Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Crime Wire: The Murder of Amanda Blackburn

Peter Hyatt on "Crime Wire": The Murder of Amanda Blackburn 

February 23, 2017, Peter Hyatt will be a guest on "Crime Wire" live broadcast, and will be taking your calls and questions at 9am to 1030AM EST.  

Amanda Blackburn was a victim of a sexual homicide in which arrests have been made. 

Questions, however, remain in one of the most bizarre 'solved' murder cases of recent years. 

Peter Hyatt will share analysis of the case, including deception detection techniques, and what this may mean for justice.  

Imagine Publicity Blog  :  broadcast of the show on Madeleine McCann 2016.  


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Tru said... .......For those who can stomach it.

In the blog, Davey talks about himself (of course) and about what Amanda would have wanted. IIRC Amanda wanted as her dying wish, more than anything, was that DB continue with Resonate Church. The church that she and Davey started "exactly 4 years to the day" of her murder. We all know how that turned out. We all know how much he honored her wishes. For every commitment DB undertakes, for every promise he makes, there is a built in escape clause for him and his utter failure - i.e. It's God's fault. Not his.

Davey also talks about the new baby. "And it happened in November. Exactly one week before the anniversary of Amanda’s death."
You were right Kate. Cohen's birthday, like most everything in this snake's life, was contrived. Carefully plotted and planned.

RIP Amanda Grace Blackburn and Evie💙

Anonymous said...

From Davey's Blog-"I told him I used to, until I realized Amanda wouldn’t want me to feel guilty . . . and until I acknowledged that a version of the pain will never leave. It remains like a sacred thorn in the flesh."

I wouldn't be too sure of that, Davey Boy. I think she would be A-OK if you felt a twinge of guilt. Stop speaking for her.

Anonymous said...

Amanda has been reduced to the 4th Chapter in Davey's life.

"My story is not one of tragedy. Does it contain a tragedy or two? Absolutely. And so does your story. And so will all of our stories. But whom we choose to let have the pen determines how our ending is written. Like the old choose-your-own-ending books we used to read as kids, the power lies within you to make the choice as to how your story will be written. Bob Goff once told me that we all have a Chapter 4 in our stories. Chapter 4 is the chapter that everything seems to go wrong for the character. But can you imagine closing the book at Chapter 4 and never picking it up again to see how the next 27 chapters unfold?"

He had to control the narrative of the anniversary of her death. He didn't post a picture of her, just a blog about himself and how November makes him feel. We wouldn't expect any less from his, the socipath and narcissistic pastor.

flightfulbird said...

Oh please Davey, just STOP trying to convince everyone that November was the worst month of your life.

For all intents and purposes, the way you celebrated immediately after Amanda and "Evie" died makes it SO obvious that November 2015 was the beginning of the rest of the best of your life. . .

. . . thanks to millions of dollars in life insurance payouts - and Kristi Monroy waiting in the wings for the right time, when it was "finally time for the world to meet this couple" - the couple who had been hidden from the world for so long while Amanda was still alive.

You tweeted 'you have turned my mourning into dancing and removed my sackcloth and cloaked me with gladness', or whatever it was - way too soon.

Yeah, your life "contained a tragedy or two" - that's sort of like Weston was going through "a bit of chaos" after his mom was murdered. Minimization again. Such a slap in the face to your "late wife".

I bet you've been writing that blog post in your head for two solid months already, trying to find the perfect words to convince that moving on is SO hard for you but it's what AMANDA would have wanted so I'll give it a shot to try to be happy.

Whatever helps you and Kristi sleep at night, but nobody is buying this story of sadness and redemption and ugly things turning beautiful and all things have worked out and Amanda is happy in heaven and she'd want me to be happy on earth as well.

And sure, your new baby was born exactly one week before the four year anniversary of Amanda's death - but somehow I believe if it had been exactly four days before, or exactly three days before, you would have noted those days as significant, too.

Everything about the timing of Amanda's death had to tie back to a certain date, like moving to Indy - everything now has to be tied back to her death to make it poignant and special.

How unfortunate for you that the baby was a boy and not a girl, and that he wasn't born exactly on the four-year anniversary - that would've made a far better story.

You should stop blogging and preaching and just be quiet, fly below the radar and hope you continue to get away with orchestrating your wife and unborn child's deaths.

Concerned said...

Thank you for a perfectly worded statement
of how we all feel about Crazy Davey's "journey".
As he flaps his jaws in praise of himself, may he
be in abject fear that someone will one day tell
the real story.
Maybe it will be this "made for TV" wife who
will realize what she jumped into someday.
Tell it, Kristie!

Sweet Amanda Cookies said...

On the eve of the fourth anniversary of my closed coffin celebration - hosted by a conglomerate of evangelicals and attended by the golden tipped Pence himself - I think a batch of my famous chocolate chip cookies are in order for this glorious fall day.

Anonymous said...

IMO, you are either very disrespectful and heartless or downright pathological@2:15. Is Amanda's murder a joke to you?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of pathological:- DB says,

"Cohen certainly hasn’t added much emotional, relational, financial, or transactional value to our household thus far. He’s not accomplished or achieved anything that would make me “proud” as a dad. In fact he takes a whole lot more than he gives at this point. He is demanding, pushy, cranky, persnickety, picky, and draining."

Sweet Amanda Cookies said...

Anon @ 8:16,

Is the cover-up and setup of Larry Taylor OK with you?

Anonymous said...

Diano Gordon and Jalen Watson were set up too.

Anonymous said...

Jalen Watson somehow knows Davey was behind it, whether he knew before or after is the question? Davey went to court in Oct 2107 when the simple pleas were to happen and this was going to slide into an easy trial against Larry. (yeah, right) Amanda's family was there and Jalen friggin' stared him down the entire court proceedings. This is how Davey tries to change the narrative and explain it away:

"From the moment I sat down, I could feel every muscle fiber in my body begin to tense up. I had to consciously coax my body to relax as I took a couple deep breaths. I finally got my body somewhat regulated when, uncontrollably, it tensed up again. Jalen was turning to look in my direction. He glanced over his right shoulder and made a sweeping pan across the front row of the gallery stopping as soon as he locked eyes with me"

"He lingered, his gaze locked with mine. I didn’t know what to do. Courtroom ethics prohibit making any kind of gesture whether cordial or offensive. I didn’t know if I should nod or look away or keep staring. As the room began to close in around me I just sat there and stared. I don’t even know what kind of expression I had on my face. I just felt empty, and anxious all at the same time. But, I couldn’t take my eyes off of his. There was something telling in them, something different than I expected. They seemed tired, hurt, broken, and maybe . . . grieved"

"Finally it became too much to bear and I broke away, darting my eyes back toward the judge. I thought that would be it, but then he did it again. And again. Each time as he swept the front row of the gallery as if with just his eyes he was telling each of us how sorry he was. I don’t know if I’ll ever know what was (and is currently) going through his mind, but I can’t help but wonder if maybe his heart is softening."

Jalen wasn't saying sorry to you, Davey. He knows you are behind it and that you were by far the most evil guy sitting in the room that day.

Anonymous said...

Jalen wasn't looking at anyone but you so don't throw the obvious SA "us" in there at the end. Peter, if you still read here, have you seen this?

Anonymous said...

"Sweeping pan across the front row of the gallery"
"swept the front row of the gallery ... us ... sorry"

SA indicates a possible need for cleansing (sweeping, swept) in the front row of the gallery.

Who else was in the front row of the gallery?

