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Crime Wire: The Murder of Amanda Blackburn

Peter Hyatt on "Crime Wire": The Murder of Amanda Blackburn 

February 23, 2017, Peter Hyatt will be a guest on "Crime Wire" live broadcast, and will be taking your calls and questions at 9am to 1030AM EST.  

Amanda Blackburn was a victim of a sexual homicide in which arrests have been made. 

Questions, however, remain in one of the most bizarre 'solved' murder cases of recent years. 

Peter Hyatt will share analysis of the case, including deception detection techniques, and what this may mean for justice.  

Imagine Publicity Blog  :  broadcast of the show on Madeleine McCann 2016.  


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Kate said...

Here in the States, they like to refer to it as, "tainting the jury pool" and typically it is the attorney that is responsible, but I am not well versed in any of it. Davey has gone to the press quite a few times, PB not so much. What is interesting is today, PB posts (instagram) how proud he is of AG Curtis Hill as he "stands up for human life", how can he even speak those words when he has done zilch for his own daughter's case? Curtis Hill, the same man, who when PB asked about Amanda's case, said the trial won't bring any satisfaction or closure/move on (paraphrasing).

Just for the record, I truly believe PB would have gained a mass following and the huge revival he so desperately wanted, had he protected his daughter, his unborn granddaughter and sought justice. If there ever is a trial, I wonder what his reactions will be to the 911 tape? The surveillance vids? How will he excuse his wonderboy son-in-law from sitting out in the driveway for almost an hour, if that is truly what the video shows, because I believe it shows a great deal more. If he truly is as oblivious as he indicates, he will be in a world of shock. That isn't to say LT didn't pull the trigger, but I do believe the events went down much differently than what was reported or alleged in the APC.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone.......

A couple of updates from a local:

1. Davey has no contact with anyone from the church except for two couples.
2. The Kellogg family has no contact with Davey.
3. There are a lot of hard feelings about how the church was closed. Members were not given an opportunity to help save the church.
4. The church finances were not kept track of. All the “accountant” did was basically act as a board member and say “yay” or “nay” to whatever Davey wanted.
5. The finances were not uncovered until John Berry had to figure them out.
6. Davey spent $6,000 flying in and interviewing a youth pastor who is a friend of Kristi even though the church board did not agree with it.
7. Davey claimed he would fundraise for John Berry’s salary for the first two years when the board didn’t see it fit financially to bring him on.
8. Kristi didn’t want her kids to be raised as pastor’s children.
9. Members have been told they should seek action against DB, but don’t really want to stir up a whole big deal.
10. They think that when the money for the Blackburn family fund started being channeled through Resonate, the lines over what money was what were blurred.

Anonymous said...

Correction to number 6, not a youth pastor, a worship pastor

Anonymous said...

What is Meg up to these days?

Anonymous said...

She is working for a church or ministry and selling her signs!

Anonymous said...

Poor James Alex Hurley seems to have had a death similar to Amanda's.

The aftermath has been handled quite differently by law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Is Meg is on the lifetime hush money gravy train?

Kate said...

Thanks for the update anon. Meg is still in contact with Davey.

Anonymous said...

Did the worship pastor interviewee fly first class?

sirensong said...

Even first class isnt $6000! Sounds like either some siphoned cash, or a nice resort/vacation. I still cant believe they didnt look at DB. Nobody cared, or was so fooled by DB they didnt see the forest for the trees.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the inside info, anon. John Berry seems like a nice guy. Seems Davey has set him up from the jump. Why didn't the board question the unnecessary spends and why didn't the board make Davey pay back money he was using for himself? Kristi sounds like a gem. Poor Weston.

Anonymous said...

Re: the worship pastor interview. I guess that he had a family of 6 and they wined and dined him!

Don’t know much more, as the info is from a second party source who I asked.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever audit all of the love offerings that came in from all over the nation to the Blackburn Family Fund? There were at least 2 gofundmes, at least one charity football game, church prayer/donation e-mail begs, news articles linking the fund, etc. In addition to the millions that Amanda's life insurance paid out, these money grabs had to total over a million by themselves.

Anonymous said...

Friend-of-friend Local, Thank you for the info. Question: What do Ashley, Derek, Megs and Zach think of Davey now. Do they think he was involved? And do any if them still talk to Davey?

Bingo said...

Davey also took love offerings from Newspring Church, Elkhart Baptist and Davey's dad's church. I also think from his uncle's huge church, can't remember the name but he has spoken there a few times. He had his Blackburn Fund page up for years. And he scolded people who sent religious-themed items instead of cash and vacation homes. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Mike Pence's church sent a big love offering as well. Many churchs did. Where did the money go, as four years later, Resonate was broke and forced to close. Seems it all went into Davey's pockets. Megs was one of the first to comment on the gofundme, and told people to send money to the Blackburn Fund at Resonate. Perhaps Megs could shed some light.

Anonymous said...

I’ll ask about the others next time I see my contact. I try not to pry.

Tru said...

DBag's latest posted aphorism- " We will either redeem time or we will regret time".

In a perfect world, Davey would be doing time. Boom tish.

Anonymous said...

Very much appreciate the insights anon! If you hear anything else, please let us know.

Kate said...

Kristi tells her story for the 100th niw podcast. One of the first responder's for Amanda was a college chum of Kristi's.

Anonymous said...[0]=68.ARBy6z-qTx2-rxgG4yynaqACXYL20aMl6MIWRmKxV0XZKjQJjD_RgA7L8TduK9XTrJJOuKo8znfQAPza8YONB4pKx1n_b1H7OQv_vTytAZYxi1QipjA_FjHRPZMDEnlsHqHgsvZqDk4JwTZCUKjfDlhtsx9hQsXAEiYS7O7nMbG8r3x8pa60GAcSuDDevw7XT4tf4EO8n3uqe4cGdaMervF_M4U8G9ojVaAS3uz3RuqsgRKuTge_Uyz3abzhqsqhtkpMEpZe_6N_Q7GuwyePOibFl2CfjGEQGcgR5uJWcpFmiXlJi8bDxjS0ii3jQGgXLaysrzSeeCkM1nkAtW-KqxbtyA&__tn__=-R


Anonymous said...

What is that anon at 7:44 PM? What does it mean?

Anonymous said...

10:38, It was a FB post for a Delphi, IN church that is hosting a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class this month. Delphi, IN is the city that Abby and Libby were murdered in. One of the leaders of this particular church is a suspect in the murders.

Mannequin said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
10:38, It was a FB post for a Delphi, IN church that is hosting a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class this month. Delphi, IN is the city that Abby and Libby were murdered in. One of the leaders of this particular church is a suspect in the murders.

February 21, 2020 at 1:40 AM"

Are those initials CA?

Anonymous said...

Kate @1.29, It seems that Kristi is just as mendacious as her conniving husband. Honestly, are we expected to believe that she overheard her pastor father, ask her boyfriend, when meeting him for the first time "Have you hit that yet?" . And are we also expected to believe that despite the fact that K was a virgin at the time and wanted to stay that way, to please her father and God, she was so affected by what she overheard that she was compelled to have sex the very next week?

And why aren't the police looking into these so called coincidences? 1. Her friend happened to work at Eskenazi, (the hospital Amanda died in) and contacted her out of the blue to talk about the Blackburns and Byars families and how they were acting. 2. Another friend was a first responder to the 911 call. (Remember Owlie?) 3.Her step father ministered to the three alleged murderers in jail. 4. She just happened to turn up to the same gym at the same time as DB, repeatedly. 5. She just happened to randomly show up to Resonate in high heels clutching a bible. 6. She worked for the same bridal salon that Amanda went to. 7.She was conveniently divorced the month before Amanda was murdered. 8. K allowed her 5 year old daughter to go on a "date" with Davey, despite being virtual strangers. 9. After the death and divorce of D and K's respective spouses in 2015, the pair were married at breakneck speed.

I'm sure commenters could come up with at least a dozen more examples.

My credulity has been stretched as far as it will go.

Anonymous said...

Anon @7:02pm, nice summary! Gonna add that Kristi and Davey both attended the same LA Fitness BEFORE Amanda was murdered and Davey coached the bridal salon's child (nephew but he was living with her) while Kristi worked at the bridal salon. Also, Davey and Amanda used to jog right by Kristi's parents house.

Anonymous said...

I also listened to Kristi's accounts and although very heartbreaking, I don't think she is trustworthy. She needs to stop saying she was running away from Davey. She was showing up at his tiny, unknown, crappy church that couldn't pay people with prizes to attend. She shows up just wanting to "scrub toilets for Jesus" and wanted to work in the kid's ministry. The kid section consisted of like 3-5 children. Why even have one? She also showed up at the yard clean-up days, just randomly running away from Davey. It sounds like they were either way together already (most likely) or she was stone-cold stalking him. And stop with "we didn't know one another" when they both started doing Crossfit in Sept 2016. They were videoed talking to one another and working out together that September. Because I know she is lying about that, I wonder what else was embellished.

She also sounds like a prime candidate to be the next spouse abused by Davey. She is enjoying the over the top showering of affection right now but she won't know what to do when her sparkle dulls to him. She will be too far into it all and will have no way out. Davey worked to pull Amanda away from those closest to her but K doesn't even seem to have any friends so he won't have to wait as long to start the process over again. Hopefully, he will go to jail before he starts torturing and gaslighting her.

Kate said...

Anon @ 7:02, exactly! That "interview" was put in place to humanize Kristi, the victim. She had a lot of excuses, pointy fingers and used several scapegoats for her poor choices in life, but didn't seem to take a whole lot of accountability for herself. That isn't to take away from her (alleged) tough upbringing, but we haven't heard both sides which makes it difficult to believe. I also found the story about her dad wanting her dead/murdered, a bit sketchy.

It was hard to listen to. How many coincidences can there be around a single murder case? And those are only what we know to date, what about the 911 call, the surveillance, the pattern history, the finances, etc. Hopefully the truth will come out, for Weston and only Weston's sake. I don't like the connections between the 1st responder, the nurse, her step-dad and God only knows who else. Just too many coincidences.

Anonymous said...

I attended Resonate. Kristi didn’t want to be seen, but walked around in high heels at a church that met at a middle school.
She would change out of the shirt she had to wear to serve in the children’s ministry to her normal clothes before going to the church service because she didn’t want to be wearing a t-shirt. That wasn’t up to par for her image.

Anonymous said...

Donae's first baby - Aiden - was born at Eskenazi....she had it posted on her facebook before deleting the location..another coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

In his book Brain Droppings, George Carlin explains irony and it's frequent misuse in language.

Irony is one of Amber's favorite words, no?

She uses it in her snippet recorded for the "celebration" video when speaking of how she was supposed to help her sister Amanda. The usage only fits if she hurt Amanda.

Anonymous said...

An example of tragic situational irony would be calling your sister for help, but she hurts you.

Or calling 911 for help, and then being hurt by those sent to help.

Anonymous said...

An example of coincidence is finding a reference to a booked titled Brain Droppings in blog comments related to a murder in which the victims brain matter was dropping out of her skull.

Anonymous said...

As if the Blackburns could not get any creepier, Davey posted an IG story that included a pic of Weston in a ninja costume with a black mask and sword. Amanda was murdered by someone wearing a black mask.

Tru is starving said...

Is anyone here interested in discussing Larry Taylor’s pending trial for the murder of Amanda Blackburn? Neither Crazy Davey not Amanda’s family appear to have the slightest interest. Her father can’t even remember the names of the accused.

Access to Mycase Indiana (where updates on case status are regularly made) from Australia has been suspended and I am having trouble getting information.

Could somebody check Mycase entries for JW, DG and LT every day or so and post updates? Please? It only takes a minute. And then we could discuss what the updates mean. It’s important to check regularly because things can change in an instant. Eg. we have seen both Jalen and Diano charged with other crimes while incarcerated, and both changed have their pleas from Not Guilty to Guilty. There have been hearings on motions to suppress evidence etc, and witnesses subpoenaed and deposed. It looks like Jalen has been scheduled for deposition in April; but as I say, my access to the information available to the public has been severely limited by the temporary suspension of Mycase in Australia.

I would very much like to discuss the current state of the proceedings against LT and Co. I drop in here to SA every day.

I feel bad badgering the same people (at a different site - you know who you are ;) for information all the time. Thank you guys.

Anonymous said...

[See updated info on Amanda Blackburn murder trial. I highly doubt there will be a trial in 2020. The judge is known to be VERY lazy, and for him to have allowed the cases against the three defendents to drag out for close to 5 years without a trial is criminal (IMHO).

Jalen pled guilty to robbery on 10/27/17, more than two years later he has still NOT been sentenced. Diano pled guilty to robbery on 5/23/2018, close to two years later he has still NOT been sentenced. By the time they are sentenced they may have served most of their time in prison already for their robbery pleas.

Not that anyone cares...certainly not Amanda's family or Davey.]

LARRYJO TAYLOR - Amanda Blackburn murder case

02/28/2020 - Pretrial Conference cancelled
Reason:Agreement of Parties

04/03/2020 - Hearing
Hearing on Motion to Suppress originally scheduled on 02/18/2020 at 1:30 PM was rescheduled to 04/03/2020 at 1:30 PM. Reason: By Request.
Session:04/03/2020 1:30 PM, Judicial Officer: Hawkins, Grant W
Comment:digital evidence /702 B 2 p.m.

04/13/2020 - Hearing
Session:04/13/2020 1:30 PM, Judicial Officer: Hawkins, Grant W
Comment:Deposition in hearing room D or Jury Room at 1:00 p.m.

07/17/2020 - Pretrial Conference
Session:07/17/2020 9:00 AM, Judicial Officer: Hawkins, Grant W
Comment:JURY SELECTION , Defendant not be transported.

07/22/2020 - Final PreTrial Conference
Session:07/22/2020 9:00 AM, Judicial Officer: Hawkins, Grant W

07/27/2020 - Jury Trial
Session:07/27/2020 8:30 AM, Judicial Officer: Hawkins, Grant W


Jalen E. Watson - Amanda Blackburn murder case

10/27/2017 - Judgment
Judicial Officer:Hawkins, Grant W
05. 35-42-5-1(1)/F2: Robbery Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury Injury to someone other than a defendant
• Plea by Agreement
06. 35-43-2-1/F4:Burglary Burglary of a dwelling
• Plea by Agreement
09. 35-43-2-1/F4:Burglary Burglary of a dwelling
• Plea by Agreement

02/21/2020 - Hearing Scheduling Activity
Sentencing Hearing scheduled for 08/13/2020 at 1:30 PM.

02/21/2020 - Hearing Journal Entry
Defendant's request for home detention denied.
Judicial Officer:Hawkins, Grant W

03/20/2020 - Hearing
Session:03/20/2020 1:30 PM, Judicial Officer: Hawkins, Grant W
Comment:Interview with defendant at 2:00 p.m. Depo set for 4/13/20 at 1 p.m.

04/13/2020 - Hearing
Session:04/13/2020 1:30 PM, Judicial Officer: Hawkins, Grant W
Comment:Depositions in Hearing D or Jury Room at 1:00 p.m.

08/13/2020 - Sentencing Hearing
Session:08/13/2020 1:30 PM, Judicial Officer: Hawkins, Grant W

Diano C. Gordon - Amanda Blackburn murder case

05/23/2018 - Judgment
Judicial Officer:Hawkins, Grant W
05. 35-42-5-1(1)/F2: Robbery Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury Injury to someone other than a defendant
• Plea by Agreement

08/13/2020 - Sentencing Hearing
Session:08/13/2020 1:30 PM, Judicial Officer: Hawkins, Grant W

Tru said...

Thank you, @6:22am. I am very grateful. I hope you are wrong about the trial being delayed again, but judging from the last four and a half years, I have to admit you may be right.

I am interested to hear what you and others think of the concept of “forgiving” LT (or anybody else) when he is pleading Not Guilty and before he has been tried in court. Isn’t it preemptive? Presumptive? Prejudicial? What if LT is found to be Not Guilty? IMO, It is a way for Amanda’s family and friends to absolve themselves of their responsibility to fight for justice for Amanda. #amandawho?

It is possible that both murders that LT is alleged to have committed (Hernandez and Blackburn) were contract killings and committed by someone else. DG for example. DG’s middle name is Cortez. That’s an Hispanic name, no? Like Hernandez? DG, as the confidential informant in Amanda’s murder appears to have knowledge of the crime that only her killer(s) could know. Certainly, there is a lot more to the case than a random, senseless act of violence at 6:30 am on a Tuesday morning in a quiet cul de sac, in a modest house, with a car parked in the driveway! a big Boxer dog (who never left the owners side) 10 minutes after DB left the house. Please.

PS: The robbery/rape on the 4th was said by the victim’s boyfriend to have been “targeted”. That’s the word he used. Targeted. Not random.

PPS: if it’s not asking too much, can someone keep an eye on Al Bu’s status? There is a warrant out for his arrest. It could happen any day. He is obviously involved in some capacity. Maybe when LE catches up with him he will shed some light on this mess in exchange for a deal.

Thanks again Anon @6:22. You’re a champion!

sirensong said...

Tru, your whole 2nd paragraph, good point. Forgive who? It seems they just want to forget it happened, and use forgiveness as a way to put it behind them. Especially Davey. Forgotten, moved on, no emotion for Amanda,just spin and replace. I know how I would feel if that had been my spouse, daughter, sister I-and I dont think the lack of care on DB's part is because he is so connected to his God. It's all about himself and what he gained. Sickening. And I have no clue why everyone else, especially her family, just ignored the fact that something is very wrong here; the investigation, the lack of trial, the fact that her husband moved on so fast after receiving so much money.

Tru said...

"We don't know what the future holds but we know who holds the future".

You may have heard this quote many times - it was even copied into Amanda's journal - but did you know that it's a Davey Blackburn original? Yes. He came up with it himself and proudly posted it on his Insta with his name underneath it, so you know it's authentic.

Just kidding. Of course it's not an original quote from Blackburn. As if. It's from Ralph Abernathy (1926 - 1990) and is used widely.

What kind of pastor plagiarizes famous quotes and tries to pass them off as his own creations? Davey Blackburn is a dishonest and dishonorable excuse for a man.. He thinks he can steal and lie and cheat his way through life. It is his MO. It is his nature. He believes that people are fools and he is superior. It is the mark of a narcissist and a sociopath. #justiceforAmanda

Kate said...

Davey's latest "sermon", which is just lather, rinse, repeat. I'm pretty sure any of us could repeat this sermon word for word by now.

Tru said...

Yes Kate. It’s the same trite, repetitive trash every time. He has to keep finding new audiences who haven’t heard him carry on or seen him prance about with goodness and mercy cakes through the shadow of the valley.

Jalen Watson was supposed to deposed yesterday. Does anybody have any information about that?

Tru said...

Scrap that request. JW’s deposition is scheduled for 13th April. He has an “interview” on the 20th March.

Anonymous said...

Will Jalen be released to home confinement in light of the coronavirus "situation"?

Anonymous said...

Sure. Why not, Anon @1:22? Force an an ankle monitor on him and keep tabs on him via a 24 hour remote surveillance system. Severely punish him if he refuses to stay in his home /prison. Daily retina scans. Perhaps a shock collar?

It will probably happen to all of us, soon enough.

Kate said...

This was an interesting listen. Davey speaks to his phone call with Kenneth the morning Amanda was murdered. He touches on bloggers/internet conspiracy theories that believe he murdered Amanda. He also speaks about Kristi and is beginning to rewrite history, yet again, stating he met Kristi about a year after Amanda died.

I imagine he is excusing his peculiar behavior the morning of Amanda's execution as the surveillance captured him peeking into the home and, what I would assume was very odd behavior.
"And so I'm just kind of out in my driveway finishing the phone call the whole time I'm looking through the little glass, kind of peep window of the front door to see if Weston's door was open, you can see Weston's door uh you know he was upstairs his room was upstairs, kind of like this pseudo balcony of our house so I was checking to see if is door was open, checking to see if his door was open, because if his door was open that was like okay all systems clear, he's awake, Amanda's awake, I'm gonna walk in and you know I can continue this phone conversation I need to, otherwise she had asked me to stay outside on these phone calls so that I didn't wake him up, um, too early."

flightfulbird said...

AH, our boy is starting to talk again - and therefore he’s starting to dig his hole again. The more Davey tries to explain things away, the deeper the hole he digs and the larger the web he spins. THIS is a major find Kate.

Because hasn't it been documented (more than once, by Amber for sure) that Weston woke up at 8:00 on the dot - every day - because Amanda and Davey had trained him to do so ?

The Affidavit of Probable Cause states that Davey told Detective Perkins that he “was still on the phone when he arrived home at approximately 7:30 A.M. He stayed on the phone in the driveway until he entered around 8:20 A.M”.

So if Davey was finishing up his phone call at any point after 8am, he'd know Weston should already be awake as usual, as he had been trained to do - so no worries about waking him up um, too early.

No need to look through the little peep window of the front door while he was still on the phone. Yeah we know Weston’s room was upstairs, that his door was completely untouched, that he was still upstairs in his crib upstairs behind the still-closed door. . . .

Now he’s explaining his peeping tom behavior that morning? - that he is looking to see if Weston’s door is open so he knows Weston is up and it’s ok to go inside and still be on the phone? When Weston was supposed to already be awake at 8am on the dot?

How can you be “just kind of" out in a driveway - was he on the driveway or not?

Yeah, we know he was on the driveway sitting in his car cruising on the phone with Kenneth Wagner - who said "what you need to know about this story is that me and Davey would speak every Tuesday”. . .

. . . waiting for Allison Becker to arrive home and find that her home had been burglarized . . .

. . .because then there’s a pattern - and then Davey could go into HIS home and call 911 . . .

but yet NOT report a home invasion or any evidence of a struggle or breakin after walking into that scene?

Remember months ago when Davey gave that rapid-fire explanation of the things that were going through his mind when he walked in - everything from maybe she had gotten lightheaded, slipped getting out of the shower/in the bathroom, fallen and hit her head (not exact words), why was there blood - it was SO obvious with all of those statements broken down and listed that he was all over the map desperately trying to give a rational explanation for his actions (and not only his actions, but what he didn’t do and what he didn’t say.

Everyone knows there’s no WAY he could’ve walked into that scenario that morning and thought Amanda had only gotten lightheaded and hit her head.


He's freaking out knowing the surveillance videos are out there and are being reviewed. Trying to connect the dots and dot all of the i's and cross all of the t's.

If only he hadn't talked so much early on, if only he had told 911 that there had been a breakin and his wife was lying on the floor in a pool of blood with her underwear removed, shirt pulled up and credit cards scattered around. THAT would've been the way to go if you wanted it to look like you weren't even remotely involved in masterminding an execution.

flightfulbird said...

Davey wrote in his blog that Weston wakes up at 8am on the dot - the below words are copy / pasted from link above (third paragraph) -

Your mommy was diligent. You may wonder why every night around 8pm you get really sleepy, why every morning you wake up at 8am on the dot, ready to take on the world, why every afternoon at 1pm you’re asking to go “night-night.” Your mommy and I read a book that helped us learn how to direct healthy sleep and feeding patterns for you. Even when it was tough and exhausting, she followed the plan.

So Davey KNEW Weston should be awake at 8am on the dot - and he was staying on the phone with Kenneth Wagner anyway (he didn't finish the call until closer to 8:20am because they got started late because Davey got to the gym late) - so then why the concern that Weston might not be awake well after 8am on that particular morning in November 2015, so much so that Davey had to peer through the glass to see if his door was open ?

And I think he picked up the reasoning / explanation from someone on SA or another board who had speculated that maybe Amanda had asked him to keep it quiet if Weston was still asleep. As in, his usual timeframe for the call was 7am to 8am - on THIS day, it was delayed - but yeah maybe sometimes he'd arrive home before 8am and still be talking and Weston would still be asleep.

So Amanda might've asked him to stay outside if he arrived home and was on the phone before the 8am time when Weston would wake up (on the dot, like clockwork?) - but on that morning there was no need to stay outside after 8am for fear of waking Weston even though he was still talking to Kenneth Wagner.

So much need to explain. But this explanation for why he was standing on the porch peering in through the front door glass does not make sense in the light of what we know about Weston's sleep/wake habit that DAVEY says had been ingrained into him.

So many neighbors had surveillance video and from what I've read, the footage is super clear and very easy to see everything that was going on, who was coming and going and what they were doing - the driveway and everything.

Was Davey peering though the glass to see Amanda's condition ? - seeing if she was still breathing ? - sorting out the situation into which he was walking and preparing his mind what to say ?

He would have done well to rehearse a bit more. We really need the 911 call. There's no need to keep it hidden unless it implicates Davey by what he DID NOT say to the dispatcher.

Kate said...

So many good points FFB. I think he was trying to explain his odd behavior that will one day be shown from the video surveillance that he was not in his car chatting it up with his old bff'er, as described. I believe he was on the phone to KW, just not hamming it up in his car. I also think he was and has been trying to convey how much "shock" he was in so that he can explain away his 911 call, why he hung up w/911, why he failed to give Amanda any first aid, why he called his dad as soon as he hung up w/911, why he didn't fetch Weston or look for the dog etc. If that 911 call is ever released as well as the video surveillance, it will not look good for Daveyboy and he knows it.

The Amanda Blackburn Case said...

Post on our The Amanda Blackburn page about Weston. Since Davey confirmed he hadn't gotten him yet when the paramedics arrived.

"The podcast interview questions continue today. Many of us questioned how Weston was doing when Davey B returned home to find Amanda beaten and executed. According to Davey (in this interview) when the paramedics got to the home, they asked him who else was in the house. Davey told them Weston was upstairs. As a parent, this is alarming. You walk in to find your wife was beaten and executed which means the scene would have been very grisly. The first instinct as a parent is to run swiftly up the stairs while calling 911! Obviously, you want to get your wife help, so you call 911 but you do it as you run upstairs to make sure your child has not been harmed. Instead, Davey stayed downstairs and called his dad after hanging up with 911. It wasn't until after the paramedics got there that he went upstairs for Weston. He talks about hearing Weston cooing while he sat by Amanda's side talking to his dad. This is a possible explanation but it doesn't seem possible with Weston's door shut, Amanda's labored breathing and he talking on the phone with his dad. 3 minutes go by between him calling 911 and the paramedics coming and asking about Weston. It makes you wonder if he knew Weston would be ok? It just doesn't seem plausible that a parent wouldn't have already grabbed their child and run out of the house. Thoughts? Different insights? Possible better explanations?"

Anonymous said...

Very interesting development with the peering through the window revelation. I’ve always wondered if surveillance footage showed DB also peeking OUT of the window towards AB’s before he left for the gym OR at least showed him looking over there as he was getting into his car.

Tru said...

Thanks Kate. Obviously crazy Davey still has more anger towards people who suspect him of involvement in Amanda’s murder than he does towards the 3 men who are currently in jail and awaiting trial for her murder. It’s interesting how he picks and chooses who he will forgive.

As with his sermons, his interviews and podcasts rely heavily on repetition. Repetition. Repetition. It is one way to spot a liar. They stick to a script. We all know the script by now. Gavin, the milkshake, the double wedding, the call to Indy, etc etc ad nauseum. But Dbag went off script a little here, and FFB - you nailed it with your comment.

The fact that he is explaining inconsistencies now, is an indication that he needs to plug some of the holes in his story before the trial. Some of the things he did - and didn’t do - defy logic. And the jury is going to have some questions.

So now we know he looked through the window on the front door but did not enter. Why is he telling us this, seemingly insignificant, detail now, four years later? What have the neighbours security cameras revealed that could be useful to the defense?

No matter how he tries, his story simply refuses to add up. He got up at 4:30am but did not leave the house until 6:10? Despite that enormous amount of time, he failed to pack a towel and fresh clothes for the gym? It was his regular routine and yet....? He called KW while he was still working out? Wtf? He hung up on 911 and called his dad? WTAF? Why? Why didn’t he call Amber? And what about the dog? Still no mention of Mel, Either before he left or when he got home.It’s as if Amanda’s beloved dog never even existed. And Weston. The whole Weston thing. He can never plug all the holes in his ludicrously BS story. Are Indy cops blind or corrupt or both?

Crazy Davey says he’s written replies to “trolls” who accuse him of being involved in Amanda’s murder, but never hits send. Well Dbag, if you are reading us a favor. Stop lying. Stop repeating your senseless scripted rubbish. Answer some real questions and hit send, you gutless wonder.

Confess. Repent.


Anonymous said...

How about Davey, since we are all gonna fall on our own sword anyway for actually questioning that you could have anything to do with your wife's murder, you slimy scumbag. instead of sending send, why not just let us have an hour to question you on a live Q & A? Can you do that, please? Let us ask you all the hard questions, let's get it out in the open. No need to blog about us? Let's talk. You seem to love going live and you love Q & A's. Let us set up a time.

flightfulbird said...

I would LOVE it if Davey would do what Anon at 9:13am asked ! (the same link as Kate posted, just to keep it in the forefront here)

I would love it if Backstage Jamie K Bates, instead of just mmm-ing and ah-ing as Davey related his story about calling 911 to tell them Amanda was unconscious (before he called his DAD) - had actually asked "so you didn't tell 911 that it looked like someone had entered your house while you were away and attacked your wife?" - "you only just told them she was unconscious?"

"Why not?"

and then listen to the stammering.

SOMEONE needs to ask him this. I imagine it will be asked in a trial, no question.

We KNOW Davey gave no evidence of a h-home invasion or breakin or any disturbance whatsoever - otherwise IMPD would have been rolled along with the EMT/paramedics.

And then they would've arrived well before Amanda was being carted from the house - they would've been there from the very start.

Davey said so many times that he had no idea anyone had been in his house, that he didn't find out there had been um, an invasion, uh, in our home.

He HAD to say this to cover for his not giving any indication of it to 911 dispatcher.

flightfulbird said...

^ ^ ^ correction from last post - I left off part of the sentence, in caps now ^ ^ ^

Davey said so many times that he had no idea anyone had been in his house, that he didn't find out there had been um, an invasion, uh, in our home UNTIL HE GOT TO THE HOSPITAL.

That when he walked into THAT scene that morning, he honestly had no idea what had happened. That he had no idea that anyone had been in his house. That he had no idea there were bullets. That his first honest thought was that Amanda had a miscarriage - NOT that someone had broken in and attacked her.

Even with all of the stuff scattered around her and the Swisher Sweet package on the counter that he told Detective Perkins did not belong in their residence - with her underwear off and her shirt pulled up and her multiple gunshot wounds - whether he knew they were from gunshots or not, he KNOWS all of this didn't happen from a lightheaded fall.

Amanda gets lightheaded (in this last audio link, he brings up that she had been hypoglycemic - that's new) and falls and hits her head . . .

. . . and she manages on the way down to the floor to tip over the decorative ladder and a lamp, remove her underwear and lay it beside her, pull up her shirt and scatter credit cards and duct tape around her on the floor? - and injure her shoulder and left arm and lay open the back of her head (severe head trauma) to the point that she was lying in a pool of blood and that Davey was praying that God would put brain matter back into her head ? - all from a lightheaded fall or a miscarriage ?

I'm so angry right now thinking of Amanda's family and friends who KNOW there is more to the story, all of them just standing idly by and keeping quiet and actually PROTECTING this wolf in sheep's clothing. All of them under Davey's spell for whatever reason. And Levi Lusko and Clint Dupin and Perry Noble - these guys were sitting there in total disbelief while they were listening to Davey sitting on their stages / platforms and saying that his first honest thought was that Amanda had a miscarriage. Seriously how can these supposed men of God sleep at night. NONE of them believe him. Kenneth Wagner knows too - the alibi - is he also an accessory if he's part of a coverup?

Davey Blackburn had motive (multiple motives actually, not the least of which was millions of dollars in life insurance money), he had opportunity, he has been covering up and giving explanations that make no sense for going on five years now - and now he is giving even more tidbits and explaining things about which nobody would even think (like why he was looking in the window that morning) - - yeah he knows the surveillance video is going to be hard to explain and his mind is spinning thinking what loose ends need to be tied up and covered.

Major damage control in progress. Like he has been doing from the start.

But screenshots and transcriptions and message boards tell the story - all of these appearances onstage - and what he said in one of them compared to what he said in another are archived and transcribed. For comparison to each other and also to show beyond a doubt that any reasonable person would've called 911 and reported an assault / home invasion and a wife in critical condition as opposed to just "unconscious".

And when all of this is presented - surveillance video and photos - and Davey is asked to explain what he said onstage multiple times for going on five years now - there's no WAY he's going to be able to cling to the "maybe she fell coming out of the bathroom, she was pregnant with our second, I honestly had no idea what had happened" story.

It REALLY shouldn't be that hard to sort out what happened and finish this thing once and for all.

Anonymous said...

A Q and A with Pastor Joke would be great!

I’d like to know how your Mac computer got stolen from the murder house. You planned to go straight to Starbucks after the gym and write your crappy sermon/book, correct? What were you gonna use Davey? A pencil and a serviette?

DW said...

Great posts, FFB. Wanted to add that in addition to the decorative ladder that was on the ground, there was a broken lamp. We know from twitter pics taken inside Davey's house that the lamps were across the room from the ladder. No way a fall brought down two pieces of furniture in opposite ends of the room. And let's not forget that police and even Phil Byars said there was a struggle and Amanda fought for her life. Hardly the scene of a miscarriage.

And, as usual, thank you, Kate.

Anonymous said...

If you pull up the picture of their home, there’s really only one place that DB could have parked on the driveway to even be able to see inside of the window from his car. I’m going to pull up some of the news stories because I recall there was a vehicle in the driveway that wasn’t Davey’s old Honda.

Bingo said...

In his newest interview, Davey is careful to explain why he sat in the driveway and possibly loitered at the window. He has never mentioned this before. He also mentions that he dropped his earbuds as he ran for her. He has never mentioned these before either. He is either being questioned again or getting his ducks in a row for trial. I think he most likely dropped them while staging the scene in the 2 minutes he had between his car and calling 911. They were mentioned in the affidavit but Davey has never mentioned them until now.

Kate said...

DW said...
No way a fall brought down two pieces of furniture in opposite ends of the room. And let's not forget that police and even Phil Byars said there was a struggle and Amanda fought for her life. Hardly the scene of a miscarriage.
April 6, 2020 at 9:38 AM

Exactly! I also noticed he added he thought she may have taken a shower, why? He states it was the first thought he had. Now we introduce the bathroom, the same bathroom that was cleaned the next day and remodeled within a week? I believe it was a week but I could be wrong. And the occasional dizzy spells, "minor hypoglycemic", was she diagnosed by a proper dr or is that another one of Dr. Davey's diagnosis?

The ladder, the ladder, the ladder. Since day one it's been about that ladder falling down on her head or somehow causing the injury. And where do we find that ladder since that day? Right back in his mcmansion. He can't have a picture up in the house of Amanda, but that ladder is symbolic of what he was able to get away with. He often speaks about his worst nightmare, the shock of it all, his ptsd, so why would he put that ladder right back into his new home? He got rid of the house, car, dog, the pictures of Amanda, her story etc. but keeps the ladder whilst in shock, ptsd, morning, grief, etc. Uh huh, sure thing Daveyboy.

From the interview- "And so I get the paramedics on the phone, like-w-you gotta come you know my wife is unconscious she's um, she's breathing but it's very labored you gotta get here I don't know what's going on, and so..." - Interviewer - "She was still alive?" Davey -"She was still BREATHING and I don't know, I'm not sure if it was, you know, now looking back on it after what we kinda of saw in the hospital I'm not sure if it was just involuntary function of the brain, but there was still brain activity going on I'm not sure if she was cognizant at all. Um, I would like to believe that she wasn't, I would like to believe that she was already in Jesus hands at this point, um but we we don't know."

He walked into his "worst nightmare ever", he had prepared for this trial, he even listened to Levi's story (with Amanda as they sobbed on the train), within a few weeks of Amanda's death, but he had no clue what was going on, yet in the same breath preaches he had prepared for this. Which is it? I hope defense shreds his testimony, it would be quite simple. And there was still brain activity, but all he could recount on his story was how he got to her side and said, "Jesus no, no no Jesus, no Jesus" and in the waiting room, to Weston, it was, "we're gonna be ok buddy, we're gonna be ok" and we heard, "we thought it meant a revival, so we were going to see a revival not only in the hospital, but across the world." And in all these profound statements, rarely do we hear about a prayer directly for Amanda, except to put the brain matter back in her head, otherwise it was all Davey and conveniently he always leaves out it was HIS decision to pull the plug only 24 hours later, a man of faith? Not even close. A con artist disguised in religion is more like it.

Kate said...

Also, wanted to just quick add that from the way he described the 911 call, it doesn't sound like he mentioned all the "blood" to the 911 opr, does it? I hope we can hear that call some day, it's been shy of 4 1/2 years now.

Anonymous said...

Hi. It’s good to see everyone here! Bingo, Davey had longer than 2 minutes. KW made a tweet after speaking to DB @8:18am. So their phone call was terminated before that. Maybe at 8:16 or 8:17?

Allison B called 911 at 8:17am. The probability that DB terminated the call when he saw Allison B return home is high. (And highly suspicious)

DB called 911 at 8:22am

Even if KW tweeted one second after speaking with DB (more likely a minute or two) DB took at least a whole 4 minutes to call 911. That’s a long time. Especially for a man with a phone in his hand.

The two new bits of information are interesting for a couple of reasons. For over four years we have heard the same old story from DB, with very few changes. He has never mentioned pertinent things such as kissing Amanda goodbye that morning....whether she was asleep or awake or wtf he was doing from 4:30 til 6:10am besides drinking coffee and “being in the word”. Now he offers two bits of info that are seemingly irrelevant to anything -as FFB says - information that nobody would even think to ask about. Why? He has often spoken about Weston waking at 8:00am - and Amanda waking some time before that - so either he was lying then or he is lying now. He can’t have it both ways and he has painted himself into a corner.

Let’s hope that a homicide detective has finally decided to treat DB as a murder suspect and is investigating his bizarre story.

flightfulbird said...

He has been painting himself into a corner from the very first day, actually as soon as he walked into the house. And yet he can't stop talking.

The clock is ticking !

It's finally happening. Thanks to all of the people across the n-nation and even the, the world - who knew things didn't even remotely add up and who refused to let this story fade into obscurity.

It's only a matter of time now.

flightfulbird said...

And it's fantastic to see everyone here and also on the Facebook page - a LOT of comments, be sure to select "all" and not "most relevant" to see them all. Thank you too to whoever set up that page.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the ladder. I remember DB saying it was lying next to her “body” as if Amanda was already dead. When did he go back to get it? DB often says he couldn’t go back to his house because it was “a crime scene” as if we didn’t know that the house was released back to him and was professionally cleaned within 2 days. It’s interesting that when he finally did go back to the crime scene he lay in the same spot that Amanda lay, with his EARBUDS in, and listed to a few tunes.

Has anybody tried to get ahold of the 911 call through the FOIA? I know that LE refused to release it because it was “part of an active investigation” but now that deals have been made and a trial date set, the active investigation is over isn’t it? Once the prosecution has its case, LE is not permitted to continue to gather evidence against the accused. Therefore the 911 call is no longer part of an active investigation. Certainly the defense, JW, DG and LT have already been furnished with a copy of the 911 call by now. So maybe it’s worth making another application through FOIA?

Anonymous said...

Unless DB is the subject of the active investigation?

Bingo said...

Thanks, Anon for the timeline for calling 911. Sooo, he had 5 minutes with a phone in his hand to call 911. That is unreal and STILL didn't get Weston until after the paramedics came!

Anonymous said...

Davey needs to explain the duct tape that was next to his earbuds.

flightfulbird said...

Anonymous at 6:18pm on April 7th wrote -

Hi. It’s good to see everyone here! Bingo, Davey had longer than 2 minutes. KW made a tweet after speaking to DB @8:18am. So their phone call was terminated before that. Maybe at 8:16 or 8:17?

Allison B called 911 at 8:17am. The probability that DB terminated the call when he saw Allison B return home is high. (And highly suspicious)

DB called 911 at 8:22am

Even if KW tweeted one second after speaking with DB (more likely a minute or two) DB took at least a whole 4 minutes to call 911. That’s a long time. Especially for a man with a phone in his hand.

HERE is a link to the tweet, from the Amanda Blackburn Case Facebook page -

The message along with the pic might be from this Anon as well - very good points. The timing of the tweet is unbelievable - it was immediately after they hung up (after Davey saw Allison Becker's car hit her driveway). . .

And the wording in the tweet itself totally smacks of bolstering the alibi even if it was hours later.

Kenneth Wagner said "what you need to know about this story is that me and Davey would speak every Tuesday. . . . "

Yeah, we ALWAYS talked on Tuesdays at this certain time - but on THIS Tuesday, Davey was running behind - had to "jump on the phone" with his friend as he was finishing up his workout - and he conveniently finished the call at that exact time.

And 33 comments following the Facebook post - people are definitely sticking with "this story" to see how it ends. Hopefully soon we will finally have a trial - with Davey on the stand having to explain all of his words and actions and inconsistencies and discrepancies in his stories and logic.

flightfulbird said...

Yeah, the duct tape -

just one MORE reason that should have indicated to Davey that someone other than Amanda, Weston and Mel were in the house after he left for the gym.

Unless it's staging. Which it absolutely could have been. Like in the movie Gone Girl - pictures broken, furniture turned over, things disturbed in the living room - - and the police detective instantly recognized it as staging.

Maybe there was a wee bit of staging going on between 4:30am and the time Davey left for the gym (later than usual) ? ?

flightfulbird said...

Kenneth Wagner's tweet on 11/10/15 said "Love my weekly convos with @daveyblackburn ! So refreshing to have a true friend to do life with !"

Someone else pointed out that of all of the weeks they had supposedly talked on Tuesdays, why would this certain day be the first (and only, up until then) time that Kenneth Wagner felt the need to TWEET about it?


Peter's Statement Analysis of Kenneth Wagner's words -

flightfulbird said...

From the comments below the Statement Analysis post linked above -

Kenneth Wagner tweeted AGAIN about his and Davey's phone calls - again on a Tuesday - December 1, 2015

Would it be to cover because of people commenting about his oh-so-conveniently-timed tweet on the morning of the murder, immediately after he and Davey hung up ?

Justice Seeker said...
Tweet posted today by KW,

Kenneth Wagner ‏@kennethwagner 25m25 minutes ago

I flippin' love conversations with @daveyblackburn!

It's awesome when your best friend is one of your greatest heroes.

Love you bro!

December 1, 2015 at 10:26 AM

Anonymous said...

I surely hope the uptick in comments here means there's something more going on behind the scenes with this case. This has taken too damn long to resolve.

Anonymous said...

Why couldn’t Davey have texted Amanda to see if Weston was awake? Surely her phone would be on silent if she was so concerned about Weston waking up? And, surely Davey knows how to text while on the phone. I wonder if the jays why Davey feels compelled to share how A never answered her phone when he called. I wonder if Meg could testify to Weston’s sleeping patterns and Davey’s morning routine. Although, I don’t know if she would be honest.

Kate said...

If you're bored on quarantine this weekend and want to watch Davey and Kristi speak @ AIAUSA, they sat together and gave the students their story-ish. The sex is brought up, but very differently than when he and Amanda did their speaking engagements. Audio is rough but headphones seem to help. The channel also has two other videos of Davey speaking to the students that weekend for anyone interested.

Anonymous said...

Kate, they sure do have that story down pat. K just suddenly shows up at the Crossfit in September, plays hard to get yet shows up at his church the next week and randomly starts attending this crappy, little church in a high school gym. It wasn't until Jan that they struck up a conversation. oh gosh, please. They were videoed talking and working out together in early October 2016. I don't believe for one second they were not having an affair before Amanda died. They just decided to wait for 10 months to randomly let God begin working up their redemption story. They are grifters and liars.

Kate said...

Very true Anon. Their story does not add up, but they think if they tell it enough times, it will stick. It is interesting how K downplays it, saying Davey practically broke his neck to turn and look at her, but she didn't want anything to do w/him. How he states she was wearing her high heels to church, etc. There is no "milkshake" story, just a fake, pitiful story with a sprinkle of kids mixed in. She states she wasn't looking for a relationship, but the way they tell their fake story, she was borderline stalking him, if the "story" is to be believed. Such tall tales they tell, not even close to believable.

In his talk @ AIAUSA, he tells how K swerves when there is an animal in the road, but Davey excitingly tells how he hits the gas pedal when he sees the animal in the road. Heading into his 40's and he still enjoys telling others these types of stories in a church setting. He hasn't changed, same Davey, same evil thoughts, same evil actions. He will never change and in my opinion, one day le will regret not hauling him in.

Anonymous said...

How interesting also that K constantly talks about only wanting to date God and didn't want to be in a relationship yet she said she had just broken up with a boyfriend and a sexual relationship a week before she met Davey. and had only been divorced for less than a year.

flightfulbird said...

And how much Kristi needed to persuade that it was "before she and Davey ever like, knew each other", that her stepfather was working with / having regular conversations with the men who killed Amanda.

Davey couldn't shut her up fast enough in their live chat on Facebook when she started rambling on and digging her hole about that.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone recall DB blogging about what he would have been doing if Amanda hadn’t been murdered? He said something about it being 7:30 am (?) and he would be finishing up his first cup of coffee and preparing to bring Weston his milk. Then he would bring Weston into the bedroom and DB, Weston Amanda and Everette would play happy families and watch cartoons.

It’s just more evidence ( like the blog asking Weston if he wonders why he wakes on the dot of eight every morning) refuting the notion that DB had to peer through the window to check whether Weston was awake.

Weston was on the Babywise sleep schedule. If it was 8:00 am he was awake. No doubt about it.

Kate said...

"I suppose this is why I visit Amanda’s grave only on occasion. Please understand I’m not in any way offering an opinion if you do visit your loved ones’ graveside regularly and often. Each person must do what’s right for their own grief without concern of judgement. It’s just that every time I stand in front of her headstone I’m reminded that she isn’t there. I’m reminded that she is more real in the memories and in the legacy she’s left behind than she is in the soil beneath my feet. I’m reminded that she is now more alive than ever and in perfect peace with her creator and first love." - db blog

Anonymous said...

He doesn’t go to visit Amanda’s grave because it reminds him that “she is now more alive than ever and in perfect peace with her creator and first love”???? Yeah. That doesn’t make sense.

Tell us again why you didn’t lock the door that morning, DB.

Anonymous said...

Crazy Daley’s blog:- “Suffering has a way of intruding. It isn’t respectful. It doesn’t ask for permission. Though it also isn’t biased. It causes the just and the unjust, the good and the evil, to take a step back and reorient their lives. It shoves it’s way into our daily rhythms and forces us to ask questions of ourselves we never wished to entertain before. However it’s subtle and sly in the way it does so. It doesn’t hold a proverbial gun to our head.....”

Leak. Leak. Leak.

Anonymous said...

Davey likes to insult people who are actually grieving. He cuts people down who see themselves as "Widows" and haven't gotten on with their lives. He doesn't like it when people identify with certain months as "grieving months" and now he is insulting people who actually go to see their loved one's gravesites. Give us all a break, Davey. Most people love and cherish those who have died. You do not and you have to constantly give reasons why you don't do normal, grieving things. We all see through you.

Anonymous said...

Suffering certainly intruded into Amanda’s life, made her take a step back and reoriented her life. The suffering that shoved its way into her daily rhythm and forced her, used a real gun though. Nothing proverbial about it.

Eyes wide shut said...

I am watching The Staircase and can see some similarities between Michael Peterson and DB. 1.The gym. MP and DB were both gym obsessed. They both spent a considerable amount of time away from their spouses at the gym. Both appear to have narcissistic tendencies involving, in particular, their bodies. There has been much speculation that the gym is/was a place for homosexual hookups in both murder cases. 2.The computer. DB was required to account for all the sites he visited online. It is likely that this was a condition imposed upon him after he was caught viewing questionable material. He stated that if one was internet savvy, one could bypass the controls/blocks/filters. The statement visibly shocked Amanda. MP was known to have accessed porn and was busy removing emails from his computer while EMT were still attending to his wife. 3. Both were writers, although MP was far more successful than DB. 5. Both sat outside the home, in the cold, while their spouses bled out on the floor inside the home. Neither appears to feel any remorse for doing so. 6. Both called 911 and told dispatch that their wives were “still breathing”. Both terminated their calls with 911 prematurely.

There are many more similarities. Unbelievably, DB and MP have the support of (most) friends and family of the deceased. RIP Kathleen Peterson and Amanda Blackburn.

Just wondering said...

Just wondering about Amanda’s grave. It is true that it is a double burial plot with a double headstone? Where does DB plan on being buried before he goes to hell?

Anonymous said...

yes it is a double plot but his name is not engraved on the stone

Anonymous said...

I think he just wanted his big name on it and her name, tiny and to the side. He never had any intention of being buried there since he was already dating Kristi.

Kate said...

I believe the headstone was just another advertising space for Davey, yet another marketing stunt. If you look at the stone, it has BLACKBURN dominating the space. The rest of it, Amanda's name, Evie's name and the NOTHING IS WASTED logo use the same size font. There is not a single place on the stone that says, loving daughter, loving wife, loving sister, loving mom, loving friend, nada, nothing, zilch. Just like the celebration of life that was mainly about Davey, Amanda and Evie forgotten. Or like the promised park in honor of Amanda's memory, faded as fast as they could collect the coin. This is also the gravesite that Davey rarely visits as he stated in his rambling blog. Or the forgotten fact that Amanda was an organ donor and her donation saved/helped many.

This latest vid of Davey feeding his new addition was sad as it reminded me what could have and should have been regarding his new baby with Amanda.

If you haven't buzzed around his new website, you may want to. He tells an even bigger and more theatrical story of their divine life now, what it took to get there and even though the guy hasn't been successful in one single area of his life, he wants to direct you on how to live your life, how to find purpose. A pro moocher and con-artist at his best.

And if anyone is interested, here is his latest rambling last wknd @ Mercy

DW said...

This blog, Kate?

"Kristi and I took the kids to Amanda’s graveside after our church service this morning. The brisk autumn air was a bit much for the kids so after saying their cordial, but aloof hellos to “Mommy Amanda’s” grave they opted to return to the warmth of the car. So I stood there with my arm around my wife staring for several minutes at my late wife’s headstone. It’s one of those moments you’re not sure how to reconcile. The ache of missing what was is tempered by the comfort of holding what is. Clutching Kristi to my side I let my mind wander for a few moments with this one thought I haven’t been able to shake for the last several months — one day, on the other side of eternity, I’m going to have the privilege of introducing these two lovely women to each other. "

Kate said...

Yes DW, same blog but this newest story, "Easter vs. Coronavirus".

"Immediately one instinctive response surfaced and became priority over everything else: Self-preservation - I must protect myself and those I love from any more suffering or harm." --He sure didn't have this "instinct" when it came to preserving Amanda's life.

"I suppose this is why I visit Amanda’s grave only on occasion. Please understand I’m not in any way offering an opinion if you do visit your loved ones’ graveside regularly and often. Each person must do what’s right for their own grief without concern of judgement. It’s just that every time I stand in front of her headstone I’m reminded that she isn’t there. I’m reminded that she is more real in the memories and in the legacy she’s left behind than she is in the soil beneath my feet. I’m reminded that she is now more alive than ever and in perfect peace with her creator and first love."

Kristi also has a PA degree, in a time like this, why wouldn't she offer her help, her expertise whilst making up the income Davey lost due to Covid?

Anonymous said...

Apparently Kristi posted on IG today that baby Cohen is the reason she is not pursuing a job as a PA. She is complaining about how hard it is to raise him. I'm afraid for that kid - we know Davey does to obstacles in his path.

Anonymous said...

They couldn’t pin him down. They tried, but he kept putting them off.

Anonymous said...

Where’d this pastor come from, the Netherlands? There’s no hotel in Indy that could make up a portion of that expense. Was Zoom too good for Davey to use? Sounds like the $6,000 helped pay for the wedding. Or the engagement ring.

Anonymous said...

Now DB & KW aren’t friends anymore.

Anonymous said...

The funds for the church were definitely used inappropriately. He hid the finances from everyone until the very end when the debt go too big and "God" called him to pursue other ministries. Big fat, lying scoundrel.

Anonymous said...

Kristi never worked in PA before she ever got pregnant. She could go back to work. A lot of women do it. Isn't he like 9 months old. I guess trying to live off her husband's murdered wife's insurance money isn't turning out to be as great as she thought. And does she know yet that she is married to a sociopath?

Anonymous said...


how is this known?

Anonymous said...

I would like to see phone records that show the normal duration of DB and KW’s weekly bro call. I would also like to know who called who. It seems to me that DB was attempting to use the weekly call as something of an alibi BUT there are anomalies.

The first is the time of the phone call. DB, in an attempt to make the murder morning appear normal, called (or received a call from KW) at the “normal time” of 7:00 am despite the fact that he was running late that morning and had only been at the gym for 30 mins. DB hadn’t had time to finish his workout (by his own account) but instead of putting KW off for 30 mins while he finished his workout, he chose to stick with the “normal” time of 7:00am as per his planned routine / alibi. “It was a Tuesday like any other.”

The next anomaly is the duration of the call. The regular weekly scheduled phone call with KW normally lasted an hour. From 7:00am - 8:00am. BUT On the morning of the murder KW and DB spoke for an additional 17 minutes. This is highly significant (given that Allison B. Called 911 at 8:17).

The phone records of KW and DB are an important factor in this case. IF DB called KW rather than KW calling DB it is even more significant. Does anyone know who called who that morning? And if the records indicate that the regular phone call was alway 60 mins -give or take a couple of mins - the extra 17 mins on the murder morning also becomes more significant. WDYT?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:24.

How do you know that KW and DB are no longer friends?

Kate said...

Anonymous said...The phone records of KW and DB are an important factor in this case. IF DB called KW rather than KW calling DB it is even more significant. Does anyone know who called who that morning? And if the records indicate that the regular phone call was alway 60 mins -give or take a couple of mins - the extra 17 mins on the murder morning also becomes more significant. WDYT? May 3, 2020 at 8:57 PM

Davey stated he placed the call to Kenneth while finishing up his workout. This phone call and any potential texting that went on between the two is very important, as you pointed out. KW went as far as tweeting out his message of love for Davey that morning, soon after they hung up, alibi established along w/the video surveillance of DB leaving the gym. The phone call, coupled with the neighborhood video surveillance should reveal a great deal as to whether DB remained in the car for almost an hour and exactly what his actions were, while hanging out in the driveway, already running late, forgetting to pack a gym bag, pregnant wife inside with a toddler of 15 months, no blinds/curtains being pulled, no sign of Amanda or Weston, (as Davey stated he was peering in), yet he felt compelled to mention peculiar behavior that morning of peering through the window to see if Amanda or Weston were awake and moving around, instead of just walking in and hanging up w/Kennth. Time was of the essence and who knows if Amanda would be alive today if Davey had gone in as soon as he arrived home. To top it off, if Davey was receiving instant texts from Chase Bank as Amanda's phone was receiving that morning, he will have to explain his dismissal or oblivion to this as well. Davey Blackburn has a great deal of explaining to do, in my opinion and once the 911 call, the video surveillance, witnesses, DNA (or lack thereof), cell data, etc. is revealed, much of this story will begin to make sense.

Anonymous said...

Good points, Kate. I wonder if DB’s phone received the alert from Chase Bank that morning. It will be difficult for him to explain why he ignored unusual activity on Amanda’s bank account.

He also failed to mention the Chase Bank alert to KW while he was on the phone to him. Or when talking to the media or writing his blog.

I’m really curious, now. Did DB receive the same Chase Bank alert that Amanda did?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the "robbers" take the other bank cards as well? They only took a Chase card but the detectives found other bank/ credit cards scattered around Amanda's body.

Becky said...

I think the Chase card was given to the Kilt gang earlier than Tues morning. I think Davey broke into Becker's wearing a black ski mask. I think the dark-colored SUV that was seen speeding in and out of the cul-de-sac took Becker's stuff ( and amanda's computer). They may also have taken bloody clothes and towels, as I think amanda was already shot before Davey left for the gym (finding out the attack on Amanda started when she was still asleep and Davey talking about Amanda's guttural laugh convinced me he did it) If Davey didn't give the evidence to the dark-colored SUV driver, then I think he used his gym bag and disposed of evidence on his way to the gym. He had to call Kenneth to keep up his "routine" but if he called Kenneth at 7am, then he would have only been inside the gym for 20 minutes before starting his call. He didn't shower at the gym but I think he showered before he left for the gym. That is why I think he had the master bathroom remodeled.

flightfulbird said...

It all fits.

Davey has always had to drop into his narrative that he grabbed his gym clothes / grabbed his gym bag before he headed out to the gym. Why say that? Is it to explain the reason that he would be carrying a bag out of the house - a bag which might contain bloody clothes and towels and maybe a gun?

It's almost like telling someone that I grabbed my credit card and headed out to the mall. Or I woke up, drank a Coke Zero and went to the beach. . . but adding that I grabbed sunscreen and a towel before I headed out to the beach.

It seems it'd be understood that Davey would take with him- to the gym- what he needed to train and then shower afterward.

And it seems even more extremely unlikely that if Davey was already running late, that he would grab his gym clothes to take with him instead of just putting them on before he ever left the house.

If he just put them on before he left, then changing clothes wouldn't cut into his training time - especially because he had a "regularly-scheduled phone call" overlapping with / intruding into his training time. I used to wear my running clothes under my scrubs at work because I ran on my lunch hour and every minute I spent in the locker room changing was a minute I didn't get to run.

Yet in spite of Davey's being a gym rat who most likely would've had a bag routinely packed except for maybe needing to throw in a protein shake or water bottle - he had no clothes with him (and apparently whatever else he needed with him) to shower at the gym before going to work - he repeatedly said he was frustrated that he had to come home to shower. At least one of his narratives states "when I came home TO SHOWER". . .

Does surveillance from Davey's entrance into the house show that he had the same gym bag with him when he returned - or was the gym bag dropped into a dumpster somewhere?

Not having clothes and stuff to shower at the gym would explain a still-wet shower if investigators noticed it. Did he shower BEFORE he went to the gym, during the time he left the couch and got into his car? Would the drain show blood in it? How the hell was that crime scene released so fast that a professional hazmat team could clean it up even before IMPD returned to look for a third bullet?

And who is sitting in the hospital with their wife and unborn child in the situation in which Amanda and "Evie" were - and is thinking about calling for a cleaning crew to go into the house that soon? It wasn't like Davey and Weston were going to sleep there anytime soon.

It goes along with my wondering who is sitting in the hospital with their wife on a vent and writing a multi-paragraph, flowery statement about explaining emotions he had been forced to process and talking about Amanda in the past tense - I will never believe that that statement wasn't pre-prepared.

Davey also said - when he was video-introducing the Levi Lusko video which he was force-feeding to Resonate one Sunday - that he wanted them to watch a video that had really helped to prepare his heart leading up to Amanda's death -- it has been said more than once before, how can you need help to prepare your heart leading up to a death that you didn't know was going to happen, that you didn't expect ?

Also said before, this case is CRYING out for an investigative reporter who is hungry and seeking the truth - like the Spotlight team who exposed the Catholic priest abuse in Boston. Someone (or a team) who wants to expose Davey and Kristi's relationship before Amanda was murdered - who wants to point out the multiple motives and inconsistencies in his stories. It would make this person or news team famous.

flightfulbird said...

To keep it in the forefront, thanks to whoever set up this Facebook page and to all who are commenting on it.

Kate said...

In Davey's interview with JamieKBates, he discusses the weekend prior to Amanda's murder, stating they and their church team went to Cincinnati for a team building weekend, how they met in a stinky old hotel room that used to be a fitness room with mirrors all around them, how the holy spirit arrived like never before and how Amanda led the prayer afterwards. I'm transcribing what Davey stated happened after they arrived home.

Davey - "And um, and so the next uh, that morning that she wrote that, I was getting ready for, for work and I um, I came back into the room and I didn't see her in, in her bed propped up you know in our bed on on this, on her side which is normally where she'd do her quiet time and I-I kinda like look around the corner, look in the bathroom and she wasn't there and then I look back over and she's kneeling at, on her side of the bed, kneeling down and praying and Jamie I'd never seen her in that, like position before, maybe she did when I wasn't around or something you know maybe it's just kind of like her closet prayer type thing, but I'd never seen her like in that kind of posture. But it, it, it, it stuck in my head, it was like, that was that's interesting, you know if she's must really be wrestling through something right now, um, but I, but I won't be able to get that out of my head because it was just this posture of surrender. And so again I say all that to say if you know, if you're gonna summarize Amanda and her life and her heart, with one word, it would be that word, surrender."

So he never asked Amanda what was on her mind? If anything was bothering her? Why she was kneeling at the bed, praying when he had never seen her doing that before? Why not? She was pregnant, was she feeling off with morning sickness? He doesn't care enough to ask, but wants us to believe the following day he was praying for both Amanda and Evie, not Weston, just Amanda and Evie. I cannot wait for the defense to cross examine him. They have ample evidence to work with in this case. Davey was given all these "signs" but waltzes out the door without locking up, not even close to being believable.

Anonymous said...

Becky @ 2:01pm. Are you sure it was Amandas’s computer that was stolen? Did the poor-as-church-mice couple both have an expensive MacBook Pro? They easily cost over $1000.00 each. IIRC Amanda couldn’t even get $500.00 to do up the nursery.

I think the MacBook Pro is another important factor in this case. (Coincidentally a MacBook Pro was also stolen from Jacobs S and Allison B that morning, making it 3 for 3)

If the MacBook Pro that was stolen from the Blackburn residence belonged to Amanda, what was DB using to write with? (Tuesday’s was allegedly DBs long day. He would go to the gym early and spend the rest of the day, writing at Starbucks).

Anonymous said...

Kate @ 6:01. Exactly. That description of Amanda sounded like she was in pain and under physical duress. That probably would be a more appropriate time for him to think maybe something was going wrong with the pregnancy. He didn’t even ask he if she was ok. I suspect there may have been some evidence -hair blood, dna, carpet fibers from the bedroom on Amanda’s knees - that DB was accounting for, without being asked.

I notice that poor Amanda did not one but two things that day that she had never done before. The first being on her knees, beside the bed, in an unusual posture the morning before she was murdered. The second, laughing “ gutturally ” (is that how he described it?) in a way he’d never heard before in more than 7 years marriage, in bed, the night before she was murdered. The sound annoyed him. I suspect this was to account for noises that may have been heard by the neighbors.

Thanks for the link Flightfulbird.

DW said...

Good point, anon @6:18 - if it was supposed to be a routine Tuesday, then he would have taken his computer with him to the gym and then gone straight to Starbucks. If he forgot his computer AND his work clothes the same morning that Amanda is murdered (in addition to leaving 40 minutes late for the gym) then this is just one more "coincidence,". I always assumed it was Amanda's computer but if it was actually Davey's, then he has more explaining to do.

And, yes, he said Amanda had a guttoral laugh the night before she was murdered. He explained it away as her laughing at dumb instagram finds and him being annoyed because he was trying to sleep. I agree with you that it was a cya in case the neighbors heard something.


DW said...

This is what he said regarding guttural laugh:

'And that night we went to bed, and, she was watching, dumb finds on Instagram, like, laughing hysteric, I’ve never heard, like just, gut laughing, you know? And, and I was like, would you, I’m trying to go to bed, I’m, would you stop laughing? You know? Like I’m trying to sleep, I’m trying to read so I can fall asleep, and she’s like “hahaha” like I’ve never seen her more carefree and happy, but listen, I was annoyed with it."

DW said...

Thought I would post what he did Monday since it seems we have a lot of new people here with fresh perspectives. I do think the poster who said he had to mention seeing Amanda kneeling beside her bed because there may be fibers on her knees or evidence in the surrender spot is probably right.

""I remember, you know I found her on, on a Tuesday when I came home from the gym but the Monday morning before, so that Monday was the last day I had with her.
And I remember like, getting up, and having all these to-dos swirling around my brain, you know, I gotta go do this, I gotta, drop this thing off, I gotta run this errand, I gotta, take care of this I gotta go meet with this person, right, so I get up, get my shower, you know, get ready to go. Weston’s up, she’s up with Weston, and she’s kinda taking it slow, Monday morning… (big sigh) And um, I don’t really remember much about our conversation, honestly. I don’t remember much about what was going on. All I remember is I had all these things in my head of all this stuff that I needed to do, all these things, uh, this agenda that I needed to take care of, and so I, you know, rush into the bathroom while she’s, getting ready and I, kiss her goodbye, and I, walk out of the house, and, uh, spent the rest of that day, doing things. ( ) Pushing the ball forward. ( ) Building a church. ( ) Meeting with people. ( ) Pouring myself out."

Becky said...

"I gotta, drop this thing off"

Chase bank card?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @6:18PM, I just checked IG and Davey had a MacBook Pro a few months before the murder (he posted a pic with it, some notes, a Bible and a Starbucks cup). He also posted a later pic of a tablet. Didn't see 2 computers in any pics. If Amanda didn't have her own computer, then why DID he leave his MacBook Pro at home on a day when he normally went straight to work?

flightfulbird said...

Davey included Amanda’s “gut laughing” in that Lightworkers video -

At 2:55 into the video - he sort of made it sound like it was her usual laugh but yet pointed out that it was rare / uncommon. . . .

2:55 - Weston has, um, a little cackle when he laughs - that’s the same exact cackle that Amanda used to have when she would gut laugh. It wasn’t often that she would gut laugh an, and it was rare but it was very memorable.

Nothing is random - did Davey drop this into the video to convince that Amanda laughed like this at other times in her life besides on that Monday night when the neighbors might’ve heard her ? Yet he had to say it was rare so her friends and family wouldn’t be like whaaaaat ? - she didn’t EVER laugh like she did that Monday night.

Also in the video -

1:20 - Weston is the most important person in my life. In alot of ways, he is what has kept me in the game of life. Since losing Amanda, there have been a lot of voids that I now, am picking up. The main things are just some of the, the housework, and laundry, and, uh, getting him dressed in the morning and helping him brush his teeth. You feel the strain of having to, uh, provide for family and take care of family. We both feel it, um, but we try to figure it out together, figuring out what it looks like to be, daddy and son with, no mom.

I’ve become more nurturing to him, it’s like, what I didn’t have before, all of a sudden almost out of necessity, I, I began to acquire. I’ve become more affectionate with him, I’ve become more uh, um, more of some of that mom role that he doesn’t, he doesn't have.

2:40 - Weston ex-, exudes alot of joy, probably more joy than any kid I’ve ever, seen. He loves life. That was somethin' that everybody loved about Amanda was that she just exuded joy, whatever situation she was in. I see alot of her in Weston.

How sad is it that the main void for Davey after losing Amanda was that he had to pick up the housework and laundry and get Weston dressed in the morning and help him brush his teeth. It wasn’t like he lost his friend, his wife, the most important person to him on the earth - he lost his housekeeper and nanny.

So fortunate that there was a mom for Weston already waiting in the wings in the form of Kristi Monroy aka @kristi.blackburn.niw - - also someone to do the housework and laundry and help Weston get dressed and brush his teeth so Davey wouldn’t have to.

And Weston will be a constant reminder of Amanda for Davey for as long as he lives.

Anonymous said...

Man DB lies like a rug about every single thing. When was that light workers video made, fightful bird? Because Five months after Amanda was murdered DB wrote -

Despite the tragedy and despite him growing up without his mom, there are so many people playing huge nurturing and mothering roles in his life. Amanda would be so proud of this village that is raising her son. Here are just a few of them.....(he lists half a dozen people). Then says.....

My worship leader, Derek, and his wife, Ashley, live with me now. People have their own opinions about this living situation, but frankly I don’t care about anyone else’s opinion. They don’t have to live this thing out 24/7 like I do. I’ve learned to be very leery of taking advice from people who either (1) have never lived through the situation, or (2) don’t have to live out out the advice with you.

Both Derek and Ashley have helped tremendously in carrying the weight of household responsibilities. They have helped me make our home a haven for Weston. Ashley was Amanda’s very best friend. Her love for Weston and her involvement in his everyday life is something that would make Amanda beam with joy! She does all the cooking for us, she helps keep the house clean, she helps get him to and from places, and she spends time with Weston as if he’s her own.

So I guess Ashley didn’t do laundry? You never hear about Derek Ashley Meg etc any more. Seems that DB is a sociopathic bridge burner.

These above quotes are excerpts from the blog “how is Weston doing” and contains DB’s opinion about Amanda’s brutal murder with the immortal line............” there couldn’t have been a better time in Weston’s childhood for this kind of tragic event to occur.”

How did he get away with it?

Laurie said...

Anonymous @10:10 said If Amanda didn't have her own computer, then why DID he leave his MacBook Pro at home on a day when he normally went straight to work? Good question.

Anonymous said...

speaking of Derek Barrett....

how is this okay for a religious leader?

Anonymous said...

See Dec. 12, 2007 and June 6, 2007 - second and third of three posts viewable by the public.

Anonymous said...

DW @ 12:11AM I find it off putting that Blackburn talks about himself and how he was feeling and what he was thinking and what he was going to do that day when he talks about the last day he had with Amanda. Most people would talk about theIr memories of their wifes last day not their own and I think it is disparaging to say that “She’s kinda taking it slow” cos he was so busy and in such a rush. He never said who he was meeting or what he was going to drop off or what his agenda was or anything except he was busy and all and she wasn’t.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of gut laughs, Amanda's sister posted on her FB page last month that she had a dream where Amands was laughing so hard she couldn't catch her breath. The sister woke up from her dream at 3:47sm.

Amanda giving the time of death from above?

Anonymous said...

“I think Davey broke into Becker's wearing a black ski mask.”

The Becker robbery, in general, has always been such a weird part of the story. Did she have an alarm system? The robbers went through the back door of Becker’s, but then through the front door of the Blackburns? They hung out, drank beer and wine (and ate fruit) without worry of someone being home or coming home? That can’t be typical behavior during a robbery.

When JW and DG are asked at trial how they ended up at that residence at the time, at that day, will they just say “No reason. We were just cruising around and seemed like a good house to rob.”

I’m not sure LT will have any info to refute that, as he was “messed up” that morning. But the fact that he’s fighting so hard has me believe that he, after the fact, knew it wasn’t a coincidence he was there.

DW said...

You are correct about Larry, Anom @10;08. Relatives of his have told one of our group members that they believe Pastor Davey was involved. They said he was sitting in his car with the door open while talking on the phone to Kenneth Wagner (and occasionally peering in the front window of his home). They said that Larry had only recently been introduced to Jalen and Diano by one of Larry's relatives. And that they did get him "messed up" that morning.

As for Becker's, she did have an alarm that the robber (only one person was caught on camera) immediately disabled once he gained entrance to her home after tearing the screen to her bank patio door. Davey could have easily gone out his back door and walked two houses down to Becker's without being seen. The neighbors all knew that Becker lived alone and knew she was gone a lot.

Entrance to Jacola's was also from the back patio, same as Becker's. Jacola had an alarm system that the 3 suspects, who were conveniently did not disable. Larry was conveniently photographed wearing Alonzo Bull's jacket - the same one the suspect in Amanda's murder was seen wearing. Jacola and her family were home and asleep at the time but were unharmed. Larry is seen in one still holding up a purse as if to say "This one?"

As for the black ski mask, a cooperating individual (Anthony Shannon aka "Cheese") told detectives that Larry and the others stopped by after Amanda's murder and Larry left a black ski mask. Iirc, when Larry deposed Anthony S (he deposed several individuals by himself), Anthony denied that Larry left a ski mask. Anthony is also the witness who said Larry and Jalen stopped by right after the rape that Larry is accused of and left stolen property. There was confusion among the witnesses, however, as to whether it was Larry or Jalen that actually had the stolen property. And Anthony is also the witness who said Larry bragged at a party about killing a Mexican right after the Hernandez murder. Iirc, this, too, was refuted by deposition testimony. Larry told detectives that he never left the car the morning of the murder until he got to the apartment of "someone named Cheese".

Anonymous said...

Was the Monday evening laughter an effect of tbi?

Anonymous said...

Interesting, anon at 3:59pm

Bingo said...

A gushing post about Kristi with pics of Weston looking at her adoringly. Not one mention of Amanda. He couldn't he even throw her a small crumb at midnight like he did a few years ago. He is a very cruel man.

Kate said...

They want Amanda forgotten, there is absolutely no mistaking that. In Phil's Mother's Day sermon, he mentions his wife - Robin, his mother, his daughter-in-lawS and his daughter. He doesn't mention the above by name, except for Robin, but the fact that he would add Kristi in, while omitting Amanda completely is not only unfortunate, it is shameful and ugly to Amanda, Evie and Weston.

The good news is Amanda's legacy will live on, while Davey's legacy will be noted as a greedy, money grabbing, weak, cheating, scheming pos. Not sure what the Byar legacy will be, but it appears it won't be much.

Justice for Amanda, no matter how long they delay it, the truth will be revealed.

Anonymous said...

That is so horrible that Phil didn't mention Amanda. He should be so ashamed. We have come to expect the worst from Davey but to deny your own daughter?? He really just needs to step down as a pastor.

Anonymous said...

Davey gives another interview. danielmamora instagram. Says Amanda was grasping for breath and the 3 suspects saw him leave for gym and broke in. The story would make more sense if he had actually left for the gym at his normal time of 5:30am, not 6:11am. Nobody believes thieves broke into Becker's at 5:30, grabbed electronics and her favorite pink sweater and sat around drinking beer and wine until the exact time Davey was leaving (late) for the gym.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point, Anon@10:29 am. He really stuffed up the timing didn’t he? No point having the black SUV speeding out of the cul de sac on video BEFORE he left for the gym.

It’s funny how he didn’t see any activity at Becker’s, just 2 doors down. No lights on? No trio of black men loading TVs, No strange Sebring parked at the neighbors? And let’s not forget Blackburn took Amanda’s car that day, so his car was still in the driveway. Thieves breaking into a residence after 6:00 am on a Tuesday morning in winter, that has a car in the driveway and a big boxer dog? No.

It’s also strange how Blackburn could hear his son “cooing softly” behind a closed door upstairs while Amanda was gasping for breath right next to him. Dude must have hearing like a bat.

TB said...

My comment disappeared.

I said that Blackburn must have hearing like a bat if he could hear Weston upstairs cooing softly behind a closed door while Amanda was gasping for breath right next to him.

I also said that Blackburn messed up his timing that morning. The black SUV speeding away BEFORE he left for the gym means that nobody was there to see him leaving.

And I also said that it’s strange that Blackburn didn’t see any unusual activity at his neighbor’s place. It was only two doors down, had a strange Sebring in the driveway, and three men loading TVs into it.

And it is strange that thieves would break into his house when there was a car in his own driveway. Has it ever been established why DB took Amanda’s car that morning instead of his own.


Tru said...

It would be great if the blog author would explain why he disapproves of certain comments. It is frustrating to type out a lengthy reply and have it vanish into the ether. Thanks.

Kate said...

Thank you for the info Anonymous. And here I thought Davey would be helping the youth of the inner city as well as others during these troubled, pandemic times. For almost 4 years he beat down how he was determined to help troubled youth, why did he again deviate from this goal/plan? Not lucrative enough? Not enough cameras? More deception to add to the pile.

The one certain thing Davey knew on 11/10/15 was that Weston was cooing and therefore, he knew he was okay. He said he immediately rushed to Amanda's side and called the paramedics. Couldn't figure out the Swisher Sweet package, Amanda's CC's scattered all over, an almost naked wife laying there, bleeding out as he begins to tell the 911 operator that it looks like his wife slipped and he has nooooooo idea in the gee-golly-good earth what could of happened, except she's pregnant and maybe she's having a miscarriage.

If you state that you were on the phone for almost an hour with your bff'er, but during that entire time of being on the phone, you admit you'd been preoccupied by peeping to see any activity in the house, stated you continued to look directly at Weston's door to see if he was up, then waltz in to see your wife, laying down in a puddle of blood, but do not storm the stairs to see if your son is alright as well? Again, it makes zero sense. Defense should be able to absolutely destroy all of this.

Davey's Dad did give Amanda a bit of praise in this video, but gives Kristi the crown for mothering. At least he mentioned Amanda, more than her husband or bio father could do.

Davey always says Amanda's Grandmother would tell them, "faith is living w/out scheming", doesn't take much thought as to why she had to tell Davey this. -Kate

Anonymous said...

Davey's SUV was supposedly broken and that is why he was using Amanda's. But it doesn't make much sense because the night before, he drove to meet Amanda and Weston at Mamaw's (after all his "meetings"), so his car obviously was driveable. Amanda had picked up Amber from the airport, so she was using her own car. Maybe Davey's SUV had some dna in it that he didn't want searched too closely.

And has Davey ever mentioned his prized handgun since the murder? The one a grandfather gave him for a Christmas present? It would not have been ruled out, according to the bullets found at the scene.

Kate said...

Sorry about the massive post spam, not sure what went wrong, please feel free to delete them.

Tru said...

I thought Amanda’s father gave Davey the gun. I would like to know where the gun was kept.

Anonymous said...

It was Christmas 2013 and it was from "Papa Cook". It's a small handgun in a case. Davey scrubbed the pic from his IG, as he did his pic of Amanda and him from Match 5, 2015, which was captioned with "Date night = shooting at the gun range..."

Amanda obviously knew how to use a gun, so where DID they keep it? And where is it now?

Interestingly, Kevin Baker ("Big Kev" or "Kilt Gang Kev") was advertising a .380 Cobra for sale on November 12, 2015 on IG.


Kate said...

It's on Davey's twitter Tru, from 12/25/2013. "Best Christmas present ever! Thanks, Papa Cook." Shows a pic of the gun and case it was in. "Papa Cook" is Robin's father iirc. Phil describes him as a great evangelist. He has preached at Phil's church at least once that I know of.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info DW and Kate.

flightfulbird said...

Kate wrote -

Again, it makes zero sense. Defense should be able to absolutely destroy all of this.

Yes, they should be able to rip his story/ stories to SHREDS.

Davey's never-ending blog and Instagram posts and appearances and tweets and everything else have given a ton of conflicting information and painted a picture of that morning that anyone (even alot of children) could shred.

So- is Davey, who seems to have had everything planned out and orchestrated to the nth degree, just existing now- having to sit back and wait and wonder when his changing stories will catch up with him?

Is he maybe freaking out in his mind because of all of the dots people have been connecting and coincidences that have been documented since all of this started?

All of Peter's detectives said "nobody is this lucky"- and that was LONG before so many more coincidences and things have been noticed and exposed by SO many people across the world.

It HAS to be an absolutely miserable existence for him and for Kristi, considering that sometimes it's five or ten years before people are arrested for their wife's murder. It hasn't been nearly long enough for either of them to breathe easily and think he (or they, because I think she is in it up to her eyeballs as well) are even close to being home free.

So many are awaiting the day when he is finally on the stand and having to explain why he didn't report a home invasion, why he stayed on the driveway on the phone and was peering in the window at the same time (when Amanda and Weston were supposed to have been awake already), why he didn't charge upstairs to check on Weston when he saw Amanda gasping for breath, why he kept saying he honestly thought it was a miscarriage or that she just got lightheaded coming out of the shower and hit her head - even though all evidence pointed to the contrary.

Innocent people want to clear their name. This guy, the fame-craver that he was (no matter what he says, yes he absolutely did enjoy the spotlight and having cameras shoved in his face), could have thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of eyes glued to him if he were to go on Inside Edition or another news-exposing show and explain all of this.

It has been said so many times - even the guys who were supposedly his friends / fellow ministers were covering their mouths in disbelief every time Davey was onstage talking about how his first honest thought when he saw Amanda was that 'we had just lost the baby right here, but um if we just get her to the hospital she'll be ok'.

This from someone who later said he was praying that God would put brain matter back into Amanda's head. He KNEW. And yet he keeps talking.

- continued next post -

flightfulbird said...

- continued from previous post -

You'd think Amanda's friends and family (who have perhaps remained silent hoping that their access to Weston won't be cut off) would realize that if Amanda's death could be orchestrated so carefully and lied about so consistently for almost five years- what could happen to Weston?

Weston's already not bonding with Kristi- he is just a prop and a photo op. Natalia and the new baby Cohen are the golden children. Levi Lusko's daughter's story is still fresh in Davey's mind, I know it is.

His "coaching" is tanking, his appearances are dwindling, he has to beg for views and support. Not the life he had planned, for sure.

Right now the thing keeping Weston safe is that it would be too glaringly obvious if something happened to him- this little guy who looks like Amanda and is a CONSTANT and ever-present reminder of Amanda to Davey and Kristi.

It's certainly not Amanda's family connecting the dots and fighting for justice. How blind are they, how uncaring are they, how expert at ignoring facts are they- to not protect their grandson and nephew?

Weston, right now, is quite possibly living with the person or people who so cunningly and carefully lifted Amanda right out of his life- one who didn't care enough about him to even CHECK on him that morning before the emergency medical team arrived.

Kate said...

Well said FFB. Remember, for almost 2 weeks the reward for information leading to Amanda's killer was at an insulting $1,000. Despite Davey, Phil and David Sr. raking in the donations. And Phil taking in more donations as he and Robin stated they wanted a memorial for Amanda - that has yet to be produced, despite taking in those donations. Hope the greed was worth it.

Because the Byar family puts off such a shiny penny look, a good, strong Christian family, people are apprehensive about calling them out, so they gave the family time, which is completely understandable. But almost 5 years later, it's enough. If Phil can publicly defend AG Curtis Hill, Pence and Trump, he can certainly defend his loving, Christ devoted daughter as well as her unborn child, as well as the rest of Amanda's fam/friends/church members/neighbors/work associates etc. etc. Shame on all of them.

Kate said... <-------- Davey's anniversary special of the podcast nothing is wasted. The first half is the usual, the second half he talks about dumping Resonate, his deliberate silence, feelings and they also bring Kristi in. Talks about the subpoena he received this week, etc.

Kristi also stated how difficult it is going to be to go through the trial and listen to all the details that they haven't heard before.

Anonymous said...

wow....sounds like they are really trying to get their ducks in a row....

Anonymous said...

1:10 on....they're getting their ducks in a row...if there was ever a shadow of a mas.

Anonymous said...

after listening to this podcast...dateline gonna be real happy

Trudy said...

Dbag was subpoenaed? By whom - the defense or the prosecution? Either way, it’s great news. Thanks Kate.

Can you imagine if your husband or wife was murdered in a home invasion NOT knowing all the details already? What on earth? Wouldn’t you know the case for the prosecution inside out? All the evidence. All the statements. The time line. The autopsy report. The defendants criminal history. It’s all available to the next of kin.

Then again, her own father recently had to google the names of the accused. The lack of interest in the case that Amanda’s loved ones have shown is stunning. If Dbag wasn’t subpoenaed he probably wouldn’t even turn up to the trial.

Anonymous said...

podcast 1:09 "inadvertently" LOL

Anonymous said...

1:00 onwards, a particularly convoluted, nauseatingly spiritualised attempt to justify doing whatever the hell he wanted. Resonate was integral to his brand, until it wasn't.

Anonymous said...

"prime visionary" "vision caster" all of which = freedom from responsibility and accountability

Anonymous said...

1:13 "shrink in giving" it any wonder...if your giving goes to support a senior pastor who is never there? And who snaffled up all your donations towards his grief and now wants to move on.....?

Anonymous said...

1:15 God said give it a year. God apparently changed his mind after hearing from Davey's uncle. LOL

Anonymous said...

1:17 "teeming" this story is certainly teeming with something....LOL

Bingo said...

Has anyone seen the comment under this post?

I love it and more people should be asking him this. This is the comment:

@daveyblackburn genuine question but why don’t you ever post anything about amanda? I’ve just noticed that you hardly ever, if any, acknowledge her at all. Not even on Mother’s Day with your post. Is it because you find it disrespectful towards kristi or you just don’t feel the need to? You use to blog about her a lot or make post and then it just... stopped. You don’t ever talk about her unless it’s the same stories you always mention in your speaking engagements. I lost someone and I want to take your course but I don’t want to act like my loved one didn’t exist or never acknowledge them when I move forward in life.

This is his answer. In true Davey style, he makes it all about himself. He isn't grieving her anymore so why post about her? Um, maybe for her family, friends, and her son. He is unbelievable. This is what he said"

daveyblackburn's profile picture
@cool.kid1313 I appreciate you asking that question and it’s a great one. I always live in the tension between the life I lived with the Amanda and the life I’m accepting moving forward. There is always a tug-of-war going on inside of me between honoring the memory of Amanda and being careful not to get stuck in the past in such a way that it prevents me (and my family) from living the life God has for us in the present and in the future. I certainly don’t believe Amanda would want my life or Weston’s life to hit pause because of our grief. My blogging in the past was an outlet of grief for me and became very cathartic. And it was great for that season. Scripture talks about life waffling between seasons - to be born and die, to break down and build up, to weep and laugh, etc. I’m not in that heavy grief season anymore so while I hold the memories I have with Amanda dearly, I don’t live with the crushing weight of loss that needs to get processed out through writing or posting about her. Also, yes. Lately I have been trying to be considerate of Kristi and the life that we’re building together — being sure to honor her on special days like Valentines Day and Mother’s Day. Now, that being said, the other day Kristi asked me a similar question as you just did and when I gave her my answer she challenged me that even though I may not need to for MY OWN healing anymore, writing and posting more about Amanda and being honest about when a memory or a trigger hits me could be very helpful for others who are walking the road I was on 4 years ago. So you may see more about Amanda and grief coming from me in the near future. Hope that helps! I’ll do an instastory later to try to explain it more.

He then does an instastory about it and frustratingly says he gets that darn question all of the time. He is looking very old and frazzled these days, even after coming home from a another week's vacation.

Anonymous said...

Kate, I think it is interesting how Davey has shifted the story to why he had to leave his high school. Now, it is all his dad's fault but that is ok, God had only Davey in mind the entire time. Who cares what it did to the rest of his family. He explains the move (less than an hour from his old home) to why he didn't become an Ortho Surgeon and a D1 baseball player. Davey, your just too pathetic.

Kate said...

Exactly Anon. Davey "passthebuck" Blackburn always seems to find a way to blame others or find excuses to manipulate his way through it. Hence MeMaw having to tell him (I believe on a regular basis), "Faith is living without scheming." It was dad's fault that he had to move and subsequently take the full ride to Wesleyan, even though dad told him he could stay back, Davey felt compelled to move with the family, but it's still dad's fault. Davey loves the blame game and always points the finger at someone else. One of his favorite stories to tell is about Phil insisting Davey find a new bride, stating he couldn't raise Weston on his own. So if Davey began dating Kristi in Sept/Oct as Davey wants everyone to believe, at what point did Phil tell Davey to find a new bride? 10 months or under since Amanda's death, which is pretty twisted and very sad.

Davey and Kristi will be talking more about Amanda, they know that is their only option in financially securing themselves. Kristi is not going to use her education and no way in the universe will Davey seek employment. The covid, lock down and now protesting has put a HUGE damper on Davey's traveling circus show, he's getting desperate and it shows.

Trudy said...

I totally agree. The narrative changes to suit the untruthful pastor. There are seemingly endless examples of DB lying and passing the buck. His main scapegoat is God. God told him to start Resonate. God told him Amanda had to die so that the church could live. God told him to quit Resonate and start leeching off people’s grief.

He blames the police for not being able to return the “crime scene” house - the one that God told him to lowball on. (Look. Two examples of his mendacity in one sentence. Lol.)

Those two lies are minor in comparison but it annoys me every time I hear him tell them. The story of how he bought the Sunnyfield house is a lie and easily provable through Zillow. And the so- called “active crime scene” house that he “couldn’t return to” was released back to him by police, and professionally cleaned the day after Amanda’s murder.

He is a pathological liar.

Anonymous said...

I’m curious what is the real reason he moved in high school?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a copy of his blog where he blames the move on his lie? He has scrubbed it from his blog history. Why wouldn't he? He has changed the script.

Anon said...

Just listened to his latest podcast. He said "We got a subpoena last week", not "I". Peter spoke early on about Davey's use if "we" versus "I". If he is still checking in, would love his input.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Peter analyzed it here (second article down).

The Amanda Blackburn Case said...

Thanks, FOF, but it doesn't cover him actually saying it is the reason they had to move. Did anyone save a copy of that blog? I am trying to cover it on my page.

Anon said...

Larry's trial was continued. He also filed a motion to continue the digital evidence hearing until August.

Anonymous said...

An update on the incredibly slow wheels of justice in Amanda's murder trial...

Larry Jo Taylor
7/27/20 Jury Trial canceled
not been rescheduled

Jalen Watson
Diano Gordon
Sentencing hearing for pleas of burglary rescheduled for 8/13/20

One would think by the time Jalen and Diano are finally sentenced, they both may have served their entire burglary sentences since they have been in jail for close to 5 years waiting for the trial against Larry Taylor to never commence.

Nice to know that Amanda's family is pushing for the trial and justice for Amanda [NOT].

This has to be one of the longest murder case to NOT come to trial, of which NO ONE cares, including the victim's family and news media. I thought the trial against Joseph DeAngelo (EAR/ONS) would take forever to commence (considering the amount of murders and charges) but it looks like the trial against Larry Taylor for Amanda's murder will take much, much longer to commence. I am guessing his trial will not happen for at least another 2+ years, or more.

They don't call it the American CRIMINAL Justice system for nothing. Justice for the criminals and no justice for the victims.

Anonymous said...

Jalen filed a motion for home release or to be transferred to a mental health block of the jail. If he has mental health issues, won't this mean he may not be as credible a witness? And shouldn't his statement be thrown out?

DW said...

Davey is responding to youtube posters basically saying it was all John Berry's fault that Redonate went under and it was John Berry's insistence that Davey leave Resonate and not address the congregation. We have info that everything he is saying is false.

Go to youtube and in the search box, type :Backstage with Davey Blackburn". Feel free to post questions for him, as he seems to be responding to every one.

DW said...

You need to type in "Home invasion, Murder and Forgivenesd" on youtube search. And Davey has quit responding once the questions got too hot for him, ie Amanda's life insurance policy. He was quick to brag about leapfrogging Dave Ramsey's financial course to get right to the money but now won't comment on it. Wonder what Ramsey thinks of Davey?

flightfulbird said...

Typical of Davey to disappear and not answer the questions about where the money went. If someone actually did want to sit down with him and ask him the questions we've been asking here since November 2015, would he really open himself up to that type of scrutiny.

I think not. The guy who said "for use, we have nothing to hide" is clearly hiding facts and obscuring the truth about what happened in his house that morning.

Shameless that he was requesting donations to a "Blackburn Family fund" on the Resonate webpage when he had millions of dollars of life insurance on Amanda.

Pitiful that the life insurance company didn't see a million plus motives for Amanda to disappear and that investigators appeared to ignore Davey's 911 call which clearly indicated only a medical situation and not a home invasion (the 911 call which still hasn't been released, which still makes me believe that it's part of an active investigation against Davey and not against those in custody).

Sad beyond words that Amanda's family and friends continue to look the other way when they have to KNOW that Davey's ever-changing stories don't add up and that he left critical information out of the 911 call.

It hasn't been all that long ago that Davey was onstage talking about praying for God to put brain matter back into Amanda's head - yet he gave the impression to Perry Noble that she had simply fallen and hit her head - told others that Amanda had "collapsed" - and continues to say maybe she was just lightheaded coming out of the shower or that something was wrong with the pregnancy, that he had no idea what had happened. . . . and no idea that anyone had been in his house.

There hasn't been as much talk in the open about the case lately but nobody has forgotten all of this, all of these statements and the web of lies and inconsistencies. The defense attorneys know as well - they've been presented with a clear-cut file of information and transcripts which contain a ton of discrepancies and coincidences (that weren't coincidences).

We're watching and waiting right now - and constantly forwarding information and facts and links to the defense as we uncover them - relentlessly continuing to work toward the goal that someday justice will be found for Amanda and her unborn child.

Anonymous said...

There is a sentencing hearing on 8/13 for Jalen and Diano. Will Davey bother to attend? Has he told the Byars about the hearing? Davey and the Byars did attend Jalen's plea bargain hearing (the one where Jalen was glaring at Davey, according to Davey's blog). But so much info has been gathered since then that seems to point to someone other than Larry being the murderer that Davey may sit this one out and blame COVID?

flightfulbird said...

The second paragraph above should read "for US, we have nothing to hide". . . and why would a supposedly-grieving husband even feel the need to STATE that in an interview . . . why need to put that out there - that's not something usually expected unless the husband had something to do with the crime.

And from all appearances, he did have something to hide - a LOT of things to hide.

And who is "us"?

Davey and Kristi?

The YouTube video where Davey has been commenting (but then suddenly ceased to comment) is linked here -

There is a comment by a poster named Debbie that talks about the house Davey bought - 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, purchased on March 2, 2016 - literally only three months and three weeks after Amanda was lifted right out of his life so conveniently.

Debbie wrote "Quite a lot of house for a father and his son". . .

And it is alot of house for just two guys, isn't it? Weston was what, fifteen months old. Yeah, I can see where they wouldn't want to live in the house on Sunnyfield Court where such a tragedy, excuse me, such a random serendipitous event had taken place - an event that made everything turn out perfectly, that made all things work together for good according to Davey.

But FIVE bedrooms and four and a half baths would very nicely harbor a future wife and her daughter - and Weston - as well as whatever children Davey and this future wife might choose to bring into the world together (enter COHEN, right on cue).

Three months and three weeks to the day, he bought that house. And titled it in the name of NIW Serendipity LLC - Nothing is Wasted Serendipity.

We KNOW that Davey and Kristi knew each other long before Amanda was killed -they went to the same LA Fitness on Shore Drive. And later, they went to the same Crossfit gym and were photographed training together even though Davey gives a very different timeframe for it - saying that they met for the first time at Resonate. Again, why not say they met at Crossfit? Hiding. Because the timeframe that he knew her overlaps with his marriage to Amanda.

They were seen together elsewhere too - among other places, even before being seen at the same Crossfit gym - and Davey was spending time in Kristi's neighborhood routinely - people saw him there and commented on it in on multiple message boards - that massive brand-new SUV was hard to miss and easy to recognize, as was Davey with Weston - grocery shopping.

It makes way more sense that Davey acquired such a massive mansion (with a pool, even) - when he already knew who would be moving into it with him once "the world was finally able to meet this couple" (as Meg said).

Which means that the couple was hidden from the world for a period of time before the world was FINALLY able to meet them, know about them.

It bears mentioning again - millions of dollars in life insurance money yet Resonate was struggling, meeting in a school - and had to close its doors for lack of funds even though it had a pastor and wife (John and Pepper Berry and their family) who clearly were excited about it and had moved to Indy for it and wanted it to succeed.

And Amanda had told Davey that if anything happened to him, she would want him to spend the rest of his life building that church. Davey repeated it onstage so many times, in blog posts as well.

What a smack in the face to her memory for Davey to let Resonate, the church Amanda loved with all her heart, crumble - while at the same time he moved Kristi and Natalia into his huge mansion bought with the life insurance money from Amanda's death.
Kristi who he knew while Amanda was alive and well.

DW said...

Great ppints,FFB. We can't forget that Davey coached a young man who lived with the owner of a bridal store that Kristi worked at - while Amanda was still alive.

Anony said...

Also, conveniently it was Kristi's stepdad, a prison chaplain, that was counseling the three defendants supposedly before Davey and Kristi met.

Mel the dog said...

The Halloween photo of DB and his new wife dressed as robbers carrying a big bag of loot should be the on the cover of Crazy Davey’s book about Amanda.
Is that book ever going to be released? It’s going to be a bit out of date. Eg The chapter where Amanda tells Davey that - should anything ever happen to her - her dying wish would be that he continues with Resonate. It will have to be rewritten.

Kate said...

Larry Taylor
Pretrial Conference
Session:07/17/2020 9:00 AM, Rescheduled
Session:08/10/2020 1:30 PM, Judicial Officer: Hawkins, Grant W
Comment:tracking. Defendant to be transported
Result:Commenced and concluded
Hearing Scheduling Activity
Pretrial Conference scheduled for 09/17/2020 at 1:30 PM.
Pretrial Conference
Session:09/17/2020 1:30 PM, Judicial Officer: Hawkins, Grant W
Comment:In Person

Unknown said...

Kate at August 10, 2020 at 8:16 PM...

what does this mean?

AG said...

Larry's digital evidence hearing is going to be held on 9/17/20.

There was a hearing on 8/10 ("commenced and concluded"). It doesn't say what transpired

Tracking means this case is tied to another/other cases

And Larry filed:

Defendant Notice of Tape Statement/Subpoena

Ie Larry's atty served a subpoena for taped statements

So the court may have wanted to hear the taped evidence hearing and digital evidence hearing on the same day in Sept

flightfulbird said...

"Tracking means this case is tied to another/other cases". . .

Oh PLEASE let this case be tied to a case against Davey Blackburn and Kristi Monroy Blackburn. I actually don't see how it CAN'T be obvious that Larry Taylor was NOT the mastermind behind this murder- I absolutely do not believe that he is "the guy who actually pulled the trigger on Amanda", as Davey said. A little misdirection- it wasn't just "look anywhere but at me, please", Davey says - it was "here's the guy who actually pulled the trigger, even though I was at the gym and no way of knowing who was in my house - actually I had no idea anyone had even been in my house. . . "

Did IMPD TELL him that Larry Taylor was proven to be the shooter? IF they really could prove it, they wouldn't still be trying to pin it on him almost five years later?

What if Amanda really was shot the night before- what if there was a struggle and her teeth were knocked out the night before- when the "gut laughing" (and not at "dumb finds on Instagram") was happening?

Never in a million years would Davey expect to walk in after returning from the gym and then lingering on the driveway for an hour talking to Kenneth Wagner (and after peering into the windows periodically during that timeframe) and find Amanda "still breathing" - so then he had to amend his undoubtedly so-carefully-prepared-and-rehearsed 911 call on the fly- and he panicked and screwed up royally under pressure- not only in the 911 call but also in the calls to his dad, to Perry Noble, to everyone.

About Davey having no idea anyone had been in his house- - I've said it before, chalk up another time if anyone is counting- that was a mistake on his part too. THAT is going to be the unwinding of the carefully orchestrated, preplanned scenario.

Because if Davey had come home, walked into the house (whether he was in the car on the phone for almost an hour or not) and instantly called 911 and said-

My wife is on the floor in our living room in a pool of blood, she's bleeding from her left arm, right shoulder and the back of her head- furniture is turned over, evidence of a struggle, credit cards scattered around, her shirt is pulled up and her underwear has been pulled off and it's lying on the floor beside her-

whether or not he said the head trauma was severe to the extent that brain matter was visible . . .which he could have mentioned to 911, because Davey has said more than once that he prayed that God would put brain matter back into Amanda's head. . . so whether he knew it was gunshots or not, it was absolutely obvious to him that it wasn't just a lightheaded slip and fall from low blood sugar or from the decorative ladder. . .

THAT WOULD'VE WORKED ! The home invasion scenario would have been the best way to go for Davey. Tell everything you saw and let the dispatcher sort it out.

Describing that scenario would have ended up with IMPD being rolled to the house along with IFD Engine 12- - but if you were innocent husband who walked in from the gym and found your wife in that condition, wouldn't you want all available resources to roll immediately to not only care for and treat your wife but also to attempt to find out what happened while you were away?

So why wouldn't Davey want the police there at the house immediately- along with paramedics / emergency medical support? - - maybe he didn't want a crime scene investigation?

How to prevent a crime scene investigation? - you tell 911 dispatcher that your wife is unconscious, uh maybe she got lightheaded and fell, I dunno she's pregnant with our second- and avoid any indication at all that someone beside you, your wife, your son and your dog has been in the house while you were away.

Despite all evidence to the contrary.

The 911 call on its own should break this case wide open, if someone would just ask the question of why didn't Davey tell the dispatcher EVERYTHING he saw.

DW said...

Don't forget the Swishers that were on the kitchen counter, that were not there when Davey left for the gym an hour before.

Anonymous said...

If Amanda had been dead instead of “still breathing” DB would have gone with the intruder story IMO.

He was terrified that Amanda would regain consciousness and tell a different story.

Kate said...

FlightfulBird said..."Did IMPD TELL him that Larry Taylor was proven to be the shooter? IF they really could prove it, they wouldn't still be trying to pin it on him almost five years later?"

I believe it was IMPD who developed the working theory that DB left the home that morning and the 3 saw this, made a dash for the vacant home, waltzed in the front door, smoked a blunt, grabbed a debit card whereupon 2 of the 3 decided to leave the house, with no worries at all of being caught and left the trigger man at the Blackburn residence whilst the other two bank hopped. This theory was released a day or two later by le.

The original press conference given by Curry & Co. is worthy of review, especially at the end with the questions from the press. Notably when the media person asked if the Blackburn's knew the three prior to the murder.

There is enough reasonable doubt to sink this case day one. Davey may not be charged with anything, but the amount of reasonable doubt in this case is overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

looks like Davey is preparing another excuse?

Anonymous said...

Thank you anonymous at 12:18. Is that a pic of Crazy Davey and KM from August of 2016? - 9 months after Amanda’s murder?

Anonymous said...

In April of 2017, CD wrote a series of blogs entitled “How do you know when you’ve found the one”. Ostensibly, the blog was a sort of future guide for Weston (Weston was 2) but it was obvious that CD was well and truly over Amanda and ready to move on. Future blogs indicated that he had actually moved on by September 2016 - when he described seeing KM for the “first” time and how he was instantly enamoured. That was a short 10 months after Amanda’s murder. Even a narcopath like CD knew that such a short mourning period was unseemly so CD kept his relationship with KM a secret - but many believe their relationship started even earlier.

Anonymous said...

Do tell, Anon @ 9:40 PM!

Anonymous said...

A little update - Davey spoke at Mercy Road Carmel today. Several people comented on FB live that they think Davey was involved in Amanda's murder. Someone named Nathan Davidson who claimed to be the one in charge of internet sermons said that Davey was not involved and the FOUR suspects were arrested. He then blocked those questioning why Mercy Road would hire Davey. Apparently Mercy Road vetted Davey so well that they didn't even know there were only THREE suspects arrested, not FOUR. One poster even brought up the dented grill incident after Davey started discussing how heated he and Kristi's arguments get. He said, referring to an argument that Kristi wouldn't back down from, "Before I..." and had a clenched fist as if he was going to hit something. He stopped himself and said he spoke to his therapist and he had shame that he wasn't addressing.

Hey Jude said...

I’d almost forgotten about Davey - I thought he gave up pastoring for house flipping and some type of online ministry with Kristi. But, no, it seems Davey is still imparting his messages to a congregation, with unnecessary visual aids, as if they are all five. The theme has been “Fighting Club”. He gave the same message, more or less, three times on the same day. I learned that Kristi, like Amanda, writes her thoughts in journals, including how things could be changed. He finds journaling preferable to writing your personal diary on Facebook. He made and raised his fist in at least one of the videos when he was speaking about fighting with Kristi, which is disturbing. I think anger is so normal to Davey that he talks as if everyone has anger issues. Two fists when it came to his fighting with God. What he is talking about? Jacob only wrestled with an angel. Davey still oozes aggression but he is somewhat subdued - maybe asked not to shout and strut as much as he did as Resonate. They find three children much more demanding than two, and he’d walked all round his house with his baby earlier in the day. He goes to counselling because bad people don’t need counselling, all people need counselling, and it’s “Living Room Reset” for Mercy Road Church next Sunday. Seems questionable taste, given Amanda’s living room reset, but there’s no accounting for taste.

Why do they like those mournful dark backdrops and settings for their churches? Why doesn’t Davey get some clothes that fit? Congregation wasn’t very responsive, but lots of nice comments - surprisingly only one which expressed alarm at Davey making a fist in relation to his wife.

Life goes on.

Maybe it’s the bad lighting, or the effects of lockdown, or three kids, but Davey seemed quite “Crazy Davey” yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Should this ever go to trial:

plug in the county - Marion, I believe - and Indiana live streams their court proceedings.

Thanks to Power of Two on web sleuths.

Anonymous said...

Is LT's digital evidence hearing still on track for Thursday 9/17?

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