Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Yale Professor Bandy Lee's Statement Analyzed

Another Yale professor is making headlines, coming off the suspension of a "multicultural" social justice professor for racial insults against white people, the poor, and for those who do not have her intelligence and education level. 

Here, the professor is in the news  for diagnosing President Trump.  

This is something that practicing psychiatrists are not permitted to do.  

What does her  statement tell us? 

From Campus Reform:   A Yale University professor of psychiatry has continued to push the ethical boundaries of her field by once again saying President Trump’s “mental impairment” makes him unfit for office

Yale prof: Trump’s ‘mental impairment’ a ‘state of emergency’A Yale University professor of psychiatry has continued to push the ethical boundaries of her field by once again saying President Trump’s “mental impairment” makes him unfit for office.

Professor Bandy Lee, an instructor in Yale’s Department of Psychiatry, sat down with Chauncey DeVegato discuss her controversial approach to the President, saying that the “situation has come to such a critical level” that she had no choice but to “speak out.”

“In fact, a state of emergency exists and we could no longer hold back,” she added, arguing that the “highest ethical principles” of her field actually mandate that she speak out.

The quotes are intermingled with the article, but follow the pronouns.  Thus far, "we" is used to make this assertion.  

We have an obligation to because many lives and our survival may be at stake,” she continued, discussing an April conference she organized for like-minded colleagues called “Duty to Warn,” the name of which references a psychologist’s immunity from legal repercussions when disclosing information about a client who exhibits violent behavior.

We now listen to see if she will continue her theme of not being alone with her opinion and how she references the conference.  

As Campus Reform previously reported, the conference claimed to have an “ethical responsibility” to inform the American public about Trump’s “dangerous mental illness,” a defense Lee reiterated in her interview with DeVega.

Here we get an important change of pronoun.  When going from "we" to "I", we have the subject raising importance.  She was not willing to stand alone in her opinion (which may be considered a diagnosis in the ethics of pyschiatry) 

I’ve been thinking from the very beginning that he has a lot of signs of mental impairment, and that I think was revealed by the conference that I organized, 

Note during the use of "we" there is no weak assertion:

"We could no longer hold back"

"We have an obligation..."

Here, there is no equivocation, but when she is alone:

"I think", which is a weak assertion not only enters her language, but is repeated.   

Unnecessary information is deemed by the analyst as "doubly important" because it not only reverses the law of economy, but it is unnecessary for the sentence.  But when it is also unnecessary for the context, it becomes paramount:

and that I think was revealed by the conference that I organized, 

Why would it matter who organized the conference if the issue is of "vital importance to our survival"?

This shows the underlining priority of the subject:  self promotion.  

she said, stating that once she and her colleagues “broke the silence” and “brought out mental health professionals to bear upon this,” she received “an explosion” of messages from peers who had “been wanting to speak about this but  not been able to figure out a way to do it responsibly and ethically.”

Note the order of "responsibly" coming before the word used in licensing:  "ethically.

DeVega goes on to question Lee about the particular ethical standards she has been flirting with, namely the “Goldwater Rule,” which DeVega dismissively described as “informal” and non-binding in the current context.

“When there’s such grave mental disability that it’s affecting the public sphere—the political sphere, such as in the current position of power—then those lines get blurred,” Lee responded, later adding that “there’s no rule that politics will never enter the sphere of health or our profession.

However, an August 2016 posting on the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) website explicitly warns psychologists to resist psychoanalyzing “the candidates,” saying it would be “unethical” and “irresponsible” to abuse their credibility for political purposes.

“Every four years, the United States goes through a protracted elections process for the highest office in the land. This year, the election seems like anything but a normal contest, that has at times devolved into outright vitriol. The unique atmosphere of this year’s election cycle may lead some to want to psychoanalyze the candidates, but to do so would not only be unethical, it would be irresponsible.”

Analysis Conclusion:  Brandy Lee's self promotion of her organized conference  is found in the unnecessary addition to her statements.  This is a priority for her. 

The attention seeking has now come to fruition as it reached media.   

It remains to be seen what such attention seeking may mean to the school's reputation and to the Board of the American Psychiatric Association. 

When it comes to the her opinion of the President, she does not wish to be psychologically alone.  

Psychiatrists diagnose patients with 

1.  Medical examination, including blood work
2.  Review of medical history
3.  Review of medications
4.  Interview with patient
5.  Collateral interviews 

In her desire for self promotion, she may bring disrepute to herself, her position and school,  but may bring ethical and legal issues to the surface. 

Ambition blinds even the most intelligent of people.  


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. "Grave mental impairment"...then why doesnt she say what it is? Liberals love to go around "diagnosing" anyone who doesnt tow their line. From personal experience, it's usually projection of the liberal's own faults, sins, and mental ailments. The combination of HIGH narcissism and many skeletons hidden in many of their closets leads to inevitable projection. That and the fact that many liberals will readily tell you about serious psychological symptoms they experience while displaying simultaneously an arrogance like they are "above" having mental problems--after all, they place themselves above God, so of course they are above having mental problems although they freely offer a list of disturbing psychological symptoms they experience...they typically display NO INSIGHT into their own (sometimes serious) mental problems while diagnosing everyone around them (incorrectly).
Over time, they will literally begin bragging that they are "evil " subtly at first to see how it will go over. Other liberals typically receive this very warmly and this builds their belief that they are without sin, or mental problems, etc...they are "perfect", it is others who need to fall in line with their agenda. Most are on a downward spiral to emotional/psychological/spiritual ruin.

Anonymous said...

I need to correct that: Most liberals maintain an emotional equilibrium through scapegoating others while their psychological/spiritual downward spiral continues to progress. These liberals shamelessly scapegoat those around them...if they have a fault it will quickly be projected onto one of their victims.

Anonymous said...

Off topic,but finally Isabella Hellman's husband speaks about his wife's disappearence.

Anonymous said...

PeeWee Herman psychiatry:

I know you are, but what am I?

Anonymous said...

How some liberals are able to be accepted by, graduate from, or teach at Ivy Leagues is mind-boggling since the ADD is often profound (attention span lasting no longer than 5-10 seconds in some cases). I know several cases where liberals have stunning ADD levels, complain their brains get tired & overwhelmed from reading something for 1 minute or listening to something 2 minutes long, and they expect catering to this handicap (which gets activated anytime someone disagrees with their viewpoint) but also happens throughout their day. Apparently the Ivy Leagues cater to their crap. The school I went to would have just given you and F. But of course, it was not a liberal college.

Tania Cadogan said...

I wonder what her social and political leanings are?
I wonder how much she donated to the democrat campaigns,specifically clinton.

Sounds like someone is throwing their toys out the pram along with their ethics.

Amy Smith said...

Hi Peter,
Off-topic, but there have developments in a child sex crimes case in TX. Greg Kelley is doing interviews from prison today. He was convicted a few years ago for super aggravated sexual assault of a 4 year-old boy and took a sentencing deal for 25 years in prison and waived his right to appeal. He and his supporters claim that the child is confused and untruthful about who actually abused him though the boy made a specific outcry and testified that Greg Kelley from the daycare home where Kelley lived is the one who sexually abused him. The Fight for GK group is publicly rallying tomorrow demanding that the DA forgo judicial process and free Greg immediately.

Here's one of the interviews and he's doing another today as well.


"I'm a Christian man ... I am an innocent man. As in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice... I've desired to do a lot of good in the world and I want to be a husband, and a father with Christian morals, principles, and values. I want to shed light to a lot of wrongdoing in Texas," Kelley told Plohetski.

Tiffany Gerik said...

OT -- (Murdered Escort) Bridget Shiel's Boyfriend Discusses Her Unsolved Murder

Before her death, Bridget was living with Kevin Kinnie and the mother of his child, Brittney Allocca.

"You had Bridget, Kevin and this young lady Brittney all living under the same roof," said Hill. "There's no way you can live with your current girlfriend and live with your child's mother and there not be some type of friction between all parties involved. It's impossible."

Reporter Karyn Greer says she spoke to a friend of Bridget's, who wished to remain anonymous.

"She told me she was pregnant, and I was not happy to hear that," the unidentified woman says.

"The friend said that Bridget was very afraid and, she told me Bridget didn't even want to tell Kevin she was pregnant," said Greer.

And that was reportedly just a few weeks before her death.


Tiffany Gerik said...

OT - Con't

"Straight up, just like that," said Kinnie. "It caused drama, it caused like a lot of animosity. And shortly after that, that's when Bridget got physical with her."

He's talking about an incident that happened just two months before Bridget Shiel's murder, a heated fight between Bridget and the other woman, in which police were called, and both girls spent the night in jail.

Bridget Shiel, Feb. 15, 2016 (Sandy Springs Police Dept.)
Brittney Allocca, Feb. 15, 2016 (Sandy Springs Police Dept.)
But there's also the 911 call just two days before that, in which Bridget accused Kevin of hitting her, and more.

"I don't want you guys to go to the house because he said if I call the police he'll kill me," Bridget says on the 911 recording.

"I am not aware of that. I never heard no call, I never heard any of this. I've never heard no call," said Kevin Kinnie.

"Can you show me the report? So this is real, she really called and said this?" Kinnie asked. "I wasn't aware of this. This is -- man, wow. I still really want to see that when we're done with the interview, bro, I want to see what you're talking about."

Kinnie denies knowing about the call. He does say that he never laid a hand on Bridget, and that if she did make that call -- she did -- he's not sure why.

Tiffany Gerik said...

OT- Cont'd

But what about those rumors that Bridget was carrying Kevin's child? As it turns out, her autopsy showed that she was not pregnant.

So what's the truth?

"I'm still not even aware if Bridget was still pregnant or not, but I'm pretty sure she was, I'm pretty sure, yeah," said Kinnie. "I'm pretty sure it was. There's no denying that at all -- I know for a fact."

What was his discussion with Bridget about the child on the way?

"It was through text message. I was with the mother of my child and I had to basically tell Bridget, like, 'I don't believe you,' like, I had to play it off 'cause I was trying to be a family man and I didn't want to lose my son, because women get crazy with these type of things."


"I wish I was there, man, like, I would have took them bullets for her," said Kinnie. "All this situation is so crazy, this is really dramatic, man. That's why it took me so long to come here and respond back to you guys, 'cause I'm like, what do I have to say to you guys, like I don't have anything that you don't already know."

"She just ended up dead and I just don't get how, or why. I don't get what she could have done. I really don't. I can't think of any reason, not even one," Kevin Kinnie tells Crime Watch Daily.

"I highly doubt that I'm the prime suspect now, because when they called me back the second time to the precinct, and they were like 'Everyone thinks you did it.' I was like 'OK bro. I'm going to sue this whole entire situation if you put cuffs on me,'" said Kinnie. "Yeah, I'm very confident. Like, bro, I know some good lawyers, some of the top-flight lawyers in the U.S. right now, man, I wish you would put cuffs on me, bro, like I would love to call them. I would love to place this call. And they walked out and they came back, 'Sorry, you can leave.'"

Kevin Kinnie was never charged. But that's not exactly the same as being cleared, which is what he told Crime Watch Daily producers before the interview. So have police told Kinnie that they've ruled him out?

"No, but it doesn't bother me, it doesn't bother me at all. It doesn't bother me. I don't even think twice about it, I don't even think twice about being a suspect," said Kinnie.

Tiffany Gerik said...

OT - Cont'd

Does Kevin Kinnie have an affiliation with the Gangster Disciples gang?

"No," Kinnie said. "I actually don't even know anything about gangs, at all. I don't even know what where that would even come from. Yeah, that is a really disturbing question."

"No affiliation with 'G's, not at all," Kinnie said. "I haven't even run into anybody else in a gang in a while, I don't even affiliate myself with people like that."

"The only thing I know about gangs is what I've seen off the History Channel," Kinnie said.

But Kinnie doesn't deny having served time in jail, saying his offenses were all non-violent -- certainly an important distinction, considering what we're here to talk about.

Did Kevin Kinnie have anything to do with the murder of Bridget Shiel?

"No, not at all," said Kinnie. "I woke up to finding out that she got killed. I got the call and I just broke out in tears. I didn't know what to do -- it was the most craziest, out of nowhere, unexpected thing to ever happen in my life, 'cause no matter what -- this is heartbreaking to me, man -- 'cause that was the woman that I probably would have been married to."


Reportedly, Bridget was afraid for her life prior to her death. Who was she afraid of?

"To be honest with you, I would like to know also," said Kinnie. "I don't know what she was afraid of. I think she was afraid of life, if you ask me."

Bridget's friends say that she wasn't just afraid of life, that she was scared because of somebody else. She was afraid that someone was going to harm her, and someone obviously did harm her. Was there a person she was scared of?

"Not to my knowledge," said Kinnie. "I can't think of anybody that she was afraid of. Bridget was brave."

Was she afraid of Kevin Kinnie?

"Me? No. She had no reason to be afraid of me," said Kinnie. "Her and the mother of my child got physical. Not me."

So then who does he think did it? Why would she be naked with seven gunshot wounds in her back? What would put her in that position?

"Turning a guy down. Probably turning a guy down, that's what my assumption is," said Kinnie.

"She has a mouth on her. Bridget has a mouth on her, like she has a really aggressive mouth on her," said Kinnie. "She could be really, she can she can be really intimidating, man. Bridget can talk a lot."

But what was she doing with two guys at that gas station? Does he know who they are?

"No, I would like to know," said Kinnie. "I feel like it was a setup killing."

Hey Jude said...

I find the ongoing campaign against President Trump disturbing - the psychiatrists know they are way out of line. I'd have difficulty believing that conference was anything but politically motivated.

I liked that someone, somewhere online, said you can't diagnose bad behaviour as mental illness. Well, they did, but it can't count, and shouldn't have been published - none of them have even met with the subject. Even if they had, patient confidentiality would supposedly have been at least a consideration - even saying that is rubbish, as it lends to the suggestion there might be something he would have wanted kept confidential. It is a horrible thing they did, IMO. Maybe it will backfire, as they broke their own code of ethics whilst claiming a higher ethic as motivation. .

At least CNN disassociated from the 'comic' who posed with the mock decapitated head of the POTUS.


'Liberal' must mean something different to some people here than what it means in the UK.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Race-faker Rachel Dolezal has been uninvited from appearing at the Baltimore Book Festival.

The disgraced former NCAA chapter head, who pretended to be black for more than a decade, was scheduled to do a reading from her autobiography, 'In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World,' at the September event.

But festival organizers announced on Tuesday via Facebook that they decided 'it is appropriate to remove Ms. Dolezal from the festival lineup.'

The Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, which throws the annual festival, apparently made the decision after 'after hearing from a cross-section of opinions' about Dolezal's participation and having to 'consider' how having her appear at the festival would impact both attendees and the other authors in the lineup.

The decision is reversal of the festival's previous stance, less than a week prior.

In response to growing criticism over her invite, organizers wrote on Facebook on May 25 that the festival 'provides an open forum for dialogue and topical discussion of various issues' and that 'we do provide a platform for relevant and multi-layered conversations.'

That post was met with a slew of criticism and prompted several one-star reviews of the festival.

The news that she would be appearing at the festival was meet with immediate criticism last week.

In addition to negative commentary on the festival's Facebook page, an online petition was circulated, asking organizers to dump Dolezal from the lineup.

Baltimore middle school Spanish teacher Kimberly Mooney told the Baltimore Sun that she was compelled to start the petition because she thought the invitation was 'a bad publicity stunt' and that it was 'really hurtful' to the community that has history of racial tension.

Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts executive director Bill Gilmore told the Baltimore Sun that the decision to revoke Dolezal's invitation occurred during a staff meeting on Tuesday.

He did not explain why an invitation was extended to Dolezal in the first place.

Dolezal, the one-time president of the Spokane Chapter of the NAACP in Washington, made headlines recently when she admitted that she saw herself as being 'trans-black.'

In Dolezal's memoir, which hit bookshelves in March, she likened being forced to do household chores as a child to indentured servitude and noted that she developed a 'similar resourcefulness' to what slaves were forced to develop in order for her to complete her chores.

She claimed that the mere act of forcing kids to do household chores was similar to 'the institution of chattel slavery in America.'

Dolezal also wrote about how her first marriage ended because she was 'too black' for her African-American husband, detailed the way she evolved over the years from being a blonde white girl with freckles into her current state of 'Blackness' and revealed the myriad ways that being 'outed' as a white woman while she was passing as a black woman has impacted her life.

In 2015, Dolezal's parents — with whom she has long feuded — revealed to the media that she was born white, but presenting herself as a black activist in Washington's Spokane region.

After the story became an international sensation, Dolezal was fired from her job at the NCAAP, kicked off a police ombudsman commission and lost her job teaching African studies at Eastern Washington University in nearby Cheney. She has not been able to find regular employment since the bombshell reveal.

New England Water Blog said...

Dr Bandy Lee has since cited Katty Griffin as an example of a sane and rational human being behaving responsibly and ethically.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

A San Jose University student lied about a harrowing ordeal in which she was kidnapped at knifepoint and forced to drive hundreds of miles away, police say.

The 22-year-old woman was spotted by a driver on Friday night 'frightened' and running down a road in Oregon.

She had told Oregon police she was set to graduate from San Jose University on Saturday morning but had been kidnapped from her California apartment 500 miles away by a suspect armed with a knife.

After San Jose Police launched an investigation into her abduction, the woman told officers on Tuesday that she had made the whole thing up.

When she was found by authorities in Oregon at the weekend, the woman told them she had been beaten and kidnapped in San Jose hours earlier.

She said her imaginary abductor forced her into her car and made her drive across the border into Oregon.

The woman told police she had escaped when her car ran out of gas and claimed she hid in tall grass nearby for several hours until it grew dark.

She was found by the concerned passerby at Highway 101 and Prosper Junction Road in Bandon, which is about 500 miles from where she claimed she was abducted.

The student had told police the stranger was in his 30s with no facial hair and he was wearing a black hoodie, black baseball hat and black winter gloves.

Police found her abandoned car nearby.

Her family had alerted authorities after they arrived at her San Jose graduation on Saturday and she failed to meet them.

Police are not yet clear on why the woman lied but said no suspects were wanted in connection with the investigation.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this.

I just emailed her at Yale - Bandy X. Lee, MD, MDiv . Office 203.974.7169 . Email

to let her know this is unacceptable, a communist with ulterior motives as she has, and using one of the most respected institutions of higher learning as her social proof of competence banner, that I will contact other alums to find a way to have her removed from Yale.

She is doing the psychiatry and the school a disservice.

Anonymous said...

OMG....Look what the city of east Lansing Michigan is doing to this family.

Trigger said...

I agree, this woman is doing a disservice to her profession, school, and other associates.

Her efforts to bring attention to her political preferences are unethical and dishonest. Her lack of integrity is confirmation that she is unfit for her position.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


an intelligent comment.

Unfortunately, she is triggered by your moniker and is run off to find a safe space where no imaginary bullets can harm her.



Jasmine said...

Some of the brightest and best handwriting analysts have analyzed Trump's handwriting for characteristics of his nature and their assertions are that Trump isn't crazy but smart as a fox; someone extra good at outsmarting his opponent. Trump doesn't seem to know what tact means but that doesn't denote craziness in my view. Do I like everything Trump says or does? No. That being said, what about the nature of past Presidents? So many of past Presidents had extramarital affairs, some have had strange quirks as noted by Wikipedia and other online sources. As far as I know, they were never deemed crazy by a Yale Professor on the level as Bandy Lee has.And lastly, as someone in this thread mentioned that Ms. Lee believes .in the sanity of Kathy Griffin, well that's just insane. Enough said.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


eventually on a major issue I am going to post some analysis of POTUS statements. Right now, what we are hearing is the language of a business negotiator and all that this entails. This means, in the vernacular of one who pegged him: "the bs factor" where there is praise, deliberately taken stances prepared for compromise and so on.

He uses "very very" very very much when he talks about people.

Here is something fascinating about this.

One might think a world leader would throw off or dismiss such blatant praise such as, "our relationship with ______ is very very good. She is a very very good leader..."

Psychologically, it has an impact.

He says "T" knowing full well that he hopes to land "R" which those who see evil in everything he says and does will claim deception.

Personally, I am glad for some things, angry at others, and disappointed still in other issues, but the divisions caused by exploitation (using "Identity Politics") of politicians, is such that free speech is under violent coercive attack, and people who have held opinions for decades suddenly abandoned them because a politician told them to reveals great weakness.

Everyone is offended at everything. This can only lead to violence. Politicians benefited, but everyone else loses.

The main stream media is worse than Goebell's ministry of propaganda. The lies they have allowed politicians to tell, and the lies they themselves have profited from, will harm us all.

Interesting post.

It is sad how the mentally ill have now become a political pawn. Some accounts close to home are too painful to talk about as children are abused by teachers, therapists and others, all because a politician said so.

Did you see the study of physically weak men becoming socialists? Socialism is a built in bankruptcy for any nation, eventually, but is a ready-made excuse for those who seek and need such excuses.

Its comical to watch Ben Shapiro videos on You Tube. Check it out. For those who love to follow statements, it is priceless to hear what happens to the wording of those who assert their moral superiority --

they are so moral that their moral superiority overrides logic, reason and basic human ability to think.


Anonymous said...

I agree, Trump is very intelligent. He praises leaders bc he knows that is the only chance he has of being able to get some of them to cooperate with him, and Peter is right--it does have an impact on the individual hearing such compliments.
Trump is also very funny, his comedic timing is superb, some of the stuff he says is hilarious (chrck out his opiniond about exercises I laughed till my stomach hurt & he knows he is being funny) and when he trashes Saturday Night Live it is bc that show is horrible and NOT FUNNY and hasnt been for years. He is not the only person who thinks that. Sometimes truly funny people integrate humor into their very personality and that is what Trump has done.
Trump shows no signs of mental illness. He is a very high-functioning person who has been extremely successful and who doesnt even drink--this does not match up with any mental illness.
Besides Abe Lincoln was mentally ill (suffering from severe and long-lasting depression) and is regarded as one of the greatest presidents.
Liberals love the "mentally ill label" bc they are so convinced of their own sanity. Frightening!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Interesting post.

S/A fans sometimes have a touch more insight into history and can even recognize why "history is written by the winners" of wars.

interesting post about Lincoln. He is a hero to most all, and a racist tyrant to others.

As to POTUS, a lot of people did not vote for him as much as they voted against Hillary.

I also think it would be more accurate to use "leftist" rather than "liberal", as many liberals do not like being tied in with leftists. It is not a case of "offense" but accuracy.

It's a distinction I have not made enough.


Tania Cadogan said...

If all else fails, claim someone is crazy,insane, manic, uncontrolled, greedy,lustful, racist,sexist, xenophobic, (insert type)phobic, intolerant,addicted to(insert item)irreligious, extremist,hateful or anything that you disagree with.
Rather than argue their side with logic,persuasion etc they result to name calling and insults proving that whatever they disagree with for whatever reason cannot and will not stand up to scrutiny.

Clinton is a prime example.

Rather than accepting defeat graciously she first claims she takes responsibility for losing the election and then wheels out a huge list of everyone who was to blame except herself.
Her supporters refuse point blank to accept the democratic will of the electorate and even now plot to bring Trump down.
Obama rather than standing back having done his 2 terms seems intent of running the country from his house.
I wonder if michelle is planning to run?
I would not be surprised if she has a run in 2020 or 2024, she is a woman and black and a former first lady, ticks all the boxes and is one up on clinton.
A democrat queen in the making?

Hillary meanwhile is perhaps realising she blew her chances, her health issues will be dragged back up should she try again.
Will Chelsea be her stand in perhaps?
If Kennedy could be a dynasty and the Bush's could have father and son as Presidents, why not the clintons or obamas?

In the mean time expect the continued onslaught against Trump.
They don't get that he isn't a lawyer or a lifelong politician used to the old boys club network, the subtle backhands (and not so subtle) the mutual back scrathcing and not rocking the boat.
He is a businessman and a successful one.
He knows what he wants and how to get it, he knows when to be firm and when to be soft.
He speaks his mind and doesn't always bother with the nicities.

He is not one of 'them' which is why they want rid of him

Anonymous said...

Thank you....

I also think it would be more accurate to use "leftist" rather than "liberal", as many liberals do not like being tied in with leftists. It is not a case of "offense" but accuracy.

It's a distinction I have not made enough.

Anonymous said...

Tania, what is it like now living in United kingdom with the large migrant influx?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Lincoln was considered a racist by some--I will have to research that. Most of my knowledge of Lincoln came from watching the movie "Lincoln" several years back. Most interesting to me was the fact that he shouldered massive psychological and emotional stress during the Civil War while already mentally ill from serious depression and somehow managed to carry the enormous burden while being a great leader. If anything it is an interesting look at leadership itself especially leadership of such some ways it seems to require superhuman strength, and it is fascinating that someone plagued my mental illness was still able to carry the weight of it. It is an interesting insight into character and inner strength. I am interested now to learn more about Lincoln, Peter, thank you for the additional information.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I didn't know Lincoln was considered a racist by some--I will have to research that

racist and treasonous. he forced the war on the south and it was over economic control of the south not slavery. the progressives made it about slavery. do research but be careful who you read as you will find it difficult to separate the chafe from the wheat.

here is a blog that does link to some interesting history.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

If you wish to know more about Lincoln and racism, read the Emancipation Proclamation.


FormerTopixReader said...

Peter, have you ever analyzed anything said by President Trump? You seem to go after everyone but the obvious person that says many "untruths" to the public. I believe statement analysis is a handy tool but please use it fairly.

Anonymous said...

Anon, the South's economic independance was based on having free slave labor...and, in light of that, how could anything about their economy be defended?

Anonymous said...

This fuck knuckle that calls herself a doctor doesn't know about the Goldwater rule? She is a hack and will pay legally for this. If Yale doesn't make her step down immediately then that is on their already liberal bullshit reputation/