Anonymous said...

Court Notes Review:

11/09/2018 Hearing Journal Entry
all motions have been ruled on except motion on Hess
Judicial Officer: Hawkins, Grant W

07/26/2019 Notice Filed
Notice of Deposition Set for September 4 2019 - LT. MARK HESS
Filed By: TAYLOR, LARRY JO JR File Stamp:07/25/2019

09/16/2019 Notice Filed
Notice of Deposition for October 2 2019- LT. MARK HESS
Filed By: TAYLOR, LARRY JO JR File Stamp:09/16/2019

10/07/2019 Notice Filed
Notice of Deposition for November 4 2019- LT. MARK HESS
Filed By: TAYLOR, LARRY JO JR File Stamp:10/07/2019

11/15/2019 Subpoena/Summons Filed
Notice of Deposition for December 4 2019- LT. MARK HESS
Filed By: TAYLOR, LARRY JO JR File Stamp:11/14/2019
11/15/2019 Notice Filed
Notice of Deposition for December 4 2019- LT. MARK HESS
Filed By: TAYLOR, LARRY JO JR File Stamp:11/15/2019

Anonymous said...

Is Mark Hess the same detective whose notes were "missing or stolen", as noted in the court record on 6/1/18?

Anonymous said...

@9:43 Amber was in the front row. It must have been shocking to JW to see someone who looked so so much like the woman who he and his accomplices murdered.

Anonymous said...

Phil was in the front row next to Amber, squeezing her hand.

Tru said...

Thanks for the update on the Hess deposition. (DW? Is that you?) I was wondering what was going on with that. I still am in a lot of ways. Something to do with the order to supress evidence maybe, but what?

Anonymous @ 7:24 AM, whether "Jalen somehow knows Davey was behind it" or not, Jalen, Diano and Larry chose to participate in the robbery and murder of Amanda G Blackburn. They have nobody to blame but themselves. (And the oppressive system of white patriarchy which forces young black men to commit crimes)

The thing that gets me about the excerpt you included (which BTW, I agree would be great to have Mr Hyatt analyse) is that DB says the court ethics prohibit making gestures "cordial or offensive" and he didn't know whether he "should nod, look away or keep staring"

Cordial gestures? Nodding to the POS who murdered your wife? On what planet is that normal?

I get it, though. It must be awkward to come face to face with the hired help. And who knows? Maybe Jalen is truly sorry for his part in the brutal murder of Amanda.

Anonymous said...

The murder was a done deal well before the ATM theft.

They were part of a cover up, not a murder.

Tru said...

I mentioned before the difference between a motion to exclude evidence and a motion to suppress evidence. If the Hess deposition has something to do with the motions to suppress statement and ID evidence, the defense must be going to allege that there was something unlawful about the way the evidence was obtained, rather than that the evidence is prejudicial or inaccurate. It's still a mystery as to what evidence exactly (what statement evidence? What ID evidence?). Hess assisted the murder investigation in a couple of ways. Notably, he provided phone tech assistance. IMO, The suppression and exclusion of evidence is frustrating - I prefer to see and hear everything related to the case - and make my own conclusions regarding the probative value of the evidence. Often a jury is disappointed after a trial to learn about evidence which, had they known about it during the trial, would have changed their verdict. I guess those who believe (inexplicably IMO) that LT and/or JW and/or DG are innocent will be pleased if the defense is successful in their motion to suppress evidence.

It was my understanding that LT was in possession of the notes that were lost or stolen, but I'm not sure. I don't know if the notes were related to Hess or not.

Tru said...

What's your evidence for that, @8:45? Was the earwitness who heard the shots lying or mistaken?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What happened to the gang member guy who was ratting people out? Any news on that?

Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking that Amanda and baby's memory are so over shadowed by Davey's bullshit and made up stories. He must have really hated her. For Phil's actions, I have no words. Top it off by an irresponsible police dept and court, that rushes to a quick arrest, with no true investigation into Davey, but then lingers for 4 years without bringing it to trial, letting all bit one plea bargain.

Tru said...

I don't know how many of the anonymous comments are from trolls. Jalen Watson is going to testify under oath that he and Larry entered the Blackburn home on the morning of Nov 10. Jalen will testify that he left Larry at the Blackburn residence while he and Diano drove the stolen Sebring to the bank, stole Amanda's money, then returned in the stolen Sebring to pick up Larry. This will be corroborated by phone pings, eyewitnesses, and surveillance footage.

If, when JW and LT entered the Blackburn residence, they found Amanda, lying on the floor, fatally shot, why on earth don't JW and LT say so? It makes no sense. How could it possibly benefit either JW or LT to lie about Amanda being alive? It doesn't. It makes things much much worse for both of them. Why would JW and LT torpedo their own defense to murder charges by claiming Amanda was alive when they entered the Blackburn home, if she wasn't? Anonymous @ 8:45?

There are many illogical theories surrounding Amanda Blackburn's murder. This one is completely bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Has Hess been ill?

Why has he failed to report for deposition?

Why is it necessary for Larry to subpeona him?

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of the court docs, I’m going to review things specific to the detectives and see what I can come up with as to what LT is trying to do. Just say they didn’t follow procedures I suppose is what we already know. Maybe there’s more?

Anonymous said...

The IMPD is so corrupt. They don't care about justice. Their jobs mean nothing to them. The oaths they swear to uphold the law mean nothing. All they want to do is incarcerate innocent men. Especially young black men. They are evil.

Tru said...


LT knows that his phone records confirm that his phone was on Sunnyfield the morning of Amanda's murder. LT has no plausible explanation for his phone to be on Sunnyfield. Phone/cell tower records also confirm that LT's phone communicated with DG's phone multiple times, including while DG was at the bank with JW, and LT was on Sunnyfield. LT has no explanation for those communications, either. LT's co accused will testify that LT was in possession of the phone. JW will testify that he drove the stolen Sebring back to Sunnyfield to pick up LT and his pesky phone.

With no possible explanation (consistent with innocence) for the phone pings/historical cell tower evidence, LT is seeking to have the evidence suppressed on a technicality i.e. That the evidence was unlawfully obtained.

Is is interesting because, IMO, it appears to mean that LT is not going to refute that he was, in fact, in possession of his phone on Sunnyfield, nor refute that he was in contact with DG's phone during the relevant time frame, nor will he challenge the factual nature of the evidence - just the manner in which the evidence was gathered.

Agree? Disagree?

Anonymous said...

Interesting points, Tru. But I can’t understand how the cell phone data would have been obtained illegally. It wasn’t a wiretap-scenario before a crime was committed. LE found LT through either DG or JW’s phone records, which were signed off to be searched by a judge, correct? Then they call in the phone expert (Hess) to analyze the records, pings, etc. What would he have done after that point that could be illegal?

Anonymous said...

^^ That's not how the APC says Hess "tracked" LT through backpages.

It's still odd how ABull said that the initial police questioning was "embarrassing."

Tru said...

Anonymous @3:04 PM After DG's phone was found to be in contact with a Verizon phone number (ending in 7125) Hess obtained a search warrant for that phone number. Records show that 7125 was on Sunnyfield on the morning of Amanda's murder. Hess researched the number and found it in Backpage ads and that the number was associated with a woman and LT, through police reports. When Hess tracked the number to an address, LT opened the door, identified himself as LT and indicated that the phone - 7125 - was his phone.

So. The question still remains, what will the defense allege was unlawful in obtaining that evidence?

