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Blackburn Murder, What Detectives Think: "No One Is This Lucky!"

          What do experienced detectives think about the murder of     Amanda Blackburn?

What does the average person think about this case?

You have already heard from me in Statement Analysis where I have concluded:

The language of guilt, with the source of guilt not yet known.  

What do detectives who have no association with the case, but have many years of investigation behind them, think about the case?

When someone, anyone, speaks publicly, there is an expectation that the audience will have an opinion about what is said.  Some will believe; some will doubt, and some will disbelieve.  

Every thinking person has an opinion.  When the opinion is expressed, response follows.  

What does the public think?  This is easy to answer.  

We have thousands of comments.  Most comments conclude that police have the shooter and his gang members, but have strong doubt as to whether or not the victim's husband has any connection to the gang.  The public, overwhelmingly, suspects the pastor, and now his mentor wants a public apology as he ridicules those who disagree with his own opinion.  What's next, lawsuits? Comments here, as well as in various news articles, run, perhaps as high as 90% doubtful that the husband has no connection to the case.


Jeanine Shapiro, of Fox News, looked at the  initial statement of the husband and expressed a strong opinion.  She said, "Look at this, it is all about him!"  

She simply saw the emphasis of career while his wife had just been horribly murdered and the killer at large.  

Her judicial background entered into her thinking which thus revealed itself in her verbalized perception.  Several detectives felt it necessary to disclose their own personal backgrounds:  they are professing Christians.  Their backgrounds reference both murder investigations and faith. They recognize that this will influence their own thoughts and words, just as it did for Jeanine Shapiro with her legal background.  Several admitted feelings of shock and disgust at the videos posted with the following:

a.  "performance" obsession with success -some said they could not use the word "sermon" 
b.  Body language of "competition", "distance", "coldness" 
c.  Contempt; he had contempt towards Amanda'--humiliated her modesty (all), interrupted her, minimized her, etc..."like she is a prop" 
d.  Sex is used to sell, even at Amanda's expense-"how could he shame her?" and the "butter" reference produced angry responses 
e.  Descriptions of bad marriage strong, credible 
f.  Shock over using a gun in the performance 
h.  Those who professed Christianity said it is appropriate to preach on sex but "that is not what he was doing" (all) 

Overall, they had a very negative perception of the victim's husband from the videos.  They recognize the influence upon the as they examined the case details.  The analysis was all but impossible to do without outside influence (outside the words) therefore, this had to be repeatedly referenced in reminders.  

"What might we say about this word, if we had not known that...?"

This is what we all do, but for Blackburn's mentor, she should apologize for her opinion though she is paid to publicly give it.  
This is seen in two basic ways:

a.  The opinion frightens the subject so he wishes to silence it
b.  The call for apology is simply free publicity 

Perhaps, it is both.  

Recall the trend of government tyranny today:  If you disagree with me, you are morally unworthy of an opinion ("hate") and you are mentally incapable of reason ("phobia"), which are used to silence difference of opinion.  This is to show the road to losing freedom of speech is now traveled and in progress.  This was unimaginable just a few short years ago in our country but now is the powerful trend in colleges, politics and even now employment where people are terminated for an opinion that their government disagrees with.  It often speaks to the weakness of the policy that says do not question.  

If you speak publicly, not everyone is going to agree with you.  When they don't, do you demand an apology?  Do you sue them into silence?  

What do detectives unrelated to the case think?

Davey Blackburn, husband of murder victim, Amanda Blackburn, was said to be "100%" not involved, in the very first days of the case. This, say experienced detectives, was not an accident.

True, he was on video at the gym at the time of the shooting.  It is extremely rare that anyone close to a murder victim would be cleared this quickly but, as detectives pointed out, the phrase, "100%", if an accurate quote, shows an unnecessary emphasis.  This, some said, may not be as 'foolish' as it first appeared. To know what they are thinking, we listen to what they said.  This is in the present tense as it continues, with some affirming their thoughts with the release of the affidavit.  

What have detectives unrelated to the case said about it?

I.  First, they cite the same statistic Fox News referenced:  When a pregnant woman is murdered, the number one killer is the husband or boyfriend. Steve Doucie even mentioned this in asking the husband how to respond to it, to which Blackburn said,

"For us, we have nothing to hide" which not only is to invite searching into something that is hidden, but retreats to the pronoun "we", confirming it with the pronoun "us":  This is a very strong indication of both guilt of something, and of something thought of at the moment of this statement, that the subject does not wish to reveal.  For detectives without strong Statement Analysis training, "I have nothing to hide" is the same that parents of 7 year olds see:

Detectives:   He has something to hide.  

I ask that those unfamiliar with Statement Analysis view this basic and light analysis of Timothy Madden.  He, too, has nothing to hide.  It is a good, "101" analysis to introduce basic principles that consistently produce results in detecting deception.  Without statement analysis, having "nothing to hide" is, to detectives (and teachers, principals and parents) an "invitation to look."

II.  Next, detectives  step away from the religious setting and recognize that a church is a business, only that it's goals may be different than simply 'the bottom line' and that unless people come to it, bills will not be paid. Even those who may not want to take this view must because it is "imposed upon us" by the language of the victim's husband   

 Therefore, they view it from this perspective:  a business that must have customers to survive.  Many more customers and it does not survive, but it "thrives."  Blackburn came from a "business" that rather than seating 150 customers per week, sees as many as 16,000 customers per week.  His personal reference point is vastly different than the average "neighborhood business" (church) and even the publication of such numbers shows emphasis. 

Blackburn publicly shows his disappointment in failing to reach goal setting numbers but did so in context with what most people would consider a church's calling:  souls.  He used two numbers:  "16" and "400"

While Scripture speaks of rejoicing over 1 soul, he used 16 souls in contextual failure. 

The failure of the number of customers.  

It is easy, they said, to see how obsessed the victim's husband is with success. 

Detectives:   This guys lives for success of numbers.  

He lives for success and he, himself, has defined what "success" means to him, repeatedly.  

III.  Thirdly, they look at the Coincidental Nature of the Crime.  

This was the biggest "hurdle" and something they all repeated throughout and continue to.  

True, they have the statistic to look at the husband and then they have the husband's bizarre selfish initial statement, his subsequent 'corrections' yet even there, he could not stop himself with such things as:

'I'll tell you what to say to media
I'll tell you how to react, come and 'laugh' while the killer is at large
I'll tell you how to dress
and make sure you invite as many customers as possible...

Even under criticism, he adjusts his wording but still cannot conceal his true 'god' or passion:  he must bring in numbers.  

Some said that he is likely driven to bypass the success of his mentor who gets 16,000 customers.  

1.  A man who publicly speaks for a living is driven to success. 
2.  He tells the public that his marriage is bad. 
3.  He tells the public that his marriage went south with pregnancy. 
4.  He tells the public that, in his business, a wife can help bring success, or she can hinder that success. 
5.  When she is brutally murdered, what did he talk about?  Did he worry for himself or his child?  Did he worry about the killer coming back to get him or his neighbors?  Did he express hurt for himself?

No, they said:  he spoke about his business.  

This was repeated:

"No.  Not buying it.  When a guy has an affair and the wife turns up dead, we say he can't be that lucky, but when a guy tells everyone how bad his marriage is, even if he is using it to sell he went as far as to say how bad it was with pregnancy.  C'mon, now.  She is a hinderance to his success, he waves a gun around and she's gone?  Pregnancy is what he, himself told us that made the marriage worse and guess what?  When she's dead, she was pregnant?  No one is this lucky!"

They said:  The coincidental nature of the case is overwhelming.  The odds are as bizarre as his language.  It is like Blackburn just won the lottery. What are the odds?

Door unlocked?
On the phone for 40 minutes while remaining outside...

Why not take the phone inside?

'Just happened to be waving around a gun...not that it was in his mind or anything...just another coincidence, right?'

He tells us how bad his marriage is how pregnancy made it worse, but most of all, how his ministry is everything to him, so much so that he can't control how creepy he sounds with his "the best is yet to come" slogan?  What are the odds of pulling out a gun and then....?  Way too much. It doesn't pass the striaght face test and the *&^%% this guy shovels  and his hiding behind "we", and the constant selling and advertising....a divorce would have ruined his career!  

Detectives:   NO ONE IS THIS LUCKY

Loo, 'she is dead and he is not just not happy, he is in "salesman overdrive" and now he is telling us his plans?  Book?  Movie?  Hollywood?  He is going to beat his mentor!'

Maybe the100% was a clever   playing into his narcissism and letting him go on and on as they continue to seek the connection and make the link...

IV.   The Outcome 

The detectives saw this from a unique perspective.  The public sees it in the "here and now" of breaking news. 

I see it through the lens of the verbalized perception of reality.  

They see it in months and even years. 

Cold case detectives, in particular, sometimes lack camaraderie in general, which is natural.  It is not like internal affairs animosity, but when a case is closed, the cold case detective becomes the de facto critic of his comrade in arms' work.  

When a cold case detective focuses in upon someone that has been officially cleared (which is his job), those who cleared the subject are on edge, which is understandable.  They are also conflicted. 

They want justice but as human nature is, they do not wish to be wrong. 

Honorable investigators will accept this and be glad for justice. 

Others will be a bit defensive. 

Some may even be resistant. 

Some will go to great lengths to cover their own error, as was the case of Sheena Morris where they made the life of Sheena's family a living hell.  Thankfully, they are the exception.  

Amanda Blackburn's murder is a tragedy which we, the public, are going to have before us, quite likely, for some time to come.  Even the "demand for apology" brings free publicity, and the words reveal the intention of the husband to publicize the brutal murder, as he changed the language to "Amanda's Story" even before the killers were caught. 

