Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mother of Missing Leona Wright Speaks

Mother Kiara Sullivan  references missing 1 year old in the past tense HERE

Sadly, enough of these cases the public seems to be catching on.

Mother wants "closure", referencing the child in the past tense which is a verbal indication that mother knows or believes the child is dead.

Question:  Did police let the mother know that the child is likely dead?

If not, it brings mother's own knowledge of the child's death into focus.

Verb tenses, if only the simple past or present tense, are learned early in life, and become instinctive when someone speaks in the free editing process.

Here is the 911 call:  911 CALL

The caller, initially, made the call for Kiara Sullivan and repeated that "the baby can't walk", as to say, the child could not have wandered off by herself.

The flow of information is frustrating, as the 911 operator had to explain the simple need for information.  The neighbor has a reluctance to commit, without any indication of knowledge of the child, but of likely suspicion of the family.  "It don't make sense", she repeated.  Rightly, the 911 operator wanted to speak directly to Kiara Sullivan.

Caller said "I don't know if you need to send an ambulance because the mom is passing out, too, so I don't know what is going on."

The phrase, "I don't know what is going on" may suggest that the neighbor is only reluctantly involved, perhaps due only to the welfare of a child, but likely has many questions about the family.

Finally, the caller admits the negligence, which was likely the cause of the hesitancy when she said, "I'm going to be honest with you", revealing that before this, something, indeed, was on her mind, that she was withholding, and this information was her opinion of the family.  This is why she finally said, "they should have been up with the children";

and said, "it's not the baby's fault; it is the parent's."

The caller does the best she can, with both limited information and frustration, and the 911 operator thanked her appropriately.


Anonymous said...

To some extent the caller did know what was going on becuase she said "the mom is passing out". Also, her comment "I'm going to be honest with you" implies that either she did not want to be honest about it, or that not everything she said was honest.

The beautiful doll baby. What a sweetheart. She looks like a precious china doll a little girl would have in her collection. So sad, she is gone, but where, how? Mom knows. The caller may also know more than she has said.

GetThem said...

A thought. The 2nd caller said "I don't know if you need to send an ambulance because the mom is passing out" etc. Since the caller has internal questions about the mother and the incident, she sounds like she does not completely believe that an ambulance is needed or else she would say "we need an ambulance, send one." It could be she doesn't mention sending an ambulance for the baby because she knows deep down the baby will not be found there, or found alive.

When the second caller said "It don't make sense" it's because she knows that a baby that "can't walk yet" doesn't leave a house on their own. She may have known about, or suspected abuse in the house prior to this incident.

Peter has said that the information that is revealed immediately after a person says "to be honest" is truthful.

The first caller, oh man! She was horrible, I dread to find out how she was involved with this poor little baby.

ARobin said...

The two siblings taken into Social Services custody tested positive for Meth, Cocaine and THC. Maybe the caller's had knowledge of the mother and boyfriend's drug use?? I don't know but it all sounds bad and has since the day I saw her interviewed on the news and she spoke of her baby in the past tense. I also picked up on the comment about already wanting "closure" and it didn't sit right with me either. She definitely has guilty knowledge of the whereabouts of this poor baby. So very sad.

Katprint said...

I doubt a 1 year old baby named "Leona Wright" born to a woman named "Kiara Sullivan" was fathered by a man named "Travis Jones." I'm guessing there's a biological father with the surname "Wright" out there somewhere. Historically, children fare poorly at the hands of mothers' boyfriends. According to

"Children living in households with unrelated adults are nearly 50 times as likely to die of inflicted injuries as children living with two biological parents, according to a study of Missouri data published in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2005."

Similarly, according to

"Substance abuse is one of the top problems exhibited by families in child abuse and neglect cases. Children of substance-abusing parents are 3 times more likely to be abused and 4 times more likely to be neglected than parents who are not substance abusers."

IMO, it is unusual for a one year old child not to be able to walk, unless they are physically/mentally disabled or are being kept trapped in a crib and don't get a chance to learn to walk around.

In the 911 call, the neighbor described the mother's boyfriend was aggressively harassing the 3 year old sibling about what had happened to her sister. Towards the end of the call, the neighbor explained that was why the neighbor called 911 i.e. because that's the reasonable, logical thing to do when a child is missing, not trying to pin the blame on other young children in the family. The mother's statements in the background of the 911 call that the baby is dead, thus her refusal to speak to the 911 operator, and her later news interview statement "I want her with me. Don’t matter the condition. It would give me closure if I could see her" are chock full of guilty knowledge. She knows her boyfriend killed her baby; very likely she had previously seen him behave abusively to the baby.

