Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mariah Woods: Sexual Abuse Allegations

Mariah Woods was reported missing.  Statements by the mother indicated that she was concealing information about the child, including:

a.  Distancing language associated with guilt (avoidance of the child's name repeatedly while missing). 

b.  Using language consistent with known death including "angel"

c.  No concern indicated for Mariah's wellbeing while she was missing.  This is the strongest verbal indicator that the mother knew she was dead.  

The mother's Facebook post was about her own comfort, without mentioning a single thing Mariah might have been going through in the hands of a kidnapper.  

The mother said she did not know where "she's at.

 Generally, this is not a term used to describe a young child.  Where someone is "at" is often an emotional or intellectual disposition. 

We find that in missing child cases, this can indicate possible dumping of the body in water; as it may move and leave the subject not knowing, precisely, where the child is. 

We expect, "I don't know where Mariah is" and not "I don't know where she's at."  It is a small indicator, and not by itself conclusive, but when taken with other points of language, we see the deception. 

Neglect parents also will use age-inappropriate language.  

The mother also said, "she goes by Mariah." 

 Like the above statement, this is not something associated with young children. 3 year olds do not have aliases. 

In deed, Mariah was found dead and in water.  The mother, however, has yet to be charged.  

The mother's lack of concern was stark.  She did not make any statements in the immediate aftermath of reporting Mariah missing about how she needs her blankie, her favorite teddy bear, or any number of vital, mother-knows-best objects that is the norm for parents.  

The lack of concern for what the child was presently experiencing can either indicate sociopathic like neglect and/or knowledge that the child is beyond needing her teddy bear and her things.  The latter is indicated in the language of Kate McCann. When Madeleine first went missing, Kate did not address any of the normal instinctive maternal things expected.  This is because Kate knew that Madeleine was not in need of those things. reports having received copies of Child Protective Service documents in the case of Mariah Wood. 

I cannot verify this as CPS records are confidential and generally not released by CPS.  It is possible that the victim's father released them.  

What follows is not the findings, but allegations and assertions. It is not known if this was an internal report or if it was part of an affidavit in support of a child protective order.  The allegations may have come from an affidavit. 

By itself:  it does not mean any of it was proven in court. 

The question for analysis:

Is there a consistency with that which is alleged here and the language of the mother?

Remember:  we had no statements of the mother's boyfriend of which to analyze. 

The document reads:

“The juvenile (anonymous) states that he witnessed Mr. Kimrey put his penis in the mouth of his sister, Mariah Woods. The juvenile (anonymous) states that his mother knew Mr. Kimrey was sexually abusing the juvenile Mariah. The respondent mother failed to protect the juveniles from exposure to sexual abuse.”

-“The juveniles have disclosed inappropriate discipline by Mr. Kimrey, including Mr. Kimrey hitting both juveniles with a belt, and Mr. Kimrey hitting the juvenile (anonymous) in the face on November 26, 2017, causing the juvenile’s nose to bleed.  The respondent mother failed to protect the juveniles from discipline from Mr. Kimrey.”

-“The respondents mother is aware that Mr. Kimrey abuses substances including pot, heroin, and methamphetamines.”
-“The juvenile (anonymous) indicates that he “hates” his dad, and drew a picture of his father’s girlfriend, drawing lines around the picture and striking through it.”

Here is it again with analysis:   

“The juvenile (anonymous) states that he witnessed Mr. Kimrey put his penis in the mouth of his sister, Mariah Woods. The juvenile (anonymous) states that his mother knew Mr. Kimrey was sexually abusing the juvenile Mariah. The respondent mother failed to protect the juveniles from exposure to sexual abuse.”

The writing is consistent with a child protect caseworker's procedural language.  They are often well educated and highly trained in legally sound interviewing. 

The disclosures are plainly stated.  It is very likely that the interviews were recorded.  This is vital for protection of all and can let us know if the child is working from experiential knowledge or using the language of an adult. 

Here the allegation against the mother is "failure to protect."  Had this been found in court, and the boyfriend did not move out of the home, the children would have been removed from her care.  

The author's own language is to report, in procedural manner, what was disclosed.  By the writing it is very likely that the author believed the disclosure above.  


-“The juveniles have disclosed inappropriate discipline by Mr. Kimrey, including Mr. Kimrey hitting both juveniles with a belt, and Mr. Kimrey hitting the juvenile (anonymous) in the face on November 26, 2017, causing the juvenile’s nose to bleed.  The respondent mother failed to protect the juveniles from discipline from Mr. Kimrey.”

This is not "spanking" but "inappropriate discipline" which is not defined outside of "hitting" and "belt."  It is important to learn the details including where the hitting was, what clothing was worn and the results, including marks, bruises etc.  This is routinely documented but not here.  Generally, the worker would be corrected for the lengthy sentence, as well as the missing details.  

In the second allegation, we have "hitting" and specifically "in the face" with the resultant "causing the juvenile's nose to bleed."  This is a stronger assertion.  

The accusation against the mother is "failure to protect."

The back and forth testimony regarding this would likely be such that the mother might claim it did not happen or that she did not know it was happening.  The lack of detail in the first assertion could have weakened the case.  

Also not known:  how the accused reacted to the allegations.  

If the children remained in the home, the allegations may not have been proven, or assertions to mitigate were accepted.  This is not the case in sexual abuse, but only the two here (physical abuse). 

In some cases, dependent upon both State law and the testimony of therapists, if the boyfriend stated that he would never do this again, a child could be left in the home.  

-“The respondents mother is aware that Mr. Kimrey abuses substances including pot, heroin, and methamphetamines.”

-“The juvenile (anonymous) indicates that he “hates” his dad, and drew a picture of his father’s girlfriend, drawing lines around the picture and striking through it.”

Here we get some insight into the complexities of the case. 

Allegations must be proven, not "beyond a reasonable doubt" but by a "preponderance of evidence." 

Allegations must also rise to the level of "professional intervention needed within 24 hours."  The sexual abuse allegation, if proven by a preponderance, will result in a change of the home:  either the boyfriend goes, or the children go.  It is not reasonable to believe a court would find the allegations credible and allow the home life to continue.  

We cannot speak to the allegations against the mother's boyfriend because we do not have statements from which a psycho-linguistic profile may emerge. 

We do, however, see that there is a consistency between the element of Neglect (specifically, "failure to protect") and the language of the mother while her child was missing.

The mother's lack of concern affirms the allegation of Neglect. 

This was an abusive home and the older children, even age dependent, are in a state of jeopardy while living with her. 

Neglect is the most insidious of abuse because it is often difficult to discern, quickly responded to with "promises" or written agreements, including counseling, and come from the nature of laziness.

To be guilty of "Neglect" a parent needs to do nothing.  This will be neglect by default.

Substance abuse and neglect are related.  

Those who abuse substances will neglect children and this neglect can put the children in Immediate Risk of Serious Harm and ongoing Jeopardy.  

As the children learn to fend for themselves, the neglectful parent (s) will often boast of how "advanced" the child or children are. 

This is when we hear age-inappropriate language such as 

"she goes by Mariah." 