Of course, we are just guessing that the motions to suppress statement and identification evidence relate to Hess. Maybe they don't. Maybe the motions to suppress evidence relates to the eyewitnesses who saw LT, or surveillance camera footage or other witnesses who identified LT eg Anthony S. Or someone or something else altogether. We don't know.

Tru said...

How and why A Bull has not been charged as an accessory in the murder of Amanda Blackburn is a mystery to me.

Anonymous said...

Did LT open the door?

I wonder why it was necessary information to write that Larry was sleeping in a "pallet" in the APC.

LT was supposedly staying at someone else's place. Did they open the door for Hess?

Tru said...

@ 11:20PM - The APC states that LT opened the door. He told Hess he didn't live there, but was staying there on a pallet on the floor. Why was it necessary to include the pallet in the APC? Because the phone -7125- was plugged in next to the pallet LT was sleeping on, I suppose. It demonstrates possession and control of the phone.

Anonymous said...

A Bull is not an accessory to Amanda's murder, but has knowledge of Larry being set up in the cover-up of Amanda's murder.

Why won't ISP get to the bottom of Amanda's murder?

Why are they trying to pin it on Larry?

Who are the silencers?

Tru said...

A Bull is an accessory to the crime both during and after the fact. And probably before the fact as well.

The idea that Larry was "set up" and had the murder "pinned" on him, is demonstrably false. Jalen's DNA that was discovered in the stolen Sebring that connected Diano and subsequently LT to Amanda's murder. That is obviously not a " set up". If not for Jalens DNA on Beckers sweater, JW, DG and LT would have gotten away with murdering Amanda. Why can't you understand that?

JW and LT would have gotten away with the rape and robbery committed on the 3rd November as well. Perhaps you'd like to suggest LT was "set up" and had the rape pinned on him, too? Perhaps "they" planted LT's DNA on the victim?

I wish people would put up or shut up about Larry being innocent of Amanda's murder. Where's your evidence that "they are trying to pin it on Larry"? Who tf are "they" anyway? You've got nothing. Not even a plausible working scenario outlining the who, what, why, where, when and how of this, IYO, massive conspiracy. Go ahead. I'm listening. I'm ready to debate the merits of the idea, but.......nothing. Nothing but cryptic, anonymous one liners and crickets. It's been four years and I have yet to hear a cogent argument (or any argument) supporting the repeated claim that LT was "set up".

LT, JW and DG are as guilty as sin. JW and DG have admitted it. The trial will prove it.

No doubt you will say that the trial was "fixed" and the witnesses were all lying, the evidence was fabricated, the judge was biased, the prosecution was corrupt and the jury was bribed, when that happens.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

So my biggest unanswered question is why isn't Alonzo Bull being charged as an accessory before, during, and after the fact?

sirensong said...

I agree, FFB. And why would anyone believe DG, JW and Alonzo. There should be more DNA besides JW's on a sweater. All of them should be charged for taking 2 very innocent lives while on their crime spree. We are all interested in the evidence which has been withheld for 4 long years, and the information on why DB was claimed to be innocent without being investigated. The whole case has been kept pretty secret for a reason. No matter what is learned, DB is off the hook, as well as AB.So disturbing.

Tru said...

Yes, FFOF. (Are you also FFB?) That's one of my biggest unanswered questions too. Phone records will show that A Bull was in contact with DGs phone on the morning of the 10th Nov. IMO, DG will testify that A Bull instructed him and JW to return to Sunnyfield to pick up LT. DG JW and LT allegedly left from A Bulls apt. on the morning of the 10th and they all met up back there. JW DG and LT allegedly left a gun at A Bulls home and LT was wearing a jacket which belonged to A Bull. A Bull is definitely involved in some capacity.

Maybe A Bull is a paid police informant? Maybe he received some sort of deal for immunity? I don't know. He's the only one of the 4 that is not in jail.

Siren. You wrote "why would anyone believe DG, JW and Alonzo.?" Why did you leave LT off the list?

Anonymous said...

"I'll be Mamaw and telll the truth of what happened on Monday nite" (Sirensong 2/27/18)

"It happened last night" (multiple sources)


"in her own home"

^^^ This repeated mantra on FB's The Amanda Blackburn Case is a Need To Persuade

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Siren left LT off the list because, as you also repeatedly introduce the possibility, Larry Taylor is innocent and he should be believed.

IMO, Larry Taylor is a victim of the State of Indiana.

Tru said...

Tell that to LT's rape victim, Anonymous @12:38. It's too late to tell Amanda. Victim of the State of Indiana, indeed. He is innocent and should be believed. What a joke.

What has LT said besides "not guilty" that I should believe? What's his defense? Does he have an alibi? Why was LT on Sunnyfield the morning Amanda was murdered? The State of Indiana forced him, I suppose. Drove him there in a squad car and put a gun in his hand?

LT is a murderer, a rapist, a thief and a liar. If you believe he is innocent I have a bridge to sell you.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. RIP Amanda Blackburn.

Tru said...

Memorandum/Brief - Larry Taylor Brief - filed by the State of Indiana on 25th November.

I'd love to read it.

Anonymous said...

Filed on 11/22.

Not bobcat said...

Anonymous said...

Davey’s videos of his happy go lucky life of being two stay at home parents thanks to Amanda is sickening now more so than ever. And his need for attention has sky rocketed since this baby has been born.

DW said...

Some good info re: Larry - thanks to the anonymous poster upthread. Have been busy at work and also following the Delphi case lately. Seems they know who the suspect is and maybe an arrest will come soon.

Hello SS, FFB and everyone else. Happy Thanksgiving and glad to see everyone is still invested in solving this case. Count me in as believing that LT did not murder Amanda. Anon, can you elaborate on info you have on ABull and the others?

And whoever asked about the Kilt gang rat - that is Big Kev (Kevin Baker). He is still in prison but only has a few years left, thanks to his testimony against Elijah Vines and others. Someone swears that he was at one of Larry's hearings this year but I can't confirm that.

Anonymous said...

That’s great about the Delphi murder suspect, I sure pray they catch that SOB!

Anon 2020 said...

Many discussions this week lead me to believe the crime happened before Davey left for the gym. One of the juggernauts is Mel, the dog. Where was he during the shooting and beating. Absolutely no way, was in the home unless he was sedated at the point of the crime. I have been to this neighborhood and the houses are basically on top of one another. Someone would have heard Mel's vicious growls, moans and barks that time of the morning. And we have a good source that states Davey was in the driveway and the front door was cracked while he blabbed to his friend in Delaware. Also, the car door was open as he sat in the driveway in the cold November weather with his sweaty gym clothes. Again, reliable sources but we are not allowed to diverge the source. Davey knew he was waiting on the neighbor to come home and he was also hoping Amanda would pass on.

Why does Davey keep saying he came home only because he forgot to bring clothes to change into after his shower? He had no office to go to? He pastored a tiny church without offices. Where did he usually go after working out? A girlfriends house possibly but he had to come home this particular Tuesday because he had a "worst nightmare" prepared to walk into.

Anon 2020 said...

