Friday, November 13, 2015

France: Islamic Terrorist Attack

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60 dead, and 100 reported taken hostage---This number is constantly changing. There may be more attacks ongoing, now.  

This supremacist ideology is the world's most dangerous known to mankind.  It prescribes violence, and attaches violence to sex, and these lessons are driven home by violence. 

Islam has remained unreformed for 1400 years because it forbids criticism of Islam, under the penalty of death.  It forbids progress and claims that women are "50% worth" of men.  

It is an ideology that has infected all races, and the lands that have become "Islamic" have followed the Islamic call for first cousin marriages, which has led to generations of intellectual disabilities, making its followers even more susceptible to its violent teaching. 

As a religion, it rewards the devout with sexual violence in the afterlife.  

When political leaders mandate that those who disagree with them are morally incapable of reason ("hate") and intellectually needless to be heard (islamophobic, xenophobic"), it is to affirm the Islamic supremacist mandate against criticism.  As a "static" ideology, it opposes progress, and holds the most contempt towards Israel, which is why a nuclear Iran has said that Israel will not exist.  

This is the single greatest threat to freedom and democracy today and poses a risk of violence to us all.  

Daily murders
Weekly beheading videos
Weekly videos of homosexual men thrown from buildings
Daily threats and demands 
Domestic violence against women
Poets, artists and musicians beaten, imprisoned, or killed,
Dhimmi status:  a 'tax' by the 'kaffir' is paid and the kaffir is 'allowed' to live.  

In Sweden, rape of "kaffir" (dirty insult of non Islamic) is of epidemic status with 3% of the population responsible for about 90% of the rapes.  An uncovered woman is in "rebellion" to the Islamic supremacist ideology and the Koran says that she is a reward to the Islamist to rape.  "Rape", itself, is a "reward" in the Koran, linking violence to sexual activity.  When a nation undergoes a 1700% rise in sexual crimes, what drives this must be uncovered.  

The supremacist ideology always has, and always will lead to criminal violence.  Even in 100% Islamic lands, violence continues because each supremacist faces off against his neighbor.  

The Koran says that when the Islamist moves into a land to take it over, he should observe the "ruins" as "proof" of "allah's anger against them."

Therefore, beautiful buildings are evidence that the Koran is false, which is why such buildings are targeted, such as the magnificent Twin Towers in New York.  The Eiffel Tower stands as a daily reminder that the Koran is false, therefore, it must be destroyed.  

Millions of Muslims are "non religious" and in Islamic lands, they are targeted for violence.  

The Islamic teaching of Tacquia allows for deception to "advance the cause of Islam", which has made trusts, treaties and agreements meaningless.  

Sweden: Rape Capital Of Europe

Men cannot protect their wives and daughters.  When French or Swedish citizens produce statistics to show the ideology behind the rape, they risk being arrested, fined, and incarcerated besides being labeled "hate", "Nazi", "right wing" , "xenophobic" as its politicians who brought this destruction upon them, refuse to acknowledge that they are incapable of protecting their own. 

The countries that migrants leave are in the status of "3rd world" and for decades, these migrants have not assimilated into Europe, but have insisted on remaining separate, meaning the ideology that produced the 3rd world status, is brought to Europe, and not eradicated.  

Germany plans to hire 20,000 new teachers, and has made a decision to reduce test score standards to accommodate the migrants.  There is an estimated equal number of Islamic young males, to the number of native German males.  

When one is not permitted to criticize an ideology, there is an insulation built in, which keeps it protected from change or progress.  

This is what Winston Churchill said about this ideology:  

"How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries, improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement, the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

AP reporting that hostages are being killed one by one

Statement Analysis Blog said...

How will Germany respond?

police raiding the concert hall to stop the killing..

Tania Cadogan said...

How long before France and other countries close their borders and stop demanding all 'refugees' be allowed in?

I wonder what will be said if it turns out the terrorists are recent arrivals to france?

At what point will citizens say enough and demand reintroduction of borders,deportation of all ilegals and the death penalty for terrorists?

in the meantime, how will all the liberal do gooders, guardian readers and left wing supportes spin this as not being islamic terrorists, rather poor souls who ended up in a situation not of their making and this is a response to being ignored, or, we deserve it because we in the west invaded their lands and attacked islam?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

140 dead with number expected to go higher.

The unknown is the scariest of all elements.

When citizens are afraid to speak the truth about this vicious ideology, the unknown increases due to silence, as does the frustration of the common person.

It is something I would have not believed 6 years ago.

"This is my immigration policy. If you disagree with it, you will not be heard because you are morally inferior ("hatred") and are mentally ill, suffering from irrational fear ("phobia").

This sounds like a silly science fiction book, or a stupid conspiracy theory rumor.

The silence, that is, the lack of freedom, is far more dangerous than we know: we have known freedom for 200 years, and although it has consistently lessened, the tyrannical trend is getting worse.

If the French fight back, they will be condemned as "racist" and "extremest" --

News can condemn it and German citizens are beginning to ignore the labeling and the more Merkel has demanded submission to her, the greater the resistance.

It is the proverbial glass window that has a big sign on it:

"Do Not Throw Glass"

Sweden closed its border but only temp.