She doesn't "go" anywhere in society at age 3.  This statement alone indicates neglect (via distancing) but to employ distancing language while a child is missing is to engage self-protective techniques by distancing oneself from the victim.  

Police and prosecutors wisely separated the mother from the boyfriend.  As several have commented, including attorneys, this is precisely what could have been done in the Hailey Dunn case.  

What may be difficult for the public is the possibility of offering immunity to the mother in exchange for testimony against the boyfriend, or the struggle to prove her knowledge. 

Her words reveal that she knew the child was beyond her care and her guilt was so extreme that she needed to psychologically distance herself from the child, in the very moments where the child would need her most. 

Mother knew the child would not be found alive.  

For training in Deception Detection, consider enrolling in our "Complete Statement Analysis Course" which comes with 12 months of e support.  This course is done entirely in your home.  

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Hyatt Analysis Services. 


Anonymous said...

It seems as if the whole world is wise to the “live in boyfriend” except single mothers. When this crime was first reported, the comment section was all about live in boyfriends. I don’t mean here, I mean any news outlet.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Feminists will blow a gasket at the above comment. They say things like, "I don't need a piece of paper to feel secure in my relationship"... trumping human nature.

it is very sad.

I have had women read affidavits of arrest about their live in boy friend's violent crime only to have them say, "that T^& of an ex wife!" or something dismissive.

It is a reality of life that many single mothers expose their children to dangerous men.

In Employment Analysis, I often see, "I am a single mother of two children and was raised by a single mother!" as if it is a badge of honor rather than the statistical ticket to poverty.

It is a sign of our times.

rob said...

When the child's statement says and hates his dad and destroys a picture of the step-mom, is that because of trouble in that house also or because the dad isn't rescuing the children from the mom.
All I can think is if one of my kids said that was happening and nothing was done about it, I'd have to take care of it myself.
So very sad

Trigger said...

Mariah, a handicapped toddler, was systematically abused by both adult caretakers until she died from her injuries. Her powerless siblings saw it and felt "hate" for the "dad" who abused them all, while "mom" silently stood by and let it happen.

How could she be so indifferent to the sufferings of her babies? It is disturbing.

Bobcat said...

I've studied the family trees of many of these little victims. I have found a strong pattern of two generations of broken homes, or single parents homes, coupled with criminal records and drugs.

These babies should never have been allowed to go home to such lacking circles of protection.

If a safe circle of protection can't be sponsored for an infant within six weeks of birth, let a cleared family adopt them. The family had nine months to gather clean sponsorship for safe harbor for the child. If they still can't get it together within a few weeks of birth, don't release the baby.

The babies deserve better. That's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I took the comment about them hating their dad to mean their real father. And they hate his new wife.

Anonymous said...

Single moms,
Never, never let a boyfriend come live with you. Especially if you have a young daughter, but you know that already and don’t care. Right?

Anonymous said...

This is a simplistic view of evil as well as the reality of what it means for someone to be a predator. Yes, certainly there are men who will gravitate to a single Mom with kids so they can abuse the kids, however it is incorrect to think that well, if single Moms just dont let men move in, none of this kind of thing would happen. That sentiment feels reassuring like that is the answer to the problem. However, some of the most heinous and incomprehensible cruelty has been perpetrated on chikdren by the bio father. Are you people aware of the Fritzl case in Austria? And do you actually think that that case is an aberration in terms of what a bio Dad is capable of? Although Fritzl went to a diabolical extremr, that case demonstrates if anything that bio Dads absolutely do molest/rape their own children. If anything "marriage" and the fact they are bio Dads just provides a more polished mask for a predator. And that is always what evil seeks is to cover up what is behind the mask.
Look at John Ramsey--he seems like a harmless gentle kind man, yet his daughter end up dead with signs of rape with a ligature around her neck & countless visits ti the doctor for UTI & supposedly he never molested her. Yeah right. I would argue bio Dads perpetrate molestation/rape of their own children just as much, only noone suspects bc people think evil is easily detected ie, mother living with boyfriend--could be a molster. The truth is mother living with husband--he could be a molester only his chances of flying under the radar are so much better, because who could ever imagine a bio Dad would do such things? Just like who could ever imagine a priest would do such things to chikdren? Evil loves wearing a mask & the mire convincing the better.

Anonymous said...

Bobcat, you are very naive to think evil announces itself. That just bc someone appears or says or checks off that they are a safe circle of protection, that that means they actually are.

Anonymous said...

Is there a consistency with that which is alleged here and the language of the mother?

Yes, the timing of the death with the report is not a coincidence. I think that is where the influence of the drugs came in, or at least the threat of having the drugs removed from the boyfriend by LE. The mother is just as dependent on the drugs as the boyfriend, either directly or through him. The boyfriend removed the cause of the complaint(Mariah) before he could be affected negatively. And the mother has full knowledge of what he did.

Anonymous said...

Evil is just that--diabolical. It is a lie & it hides behind a mask. To think that it is possible to say "just those types of people could be evil" means that there is a lack of understanding how sneaky evil is. It is a failure to realize how hideous evil & its tactics are. Who would have thought evil hides behind a priest's collar? Oh but it did. It hides behind other very convincing disguises also...not just "Moms boyfriend".

elf said...

I wonder when statement analysis will become legally admissable in court? I've been following this blog for close to 5 years now and in cases where the missing have been found or suspects charged and prosecuted Peter's analysis is always spot on the money.

If those leaked CPS documents are legitimate, I believe the child is telling the truth. What 10 year old (or younger)would know about that kind of sex act unless they'd seen it or experienced it?

Anonymous said...

CPS totally failed. Why would the boy make that accisation up about Kimrey molesting his sister? These people are scum & left a defenseless little girl--a 3 year old--in the same home with a piece of human slime who was forcing her to -------. I cant even write it cause I'll vomit. Noone gave a shit. Noone protected her. Child predators deserve death by bullet to the head.

Anonymous said...

Thats basically what these child--oh I mean TODDLER RAPISTS are doing is destroying their victims mind for life so toddler rapists deserve to receive the death penalty by bullet to their head. He didnt care if he destroyed her. She was nothing but an object to him, and big surprise he ended up throwing her dead into a lake. These child predators are so dangerous & they dont deserve the state to allow them to live.

Trigger said...

There seems to be a pattern of delusion, self deception, and denial in single mothers who allow their lovers to move in and take over "discipline duties" and care of their children.

These mothers have to make "arrangements" for themselves in order to keep from feeling afraid and overwhelmed by the unwanted responsibilities they have. When they have a man in their bed, they feel "in control" and "not alone" in world that offers them an unknown future of unending fear of more misery.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone read his explanation for shoplifying in China?

Anonymous said...

I dont. Im not letting men anywhere near me cause Im never being someones emotional or physical punching bag again. Id rather be responsible for everything than let some POS use me & tear me down. Yes it is overwhelming but Id rather have a heart attack from stress than let any guy use me or tear me down--I will never give another one the satisfaction of doing that to me ever again. All men are users, even the one guy I thought loved me--apparently he did not--it was just an illusion so Im f&ckin done.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Just a look at this little beautifull girl's eyes tells me she is worried and suffering.Just so serious for a little girl. Mother did nothing, CPS did nothing...Not reporting and covering
a crime needs punishment.

