Friday, January 8, 2016

Police Investigators: Training Produces Results

There is nothing like, "A to Z" success.  It is a complete success and it brings satisfaction that is deep and lasting. In Statement Analysis, "A to Z" has a specific meaning.  

When a police officer speaks to anyone and everyone on the job, it is an interview.  

At least, this is how it should be viewed and specific training not only provides traction for their careers, but it produces a satisfaction that has few rivals in life:  emotional satisfaction of completeness and justice. 

The downside is that, outside of generic terms to family, police investigators cannot speak freely, nor even receive credit from the public they serve, as their work is largely confidential, unless it reaches the public via court and media, and by this time, success is viewed as the prosecutor's and not the investigator.  

I share here a success that we call, "A to Z Analysis", where a case uses Statement Analysis from the beginning to the successful conclusion, by an unnamed investigator in an unnamed case.  

It is shared to inspire others for formal training, and to let the public know of excellence behind the scenes by dedicated professionals. 

The investigator received a report of a sexual assault and upon meeting the victim and offering assurance, he instructed her to write out what happened before the case was discussed.  

This is step A. 

He avoided contamination of a statement by not discussing the case.  Anything he says to her can show up in the statement and change the wording from hers to his.  

He even told her to begin where she wanted to, avoiding any signals of language to her, and allowing her to choose where she feels most important.  He exercised no undue influence over her. 

She wrote out a statement in which his training showed him:  this is highly deceptive.  

His training also told him:  believe her, let her words guide him, and where her statement showed reliability, believe her, and where dropped pronouns are so powerfully evident, believe this too, since she is not saying such and such happened.   

He then conducted the interview based upon analysis.  

This is called "Analytical Interviewing" with the two most powerful questions:

"What happened?"

"What happened, next?"

He used her language when it came time to specific questions, and avoided introducing anything new. 

In the areas of extreme sensitivity, he simply repeated the questions. 

Legally sound, non intrusive, and the subject freely speaks. 

Where deception was indicated, he simply went back and asked again...and again.  

She knew. 

He then confronted her with the specific portions of deception using her own wording and not his.  

She confessed.  

He then fulfilled the instruction of Analytical Interviewing by doing something very special.

He became her student. 

He asked her why she confessed to him and she said that it was because she knew that he was on to her, and he then let her speak on why she had made a false report, and discerned a terrible need for professional intervention, which, his student-like posture facilitated.  She would get the professional help she needed. 

But as her student, he let her teach him and here is "Z" in the "A to Z" training. 

He has been successfully using Statement Analysis for 13 months, and has been in formalized monthly training.  

When she spoke live in the interview, Statement Analysis became Discourse Analysis as he caught the indicators of deception as she spoke them.  

It came naturally, or so it seemed.  The constant training and the constant work had reached a magical point where, almost unawares, he was analyzing her 'on the fly', or as she spoke. 

Z in the A to Z

Having obtained the confession and even given specific direction for professional help. he then had her take him, the student, through the written statement, where she gave reason for each word chosen.  

He was able to receive full verification of each highlighted principle in the statement.  

It was a marvelous conclusion for him, as all the training came into play, and the proof of principe, displayed for him.  

There was no perpetrator in the event; therefore, no possibility of an innocent man being punished.  There was, however, a terribly lonely, frightened and troubled woman, in the latter portion of her life, desperate for relevancy who has some serious issues that warrant help; help that he facilitated for her, and help which she was open to due to his professional, kind, empathetic interview. 

Even better?  

He asked her where she got the assault story from since it did not come from "experiential memory."

This is a great question. 

She said it came from TV shows.  

It came from memory, but not experiential memory.  

If you are on patrol and wish to advance yourself, the training will prove invaluable.  If you are already investigating and if you have good intuition, the training will sharpen your skills to points of accuracy , perhaps, you did not know could exist. 

This detective and I spoke about the value of the training for therapists and counselors who 'interview' people all day, every day, similar to patrol, and how this interview showed the desperate need for help this woman had.  

He felt a satisfaction that goes beyond any paycheck and his confidence in his training is skyrocketing with each case, but here, in taking the role of student, a citizen in need was not only served with dignity by one who's oath is "to protect and serve", but he, himself, was served with a lesson he will never forget.  She took him through her entire statement, line by line, as a favor to him, since he had treated her, in her lies, with such respect and human dignity. 

For those who take our training, either through the home course or in their department, we give 12 months of continued support; checking your work, helping prepare for the interview, and then inviting the successful into elite monthly training of live cases with some of the country's best investigators and analysts from both civil and criminal realms.  There, they not only analyze statements, but see the psychology behind the words, learn how to interview to get confessions and admissions, as well as move towards identifying anonymous authors.  

Tuition is reasonable, with payments available, but the course is not mere introductory nor simple because analysis is hard work, and it take dedication.  Many complete a basic course in Academy only to have a piece of paper in their employee file, with no practical application.  

Here, we not only have principle, but principle explained, understood, tested, and applied to life. She gave him psychology lessons that will take him time to absorb; what she was experiencing in life related to the words she chose. 

This is to help him in his own database of linguistics.  

For this investigator, this was his first "A to Z" analysis, where he:

A.  Successfully analyzed the statement and conducted the interview accordingly, but

Z.  After the confession, he had the subject school him on Statement Analysis.  She taught him things about analysis and about himself, that I could not.  

It was "win win" in every sense.  

I need not to congratulate this officer.  His A to Z success does so for us all.  

Contact Hyatt Analysis

to host a training seminar, or to take the private course.  For those in need of Continuing Educational Units for professional license, the University of Maine will award CEUs for the training.  
Should said investigator one day retire from criminal investigating to instructing Statement Analysis, is there a greater compliment to an instructor than to watch a student become his competition?  

