Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bibi Wilhailm Speaks Out

More sense from a 16 year old than all the political elite of Europe and the U.S.

  A response...It is difficult to understand how illogic can flow so readily to those unwilling to employ reason.


mom2many said...

Peter, your formatting on the website has a bug. It is now single column and the title links to the articles are not clickable. I can open them through my rss feed, but not directly from the website. Commenting and reading comments will be difficult or impossible for a lot of readers.

Anonymous said...

Hope she wakes up Germany. No one wants to live in fear/turmoil. On a side note: The one institution in US we can do without, HOLLYWOOD. Oscars etc.

Anonymous said...

agree with m2m, I could only get to a version of this site where I could even click on the comment link, by going through the old blog site (a little weird, but true).

Hey Jude said...

Link to transcript- Bibi Wilhailm's video

I don't know if it's a full transcript.

John Mc Gowan said...

I can only access this through other blogs that recommend this blog, too.

OT Update:

PI: Missing Idaho toddler DeOrr Kunz Jr. likely dead, charges will be made

A private investigator hired by the family of the missing Idaho toddler DeOrr Kunz Jr., says he thinks the boy is dead and that charges will be made in the case. The Idaho State Journal said on Jan. 21, that the head of Klein Investigations and Consulting reports that his company will soon turn over their findings in the investigation into the July 10 disappearance of DeOrr Kunz Jr.. The boy was last seen at Timber Creek Campground in Lemhi County,

The story of missing Idaho toddler rocked the nation because no sign of the young toddler has ever been found, despite a massive multi-level search by Lemhi County officials. It was deemed incredible that DeOrr Kunz Jr., who was just two years old (and is now three) could have disappeared without some trace of clothing, blood or other evidence. Scent dogs weren't even able to pick up his smell beyond Timber Creek Campground where he was last seen.

PI Philip Klein says there is light at the end of this dark, mysterious tunnel. Investigators believe they know what happened and how it happened but not why. They also want to find the body of the missing Idaho toddler. The investigative firm has no control over what the Lemhi County Sheriff's officers who have been handling the case will do when they've seen what Klein's firm has found. But Klein himself is pretty sure that some persons will be charged in the Timber Creek Campground missing child.

Klein wouldn't say who any possible suspects may be but abduction was ruled out as was attack by wild animals. But Klein did say investigators concluded that DeOrr Kunz Jr., is most likely deceased, either by murder or by accident. The missing Idaho toddler disappeared from Timber Creek Campground near Leadore, Idaho, where he was staying with his parents, DeOrr Kunz Sr. and Jessica Mitchell, his grandfather, Robert Walton, and Walton's friend Isaac Reinwand. Lemhi County officers explored the area thoroughly.

Kunz Sr., Mitchell and Walton provided statements to Lemhi County police and private detectives, Police said none of them were suspected. The family friend has declined an interview with investigators. Police did not suspect him. Klein has conducted 80 interviews and reviewed 1,200 documents and worked with FBI in the DeOrr Kunz Jr., case. The firm has investigated 900 missing persons cases and solved 700 of those since 1992. Klein says he thinks the body of the missing Idaho toddler is on the mountain Timber Creek Campground or very near it.

C5H11ONO said...

Sorry about off topic, but 3 home invaders killed a lotto winner. His girlfriend was there. It sounds hinky.

Unknown said... see what really happens when you let thousands of Muslim refugee's/Migrant's/Asylum seeker's into your country! Close the Border's and deport these Refugee's back to the Middle East before it's to late!

trustmeigetit said...

Quick OT

Just watched a dateline case about the murder of Carrie Olson.

I usually have a strong opinion on the person convicted on a case based off evidence and SA combined.

In this case the evidence made the one convicted look guilty but he seemed to issue reliable denials.

Curious what some other SA people thing. He also passed the polygraph.

To the dateline reporter (not sure if a direct question was asked as the clip starts with his statement but he says:

"I did not kill Carrie and I did not dump her body"

When asked about last time he saw her he says:

"she was walking into the garage at her house...alive, happy, as well as could be"

Then addressing the judge in the case

“Judge Meersman, I did not kill Carrie Olson,” Tim McVay said at his sentencing hearing in Rock Island County Court on Friday, October 9, 2015.

"I will tell you again. I did not kill Carrie Olson. I loved her and cared for her as my best friend,” Tim McVay said.

“Judge Meersman, sending an innocent man to prison is not going to solve this case,” McVay said. "And my wrongful conviction dishonors her memory because it allows her real killer to remain free and literally getting away with murder."

Anonymous said...

OT: Deorr Kunz' parents officially named suspects in the case.

trustmeigetit said...

I finally got thru the girls video.

I just flat out do not understand why the focus is on "not offended" over the safety of their citizens.

All you have to do is look at their counties. It's violence day and night.

Those people wish to spread their ways and will do it however they wish. This should be clear already. Again we only need to look at their counties now.

Moving them is not fixing the problem. We are only giving them power.

Enough is enough.

Stop them!

Our freedom and way of live is in serious jeopardy.

People need to stop worrying about offending them. They don't care. They only wish is none "Allah" believers harm.

I feel for women who were born into this culture. I can only imagine the horror.

Anonymous said...

BBC. Sweden. 15 year old asylum seeker stabs/ kills female center employee.y

trustmeigetit said...

It's awful! People need to stand up and take action now.