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Mollie Tibbets, 20 Missing

When a child goes missing, it is expected that the parents' concern will be upon the victim; the child. 

Language will reflect the child's age, vulnerability, the quality of the relationship, the time missing and any possible information police may have shared. Also, the language of a father will differ from the language of a mother. 

A singular point: the parent is going to care for the victim; not for self. Mark Hanschen, analyst, pointed out this small sample. 

Noticable departures include the McCanns' narcissistic self pity, over missing Madeleine McCann, and father of Baby Ayla Reynolds, Justin DiPietro.  DiPietro spoke about his "emotional" state while offering no linguistic empathy for the victim. 

In both the above cases, Deception Indicated was conclusive. Both knew of the victim's death and both placed emphasis upon their own well being. 

Mollie went missing 2 weeks ago. 

Here are some quotes from Rob Tibbets, Mollie's father. 

“It doesn’t matter what we’re going through; we just need people to think — because somebody knows something and they don’t even know it’s important. We can get Mollie back; we just have to have somebody call.

The dependent word "just" compares all else to one singular important issue.  The author may have rebuked the journalist about "how are you coping?" ingratiation question and went to his priority. 

The language shows that the author believes that someone saw something, likely innocuous, and needs to "only" ("just") think and make a call.  This means to separate via comparison all other thoughts.  It is consistent with the oft heard advice:  "you may have seen something that you did not consider important.  Anything, no matter how small, may be vital." 

The word "we" may be he and his wife (family) or it may be that he is now, (13 days in) aligned with police. 

Mollie Tibbetts, a 20-year-old University of Iowa student, went on an evening run almost two weeks ago and has not been seen since, authorities said. 

Dozens of volunteers and investigators from federal, state and local agencies have scoured ditches, cornfields, empty buildings and pig farms in the small Iowa town of Brooklyn, population of nearly 1,500, searching for the young woman.

If he was asked how he or his family is holding up, his focus is singular: 

What we need is for people to tell their friends and neighbors that if they saw anything that seemed even remotely out of the ordinary to call the authorities, and they will run that down. The authorities have told us again and again and again that all the similar cases like this are always solved by some tip.”

The article: 

Last week, investigators said they hope data from a Fitbit that Mollie Tibbetts was wearing when she disappeared, as well as her cellphone and social media accounts, will help them find her. But authorities have remained tight-lipped about what data they have gathered.

Rick Rahn, a special agent in charge at the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, said investigators have a “pretty tight timeline” of Tibbetts’s activities before she disappeared, but he said he can’t release any information at this time.

Citing information from family members, CBS affiliate KCCI reported that Tibbetts, who was dog-sitting at her boyfriend’s home, might have come back to the house after her run on the evening of July 18 and may have been doing homework on her computer late that night. Rahn said he’s aware of the KCCI report, but he declined to comment further.

Her last known communication was a Snapchat photo she sent to her boyfriend that night, the Des Moines Register reported. Dalton Jack, who was out of town, said the photo looked as if it was taken indoors, but he couldn’t remember the caption. The following day, Tibbetts didn’t show up to work at a day-care center and didn’t reply to Jack’s “good morning” text message.

Several media outlets have reported that Jack and Tibbetts’s family members aren’t considered suspects. Rahn said he cannot comment on who is and isn’t a suspect.

The day after his daughter disappeared, Rob Tibbetts said, 400 people formed a “spontaneous search effort.

“I think it’s just because this community knows Mollie, they love Mollie, and I think the rest of the country is starting to understand who she is, too,” he said.


Anonymous said...

4-5 days after went missing


'Mollie Tibbetts' boyfriend, dad urge witnesses to 'come forward' in exclusive interviewShe hated to be sad and hated others to be sad': Brotherly love for missing sister.

Anonymous said...

She hated to be sad and hated others to be sad': Brotherly love for missing sister.

LuciaD said...

Hard to imagine having a family member vanish without a trace. The father's focus is on action to find her. I hope they do.

Anonymous said...

The police have said nothing about whether her cell phone was with her, or her fitbit on her. I wonder if they have gotten pings from her cell phone.

Samantha_C said...
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Baci’sMom said...

If guilty knowledge causes leakage in language usage, is it also true that fear of some terrible crime having befallen your loved one could cause the same kind of leakage? The police have cleared Mollie Tibbetts’ brothers & boyfriend, but there were a couple of quotes from them that stood out, particularly the comments from a brother that Mollie was fighting for her life and another comment that he felt sure she would “resurface.” Might you see this kind of language from an innocent person who fears their loved one had to fight with an attacker and was perhaps placed in water or buried?

Barbara said...

Yes, please analyze the boyfriend's statements.
Jack, who has been formally cleared by police in Tibbetts' disappearance, declined to talk about specifics of the case, citing officials' request.

"I mean everybody has their own theories but I’m just kind of leaving it up to the law enforcement trying to figure that one out," he said. "I don’t want to go racking it through my brain thinking of what happened, what happened, what happened. Just driving myself insane."

JoAnn said...

Yes, that was the comment from Mollie’s boyfriend that I sort of underlined, too. The use of “racking it” and “what happened, what happened, what happened.”

Mark said...

@Barabra: Good catch. I noticed this statement as well. As well as @JoAnn noted, I noted the repeated use of "what happened" in that specific sentence during the interview. I noted sensitivity throughout this statement from Dalton Jake. I'd love to talk to him and get clarity on this.

I note the sensitivity: "because" and "that's why."

“It’s more than likely because you know, nobody ever thought there was a reason to,” he told Fox News. “Again, it’s Brooklyn. Nothing ever happens in Brooklyn. That’s why it’s such a blindsided situation.”

I note the repetition: "Again, it's Brooklyn. Nothing ever happens in Brooklyn." This may very well be accurate. Why, though, the need to emphasize this repeatedly, right here, at this specific point in this interview? I understand this is not a usual event for Brooklyn, Iowa. Is there anything additional that I am missing that makes this stand out for some reason?

There is more to see in this interview. What does everyone here think? I'll aim to add more on this soon.

Thanks Baraba and JoAnn for your input. Let's keep it up and work to help Mollie and her family be reunited, whatever that takes and wherever that leads us.

Anonymous said...


Acosta on Facing ‘CNN Sucks’ Chant at Trump Rally

“I mean, honestly, it felt like we weren’t in America anymore. I don’t know how to put it any more plainly than that. Americans should not be treating their fellow Americans in this way. But unfortunately, what we’ve seen—and this has been building for some time since the campaign—I’ve been talking about this as an issue since the campaign. When the president, during the campaign, referred to us as the dishonest media, the disgusting news media, liars, scum, and thieves, and so on, and then he rolled that right into the Oval Office, and started calling us the fake news and the enemy of the people, he is whipping these crowds up into a frenzy, to the point where they really want to come after us.”

“And my sense of it, S.E., is that these opinions that these folks have at these rallies, they’re shaped by what they see in the primetime hours of Fox News and what they hear from some conservative news outlets that just sort of give them this daily diet of what they consider to be terrible things that we do over here at CNN. It’s very unfortunate, but it’s a pitting of American against American and honestly, it needs to stop.”

“I think it’s been dangerous for some time. I was worried during the campaign that a journalist was going to get hurt, and it has been building. But when you refer to members of the press as the enemy of the people, you’re essentially putting targets on our backs and it’s not just some Joe Schmo on a barstool in Kalamazoo saying this. This is the president of the United States. And that comes with a serious force behind it. And he has a lot of people out there who are extremely angry at us.”

Anonymous said...

isn't iowa where the 2 girls were killed by the guy who said "go down the hill" and they caught those words on tape?

Anonymous said...

I cant remember the name of the case, perhaps another sleuther does?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that case was in Indiana, however, Iowa is about 7 hours away. I'm getting a similar vibe from the kidnapping of the runner. Could be the same perp.

Anonymous said...

Abby and Libby. Maybe the same killer.

To me this has more of an Abigail Hernandez vibe. Not the same perp, obviously, just the nature of it.

Anonymous said...

It could be the same killer, because the Indiana killing was done in an extremely rural location, and I had a strong feeling that that killer was mobile, not a local. He's driving distances looking for rural areas to kill, knowing that he can get in and out quickly with noone seeing him because there is noone around. And of course, there are plenty of woods around where he can kill without being seen or running into anyone. My guess is that the killer of Molly is long gone.

Anonymous said...

Abigail Hernandez? Hmmmm. I dunno. I think they caught that guy. I see what you are saying though. Didn't she write a letter to her Mom?

I just have a feeling the
Abby and Libby killer is an experienced killer, mobile, likes very rural areas, likes to order his victims into the woods, kills, and then takes off. Truck driver? It is true that Molly is older than Abby and Libby, but I don't think the killer cares that much about age. Very sad. I doubt Molly is alive. The Abby and Libby killer put them in a creek. He probably did something similar with Molly.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever noticed that the Zodiac Killer's seemingly intentional misspellings resemble the intentional misspellings in the Ramsey ransom note? I'm not saying I think he is the killer, I just think it's strange.

Regardless, it would be interesting if Peter could analyze some of the Zodiac's letters, since the killer has never been identified. It would be interesting!

Anonymous said...

I notice his misspellings become more and more frequent (clearly intentional) the more letters he writes, but in one of his first letters, I notice the misspelling of Christmas as "Christmass". In the Ramsey letter, we see the misspelling towards the beginning of the note of business, as "bussiness".

In both it is an incorrect doubling of the letter "s".

This is curious since the Zodiac was so into ciphers and letters??

Here is one of the first letters from the Zodiac:

Dear Editor
This is the murderer of the
2 teenagers last Christmass
at Lake Herman + the girl
on the 4th of July near
the golf course in Vallejo
To prove I killed them I
shall state some facts which
only I + the police know.
1 Brand name of ammo
Super X
2 10 shots were fired
3 the boy was on his back
with his feet to the car
4 the girl was on her right
side feet to the west
4th July
1 girl was wearing paterned
2 The boy was also shot in
the knee.
3 Brand name of ammo was

Anonymous said...

Another Zodiac letter:

Again, he misspells with an incorrect doubling of the "s" in "school buss"

This is the Zodiac speaking.

I have become very upset with the people of San Fran Bay Area. They have not complied with my wishes for them to wear some nice (symbol) buttons. I promised to punish them if they did not comply, by anilating a full School Buss. But now school is out for the summer, so I punished them in another way. I shot a man sitting in a parked car with a .38.

(Symbol) -12 SFPD - 0

The Map coupled with this code will tell you where the bomb is set. You have untill next Fall to dig it up.


Anonymous said...

So strange, even the tone of the zodiac killer's letters sound like the Ramsey ransom note. In one of them he uses the word "des" which is French and the Ramsey note writer wrote "attache" which is French. Even the handwriting looks similar?!?!

John Mc Gowan said...

The reporting in the case has be atrocious. It's difficult to analyze his words given this.

Jack told Fox News the last time he saw Tibbetts was on July 17, and he kissed her goodbye.

This is not in quotes, if it was, i would ask question?

"I left for Dubuque, Iowa, which is about 100 miles away, on Tuesday morning at 5 in the morning," he said. "And I was staying there for work until what was supposed to be Friday. And then Thursday after we found out she was missing I drove home. So I was in Dubuque the entire time."

entire time."

If this is not in response to a question or parroting language (did you stay there the entire time? I stayed there the entire time) why does he NTP us he was there the "entire time"? It is unnecessary. If it is in an open statement it has more significance.

Mollies brother

this is early on in the investigation

“She had the biggest heart. If anyone needed it, she was willing to doing anything,” said Jake, 21. “She hated to be sad and hated (for) others to be sad.”

As i said above, the reporting is not something we can trust, we get sound bites without context and the responses and or questions maybe be contaminated. Given that, i don't put much strength behind my findings.

Anonymous said...

anonymous is getting a vibe

must be psychic from facebook

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the Tammy Zywicki case from 1992.

Anonymous said...

Dalton: "I mean everybody has their own theories but I’m just kind of leaving it up to the law enforcement trying to figure that one out," he said. "I don’t want to go racking it through my brain thinking of what happened, what happened, what happened. Just driving myself insane."

What happened? Did they have a fight about marriage? Did she want to get married too? Did talks about the future cause tension? Is Dalton feeling gulity about his last words to Mollie?

"kind of leaving up to the law enforcement"
He doesn't want to help?
"The law enforcement"
Seems distancing. Wouldn't he want to work with LE every step of the way?

My feeling is that Dalton is withholding information. Pertinent information. Information he doesn't want to think about.


elf said...

The distance between Dubuque Iowa and Brooklyn Iowa is 137.8 miles/2 hours 6 minutes.
When I read that the bf said "about a 100 miles away" I thought it sounded closer. Is it weird that he said the distance in miles rather than hours? Personally, whenever I talk about distance I speak in terms of the time it takes to travel to that place. By him saying the jobsite was about 100 miles (which is wrong because in miles it is further) it seems like he is trying to put a physical distance between himself and Mollie.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was boyfriend did it . Jealous of her education and probably met some new guy that was in law school or Med school. Boyfriend was a narcissist and thought Molly would prefer a guy who made more money. Boyfriend not happy . She is either buried at his construction site or in the Mississippi. She will eventually turn up if in the Mississippi like lacey Peterson or if buried at the construction. Site with concrete over her . Who knows. Not sure if dogs can smell if concrete covering the body. I am sure the authorities have thought of this way before. I just found out about the case from my sister. I don't watch the news. I told her my theory and she said your probably right . I watch lots of true crime. I am good friends with a defense attorney from one of the most publicized trials. As much as it makes me sick to say. They need to start digging at the boyfriends construction site and keep checking the mississippi. If she makes it to new Orleans she may be treated as a jane Doe. Authorities need to take action on the mississippi.

cordwainer said...

The boyfriend's statements don't actually seem that odd to me. He's very young, with a prefrontal-lobe that is not yet fully developed. It seems entirely possible he has imagined some horrible things happening to his girlfriend, based on plots and images drawn from TV shows and video games. Anyone would drive themselves crazy if they dwelled constantly on possible horrors. Refusing to go over and over in his head what MIGHT have happened doesn't strike me as an indication of focus on himself rather than Mollie.

Likewise, his reactions in front of the camera may be modeled on similar statements he has seen on live TV or in TV shows. When we're younger, we often tend to model our words and behavior on what we believe people expect - to do a certain amount of "acting" out of feeling uncomfortable or vulnerable when we're suddenly made the center of attention . And with all this together, he may also have managed to convince himself the worst has happened - that his girlfriend is dead - without having any direct knowledge.

I'm actually a lot more taken aback that Mollie's mother - an adult more grounded in reality - has several times referred to her daughter in past tense. Does that not strike anyone else as odd?