Saturday, January 16, 2016

Peace Troubadour James Twyman to Sing to ISIS

Is James Twyman deceptive?

He has been commissioned by "the psychic children" to sing to ISIS his songs of peace after being "touched", physically by a 10 year old boy unseen by others. 

He clams he has the power to move items with just concentration and finger pointing, suspending the laws of nature.  

He has met with a 10 year old boy who gave him this special power.

Thus, to himself:  

He is special.

He is not like anyone else.

Hence, we see the same deception of  psychic claims with an acute and self serving need to be recognized as different and unique but here he puts himself in harm's way in exchange for publicity.  

How far will a deceptive one go to promote himself?

From his own website:

"In 2000, while giving a talk in a private home, Twyman encountered an extraordinary ten-year-old boy named Marco. He touched Twyman's finger, and suddenly Twyman could bend spoons with the power of his mind, read thoughts, and transmit thoughts to others. Marco said that there were other special children like him--in a monastery in the mountains of Bulgaria--which led Twyman to southern Europe and further adventures. In the process, he learned that the children had a message for all the world and that he was to be the one to deliver that message."

Note he reports making physical contact with a ten year old boy.  

Note the children are in the mountains of Bulgaria, in a monastery.  This "led him", which is the same as "because" to southern Europe.  

There the "other special children" are referred to as "the children", with the article, "the."  This is found with the word "adventures", in the plural.  

This article is used along with "other adventures" as an attempt to deceive.  Did the "other adventures" include touching or being touched by other 'special' boys? 

Question:  What is missing between touching of the boy and traveling to southern Europe?

Answer:  Finding the "special children" 

The concern that most people have is that he risks being captured and executed by the Islamic State. 

By his language, there may be other concerns.  In fabricating an account to make him "special", he is using himself and mysterious 10 year old boys.  That he is deceptive and chooses to use this language and then deliberately puts himself in harm's way for self promotion, and there is much to be concerned over.  

This may remind some of the pedophiliac Michael Jackson who's words not only showed his guilt, but revealed that he had victims in many parts of the world.  Jackson, too, used the 'mandate' of little children (boys) 'spread' his love. 

That he is deceptive signals that he is not delusional and knows precisely what he is doing.  

Deception is seen within intent to deceive.  


Marci said... Peter I have been coming to your site for years.... This is my go fund me site... I never thought I would do something like this but I'm wondering if you can share... When I was setting it up it brought me through the steps of posting it on my facebook page and I just couldn't do it... Way too embarrassing to share with my friends but I'm hoping maybe you can share it?? if not so be.. I will still continue to come to your site..

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this guy took the red pill. Few do. Many prefer the blue pill instead.

A group of personnel recruiters prefer the twinning as opposed to mind over matter. Yes, it's confusing, but it works for them as no one opposes them.(thus the reason for the fake license plates and dead animals)

Boston Lady said...

Really creepy. My immediate gut feeling reading his words is "Pedophile". LE should look at where he has been and gone, and stops in between. He's telling on himself.

Tania Cadogan said...

This is the type of person i like to 'play' with.

I am nosy and when i have workmen in, i am getting my hair or nails done, when i have time to talk to someone doing their work, or, even random people i meet on the bus or whilst bimbling around on my travels and having a 5 min sit down, i ask people about themselves.
Why they ended up doing the job they are doing (i do warn them i am nosy in advance :) )
It can be an introduction such as you smell nice, (my responsible adult is now used to me wandering off in search of the nice smelling person and me complimenting them and then having a general chat with them before ending with a hug)
it can be they are wearing some nice item of clothing or having nice hair or even no hair and a nice smooth pate.

It is surprising how much people will tell me about themselves, even private stuff at times.
I wonder why they do since i am a stranger and i think that is why.
As a stranger, I know nothing about them except what they tell me, I don't know the persons family or friends and most importantly i listen.
Sometimes i think all someone needs is someone who listens to what is being said and is genuinely interested in their words.
Plus everyone likes compliments and hugs.

Trigger said...

I agree Boston Lady.

"Pedophile" is my gut feeling about this man.

Tania Cadogan said...

Why would children be in a monastery?

I agree that it smacks of paedophilia, the touching followed by further adventures.

Lemon said...