Are there any people from Resonate that are willing to come on here anonymously and share information about the church, its demise and any information about Davey? He continues to fool people and lie to people. Hopefully, no one is foolish enough to donate to him as he flashes pictures of his huge house and private photography images on SM.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

RE: Tru on September 24, 2019 @ 1:47 AM

No, I'm not FB. I'm not sure why you thought I was. Your asking the question (wanting someone to explain why they thought LT was innocent, with some kind of proof) made me think about my own question about why AB wasn't being charged. Sad to say, I wondered if was more a case of police corruption/who he knows rather than the possibility that he *might* be working with police. In my unprofessional opinion, I don't think Indy LE have handled this case all that well, with the myriad of coincidences that seems to follow DB. But I shouldn't let my opinion lead to assumptions either. Lesson learned.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

I don't know if DB did something to Amanda before he left for the gym or not, but I do know by his own admission, there's a huge chunk of unaccounted for time between his waking up and his leaving for the gym (roughly an hour and 40 minutes).

He didn't say he had sex with her/they had sex. Which was odd for DB because he had no trouble telling his congregation about their sex life and rarely missed the opportunity to brag about that.

H didn't say they didn't have sex either though.

He didn't say he ate that morning before leaving for the gym.

He didn't say Amanda was up before he left.

He also didn't say she was still sleeping before/when he left.

He didn't say he spoke to her/talked with her before he left.

He didn't say he didn't speak to her/talk with her before he left.

What was he doing for an hour and 40 minutes?

He did say he read his Bible for a few minutes and grabbed his gym [clothes; bag] and then headed for the gym.

Months later, he added that he prayed specifically for Amanda and Evie's protection (but not Westons's) before he left.

He didn't read his Bible for an hour and 40 minutes and he didn't pray for an hour and forty minutes because he would have told his congregation (and any other audience who would have listened) if he'd done that...given that He deemed it important to share how God talks to him in the shower...after all, that's how tight and God are and how important DB is.

DB had a need to portray himself as being oh-so-spiritual, he needed to persuade, while he was referencing Amanda's violent death (putting a God-spin on it). After all, who is going to question God on why something happened and who's going to argue with God that God was wrong in doing this thing/allowing Amanda "to be sacrificed that the Church might grow"? It's kind of like saying, "See it was God's [fault] plan."

If DB honestly believed that, he would have been at every hearing petitioning the court to see the captives free, so to speak (Jalen Watson, Larry Taylor, and Diano Gordon).

So, why would the adoring pastor husband of a murdered pregnant wife not tell police exactly what he doing for an hour and forty minutes before he left for the gym? What was he doing that he couldn't tell police or any of his other audiences about?

Bingo said...

Anon @3:42. I could not agree with you more. His need for attention is OUT OF CONTROL since the baby has been born. It seems K asked him to hold the baby because she was desperate for some rest. He felt it was beneath his Mach 6, hair on fire self so he did a long, boring Q & A. He did yet another one a few days later. I actually got on that one. There was an average of 22 people on there and a lot of blank spacetime with no questions. The Q & A time just cracks me up. Who does that? The only people that get on I think that are those that just are fascinated by his malignant narcissism and sociopathic nature. LOL

DW said...

To the poster asking about Mel: According to Amanda's twitter, Mel was an indoor dog that slept with Amanda (at least when Davey was out-of-town). Amanda also tweeted that she didn't need an alarm clock because Mel's barking would wake her up.

Amanda would.never lock Mel in a bedroom (or the garage that was full of Amanda's recycled furniture). And the robbers did not lock Mel up - Mel would have been barking and growling. Someone that Mel knew, trusted and loved locked her up that morning and it was not Amanda.

sirensong said...

Tru, I inadvertently left LT out of my sentence, because at least he was charged with Amanda's murder. I dont have a clue if he was set up, he obviously raped a woman during a crime spree with the others. I have not said to anyone whether I think he is guilty or not because I respect the work and information DW has worked hard on to inform us, and respect her opinions. I am in a wait and see what happens pattern. It's been a long wait, and I agree with with FreedomsFolly that the whole investigation is questionable. Bobcat, you are too ridiculous! Take a joke out of context about me being MaMaw and keep posting it. Granted, it was a bad joke, but it was sarcasm about you thinking everything happened on the night previous. IMO your ideas are very "out there", but everyone is entitled to their opinions. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and relaxed holiday weekend.

sirensong said...

hi DW! I agree with you, so many things wrong with the big picture, and Mel not being there with Amanda, barking and growling is a big one.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk hypotheticals.

Let's suppose Amanda was brutalized on 11/9/15 by people with a non-brutalizing image to uphold. And suppose corrupt connections were persuaded to cover up the perpetrators by setting up some "usual type" suspects to take the fall for the murder.

Who would be the point person, the scriptwriter, the "wag-the-dog" author?
Would it be a team effort?
Where would the payoff money come from?
Who would have the influence to make such a large scale coverup work?
How are investigative journalists persuaded to look the other way?
How are people who don't want to go with the cover up story silenced, or persuaded to stay silent?

Anonymous said...

Hypothetically speaking...

Would ghost media be employed?
Hypothetically speaking, if a power that be at the time was embarking on a presidential campaign, would "fixers" be rolled out to ensure a blemish-free past?
Hypothetically speaking, is Indiana as corrupt as Clinton's Arkansas?
Would FBI agents be sent to Broadcast Church?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe there was a big cover-up but I do think Amanda's parents are living with their head in the sand and turning a blind eye to Davey. His behavior has been and still is bizarre and his radical lifestyle change just weeks after she died were obviously very big red flags. They knew something wasn't right even in the marriage but come from a "man is in charge" type of religious philosophy. They gave her over a wolf in sheep's jeggings and they don't want to face that fact.

DW said...

Bobcat, er "anonymous" at 3:30 and 12:27, if you can sign your name when purposely misrepresenting what Siren said, then you can sign your name when posting your conspiracy crap.

Anonymous said...

Why might there be "repercussions" for the Byars not supporting Davey when he spoke in the Elkhart area?

Hypothetically speaking, might the director of a cover up require that all "imageholders" "make happy" to support the narrative?

Who would have the influence and power and control to suppress media inquiries?

Who would make "repercussions"?

Who would be the intimidators and who would they work for?

Anonymous said...

"Bobcat, you are too ridiculous! Take a joke out of context about me being MaMaw and keep posting it. Granted, it was a bad joke, but it was sarcasm about you thinking everything happened on the night previous."


The context was a 'joking around' chatzy discussion about a game/play suggested by "Resita". Here's a refresher:

Resita: Yes, one of those mystery who did it games -- we could do a play of Davey trying to get away with it, TX can be Davey
TXLurker: who's kristi? I need somebody to fawn over
Resita: DW with a wig on
TXLurker: perfect. i have several wigs that she can choose from
DW: I'll be Megs. I enjoy snacks
Resita: lmao, DW. -- I'll be myself.
TXLurker: you dont want to play my beautiful bride, res?
DW: I can be Kristi as well. As long as she drinks
TXLurker: there are no virgin pina coladas in our party portal
DW: I would need to be drunk to be with Davey. Really drunk. Like passed out drunk
DW: Who can play Perry? We need a trannie for that
TXLurker: amber is a feistier Amanda
Resita: Perry, hmmm, that's a tough one. -- Maybe your bf can wear a disguise and be him, TX
DW: Bobcat
TXLurker: bobcat would be perfect
DW: Guess Im Bull
Resita: There we go! -- Kate needs a role
TXLurker: kate could be donae
DW: Ashley?
TXLurker: both.
DW: Donae!
Resita: Donae -- Ashley is boring.
DW: Bobcat -- She can have a few roles
Resita: Bobcat can be LT. -- I'm laughing so hard at this.
DW: Hahaha. Yes, please
Resita: Who are we forgetting?
DW: Wgo will be Ms Nasty, aka NJT? -- Who
sirensong: Davey would love to be God! He can talk to himself in the shower!
DW: Siren gets that role
Resita: Lol, true! Siren for NJT
sirensong: No oooh
DW: Hi Natasha, er siren
Resita: who do you want to be sirensong? -- Davey's mom?
TXLurker: you can have multiple roles!
Resita: mom2many nees a part
sirensong: None of them!
Resita: mom2many can be brenda
DW: Yes!
DW: Bingo needs a role
Resita: The Asian singer at Resonate?
sirensong: I'll be Mamaw and telll the truth of what happened on Monday nite
Resita: Maw Maw, that's a good one sirensong
DW: Yes, the off-key Asian singer goes to bingo
Resita: FFB for Robin? Well though if Amber's in it maybe we can count on the Byars changing over from the dark side.
TXLurker: i so wish the byars would wake up
DW: Done. Just need to cast Phil. Peter Hyatt?
sirensong: If you are Phil, you have to actually kiss CD'S ass.
DW: Not Peter, then
sirensong: Who is Davey?
Resita: Hmmm, Phil is a tough one.
Resita: SAC can be Phil
sirensong: Jake Baird,
TXLurker: BB needs a role
DW: TX is Davey. She already has the Wardrobe
sirensong: Lol
sirensong: Perfect, TX
TXLurker: I'm older than him. it was my style first. lol
DW: BB can be Phil?
sirensong: BB can be thebprosecuter!
Resita: Banana Boat can be the prosecutor

Anonymous said...

The context is jokingly casting characters in a play about Davey trying to get away with it. Characters are being cast. We are reading jokes about characters, and building a list of who will play who. It's goes quite quickly, but extra information regarding the timeline jumps out.

So it goes:
Person - Character

TX - Davey
DW - Megs, Kristi, Bull
Resita - "I'll be myself."
Bobcat - Perry, Ashley, LT
Kate - Donae
Siren - Ms Nasty aka NJT
Mom2Many - Brenda (Davey's Mom)
Bingo - Asian singer at Resonate
FFB - Robin
Jake Baird - Phil
Banana Boat - Prosecutor

...and so it goes, 'joking' away:
Resita: who do you want to be sirensong? -- Davey's mom?
TXLurker: you can have multiple roles!
sirensong: None of them!
sirensong: I'll be Mamaw and telll the truth of what happened on Monday nite
Resita: Maw Maw, that's a good one sirensong


Sirensong is the only one who introduced truth telling and part of the timeline to the casting session.

Anonymous said...

There's another interesting bit of information a few lines down in the chatzy transcript:

Resita: we need a dog for Mel
Resita: or maybe Megs can play her? if she's not in prison

Anonymous said...

Bobcat, did you get copyright permission to post that info?

Anonymous said...

No need. And there is no record of anyone in the chat introducing their real selves and claiming a copyright on their posts. It's "anonymous".

"We allow the use of Chatzy and paid Premium Rooms in media productions, such as television shows, radio broadcasts, live streams, etc., for no additional fee and without the need for any copyright or trademark release."

Anonymous said...

Wrong, Bobcat. "Chat contents is considered confidential..." So, I can post your real name since I copied it from an SA chat when you inadvertantly leaked it? Hmmmm

Anonymous said...

^^ That's a quote from the privacy policy, meaning chatzy is not going to moderate chatrooms. However, the link to the PUBLIC, OPEN chat was posted here, and no login was required.

I just searched all 870 pages of my saved chatzy transcript. I didn't leak my name, unless you mean "The Real Bobcat". Nice try, though.

This isn't about "Bobcat". It's about a massive coverup and horrific miscarriage of justice in the heinous murder of Amanda Blackburn.

Anonymous said...

Again, hypothetically speaking...

Who would be the point person, the scriptwriter, the "wag-the-dog" author?
Would it be a team effort?
Where would the payoff money come from?
Who would have the influence to make such a large scale coverup work?
How are people who don't want to go with the cover up story silenced, or persuaded to stay silent?
Would ghost media be employed?
Who would have the influence and power and control to suppress media inquiries?
Who would make "repercussions"?
Who would be the intimidators and who would they work for?

Anonymous said...

Bobcat = Janel with the lovely red locks

Anonymous said...

Wrong. Nice try, though.

This isn't about "Bobcat".

Anonymous said...

How are people who don't want to go with the cover up story silenced, or persuaded to stay silent?

Anonymous said...

Janel, you're the only one creepy enough to copy 800 pages of chat. So, Bobcat, this actually is about you.

Anonymous said...

I copied to glean leaked information. It worked.

I know how "DW" discovered the name. Did you see that I never corrected "Tanialee"'s alternate spellings? Like the new David Cohen Parker Blackburn, people can have lots of names, and pick and choose which ones they use for social media aliases.

When chatzy was first started, FFB assured the team that their time there would pay off.

Did it pay off?

Anonymous said...

Is that you, "Bingo"?

Bingo said...

I have no idea what all is going on with the chatzy posts, etc. I did not post any of the above things, sorry. Have you guys seen that Davey is choosing "Giving Tuesday" to ask for donations, LOL

Anonymous said...

The most intriguing aspect of this case remains how/why those 3 ended up on sunnyfield ct that morning. Let’s say, fine, there was no premeditated plot or conspiracy. So they just were cruising around, looking for houses to rob and came upon those 2? From their drive, they probably passed 100 houses. I am happy to be convinced otherwise, but I think somehow/someway they were directed to go there and not told why or didn’t care (wanna make some $ this morning?). Maybe an easy explanation will be presented in court OR maybe this will be a major discrepancy between the accused ... we’ll see.

DW said...

Wow, I certainly missed a lot. I did not find your name, Bobcat, and have no idea who you are referring to. FWIR, you accidentally posted your name on SA and it went viral, as you have some many admirers. Just don't try and intimidate those of us who disagree with your 11/9 conspiracy that seems to involve the entire states of Indiana and South Carolina, and we will be fine.

It seems that LE knows who killed Abby & Libby but don't seem to have enough evidence to make an arrest, unfortunately.

And Davey continually begging for money, especially after blowing through that enormous life insurance policy, is particularly disgusting. Hopefully, there will not be a victim #2 when these funds run out.

DW said...

Anon at 4:20PM, from their drive, they probably passed close to 500 apartments and houses. They had to drive 20 minutes to stumble upon Davey's cul de sac, and then they had to turn left, pass about 6 or 7 houses, and then turn right on Davey's street and go ALL the way to the end of the street to get to Becker's and Davey's. No way this was random.

Anonymous said...

and to add to DW at 8:21pm...they also broke into the back doors of the first two residences they robbed that early morning, and after an hour of drinking and hanging out at residence number two, they waltzed into an unlocked front door at the end of the cut-de-sac shortly after DAVEY left for the gym...grasshopper

Bobcat said...

"Just don't try and intimidate those of us who disagree with your 11/9 conspiracy that seems to involve the entire states of Indiana and South Carolina, and we will be fine."

Me, intimidating? Pfft.

Imho, it's the uncomfortable truth that is intimidating.

Bingo said...

Davey begged for money all day on "Giving Tuesday". What a con-man. He tried to pull at people's heartstrings on the national day of giving. He knew a lot of people have their wallets open on this day to give to their favorite charities and get those needed tax deductions. Yet he only raised $145 of $150,000 requested. Nobody is selling what he is smoking (a Davey preaching term, sigh). I am glad! People need to know he walked away from a church $75.000 in debt at the beginning of 2019. The money would only be squandered and exactly what does their ministry even do? One podcast a week? I have several friends who do podcasts but they work full-time. Podcasting is merely fancy blogging these days.