Anonymous said...

Just a look at this little beautifull girl's eyes tells me she is too serious for 3 years of age. The girl's been suffering. Mother who did nothing, CPS did nothing...Covering a crime needs punishment.

Hey Jude said...

Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

Transcript begins at 9.29:
Nancy Grace: Alex was the first one to tell me - Mariah’s dad, that someone within that little community, that neighbourhood, says they happened to see someone leaving the home between 3 and 4 o’ clock in the morning carrying something. now, I agree, with you Vince, and I’ve always said about the JonBenet Ramsey case, it’s hard for me to believe that an intruder just walks into somebody’s house, and takes the time to kick back and write a three page random note longhand, or however it was writ, and chillax, not worried at all they’re gunna be caught, and no, by no means do I mean that Burke, the brother, or John the father, had anything to do with JonBenet’s death - I do not think that they did, but I also don’t think that it was an intruder - Vincent, so in this case, what I’m trying to say is, who feels so comfortable to just walk in somebody’s home and just take the baby?

Vincent Hill: Yeah, to walk in and to just casually walk out, and you know, carry her out, is just unheard of, like it just doesn’t happen - I mean child abductions in the home yes, they happen - you look at Polly Klaas, it happens - you look in Ohio, it happens, but the statistics are very, very low for this to happen the way it did.

NG. Back to Alex Woods - this is Mariah’s dad, and right now we are trying to figure out, using our brain power, what happened to this child, this beautiful child - and nobody wants to know more than Alex Woods, Mariah’s dad. Alex, I mean, according to the witness statements, the mom said she put Mariah to bed around eleven, and the boyfriend said he saw her twelve and told her to go back to bed. What, what - the mother didn’t hear any of that, didn’t see any of that - I would typically get up and either put my child to bed or go get in the bed with them, or I walk them to their bed - I don’t let my husband do it - first of all, he sleeps through it, anyway, but Mommy puts them back in the bed - so did she sleep through the whole thing, Alex?

Alex Woods: Uh - it was all a lie - uh, her, uh, her daddy, uh, Kristy's dad - said that they didn’t get home until about midnight that night - and Earl - took her body at some point after that and drove her body down to Maple Hill where she was found, and dumped her.

NG: Now where are you getting that from, Alex? …where are you getting that? He’s talking about Earl Kimrey, who is the live-in boyfriend - the boyfriend of Mariah’s mom, he lived there with them. now, you’re saying the grandfather says they didn’t get home until midnight - home from where?

AW: Raleigh, where Earl and Kristy was visiting Earl’s family - all this came from uh Vance, Kristy’s daddy.

NG: Okay, so they were out, the whole family, was at the boyfriend’s family visiting, and they didn’t even get home till midnight, which is different from the timeline we’ve been given.

AW: I don’t know if Kristy’s family was there, but I do know that Kristy and Earl and Mariah was in Raleigh, and then they came back -n’ -

NG: Got it. I got you - that’s what I meant, that Mariah, maybe her siblings and her da - and her mom and the boyfriend - were visiting the boyfriend’s family, and they get back around midnight, and you’re getting this from Mariah’s grandfather, right?

AW: Yes, correct.

NG: So what - was there a confrontation- would Mariah not go to bed, was she crying, and he hit her? - I mean how, did the mom not have any idea in a home as small as that one that nothing was going on, there was no crying, there was no screaming, nothing?

Hey Jude said...

AW: I don’t know, I mean, Earl and Kristy was in Raleigh [another person speaking in background], they got home and they laid the kids to bed, then [in background: ….woke up crying - Kirsty told Earl to go take care of, to go get Mariah]

NG: Wait a minute, whoah, whoah, whoah! Wait, wait. With me right now, also joining us, is Mariah’s dad, Alex Woods’ fiancée, Heather. Heather, thank you for being with us. What did, what is your understanding from the grandfather as to what happened?

Heather: Okay, what hap - how this all started is - we have a mutual friend who works for Vance, which is Kristy’s father. He called us crying the day we found out, after we found out Mariah was missing and everything, and they were looking for her, he called us crying saying he knows what happened. So he called Vance on, put Vance on speakerphone - Vance however, did not know that Alex and I were at Scott’s house - ‘cause he was talking about it, but we heard the conversation ‘cause Scott was like now, you know, asking him, and Vance was saying that someone that was inside the home had told him that like what had happened, and he was like uh, cause he was like, they’re not gonna find Mariah - they need to be looking around the Maple Hill - they need to go be looking around Maple Hill, and like around those trails and stuff - and like around the Maple Hill area. An’ Scott’s like, well, have you reported this? Vance said that he did tell a detective that, well I, well I also had told a detective that, too - before they even found her, because I told them that this is what [inaudible]

NG: With me is Alex Woods, Mariah’s Dad, and his fiancée, Heather, who has really been instrumental in conveying information throughout this whole horrible ordeal. Heather, I want to get back to what you understand happened in the home that night. I heard you say that Mariah was crying after they got home.

H: Yes, Vance said that um, that what was put to him as, you know they were f - when they got home around 11.30 cl - near 12 like midnight - uh they put Mariah to bed, she woke up crying, that Kristy told Earl to go handle Mariah.

NG: Okay - that would be a cold day in H-E double L, that I told my husband ‘go handle that’ - …. anyway, I could get it, you know - I understand you’re exhausted, you get home, you hear the baby call out, you go can you please go see what’s happening in there? Okay, yeah, you know what, I do get it. So your understanding is Mariah was crying and the mom sends Kimrey - Okay, then what happened?

H: They’re trying to say that Earl got mad and hit, uh, Mariah, and that, well - that - one -one - either - either Earl or Krist - one of either or - the mother or the mother’s boyfriend hit Mariah, now they said that they don’t know for sure as like they really - like as - they think it was like an accident, you know, that was how he was explaining it, he said w- I think they just thought you know - it, they didn’t mean, intend to kill her - they didn’t even know if that, if really she was dead - but they just panicked and they - eh Kristy told Earl to hand - t-t-t - to go get rid, to get rid of her, pretty much dispose of her, get rid of, help hide her - hide her or else they’re all gonna get in trouble, and that’s how it would happen -and then that’s when La - um, that’s when Vance said they’re not even gonna find that baby around in the woods, that they’re going to find her up in Maple Hill - an’ they need to be searching around in Maple Hill, and that’s where they found her.

NG: Heather - I’m just - so taken aback and so stunned by what you’re telling me. The allegation, which we have not confirmed, that the mom said get rid of the body or we’ll all get in trouble -because she has been publicly begging for help to find the baby. Heather, where is this information coming from?

H: This came from her, her dad - Kristy’s dad, Vance.

NG: Her father said that - oh my stars, again - we…

H: So, what we figure is in order for him to have known that, somebody else had to have known that.

Hey Jude said...

