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Racist Cop: Cynthia Whitlatch Pushed Prosecutors

Liars are trouble.

In the video, Officer Cynthia Withclaft outright lies.  This makes her fall into a very small minority in deception categories, since most people lie by withholding, suppressing, or editing out critical information in order to deceive.  This latter method is where the deceiver is counting upon you to project your own truthfulness into his or her words and 'interpret' them to sound honest.

In Statement Analysis, we do not interpret, we listen.

In the video, we have the deception.  In a Facebook post, we have the connection to race.

In the recent shooting of a black man by a white officer, murder charges have been filed and the officer has been arrested.

We do not know if racism was his motive.  We do not, at this time, have a connection to racism to go by.

Withcraft was not done with her hatred of this 70 year old male.

The victim had never been arrested before.  Therefore, he experienced, for the first time in his life, what it felt like to be utterly vulnerable to attack:  handcuffed.

He also, at age 70, (or 69 at the time) was unable to go home.  He was not able to leave for his own bed, bathroom, and family comforts; something near and dear to us as we get older.

We do not know what level of trauma he experienced in this, and how it may impact him for the rest of his life; all to satisfy the irrational hatred of one due to skin pigmentation.

She did not stop there, however.

She actually sent emails to the prosecutor looking to get her victim into even more trouble and bring more heartache to him and his family as she urged the prosecutor.  Was this a "pile on" offensive, to cover her own criminal behavior, much like one giving "too many details" in order to be seen as truthful?

Did she take it personally because she knew the lack of prosecution exposed her?

What caused this?

Here is the article with quotes highlighted for emphasis.  Please note that those who lie and deceive are likely to cause all manner of trouble for everyone in their world, including those she swore to protect and serve, her fellow officers, and even the department's own reputation.

What would have become of this desire to press further charges had not the video been made public?

SPD officer in golf-club case pushed prosecutors to file charge

Seattle police Officer Cynthia Whitlatch, who arrested a man for carrying a golf club she viewed as a weapon, expressed strong displeasure with prosecutors for not pursuing an additional charge of obstructing a public officer, according to newly disclosed emails.
A Seattle police officer who arrested a 69-year-old man for carrying a golf club she viewed as a weapon expressed strong displeasure with prosecutors for not pursuing an additional charge of obstructing a public officer, according to newly disclosed emails.

The emails shed new light on the actions of Cynthia Whitlatch, a white officer whose July 9 arrest of a black man, William Wingate, along with a racially charged Facebook post, has triggered a wide-ranging internal investigation of Whitlatch’s work history and led to her being placed on paid leave at home.

The emails, along with other records, were released Thursday by the Seattle City Attorney’s Office under a public-disclosure request filed by The Seattle Times.

Wingate, now 70, was arrested July 9 for investigation of unlawful use of a weapon and obstructing after Whitlatch saw him walking on Capitol Hill with a golf club. Prosecutors opted to only pursue the weapon offense, and on July 10 Wingate agreed to a continuance of his case under which the misdemeanor charge would be dropped in two years if he met court conditions.

Whitlatch wrote an email to Assistant City Attorney Barbara Serrano on July 19 inquiring about the case.

“I am wondering what the status of this case is and why the charge of obstruction was dropped,” Whitlatch wrote.

“Mr. Wingate was clearly obstructing as is reflected in the ICV,” she added, referring to the in-car video from her patrol car.

She stands by her lie.  Note the need to declare this as "clearly" in her sentence. 

Serrano responded in a July 21 email, telling Whitlatch that she had handled Wingate’s arraignment.

At that time, our office had decided to file a complaint for unlawful use of weapons . We declined to file a charge for obstructing a police officer.

Serrano informed Whitlatch she planned to talk with the prosecutor who made the decision and get back to Whitlatch.

Whitlatch quickly responded by email, writing: 

Thanks! As far as obstruction cases go this guy was one of the most obstinate, uncooperative, and obstructive suspects I’ve dealt with in my 17+ years in patrol. He received warning after warning. I would like to see him charged. The behavior was completely unacceptable toward any law-enforcement officer. It would be nice if that message would be made clear with charges.”

Here, we are given insight into her personality.  Remember, liars hold the world in contempt.  They grew up lying and uncorrected as children, and quickly learned how to "get one over" someone else.  The more successful they were, the more they felt superior to others.  This "supremacy" attitude is what leads liars to take polygraphs.  
By believing herself smarter than others, even in light of the video, she shows contempt for the ability of others to discover her deception. 
This high mindedness, coupled with her racism, and, perhaps, her own projection of "victim status" is not lost even when reviewing her history of taking civilians out with her, boasting of her supremacy over blacks.  

On July 22, Assistant City Attorney John Mason, who handled the disposition, sent an email to Whitlatch and Serrano.