An excellent question Hobs. I wonder if he is catholic? His linking of children and a religious order is creepy.

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...
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Hey Jude said...

Twyman is a charlatan who seeks to make money from gullible parents who want to believe that their children are special and gifted - the 'Indigo' or 'Psychic' children of current folklore.

Marco, at least has the benefit of not existing, along with the secret monastery. I have read some claptrap in my time, and I know from these couple of pages that this book would be up there with the worst of it:

The monastery with which he associates Marco, is Eastern Orthodox - some backward ways remain in remote Eastern and Southeastern European areas and religious communities - I think he is using that knowledge to create his tale of 'Psychic Children', because he is cynically aware of there being a market for such beliefs. In times gone by, child novices, sometimes orphans, would be a part of such communities - in Buddhist monasteries (ie Myanmar) boy monks are still commonplace.

Twyman's website, right hand side, contains links to abandoned domains now for sale - a trail of his less lucrative 'adventures'. He speaks at churches which proclaim 'You are Entitled to Miracles' and offers some on-line version of ordination to something. It's sad that so many are so gullible - but as the saying goes, people who don't believe something will be more willing to believe anything. Well, some people.

Hey Jude said...

Does ISIS even allow singing? I thought listening to or making music was not on their list of approved recreational activities - more chucking infidels from buildings and beheading for pleasure.

Hey Jude said...

Indigo - The Color of Money

Hey Jude said...

'He doesn't always make a distinction in his writings between his purported mystical interactions and actual, in-the-flesh interactions. When confronted with suspected and admitted misrepresentations, he conveys that he would rather we focus on the truth of his messages than the truth of his experiences - and this seems to satisfy many people, but for others honesty is a prerequisite for credibility.'

From the article - URL above. Twyman admits that 'the truth of his experiences' is questionable, or that he lies. People believe what they want believe and on that he depends.

Tania Cadogan said...

Thanks for the link Hey Jude.

It makes amusing reading.

Given he has this so called talent to see into peoples minds, why didn't he just read the monks mind and high tail it off to said monastery.

He writes like he is writing a novel than and actual what happened.
He has read way to many pulp fiction books and it shows.

Hey Jude said...

Tania - quite. :)


I am still on this article. Slow brain cell day.

The connection I made was between Marco touching Twyman's finger, and God reaching out to touch Adam's finger in the 'Creation of Adam' painting in the Sistene Chapel - I thought it was a subliminal-type message/image through which Twyman was attempting to liken Marco (with his 'supernatural' powers) to God/divinity, and himself to Adam/mankind (recipient of the blessings). Does it have to be more than that he is out to exploit parents financially, through convincing them that their children can be 'special/psychic/Indigo' children, too?

As my SA skills are rudimentary, I would not know how to conclude, from what Twyman wrote (as quoted by Peter), that his interests could be sexual - it doesn't seem like enough to be able to think that of him, because Marco is only 'real' in the sense of being an invented psychic phenomena, an invention necessary to creating a business based on the belief in 'special psychic' children. Also, he touched his finger - how is that significant? Does it signify something else, or more, in SA?

I would need more information to suspect him of being more than a charlatan - the short excerpt from his book on Google did give some more. One instance - on arriving at a monastery, he said that he meant no harm. I am wary of people who find a need to say, for no apparent reason, they don't mean any harm or that they won't hurt anyone - it does not necessarily mean that a person means no harm and that they won't hurt anyone, and it was them who introduced the idea. Also, he said Marco was his 'goal' - I don't know why that rang alarm bells, besides I have not heard a child described as a 'goal'. I suppose because a goal is somewhat like a target, or a pursuit, but also suggests a striker and defence? He is in pursuit of a mystery child, which sounds predatory - so even if it is all in his mind, his mind is predatory? I still don't get how his interest would be assumed to be sexual, though, if his interest is in financial exploitation of those who want to believe in mystery psychic children, be they 'real' or invented. He also says that, unlike others (as though he has competitors pursuing Marco), he is not interested in making money - things said in the negative require attention. So, I say his definite interest is financial, he is predatory, but I would still need more information and explanation to also be able to see him as a paedophile.

Anonymous said...

Yup, agree.
Wouldn't let any kid anywhere near this guy.