The "A to Z" Statement Analysis investigation can take many avenues, including those in business and social services.  The key components:

1.  Obtaining an unadulterated statement 
2.  Properly analyzing the statement 
3.  Conducting a legally sound, open ended interview based upon the analysis. 
4.  If interrogation is needed, using the analysis to confront the subject with his or her own words and own signals of deception. 
5.  Obtaining a confession or admission.
6.  Getting the subject to tell you why he or she confessed at this time, and why to you.
7.  Getting the subject to take you, word by word and line by line, through his own statement, to guide and instruct you. 

It is a teaching opportunity that is rare and has a life long impression allowing the investigator/analyst/interviewer to gain much insight about self.  


Anonymous said...

What a great officer! Intelligent, patient, compassionate, & humble as in willing to be the student. He made a connection with this woman that will impact her life for the good, for the rest of her life. I wish ALL LEO's could have SAnalysis mandated as part of their basic training.

And too bad we couldn't go back in time & teach these principles to the LEO's responsible for interrogating Brendan Dassey..

John Mc Gowan said...


Man accused of shooting Philadelphia police officer pledged allegiance to ISIS, police say

Statement Analysis Blog said...


The political machine is already saying it is not real Islam. Mayor speaking out.

Here is more on Germany:

As the full extent of the New Year’s Eve migrant sex attacks in Germany begins to be exposed, it has emerged that a very similar series of assaults occurred in Austria, which the police allegedly deliberately tried to hide.

After Breitbart London broke the news of the Cologne attacks for the English speaking world, the German media and police were accused of orchestrating a cover up of the crimes due to the ethnic origin of the perpetrators.

Then, it began to emerge that attacks of the same nature also happened in “every major Germany city” as well as in Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and France in a single night.

Now, not only has Austria joined the growing list, but reports have emerged that Austrian police tried to cover-up the issue over fears of reprisal attacks on asylum seekers and damage to the countries’ tourist trade.

The incidents only came to light after several females came forward to complain to local media. Subsequently, the Austrian Police claimed that they kept silent “to protect the victims”.

lynda said...

Kudos to that officer..if he continues interviewing subjects using SA I bet he will be the "go to" guy in his department..fantastic.

I am glad all this is now coming out about the assaults in numerous countries. Maybe now people will at least start to listen,learn, and see what is truly going on. I know I was ignorant to all of this before this blog.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Estranged Boyfriend Of Missing Dallas Woman Now MIA

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Relatives of a missing Dallas woman are now openly wondering why her estranged boyfriend appears to have vanished, as well.

Marisol Espinosa never arrived at her job at North Park Center last Tuesday.

Faustino Valdez told police that Espinosa kissed him goodbye before she left. Over the weekend, he joined family and friends in a hastily arranged search of a wooded area in the Pleasant Grove neighborhood. Her SUV was recovered at an apartment complex nearby with her purse and belongings locked inside.

Meanwhile, some experts believe the complex could be full of potential witnesses—but, evidence does not get better with time.

“If you don’t get it quick: it’s lost,” says John Rosa, CEO of EJR Agency. A licensed private detective, Rosa has more than three decades experience finding people who don’t want to be found. He says police must move quickly. “I think that within 24-48 hour period, there should have been somebody out there talking to those folks,” says Rosa. “You get witnesses that maybe saw a Caucasian individual… and a week later, maybe the guy is black maybe. It changes that much!”

Meanwhile, family members tell us that Valdez was questioned by police. But, detectives have declined to call him a suspect. Relatives say he has not been seen since earlier in the week.

“That’s not a good sign,” says Rosa. “Folks that don’t have anything to hide… I’m not going to run and hide.”

The apartment complex where the SUV was found does have surveillance cameras and any evidence they may have captured has been turned over to police. Witnesses are still being asked to come forward.

Trigger said...

How sad that sex offenders who call themselves "Muslim" are being coddled and protected so they can repeat their crimes on people who are unprepared for such violence.

I saw a Muslim man who had been "westernized" talk about the problem in the media.

He freely admitted that the refugees wanted to "get with" with the beautiful women of Europe, but it was more difficult than the refugees thought it would be.

He didn't elaborate why the refugees felt they had a right to sexually abuse and/or rape the women of their towns. He did indicate that these men need to learn the rules of living in Europe. He stopped short of saying that they should be prosecuted for raping the women. What a spineless jerk!

Are these men so comfortable in their roles as sexual abusers/rapists that they feel entitled to brazenly prey on "foreign" women to make themselves feel powerful and masculine?

Is this something that that Koran would allow them to do with the expectation that Allah would reward them for it?

They believe that their Muslim women are pure and the "foreign" women are not. Does this mean that think it is OK to sexually abuse them?

Let's talk about judging, condemning, and punishing by self-righteous, smug Muslim men who see themselves as just, when it is lust and power that really motivates them to do such vile acts to women.

mom2many said...

OT Found on Facebook, a missing person's notice that raises several flags to me. Anyone else?

This is a Public plea from my Daughter - we're trying to locate my Granddaughter :

Hello my name is Maureen Gullett and my 14 year old daughter Rosemary Gullet disappeared 6 months ago. She is missing and endangered and is presumed to have fallen into the hands of child trafficking criminals. Since she disappeared I have found images of her online. He hair had been bleached blonde last then dyed red. As of last seen she had red hair kept in a bun however her looks are being regularly altered to hide her identity. She is using an unknown alias however her real name is Rosemary Blue Gullett and her date of birth is 1-1-01.

There is a state wide hunt for her in Oregon however is is now presumed she has been taken out of the state. I have begun a nationwide search. I desperately need volunteers from every city in the US to post MISSING GIRL notices about Rosemary online. From local Craigslist news posts to facebook pages. Please help me find my missing daughter. Every day counts as she is 14, not in school and endangered.