Anonymous said...

Jalen Watson had a sentencing hearing yesterday for the narcotics charge that he received (while incarcerated) on the eve of his plea agreement over two years ago. Apparently he was never deposed and not brought to court for the hearing.

Tru said...

Hi everyone. That’s interesting, Anonymous @ 1:22 PM. I’m going to take a stab in the dark and suggest that it has less to do with the actual narcotics charge (which was bundled up in the plea bargain) and more to do the suppression hearing and LT’s subsequent trial. What I mean is, if LT is successful in his motion to suppress evidence, Jalen’s deposition and testimony will be worthless as far as any testimony relating to whatever the hell it is that LT is seeking to have suppressed. Since Jalen’s plea bargain is contingent on his truthful testimony against LT at trial, Jalen’s legal rep is waiting to see if the motion to suppress evidence is successful or not, before deposing him. That’s just a guess. I don’t know. Jalen was supposed to be deposed 12/19, but then an order was drafted for his deposition to be done on or before 11/22. It’s confusing. Information on Mycase is limited. It’s not mandatory for Jalen to be present at a sentencing hearing but it is definitely his right. The case summary does not indicate whether Jalen waived that right or not. However, home detention seems unlikely given the nature of the crimes he has pleaded guilty to, but who knows?

LT Mark Hess was scheduled for deposition yesterday. There is nothing in the case summary about it. Does anybody know what happened?
Or care to venture a guess?

Anonymous said...

It seems LT is seeking to have his statements suppressed because he asked for an attorney but wasn't provided one while he was still being interrogated. LT is probably arguing that any evidence LE gathered in regards to these statements should also be suppressed. LT filed earlier motions to exclude that related to several witnesses. He was granted some and denied some:

Order Denying Motion to Exclude
Testimony of Crystal Thomas and Kenneth Pittman.

Order Granting Motion to Exclude
Orally K. Pittman, C.Thomas, & A. Bull

Order Granting Motion to Exclude
Barker, Thomas and Tichenor

It is the state that is going to depose Jalen,

State of Indiana v. Jalen E Watson
Case Number 49G05-1511-MR-041745
Court Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 5
Type MR - Murder

Hearing Journal Entry
There is a lot of Discovery and first round of depositions have been scheduled.

Automated ENotice Issued to Parties
Order Granting Mot. to Enter Plea Pursuant to Plea Agreement -

Hearing Journal Entry
State to take defendant's deposition.

Hearing Journal Entry
Court will re-evaluate home detention after defendant is deposed.

Hearing Journal Entry
Mr. Grove to draft court order-defendant's depo to be done on or before 11/22.

Hearing Journal Entry
defendant has not done deposition so motion for home detention is moot at this time

Anonymous said...

Daniel Grove represents Jalen.

Anonymous said...

In addition to multiple counts of murder, rape, criminal confinement and robbery etc., LT's Public Indecency and Public Nudity case is still pending.

LT's phone, which was in contact X 5 with DG's phone on the morning of Amanda's murder, is associated with Backpages. Was LT a prostitute or a pimp?

Anon2020 said...

Is anyone that follows SA aware of Davey's physical and emotional abuse toward Amanda in their marriage?

DW said...

The phone was listed under Hailey A., who was arrested for prostitution. Hailey said under oath that LT did not use her phone

Anonymous said...

So it must have been Hailey A carrying the phone on Sunnyfield on the morning of the 10th, that got into the stolen Sebring driven by Jalen. And it must have been Hailey A who was in contact with Diano. I wonder why Larry Taylor told Hess was his and how it came to be plugged into the wall next to where Larry slept.

Anonymous said...

Why would Diano have been called Hailey A's phone 5 times and what was Hailey's phone doing on Sunnyfield on the morning of Amanda's murder? Maybe Hailey was involved and DIano, Jalen and Larry are trying to protect her? The APC says the phone was associated with both Hailey AND Larry Taylor through police reports, though. So maybe LT was a prostitute or pimp. Is it possible Hailey A lied under oath?

That phone number was also in the area around the time and place where the Hernandez murder occurred. It looks like Hailey A has some explaining to do.

Anonymous said...

Correction @ 3:17 PM - the eye witnesses in the Amanda Blackburn murder case saw a black male talking on the phone and getting into the Sebring. Hailey A. is a white female, AFAIK.

Anonymous said...

Hailey A was also at the house party where Larry supposedly confessed to Anthony Shannon and his relatives about killing a Mexican but said she didn't hear a confession. She was arrested in Dec 2015.
Anthony Shannon aka Cheese is also the guy who said Larry left a ski mask at his apartment after Amanda's murder but then denied that happened during his deposition. Anthony Shannon's apartment was where Jalen and LT went immediately after the rape. And Anthony Shannon was in possession of the stolen goods from the rape and robbery (not Amanda's computer, tho).
Was definitely a black male walking on Sunnyfield that morning but just who was it?

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the phone was associated with both Hailey AND Larry Taylor through police reports, if the phone was just listed to Hailey A?

LT should have asked Hailey, under oath during deposition, who she lent her phone to and/or who had access to it on and around 11/10/15. The cell tower information, pings and phone numbers called and received should help her identify the last person she remembers calling/texting and the last time the phone was in her possession. That should help establish, by process of elimination, who had the phone on and around the morning of Amanda’s murder, and who the black male carrying the phone on Sunnyfield was.

It’s a mystery how “Hailey’s phone” ended up in Larry’s possession, plugged into the wall next to where Larry slept, in the house on Meridian, if Larry never used it, though. Maybe Hess or LE or someone planted it to frame Larry?

Unfortunately for Larry, records indicate that the phone was in contact with Diano’s phone x 5, and Diano is going to testify that the person he called was Larry Jo Taylor / or Larry called him, specifically about “numbers” relating to Amanda Blackburn’s Chase Bank account. Furthermore the person carrying the phone got into the Sebring driven by Jalen, and Jalen is going to testify that the person carrying the phone who got into the Sebring was Larry Taylor. If Diano and Jalen are both lying and intend to commit perjury, they will lose their plea deals, and be facing felony murder charges again. That is a big risk. The person that they are protecting must be very powerful if they are willing to risk LWOP as well as frame a totally innocent teenager rather than identify the person who was with them - if it wasn’t Larry Jo Taylor.

You are correct that Larry Taylor and Jalen went to AS’s place after the robbery and rape they committed on 11/03/15. They also stole, and were driving the rape victim’s car. IMO, the state should run the rape case first, and when LArry is inevitably convicted (by virtue of DNA and other evidence) he should be offered immunity from prosecution in the Amanda Blackburn murder case for his truthful testimony.
Alonzo B seems to be MIA. He recently forfeited a $15,000.00 surety on a drugs charge and there is a warrant for his arrest.

DW said...

LT had another phone number so either he had 2 phones that morning or he was not using Hayley's phone. Jalen and Diano, in addition to protecting the gang, are protecting themselves. They both should be facing murder charges but the pleas got them reduced sentences. Of course they will lie. Will be interesting, though, if the cell phone pings don't match their story and timeline. I"m still not convinced the guy walking on Sunnyfield wasn't Diano. Convenuent that he wasn't pictured at the ATMs and jumped out of the car to stand on a busy street near the house he supposedly just burglarized instead of staying in the car and ducking down.

DW said...

