. So-called activists will in the end do what is best for them. They want attention. And they will crumble if they see any of their beliefs altering their lifestyles. They hide behind the mask of righteousness... as long as it's easy and involves little more than talk.

Best not to pay too much attention to them. If it was only them, they would get sick of each others, so annoying us keeps them going. Look at "The Young Turks" for example named after the group responsible for the Armenian genocide. Cenk won't help fix his country? But he comes to the US to complain... because it's easy. A real fight these people don't have in them. His co-host Ana calls herself a proud Armenian, yet she had to take her Armenian Genocide comments to her own YouTube channel as the network she helped build didn't allow her to do so. You are talking about two major cowards who don't have a real fight in them.

The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

So I have to believe in the United States. And as long as the US and Israel stand strong, there will be opportunities for those who take and appreciate them. And those who don't appreciate them and decide to support destructive people, will eventually be left among them and parish in the abyss of their false victims sucking them in with them when those who focus on the great the world has to offer will find a way to drop them and let them choose their own lives rather than continuing to carry their own dead weight. And the dead weight of those they want to bring over to take down the ones they are jealous of.

Alex said...

I don't know who made the following statement or when, but it has been attributed to many and probably changed around a bit.

"Nothing is as difficult as trying to get someone to understand an issue when their economical wellbeing depends on them not understanding."

I think of this often when reading about the world in which we live.


Mike Dammann said...

"Nothing is as difficult as trying to get someone to understand an issue when their economical wellbeing depends on them not understanding."
When you live in different countries, you quickly learn how socially required being fake is. And you learn this because in different places, people are fake in different ways about different things. The good part is that as a foreigner you are usually forgiven for not knowing. But that fades in time. And not adjusting can indeed have economical consequences.

Alex said...

Paid protestors are an example.


Alex said...

Many of the news media are another.


Anonymous said...
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Mike Dammann said...

" Paid protestors are an example."
Who pays them?

Tania Cadogan said...

Where voter id is in effect, they can carry out the scams and they lose.

My typo.
It should read Where voter id is in effect, they can't carry out the scams and they lose.

Kat said...

I am sorry for the delay. I don't know much about Fonda and his history, so I am interested to see what his words reveal about himself. I'm also fascinated with the whole Hollywood world and how... odd/out-of-touch with reality it is. Do people become like this because of Hollywood, or does Hollywood attract this "type" of person? There are so many questions!
Here is my copy/paste of many tweets - the starred ones are now deleted. I tried to keep them in order except for one that had been deleted and I could not find a time stamp for:

6/17 7:37 pm

90 million people in the streets on the same weekend. That’s what might happen if these factions unite. Can we do this? Will we try? In my life I call “try” a negative word. “Do” is a far better way to tackle this outrageous administration and wrest the power from their hands.
{- responding to tweet from Philadelphia collins that says: "We need to unite the different civil disobedience factions, march for our lives, immigrants, BLM, women equality, economic inequality etc need to come together as one force for change."}

6/18 3:53 pm

Hmmmm... The ends justify the means... Didn’t we hear that from a Marxist? Or Leninist? Like Bannon? Or the Goebelles wannabe Miller? Or the current Administration? Maybe they’ll start tattooing the barcodes on the children’s arms.

6/18 9:24 pm

������ and the Pixie from Dixie let the immigrants with children into the country so they can take the children away and incarcerate them and deport the parents without their children. UNACCEPTABLE!

Goebbels Miller is unfit to establish this practice as government policy. NAZI!

6/18 10:26 pm

Hey Trump, Sessions, Nielsen, WHERE ARE THE GIRLS?

6/19 12:00 am

Don’t let the pedophile Stephen Goebbels Miller near those girls separated from their parents. Trump, Sessions, Nielsen, WHERE ARE THE GIRLS? Their health and safety are in your hands and WE ARE ALL WATCHING

Kat said...

****deleted***6/19 12:47 am

Kristjen Nielsen is a lying gash that should be put in a cage and poked at by passersby. The gash should be pilloried in Lafayette Square naked and whipped by passersby while being filmed for posterity.

***deleted*** 6/19 1:00 am

SS (Sarah Sanders) is a lying gash, too. And “gash” is much worse than cunt. Maybe we should take her children away and deport her to Arkansas, and giving her children to Stephen Goebbels Miller for safe keeping.

6/19 1:10 am

Wanted to share: the girls are kept safe in Stephen Goebbels Miller’s basement


6/20 12:19 am


6/20 time?? {Response to another tweet posted at 1:55 am}

Sounds great. We don’t have to take the agents kids, we only need to surround their schools and scare the shit out of them and worry the fuck out of the agents frm CBE ICE & REGULAR BORDER PATROL AGENTS. WE NEED TO SCARE THE FUCK OUT OF THEM! NEED TO MAKE THEIR CHILDREN WORRY NOW

6/20 1:12 am


***{has been deleted}*** 6/20 1:48 am


***{statement released later in the day - not sure if this is written by Fonda or if it's from lawyers/publicists }***

I tweeted something highly inappropriate and vulgar about the president and his family in response to the devastating images I was seeing on television. Like many Americans, I am very impassioned and distraught over the situation with children separated from their families at the border, but I went way too far. It was wrong and I should not have done it. I immediately regretted it and sincerely apologize to the family for what I said and any hurt my words have caused.