DOB 1-1-2001
HEIGHT - 6" 1'
WEIGHT - 140 lbs
EYES - Hazel
HAIR - thin and straight, dyed and bleached, red or ???, past shoulder length when last seen but may have been cut or worn in a bun or head covering
OTHER - Freckles on her face and body, razor blade cut homemade tattoo on her left ankle, may have gotten other homemade tattoos since she disappeared, tall and thin build, full lips, pretty cat eyes, likes peg leg pants, iphone, social media, smokes marijuana regularly, drinks alcohol. Rosemary has many friends in Portland Oregon where she disappeared from that she contacts regularly on social media.

POSSIBLE LOCATIONS - Portland, Eugene, California, Arcata, Humboldt, San Diego, Seattle, Tennessee, Nashville, Hawaii, Texas, Dallas, Fort Worth...If you live in any of these please copy this information and re-post in your town. Thank you!



mom2many said...

Here's the link to the ^^ NCMEC page. Some of the points that flagged me are different on the NCMEC page. There are few details on the NCMEC page.

Anonymous said...

mom2many, Rosemary is from my city, so I saw this a week or so again quite a few times on my fb feed, and it did seem strange.
What are the flags you see? I just think the whole thing seems weird, but couldn't pick out the reason/s why.

mom2many said...

He hair had been bleached blonde last then dyed red. As of last seen she had red hair kept in a bun however her looks are being regularly altered to hide her identity.

Reads inconsistently about what color her hair was last.

HEIGHT - 6" 1'
WEIGHT - 140 lbs

Pretty tall for a 14 yo and the weight seems low for that height. This is the data that is inconsistent with what is posted at NCMEC. That lists her as a more reasonable 5'6"/130lbs. The birthdate of 1-1-01 also gave me a question, because that's what I put in forms when I don't want to disclose my actual birthdate (different year, though), but NCMEC has it the same.

Rosemary has many friends in Portland Oregon where she disappeared from that she contacts regularly on social media.

How is she missing if she is in regular contact with friends? Can't they trace those contacts?

There were enough questions that I looked up her NCMEC to see if she was listed. I guess she is not made up, though I'd prefer if she were, and not missing or being trafficked.

mom2many said...

Oh, also the request to call a personal phone number and not LE or NCMEC or an investigator with her case file is strange.

Anonymous said...

OT-re Rosemary Gullet
Her height is 5'6"

A further description includes: cat eyes, full lips
Hair color: constantly changing to change appearance

If someone finds a description of her breasts being perky you might want to call the police.

elf said...

I saw this post also, mom2many. I had to re-read it a few times and look at the accompanying pictures to get what the post was saying. If I'm not mistaken, the girl has fallen in with the wrong people and is more like a runaway/ endangered minor. The height was a mistake that was noted on the original post comments. The pictures accompanying the post are selfie's of the girl with her hair in a bun and colored red, her current hair color.

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

OT Updates:

Police: Search for missing mom now a homicide investigation

Statement Analysis showed red flags and sensitivities within his statement.

Previous article. Boyfriends statement.


"She … took a shower, got ready and put her clothes on -- her work uniform -- her makeup just like a normal day," he said. "(She) gave me a kiss goodbye and she just got up and just left to work."

Valdez added, "It's not like her to just do this -- leave the kids like that."
He walked away too distraught to continue the interview.


Police: Search for missing mom now a homicide investigation

Dallas Police now consider the boyfriend of missing mother Marisol Espinoza a person of interest in the case.

A source told News 8 search warrants were executed Saturday in what's become a homicide investigation.

News 8 found police officers and a crime scene unit late Saturday at the home on Aurora Avenue Espinoza shared with her boyfriend, Faustino Valdez.

There a heavy police presence in the back yard of the home.

Around 10:40 p.m. Saturday, detectives entered the front door of the home. Crime scene investigators were still on-scene into the night.

Multiple sources say investigators have been unable to locate him for several days. Police are also searching for items connected to Valdez as they search for any sign of his missing girlfriend.

In recent days, News 8 has learned of Valdez’s violent past.

Records confirm that Valdez has been investigated for assault twice in the last two years. Espinosa’s family has confirmed reports of abuse that include Valdez having a weapon and beating his girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

The girl is most likely a runaway. The danger is still the same as she isn't old enough to make the best decisions for her future. Hopefully, someone-other than those in the home of which she left-will reach out and point her in another direction and provide housing, education, and something worth clinging to.

She's a beauty.

If she's cutting tattoos into her skin, that won't last long.
She could be forced into prostitution soon as her 'wrong crowd' will surely need money to keep up with the Jones of the other wrong crowds.

Her mother is probably an idiot to post she is 6'1" tall. The cat eyes and full lips are absurd. Don't know who came up with that description.

Anonymous said...

OT:Avoiding Waco?
Cowboy bikers sparring for another fight? The sheriff's wife's tires were slashed so she dashed out of town.

They think if they own a Harley that is the making of a Christian.

Also, five N-worders ordered a father away from his daughter in NY and gang raped her.

Bikers and N-worders...the threat to modern society.

Anonymous said...

That Tulsa/OKC serial killer post was most likely intended to announce the new head of the DOC-the guy that ran the Hurricane Katrina debacle around the time the FEMA employees took on the role as the press.

They usually have a team of serial killers running amuck at any given time to force people into their charities.

There's a guy that comes up on the weekends to work at the impound yard that drives all the way from serial killerville to keep peace in the area north of where I once lived. Nice fella. Lots of tats, three chins. Has custody of his daughter whose mother beat her so badly her retina detached when she was a toddler. I watch my back very carefully as they'd love for a kill to match their imaginations. My rig was parked next to an unlicensed heat/ac van.