And the story is that Jalen and Diano were sharing a phone that morning. Not.

Anonymous said...

Someone was using Haley's phone that morning on Sunnyfield. If it was Diano, how did he get it? Surely Hayley must know. And how did it end up in Larry's possession, next to his bed if he never used it? Also, why did Larry Taylor tell Hess the phone was his?

Anonymous said...

I agree, JW and DG should be facing felony murder charges along with Larry Taylor. Robbery Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury - while still a major felony- is quite the reduction. Not to worry though, if they are intending to perjure themselves, felony murder charges will likely be reinstated. If and when that happens, they can withdraw their guilty pleas and go to trial, which is their right. The jury will never know about the initial guilty pleas.

Jalen has pleaded guilty to entering the Blackburn residence and robbing Amanda, resulting in her serious bodily injury. Jalen has also pleaded guilty to Robbery Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury in the robbery and rape he committed with Larry Taylor, a week prior to Amanda's murder. I think it's ludicrous that he is requesting home detention.

Anonymous said...

Jalen's phone (0802) pinged on the morning of the 10th near the San Clemente robbery but not on Sunnyfield. It was later found to be in Donae's possession, if that helps.

Anonymous said...

LT actually didn't tell Hess the phone was his. Hess pinged the phone and showed up at the Meridian house. Another guy answered door and then got Larry. Larry was only wearing pants. Hess handcuffed him and asked if he wanted to bring his belongings. He said yes and pointed to a pile of clothes. The phone was next to the clothes so Hess said he assumed Larry said it was his.

DW said...

Anon @9:16, the first robbery on San Clemente was in the same apartment complex that Bull and Donae lived in.

Anonymous said...

Anon @11:00, Where did you get that version? It is quite different from the APC. From pages 9-10 of the Affidavit for Probable Cause:

"Detective Keppler researched (redacted) 7125. He found the number in "Backpage" ads. The number was associated to Haley (redacted) and Larry Taylor Jnr through police reports. Hess tracked the number to (redacted) S Meridian St. Larry Taylor answered the door. He explained he didn't live there but was sleeping on a pallet on the floor. He also told Hess the phone plugged in next to his pallet belonged to him and his phone number (redacted) 7125."

Someone is lying. When and to whom did Hess say he "assumed" anything?

Anonymous said...

From the state's opposition to motion to suppress

Kate said...

Last week Phil did a podcast you all may be interested in listening to. Start up around 13:40ish.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:16 - "...Hess said he assumed Larry said it (the phone) was his." Deception indicated.

Anonymous said...

In the opposition, it was stated that Diano gave Hess Larry's phone #. Same Diano whose brother threatened Halen for snitching. Diano has been a snitch all along. It seemed to work, as even though he was a repeat offender, he somehow came out looking the best of all 3 of the defendants.

Anonymous said...

Did the opposition stated Diano gave Hess Larry's # or did they said Diano gave Hess Haleys # because the phone# was Haley's #and she said Larry never used it so Diano lying if he gave Haleys # and said its Larry's # and Diano prolly had Haley's phone on summerfield.

Anonymous said...


That was some eye-opening information that Phil tossed out. He said Amanda was asleep in the bedroom when the attack first occurred and then there was a "scuffle" in the living room because she wouldn't give them her bank card numbers?

1) If Amanda was asleep when the attack occurred, then Mel the dog would have gone ballistic on the robbers.
2) Amanda would have given them the bank card numbers right away. Weston was upstairs. Amanda is not going to risk Weston's life for a few hundred bucks.
3) Being beaten so badly that you lose teeth and your face is so bruised that you are unrecognizable would hardly be classified as a "scuffle". Amanda was ambushed, unarmed, attacked and executed. The "scuffle" was staged.
4) Phil says that Amanda was murdered was so that his church would gain popularity (answers to prayers for his church that was the smallest one in Elkhart before the murder).

So basically, Davey gave Phil a shit ton of money to pay Phil's church mortgage off, bought him a new motorcycle, sent him first class to Israel and paid for several weeks of extensive therapy at an expensive resort?

Sell out.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Weston smeared poop on the walls. Look at Davey’s insta.

Kate said...

Anon@9:40pm, - That is exactly what I thought. Also, didn't Davey say he thought Amanda just slipped and hit her head or just got dizzy, etc. He thought it was no big deal until he got to the hospital where Dr's and Investigators told him what had happened. So I wonder why he would tell Phil & Co. to get back home on the first phone call, not knowing anything and, as he repeatedly states, thought Amanda had just a little slip.

I think the trial talk was the most upsetting. He said he was talking with AG Curtis Hill, asking him if he could do something to get the trial moving...paraphrasing, Curtis Hill responded with telling Phil to get on with his life, even when these 3 are put away for life, he won't feel any better. Phil says the excuse he was given as far as the trial being bumped again was, "election time".

Very disturbing podcast, but this past Sunday Phil brought a sword and knife into church, swinging it around, so it all seems to fall in line with the rest of this crazyland story.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Kate will have to watch. My attorney friend said it doesn’t look like a trial will happen even next year after he briefly looked over the case.

DW said...

Thank you, Kate.

Phil's version is completely different than the APC. Phil said all 3 went inside, saw Amanda's purse, found a sleeping Amanda, beat her, 2 guys left with the bank cards, there was a scuffle with Amanda and the one guy that was left, she put up her hands defensively while she got shot twice, and then was executed in the back of the head.

APC said Jalen and Diano were in the car parked at Becker's, LT walked to the car and threw the bank cards in the car. Then went back in and shot her so he didn't get scratched.

Phil's story fails to mention the dog. Three strangers walk into the house and a boxer doesn't bark? Or bite during the scuffle? And Amanda has her arms up defensively and is violently fighting but no neighbors hear anything? No screaming? No yelling for help?

Also, Phil says Davey called him at 6:30am California time and said Amanda hit her head and they needed to come home. It was 9:30 am Indiana time. Amanda had been at the hospital over an hour. Nobody told Davey in that hour she had been shot?

Tru said...

Howdy all. Well that was depressing to listen to. I'm only about 35 mins in, but there are a couple of things I noticed. Firstly, that Phil says Amanda was asleep in bed when JW, LT and DG walked in, and that they woke her. Davey has never, not once, mentioned Amanda and what she was doing when he left the house. I've always wondered if he gave her a judas kiss goodbye. I think it it obvious that Davey drugged Mel and locked her in a room. It's been mentioned 100 times before, but there is no chance that Mel wouldn't have alerted Amanda as soon as a stranger entered. Mel would have protected Amanda if she had been able. I also believe that Weston was drugged. Phil repeats the story that Weston "slept through the entire thing" and that the thugs "never opened the door", and "didn't know he was there". Again, it's been discussed 100 times, but how the fuck would Davey and Phil know that? It's bullshit. I think it's obvious why Davey was "shaking" Weston at the hospital. In addition, I believe that crazy Davey hid Amanda's cell phone, car keys and gun, and spent the 4 minutes between 8:18am - 8:22 am - ( when he got off the phone with his alibi KW to when he called 911) replacing those items. Davey made sure every possible lifeline for Amanda was severed.

Around the 33 min mark, Phil uses an interesting turn of phrase, which I think is Freudian, or subconscious leakage. He says "...when you have a HIT like this". On some level, Phil knows Amanda was not murdered by random burglars. Thanks for the link, Kate.

Anonymous said...