6/20 3:28 am
It’s more than a protest! 90 million people in the streets on the same weekend works. I can’t be the organizer for they’ll arrest me for conspiracy to commit sedition. This must be like a spontaneous event without seeming to be organized by me and we have to make this happen NOW

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh did you hear what Rep Waters D-CA said? OMG.

ima.grandma said...

Kat - thank you.
I’m speechless.
For now...

Alex said...

" Paid protestors are an example."
Who pays them?

George Soros.


Alex said...

I wish fonda would be more specific about what he considers to be inappropriate. All we know is that it was something. Something is only one thing. In my opinion it was many things. Was it the foul language and name calling?



Anonymous said...

Yo, alex how do you know the protestors are paid and how do you know soro is paying them?

Terry S said...

Can Chi Pong stay? He makes me laugh?

ima.grandma said...

Tania said: There should also be voter ID same as you need for a driving license etc.

Here are the voting ID requirements for my state. Note the county election ID info. This is a small paper card that is so easy to reprint or create. No other info is required. Voting identification required is easily manipulated if intent exists.

The proof of identity law requires every voter who votes in person at the precinct polling place or during early voting at the County Election Board to show proof of identity before receiving a ballot.

There are three ways to prove your identity.


A document used for proof of identity for voting must have been issued by the United States government, the State of Oklahoma, or a federally recognized tribal government.

The law requires a document used for proof of identity for voting to contain the following information:

The name of the person to whom it was issued
A photograph of the person to whom it was issued
An expiration date that is after the date of the election, unless the identification is valid indefinitely
The law requires the voter's name on the proof of identity document to "substantially conform" to the voter's name in the Precinct Registry. In other words, your name on your proof of identity must match your name in the Precinct Registry.


In addition, voters may use the free voter identification card they received by mail from the County Election Board when they registered to vote. The law allows use of the voter identification card even though it does not include a photograph.


If you do not have or if you refuse to show proof of identity, you may vote by provisional ballot and prove your identity by signing a sworn affidavit.

Provisional ballots are sealed inside special envelopes and are not put through the voting device. After election day, County Election Board officials will investigate the information provided by the voter on the affidavit and either will approve the provisional ballot for counting or will reject it based on the outcome of that investigation.

A provisional ballot cast by a voter who declines or is unable to produce proof of identity shall only be considered verified and approved for counting if:

The voter's name on the affidavit substantially conforms to the voter's name in the voter registration database.
The voter's residence address on the affidavit substantially conforms to the voter's residence address in the voter registration database.
The voter's date of birth matches the information in the voter registration database.
The voter's Oklahoma driver license number or the last four digits of the voter's Social Security number on the affidavit matches the information in the voter registration database. (This provision does not apply if the voter was not required to provide a driver license number or the last four digits of the voter's Social Security number at the time of registration.)
The provisional ballot meets the eligibility requirements set forth in Section 7-116.1 of Title 26 of the Oklahoma Statues.

ima.grandma said...

I am posting - because I want to, I need to and I’m free to.

I will not become free game for Muslims. Neither will my daughters, their daughters or their daughters. And on and on the circle goes.

ima.grandma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Oh Im sorry Catholics dont rape. Their priests dont rape children. Only Muslims rape.
Ive been raped & I was raised Catholoc and I cant have an opinion on this.
OK, Catholics never rape. They dont condone rape...that's why they sheltered networks of pedophiles for decades. I stand corrected. Only Muslims eape.

DJ said...

So much misinformation and assumptions in this Ammerman case.

DJ said...

Kyle Parker was NOT a sex offender. Where did this statement derive from?

WE have conducted interviews with individuals close to this case AFTER sentencing.

Take a look at the 6 Degrees Series. -Here is the website:

We also have a group where we are going through the videos and discussing the case. Would love to have your insight. SO many details were left out of this case, you want a clearer picture, come join us in our FB group Shaylyn Ammerman: Uncovering The Truth

Anonymous said...

DJ, I dont need to join your group bc I already said, based on SA, that Parker was framed by the father & the father's brother. The little info they fed Parker (location of body) ensured his conviction.

But just go ahead & ignore what I say about this case, just like the Bundy cases.


Anonymous said...

Just like people ignore Bundy's reliable denial about Chi Omega as well as his fabricated coerced confessions 3 days before his death. Ignore the linguistics on the Shylynn case.