Detectives stated that it may take months or even years, but all stated that "police are actively investigating" any possible connection to the husband, by any means. 

My conclusion remains the same:

The language of guilt. 

The source of guilt is something powerful enough to elicit the need to 'hide' in the plural, something seen in human language in children, in the Bible, in history, in an abundance of news stories of crime, and within the understanding of human psychology.  

The source of guilt?

I do not know, but it may be that the marriage was as bad as he claimed, and, in his perspective, he is not only relieved, but an extreme opportunist, who can feed the insatiable drive for success with the "story" of the brutal murder.  

Is this 'enough' to produce the intense guilt seen in the language?  

"The Stuttering "I" in Statement Analysis

I don't know.  This is a bizarre case.  It is the first case I have ever seen a public speaker stutter on the pronoun "we"; instead of only the "Stuttering I", with its "scale of anxiety" where the non-stutterer halts upon the pronoun "I", something he has used millions of times, with anxiety level skyrocketing with each "I" stuttered upon, until the highest level is reached:  "9", which is only seen in domestic homicides where the husband killed his wife, during a close relationship, in a physically close violent manner, where, upon stuttering to this extreme, the killer suffers a nervous breakdown and his hospitalized.  

Police will continue to investigate to learn if there exists a connection.  

In spite of the complaints, it was the husband's own statements that brought the public to doubt him.  Experts told me that the language was that of the "anti-social narcissistic' variety which was not lost on Jeanine Shapiro, nor the public at large.  

When asked about involvement, had he said, 

"I didn't kill my wife, and I don't know who did", this strong statement would have been reliable.  Had he then been asked,

"Why should you be believed?" to which the answer,

"Because I am telling the truth" would have meant 99.9% likely truthful.  

I would have closed my analysis with it.   

Instead, he said something else. 

Consider that this man is well above average in intelligence and his friends know it.  Those close to him already know the signals of narcissism in his language, as well as his competitive nature.  They know.  

If the average person has an internal dictionary of, let's say, 25,000 words, it is fair to say that this man is not average. 

Yet, let's say he is average and has about 25,000 words. 

When he was asked to speak to the suspicion that he could be involved, via the statistic of police needing to clear the husband, he would answer by:

a.  Going into the dictionary of 25,000 words
b.  Choose which words to use only
c.  Decide the order of information 
d.  Put the words into sentences, which word going where, to make sense to the listener
e.  Choose which verb tenses to use
f.  Choose which pronoun to use, "I" for himself, or "we" if there is someone else with him who needs to speak to the suspicion that he could be involved;

This entire process takes place in the brain in less than a micro-second in time. 

The speed of transmission is very fast.  Not only is it very fast, but it is something the subject's brain has been doing, every day of his life, for more than 25 years.  The efficiency is powerfully accurate. 

When someone speaks the truth, they will speak from not only memory, but "experiential memory"; that is, memory that they themselves, experienced.  Memory could be:

the memory of what someone told me;
the memory of what I said earlier (self reference)
the memory of something I read or saw...

Or, it could be "experiential memory"; the easiest of all processing. This is powerful because experience means increased hormonal activity to the brain, 'cementing' or solidifying memory. This is why if you experienced something in childhood that frightened you, the memory remains due to the imprint left from the inclusion of elevated brain hormones.   (this is the basic source of PTSD like symptoms, including nightmares) 

Experiential memory, therefore, is not 'taxing' to produce, and it goes in time; that is, like life, living in time, it is in chronological order.  This is where children learn that lying is difficult because it is hard to "keep track of the lies."  Why is this hard?  Because there is no 'emotional' or elevated hormonal connection.  (Teachers use this to help mnemonics.  If I give you bare facts of two individuals' deaths, you will forget them.  If I use "narrative" (emotional connection) and say, "The queen died, and shortly after, from a broken heart, the king also died" you are far more likely to remember this even years later.  By including an emotional connection, the brain experienced a subtle increase in reaction, strengthening memory.  This is why a certain scent can trigger a 30 year old memory)  

Experiential memory is "easy" to recall.  

In order to go into this process and deliberately deceive, withhold, or even outright lie, one must disrupt the speed of transmission. 

This is the source of stress in deception.  

Even if someone has sociopath tendencies, and "do not feel like others feel", such as "Dr. Hannibal Lector", then they "can pass a polygraph because they don't feel guilt like you and me" or

"psychopaths don't have human emotion which makes a polygraph a waste of time."

                                       It is not true. 

It may be interesting or make for good drama, but it is false. 

The source of stress is not conscience (though conscience can contribute to one's stress:  we all have seen some kids so quick to say "I'm sorry!" while others dig in their heels), that we pick up in both linguistic indicators and the polygraph, it is the stress of disrupting the speed of transmission.

This is why in Analytical Interviewing we produce admissions because we use the subject's own language, and his own deceptions. 

This is why a polygrapher who uses the subject's own words and his own moment of disruption, will get results.  

When the subject was asked about police looking at him, as the husband, which is very personal, masculine and with no one else possibly being the husband of Amanda, nor the 'husband' of the statistic, he said,

"For us, we have nothing to hide."

This is both the language of guilt, and the invitation to search for that which is hidden.  

"Crazy Davey"

Interesting that the mentor said that there was something "wrong" with the victim's husband and that he did not feel comfortable with him until he met Amanda. 

Although limited in volume, Amanda's words seem to reveal a genuinely Godly, lovely, chaste mother and wife .


She was probably his single best advertisement for Christianity in his possession. 

She is now gone.  


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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, unless someone let them know ahead of time that the dog was harmless.
Or the dog was medicated?
More wondering.

Skeptic said...

AB was not alive when DB found her. She was brain dead. Brain dead is dead, so it's ok to refer to her at that point as "the body." Her breathing and heart beat might have been shallow enough to be difficult to detect, but the body would still be warm. Brain dead is dead, no way around it.

Anonymous said...

Davey Blackburn 2006: "So if Jesus had limits and delegated, how much more limited am I, and how much more do I need to pass responsibility on to other people. EMPOWERING!!

Jesus didn't even baptize people according to John (ch. 4 ver. 2). He had his disciples do it. Why? Cuz Jesus had to preach. Who was going to get the people to come and here the message of the Kingdom and get baptized if Jesus didn't preach? The disciples didn't know jack squat at this time about the Kingdom because Jesus had not EMPOWERED them yet with the Holy Spirit. Hmmm. Never thought about that one. Pastors, Youth Ministers, church staff can't do it all. The church is a community and its survival is dependent on volunteers. Everyone has a part. Davey, get off your high post and let someone else get involved!"

southerngal said...

@Skeptic - but DB didn't know she was brain dead when he found her. What is your point? Who referred to her as "the body"?

Anonymous said...

Skeptic, actually Ab was not brain dead until two sets of tests were run hours apart, so she was not officially declared brain dead until that happened. It is posible she had blood flow to the brain at the point she was found and she lost it at some point.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...


That's a very good question! How would your run of the mill robber thug know the dog's temperament? It seems logical that a robber, seeing or hearing a dog, would avoid that target. Robbers have been known to admit to police that they bypassed or chose targets based upon whether or not there was a dog/evidence of a dog.

FWIW, I always assume any new dog is aggressive and watch for behavior signalling otherwise and let the dog approach me accordingly. I've only been bitten once as a little child; a slight scrape warning bite...that I have never forgotten. I've also witnessed a child attacked in the face and it was terrifying and sickening (unsupervised child provoking dog). I'm very careful to respect an animal's territory and personality (cats included).

Anonymous said...

Geez, i left out the most important point: brain dead people cannot breathe on their own.

Skeptic said...

Some commenters said we shouldn't refer to AB as the body because she was still alive. She was not, she was brain dead. He would not have known that. He might have thought she was just plain old dead if her vitals were very shallow.

Anonymous said...

Forgive my naive nature about christianity...Davey constantly focuses on the mansions after death...which reminds me a lot of the muslim ideology of 72 virgins waiting after death.

I'm naive about religion in general It seems a little bit of magical thinking.

His constant mention of a mansion in heaven, etc is again magical.

Skeptic said...

Probable cause affidavit says detective was told by doctor right after she arrived that she was not expected to survive. Yes she might not have been fully brain dead while laying on the floor but it wasn't far away. Can't breathing continue for awhile unassisted while brain dead?

I guess my point is that many people don't understand there is no possible recovery from brain death.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...


Where are you reading that AB was not alive when DB found her? The Probable Cause doc (pg. 14) states that "At 9:01 A.M., Detective Pete Perkins responded to Methodist hospital to investigate the nature of Amanda Blackburn's injuries. He learned Amanda Blackburn was actually shot in the head and was not expected to survive her injuries." (

Brain dead is a legal and medical term, verifiable only by medical tests. Shallow breathing and barely discernible heart rate do not qualify someone as brain dead, as the brain stem controls breathing.

southerngal said...

I will ask again - who referred as Amanda as "the body"?

Waiting up for my college freshman daughter who thinks she is "all grown up" LOL

Anonymous said...

There is no spontaneous breathing after brain death.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

In short, if they're breathing at all, under their own power, they are not dead (brain dead or otherwise). If they are breathing, their brain stem is still functioning- even though other areas of their brain may have suffered severe irreversible trauma that may lead to death.

Anonymous said...

Canada here...
Provides a link to

who runs this outfit? Resonate net describes itself like this:
Resonate is one church, following Jesus, in 4 cities:
Pullman, Moscow, Ellensburg, and Cheney.
Says: "In December of 2006, 5 people, who would later be called Resonate Church, started meeting in a coffee shop in Pullman, WA.. We now have sites at Washington State University, University of Idaho, Central Washington University, and Eastern Washington University."

Much earlier that Resonate Church Indianapolis and using a different business model. So is Indy a copy-cat or hoping to join the club?

