Monday, June 20, 2016

Celina Cass: Wendel Noyes Arrested

Wendell Noyes, step father of Celina Cass, has been arrested for her murder.  

In 2011, he was analyzed here and found to be deceptive.  The few statements he did make affirmed the deception and guilty knowledge of the child's death.  

Noyes on Celina Cass' disappearance.  The use of "we" when it should be "I" is often a signal of wanting to share guilt and/ or responsibility. 

"When got up that morning, there was, well, she usually sleeps on the couch," said Wendell Noyes.

A broken sentence means missing information.  He tells us not what happened, but what usually does.  This indicates an avoidance of truth

"We left the door unlocked that night for somebody else to pop in. And, I don't know," .   

Note the change of pronoun.  "We" left the door unlocked shows weakness, then he switches to "I".  He is not speaking for anyone else.  But notice the most important word in his sentence:  "else".  "Somebody else" is a somebody besides himself.  This points to himself. 

Note that he gives the reason why "we" left the door unlocked; making the locking of the door very sensitive to him. 

Officials seized Noyes' truck, cellphone and computer as evidence in the ongoing investigation. Noyes now lives alone, confirming that his wife has asked him to stay away. Noyes still wears his wedding ring and said he still cares for Luisia Cass.

"had nothing to do with it. We left the door unlocked, and somebody else was in the apartment after we went upstairs," Noyes said on Monday.

Unreliable denial noted. 

A reliable pronoun is first person singular, past tense, and specific to Celina's murder.  

Note the change from "I" to "we" as weak:  he is speaking only for himself, not another, and the somebody is him, and the somebody "else" is deceptive.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this update! I've been contrasting Wendell's silence with Davey Blackburn's inability to STFU. I'm glad to see that he's been arrested.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

First witnesses testify they believed Heather Elvis was pregnant

Dabel said...

My heart has hurt for this beautiful little girl for years. Surly I am not the only one thinking that she was at an age where appearance means everything and her teeth were not taken care of how that speaks volumes of the neglect she suffered.


I'm glad to see the police have made an arrest. The step father made some interesting statements right after Celina went missing. Reading Peter's statement analysis (for me following Peter's blog and analysis), the step father was noted as deceptive. The change in pronouns were not difficult to see when reading thru the news articles. Thankfully the police did not let this case go cold. It is a very sad, tragic case. Celina was only 11 years old. So young.

Time for Celina's justice.

Lemon said...

I agree with you Boston. One of many sad, tragic cases.

lynda said...

A win for the good guys!! 5 years! It gives me hope for all the murderers still walking around out there that think they got away with it.

rob said...

I'll never forget this idiot, lying on the gravel driveway, kicking like a toddler throwing a tantrum! It's about time they arrested him.

Dabel, I don't know if it was true, but I remember the mother in a interview, right when it happened, saying that she was going to be getting braces the next week.

Polo said...

OT - Krista Perdue Missing Indiana School Teacher. Below is just one of her husband's statements:

"I honestly don't have anything to say," said Sam Perdue, speaking outside the couple's home Tuesday afternoon. "She's been missing since Sunday night and the Tippecanoe Sheriff's Department, those guys have been awesome. They've worked very, very hard. I can't thank them enough for their efforts. They've been great to work with. We just all want her back and back home."

jmo said...

yes rob i remember him doing that, lol. kind of similar as discribed by those who were there, of terry elvis' displays at his church when it comes time to ask for forgivness and all to pray for them.

Anonymous said...

"ominously normal day"