Anon "I" said...

In reference to:

OT Found on Facebook, a missing person's notice that raises several flags to me. Anyone else?
Grandmother posting for daughter's plea for grand-daughter being missing is slightly confusing. She is making a plea after 6 months. Why isn't it called "another" plea if she is repeating information?

That she is "endangered" seems self-evident if she has "fallen into the hand of child trafficking criminals." Can't the police follow up on the origination of "images of her online" that the mother found? She mentions "as of last seen" and doesn't explain when or where she was last seen.

Although I would check the birth date for accuracy, she could actually have been born on 1-1-01.

The mother says that "I have begun a nationwide search." Did she, herself, initiate this search alone? "I desperately need volunteers" to post notices. She is asking for herself to be helped. What does her daughter need? She says that you can post notices to Craigslist and Facebook. What about fliers everywhere in the real world and not just the internet?

Again, "Please help me" comments. What about helping her daughter? She "is 14" and "not in school" occurs before the concern of her being "endangered" if we consider what comes first as matter of importance.

Her "razor blade cut homemade tattoo" is not described as to features (what design, size, prominence.) Was the girl cutting herself and why? She "may have gotten other homemade tattoos since she disappeared" makes one wonder if she expects the homemade cutting to continue?

"Full lips, pretty cat eyes" are unusual ways I would think to describe a girl that is her daughter. Is the mother jealous of her beauty?

That she says her daughter "smokes marijuana regularly" and "drinks alcohol" sounds like she is blaming her daughter for her actions.

Why are her "many friends" not disclosing where she is, presuming they know. Also, LE could follow-up IP addresses to locate her. There is a lot of ground to cover if you are looking into her possible locations. From Hawaii to Tennessee and down to Texas? Call the mother, not police, for any information that you may have? If she is across the continent, wouldn't local LE be the first place to call for a wellness check? Why does info have to be filtered through the mother?

The above is just my personal opinion in reaction to the post above in this thread.

Dee said...

OT - Obama on Guns 1 / 7 / 16

MARK: So, I would like you to explain with 350 million guns in 65 million places, households, from Key West, to Alaska, 350 million objects in 65 million places, if the Federal government wanted to confiscate those objects, how would they do that?


OBAMA: Well, look, first of all, everytime I see Gabby I'm just so thrilled because I visited her in the hospital, and, as I mentioned, I think, in the speech in the White House, as we left the hospital then to go to a memorial service, we got word that Gabby had opened her eyes for the first time.

And, we did not think she was going to be here, and she is, and Mark's just been extraordinary.

And, by the way, Mark's twin brothers up in space right now, and is breaking the record for the longest continuous orbiting of the planet, which is pretty impressive stuff.

What I think Mark is alluding to is what I said earlier, this notion of a conspiracy out there, and it gets wrapped up in concerns about the Federal government.

Now, there's a long history of that, that's in our DNA, you know? The United States was born suspicious of some distant authority...

COOPER: ... now, let me just jump in here, is it fair to call it a conspiracy...

OBAMA: ... well, yeah...

COOPER: ... because a lot of people really believe this deeply, that they just don't...

OBAMA: ... no...

COOPER: ... they just don't trust you.

OBAMA: I'm sorry, Cooper, yes. It is fair to call the conspiracy, what are you saying? Are you suggesting that the notion that we are creating a plot to take everybody's guns away so that we can impose martial law...

COOPER: ... not everybody, but there's certainly a lot of...

OBAMA: ... but a conspiracy? Yes, that is a conspiracy! I would hope that would agree with that.


OBAMA: Is that controversial? Except on some website...

COOPER: There are -- there are certainly a lot of people who just have a fundamental distrust that you do not want to get -- go further and further and further down this road.

OBAMA: Well, look, I mean, I'm only going to be here for another year. I don't know -- when -- when would I have started on this enterprise, right?

I come from the state of Illinois, which we've been talking about Chicago, but downstate Illinois is closer to Kentucky than it is to Chicago. And everybody hunts down there. And a lot of folks own guns. And so this is not, like, alien territory to me. I've got a lot of friends, like Mark, who are hunters. I just came back from Alaska where I ate a moose that had just been shot, and it was pretty good.

So, yes, it is -- it is a false notion that I believe is circulated for either political reasons or commercial reasons in order to prevent a coming-together among people of goodwill to develop commonsense rules that will make us safer while preserving the Second Amendment.

And the notion that we can't agree on some things while not agreeing on others, and the reason for that is because, "Well, the president secretly wants to do X," would mean that we'd be paralyzed about doing everything. I mean, maybe when I propose to make sure that, you know, unsafe drugs are taken off the market that secretly I'm trying to control the entire drug industry or take people's drugs away, but probably not. What's more likely is I just want to make sure that people are not dying by taking bad drugs.

Misha said...

This is reposted from another site and I have no source reference to it but it is a very plausible alternative explanation in the Teresa Halbach murder

"The police didn't kill Theresa Halbach. Andrew Coborn located that RAV4 with the assistance of Mike Halbach and Ryan Hillegas's illegal trespass onto the Avery Salvage Yard on the night of November 3rd 2005. Mike Halbach and Ryan Hillegas suspected something was up since the Avery Salvage Yard was the last place they knew Theresa visited on Oct.31st Halloween day. They went snooping on the property and found the car. They checked the car and found the key in the ignition and blood in the cargo area. Mike or Ryan removed the key from the ignition to ensure that no one could easily move the car off of the Avery property... freaked out about this huge discovery they call the Manitowoc Sheriffs Department. Andrew Coborn fielded the call that night and went out and met Ryan and Mike at the Salvage Yard so he could view the car for himself. Ryan and Mike show him the car and to be certain its Halbachs he "calls" in the plate number to dispatch. Coborn has to "call" in... instead of "radio" in... the plate number to Manitowoc dispatch because he wasn't in his police cruiser at the moment, but rather on foot and in the "field' on the Avery Salvage property. This mistake places Coborn at the scene and in contact with Halbachs RAV4... 2 days before it is officially located on November 5th, 2005, by Pam Sturm.... This is problematic for Coborn because all call and radio transmissions to dispatch are recorded and logged onto the Manitowoc Police server. Andrew Coborn is now operating outside of police protocol at a potential crime scene that he has no official directive to be at.