Anonymous said...

that Piggly Wiggly sign is creepy. There is a museum dedicated to the grocer in Tenn. Wonder if there are Piggly Wigglys in France are that sign is call out others within Piggly Wiggly regions.

I thought they were all but gone decades ago.

JMTO said...

That video is the scariest thing I have seen yet. How can they turn their heads to why is happening and make it ok bc "Europe needs to be multi cultural or it won't survive."

And I thought Europe had been doing well for the past how many centuries.
Now they won't survive unless they boat and bus in truck loads of islamics who are boasting of "breeding out" the white population??

How can they make that ok?

It said if you don't agree with it you can leave Germany at any time.

I would be leaving asap.

elf said...

180 dead. Over 200 wounded, 80 seriously wounded according to the fox news channel.

lynda said...

I wonder how long France will keep its borders closed? This is just sickening. Media is pretty mum about who the terrorists were, have not officially "named" them except that it resembles a Jihad attack. Witnesses have said it was shouted, "This is for Syria" ..everything you have been saying Peter is coming true..what are we to do? Where would they deport what is now millions of people? Will Germany close their borders for good? Sweden? That would seem to be the only way to curtail this burgeoning crisis..close the borders. This has just left me sick to my stomach.

elf said...

I think they think all the attackers (terrorist )(muslims) blew themselves up.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Lonna Barton tells detectives Lonzie may have accidentally overdosed
State attorney released more information on Ruben Ebron case

The State Attorney's Office has just released new discovery material in the case against Ruben Ebron, the prime suspect in the disappearance of 21-month-old toddler, Lonzie Barton, last July.

n an interview with detectives, Lonzie's mother, Lonna Barton, suggested her son may have accidentally overdosed while in Ebron's care.

VIDEO: Lonna talks to detectives

Detective: “What do you think really happened?”
Lonna: “I think he wasn’t watching him well and something happened to him and I think maybe he got a hold of something out of his dresser or out of his drawer or off the floor … something … and maybe you know, accidentally overdosed or something and he freaked out and came up with something quick to make it look like something else.”

It has been almost four months since Ebron reported Lonzie missing and what happened to the toddler remains a mystery, but now, the original 911 call Ebron made to police has now been released.

In the recording, Ebron initially only reports that his car was stolen and does not mention Lonzie for several seconds and once he does, claims him as his own child.

911: "Jacksonville 911"
Ebron: "Yes, I want to report a car stolen, a '95 Honda Civic."
911: "Do you know who stole it?"
Ebron: "No I don't. A '95 Honda Civic, somebody just took off."
911: "Okay hold on one second, let me make sure it wasn't towed or anything, all right?"
Ebron: "My kid is in the back, still in the back of the car."
911: "Your what?"
Ebron: "My kid is in the back of the car."
911: "Okay. What color is it?"
Ebron: "Bright orange, you can't miss it. '95 Honda Civic."

Ebron's voice is extremely calm in the recording and can be heard talking to someone in the background, telling them to catch a ride.

LISTEN: Ruben Ebron's first 911 call to police

Full 911 call:

According to a previously released document, he told officers that Lonzie "had injuries to his head and that the child began to eat little or not at all." He added that, "the child had thrush and was bleeding in his mouth. The blood was being deposited in the child's bottle."

Ebron said he and the child's mother, Lonna Barton, agreed that something was wrong with Lonzie, but they didn't seek medical attention.

When investigators spoke with Lonna Barton after Lonzie's disappearance, they showed her pictures of the boy she calls "Babyman," including photos of blood on Lonzie's shirt and then blood on a white sheet on the floor of Ebron's apartment.

Lonna broke down looking at the photos and detectives asked her about Lonzie's head injury.

"What did he do to him?" Lonna asked the detectives.

At another point in an interview with detectives, Lonna called Ruben a coward.

"He could have f****** called me to come home and get my baby if he was getting on his f****** nerves," Lonna said. "There's a lot of things he could have done to keep my baby from getting hurt, period. Could have called my mom. She would have come."


John Mc Gowan said...


Lonna and her mother met with detectives in another interview.

Mother to Lonna: "If I ever see you with a black man again I'll disown you. You understand me?"
Lonna: "Yeah I understand."
Mother: "You stick to your own."
Lonna: "If you think I hurt my kid..."
Mother: "I don't think that."
Lonna: "Why are you looking at me like that if I thought he'd hurt my kid I wouldn't have f****** left him with him."
Mother: "I'm hurt too."
Lonna: "You're looking at me like I'd done something wrong. I didn't do anything wrong."

When Lonna Barton was arrested, her arrest report said she and Ebron had gotten into an argument when she found a bruise on the back of the boy's head. That was the day before Lonzie was reported missing. It came claimed she saw yellow fluid coming from the boy's ears and that he was throwing up and was lethargic.

Judge Mark Borello ruled that Ebron and Lonna Barton will be tried at the same time.

The joint trial for Ebron and Barton is scheduled to start Dec. 7. While the case will be tried jointly, they will have separate juries.

JMTO said...

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Sounds to me from the second interview, the one with Lonna and her mother, that mom might be the one who beat up Lonzie eventually causing his death.

Her words reveal her.

Tania Cadogan said...

Yellow fluid (this could be cerebrospinal fluid,which normally surrounds the brain) coming from the ears indicates a serious head injury and requires immediate treatment in a hospital.
That it is accompanied by lethargy and she reported there was bruising on the back of his head indicates a serious physical injury and he should have been taken to ER immediately.
This was not accidental, if it had been, then the parent(s) would have taken him to ER.

That they didn't, despite all the symptoms, indicates non accidental injury.
He would not have gotten such an injury from eating something causing an accidental overdose.

I would ask why the mom did not do what any mom would on seeing how badly hurt her son was, maternal instinct would have kicked in.
That she didn't indicates her priority was not her son.
This leads me to wonder if she caused the injury herself or knows who and what caused the injury and is protecting them.

Why would she need to defend the father, in that she said maybe her son overdosed?
Why did she not do the expected and take her clearly sick son to ER?

The trial will be interesting to see who throws who under the bus first.
Both covered up Lonzie's head injury and did nothing to help him.

Anonymous said...

FBI probing death of Idaho rancher after outraged family members say deputies 'needlessly' shot him

Hiring morons are proving more dangerous than terrorist attacks, imo. The man goes to put the animal out of its misery after the the deputies hails of bullets from a M16 left it drowning in its own blood but still breathing. Right before putting the poor thing down properly, the deputy spun the farmer around and shot him to put him out of his misery. They handcuffed the wife, causing a heart attack, and other family members witnessed the atrocity. They even drove a front-end loader down to the extermination site-on their own property-so it's not like they snuck up on the the deputies.

This is going to get heated.

Anonymous said...

Muslim population will exceed Jewish population of United States shortly.

I wonder if open borders (Mexico) are not a distraction when the real and dangerous immigrant population of muslims has been steadily settling here under the encouragement of bho.

What are students getting loans to "learn"?
Is the legacy of bho more important than the safety of the United States?

Political correctness, and guilt are control mechanisms. And they work best on people with no real foundation/family identity. "Free" money/goods/services are means of control.

Unknown said...

I read that story, and was so disturbed! Apparently police dispatch called the farmer at home, to inform him his bull had been hit, and ask him to go down to the road to take care of the bull which was hurt, and charging.

He didn't even initially bring his rifle, he sent his nephew to get it after the officers opened fire, but only managed to further enrage the bull.

I agree, this one is going to get BIG!

John Mc Gowan said...

OT: For fun

I was watching an episode of frasier. Nile's Frasier's brother has a crush on Daphne. He gets caught smelling her hair.

Daphne: Dr Crane, were you sniffing my hair?

Niles: Why would i do a thing like that? I'm a happily married man. I love my Maris.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...

Muslim population will exceed Jewish population of United States shortly.

I wonder if open borders (Mexico) are not a distraction when the real and dangerous immigrant population of muslims has been steadily settling here under the encouragement of bho.

What are students getting loans to "learn"?
Is the legacy of bho more important than the safety of the United States?

Political correctness, and guilt are control mechanisms. And they work best on people with no real foundation/family identity. "Free" money/goods/services are means of control.

How can it be that we have reached a point where free speech is so destroyed as to have media compliance with the silencing labels of "hate" and "phobia"?

Choose a name.


Anonymous said...

With Open Gates The forced collective suicide of European nations

elf said...

Order always shows priority, doesn't it? The mother knows exactly what happened to that baby. I hope her and her nasty boyfriend get life in prison.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a massive fan of Dershowitz, but he's spot on in this...the "Fog of Fascism" is not just on our universities, but also in our high schools.

My Sew Imperfect Life said...

I don't know guys, she repeatedly calls him her "kid," not child, and child is linked to abuse per Peter. She's definitely sensitive about being called a bad mother because she left him w/a dangerous, abusive man. I think she KNEW he was abusive but left him anyway, hence the sensitivity. The poor baby had fluid leaking out of his ears? WTH. What kind of mom wouldn't take him to the ER?
About Paris, this is so flippin sad. I am far left politically, but (thus negating what I said before ;-) ISIS has changed my mind about Islam. We cannot say because one Mexican has raped an American, all Mexican immigrants might. However, Peter (I can't believe I'm saying this) I think you're right. There is no way to know if a Muslim is fundamentalist or not, and will commit jihad. Do we close our borders and change what America has always represented, a chance at a better life, in exchange for safety? Benjamin Franklin said "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Is it an essential Liberty to allow immigration? I'm not so sure anymore.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


2 weeks ago the City of Copenhagen demanded that the Danish Islamic Group of Something or Another break ties with their speakers who called Jews pigs and advocated violence. They gave them 30 days to publicly separate from the violence, or lose funding. Yes, tax dollars supplement Muslims.

The Danish Muslims refused to back down saying the City had no right to tell them what to do.

I predicted that the City would yield and give in.

Paris changed everything.

Instead of waiting for the 30 days, the City of Copenhagen took the vote and decided to cut ties with the Islamic Group.

The group responded:

Expect terrorism to come to Copenhagen.

Surprise, surprise.