^....they didn’t mean, intend to kill her - they didn’t even know if that, if really she was dead - but they just panicked and they - eh Kristy told Earl to hand - t-t-t - to go get rid, to get rid of her, pretty much dispose of her, get rid of, help hide her - hide her or else they’re all gonna get in trouble'

So - according to the grandfather, as relayed by Alex Woods' fiancée Heather - they didn't intend to kill her, yet while not being sure if she was really dead, disposed of her anyway.

Hey Jude said...

The little boy said he was hit in the face by Kimrey, causing his nose to bleed on 26th November - that is the day before Mariah was reported missing. The boy's statement must have been made subsequent to that, so speculation on the other thread that the sexual abuse of Mariah by Kimrey as described by the boy was already known to CPS may be quite erroneous.

I would speculate that he was hit in the face because he was going to tell what he had seen, and that Mariah was disposed of for the same reason - but as I already was wrong in regard to Mariah going missing earlier than claimed, I better had not. Though one of Nancy Grace guests said that what Vance was told may also turn out not to be true - so.

What those poor boys have to live with doesn't bear thinking about. The older one maybe says he hates his dad and step-mom because he has been taught to do so - it seems the relationships between the parents, and between Heather and Kristy, was volatile, with arguments taking place in front of the children - Kirsty apparently tried to run Heather down with her car.

Heather said Kirsty told Kimrey to 'go get, go take care of, go handle' - Mariah - which, or all? - Heather's account, already third-hand might have something of a Chinese whisper to it, but I believe the gist of it - what about the part where they did not know if really Mariah was dead? Can that be true?

Anonymous said...

The only thing that coukd have saved Mariah is if bio Dad had taken the law into his own hands and killed the perp. If I was a judge I would allow vigilante justice against toddler rapist bc apparently even when PROTECTIVE SERVICES are told by a witness that Moms boyfriend raped Mariah, They write it down in theur little notebook AND JUST LEAVE HER THERE. As Alice Walker once wrote "There is no God for women and children."

General P. Malaise said...

Anonymous said...
The only thing that coukd have saved Mariah is if bio Dad

hindsight is 20/20. he is going to suffer enough without others blaming him. we don't know enough to make those judgements.

Hey Jude said...

Anon - Where is it stated that CPS were told by a witness that Mom's boyfriend raped Mariah? I don't know if that is a fact, or an assumption. Mariah's brother's statement was made after the 26th November, when he was hit in the face, the day before Mariah was reported missing - is there any record of an earlier allegation? I know it has been stated many times in comments in various places, but were there really earlier reports? Would the children not have been removed from the home if such an allegation had been made?

Hey Jude said...

What might have saved Mariah would have been her mother not shacking up with Earl Kimrey, who, in addition to whatever he did to Mariah - and to her brothers - sounds like a maniac - smashing out all the windows of a vehicle because he was left without the keys and without cigarettes. The mother likely would have shacked up with the next creep who came along, and Mariah would never have been safe - nor would her brothers.

It sounds like they are not convinced it was Earl who killed Mariah - it might have been the mother, or both of them:

Heather: They’re trying to say that Earl got mad and hit, uh, Mariah, and that, well - that - one -one - either - either Earl or Krist - one of either or - the mother or the mother’s boyfriend hit Mariah, now they said that they don’t know for sure as like they really - like as - they think it was like an accident, you know, that was how he was explaining it, he said w- I think they just thought you know - it, they didn’t mean, intend to kill her - they didn’t even know if that, if really she was dead - but they just panicked and they - eh Kristy told Earl to hand - t-t-t - to go get rid, to get rid of her, pretty much dispose of her, get rid of, help hide her - hide her or else they’re all gonna get in trouble

'Trying to say' -is that like 'trying to blame'? Why would she say that 'they are trying to say that Earl got mad and hit Mariah', as though someone knows or believes differently?

Bobcat said...

Mariah's Family Tree:
Bio Father - Criminal record
Paternal grandmother - Criminal record
Paternal grandfather - Criminal record
Bio Mother - Criminal record
Maternal grandmother - Criminal record
Maternal grandfather - Criminal record


Anon at 4:20

Even if biological families were required to pass background checks, (Mariah's would have failed), there is no way to know if Mariah would have been "saved" if she had been fostered or adopted by a different family.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Bio Dad & girlfriend said in their interview that the kids were being abused sexually, physically and mentally abused & that the kids came to live with them for one month. Therefore, bio Daa knew his 3 year old daughter was being SEXUALLY ABUSED BY THE MOMS BOYFRIEND AND HE ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN. HIS ROLE AS A FATHER WAS TO PROTECT HER & HE DID NOT. IF IT CAME DOWN TO HIM HAVING TO SHOOT THE MOTHERS BOYFRIEND SO HE WOULD STOP RAPING HIS 3 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER THEN THAT IS WHAT HE NEEDED TO DO AND HE SHOULD HAVE FUCKIN DONE IT. I HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR HIM AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Human predators are the same as animal predators. If a wolf is coming towards his 3 yr old he would have shot the wolf bc the wolf is going to attack her. That is the same as a human predator. They need to be put down & bio Dad should have done it. There is a reason inmates kill child predators bc even criminals know that chikd predators are PURE EVIL.

Bobcat said...

Jeremy Irwin did a better job than Earl at getting rid of and hiding evidence.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, it is so f&ckin vile that a grown man would force that shit on a toddler. I can comprehend how some people do certain horrible things but a grown man raping s toddler is so incredibly sick & like a rabid animal they should be put down.

Nic said...

Anonymous Trigger said...
There seems to be a pattern of delusion, self deception, and denial in single mothers who allow their lovers to move in and take over "discipline duties" and care of their children.

These mothers have to make "arrangements" for themselves in order to keep from feeling afraid and overwhelmed by the unwanted responsibilities they have. When they have a man in their bed, they feel "in control" and "not alone" in world that offers them an unknown future of unending fear of more misery.

Not only does the "boyfriend" have a warm body to use every night, he has access to a revenue stream to support his addiction/s. In other words, he gets paid.

Delusion: Note the "family" picture of everyone nicely dressed and smiley posing in front of the fire place.

That's another shot reminiscent to the Hailey Dunn case. Mom and boyfriend are happy. What about everyone else?

Nic said...

"if somebody has her bring her home"

Has a different connotation when you consider bio mom's guilty knowledge. It makes me wonder if she wonders about what happens after we die and given Mariah's age she thinks she would be "lost"/have a problem finding "home".


Nic said...

Hey Jude,

That was awesome of you to transcribe that! I listened to the interview yesterday and I was left with the impression that along with the first interview they did earlier in the week (I transcribed that one on another thread and linked to it if anyone wants to watch it,) the bio dad and fiancee really want to impress upon everyone that they tried to get those kids out. This one follows the interview they did right after LE cleared them. Sadly, money talks and that state appears to be pro-mom regardless what the allegations. They were very clear that bio mom is a liar.

Nic said...

Do you know what strikes me about bio mom? She took her glasses off for the cameras. Every picture and video (birthday) we see her in, she is wearing glasses, even the picture of her in the restaurant, she is wearing glasses. But she took them off for the camera when interviewed. Why does this stick in my craw? Is it vanity? Looking at the family pic, there doesn't appear to be glare reflecting back. I don't call a ponytail an "up do". This really nags me.

Anonymous said...

The bio dad and fiancee can say whatever they want. The fact they made public the allegations in the CPS documents makes me think ill of them. Now they are "interviewing" with Nancy Grace. I stop reading when I got to: THEY ARE TRYING TO SAY....blah, blah, ....either they did or did not.

They could have visited and let the children know they were loved and wanted and check on the welfare; they did not.

Here's what we do know: Mariah is deceased; two others live on.
Kimrey is arrested awaiting trial NOT charged with murder.
Many families are tied to the children through school and church and are affected.
The stuffed animals pile up as the remaining future of the boys look dimmer with each Nancy Grace "interview" which unravel juicy detail of hearsay and gossip.

I saw some local "news" in which a "reported" photographed a school bus driver and was trying to get her fired as she called a student a "jerk" because he had a cold. I'd suspect he was play acting and they wanted to be teat fed or just trying to EXPOSE how awful people really are. That's the type of reporter that took that Outback photo.

Remember, this is near a Marine base and people come and go and could care less about others that remain behind.

Anonymous said...

This case makes me so sick. I wish I could rip off Marah's rapist's head and go bowling with it. I hope the inmates get to him & destroy him.

Anonymous said...

Why the f&ck would a grown man rape a toddler???? WHY????????? Someone explain it!!!!!!! HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND BUT HE RAPES A TODDLER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the inmates get to him with metal metal bats and crowbars!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope they feed him to lions. That what he deserves. HE JUST WANTED TO DESTROY THAT LITTLE GIRL!!!!! FEED HIM TO LIONS!!!! TIE RAW MEET TO HIM AND PUT HIM WITH LIONS!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He makes a toddler ---------. And then drives her dead body to a lake and dumps it in the lake like garbage. He DESERVES TO DIE!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Hey Jude said...

Thanks, Nic.

I looked back and found your transcript of the bio dad and step-mom interview - I listened to it at the time, but it's better with the transcript. I would think there were issues in both homes, sadly, and the poor kids, already abused, were also caught up in the parents' bitter tug-o-war for custody. I just don't know how they can sentimentalise with happy reminiscences over a then missing child who they said was being sexually abused, if they believed she was being so abused and how can they also say she was happy, and speak about her as though that wasn't happening. At that time Mariah would have been only two years old. I don't get how they can laugh and speak of her as though she wasn't being abused.

I'm confused by 'they were even better with us' - they'd be better with anyone who wasn't abusing them in every way. I wonder what, or who, is *even* meant in relation to - if perhaps they were in foster care for a time, I could understand them doing 'even better' with bio family than strangers, but it sounds as if they were 'even better' with them than they were with bio mom and Earl, where I expect there was only more or less worse, rather than any, much, or even better - so it's odd, unless there also were foster careers for a time.

Hey Jude said...

Which is not to diss foster-carers - I think children are generally happier and do better with family, so long as the family loves and cares for them.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Hey Jude said...

How do you know he knew for a fact Mariah was sexually abused? He could not be certain unless he witnessed it or there was medical evidence. How do you know it wasn't a fabricated allegation made in the hope of gaining custody, but which sadly became true? How long had Earl Kimrey been living in the home? if he took Mariah away, there would be an Amber Alert and he would be a child abductor - how can he act outside the law if all he has is a suspicion and CPS do not support or believe an allegation? It seems they were allegations and suspicions rather than established facts?

Anonymous said...

I just hope the inmates get Earl Kimrey. He destroyed that little tiny girl & he deserves to be swiftly annihilated.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude, THEY ARE THE ONES THAT SAID SHE WAS BEING SEXUALLY ABUSED & THAT IS WHY THE KIDS CAME TO STAY WITH THEM FOR ONE MONTH! Youre asking me how do I know? Bio Dad and girlfriend said it!!!!! Bio Dad left a tiny helpless girl with a monster. He shoukd have just blown her rapists head off with a shotgun & many fathers woukd have, but not Mariahs dopey bio Dad!!!!!!!

Hey Jude said...

^ If the mother had not let him into the home, and allowed him to continue living there, despite he was violent and a maniac, Mariah might still be alive, and her brothers would not have to live with what was done to their sister, and to them.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What is he doing now? Whining on Nancy Grace?!?! Hey Mariahs bio Dad, she was raped and killed on your watch!!!!!!!!! FUCK HIM!!!!!!!

Hey Jude said...

Well, it could not have been proven that Mariah was being sexually abused at the time - bear in mind the malice that can accompany custody disputes, which sometimes involve false allegations of sexual abuse. It is more than tragic if CPS and police were involved, and if Mariah was found not to be abused while she was - but all we have, I think, is the bio dad's and step-mom's word that it was happening? And step-mom did stumble on her first attempt at saying that Mariah was sexualky abused, like she was not sure in saying it. Where is the reason in advocating bio dad should have murdered Earl Kimrey? What would that have resolved or undone? The mother probably would have shacked up with a new paedophike live-in boyfriend before he even was taken to trial - he would be a murderer, Mariah would still not have been safe.

Anonymous said...

Um, Hey Jude, this is really not confusing. Earl Kimrey was forcing a 2 year old to -------. His head should have been blown off with a shotgun. End of story.

Tania Cadogan said...


Such a give away word.

She knew, she is involved either in the abuse that would have gone on before Mariah died, her death or the subsequent disposal and cover up.
She may not physically have done the disposal though that may change, she would have helped decide where to dump Mariah's remains.

I said in earlier comments that i wondered if the family were known to CPS and LE, it turns out they were.

Had the children not been handed back, Mariah would be alive today.

Why were they handed back given what we have seen in the released files?

Promising not to do it again means nothing.
If the authorities were told about the boyfriend putting his penis in Mariah's mouth, why the hell was he not arrested?
Why were they returned to the mom and boyfriend?
Were welfare checks being done on the family?

Yet another child dead at the hands of known child abusers.
I expect to hear the normal platitudes that there will be an in depth investigation as to why they were handed back, better training for staff, new rules etc and still it will carry on.

Mariah it seems were doomed from the moment she was conceived.
It was not IF Mariah would be abused and murdered, it was WHEN

The mom needs to be prosecuted for 1st degree murder along with the boyfriend, aiding and abetting, and anything else they can think of and then given the death penalty or LWOP.

If they offer her a deal then either LWOP or a minimum of 50 years to life.
If she gets immunity then there is no justice.

Hey Jude said...

There's always the possibility that perhaps he didn't have a shotgun, and Earl Kimrey did. I suppose he could have got one - but then he would've had also to be okay with becoming a murderer, and with Mariah being still left to the mercy, lack of, of her mother and her future boyfriends. Lose, lose, if what he said was true, but no-one was listening or believing.

Anonymous said...

Tania, the bio Mom was probably blaming Mariah fir being raped. She speaks of her as if she is a prostitute or runaway, implying she uses an alias. She probably saw her not as a bettered, suffering little girl, but as someone who had "stolen" her pig-faced mouth-breathing shitbag boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude, Then bio Dad should have gotten a bigger shotgun.

Hey Jude said...

Tania - the statement in which the boy said what was done to his sister was not made till after Mariah disappeared - perhaps there were earlier similar statements that were not believed or acted upon.

Does anyone have a link to the documents - or is what appeared in the Onslow news site story all that has been released? There are pages and pages which the father photocopied and gave to some news outlets - I don't know if any have published them.


I think murder is not the answer, Anon, especially just recommending that Mariah's father should do it to satisfy you.

Anonymous said...

1. Invade mexico. Eradicate cartels.
2. Deploy Navy throughout Caribbean & FLA coastlines. Eradicate cartels.
3. Exterminate domestic drug network. Focus on CA & CO.
4.Execute domestic 'dealers'.
5. Federal law prohibiting recreational marijuana nationwide.

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

A federal judge has ordered the Pulse nightclub shooter's widow to stand trial in Orlando after she was charged with providing material support to a terror organization and obstruction of justice.

Noor Salman tried to persuade the judge on Wednesday to hold the trial in another city citing that she believes she would not get a fair trial after her husband, Omar Mateen, killed 49 people and injured at least 68 more when he opened fire inside the Pulse nightclub in the city on June 12, 2016.

In denying her request, U.S. District Judge Paul Byron wrote: 'The Court finds that the pretrial publicity in this case does not satisfy the prejudicial and inflammatory prong of the analysis, and the volume of coverage does not rise to the level of saturation.'

Back in September, her attorneys said in a filing that ubiquitous media coverage combined with statements from local law enforcement officials created an environment where she would not be able to find an impartial jury, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The motion cites Orlando Police Chief John Mina's statements and tweets to the media, including 'I am glad to see that Omar Mateen's wife has been charged with aiding her husband in the commission of the brutal attack on the Pulse nightclub.'

The motion also mentions the numerous headlines and news stories that include a New York Post front page that reads 'She could have saved them all.'

'To enumerate all the articles relating to Ms. Salman's investigation, indictment, arrest, and trial proceedings would require pages and pages of exhibits appended to this Motion,' attorney Charles Swift wrote, in reference to the Orlando Sentinel's coverage of the deadly attack.

In his order, the judge cited the fact that Salman is being tried in the federal Middle District of Florida that includes roughly 2.8million people inside five counties.

Byron also noted that less than one per cent of the population in the area reacted to Mina's social media posts in regards to the charges and crime.

The judge wrote that her lawyers did not pint to local media coverage in the area that implied she is guilty of the charges.

'If a smoking gun of adverse pretrial publicity were among the articles written by Orlando Sentinel's journalists, one would expect Defendant to direct the Court to that material,' Byron wrote in the order.

The judge did explain the tools he and the attorneys are using to try to safeguard the jury, which include the uncommon step of having potential jurors fill out questionnaires as part of jury selection.

The responses will then be used by attorneys to eliminate from the jury pool. The rest will be called back to the federal courthouse for jury selection.

The woman's trial is scheduled to begin in March.

About bloody time.
Her words revealed the truth

Tania Cadogan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hey Jude said...

It would not have saved Mariah, Anon, from what had already happened to her. It would have prevented Earl Kimrey from causing her more harm, yes.

Hey Jude said...

Anon - The mother was in the home - it is incomprehensible to think she was not aware of what Kimrey was doing - even if she claims she was not, she was happy to keep a maniac who hit her boys and smashed out all the windows of a vehicle because he did not have any cigarettes, living in her house. Why don't you say the mother should have got a shotgun and blown off his head, or at least made him leave, and taken Mariah to a hospital, and reported him? The bio dad and girlfriend say they had suspicions, but that is not the same as the knowledge the mother must have had, possibly also the grandparents, as the grandmother was so involved in their lives as to be going in to wake Mariah at 7.30 - early reports had it as such, that it was the grandmother who discovered Mariah was missing. The extended family must have seen a change in Mariah, and been aware that Kimrey was bad news - but what did they do? They got her a princess outfit and a pink car, and in the next set of photos she was dead.

I don't get the sense in holding the bio father, who was not there, so responsible, when the adults who were there were much more likely to have known for sure that Mariah was being sexually abused. If the mother had not allowed and kept Kimrey in the home, Mariah might still be alive. To my mind, the responsibility is hers - Mariah was her child, she put herself and Kimrey before her children, and kept him there. We still don't know who killed Mariah. Why would she care that they would all be in trouble if she was not also responsible for what happened to Mariah? 'In trouble' - how f*cking minimising is that? Who is 'all' as she can't mean her other children, who are reported to be either five and nine, or six and ten.

Hey Jude said...

The mother said she goes by Mariah - she couldn’t see her getting very far by herself - she was supposed to wear her leg braces every day. ‘Fortunately’ ‘they’ hadn’t put them on her that day. Why fortunately? Had Mariah tried to escape through the unlocked trailer door, or possibly unlocked it herself, but fallen down outside because she couldn’t get very far by herself? Did the mother actually see her not getting very far, by herself, without her braces? It’s a strange thing to say, and the words arose from somewhere - as if she was thinking of Mariah as a runaway. It makes me wonder if Mariah had tried to leave the trailer - but ‘fortunately’ couldn’t get very far by herself, because she didn’t have on her braces. If she had on her braces, she might have reached next door, or gone further, and been seen and found.

Why did Kimrey hit the little boy in the face the day before Mariah was reported missing, causing his nose to bleed? Why did the mother stand next to Kimrey in an interview, as if he hadn’t assaulted her nine or ten year old the previous day - what was that supposed to be, all forgotten and water under the bridge, because Mariah had since been ‘kidnapped’?

She kept choosing him - I wonder if she will continue to do that, or plead DV victim status for herself. At any time she could have made him leave, and at any time in the investigation she could have said he did it- instead she has said that her son did it. Trauma heaped on trauma - they threw one child in a creek, and are trying to throw her brother under a bus to avoid taking responsibility for what they did to Mariah. It's beyond contemptible.


I don't understand the rage against the bio dad - he was denied access to his children by the mother, he did not choose Kimrey, he was not the perpertrator, he appears to have gone through the official channels yet without success - it wasn't him who threw Mariah into a creek. He should have become a murderer? I think you can't decide and insist on that on behalf of another. At least it seems off the scale to me - I don't know which scale.

Nic said...

Comment sections are always the most insightful. RUMOUR has it the reason why murder charges have not been laid is because bio mom checked herself into the hospital under suicide watch.

rob said...

What really gets me is, probably no one in the house worked, the whole crowd was living off benefits meant for the children, the children were abused and neglected, and you and I are forced to pay for it.
I agree with Wisconsin. Drug test these SOB's and if they fail, cut off the benefits, take the children. They would be better off in orphanages than in the chaos they are forced to live in. Once raised in that mess, it's a million to one odds that they will rise above and have a better life when they are adults.
Our current system encourages just what we are seeing and if anyone speaks out about it, they are called horrible, cheap, uncaring, racists, any negative word that you can think of. Children deserve better.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

It is very important that the child's own quotes be used by the LSW.

We do not have that in this report.

The allegation of sexual abuse could be true, or it could be that the brother is using adult language from his father.

The home is consistent with abuse but the specific allegation, if proven at 51% or above (preponderance of evidence), the children would have been removed or the abuser removed (arrested).

Even this does not prove nor disprove it.

Regarding those who "know" or "knew right away":

The analyst is limited by the language. Once he or she begins guess work, feeling, intuition, etc, the work will begin its decline.

Sadly, It is human nature that once the guess work starts, it grows stronger, even with error.

This is why training is so emphatic regarding self discipline. Later in profiling, even that which enters the subjective, must be based upon principle.

Those given to "seeing" what is not there, are often made worse when what they "saw" was accurate. They become entrenched in an indefensible position and believe their own selves over science.

Not that we've not seen examples of this today...


Statement Analysis Blog said...


interesting tid bit.

I tip my hat the local law enforcement. They appear to have done a very good job here.

Remember, they have to deal with federal involvement and this can turn into ego-fest. The statements from the sheriff and the FBI agent were quite different, yet the overall strategy appears sound.

I believe the sheriff's characterization of the family cooperation was deliberate and may prove to be wise.


Hey Jude said...

Peter - I was believing the statement made on behalf of the boy, whist knowing that's a mistake as they were not his own words. I don't know from any statements that Kimrey sexually abused Mariah - my just believing it is likely is not a principle of SA.

Nic said...


Given the outcome of Mariah's "disappearance", charges against the boyfriend, and pending charges, it's not like she would be so bold as to seek the sanctuary of the church . That would be ironic and one for the psych classes.

Interesting how liars manipulate the system to their benefit. I'm not saying she is not in mental distress. But if it is true, given the events leading up to Mariah's murder, and what we've learned about what she knew and didn't do to prevent the violence and abuse, I half wonder if this is more about her trying to protect herself. For instance, the night she was pictured at Outback's was the night before her boyfriend was charged. Then she's allegedly at the hospital under suicide watch?

Indeed, the characterization of the family cooperating must have given her a false sense of security.


Anonymous said...

Evidence of sexual abuse of Mariah is in the brothers words & is in the mothers language as she characterizes Mariah as being a "sketchy" individual with an alias. She blamed Mariah, not her boyfriend. THAT IS WHAT CHILD MOLESTERS DO--THEY SSY THE CHILD "SEDUCED" THEM & THEIR PERVERTED ENABLERS BACK THEM UP WITH THAT SICK BELIEF. Thats why the mother talks about her like she is much older with an "alias"--bc thats how she justifies her boyfriend raping Mariah--she blames it on "sketchy" Mariah. Mom and boyfriend both deserve death penalty.

Anonymous said...

Just wait. As the rest of the story unfolds, we will leatn it is more horrible than it already is. That language "She goes by Mariah" is the way people refer to a strippers stage name. I absolutely believe they were making child porn using Mariah. The language "She goes by Mariah" is utterly deviant to describe a 3 yr old.

Nic said...

It is very important that the child's own quotes be used by the LSW.

We do not have that in this report.

True. Some things you can't unsee and intuitively [you] know are wrong. Call me naive but what elementary kid knows about oral sex. Unless they think everyone is doing it. (Child abuse victims are on record saying they thought everyone 'lived' like they did.) In this case the sexual abuse isn't directed at the boys, "just" the physical abuse.

The autopsy might reveal the extent, if any, of what kind of abuse Mariah was subjected to up to her murder. No doubt the results will be sealed, just like the 911 call/s. Note I'm being vague, just like the the Order states: (I did read that both bio mom and boyfriend called 911, but I can't find the source link back to it.) The whole Order alludes that there could be more than one recording.
Judge Ebern Watson, granted the “Ex Parte Petition Seeking To Prevent Disclosure Of 911 call audio recording(s). “

The order was granted November 4, 2017
(embedded in news article)

"It was too late to save Mariah the moment the 911 call came in,' FBI agent Stanley Meador said of the call the girl's mother made Monday to report her missing. 'The arrest warrants are public record and the records speaks for themselves. We will not discuss any details related to the homicide investigation.'"

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Tania Cadogan said...

Perhaps they are waiting on the autopsy results?

The results would reveal manner of death, signs of physical and/or sexual abuse although any DNA may well have been washed away.
It may also give an indication of when she died depending on environmentAl conditions and condition of her body. Once they know how she died along with any evidence found in the house along with statements, then murder charges will be filed

Statement Analysis Blog said...


this is why I said it was a report and not a quote. Kids use such a wide variety of language that caseworkers are trained to ask, "What does _______ look like?" intuitively. It is very effective.

So if a kid says, "I played lollipop with daddy Danny"., the caseworker will say,

"How do you play lollipop?" and "what does a lollipop look like?", "who has a lollipop?" and on ot:

"What do they look like?
What do you do with one?
"What does lollipop taste like?" and so on.

In the report, the CW may write, "the child described oral sex" or something similar.

Although I have suspicions, I do not know if Mariah was sexually abused. I will not be surprised if she was, but I recognize that courts, in order to protect innocent children and parents, must be shown by a preponderance of evidence, that it took place.

I have cleared those falsely accused, when children made false disclosures and I have helped obtain justice for children who were perp'd on.

The comments here lack sober thinking. Peter

rob said...

Anonymous said...
geez, the emotional vomit from the comments section on this case is really out of control

I agree with that

General P. Malaise said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This is why I dont even believe in a God. Its as if Mariahs environment of being stuck with Mom & Moms boyfriend were hand-picked by the devil himself. She stood no chance. Very heart wrenching to realize that death was probably the only respite from those monsters who would have just kept raping/destroying her. Where were you God to help this little girl? THERE IS NO GOD.

it isn't God that does the evil in the world. man accomplishes the evil on his own the capacity for good or evil is in each of us. don't blame God or the devil.

General P. Malaise said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Gen Malaise, yeah whatever. It wasnt God that put her there--it was the devil, and that shows you who is in charge down here on earth. Kinda weird God the Creator has no power, yet Satan rules the earth. Think about it.

you actually have some of that correct. the devil has dominion of the earth (explains the politicians). God has total power. He also gave us free will. that is the key to understanding. if he fixes all the "bad" things then there is no free will. the hell on earth is our making.

General P. Malaise said...

Anonymous said...
No, the hell on earth was not Mariahs making.

you are correct Mariah did not make her hell and I did not say she did. and no it isn't doublespeak. if you believe there is a devil how can you not believe there is God?

it is true that Mariah did not have free will in this sense either. the evil done to her was by a person who did have free will. maybe there are a hundred people who exercised their free will and ignored the plight of the child. maybe if one person in the chain did something good for the child the result would have been different.

it isn't only the exercise of free will to do no evil but to do good. neutral doesn't exist in some sense.

saying hot is cold is a non starter since they are comparison words and are relative as opposed to subjective atributes.

GeekRad said...

Let's hope we see an arrest and conviction on this one. Too many murderers getting away with murder.

Eve said...

I think you are on the right track as far as where the responsibility for this crime lies. I don't however think "where she's at" has particular significance. While it may be poor grammar, "where she's at" is common southern speech for "where she is".

Nic said...

@ Anonymous,

Your argument is equivalent to: Spoons made me fat.

It's called free will. God has no dominion over free will. Everyone knows the rules. You break the rules, you go to jail.

Nic said...


That's incredible.

What has made me go "hmmm" is that in the reporting I've read, the boys were placed with their maternal grandmother with the understanding that only she took care of them because grandpa has a drinking problem. Where I live, grandparents and extended family have no rights. If things are not working out in one parent's home, they go to live with the other parent. And if this is not possible, then that's when the extended family is considered - alcohol abuse in the home is not given a "pass".

At least this has been my observation. In my naiveté, rather than going to court ($$$) moving the kids in with their dad would be a slam dunk. Especially considering the fact that this has been the arrangement before.

Like you said, we only know what is reported, not the details. It makes me sad for the surviving kids.

Anonymous said...

I hope inmates get to Kimrey with a chainsaw. Thats all Im going to say bc the behavior of Kimrey is too sickening to further contemplate. And I think its weird that my comment asking for a forensic profike on the guy keeps getting deleted.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment @5:30.

Typically, we hear about the 'live-in boyfriend' only when there's a murder of a toddler, and yes, it is typically him. And yes, they are more prone to molest, but so are all others.

I get creeped out reading some of the comments above that strike to provide a world in which no one can have children because something might go wrong or someone might cost the taxpayers a few dollars. Historically, some of the wealthier people have pretended to help these lost children only to rape them, and/or murder them as well. Sandusky comes to mind foremost.

Many have been raped and murdered merely going out to play: Oakland County Michigan 1976-77 (four children killed and the FBI knew the killer and covered because his family was wealthy), West Memphis REAL Three, Boys camps in which homosexuals tortured boys in Tennessee and Michigan,the Candy Man in Texas,and you read about teachers molesting and raping children in the public schools these days.

Technology can make anyone a porn producer.

The difference is: the ability to obtain wealth.

Single mothers fall behind.However, they may be alive today because of their willingness to say enough is enough.

T Bake said...

Hi! I just came across your site (I searched Brooks Houck, husband of Crystal Rogers, and found this blog). This type of analysis is of great interest to me, so I know what I’ll be reading after work the next few weeks! Your point C about Mariah’s mother really stood out to me as well, before I read it here. I can’t remember the specific phrases she used but I do recall that it was all “me, me,me”...and not a single mention of what Mariah could be suffering.

Thanks for sharing your work, I know I’ll be reading a lot of your posts! Also, just an extra bit of info if you hadn’t heard it: Crystal Rogers’ father was killed last month. He was shot while hunting and they don’t yet have a suspect, at least from what I read on HuffPost.

Pak31 said...

Although the outcome is what I expected, it breaks my heart. Obviously for Mariah who in her short 3 years experienced so much abuse. It breaks for the boys. To know that they witnessed and experienced disgusting and awful things is so sad. It just makes me angry. Angry that these children have been deprived of a normal loving, comforting, enjoyable childhood. I would want to ask that mom why she’s so evil and uncaring. Why she allowed some guy to live with her and her kids and let him have any business with them. He was her boyfriend. They shouldn’t have been living together. She didn’t care. She was more concerned with her life and her kids came last. I read that the biological dad had issues with the mom that led the children to see and hear things they should not have. So no one in this family is decent. We aren’t allowed to stereotype but they are the epitome of the types of people who do this. They are not your average, decent person.

Pak31 said...

I was on a different site where the comments were all saying that being a step dad or mom to children was wonderful. This situation isn’t bashing all non biological parents. It’s a mom who has a guy she doesn’t know move in right away. The people are usually lower class. There are many men who date single mothers and then eventually become a part of her children’s lives and it’s all positive. This isn’t the same. These are people who move in for convenience. How many times have we read stories of babies killed while mom goes to work and left them in the care of the live in boyfriend who she’s only dated for 3 months? He’s with mom for one or two reasons and mom is using him as a sitter because she has to work. These people are using each other for things. They aren’t in love. A caring single mom is allowed to find a man. She needs to get to know him for a while, then she introduces him to her children. Then it should result in marriage preferably but the whole time she is protecting her children until she knows that he loves her children and wants to be a family.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Roy Moore accuser admits she wrote part of yearbook inscription attributed to the Alabama senate candidate

One of the women who accused Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of making advances on her when she was a teen and he a local prosecutor admitted Friday to writing part of the yearbook inscription she offered as proof, a new crack in her story that gives Moore an opening to attack her credibility.

Beverly Young Nelson told ABC News she added the date and place in the inscription in her high school yearbook that she and famed attorney Gloria Allred presented as proof the then-30-something Moore sought an inappropriate relationship with her in the late 1970s. Nelson still insisted that Moore wrote most of the message and signed the inscription, but said she made “notes” to it....

Read More:

Anonymous said...

Roy Moore would attack any woman's credibility, of that I am convinced.

It was easy to see from the get-go that two different people wrote in that area. After an ex boyfriend of hers showed his high school yearbook that Mrs. Nelson had signed way back when, it was easy to see she was the one that wrote under DA Moore's inscription.

...I could not wish a Merry Christmas."

And, he made certain she did not have a Happy Holidays.

If she was leaving things at the counter which other employees of the place described as something a bartender would have authority over, he likely thought she was older than she was. And, I'd go so far as to speculate he knew in advance what he'd like to do to her if given the opportunity. There are two types of girls: good girls and bad girls. Good girls hang out in church; bad girls hang out at the bar.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

kudos to Steve Johnson of Veritas, on his work on the yearbook.

Where you have Gloria Allred, you have deception.


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Some tweets included in the above link, one of which is the glee and excitement expressed by Donald Trump, Jr.

I'd hate to look in my yearbook at what notes I may have made next to signatures or that of others like :fart face, bugger picker in second grade but now uses a handkerchief, and remember when (things you'd prefer to forget).

Bet Melania and Ivanka are shaking their heads in shame.

He even quoted Ephesians 6 in a quest to explain the spiritual battle part, forgetting his earthly walk on earth. Odd, considering a recent senator (Shortey) was busted for human trafficking in a motel wearing a T-shirt with Ephesians 5:22 (wives submit to husbands) while he was arranging a gang rape of a juvenile for money.He and the juvenile met to smoke pot and have homosexual sex.

Spiritual battle may not be his but those whose consciousness oppose him.

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Oh yes, his opposition is so righteous with their baby parts trade. A baby brain for $60, a few baby libers for $40. Im sure God is thrilled with their Jeffrey Dahmer morality. The Democratic party is beyond debased. They cant even be taken seriously by anyone with a few brain cells working.

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Yes its horrendous what Roy Moore did, but the evil perpetrated (and celebrated) by the democratic party is catastrophic.

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Geez I wouldnt want to be a female fetus or baby with the Democrats at the helm! Wow, they are sick while virtue signaling. They are virtuous cannibals. They make Hannibal Lecter look like a sweetheart. (At least he was intelligent).

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