Unknown said...

It's not unusual for a one year old to not be able to walk. 12 months is typical for when they start (give or take). But really 10-15 months is normal. If a child is 13 months and not walking yet that's certainly not a developmental delay.

JC said...

OFF Topic

Search for missing baby continues; family sheds light on case

REDDING, California - The family of baby Ember Graham and volunteers fanned out across Shasta County on Saturday looking for leads that may help in locating the 6-month-old, who has been missing from Happy Valley.

About a dozen people, all relatives of Matthew Ryan Graham, the baby’s father, began their search after a brief morning meeting in front of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1934 in downtown Redding.

Jamie Lee Graham, the baby’s mother, was the sole representative from her side of the family. She said that was because members in her family were doing their get-together in the Clear Creek area and working with agency officials.

“Everybody copes differently,” she said. But it did not mean they were not supportive of her husband, Matthew Graham. “Nobody thinks that he’s capable — there’s no way he would ever, premeditated or accidentally (do) anything.”

Matthew Graham, 24, became a person of interest in the disappearance of Ember based on inconsistent statements he made to the Shasta County sheriff’s investigators after he reported his daughter missing from her crib early Thursday morning.

His family said the inconsistencies can be explained.

“When things like this happen, everybody starts pointing fingers,” said Matthew Graham’s father, Wayne Graham. “If anyone knew my son and had been around that baby, there’s just no way.”

Graham remained in Shasta County Jail on Saturday over a probation violation.

Wayne Graham said an admission by his son to investigators that he smoked medical marijuana is what triggered the violation.

“He’s had medical marijuana prescriptions in the past for back pain and from what I understand, he was smoking pot without his current prescription,” the elder Graham said. “They (found) whatever they could to hold him.”

Graham said his routine as a dad was normal, as he offered an explanation for investigators’ search on Friday in the Clear Creek Road area.

On Wednesday night, Matthew Graham drove in his truck to the Happy Stop Market on Cloverdale Road, across from the fire station, to buy Dr Pepper and candy.

There is no official word from the sheriff’s office about what Matthew Graham told investigators, and Lt. Dave Kent could not be reached for comment Saturday on details of the case.

JC said...


“They said that he didn’t come home from that. That like he went off somewhere else and then came home,” and surveillance footage shows his truck in the area, according to Wayne Graham.

Wayne Graham, who lives in the Reno-Sparks, Nevada, area and last saw his granddaughter three weeks ago, said there is some truth to his son driving around but he definitely returned home with the baby.

“His excuse for that was that — and he usually did it in Reno when he visited me — he said Ember was really fussy so he was driving around to get her to calm down. I mean who hasn’t (driven around) with a baby in the car to get them to settle down, because they fall asleep in cars, you know?” Wayne Graham said.

Wayne Graham also shed more light on why his son’s truck did not have license plates.

He said the vehicle used to belong to Matthew Graham’s aunt, and it had disabled plates.

“He turned them in after he took ownership of the car,” he said and estimated that his son had been driving around without plates for four months or more because the truck cannot pass a smog check.

“He’s been doing the temporary thing for a few months. That’s the best way to put it,” he said.

Per his conversations with his daughter-in-law, Ember usually wakes up at 2 a.m., and that may be the time she was taken from her crib, he said.

He said investigators have had two theories about what may have happened to his granddaughter.

“The original story was that she passed away at night because she had a seizure and has epilepsy and Matthew freaked out and did something with the body,” Wayne Graham said. “Now it’s going in a whole other way. There’s just no way. Anybody at all who has seen him with that baby would tell you that.”

In a message, Kent said volunteer search teams were low because of Independence Day. The tip line has been replaced with the sheriff’s office regular numbers.

Anyone with information about Ember Graham is asked to call the Major Crimes Unit at 245-6135 or Sheriff’s Records at 245-6025. Information can also be sent to the Sheriff’s Major Crimes Unit email address:

dadgum said...

Oh boy..

Anonymous said...


Mark Redwine: former FBI profiler won’t talk to him about son Dylan’s death

The father of Dylan Redwine says he might be the one a former FBI profiler recently called a ‘person of interest’ in his son’s death but he doesn’t know because authorities have rebuffed his efforts to speak with them.

“I’ve been in communication with the La Plata County Sheriff’s Department and they have no interest in communicating with me right now,” Mark Redwine, the father of deceased 13-year-old Dylan Redwine, said Saturday morning. “I may or may not be that person of interest. Right now there are more questions than answers.”

The Redwine case jumped back into the headlines this week after former FBI profiler Pete Klismet made statements implying Read in-depth story about Redwine case

“Read story about Klismet’s statementsthat we are very encouraged that we have crossed the bridge from the unknown to the known,” Klismet was quoted as saying in the Durango Herald.

Sheriff’s investigators also revealed that they conducted other searches on Middle Mountain Road, where Dylan’s body was discovered in the vicinity of his father’s house near Vallecito Reservoir in the summer of 2013 and found “items of interest,” according to the Herald report.

“He’s not made any contact with me,” Redwine said Saturday morning, referring to Klismet. “Everything that is being said is being implied. I think people are reading a lot more into this than is warranted.”

Klismet has not identified the person of interest he is referring to and Redwine said no one has told him who it is. But Redwine said it would be fair to say that authorities have previously indicated that they were primarily focusing their investigation on him.

“Everything that has been said is being implied,” Redwine said.

When first called Saturday morning for comment, Redwine brusquely stated, “At this point I’m not talking,” and hung up the phone.

Anonymous said...

A half hour later, he called back, apologized over and over for “being rude,” and answered numerous questions about his life following his son Dylan’s death and about a civil lawsuit filed against him by his ex-wife Elaine Redwine.

Redwine was an eighth grader at Lewis-Palmer Middle School in Colorado Springs, where he lived with his mother Elaine Redwine and older brother Cory, when he vanished shortly after texting his mother that his father had picked him up at the Durango airport.

“I’ve lost my best friend. Dylan was my best friend,” he said. “I’ve chosen to honor my son’s life by living in such a way that my son would be proud of.”

As difficult as it is to focus on work when he is grieving, he has continued to work as a long-haul truck driver, he said. But what has amplified his grief as been an unending onslaught of accusation from his wife.

He said Elaine Redwine began accusing him even before Dylan’s remains were discovered and hasn’t let up in more than two years. It makes his life very difficult, he said.

Redwine said he has contacted a private attorney after his ex-wife filed a wrongful death claim against him, accusing him of killing their son.

“I don’t begrudge her at all in trying to find the truth about what happened to our son. I don’t agree with how she is going about doing it,” he said.

Read story that reveals nuances of Dylan’s death

Anyone with information that may help solve this case is asked to call the La Plata County Sheriff’s Department in Durango at 970-385-2900.

GetThem said...

Katprint, VERY good catch re: the boyfriend yelling the background.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


interesting twist on homeschooling. I expected the pavlonian but instead I have what may be an interesting social experiment for your children.

I have another twist for it:

Once the topical question is chosen,

will the responses at the mall mirror responses as Walmart? :)


Anonymous said...

Pavlovian experiments were ground breaking in Psychological terms. Yet, used in the wrong way, can be very dangerous, and have long lasting mental side effects.

Anonymous said...

Pavlov began using dogs. He would ring a bell then feed them and collect the saliva. He then wondered if he just rang a bell, would the dogs still salivate, and they did. B.F Skinner built upon this, and today, it is now known a "positive reinforcement" and is used world wide.

Anonymous said...

B. F. Skinner

An excerpt from the BBC documentary "Great thinkers: in their own words."

Important note: Skinner did not believe that human beings are born blank slate.

trustmeigetit said...

How on earth is a 3 year old responsible for a missing 1 year old.

A 3 year old is also a child.

It sounds like neglect lead to this poor child's death.

Katprint said...

trustmeigetit, my interpretation is that the boyfriend was alibi-building by planting a false memory in the three year old. If you insist to a three year old that something really happened -- that they caught a glimpse of Santa as he was leaving back up the chimney, for example, or that they were lost in a shopping mall -- and you repeated it enough times, the three year old will eventually accept that it actually happened and will describe it back to other people as having happened.

trustmeigetit said...

Interesting thought Katprint! Does make sense.

So if the 3 year old say the baby that day.... She was alive still even if they killed her the day before.

Anonymous said...

So sad kiara Sullivan must have let people around her kids no matter what or who.I bet the boyfriend had company and something happened to the baby now she scared to talk Travis Jones is trying to stick to the code and not snitchin on his company knows what went on that night in the apt

Unknown said...

So it's now a year later.. Did any word ever come about where or what happened to that sweet looking baby?? So sad things like this have to happen to innocent babies

Unknown said...

So it's now a year later.. Did any word ever come about where or what happened to that sweet looking baby?? So sad things like this have to happen to innocent babies