Misha said...


He tells Mike Halbach and Ryan Hillegas to basically STFU about what they found and not mention to anyone that they were ever on the Avery Salvage property that night. Ryan or Mike turns the RAV4 key over to Andrew Coborn. Mike and Ryan are told to go home. Andrew Coborn then immediately calls Lt. James Lenk and briefs him about the discovery of the Halbach car and breaches of protocol he committed on the Avery property, also about Ryan Hillegas and Mike Halbach being there. Lt James Lenk realizing that Coborn's calling in Halbachs plate is a serious mistake with potential consequences orders Andrew Coborn to remove the license plate from Halbach's car and then report to him immediately. What James Lenk and Andrew Coborn, or the others for that matter, don't realize at this point and are completely unaware of is that Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych have kidnapped, raped, shot and then burned Theresa Halbach in the privacy of the gravel quarry off of Jambo Rd on Halloween evening. They choose to burn her body to dispose of their DNA evidence of the crimes. They hid Halbach's car in the rear of Avery Salvage and wiped it clean of their prints. I believe it is Scott Tadych's idea to secretly transport the cremains of Halbach from the gravel quarry and dispose them into Steven Avery's burn pit. Scott Tadych transports Halbach's cremains in secret by using one of Barb Jandas burn barrels from her yard. Scott Tadych fails to collect all of Halbach's cremains from the original burn site in the gravel quarry, thus leaving some behind that FBI investigators later find... but he also fails in making certain all of Halbach's cremains are out of Barb Jandas burn barrel after dumping them into Steven Avery's burn pit. This is why investigators found small bits of Halbach in Barb Jandas burn barrel. Thus making a total of three sites where Halbach's cremains are found. Scott Tadych and Bobby Dassey are unaware that Ryan Hillegas and Mike Halbach have found Theresas car on the property and that Lenk and Coborn are now involved and in play with their scheme. .........By shear colossal luck, two completely independent frame jobs targeting one man, Steven Avery were shaping up into the perfect storm. On one front, from Lenk and Coborn regarding the RAV4, ....and on the other unconnected front by Scott Tadych and Bobby Dassey regarding the cremains of Theresa Halbach. One party wasn't aware of the other's involvements at any point during the days leading up to the official discovery of Halbach's RAV4 at the Avery Salvage Yard hence why the investigation and murder trial made zero sense to anyone especially the Jury. None of the evidence could be connected because it was all unrelated... everybody was guessing. But Buting and Strang had zeroed in on a part of it but couldn't fully form a solid defense to prove it. The Jury couldn't conceive that Manitowoc officers could have conspired to kill Theresa Halbach to frame Steven Avery as Ken Kratz insisted they had to if they wanted to follow the theory the defense presented of the frame up of Steven Avery by Manitowoc officials. And Ken Kratz was right... Imagine Scott Tadych's confused and utter relief when Steve Avery's blood was found in the Halbach car and the RAV4 key found in Steve Avery's bedroom..... he must have been like.... WTF?! A quote from Scott Tadych after Steven Avery is convicted of Theresa Halbach's murder.... "THIS IS THE GREATEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN" ..... We will see Scott, we will see....................."

New England Water Blog said...

A very convincing and straightforward denial.

"But Mr Whitehead denied that he just married Karen for a permanent residency visa, saying: 'I never married you for no visa.'"

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

mom2many said...

I'm not buying this theory. Theresa didn't want to work at the salvage yard anymore because of Steven Avery, especially after he greeted her at the door in a towel. Steven lured her there by disguising his calls and impersonating his sister. Steven mentioned that he was expecting her visit that afternoon. Steven called Teresa's number after she arrived in an attempt to set up an alibi that she never arrived, which had to be abandoned after several witnesses saw her on the property.

The remains in the quarry were not determined to be Teresa's. I don't know if that is because they couldn't be identified, or they were not a match. There were only two pieces.

That Steven Avery had a bonfire that night, burning tires of all things (what a way to disguise burning flesh!) and other yard debris, had a history of harassing women at the salvage yard, and had doused that cat in propellant and thrown it alive into a fire, are all too coincidental to overlook. If this guy lived on my property and I was powerless to rid myself of him, I might think it was the greatest thing to happen to see him put away for life, too.

Anonymous said...

Well, Misha, thank you for sharing. Perhaps it was written by someone who thought the murderers of Amanda Blackburn would have been much more stealth and cunning than they really were and the husband had a hand in her demise. Some people just don't get-it opens the door knob or window, goes to take what it wants, uses force (sometime lethal) to a)avoid detection b)make a believer out of whomever isn't doing what it says c)likes loud noises and lots of blood.

It is for this reason some LE post they'd prefer you not share theories and rhetoric with them while they are searching for a suspect.

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

New England Water Blog said...

"A very convincing and straightforward denial.

"But Mr Whitehead denied that he just married Karen for a permanent residency visa, saying: 'I never married you for no visa.'"

"I never married you for no visa.'"


In S/A, principle, as an RD, it doesn't come close.

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Dee said...