Phil He tries to tell the story. Oh how he tries.
@ 22:22 "I mean, and I just rehearsed all that I just told you"

Christy (connected to Mike Colaw's church) started praying for Amanda on Monday.
Were there no phone calls to the Byars on Monday, while all the Wesleyans were already praying?

Anonymous said...

"So, that's the story. That's the skinny on the story. Ahem. Ahem."

It sure as hell ain't the truth of what happened, but it's the story.

Anonymous said...

Janel at 2:44AM: You have never produced ONE post from Monday of anybody praying for Amanda. Please stop.

Anon2020 said...

Davey Blackburn was physically abusing Amanda. Amanda's parents were aware of the physical abuse. Phil knows the thugs didn't beat up Amanda. It was the devil in jeggings that did it.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:20.

Why? There are plenty of leaks about "last night" from those closest to Davey.

What's it to you if 2:44 a.m. wants to explore what happened on Monday?

Anonymous said...

How are people silenced, or persuaded to stay silent about Monday?

Anonymous said...

Because 2:44, 10:48 and 11:03 are one and the same. Janel aka Bobcat

Anonymous said...

Why does Bobcat's wish to explore what happened on Monday prompt you to say "Please stop."?

Why is Monday off limits to inquiry?

Isn't it rather incongruous to write thousands of comments about Tuesday while refusing to explore statements made about Monday?

Anonymous said...

Anon2020, I would like to hear more of what you know about the physical and emotional abuse by Davey.

Anonymous said...

Is Bobcat in danger for asking? Is there a story which must be silenced?

Kate said...

DW said...
Phil's story fails to mention the dog. Three strangers walk into the house and a boxer doesn't bark? Or bite during the scuffle? And Amanda has her arms up defensively and is violently fighting but no neighbors hear anything? No screaming? No yelling for help?
December 12, 2019 at 12:13 AM

The only one to ever mention Mel was Captain Converse. The story rolls out, Amanda puts up one hell of a fight, for a pin# that she did not want to give to them? Imagine being a pregnant woman, toddler sleeping in the next bedroom, dog nowhere to be found, husband is nowhere to be found, can't reach a phone or weapon of any kind.....are you really going to withhold your pin# for a few hundred bucks?! Even if it were thousands I'd be throwing pin#'s out, taking jewelry off to give to them, giving them keys to the car, all the tv's in the house, I wouldn't care, just take what you want and get out. The shock alone from waking up to three strange men in your own house had to be terrifying, if what Phil states is true.

Anon-I agree with your lawyer friend, I don't see this trial happening for years, if ever.

Release the 911 call, the original full front picture of the perp that IMPD stated they have and the surveillance, that will tell the true story of what happened to Amanda.

Anonymous said...

Rephrasing 11:50 a.m.

Is there an uncomfortable truth that must be silenced and covered by a story full of holes?

Is Bobcat in danger for inquiring?

Anonymous said...

I also heard from 2 different people that Davey was physically abusive towards Amanda and she detailed it in her journals which were conveniently stolen.

And Janel aka Bobcat, you seem like the weird girl that throws tea parties for 40 imaginary friends and then goes on social media to brag about how popular you are.

Anonymous said...

Two books were stolen. Whether they were Amanda's journals is unknown.

Anonymous said...

Who steals books but leaves a big screen TV, credit cards and a cell phone? Larry doesn't strike me as a voracious reader. And interestingly, the other stolen computers from the crime spree were recovered but Amanda's computer and "books" were not.

Tru said...

They stole MacBook pros from Searsbrook, Becker and Blackburn. I did not know that the other computers had been recovered. I must have missed that. Was it in a news report? I know the rape victim's computer was taken to AS's place by Jalen and Larry Taylor.

The two books stolen from the Blackburn's were probably in the bag with the computer. IIRC the Blackburn TV was fixed to the wall. Removing it may have been too physically or intellectually difficult for the animals. I'm not sure why the credit cards were not taken. Maybe they believed Amanda when she said the other cards were maxed out and there was nothing on them, as they held a gun to her head and assaulted her. OR Maybe the Chase card was the only one that DB gave them the PIN number to.

For all we know, DB hid Amanda's purse before he left the house, and then scattered the contents on the floor himself when he got home from the gym the gym the gym. Staging. Phil said the intruders went through Amanda purse. Maybe it only looked that way.

As for Amanda's phone (and gun) is it possible that the reason they weren't stolen is because those items were also well hidden by DB before he left, and were replaced before the 911 call? Add the car keys to that little list, because as Anon @7:35 points out, what thieves would leave those things?

Anonymous said...

Imagine if Amanda had regained consciousness and been able to tell police that she would have given the intruders her purse, credit cards, phone, gun and car keys, willingly, but none of those items were where she had left them.

I wonder what reason JW,DG will give for leaving those items.

Anonymous said...

Was Jacola's cell phone pinged after it was stolen at 4:30am that morning?

Bingo said...

The Tv being hinged to wall and not taken doesn't make much sense to me. Most tv's are hinged to the wall. Robbers are well trained in undoing tv's off the wall. It isn't really complicated.

Also, If Amanda's purse were sitting out and they knew she was there, no way does it make sense to look in her wallet, find a bank card and go wake her up for a pin. And if they are going to beat her up for a pin number, why not for a phone, a gun or money? Her wedding ring? Yet, the focus and beat her to a pulp over a pin number?

Also, ask any police officer what they think about cards scattered all over the floor. That is a staging. Most thugs, quickly grab a credit card out, they are not going to take the time to throw the stuff all over the floor. They also know how to quickly grab a card and go. They also know bank cards are high risk. None of it makes sense.

Phil Byars can't really buy this version of events, can he? DOes he question why it is so different than the affadavit?

Anonymous said...

Tru, the info about the other computers and cell phones is in the other APCs (rape and San Clemente robbery).

Anonymous said...

The 3 had Jacola's purse and supposedly went upstairs to steal her cell phone, which was right next to her bed. Why didn't they wake her to get her bank card number?

We know why. All 3 robberies that morning were planned in advance and staged.

Tru said...

Thanks anonymous @ 9:13 AM. I just reread the APC for the rape and robbery on the 3rd November, and I can't find anything about the Searsbrook and Becker computers being recovered. Maybe you read about it somewhere else?

Tru said...

Where have all the portal party people relocated to?

Tru said...

The APC for the rape and robbery mentions a Sony Viao. The computers stolen from Searbrook, Becker and Blackburn were all MacBook Pros. Also, the APC says that all the stolen items recovered were dropped off by Jalen and Larry Taylor before the 10th.

Tru said...

@8:32. Good question. JS’s phone was stolen earlier than 4:30, though.

JS said she woke up at 4:30 and realized she’d been robbed. Why did she wait an hour to call 911 is another good question. Who knows?

JS has two daughters, both of whom were at home during the burglary. I’m not sure if any of their property was stolen.

sirensong said...

Bobcat, the only thing I'm leaking is my belief that your conspiracy theories are nonsense, as well as your understanding of SA.

Anonymous said...


Your chatzy comment about Mamaw and Monday and the truth introduced extra information.

Why did your brain choose and signal your fingers to type those concepts?


Anonymous said...

It was a joke at your expense, dumbass Janel aka Bobcat.

Anonymous said...

"Humor, like everything else, comes from somewhere. Solomon addressed the issue, in fact, noting that sometimes anger is attempted to be excused with, "it was jest!" when in reality, the vinegar was spilling out."

"The need to insult rather than answer is acute."

Anonymous said...

"The liar thinks that the lie will be believed because of the loud confidence of attacking others."

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