It was clear to me when I filed that the suspect was a giant pain to deal with,” wrote Mason, who only had read police reports describing the arrest but had not viewed the in-car video that later surfaced and raised questions about Whitlatch’s account.

Mason cited the dispositional continuance, noting that for two years it required Wingate not to possess any weapons or commit any crimes. 
Mason further noted that Wingate had spent a short time in jail.

“I didn’t charge Obstructing because the defendant is 69 years old, uses the golf club as a cane, and was not brandishing it or threatening the officer at the time of the obstructing,” Mason wrote in the email. “I felt we would have problems proving he was refusing ‘to cease an activity or behavior that creates a risk of injury to any person.’ ”

This statement contradicts the claims that Whitlach made, even while being recorded.  It verified what your eyes and my eyes saw, and what your ears and my ears heard.  We are those the subject holds in contempt.  

The in-car video had not been obtained by the City Attorney’s Office when Wingate, in consultation with an appointed defender, agreed to the deal, Kimberly Mills, spokeswoman for the office, said Thursday.
At the time, there was a lag of days or weeks to obtain video, and it was not needed after the deal was struck because the case had concluded, Mills said.

In late August, a personal representative of Wingate’s called City Attorney Pete Holmes to express concerns about Wingate’s case, Mills said.
Holmes enlisted the aid of Craig Sims, the chief criminal deputy, who obtained the case file and video. Sims initiated discussions with Deputy Police Chief Carmen Best, who, after her own review, agreed with prosectors that the unlawful-weapon charge should be dismissed, Mills said. 
At the request of prosecutors, a judge dismissed the charge Sept. 19.
Whitlatch, in her version of events, wrote in her report that while driving in her patrol car, she saw Wingate walking on Capitol Hill.
Whitlatch wrote that she made eye contact with Wingate, who was carrying a golf club he was using like a cane. 
Whitlatch said as she turned, she saw Wingate raise the club and start to swing it.

As I passed I heard the loud metallic sound of the golf club hitting the metal stop sign post,” she wrote.

Note that she does not write that she heard a loud noise, but instead has the need to specify what caused the sound.  Did she see this, or only hear it?

While looking back in her rearview mirror, Whitlatch wrote, she saw Wingate still looking toward her. He swung the club twice toward her car, she added.

Whitlatch wrote that she wasn’t certain Wingate’s action was “directed at me” until she saw him in the rearview mirror. Whitlatch’s in-car video did not capture those events.

Whitlatch wrote that she contacted Wingate, and considered he was using the golf club as a cane. But, she wrote, she concluded he was not using it for balance when he transferred it between hands.

“I told him it was a weapon …,” Whitlatch wrote, describing Wingate as argumentative before he finally surrendered the club.

Wingate’s “demeanor was hostile and his actions were threatening and I perceived them as such,” Whitlatch wrote, noting she told Wingate to put down the club about 20 to 25 times.

Please note that his "demeanor was hostile and his actions were threatening" is a very strong statement, yet it is immediately qualified with "I perceived them as such."

Another officer who responded to the scene wrote in his own report that Wingate had repeatedly said he had done nothing wrong.
But when asked if he had done something with the club that might have struck fear in the public or the officer, Wingate replied, “Maybe.” But Wingate said he didn’t think he did anything that warranted the police to get involved, the officer wrote.

Whitlatch, 47, came under scrutiny last week when the in-car video of the incident was made public. It was also disclosed that she made racially charged comments on Facebook last summer related to the events in Ferguson, Mo., within two months of arresting Wingate.
She was placed on desk duty last week, but on Tuesday she was put on home leave with pay amid new allegations.

“Given the totality of the circumstances, I thought it was best,” said Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole.

O’Toole said she acted in response to new allegations directed to the department and its Office of Professional Accountability, which is conducting an internal investigation of Whitlatch’s conduct.
No details were provided on the new allegations, except that they include claims from Whitlatch’s former girlfriend that Whitlatch once took marijuana from evidence and made racist remarks in the past.


trustmeigetit said...

We got another famous name in the news for sexual assault. And the media reporting that he has "denied" the allegations.

Married as well for 30 years. Sounds like the wife is not buying his innocence.

Founder of Bikram yoga.

(CNN)—For five decades, Bikram Choudhury built an empire.

The signature "hot yoga" bearing his name drew throngs of devotees, spawning studios teaching the practice all over the world. He became a spiritual leader and celebrity icon with a long list of famous followers and friends.

But now, the Bikram brand is in jeopardy, with some yoga studios dropping his name after the guru was accused of rape or sexual assault by six of his former students.

I don’t have the full transcripts, but even without that, just some of the quoted statements alone speak volumes

"I want to show you, tell the truth to the world, that I never assaulted them."

"Women like me. Women love me, so if I really wanted to involve the women, I don't have to assault the women."

"I have nothing against them (accusers). I don't think they're bad people. It's not them saying that, they are influenced by somebody."

"It's not truth. I don't do that. I don't have to,"

"I have no intention to have sex with any of my students or any women,"
"Sometimes students, they commit suicide. Lots of students of mine, they commit suicide because I will not have sex with them."

"Shame on your western culture. It's your job to go and tell the world the truth."

trustmeigetit said...

"I never assaulted them"

Assult can go along with rape but would be a seperate charge so technically, if TO HIM.. In his internal dictionary "assult" is physical harm such as hitting or punching" he is not lying.

John Mc Gowan said...

Bikram Yoga Founder Denies Sexual Assault Allegations, Says 'Women Love Me'

Here are some red flags.

Bikram Choudhury, the 69-year-old hot-yoga guru who has been accused of rape and sexual assault by six former students, has spoken out for the first time – and says he would never have to resort to physical aggression for sex because "women love me."

"If I really wanted to involve with the women, I don't have to assault [them]," Choudhury said in an interview with CNN, which aired Wednesday. "I never assaulted them."

"I don't think they're bad people," he said of his accusers. "They're influenced by lawyers."

But Sarah Baughn and five others claim the Bikram founder – an icon to celebrities such as Madonna, George Clooney, Brooke Shields and Jennifer Aniston – indeed sexually assaulted them.

"We need to make this a relationship … I've known you from a past life," Baughn said Choudhury told her during her first week of teacher training when he called her into his office. "I felt like my whole system imploded."

Continued Baughn, who initially credited Bikram with transforming her life: "He crawled on top of me, he put his hand on the inside of my thigh … he told, me he needed someone to hold him, to brush his hair … to have sex."

Baughn, who has a trial date set for August according to The New York Times, claims Choudhury made it clear she had to sleep with him in order to advance her career, stating she would never win a yoga competition if she didn't have sex with him.

"I pushed him off me, and I said, 'I can do this by myself.' And he said, 'No you can't.' "

An emotional Choudhury said the allegations have devastated his family and that his wife of 30 years will no longer "look" at him.

"We die only once in our life. I die every day," he said. "I work harder than any human being on this earth. And this is the reward? I'm a rapist?"

Concluded Choudhury: "Shame on your Western culture. It's your job to go and tell the world the truth."

Anonymous said...

Officer Withlatch, Whiplash, Whipclasp or whatever her name is, is more than a liar and a racist; she has a loose screw. The facts speak for themselves.

If she was riding in her car, AND she was, and he was walking along using his golf club as a walking cane, and wasn't swinging it at anybody, which he 'clearly' wasn't, and certainly couldn't have been swinging it at her personally since she was IN her car, nor could he have been swinging it at her car since her car was moving and NOT in his range of being able to strike it; then she 'clearly' drummed up her charges against him. Facts.

There is no way on Gods' green earth that he could have harmed her when he is just weakly walking along using a golf club for support as she cruises along in her car.

Not only does she have a mind-set against blacks but was looking for trouble with one wherever she could find it. She is a 'root hog or die' kinda officer, doggedly hanging onto her false accusations against the innocent black man; 'clearly' a menace to the black community at large and particularly in her disdain of an infirm elder black citizen.

I hope the poor old man sues her sorry ass big time. AND wins. Enough to purchase as many canes as his heart desires so that he never has to use a golf club again for a walking cane.

And people wonder why blacks are so frightened of white police officers? Why do they run? For good reason. She is one of many. They have good reason to be scared out of their wits; they know what can happen to them on a moments notice and with no provocation or crime being committed.

I'm just glad this one has been caught in her lies and can only HOPE she doesn't get away with it like so many of them do. So far she has, sitting at home resting while being paid on administrative leave. Par for the course.

John Mc Gowan said...


Hmmm. What a surprise!!

Louis Jordan writing a book about his 66 days stranded at sea

John Mc Gowan said...


Human remains found during search for missing "AJ" Hadsell of Norfolk, police say

Unknown said...

Shocking, right?


GeekRad said...

I agree with anon who posted at 5:46 am. There was nothing threatening about the poor man's actions or demeanor in the video. I can't believe resources have to be wasted on this case.

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

DANBURY, Conn. – A Connecticut man whose young son died after he left him inside a car on a hot day last summer has been spared prison time.

Kyle Seitz (SITES) of Ridgefield received a conditional discharge at his sentencing Thursday in Danbury Superior Court.

Authorities say Seitz forgot to take his 15-month-old son, Benjamin, to day care on July 7 and left him in the car for seven hours while he went to work. Temperatures that day hit the upper 80s.

Seitz pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide under an Alford plea, in which he didn't admit guilt but agreed the prosecution has enough evidence to convict him at trial. He had been facing up to a year in prison.

Seitz, who has two other children, has been free on bail.

Anonymous said...

Does the dad drive a caravan?