OT - Obama on Guns 1 / 7 / 16

MARK: So, I would like you to explain with 350 million guns in 65 million places, households, from Key West, to Alaska, 350 million objects in 65 million places, if the Federal government wanted to confiscate those objects, how would they do that?

He didn't answer the questioh, making it sensitive

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Question: how does this fit with your theory - would Teresa's brother, after being made aware of her vehicle, wait an the span of 2 days before having someone from the search parties "find it?"

I have been closely associated with a missing person situation a couple of years ago, and once her vehicle was located there was no stopping the family and us close friends from demanding the police look for our beloved friend.

Her brother would have never walked away from her RAV4 and not insisted on LE to descend onto her abandoned vehicle, looking for clues as to her whereabouts. Period.

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****** OFF TOPIC *******

- Brendan Creato's father charged with first-degree murder.

What a shocker, said no one.

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Off topic

An individual close to the Duggar family has been accused of horrific sexual misconduct by multiple women.

Bill Gothard and the Institute of Basic Life Principles are being sued by ten women for $500,000, with one woman claiming she was sexually molested by Gothard as a minor and another claiming that she was raped by the man.

The IBLP, which was founded by Gothard, is the parent organization of the homeschool program used by Michelle Duggar and had been frequently seen on their now-cancelled reality show 19 Kids and Counting.

It is also where Josh Duggar was sent after it was discovered he had been molesting his sisters as a teenager.

Radar Online obtained the court documents which were filed in DuPage County Circuit Court in Illinois last Wednesday.

The most unsettling claims come from a woman identified as Jane Doe II, who says that her ordeal began when she was just 7-years-old and was 'raped by Kenneth Copley, a counselor at ATI Indianapolis Training center, in his counseling office.'

Prior to this she had been 'raped by her father and other relatives,' according to the suit, and 'was also sold for sex by her father through sexual exploitation and human trafficking.'

She claims that she repeatedly reported these incidents to IBLP, and told Gothard on at least five occasions that she and her young siblings were the victims of sexual abuse and rape by their father.

'Bill Gothard took pleasure in the details presented and kept pressing JANE DOE II for more explicit details of the abuse that took place,' claims the court filing.

Eventually Gothard called her father in front of her on speaker phone, and the man denied her claims. Gothard later 'personally threatened her' when she again brought up the abuse.

Shortly after this call is when the woman alleged she was raped by Gothard.

'When Bill Gothard took Jane Doe II to his private suite, he had her undress by his window, touched her breasts, and then had sexual intercourse with her,' the suit claims.

'This sexual intercourse was without Jane Doe II's consent.'

The Washington Post spoke with the lawyer in the case, David Gibbs III, who said that Jane Doe II was either 17 or 18-years-old when she was allegedly raped by Gothard.

Also supporting Jane Doe II's claims are Ruth Copley Burger, the daughter of Kenneth Copley, who raped Jane Doe II when she was a minor.

Gretchen Wilkinson, another plaintiff in the suit, claims she was molested by Gothard as a minor.

'The molestation included Bill Gothard placing his hands on Ms.Wilkinson's breasts and on her thighs - up to her genitals, while she was clothes,' according to the suit.

'He was built up to a god-like state in our eyes because he was a man who could do no wrong. I looked up to him as a father figure, almost like how Catholics look up to priests, bishops or their pope,' said Wilkinson, who is now 40, in an interview with the Washington Post.

'Now I can see a photo of him and say, "You can’t touch me." That’s incredibly freeing to me.'

Another woman, Jamie Deering, alleges that Gothard sexually abused her multiple times, playing footsie with her and sitting across from her displaying his erection with his legs open.

Tania Cadogan said...


IBLP first came under under fire in 2014 when some of these allegations first became public.

Gothard at that time was accused of sexually harassing women who worked at his ministry, including teenagers, and not reporting cases of child abuse, but not the rape and molestation.

He was never convicted of any crimes, but resigned soon after these claims became public.

Gothard, who is now 81 and unmarried, said of the allegations; 'Oh no. Never never. Oh! That’s horrible. Never in my life have I touched a girl sexually. I’m shocked to even hear that.'

IBLP also released a statement, saying; 'Many of these allegations concern conduct that allegedly occurred as early as the 1990s, and, as claimed, primarily involved Mr. Gothard.

'Since March 2014, Mr. Gothard is no longer associated with the Institute.'

Josh Duggar attended one of the locations in Little Rock when he was a teenager after his parents learned he had sexually molested five minors, including four of his sisters.

Jim Bob Duggar told investigators in 2006 that Josh was there from March 17, 2003, until July 17, 2003.

There are facilities across the country, and some have been labelled as 'appalling' in their treatment of children.

According to the Basic Life website 'the programs offered and the specific focus at each training center varies.'

It also stated that 'the common goal is to strengthen individuals and families through sound Biblical teaching and character development opportunities and to demonstrate Christ’s love through serving.'

The non-denominational, Christian organization was founded in 1961 by Gothard.

The man has long been a friend of the Duggars and even been featured on their TLC show 19 Kids and Counting.

ALERT Academy was also featured on the show when Joseph attended, with the entire family showing up for his graduation ceremony.

The show also filmed Joseph as he participated in the nine week program, being asked to complete tasks such as putting a car back together using wood for axles and then having to legibly copy a passage from the Bible.

The cost for an eleven-week program is $2900.

Gothard also runs the ATI Family Conference the Duggar family attends every year in Big Sandy, Texas.

The family had been seen on their show attending the conference, and it is where Josh first met his wife Anna in 2006.

Read more:

Tania Cadogan said...

Gothard, who is now 81 and unmarried, said of the allegations; 'Oh no. Never never. Oh! That’s horrible. Never in my life have I touched a girl sexually. I’m shocked to even hear that.'