Anonymous said...

southerngal at 1:25 AM

I did. No need to ask twice, I didn'tignore you the first time, I've been elsewhere.


OPN said...

IMO, DB is only guilty of being a narcissist. Narcissists respond to their sins or faults by experiencing shame, not guilt. They don’t feel guilt. They try very hard to avoid experiencing shame. DB’s word choices show that he attempted to project shame away from himself (share the shame) which, in his mind, decreased the shame.

"We are baffled…”
"We are wondering how to move on..”

This topic of not knowing what to do next after his spouse died likely arose from mirroring other conversations that he has heard.

In his mind, using “we” made it appear that others are equally unknowledgeable about what to do after Amanda's death, so he is therefore, normal. Because he's normal, he doesn’t have to feel shame.

“For us, we have nothing to hide”

Having to admit that people thought he killed Amanda caused him to feel shame. As a narcissist he couldn’t tolerate feeling that shame. He shared this shame to decrease it. He tried to make it appear that other people (his family, friends, church members) were also suspected of murdering Amanda. Since everyone was suspected of killing Amanda, he didn’t have to feel shame.

"We will have to figure out how to grieve"

DB can’t admit that he isn't experiencing grief. This would cause him shame because others were grieving. As a narcissist, he had to avoid this shame. He shared this shame. He tried to make it appear that others didn’t know how to grieve too.


Yes, DB can use the word “I” to express disappointment in things such as the church attendance number on one date. This doesn't cause him personal shame which, as a narcissist, he must avoid at all cost.

Anonymous said...

You arranged a murder and you sat in your car on the driveway until your neighbor, whose burglary was part of your plan had come home and surely called 911. You were confident the perpetrators were gone so you went inside your unlocked door. And, doggone it, the arrangee was still breathing. Would you maybe wait a little longer to guarantee she wasn't going to wake up?
Imagine how scared you would be if you got to the hospital and they put her on a ventilator. What if she woke up?

southerngal said...

Still waiting up for college freshman daughter, Auburn (War Eagle) who went Black Friday shopping and is really late considering she left at 7:00 . . . .

So "the body" reference was not made by DB? or was it made in affidavit?

Anonymous said...

Interesting but
Peter and that roomful of investigators think there's a bit more to it.
Time will tell because we've got a talker on our hands who sees a way to hit the big leagues. Wait for it!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ... at 1.10 AM
"the mansions after death...which reminds me a lot of the muslim ideology of 72 virgins waiting after death."

Jesus comforted his disciples: "In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you." John 14:2
Where does DB refer to it? The word in Greek can be translated as lodging, dwelling-place, room.


Anonymous said...

Roll Tide!
Hope she gets home soon. I know that worry.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:51 11/26
You requested DB's "In It To Win It" blog from Jan 24, 20006:

"I'm a sports fanatic. I play college baseball and love playing any other kind of pick-up game I can! I'm not saying I'm that good, but I love competition. I'm extremely competitive in anything I do. I'm one of those kinds of people that you don't want to play monopoly or risk with because I'm "in it to win it." Ok that was a gay saying, but I will go crazy when playing anything because I want to be the best! I want to win! So if I were to got out on the playing field after having toxicated on vanilla lattes or caramel mochas man I would be jacked....for a whole three minutes. Once I sweat all that caffeine out of my system I would be done. So do I tank up on coffee before going to play? No. I eat carbs. Complex carbs and proteins. Sustaining energy! That way I can woop you all up and down the field, no matter what we're playing! Ha!"


Skeptic said...

Someone said "the body" here, only here in the comments. It's a minor point I think. Websleuths is full of "you shouldn't say that" - "oh that's not what I meant you're too sensitive what's wrong with you" comments that are boring to read. I don't know maybe I started this. Let's change the subject this is dumb.

Oh no not her again said...

I just thought about what I would do if I came home and found Oh no not him again naked and unconscious on the bathroom floor, apparently having slipped and hit his head getting out of the shower.

I would immediately cover him up for dignity's sake.

The fact that DB didn't cover Amanda is very, very telling.

Skeptic said...

How do we know he didn't cover her?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Anonymous @1:10 A.M.

I understand why you're saying that. I am a Christian and I found Davey's remarks offensive. He makes it sound like Jesus is your Get-Out-Of-Hell-Free card and you get a free mansion- like winning some game show prize showcase (i.e. big ticket items). That's not what authentic Christianity is about at all.

In Islam you've got to kill the infidel to get the 79 virgins and you have to be worthy of eternity by keeping the 5 Pillars of Islam.

In Christianity, it's Jesus who died for our sins because even at our best we all have chosen to sin at some time and missed God's holiness. Unlike Islam, we're commanded to love both our neighbor and our enemy because God does. It's unfair for Him to forgive our sins and we hold other people's against them. Does tha tmean there's no earthly punishment/consequence for our sins? Not at all (see Jesus' response to the thief on the cross Luke 23:39-43)

At best, this man is a baby Christian who doesn't know God or understand His nature or His Word well. At worst, he's a man twisting and manipulating the Scriptures for personal gain, promising prizes if you'll come to his church and "get saved"- using Jesus like a cash cow or golden goose. My jury is still reviewing the evidence and deliberating which Davey is. ;)

A well-loved Pastor of mine (about Davey's age)repeatedly stressed to his congregation, "You take nobody's word for what the Bible says, even mine. You read it for yourself.". I have never forgotten that. Because there are always people like Jim Jones and the Branch Davidians, twisting Scripture verses and quoting them out of context to manipulate people. Religion and politics use the same area of the brain and emotion can be used to manipulate in both arenas. It's fine to love your Pastor, but the only person a Christian should be following is Jesus and using the Word of God (striving to do what it says and actually putting it into practice in their daily life). ;)

Anonymous said...

Skeptic at 2:13,
We know he didn't cover her because the police described finding her with her panties next to her and her shirt pushed up. I feel sure that's in the PC affidavit.

Anonymous said...

I just can't get past the incredible coincidence that Davey Blackburn called 911 only 5 minutes after the neighbor 2 doors down called to report her robbery.

Anonymous said...

Skeptic said...

How do we know he didn't cover her?

at 2:13 AM

I agree, We don't know . We've imagined it based on the statement in the PC that DB "found: AB in that state.


Foolsfeedonfolly said...


I read your earlier comment offering to research and provide more Davey-isms to discuss. What a generous offer! As much as I'd love to see what he has to say, I must decline(although someone else might be interested). It's usually all I can do to get through the comments, between the sheer volume and Peter's daily (sometimes twice daily) analyses! LOL The posters here have some really good points and pointed questions too. I've had way more free time to read only because I've been home sick for the past 9 days. My Dr. informed me two days ago that his son's been fighting this virus for 5 weeks-NOT what I wanted to hear! :0 Since I've been up all night anyway, it's a great time to read and catch up. ;)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @2:21

She was being transported out of the house by EMS when cops arrived. They had already moved her. Cops must have asked them what was the situation that they found her in but I can't remember if that is in the affidavit. I believe only DB's description of the scene is given in the affidavit. I'm just wondering if she could have been covered in some way by DB but those details are omitted in the affidavit. This document is for charging Taylor and Watson, not DB. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think an affidavit is required to have every last detail.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... at 2:21 AM

Skeptic at 2:13,
We know he didn't cover her because the police described finding her with her panties next to her and her shirt pushed up. I feel sure that's in the PC affidavit.

No, the police arrived after the Fire Department. IFD are the usual first responders. "At 8.44 AM ... Officers arrived as Medics were carting Amanda Blackburn from the home." Detective, responding at 9.01 AM, spoke to DB at Methodist Hospital. This is when DB described the state in which he found Amanda. The detective records nothing about asking if DB covered her.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

OPN @ 1:34

I agree with you that Davey is a narcissist. Because he is driven regarding the success of Resonate and it's very personal to him (ego, competitiveness, and all), I think he would take low attendance very personally because it directly reflects on him as the Lead Pastor. He felt the need to inform the public and the world at large of his position, both in Amanda's obituary and on the Church post regarding Amanda's "head injury".

Just an aside-I regularly read the obituaries. I know many elderly people (some of whom I know to be ill) and do geneaology for a hobby when I have time. Out of the literally hundreds of obituaries I've read in my lifetime, I have yet to see one which lists a spouse's position or job title.

Skeptic said...

Anon @2:26

If DB was involved, a possible reason for him to sit in the car would be to see when his neighbor gets home (maybe he knows she works nights but only approximately when she gets home) give her a few minutes to see what's happened and call 911. I think he wanted to be the third 911 call in this "crime spree." I detail how I think the robberies were staged, and who I think the cooperating individual is (Gordon) in previous posts, possibly some back to the last thread as well.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Skeptic and Anonymous

The Probable Cause doc (Pg. 15) says "She was nude with her panties next to her...". Unlike every other sentence except one in that paragraph though, it does not lead off with "David stated/said/left/stayed/entered/noticed", etc.. Because of the change in language and sentence structure and no "David covered..." or "David said/stated that he covered...", I take it to be a statement of fact that it is how IFD initially found her upon arrival, not as something David said. The only other similarly written sentence in that paragraph details the lamp and decorative ladder on the floor next to Amanda.

As to covering her,I'm not sure what I'd do. I know I'd hear my Red Cross mama saying cover her to prevent shock, but together with everything else I'd be thinking Crime Scene and I wouldn't want jeopardize catching who did this by destroying evidence. I *think* I'd go with Red Cross mama (I hope).

Anonymous said...

AJTurner, described as personal friend of DB, title this blog post "Tragedy into Triumph," never names Amanda, and pleads for donations to Davey.

I'll repeat what someone said earlier. What is wrong with these people?


Skeptic said...

