Friday, June 2, 2017

Reversing the Dulled Listening Process

This video highlights how the brain interprets sound and vision at the same time.  

It is a good example of brain interpretation.  It is also why I often look away while conducting an interview as I am concentrating upon the words spoken, rather than be unduly influenced, emotionally particularly, by facial expressions. 

The process for hearing in which deceptive people exploit is reversed in formal and guided training's implementation of practice. 

That which we repeat we embed into habit.  Learning incorrectly will embed error. 

We use the written statement to begin this process and with the careful training and guided application, the person learns to "hear" the very same words that were once processed without further attention.  

That which, for example, sounded like a powerful, emotionally strong denial, wasn't. 

In fact, it was not a denial at all.  

We let the subject's own words guide us, knowing that most deception is from withholding information. 

The key is knowing that the withheld information is actively on the mind of the speaker, at the time of deception.  It is a priority to conceal this information, so that while yielding information, there are indicators of concealment apparent. 

Determining the subject's language is like dealing with a crossword puzzle.  When we have to decide what is the missing word, we should use the knowledge that we already have from other places in the puzzle.  

Next, these indicators are words specifically chosen and themselves, yield information.  

It is only when the analyst builds a large internal "data base" of deceptive language will the analyst appropriately discern deception. 

Once this becomes habit, content analysis begins...

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John Mc Gowan said...


‘He broke me’: A defiant, tearful Kathy Griffin slams attacks by Trump and his family

Kathy Griffin broke down in tears during a news conference the comedian and her lawyers held Friday to discuss the fallout from the comedian posing with a likeness of President Donald Trump’s severed head.

Griffin addressed the backlash that followed the photo being published on Tuesday, telling reporters her career is over after she says the Trump family systematically "mobilized their armies" against her.

"I'm going to be honest," she said through tears. "He broke me, he broke me, he broke me."

This is the first time Griffin has spoken out since she was relieved of her duties Wednesday as CNN’s New Year’s Eve host. When asked by a reporter if she has heard from her New Year’s Eve co-host Anderson Cooper, she shook her head while holding back tears.

"It's hurtful to me," Griffin said. "There's a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me and I'm just here to say that it's wrong."

She did not mention being dumped as Squatty Potty's celebrity spokesperson.

Griffin, 56, said she stands by the apology she issued hours after the photo first broke Tuesday saying she "feel[s] horrible" people took the photo as a threat of violence. She said she plans to continue to make fun of the president as is her First Amendment right, her lawyer, civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom reiterated at Friday’s press conference.

"I made a horrible, horrible call," she said. "Trust me, if I could redo the whole thing I'd have a blow up doll and no ketchup."

She also repeated her claim that the video was a parody, meant as a pointed comeback to Trump's remark last summer that journalist Megyn Kelly had "blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of wherever."

The comedian confirmed she has been contacted by the Secret Service and said she fears being arrested.

The outcry against the comedian continues to grow with at least four venues announcing that they had canceled her performances. Venues in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania have canceled shows. The Community Arts Theater in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, posted on its website that the show had been dropped "due to the recent controversy surrounding Kathy Griffin and the concern for the safety and security of our patrons and staff."

"The message is clear," Bloom stated. "Criticize the president lose your job and that's what happened to stops here, it stops now."


Anonymous said...

"I'm going to be honest,"

She's going to be honest? But when?


Tania Cadogan said...

Iagree with you Peter about not watching people when they make a statement.

I watched/listened to a documentary lasy night catching a Killer about the case of Natalie Hemming who was murdered by her husband.
From th initial call through to the verdict and her family's statements it was fascinating.

The killers statements were revealing, i listened to them whilst working on my pc so i could only hear his words.

One thing that particularly caught my attention was when he said he brushed his teeth, washed his face and went to bed.
Right then i thought that is when he killed her and it was a sexual homicide.

Her body was found several weeks later and any evidence of sex would have been sadly long gone.

His calm demeanor, his language, his questions and finally his offering to admit to manslaughter which the prosecutors rightly regected all told a story of his guilt.

He was found guilty and got a life sentence with a minimum of 20 years.
He could apply for parole after that time but will remain on licence and should he break the rules of his probation he could be recalled to prison.

It was on channel 4 though i am not sure if you can view it outide the UK

John Mc Gowan said...

I just finished watching it on catch up, Tania. I, too, got onto his statement regarding his bedtime routine. Also..

She had a fracture to the right temple.

In part of his interview with Police, he said "I was just preparing dinner, she came in, the kids came in to our kitchen with the glass table is, they sat down. I can't...really describe it very well, but she just wasn't herself. I gave her a cuddle and i gave her a kiss here (pointing to his right temple) and said what's really wrong with you? And i gave her a kiss here (pointing to his forehead) and i just like (stroking his right temple) doing that because she likes that"

This when she allegedly told him about the affair. He made out that he was all caring and loving.

John Mc Gowan said...

The brain knows what it knows ^

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Kathy Griffin...yes only a liberal would be appalled and shocked that a picture of them holding a severed head would be interpreted as violent. These people are not winning any awards for intelligence that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

It's odd Ms. Griffin would think holding a decapitated head of anyone would be funny.
Her 1st amendment rights were rightfully put down and demonstrates how ugly Americans abuse those rights each and every day.

Cable TV gave rise to those type of nutjobs. She isn't nor has she ever been funny.

They need to pen her up with Anderson Cooper, Nancy Grace and other like-minded 1st admenders.

Unfortunately, people still believe what they see on TV though it is worse than ever before.

Anonymous said...

KG is free to pose like a terrorist, and her promoters and sponsors are free to cancel her appearances.

Anonymous said...

The liberals are defending her right to pose like a terrorist bc someone made a picture of Obama as an ape years ago. This is what I mean by liberal mental illness...there is no logical sequence in their thinking. Very much like a toddler. The possibilities for thinking are very limited due to ADD and narcissism.

Anonymous said...

Also, it shows liberals LOVE Islam, even so-called extremist Islam, they emulate it due to the fact they have a similar criminal mentality and they would love to control the population and impose hellish laws on the citizens.

Anonymous said...

OT: Bill Maher apologizes for using N word.

“Friday nights are always my worst night of sleep because I’m up reflecting on the things I should or shouldn’t have said on my live show. Last night was a particularly long night as I regret the word I used in the banter of a live moment. The word was offensive and I regret saying it and am very sorry.”

Tania Cadogan said...

I struggle with the N word since it seems to be ok if black people use it to call each other it but not ok if anyone else uses it.

Surely if the word is offensive then nobody uses it no ifs no buts.
If the word is ok then everybody should be allowed to use it no ifs no buts.

Language is shared there should be no words restricted to use by a particular group of people only and banned to everyone else, down that path comes further censorship and eventually language will become restricted only to those of certain groups, races, genders, religious belief, sexual orientation and a nation becomes divided.

If it is OK for blacks to call other black offensive names and whites to call other whites offensive names then the same rules apply to all.

I don't hear whites screaming when the H word is thrown around by blacks, why not?
It is just as offensive surely?
Lnaguage is meant to unify not divide, after all language, particularly english is a hybrid of the languages of many nations, nations which invaded us, when we invaded others.
Language is a living entity always growing and changing.
Teenspeak is a great example where the teens of each generation create new words, indecipherable to the older generations and so on down the line.
Old words become new words or with new meanings and intentions.
A stagnant language is a dying language eventually to pass from history.
A stagnant exclusive language is the stagnation and dying of a people as fewer remain to speak and understand it, eventually consigning it and themselves to the pages of history.

Anonymous said...

Racism is one of the ugliest things out there, and every one is racist...that includes blacks & other minorities. Liberals who claim they are so "tolerant" are the most racist of all. You think Muslims and Indians (from India) like white people? Lmao. They dont.

Anonymous said...

So sick of the bull on FB with liberals acting so flabbergasted that people hate each other, because "we all worship the same God". Lmao how we dont all worship the same God libtards. One sent a Holy man who taught peace as his messenger....the other God sent a moronic cross-dressing pedophile as his messenger...liberals are so dumb they can't think.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Racism is one of the ugliest things out there, and every one is racist...that includes blacks & other minorities. Liberals who claim they are so "tolerant" are the most racist of all. You think Muslims and Indians (from India) like white people? Lmao. They dont.

June 3, 2017 at 5:24 PM

.....except African Americans and Native Anerucans might have a few more reasons to dislike whites than whites have to dislike them....I mean, if you know any American history.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

A former president of Penn State and two other former university administrators were each sentenced Friday to at least two months in jail for failing to alert authorities to a 2001 allegation against ex-assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

Their decision enabled the now-convicted serial predator to continue molesting boys.

'Why Mr. Sandusky was allowed to continue to the Penn State facilities is beyond me,' Judge John Boccabella said.

'All three ignored the opportunity to put an end to (Sandusky's) crimes when they had a chance to do so,' the judge said.

Ex-president Graham Spanier, 68, got a sentence of 4 to 12 months, with the first two to be spent in jail and the rest under house arrest.

Former university athletic director Tim Curley, 63, received a sentence of 7 to 23 months, with three in jail. Former vice president Gary Schultz, 67, was sentenced to 6 to 23 months, with two months behind bars.

The judge also criticized the actions of the late head football coach, Joe Paterno, who like the other administrators failed to alert child-welfare authorities or police to the 2001 complaint, but was never charged with a crime.

Paterno 'could have made that phone call without so much as getting his hands dirty. Why he didn't is beyond me,' Boccabella said.

The three former Penn State officials all apologized for their actions and to Sandusky's victims before the sentences were handed down.

'I deeply regret that I did not intervene more forcefully,' Spanier said

Curley and Schultz also told the court they were sorry they didn't do more.

'I am very remorseful I did not comprehend the severity of the situation. I sincerely apologize to the victims and to all who were impacted because of my mistake,' Curley said.

Said Schultz: 'It really sickens me to think I might have played a part in children being hurt. I'm sorry that I didn't do more, and I apologize to the victims.'

Prosecutors slammed all three men, saying they cared more about themselves than about protecting children.

They reserved their harshest words for Spanier.

'He was a complete and utter failure as a leader when it mattered most,' said Laura Ditka, a state prosecutor.

She said he kept Penn State trustees in the dark about the Sandusky complaint and 'he allowed children to be harmed.'

The three men were accused of hushing up a 2001 allegation about Sandusky sexually abusing a boy in a football team shower to protect the university's reputation.

As a result, prosecutors said, the retired coach went on to victimize four more boys.

All three men have denied they were told the encounter in the shower was sexual in nature.

Tania Cadogan said...


Prosecutors dropped more serious charges against Curley and Schultz as a result of their pleas, and agreed they would not recommend a sentence for them. But in documents filed on the eve of the sentencing, they assailed the two men over their testimony at Spanier's trial.

They suggested that Curley was purposely forgetful, and that it defied common sense that Schultz seemed unwilling to acknowledge the sexual nature of the allegation about Sandusky.

Spanier's trial revolved around testimony by an ex-graduate coaching assistant, Mike McQueary, who said he reported seeing Sandusky molesting a boy in 2001.

Sandusky was not arrested until 2011, after an anonymous email to a county prosecutor led investigators to approach McQueary. Sandusky was found guilty the next year of sexually abusing 10 boys and is serving a prison sentence of 30 to 60 years while he appeals his conviction. At least four victims at Sandusky's trial said they were molested after 2001.

The scandal led to the firing of beloved football coach Joe Paterno shortly after Sandusky's arrest, and he died of cancer two months later at the age of 85.

The Hall of Fame coach was never charged with a crime, but a report commissioned by the university concluded he was part of an effort to keep a lid on the allegations against Sandusky for fear of bad publicity.

Penn State's football program suffered heavy sanctions from the NCAA, and the university has paid out nearly a quarter-billion dollars in fines, court verdicts, settlements and other costs.

McQueary testified about how he went to Paterno a day after the shower encounter to discuss what he had seen. Paterno notified Curley and Schultz, and McQueary met with both of them about a week later. In his 2011 grand jury testimony, Paterno said he was told by McQueary the encounter involved 'fondling' and was of 'a sexual nature,' but wasn't sure what the act was.

The prosecution's key evidence included notes and email exchanges in which Curley, Schultz and Spanier debated what to do after McQueary's report.

Anonymous said...

The ONLY singer whose voice got better with age (old age) is Ray Charles. His voice literally got more soulful and better until the day he died. I saw him perform when he was about 80 yrs old, shortly before he died, and it could have knocked your socks right off. Ray Charles has the best voice of the 20th Century and I believe he literally may have the best voice of the past thousand years.

John Mc Gowan said...


Search For Missing Girl Continues, Searchers Tracking Leads


“My son calls me and say, ‘Mom… Naomi is nowhere to be found,'” said Shantara Hurry, Naomi’s mother. “I rushed home from work to find my daughter… And she was nowhere to be found.”

Hurry says her children went for a walk Wednesday, returned home to Aspen Village Apartments, and then Naomi went back out for whatever reason. She left her cellphone, purse, and keys behind. No one has seen or heard from her since Wednesday at 1:00.

“We have a 12-year-old that’s missing, and were doing everything that we can to find her,” said Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Chief Chip Simmons. “I really don’t have info more than that. We’re talking to as many people as we can in hopes we can find her and bring her home to her mother.”

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and FBI are also working this case. Escambia Search and Rescue, and Klaas Kids have mobile command centers set up at Olive Baptist Church.

Thursday evening, several of Hurry’s coworkers showed up to the mobile command center to split into teams and pass out fliers.

“We knew… we was like… this is not like this child, something has occurred,” said Hurry’s friend and coworker Capricia Bell. “So we all wanted to do something and so I decided I’m going, no matter what time I get off, I will be here.”

Hurry is staying positive but believes something awful could have happened to her daughter. She shared this message for anyone who could have taken Naomi.

Second Vt down:

“Bring my child back home,” Hurry said. “Nothing will ever replace my daughter, and I live my life for my child. She was my first born. I had her at 18 years old. I was a baby myself, and she taught me so much being a mother. I just want my baby back. Naomi, if you’re watching this, I just want you to come back home…. Momma…. I miss you so much.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to call 911 immediately.

Alex said...

When a photo such as the one Kathy Griffin posted gets so much coverage, I have to wonder what kind of spin the terrorist leaders put on it.
Surely, the people who create these things don't realize the damage their attention seeking behavior is causing. If our country becomes so divided as to be conquered, I don't think these people will appreciate the attention they receive from the conquering hordes and once again the young people of this nation will be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the rights of these fools.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

that's thinking ahead.

Those who made deals with Islamists, selling out their country and country men, (and their own grandchildren), too paid a terrible price.

Good post,


Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous said...

So off topic, but angry

I saw where the president tookLondon mayor comment out of context. Why would he do that on such an easily verifiable, previous day quote? It really makes me mad that I voted for that president, and he is doing all the things he condemns the media for. I am so angry at the terrorists that continue to kill innocent people. But we don't need to put a spin on anything the terrorist do. They have a pretty good way of making themselves look evil.

Except to liberals, dogooders, church leaders, apologists who continue to blame us in the west for everything the muslims do to us, despite the fact the self same muslims are happily blowing up fellow countrymen back home in mosques, markets, weddings and the like.

Western imbeciles who don't get that muslims have been killing each other for the last 1400 years and will continue to do so till the earth is no more.

Once again apologists are out saying we should pray and light candles for those affected.

What will that achieve?
Bugger all.

The time is now that we say enough and take strong action.
Close every mosque and madrassa.
Deport every foreign imam.
Ban the burka, the niqab and other muslim dress.
Ban halal meat.
Deport every illegal immigrant regardless of age or gender straight back to the last safe country they came from (usually france) or their home nation.
Every immigrant rescued in the Med. to be returned immediately to their port of departure no ifs or buts.
Stop all foreign aid since clearly it doesn't help and in effect is a form of jizya which still doesn't stop them trying to kill us.
Bring back the death penalty for all acts of terrorism and a mandatory whole life sentence for any who aided them in any way either physically, financially or who kept silent when they knew or suspected they were going to do something.
None of this hanging around for decades on death row, one appeal at each level and then a short walk and a long drop, heck i'll happily pull the lever.

Make it so no muslims will want to come to this country knowing if they do they will not be allowed to practice their religion, they will have nowhere to pray and if they try to sneak in they will be instantly deported.

It is time the west realises this is a war against us, that we are being invaded by men of fighting age who have every intention on forcible conversion, slavery or death of us.

Enough of this crap about it being our fault for whatever perceives sins we are supposed to have commited.

Reader said...

Body Language Analysis

Topic officials on London attacks

Anonymous said...

Tania, thanks for adding to my rant. I agree with you. It's a matter of self preservation, and for that of innocent people that live next door.

So off topic, but angry

Anonymous said...

@Tania, How about if people just cut through the bull & start talking about the reality of racism...including (gasp) pointing out that racism by Muslims is WRONG. How about if people start speaking openly about right & wrong and that it is not subjective. "Tolerance" is what leads to this mess...tolerance is just disguised racism. I have been flat out honest to minorities about their racism and religious phobia including criticizing Muslims right to their face...did they like it? No. Do I regret it? No. Do they respect me for it? I think so.

Anonymous said...

CNN Caught Being Fake News - Staging A Backdrop Of Protesters

copied CNN Caught Being Fake News - Staging A Backdrop Of Protesters.

From Twitter - It was caught on camera them handing out signs.

At London Bridge Terror Attack scene.
They left immediately after CNN finished reporting.


"CNN also timed this and BBC wanted to film it when they were on. Note the white police officers leaving before the CNN shot & the Asian officers coming in.
They then left after they went off air!" The only other explanation could be if they were filming a movie.

it's real said...

Kids being taught to obey terrorists
Kids taught to be submissive and sympathetic to ISIS

TOLERANCE: Letters to Terrorists from Schoolkids

Published on Jun 3, 2017

Brilliant Publications published a new book called "Talking About Terrorism".

A new teaching aid that recommends schoolchildren as young as seven “write a letter to a terrorist” to help understand their motives. What could possibly go wrong?

Anonymous said...

What could go wrong with writing letters to terrorists? A lot, actually.
The onus is not on children to keep the world safe. Their power of persuasion will yield nothing as they are considered infidels and it also teaches them to communicate with them online. ONLINE is where they could be groomed and recruited to become terrorists themselves.

Bitten by the blitz once more. London bridges falling down...falling down...falling down.

Bridges, I have learned, aren't safe from terrorism.
Todders and ddotters.

Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know is it normal if you are, say, trying to read a story on Daily Mail, you read 4 or 5 sentences, lose concentration, have trouble following, and so your brain tells you to read it backwards, like reading the last sentence of the article first and then the second to last sentence, etc ,etc? I've noticed this has been happening to me for like a year on and off, where I will lose concentration (not due to lack of interest) and my brain will tell me to begin reading the story backwards and I will find myself reading the article backwards. Is that normal?

June 4, 2017 at 8:42 PM

The daily mail started off as a reasonably reputable paper and then nose dived downwards towards the red top standard of news which was basically boobs, shouting and dumbed down news and has now continued downwards making even the daily star look good.
It appears it's using journalists, and i use the term loosely, of kindergarten age up to 11 year olds.
Spelling and grammar has long since scarpered over the hills and its news content now seems to be whatever they find on the internet in such inestimable institutions such as Facebook, BoredPanda and Liveleak.
It is now only worth reading only for the comments section of the articles.
Often the article title is enough to make me go straight to the comments section where i often post.

The msm has really dumbed down, few if any big words, pictures and spot the hidden item and the oft mocked pictures of sad looking person(s)
Heck some days it makes The Sun or The Daily Star look intellectual.
Some of their typos can be hilarious and their maths leaves a lot to be desired

Anonymous said...

Tania, That's funny and quite true! I think there is a real lack of coherence and structure to the way they write their stories and that is why my brain was reading it from the end backwards lol! The comment section is hilarious I agree! Their writing is getting very sloppy, it's strange...I do like their reporting better than cnn, but the sloppiness is a real turn-off, I can't even follow a lot of their stories and the non-stop Kardashian pictures and every other star is just over the top and obnoxious.

Anonymous said...

@10:26, that is liberal mental illness at its finest. There's nothing I can really say about it, because having children write letters to terrorists to ask them about their motives (particularly when most terrorist acts seem to be nihilistic expressions which in my opinion actually lack motive, which is a whole other discussion and many probably would not agree with my opinion) is a product of liberal mental illness. Many are very mentally ill despite whatever sanity they claim.

Anonymous said...

And to clarify, yes I do believe most terrorists are fueled by ideology but as to a suicide bomber's motive, it's not clearcut because the act is so nihilistic, so to honestly analyze the motive is quite difficult in my opinion.

t said...

Anon 12:02. There is an interesting study out about the link between damage to the prefrontal cortex and religious extremism. Worth a google. However, read carefully. Oft times, scientific articles are taken very far away from their context and meaning.

Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And to clarify, yes I do believe most terrorists are fueled by ideology but as to a suicide bomber's motive, it's not clearcut because the act is so nihilistic, so to honestly analyze the motive is quite difficult in my opinion.

June 5, 2017 at 12:02 AM

It is clear because it tells them in the koran what their reward will be.

Lo! We have created them a (new) creation, And made them virgins, Lovers, friends, For those on the right hand;
Qur'an 56:35-38 << view the whole thing. I wonder why they also intoduce young boys who will be eternal?
Is it perhaps because they consider women as unclean?

There will circulate among them young boys made eternal
With vessels, pitchers and a cup [of wine] from a flowing spring -

Then we have islam and sexuality where men get rewarded with limitless sex with 72 perpetual virgins whilst women get one man and are satisfied with him.

There is also a bit on why muslims do not contact police, or rarely do, when they know someone is planning an attack.,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Sexuality#Paradise

It was reported in the hadeeth of al-Miqdaam ibn Ma’di Karb that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

“The martyr (shaheed) has seven blessings from Allaah: he is forgiven from the moment his blood is first shed; he will be shown his place in Paradise; he will be spared the trial of the grave; and he will be secure on the Day of the Greatest Terror (the Day of Judgement); there will be placed on his head a crown of dignity, one ruby of which is better than this world and all that is in it; he will be married to seventy-two of al-hoor al-‘iyn; and he will be permitted to intercede for seventy of his relatives.”

According to another report, the martyr has six blessings from Allaah. According to other reports (the number is) six, or nine, or ten.
(Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, who said it is a hasan hadeeth. Also narrated by Ibn Maajah in al-Sunan, by Ahmad, by ‘Abd al-Razzaaq in al-Musannaf, by al-Tabaraani in al-Kabeer, and by Sa’eed ibn Mansoor in al-Sunan).
The six blessings of the martyrs
Shaykh Waleed al-Firyaan, Islam Q&A, Fatwa No. 8511

Who is going to inform on a family member if they know that they will get to paradise if the family member succeeds.
Darn good incentive to stay silent

Tania Cadogan said...

Just to show how pervese islam is they even have a hadith about bestiality and necrophilia!

The meaning of the hadith is that the necessity to wash is not limited to when semen is ejaculated, rather it is when the penile head (Hash-fa, lit. “the head of the male member,” i.e. head of the penis) penetrates the vagina, then it is necessary for the man and the woman to wash. There is no disagreement on this today, even though there was disagreement on this by some of the early companions and others later. However, an agreement was later reached and this is what we have shown and presented previously.

Our companions have said that if the penile head has penetrated a woman's anus, or a man's anus, or an animal's vagina or its anus then it is necessary to wash whether the one being penetrated is alive or dead, young or old, whether it was done intentionally or absentmindedly, whether it was done willfully or forcefully. This also applies if the woman places the male member inside her while the man is asleep, whether the penis is erect or not, whether the penis is circumcised or uncircumcised. All these situations require that the person committing the act and the one the act is committed on must wash themselves, unless the person committing the act or the person the act is committed on is a young male or female. In that case it cannot be said that the person must wash, for they do not have the responsibility, rather it is said that this person is in a state of impurity. If that person can discern (the sexual act) then his guardian can command him to wash just as he commands him to perform the ablution washing for prayers. For if he prays without washing, his prayer has not been performed correctly; likewise if he doesn’t wash after he reaches puberty he must be forced to wash. If he washed as a youth and then reaches puberty, then he does not have to repeat the washing.

Tania Cadogan said...


Our companions have said that intercourse occurs when a healthy male’s penile head completely penetrates (an orifice), as has been unanimously agreed. Thus, when the penile head has completely disappeared (inside the orifice), then all the regulations concerning washing apply. It is unanimously agreed that it is not necessary that the entire penile shaft penetrate to apply the regulations of washing. If part of the penile head penetrates, then the regulations of washing are not imposed as is agreed, except by an odd few of our companions who said that even in this case all the regulations of washing apply. However, this opinion is wrong, rejected and abandoned. If the male member was severed and what remained was less than the length of the penile head, then none of the washing regulations apply. If the part remaining was equal in length to the penile head length then that part must completely penetrate for the regulation of washing to apply. If the part remaining was greater in length to the penile head length then there are two famous opinions for our companions. The most correct is that if the portion that penetrates is equal to the length of the penile head, then the regulations for washing apply. The other opinion is that none of the regulations for washing apply until the entire remaining length of the penile shaft completely penetrates and Allah knows best.

If a man wraps a sheath around his male member and then ejaculates inside a woman’s vagina, then there are three opinions from our companions. The most famous is that the man must wash. The second is that he does not have to wash because he ejaculated inside the sheath. The third is that if the sheath is thick and prevents climax and wetness (in the vagina) then washing is not necessary, otherwise it is necessary and Allah knows best.

If a woman inserts (in her vagina) an animal's penis she must wash, and if she inserts a detached penis (thakaran maktu-an, lit. “a severed male member”) there are two opinions; the most correct is that she must wash.

Sahih Muslim - Book of Menstruation - hadith #525

Anonymous said...

Off Topic Question: Do you think it's fair for someone to say "Why should I have to put up with everything that you've done?" just because I did some adventurous things and stopped doing those things 4 yrs before this person said this and they refused to believe that when it was true just bc a sea hag told them that I did a few bad things one time when I fell off the wagon one month before that? Why would that person be so unforgiving? So sad...I was a changed person Wtf!!!?

Anonymous said...

talking about the media and how they have degenerated. I find that if any media is influential and that goes for blogs as well, they are bought out by progressives / liberals /socialist.

I have stopped following many so called conservative blogs for that reason. when they started they were conservative and as they grew they were taken over by the progs. the progs use government money to screw over the conservatives. conservatives tend to be individualistic and therefore have trouble competing with the collectivist who have been undermining the democratic countries of the world. Soros is an obvious example.

Tania Cadogan said...

4 June, 8.41am - statement from the Mayor (London)

"There are no words to describe the grief and anger that our city is feeling this morning.

Tragically, seven people have been killed in this sickening attack, and more than 40 injured, some of them critically.

I am appalled and furious that these twisted and cowardly terrorists deliberately targeted innocent Londoners and visitors to our city who were just enjoying their Saturday night.

I condemn these terrorists in the strongest possible terms. They are barbaric cowards and there is absolutely no justification for their evil and unforgivable actions.

My thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims and everyone caught up in this horrific attack.

I'd like to thank our emergency services who bravely tackled the terrorists and helped the injured. I've been in close contact with the Met Police Commissioner and senior officers throughout the night and will be attending the government's COBRA security meeting.

I'd urge all Londoners to remain calm and vigilant today and over the days ahead. We are all shocked and angry today but this is our city - we will never let these cowards win and we will never be cowed by terrorism."

This caught my eye

I am appalled and furious that these twisted and cowardly terrorists deliberately targeted innocent Londoners and visitors to our city who were just enjoying their Saturday night.

Does this mean he would not be appalled and furious if they targetted non-innocent londoners and visitors?
What is his definition of innocent?

I condemn these terrorists in the strongest possible terms. They are barbaric cowards and there is absolutely no justification for their evil and unforgivable actions.
Would a stronger statement be simply "I condemn these terrorists.They are barbaric cowards and there is no justification for their evil and unforgivable actions.

Except there are at least 109 verses in the koran that justify such action.
Is he practicing taqiya?

John Mc Gowan said...

Islamic ideology conspicuously missing.

Anonymous said...

Now the Gulf states have evicted anyone from Qatar, for Qatars support of Iran and terrorism. If the head of the snake can expel Muslims from their country, then why can't we???

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Because it would be "racist"?
Because it would state, by action, that Islam is not supreme?
Because main stream media would go crazy?
Because the growing dhimmitude of the United States would be impacted?
Because CAIR has the FBI on speed dial?
Because the political elite would melt down faster than global warming?


Anonymous said...

Blogger tania cadogan said...

This caught my eye

I am appalled and furious that these twisted and cowardly terrorists deliberately targeted innocent Londoners and visitors to our city who were just enjoying their Saturday night.
Does this mean he would not be appalled and furious if they targetted non-innocent londoners and visitors?
What is his definition of innocent?

the islamic definition of innocent is reserved for good practicing muslims, kafirs cannot by definition be innocent in islam as they don't believe.

this is another way the west is deceived, they do not consider non muslims to be innocent and therefore they (islam) does not consider killing non muslims to be terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Tania, many of the "condemnation" statements from Muslim leaders contain the same sensitivities you pointed out...including the unnecessary word "innocent" victims. For example, "We are praying only for the innocent victims" (offered spontaneously--they were not asked who they were praying for).
Yes you are correct it is taqiya.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

It is really all the patriarchal religions have nothing to do with spirituality (including Christianity which does NOT follow what Jesus said) and want to dominate minds, people, the earth. So fearful of feminine energy and earth energy....I don't feel at home in any religion except Native American...everything else feels like spiritual lockdown.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear,
Tania, is there anything they won't stick their penises in?? Ha, I've never thought about the plural spelling of penis.

And we can't kick out the Muslims from our country because their countries have all the oil. They are controlling our finances anyway. It's always about the money.

So off topic, but angry