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with No reliable denial :)

Rabbit said...

O/T: Brendan Creato's father was just indicted by a Grand Jury for his murder. Here's the 911 call from last October:

HADDON TWP., N.J. (WPVI) -- Action News has obtained the 911 call from early Tuesday morning in which 3-year-old Brendan Creato was reported missing.

The boy would be found dead in Haddon Township, N.J., just a few hours later.

The caller identifies himself as the boy's father, D.J. Creato.

"I just woke up and my 3-year-old's missing," he says.

The 911 operator asks if the child is a boy or girl, and the caller says "A 3-year-old boy. His name is Brendan," then goes on to say the boy was wearing red pajamas.

"I just woke up and he wasn't in my apartment," he said after being asked by the 911 operator if he saw or heard anything. "I don't know if he wandered out or what happened. I don't know where he is."

"The door was locked. I guess he unlocked it and left," Creato continues. The 911 operator then asks him to stay on the line in case the police dispatcher has any more questions.

True to SA form, the father first established his alibi - "I just woke up." He repeated it again later.

An indictment and arrest doesn't mean he's guilty but it's interesting that his 911 call seems to fall into line with others that Peter has analyzed which indicated deception.

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They think thewy found Lonzie Barton.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Remains believed to be those of a toddler who was reported missing last summer have been found in a wooded area, Florida authorities said Monday.

The remains are believed to be those of Lonzie Barton, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams and State Attorney Angela Corey said at a news conference. A medical examiner will still have to confirm the identity.

"We feel strongly that it's him," Williams said.

Lonzie was 21 months old in July when his mother's boyfriend reported him missing. Both the mother, 26-year-old Lonna Lauramore Barton, and her boyfriend, 32-year-old William Ruben Ebron Jr., have been accused of child neglect.

Lauramore Barton pleaded guilty last week to child neglect and lying to police and could be called to testify against Ebron.

Ebron's trial was supposed to start Monday morning, but was postponed when he waived his right to a speedy trial. A hearing is scheduled for Jan. 19.

Ebron assisted in Monday's search efforts, Williams said. The remains were discovered miles away from any area searched last summer.

Ebron's attorneys and prosecutors declined to comment Monday. The judge has not yet decided whether Lauramore Barton can testify against Ebron.

Last week, Lauramore Barton told the judge that Ebron had dealt drugs every day of their relationship. She acknowledged leaving Lonzie and his 5-year-old sister with Ebron while she worked as a dancer at a local bar.

According to court records, Ebron called police July 24, saying the boy had been strapped inside a car seat when he stepped back into his apartment to get something. While he was inside, someone stole the car with the child inside.

Police found the car a short distance away, but there was no sign of the child. Investigators say Ebron lied about the abduction and car theft and that he likely knows the child's whereabouts.

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off topic

Josh Duggar's second motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought against him by a porn star was denied by a judge on Monday.

Danica Dillon filed a complaint in November saying Duggar manhandled her in a way that 'felt as if she were being raped' after allegedly paying her for sex.

Dillon, whose real name is Ashley Stamm-Northup, claims these incidents occurred in March and April after Duggar approached her while she was stripping at clubs in Philadelphia.

Duggar claimed he had never even met Dillon or been to the strip club she was at in his most recent motion, while also saying he had an alibi for one of the dates in question.

Radar Online obtained Duggar's motions and the most recent response, which was filed on Monday by Judge Mark A. Kearney who said his motion was 'denied as moot.'

Josh's lawyer had also compelled Dillon to submit evidence in this motion, saying; 'Presumably, if this matter is of such importance to her that she would file a public complaint, make accusations about Defendant on national television and demand more than half a million dollars, producing some documentation of her losses and injuries and the names of people who have knowledge about her allegations within the time set by this Court and required by its rules should be feasible.'

A pretrial conference is scheduled for January 21 in the case.

His previous motion claimed that Dillon did not provide enough detail or evidence to support her accusations.

Duggar's lawyer Jeffrey Conrad had written in his that motion; 'Assault requires both intent to place the Plaintiff in imminent apprehension of harmful or offensive contract and the Plaintiff’s actual imminent apprehension.

'Plaintiff did not provide anything more than a formulaic recitation of the elements of assault and/or battery.'

That motion also pointed out that Dillon - who is asking for $500,000 - consented to the both physical and sexual contact with Duggar in exchange for payment.

Dillon, 29, first met Duggar, 27, at the Gold Club in Philadelphia in March while she was performing there as a stripper according to her lawsuit.

Duggar paid $600 for lap dances at the club and then followed her back to her hotel where he offered her $1,500 for her company and the two later had 'consensual sex.'

Once the sex began however, Dillon claims in her lawsuit that Duggar 'manhandled Plaintiff and physically assaulted her to the point of causing her physical and emotional injuries.'

A month later, Dillon alleges that Duggar came up to her again in order to 'apologize for the tortuous behavior he inflicted,' but when they had sex again 'engaged in identical tortuous conduct.'

Tania Cadogan said...


As a result of this, the suit claims that Dillon 'is currently being treated for severe anxiety similar to post-traumatic stress disorder by a psychiatrist.'

Dillon's attorney, Marc Frumer, says that if Duggar takes the stand he will likely be questioned about his entire sexual history and past misconduct - including the fact that he molested five minors as a teenager.

'The defendant may be subject to [having to talk about] his prior bad [or] sexually abusive acts at trial,' Frumer previously told InTouch.

'They are all relevant if he takes the stand.'

Furmer added; 'The defendant has a history of sexual and physical abuse towards women, particularly those he perceives as vulnerable or weak.

'He has to be held responsible for his actions.'

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar could also possibly be called to testify for hiding details of Duggar's 'prior bad acts' according to Frumer.