The probable cause affidavit doesn't say a lot about what DB did or said that morning, only his interview with the detective at the hospital. It doesn't detail what he said in the 911 call. It seems like they are holding back most of what they know he did that morning.

Anonymous said...

@ Foolsfeedonfolly 3:08

Look I'm too stuffed on turkey and too tired to figure out what you are saying. Change of language, sentence structure? I never could diagram a sentence. You sound like you know what you're talking about though.

Anonymous said...

Foolsfeed at 3:08,
But remember you're DB and you don't think it's a crime scene. It's a bathroom accident! No need to preserve.

Anonymous said...

Foolsfeedonfolly said..
at 3:08 AM
"I take it to be a statement of fact that it is how IFD initially found her upon arrival"

I don't think so. The paragraph concerns the detective's inquiries at the hospital. Sentences that do not mention DB stating, syaing, noticing etc include "David Blackburn entered his house through the front door and found Amanda Blackburn face down in blood on the living room floor." That did not come from the Fire Department.

Skeptic said...

Bobcat @ 3:12

Once more it's all about DB, how hard this is for him. No thoughts about how unfair it is to AB, dead before 30 and won't see her son grow up. Think of everything she will miss. He's still alive, and holding up really well too.

I don't know what's wrong with them but somebody better figure it out before more wives drop dead - it might just catch on.

Mdkd6262 said...

Here is something I find curious... Supposedly the live-in babysitter (Megan Griffith) moved out abruptly 10-weeks prior to AB's death. I looked at AB's fb page & she quit posting exactly 10 weeks prior to her death on Aug 1st. On Aug 2, MG posted on her etsy shop - which is named "nothing is wasted" (DB uses that as a hash tag repeatedly) that she needed to sell her entire stock that day all for $5/each. I think AB caught DB & MG having an affair and threatened to expose them and that was the catalyst that lead to her death... LK

Mdkd6262 said...

Also... I think it's possible that DB could have staged the de-robing of her to make it look like a possible sexual assault.

And to clarify from earlier... He sat in his driveway for "50" minutes (7:30 to 8:20) per the PC documents.

I love this blog because I have followed this story since the beginning. What caught my attention right away was the stmt he released the very day she was removed from life support. It raised the hair on the back of my neck & the more I have learned the stranger this story gets... The totality of the circumstantial evidence is breathtaking.

Mdkd6262 said...

Also... Regarding Perry Noble he's a shady character at best. One of his 1st responses to the news of her murder was "that sucks" (per his own recount) - plus PN commissioned te start up of Resonate Church in Indy by the Blackburn's by paying their salary for the 1st year & funding the start-up costs... I'm sure he will get a cut of the revenues cuz he basically owns DB. He has a vested interest in having DB's back & is probably orchestrating the talking points for all this free publicity... cha ching

M said...

According to the confidential informant, Taylor told Watson, Gordon, Bull and possibly (name redacted) he killed the woman. Taylor stated that she charged at him and he shot her somewhere in the UPPER BODY so he would not be scratched. (from page 24)

If she was charging at him - he would have been shooting at the FRONT of her body.

Go to page 18 of the affidavit. She had a gunshot wound to the back of her head, also one to the lower left arm which traveled up to her biceps. She also had a through and through gunshot which ENTERED and EXITED her upper BACK. The back wound was downward.

Sounds more like she was running away from him than charging at him.

Anonymous said...

It must be heartbreaking for members of Amanda's family, if any of them are reading here, to learn what a deceitful low-life piece a shyt their daughter had married and was trying so hard to be a good wife too. Surely they realize by now the hard path he laid down for her to follow; or perhaps it is too difficult for them to comprehend just how rotten the little b'stard really was, maybe they just can't bring themselves to see him for what he really is.

All the while they would have been showing him pure love and kindness while he was destroying their daughter. They thought they knew him as a wonderful son-in-law, godly, a good husband and provider for Amanda and their grandbaby, little did they know. We don't even know if he had been physically abusing her, he could have, he certainly hated her and the new pregnancy enough to beat it out of her; we just know that he had been mentally and emotionally abusing her. No doubt about this.

He would have kept Amanda from divulging details of her sorry and unhappy marriage away from them, isolating her to himself other than for lovey-dovey family gatherings, causing her to live a life of deceit and loneliness, having no closeness to anyone else, even deceiving her siblings into believing what a wonderful person he was.

Amanda had a hard and lonely life, aside from her walk and closeness with Jesus. She had been raised to believe that the wife is under subjection to the husband, now she is under the rule of a fool and must bear up under her cross. She had nowhere to turn and no one to turn too.

I'm so sorry for her, and for them too. What a horrible way to learn your child has been living a life of hell when you thought she had the perfect marriage. So sad. Now they must go on and try to swallow the bad with the good; let's hope they can find some. Christian or not, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able too. ABB

JMTO said...

OPN quick question,

If he only behaves this way because he is a narcissist, then how do you explain his behavior when on his blog he's talking about Amanda losing and grieving over a family member, and then his father not showing up.for the baseball game on time and being worried about an accident, going through a million what ifs, scared senseless only to find out that his father was late, not in a car accident and he was relieved?

Going off of him being a narcissist, wouldn't he have the same reaction to anyone in his family friends dying?

How can he feel total devastation at the mere THOUGHT of losing his father,
but absolutely NOTHING for his wife and unborn child?

Anonymous said...

Canada here ....

Have you checked his Instagram account. More signs he takes AB's voice from here. Here is her comment after he posts a picture

5 months ago
Davey stole this photo from my phone so I couldn't post it and say the exact same things! 😁 But we feel totally undeserving of all the time that you spent with us this weekend! And your words today were gold! THANK YOU! @cheried @shaneduffey

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.....from Amanda's Instagram account...a picture of her child with no clothes. This legally is child pornography...."her" comment (does DB have access to her accounts via the iPhone?


Anonymous said...

That's just a phrase you pussbag! Not a prophecy.

No one wants their mother to whip out nude photos of them as a toddler and show them at their engagement party or to their first date. You, like DB, are picking and choosing text to fit your agenda.

andrew said...

@Anonymous 1:34

Excellent point regarding guilt vs. shame I still haven't heard from any SA experts on how the practice of SA could differentiate between the two.

Like you, I think that DB may be experiencing generalized shame rather than any specific guilt over Amanda's murder.

Anonymous said...

how about pronoun change from "I" to "we" when asked about law enforcement having to look at husband (him) first? Doesn't that point to guilt (hiding something) about the topic-at-hand, more so than generalized shame?

Anonymous said...

Seems that SA is perfect for differentiating between guilt and generalized shame.

Anonymous said...

To the Anon who posted to me yesterday that you had prayed for me; I want to thank you for such thoughtfulness, and particularly for your prayers. And to you Andrew, thank you for the kind post you left for me yesterday; both of these mean a lot to me. It has been so painful for me, losing my precious son, even in death he was thoughtful of me. He realized just prior to the massive heart attack it was over.

He dug out his car title and positioned it in front of his computer so I'd be sure to find it and could easily transfer it to myself. My own car had bit the dust and I'd sold it for junk; he wanted to make sure I would be able to have his. He took his old sock monkey he'd had since infancy and had kept all those years and carefully hid it in a corner of his top shelf in his closet, to make sure I'd find it and it wouldn't get pitched.

He carefully laid his dad's masonic fez on his dresser that he'd gotten when he became a 32nd degree mason that had meant so much to him, that he'd had out looking at that last week. He dug out his old coin collection that his dad had brought him from around the world, that he'd kept hidden for years and sat it carefully on the corner of his night table so I'd be sure to find it to give to his daughter.

He placed his antique guitar that his dad and I had bought him for Christmas that last Christmas of his dad's life when he was fifteen, and carefully stood it against the wall in his daughter's bedroom. (Either he or his girlfriend jammed his newer computer as I found it jammed and beyond repair afterwards). At the last, he vacuumed the area rug he had at the foot of his bed, set the vacuum upright at the end, moved his desk chair to one side with his box of valuable papers sitting on it, laid down on the rug and died. This is the picture I have in my mind forever of my son's last moments. How I wish he had awakened me, I would have laid down there with him and held him. I guess there wasn't time.

He face was not in good condition physically when I went into his room at about 2:00 am, I will avoid the details; this was the last time I ever saw my dear son except at his funeral; which now I have many questions about; exactly how did he die, what went on in that room prior to this? How did he wind up with a big red welt on his forehead when it was obvious he did not fall or injure himself. How did his computer get destroyed when he had four hard drives on it that was the calumniation of several years of hard work, that he planned to use in his book that was set for publication? Where are they now? All these things I live with.

Last Thanksgiving and Christmas were the worst I could have ever imagined without my son. I cannot even describe how awful it was, the first time in 41 years I did not spend them with my son and cook the big meals he loved so much. I did nothing but try to take naps off and on for days. A few friends brought food which did not interest me. I survived.

Yesterday I cooked, turkey and all. I have allowed two homeless guys to stay here since Jan which is probably what saved my sanity, both very nice, very kind to me. They do anything for me I ask them too, which isn't much. Now I am attached to them and would have a hard time asking them to leave. I decided to fix them a thanksgiving meal since neither one has any family, nor do I now. Not really. (My other son lives in Cincy and he has been so angry ever since his brother (his best friend) passed on that I'm not even sure he has sobered up since, he certainly doesn't sound like he has. That is going to be another story if he doesn't get hold of himself). My two homeless friends and I pretended it was a pilgrims happy thanksgiving, so we made it seem happy. Thank you both for your kind and caring thoughts. ABB

Anonymous said...

I don't think I am attached to the idea that DB was involved. But I AM attached to the thought that we will one day find out what DB is hiding. The coincidences are mind-boggling, but of course it's possible that it is all truly coincidence. I REALLY want to know the truth, WHATEVER that may be. And it IS our business to know!!!

Anonymous said...

ABB, for someone who has experienced trauma, your read sounds shallow and fetching for feelings from others.....................the mason insert had my hokey meter pulling no amps.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there are people who have won the lottery multiple times. There are instances of people having incredible luck!

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta admit that it really would make an incredible book or movie! I mean, who could even invent/compose such an incredible tale?! And we don't even know the core truth yet! I'm trying to think of movies that would be in this category...

Anonymous said...

What's the category? Psychological Thriller? Or just plain old Mystery?

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:05, it is my opinion that if we ever do find out the truth of Amanda's mysterious murder, as it might concern any involvement by Davey Blackburn, it will be a miracle in and of itself as I do not see LE doing anything constructive authoritatively towards that end. We CANNOT overlook or ignore that they determined that first day that Davey Blackburn was 100% not involved. How in hell they did this must be by osmosis since they had not done any investigating at that time. None. Zilch. Nada.

However, or rule of thumb is: If they do not say it, we cannot say it for them; if they do say it we have to take at face value what they said, unless they themselves step forward and admit they lied to us; not twist it around to suit ourselves. They SAID he was 100% not involved in Amanda's death. And THAT's what we have to go on, no matter how much guilt we see or think we see in Davy Blackburn.

Now we are to believe that he is under investigation and has been from day one? Then we have to start believing that all LE agencies are liars and schemers. Actually, I suspect that most of them are, considering their own level of criminal activity in many LE precincts throughout the country, as well as their pat history; but if we are to stay within the guidelines and boundaries of statement analysis, we must accept what they said as being truthful until such time as they reveal their own deceit. ABB

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:17, do you really think I care how you feel about me? Guess again, not one tinker's damn. You haven't walked a mile in my moccasins and until you do you are batting zero. But now, if you would like to take over and run my life I'd be glad to let ya do it, no questions asked. Just show me your bank balance.

You can pay my bills, think for me, rejuvenate and run my business, track my other son down and try to get him up off the streets and out of the bars, whichever, get him sobered up and dried out and bring him back to me. Think you can handle all that, PLUS cry for me during the night hours? I'll be patiently waiting for your next step! ABB

Anonymous said...

ABB, I agree with you that we have to accept what law enforcement says. You're right - they said "100% not involved" or "100% cleared" or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Davey posted 3 times yesterday on social media without even one mention of his wife. It's all his spiritual talk. Not even a "thankful I had 7 wonderful years with Amanda". But instead oh well, the lord giveth and the lord taketh away. Somebody pass the gravy!

Anonymous said...

Somebody said: "Maybe the '100%' was a clever playing into his narcissism and letting him go on and on as they continue to seek the connection and make the link..."

Anonymous said...

I challenge anyone to quote the source of a statement from LE that DB is "100% cleared." Name a source, a person, who said this. Because I can find no such source, only a reporter saying that "police said." Then everybody else ran with that story. I cannot find that this statement has been substantiated by officials.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the press conferences had with LE to date have all seemed odd to me. The details they shared were sketchy, and they all seem to stutter over them, like they're not really as confident of the timeline as they would have us believe.

I also found the comments about the dog odd. It seemed like the dog greeted them or came out of a bedroom, if I remember right...

If the dog heard all the commotion that must have been made from the attack on Amanda, you'd think he'd be going berserk, and would also smell the blood. Coming out of the bedroom, I'd think he would make a beeline to Amanda, or wherever there was blood. It's what dogs do.

That interview was also odd, in terms of the captains nervous behaviour. I can imagine that LE was shaken up by the event, but he was so nervous, laughing (comic relief), and when he was finished and stepped back, he was so fidgety, couldn't stand still..

I'm not being judgmental, I hope, he actually seemed genuine, but the nervousness seemed strange to me. Anyone, feel free to help me understand this from LE's perspective.


Anonymous said...

It was in a news article at
google this: I'm blocked from it

Husband "100% cleared" in murder of pregnant Indianapolis

Anonymous said...

Maybe DB remembered that AB used "we" often (in the correct context) so he decided to use "we" often to sound as good as she did when she used it (like someone commented earlier)

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:10: Yes, Steve Jefferson (a reporter at WTHR) reported "100% cleared," but there is NO NAMED LE SOURCE. Who is the LE source? You cannot find one, because there isn't one (published). I would love to see a named LE source who says DB is cleared.

Anonymous said...

Have the news marketers become so poorly they have to pay people to post links to read about it? Cheaper than standing on the corner yelling headlines? Push the link and help complete the mystery? Your input is needed-until we come after you in the "we" hours!

Anonymous said...

oh. interesting. It could've also been the reporter asking the question, is DB 100% cleared, and LE just acknowledging with a nod or something...

Anonymous said...

Her sister posted a really sweet lengthy post yesterday about Amanda.

OPN said...

This is how you can determine that narcissist Davey didn't murdered Amanda.

Narcissists marry someone whose purpose in life is caretaking and therefore, taking care of them. This person is, sadly, always codependent. Caretaker is exactly how Davey described Amanda. (She cared for others.) And this is what Perry Noble identified when he said at the funeral, (paraphrasing) “there’s something wrong with that boy, but it was made right when he was with Amanda.” Caretaker Amanda guided Davey to make less inappropriate/narcissistic verbal responses and inappropriate body language behaviors. Davey was able to mirror caretaker Amanda's caring responses and behaviors when she was with him. Like all codependent spouses of narcissists, Amanda made excellent excuses for all Davey's inappropriate narcissistic actions which decreased the worries of Davey's financier (Perry Noble).

In addition to being his caretaker, Davey needed his wife Amanda to be his narcissistic supply and his scapegoat in which he could project shame (narcissists will do anything to avoid shame). He also needed her to be his church prop as mega church pastors must be married with children. Being an excellent caretaker made Amanda the perfect prop for Davey's business. He would have sought sex and narcissistic supply from others instead of murdering this vital, useful, business prop.

Because Davey's business' success dominates his public statements, it is another source of his narcissistic supply. Compare known spouse-murdering narcissists with Davey (Scott Peterson, Christian Longo, Dr. Dirk Greineder, Drew Peterson). None of these narcissists killed a spouse who was vital to the continued existence of a large source of his narcissistic supply. continued existence.

andrew said...

@anonymous 8:53

Re: Guilt vs. Shame

You say that Statement Analysis should be able to differentiate between specific guilt and generalized shame. I would like someone more experienced in SA to explain the mechanism by which guilt and shame may be distinguished.

So that we are all on the same page, I stipulate that "Guilt" is regret or discomfort around a particular ACTION or THOUGHT that is at odds with one's personal belief system or with the belief system of the dominant culture. The former, which I would call "personal guilt," is probably the most easy to detect. Let's say one person steals a loaf of bread, even though he knows it is wrong. He will FEEL guilty, and his guilt will show up in all manner of words and behaviors.

Now, let's say that another person steal a loaf of bread to feed my family, and she does NOT consider this to be wrong. She is a kind of communist and believes she has the *right* to that bread. She will not FEEL guilt on the same level as the other person. However, she lives in a society where it is broadly accepted that to steal is always wrong. This is "social guilt." Based on my current understanding of both SA and human emotion, I believe this social guilt would also be easily detectable in SA, even though the specific indicators might be different from personal guilt.

Shame is something else entirely. Shame is the belief that one is inherently and universally WRONG in one's being. It is not necessarily connected to any actions or beliefs, but it is instead attached to one's core identity. You will see it often in survivor's of childhood sexual abuse or people with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Shame therefore infects virtually all of the person's behavior.

If this is the case, and shame infects all behavior, the how does one use Statement Analysis to ascertain specific guilt? The shameful person will trigger "false positives" at a high rate, making any one of those positive signals unreliable.

Taking the present case as an example, let's stipulate that DB for whatever reason is a person who experiences deep shame at the level of core-identity. His pregnant wife is murdered. He knows that suspicion naturally falls on the spouse in such circumstances. Without any involvement, his statements about the crime abound with unreliable denials and other red flags of Statement Analysis. The orthodox practitioner of Statement Analysis interprets this, understandable, as guilt. I am suggesting that in terms of SA, guilt and shame are indistinguishable, which renders the practice of SA in such cases invalid.

Anonymous said...

people make mistakes. even LE. one person makes a hasty remark based on his limited info at the time. 100% not involved and it spreads. doesnt mean other LE or even himself later realizes a premature and perhaps baseless remark. also remember the Gov was at the subsequent celebration(?) if so, why? just in the area at the time? initially the crime may've appeared another random open/closed case. theres alot in play & at stake here. the innocence/guilt of the alledged accused. the possibilty of a planned hit w/ a connection between societys obvious criminal elements and the facade of upstanding community respectabilty. then the possible liability of an out of state corporation, Mega-so called-Church.

andrew said...

@OPN 10:45

Great post.

Anonymous said...

You know, I don't really care who said Davey Blackburn was 100% cleared, or 100% not a suspect, or 100% innocent; it was said several times by several different sources, within 24-hours or less of Amanda being found shot in her home and before she was unplugged; I heard them myself, and no one in LE has stepped forward to correct these statements. THAT being the case, as far as I'm concerned, they said it. ABB

OPN said...

Here ya go, Anonymous @ 10:03.

Husband "100% cleared" in murder of pregnant Indianapolis mother

A detective made this statement because he had the evidence to prove it. An intelligent detective would not have made this statement to manipulate Davey. It involved excessive personal risk. It would be used by the public and his rivals as evidence of his incompetence if Davey was found to be complicit in Amanda's murder.

Anonymous said...

andrew I do see your point in your reply to my post re SA ability to discern between quilt & shame. Yeh, I can imagine that core-identity shame could lead to red-flag language in SA. The moderator here has posted some observations about the contexts in which DB uses "I" and the contexts in which he switches to "we". It points to guilt, as in "hiding something" on the topics of "Who would do this to Amanda?" and "Why did Amanda get killed?" and "How do you feel about fact that the police have to look at the husband/boyfriend first?"

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone already saw this, but on Nov. 16th DB tweeted
In the midst of OUR heartbreak, I am encouraged to see new evidence." Please help us find this man.

If this was a genuine plea for help, he should have shared a link, phone number, etc. to share tips.

Fox News commented on the tweet with the tip line information.

CJ said...

Anon @10:44

Could you please provide a link to Amber's post?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

To OPN who said "A detective made this statement because he had the evidence to prove it."

Name "the detective."

My challenge is to name the LE PERSON, the source, NOT the news outlet or reporter. No official source has been quoted clearing DB. Unless you call the anonymous "police said" an official source...

CJ said...

"The judge approved a no-contact order for the two men [Taylor and Watson]. Davey Blackburn wasn't on the list. The prosecutor said they aren't worried the men will contact him.

OPN said...

@ JMTO at 7:11 AM

Narcissists lie and lie. I'll make an educated guess that Davey posted the statement for the sole purpose of passive-aggressively punishing his dad for being late to the baseball game.

Maggie said...

The suspects have been given a "Do not contact" list. DB is not on it. When asked why, the prosecutor said that they don't think suspects will try to contact him.

Maybe they are hoping they do!

This is on twitter from a reporter in Indy.

Anonymous said...

wow. evidence to prove it? thats not possible so soon. wasnt it clear watching the LE press conferences they were unprepared to make statements regarding evidence. sex assault/no sex assault. they were not prepared.

Anonymous said...

Lets see how long this fund lasts before Ms. Griffith finds out and has it shut down

Anonymous said...

Davey moved on from Amanda and onto the "nation". Narcissists only need anaudience on which they can feed. It doesnt need to be a spouse: most narcissists suck their spouses dry anyway and eithed dovorce them or the spouse leaves. The narcissist just moves on.

I imagine "the nation" and "6500 people" give him plenty to feed on.

I tend to believe LE is on him and the 100% comment said by one guy immediately following the discovery of the scene was said for the point of allowing DB to act freely as he would had he not been a suspect. Look at how well ot worked too; DB immediately started fhe initerview circuit and immediately displayed unexpected words and behaviors.

Anonymous said...

I also think DB is on the do not call list so that they will contact each other.

Anonymous said...

A woman at work went to the grocery store on her lunch break and got a great bargain on 10 top-grade cuts of steak, came back to work raving about it, showing everyone, and she stored them in the freezer in the break-room fridge. A few days later, on a Monday morning, she announced that someone had stolen them - all the steaks were gone. We had no cleaning crew at the time, and only 7 of us in our small office. We all knew it had to be one of us; someone was guilty. I remember feeling like a suspect, even though I knew I was innocent. Being a vegetarian, I had the thought that maybe it made me less of a suspect, but not really because I had loved-ones who eat meat. The woman who said she was stolen from really did make a fuss, and the atmosphere at work was strange because everyone was suspecting everyone else, while also feeling like a suspect. In the several years I had worked with this woman, I had come to believe (as had other co-workers) that she had an extreme case of borderline personality disorder. I decided that she was the one lying about the steaks. Nothing made her happier than creating disturbance in the office, and I was 100% sure that no one had stolen the steaks - that she had just taken them home. I said nothing to anyone about my belief. During one of her crying sessions about the stolen steaks that week, another coworker whispered to me "I'm glad I don't eat beef", laughing snarkily. But she DID eat beef!! I had seen her eating a McDonald's hamburger just recently, and remember she even brought the sloppy joes to the potluck! It was PORK that she always refused to eat! I didn't say anything, but that was when I realized the steaks really had been stolen, and to this day I believe I know by whom!

Anonymous said...

Another friend/family member, who like Ms. Meg Griffith also promotes their own business/products when discussing Amanda's tragic passing

om_yogi "Life doesn't come with a manual; it comes with a mother." -unknown ️ Today's #SCMovember pose is #paschimottanasana This has been an incredibly emotional time for my family. My cousin's pregnant wife was attacked in her home yesterday morning, and this morning she left her earthly body. 🏼 Please continue to pray for her husband, her one-year old son, her family and the rest of us who are heartbroken and stunned at this horrific crime. I am going to keep this short and sweet. This is the way we teach forward bends at @shantiyogastudio. The torso must connect with the legs, folding through the hip creases and bringing the armpits to the knees. Over time the legs press straighter but the upper body remains connected to the legs. Show us your #paschimottanasana and tag @shantiyogastudio and myself for a chance to win a prize, and don't forget about my FREE yoga event this Saturday sponsored by @ketelone #yoga #prayforindy #prayersplease #godisincontrol #mybabygirl #mybabyyogi #5monthsold 2w

Skeptic said...

Taylor and Watson , who had probably never heard of DB, must by now know the public is suspicious of DBs involvement.

Taylor is locked up and hopefully never gets out. He has proven himself to be the worst kind of murderer OMO. I do feel badly that it seems he never had a chance to develop into a decent person, but what's done is done. Even if DB is shown to be involved, Taylor is much more dangerous.

Anonymous said...

New post up

Louise K said...

To Anonymous at 11.43

Borderline Personality Disorder does not make a person a thief.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Is there a correlation between theft and borderlines?

Many years ago I was told two things about Borderline Personality Disorder:

1. The diagnosis
2. The treatment

1. The diagnosis.

If you have been in the presence of a person who made you feel chaotic, confused, disorientated, repeatedly, you're in the presence of a borderline. The person near the BPD does not know how to describe the behavior but will fall back upon the word "chaos" in one way or another.

2. The treatment


Obviously an example of "pointed humor."


Maggie said...

Just looking through Facebook - a female friend of Alonzo Bull is also friends with someone who is listed as friend of DB. Interesting.

Pak31 said...

One thing I noticed today while looking at DB's Facebook and Instagram accounts vs. Amanda's is that hers are mostly about her husband and her son. Many about church and faith but she appears as a very happy person in love with and proud of her husband and son. On DB's accounts he rarely mentions Amanda. Lots of things with his son but nothing about her barely at all. I know he has a job to do with his church but I just found it sad.

Anonymous said...

CJ here is the Thanksgiving tribute to Amanda from her sister Amber. Davey posted 3 times yesterday with no mention of Amanda. BC

Jojo said...

Wow, Maggie. How did you find that? Who is the friend?

Anonymous said...

Blogger Mdkd6262 said...
Here is something I find curious... Supposedly the live-in babysitter (Megan Griffith) moved out abruptly 10-weeks prior to AB's death. I looked at AB's fb page & she quit posting exactly 10 weeks prior to her death on Aug 1st. On Aug 2, MG posted on her etsy shop - which is named "nothing is wasted" (DB uses that as a hash tag repeatedly) that she needed to sell her entire stock that day all for $5/each. I think AB caught DB & MG having an affair and threatened to expose them and that was the catalyst that lead to her death... LK

November 27, 2015 at 5:07 AM

This makes incredible sense!
Have you phoned the lead detective at the Indy Police Department and told him this? Please do.
Remember that Meg was DB's intern, the one who tweeted back then that DB had sent her to buy a jockstrap and a baby bib for him. She then retweeted that last year. Before she quickly made her Twitter account private, you could read that she grieved this summer over leaving her perfect little yellow house and her friends. It seemed as though she was being pulled to Indy where she moved in with DB and Amanda and went to "work" for Resonate "Church".

I've often thought she could be the one who, without even being officially asked, set up Amanda's murder. It would be interesting to talk with DB and Meg's friends to see if anyone saw their friendship as strange.

Did Meg come to Indy as a volunteer? It doesn't seem that there would be enough income at Resonate (with only 150 young people attending) to hire auxiliary (sp?) employees. If she was unsalaried, she couldn't possibly be supporting herself by selling inexpensive signs on Etsy, even if they all sold in one day!

Just a thought: Is Amanda's Etsy shop still open? If so, that would mean Meg is running it. Would it surprise you if Meg is at the Blackburn house painting furniture in the garage these days?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

By looking at:

sex offenders
close associates
distant associates
credit card usage

and so on...

people are doing exactly what police are doing.

No one, however, is telling them how 'hateful' it is.

It is unpleasant, but far less unpleasant than murder.

If it were your loved one murdered, you would want no stone unturned.


The Beckster said...

I think she was referring to weston, though. You know - like when he grows up and sees his mom's embarrassing photos of him..

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

OPN @ 10:45 A.M.

That's a very well thought out post and informative, as well! I thought you did a good job explaining both the Narcissist and his relationship to/with others, particularly as it applies to his/her significant other in relation to co-dependency. In thinking of the Narcissists I know and have known and their spouses, I found your statements to be an accurate and insightful representation.

If I may, I would like to introduce one additional point for your consideration. I'm speaking primarily of male narcissists. Under certain conditions, a narcissist may in fact cut off his co-dependent spouse. If the co-dependent spouse isn't living up to his expectations:
1. Physically- due to the physical/emotional/mental demands of child-rearing or pregnancy
2. Narcissistic supply- if the demands of motherhood divert time and attention from the narcissist himself
3. Prop-if the spouse has seen through the charade and is no longer willing to be a "trophy wife"
4. Scapegoat- if the spouse has realized that she is being abused (verbally, emotionally, mentally, or physically) and has begun to fight back
5. Caretaker-if the spouse has become tired of carrying her husband, smoothing over his faux-pas, running interference for him, and generally being the cog that makes his wheel turn- at her own personal expense, being made to feel inadequate, the butt of pointed "jokes", being humiliated publicly with put-downs (veiled or overt), etc. The spouse is tired of mothering her grown husband and determines it's time for the man-boy to grow up and be a real man. This particular issue is further compounded if the couple are professing Christians because she wants a godly man (one who leads the household spiritually, loves/protects/honors/respects her and her contributions, loves/protects/nurtures/leads/teaches/corrects their children, is a good provider, prioritizes his family above his sports teams/gym workouts/running/golfing/hobbies, and is faithful).

Last, but not least, the narcissist may indeed cut off his co-dependent supply if he has found another source to replace her...someone who is fascinated with him (adores/idolizes him or his position), is physically attracted to him, has no children to care for that would steal attention and time from him, who can step into the support/prop role/devoted caretaker/built-in fan base rolls a narcissist looks for. Such a replacement would render the spouse unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Davey Blackburn is a lot more than just a narcissist. He is also a sociopath and a pathological liar. I am VERY familiar with this type individual. They are intelligent, crafty and hide themselves well, but make the lives a living hell of those closest to them. I won't go so far as to label him as being a psychopath since I have less experience with this particular mental health issue.

In some instances, he has also shown signs of substance abuse. I don't care WHO wants to disagree, I've seen it, lived with it and successfully treated it, which is VERY hard to do. No disrespect intended, but Old Psych Nurse isn't the only one here who has some knowledge in these matters. FWIW, some of us have varied life experiences and actually know a little about a lot. ABB

Anonymous said...

Louise K at 2:16 I never said the BPD woman stole the steaks - they were HER steaks! I said that I had decided that she herself was the person who had taken home her OWN steaks, asserting they had been stolen and allowing group to suffer in chaos & suspicion. Later I found out I was wrong when another coworker made a remark to me, telling me she had stolen the steaks.

j-ro said...

DB also stopped posting on Instagram 10 weeks before the murder. Before that it was pretty regular.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to put this here. It shows the living room and part of the kitchen. I wonder why they didn't get their T.V.?

Anonymous said...

DB's friend, Kenneth Wagner's twitter post the morning AB was killed...

Kenneth Wagner ‏@kennethwagner Nov 10
Love my weekly convos with @daveyblackburn! So refreshing to have a true friend to do life with.

This was posted at 5:18am!!!! Davey and Kenneth are in the same time zone! Does anyone else find it very odd that this is posted way before their supposed convo? You would think he would say, "Looking forward to my convo with Davey Blackburn this morning." Which would be weird enough. But, the way he states it, makes it sound like they already talked that day. This one isn't sitting well with me....anyone have any thoughts on this one. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

DB is a lot beyond simple narcissism. He has serious delusions of grandeur. Inwardly, he's sustained by a Messianic fantasy. Apart from heightened fantasy, all he has on his "insides" amounts to Aw Shucks Americana banality. He does not have a mature true self.

I notice this in blogs he created at school - he established a pattern of jumping from banal everyday life, a life of fast food and dorm life, to his big dream, Jesus. Nothing in between. This pattern recurs in his sermons at Resonate Church.

The pattern is striking in part 1 of the long exclusive interview with WTHR channel 13. First off, he does a time-fake. Weston growing up without his Mom, “That’s the thing that ALWAYS hurts.” There's been no time for that "always."

The interview continues:

Interviewer: We all have these dreams for our kids. what were her dreams for him?

He laughs ha-ha-ha and looks down, uum. Thinks.

“Well she wanted him to play basketball. Hahahaha."

"But he was, probably cursed with our heights, he’s probably not going to play basketball. I wanted him to play baseball so we were always talking about that, you know."

Did Amanda herself really already envision career basketball as a dream for her 15 month-old baby son's future? If she did, Davey, less than a fortnight after her death, forecloses that as a realizable HIGH-ACHIEVEMENT OPTION ("our heights"). Then he instantly switches to a higher plain.

"Uum, but most importantly, her DREAM, like I’ve already said [actually, he has not said this in this interview], is that he’d grow up loving Jesus. . . . And so that would her BIGGEST dream for him."

"We prayed often, and I still do pray, that Weston would have a DRAMATIC impact in this world, that he would be the kind of, the kind of man one day that, umm, that, that, shakes, umm, nations .. because of his FAITH (voice trembles). Because of his belief and trust in Jesus . . . . "

This last sentence runs into verb tense issues. Amanda, while alive, in the past, according to Davey dreamed that Weston would grow up loving Jesus. Weston, however, is in the present. If Amanda were still alive, she would be dreaming that Weston will grow up (doing whatever). A more natural way for a bereaved husband to bridge past and future would be to say, "Her dream was for him to grow up loving Jesus."

Davey deprecates and talks over Amanda's dream of Weston playing baseball. Then, oddly, he puts his own magnified voicing of her other dream for Weston (of loving Jesus) in the past tense: "I still do pray, that Weston WOULD have a DRAMATIC impact in this world, that he WOULD be the kind of, the kind of man..." He does not say, I dream that Weston WILL...

As for a "man" that "shakes nations" -- there is no such man in Christianity or Judaism. The source of that dream of Davey's is "I will shake all nations, and what is desired by all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,' says the LORD Almighty."


Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 8:17 PM

"DB's friend, Kenneth Wagner's twitter post... was posted at 5:18am!!!!... makes it sound like they already talked that day."

Yes, I was fooled when I first read it, started imagining that Davey was on the phone with Wagner from 5.18 until 8.30 AM. Of course, Wagner could not be on Twitter and on the phone with Davey at the same time unless he was in his office more than one device.

Amanda talks (train station) about how she changed her schedule to early rising because Davey rose early to do his devotions. Somewhere, a mention of his rising at 4.AM. Is it possible that usually Davey and Wagner did talk in the 5-6am slot BEFORE Davey went to the gym? Speculation, I know. I do trust LE checks all DB's phone and computer records.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 8:10 PM said...

The bottom photo (reading Harry Potter with Mel on the sofa shows) a sightline from to the kitchen counter from the living room.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your thoughts anon...I am hoping too that this is under their microscope. So weird that he picks that day to post that! Has anyone else thought that he may have been in and out of the house from the time he arrived home at about 7:30 until he called ambulance at 8:20? I mean who really knows if he in the driveway or in the house? Phone records show he was in the vicinity of his house and that is all....what if he was waiting in house to call ambulance? Ugg...hate thinking like this but what an absolute horrific scene to walk in on! Does anyone know if Weston had gotten out of crib after all that time passed or where the dog was when DB walked in? How on earth could you seem that fine and live with yourself when you were supposedly outside in the driveway that whole time she was laying wounded in there? You'd think he'd publicly voice that too...."I feel so guilty...I could have helped her if I'd only come in the house sooner....I'll never forgive myself!" Nothing like that came out of his mouth. Also, why would these thieves walk in the unlocked front door of AB's house but break in the back of the other house? With his timeline, he literally must have missed the perps by minutes. Think he is behind it in some way but hope to be wrong on this one....can't shake it though

Anonymous said...

Where is Megan now?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:32 PM
Blogger Mdkd6262 said...
"Supposedly the live-in babysitter (Megan Griffith) moved out abruptly 10-weeks prior to AB's death. I looked at AB's fb page & she quit posting exactly 10 weeks prior to her death on Aug 1st"

Are your dates correct? Seem to me it goes like this. August 1 fell more than 10 weeks prior to Amanda's death. How about counting back from the 12 or 13 weeks of the unborn baby. According to media like Washington Post, drawing on family sources, Amanda was 12 weeks pregnant. The coroner put the fetal age at 13 weeks. So the child was conceived, by these estimates (never dispositive)on or between 11 and 18 of August. In other words, Megan was fired, and the baby was conceived ASAP.

How sad. The came the appalling "Love Song" sermon and the ghastly trip-to-Chicago train platform diatribe on husband sacrificing himself, dying, laying down his life for Christ, and wife as loving servant. Oh man this is out of early D.H. Lawrence.



Anonymous said...

Here's what troubles me - Davey is in sole charge of 15 month old Weston. Davey is in a VERY precarious state of mind. Asked what his dreams for Weston are, he drew on the banality of basketball v. baseball and the drama of End Times theology based on Haggai 2:7, "I will shake all nations, and what is desired by all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,' says the LORD Almighty."

Davey told a TV interviewer his dream is that Weston "would have a DRAMATIC impact in this world, that he would be the kind of, the kind of man one day that, umm, that, that, shakes, umm, nations .. because of his FAITH."

This is a fantasy or a heresy. In Christianity, including Evangelical, it is God, not man, who will shake nations in the End Times. CF Billy Graham:

Davey's dreams for his toddler son are apocalyptic. The Apocalypse of John (the book of Revelation) prophesies and describes the complete destruction of the world.

What is wrong about a father projecting a Messianic dream onto his son, a small child?

I would say, this dream, with its heretical muddling up of scripture, functions as a defense against massive anxiety and despair. At some level, Davey's inner world has already been destroyed. End Times already occurred in his life, perhaps over and over again since childhood. The darker and deeper the chaos or emptiness inside, the more desperate the reliance on divine rescue.

At some level Davey seems to have forced himself to place the burden of this rescue on himself. He cannot allow himself to break down, let go, and let God. He must laugh on TV, make jokes, keep preaching. Weston is living in this unreality.


Anonymous said...

Perry appears to be quite angry and uses aggressive language in condemning those of us questioning Blackburn. Granted, I don't know any pastors personally, but it strikes me as odd that someone who is supposedly "godly" would project such anger toward people he thinks are so completely wrong. I would have expected to hear something along the lines of "forgive them father, for they know not what they do," or something to that effect. It is his (and other church members) reaction to SA that has me questioning EVERYTHING about Blackburn & the church they all belong to.


Anon "I" said...

If he's so good at pulling the wool over people's eyes, might he not have said that the cigarellos were not supposed to be there.... meaning to his internal dictionary that they belonged elsewhere in his house? It might explain why he might not have needed to read the box if he was already familiar with it.... which might also be a reason to be familiar with unsavory characters. Of course, they just could have been left by someone else, too.

Also, I want the dog in the house and roaming free to give me a loud heads up if someone approaches. However, there was a show called "To Catch a Thief" (If I recall correctly),
where dogs would greet the burglar and all but show him around the house. I think it even showed the burglar rewarding the dog with food from the fridge. I think it depends on the dog.

Another thought, was the 100,000 "seed money" to start the church in the beginning ever considered and possibly audited?

If I was dating him (and I'm not Catholic), I might use a 40 day Lent excuse too so as to get away from him... After 40 days, I might have an epiphany that God doesn't want us to see or talk to one another again. Just sayin'.... after having changed my phone number.... and, possibly my address.

I don't remember the author or exact way it was described, but it was something to the effect that pathological liars or psychopaths commit "soul murder" and that's exactly what it feels like when you are being manipulated by one. It sounds to me like he was already slowly murdering her soul, at minimum, by his references to her. I thought about the woman who shot her pastor-husband because he forced her to do things she found repulsive and wonder how much Amanda may have had to bear in that household. I wonder what other secrets he may have hidden, especially on his computer.

southerngal said...

Most of pics I see is that DB is holding AB in an almost squeezing way. Look at her instagram pics. The wedding pics, he is behind her hugging (squeezing) her. Passive aggressive, I say. Most pics he is "strong-arming" her in a "hug". Just an observation.

Anon "I" said...

Strange. My post ended up under the wrong thread somehow... ? It's still
tied to DB, though.

Anon "I" said...

"She was probably his single best advertisement for Christianity in his possession."

Peter, are you leaking marbles? You called her his "possession." It's a very good
way of considering his state of mind. :)

MzOpinion8d said...

I believe the police may have stated that he was 100% cleared of the actual SHOOTING once they had the video from the gym, and the reporter took that and essentially misquoted it/published it out of context, and LE let it go because it worked in their favor with DB.

There was absolutely no actual LE named as stating he was 100% cleared, and I've looked for it in all the articles I've read as well as asked on four different forums where this case is being discussed and no one can find an actual LE officer who says it.

Anonymous said...

What are the odds? The odds are humongous that Davey Blackburn was involved in his wife's' murder. My comments are simple and easy to understand. I submit:

Consider the suspects who have been arrested and charged in Amanda's murder and burglarizing the home. This is their line of work, this is what they do. This we know, this we have no doubt about. Okay, so let's set that aside momentarily.

Now consider all we now know about Davey Blackburn, his lifestyle, the way he treated and mistreated his wife, his sermons, his videos, his dissatisfaction with his sex life with Amanda, his utter disdain for his wife and the new pregnancy, despising her actually; consider his resentment of his wife and his angry wish to be free of her, consider every aspect of his life and his obsessive/compulsive numbers ministry and his offensive and foul religious teachings.

Consider the timeline of his morning in conjunction with that of the suspects the day Amanda was murdered, as well as his actions upon discovering Amanda in the throes of dying and his handling of the condition he found her in; and then his highly questionable media statements since her death up to now.

To be realistic, and without any undue influence of statement analysis or being under the influence of anyone else; is there really any doubt or question that the odds of the break-in and Amanda's ghastly murder not being more than 50% that Davey Blackburn WAS/IS involved? IMO, anyone merely using common sense would have to concur that suspicion is off the charts that Davey Blackburn WAS somehow involved, yet to be determined.

Definitely, the odds against this crime being merely coincidental are overwhelming, and this is NOT a gut feeling. This is a simple wide-awake common sense observation of his possible guilt, in spite of statement analysis pointing towards his guilt in many comments showing knowledgeable guilt that he made himself. I really don't see how anyone can justify ignoring these off-the-chart odds. ABB

Anonymous said...

By his actions and statements, I think DB is deep in the closet. Of course, he can never come out.


I wonder what he did in high school to get in trouble?

Someone must know...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous "I" OMG, the giving him up for lent and not being that's comedy! ABB, nailed it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought that was a load of crap too, Anon @9:14.

I don't know the first thing about lent, I just always thought it must be a catholic thing, not protestant or Pentecostal, which is all I ever knew anything about but assumed they arrived at it from somewhere in the Bible. Having read the whole thing, much of it more than twice, I realize that one can find just about anything they are looking for in the Bible, or at least can interpret it to mean whatever they think it should, so fine.

I couldn't find it in the Bible, nor did I ever find the thing about only eating fish on Fridays, or the word purgatory, but that doesn't mean I didn't miss out on something, or misinterpretation. But then, I couldn't find it in there either where the Indians talk to the ravens and listen for their guidance. But who am I to judge? I've got all I can do to look out for my own salvation. Alls I know is I've had dear friends who were Jehovah Witnesses, Catholic, Baptist, you name it.

But sweet Amanda, maybe she was taught to observe lent too since it seemed to be important to her. The only thing, the poor girl should have run the other way when lent was over. Maybe God was trying to tell her something. ABB

Anonymous said...

I agree, Anon "I" @11:16 pm., Davey Blackburn was killing her soul and stripping her of all feminity. Amanda was living a dog's life with this fool, at his mercy, yet still trying to go on and put up the pleasant minister's wife face publically. We will never know all this poor soul had to contend with from her idiot (and I'm not so sure, if DANGEROUS) husband. God only knows the miserable days and nights this woman had to live through, and with no close counsel from anyone. She had to keep it all to herself.

There was no end in sight of her public humiliation and heartbreak. God only knows how he treated her behind closed doors. I am so sorry for her life with him, and sorry for her painful and horrible death, but I am peaceful in my spirit knowing that she has gone on to be with the Lord and will not have to suffer any longer at his cruel mercy. The angels took her home. This is the only bright side for tragic Amanda. ABB

P.S. I remember the other story, the minister's wife who shot him, can't think of the names now, just that his first name was Matthew, I think. From what I recall, she had no way out; he pushed and pushed and abused her until she snapped. She should have shot him. I kept up with that one all the way through to her trial. She didn't have to serve too long, got out and I think she has their three daughters now. Not sure now how this all ended.

Joan said...

is this stuff true and if so is there a link?

++Davey Blackburn did something really bad in high school by lying and it was so bad that not only did it ruin his reputation but it caused his family to leave the state and move away++++

c'mon, is this internet gossip or the real thing because if it is the real thing it is really relevant for this case and if these people here show him to be anti social or psycho or whatever it would be really important because o what i read here about teenagers hormones and stuff showing up????


Statement Analysis Blog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Anon @5:58, I have suspected from the beginning that Davey Blackburn is a flaming closet queen and said so.

If he liked sex so much with a woman, why didn't he teach his new bride the fine art of making love? As a man, it was all up to him to teach her about satisfying sex. It was obvious that she loved him but had no prior sexual experience, so why didn't he teach her? He could have had an excellent bed partner in Amanda had he tried. So who was it there who REALLY dropped the ball? IT WAS LESS THAN A MAN, DAVEY! He actually demeaned his own manhood by complaining about sex with Amanda.

Exactly WHY would he do that if he actually liked sex with a woman? He had it all at his fingertips but did not want it. And WHY NOT? Could ANY woman satisfy him? He forced himself through the week long honeymoon, then took a hike using long hours at work as his excuse. Closet queen enters my mind.

So why does he dress provocatively on his stage, prancing around and strutting his stuff in front of young girls all over the place? (Don't forget, boys too)! Why is his working out at the gym antics so important to him that he has to go there every morning instead of helping his pregnant and tired, puking wife with little Weston; keeping his muscles all toned and buffed? To appeal to his lover and to make it appear that he likes women and to have them coming on to him, so that his lover not get jealous and so that he never divulge where his REAL sexual interests lie. That being MEN, not women. God yes, I've always been suspicious of this.

Hell, that's probably one of the reasons he was so angry when Amanda got pregnant again; he didn't want his lover to know that he was actually having sex with Amanda, after he said he didn't and wouldn't and had worked so hard to make it appear how much he hated having sex with her.

I would imagine the only reason he did have sex with Amanda was to keep her from getting suspicious of his real sex life. Poor girl couldn't win. No, I'm not blatantly accusing him but I DO wonder. If it talks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. SOOOO, is this a duck? ABB

Anonymous said...

Joan @9:53, there are numerous links. I'm sorry but there is so much that has been discussed, and links posted, and interviews given, that it would be impossible for anyone to bring you up to speed with just a few posts of explanations and links.

No ma'am, we are not liars; this is not hocus pocus or made up stuff just for fun or to destroy somebody. I think you may have to go back to the beginning and read up for yourself.

However, just rereading your post, it appears that you already know about this case since you said above that Davey Blackburn did something so bad in high school that it ruined his reputation and his family had to move away and start over, so I guess you aren't groping in the dark after all, right? ABB

Anonymous said...

MzOpinion8d said...
I believe the police may have stated that he was 100% cleared of the actual SHOOTING once they had the video from the gym, and the reporter took that and essentially misquoted it/published it out of context, and LE let it go because it worked in their favor with DB.

There was absolutely no actual LE named as stating he was 100% cleared, and I've looked for it in all the articles I've read as well as asked on four different forums where this case is being discussed and no one can find an actual LE officer who says it.

Would you list the FOUR OTHER FORUMS (please ? ) - I would like to read and watch everything I can about this case. The only ones of which I'm aware other than Statement Analysis are Websleuths (virtually useless for this case because the moderator has declared Davey off limits), Stormfront (no new posts), and Datalounge (semi-active thread).

Thanks !

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