Duggar entered a faith-based rehab program in Illinois in August to treat his infidelity and addiction to porn.

He was visited by his wife Anna on Christmas, though it is not clear if she took any of the couple's four children with her on the trip.

The couple wed in 2008, and are parents to five-month-old Meredith Grace, two-year-old Marcus, four-year-old Michael and six-year-old daughter Mackynzie.

Josh confessed to having affairs in a letter in August shortly before he entered rehab, writing; 'I have been the biggest hypocrite ever. While espousing faith and family values, I have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife.

'I am so ashamed of the double life that I have been living and am grieved for the hurt, pain and disgrace my sin has caused my wife and family, and most of all Jesus and all those who profess faith in Him.'

Just a few months before that in May, it was revealed he had molested four of his sisters when he was a teenager and they were minors.

Shortly after, TLC cancelled the family's reality show.

Read more:

Anon "I" said...

Interesting article tania posted above:

"...Duggar claimed he had never even met Dillon or been to the strip club she was at in his most recent motion, while also saying he had an alibi for one of the dates in question.
.......That motion also pointed out that Dillon - who is asking for $500,000 - consented to the both physical and sexual contact with Duggar in exchange for payment."

Read more:


He never met Dillon, but it was consensual? Pick one, Duggar. Will Duggar please define the word/name "Dillon" as it is interpreted in his internal, subjective dictionary?

Please do not confuse the Duggar's actions with Christianity. I, as a Christian and human being, am disgusted.

Anon "I" said...

*There are most likely two different motions in my quote right above... but still, the contradictions are astounding.

Anonymous said...

Lonzie Barton RIP little Man

does Justice exist any longer ? the guilty will walk again?

New England Water Blog said...

John mcgowan I meant to type my earlier post in the sarcasm font...

elf said...

Tires burn really hot and for a long time, also.

trustmeigetit said...

I always thought Josh had been molested himself.

Knowing the relation it makes so much more sense.

We have only seen the tip of the iceberg with Josh.

People who do this to children deserve to be six feet under

Anonymous said...

Sean Penn on his meeting with El Chapo: "I have nothing to hide."

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Father of Brendan Creato charged with murder in toddler's death

Haddon Township boy was found dead nearly 100 days ago

A message seeking comment from Brendan Creato's mother, Samantha Denoto, was not immediately returned.

Larry Scott, 59, a resident of Haddon Heights, had watched with curiosity when detectives and forensics returned to the site where Brendan's body was found three weeks after the search and grim discovery on Oct. 13.

"It seemed like they didn't have any leads or witnesses," he said of the three-month investigation.

"I hope they found the guy who did this and the community can rest in peace," he said, adding the neighborhood had been on edge, given the unknown circumstance of Brendan's death.

Pam Singer, who helped her husband, Peter, maintain memorials near where the body was found in Cooper River Park, said the charge against the boy's father shows, "There is evil in this world."

She and her husband were at the memorial tidying up late Monday after hearing about the charge.

Peter Singer said he hoped that the memorial had encouraged those investigating to keep going.

"That's what it was for," Singer said.

A Westmont neighborhood resident, Robert DiBruno, 59, said it was "good for the neighborhood," to have an arrest in the case. "But it is a shame it happened," he said. "At least this shows no one was invading the neighborhood."

A neighbor who grew up with DJ Creato and had a blue ribbon in memorial to the little boy outside his home on the street where the Creatos live, described the entire family as "good people," and called DJ a "good dude."

"The is a real surprise to me," he said.

Neighbors believe officials began looking for DJ Creato early on Monday, when an unmarked car drove up and two men began eyeballing the neighborhood.

DJ's car, a distinct electric green, was not parked on Virginia Street of Monday. Authorities arrested him after noon in Washington Township, Gloucester County, thought they did not say precisely where he was found or why he was there.

Fuschino, his lawyer, said he does not know.

DJ Creato, who was behind on rent, moved out of the apartment about two weeks after the boy's body was found.

The entire Creato family – DJ, Sarah Jessica, and Lisa and David, Brendan’s grandparents – now live together in a home on Virginia Street in Westmont.

William J. Brennan, the attorney representing Lisa and David Creato, and Sarah Jessica Creato, did not immediately return a call for comment about the charges.

DJ had been working at his dad’s business, Creato Home Improvements, which has a showroom in Haddon Heights, a neighboring South Jersey town.

For months, official information in the investigation of Brendan Creato's death was limited to an announcement that the initial autopsy proved inconclusive, despite a review by two additional medical examiners. Prosecutors also said there was no forced entry into the Creato's locked apartment, and that the boy showed no signs of sexual molestation.

It was also known that a grand jury was investigating the boy's death, and PhillyVoice had confirmed that Brendan Creato’s young aunt, Sarah Jessica Creato, 20, was summoned to testify on Nov. 16.

And the toxicology screen for the toddler came back clean, showing no unexpected drugs in his system, Fuschino told PhillyVoice on Nov. 2. Fuschino said Monday evening that he still has not been told a cause of death and as far as he knows there is no final autopsy.

Anonymous said...

Creato-fishy-dumped stroller found.

Either suspense building by the media, or something occurred after death to cover it.

Anonymous said...

In other news- NY Dailey tries to blame gang rape victim and her father who was forced away at gunpoint.
Suicidal bomber kills mainly Germans in Istanbul.
And, coming to a town near you...Detroit is closing half its schools for a period of time. (Imagine what those knowledge thirsty youths will choose to do with their free time).

Anonymous said...

I forgot:
Rolling Stone is proud to announce its new mini-series on drug cartel over lords. As if featuring the Boston Bomber in the rock style limelight, it's rocking the world with carnage once again as if it were a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Creato comments by lawyer and family: