Thursday, December 22, 2016

2017 Training Schedule: Child Protective Social Workers

NYC:  10 dead in 3 months, according to the NY Post. 
Hyatt Analysis Services is booking for 2017 Seminars including dates set for Fall 2017.  

In New York City, 10 children in a span of 3 months all died while under the watchful eye of child protective services caseworkers, who, media reports, has more supervisors than caseworkers.

When a social worker undergoes solid training, the social worker's interview with children can be legally sound, dominated by non-interpretive questions.

Currently, we are booking seminars for child protective services (under various names) for 2 day trainings.  This is an abbreviated and focused training that uses Statement Analysis with the legally sound interview training that the caseworkers already receive.

When parents are abusive, there are distinctive points within language that will reveal this.  Using statement analysis, the overworked case worker can save time by getting to the truth; particulars with parents and supportive relatives and can move more efficiently to assessing the risk to the child.

Violence has a language all its own.

Domestic Violence, as long term readers know, has distinctive elements, even when the victim seeks to protect the abuser.

When the child protective caseworker discerns deception, critical thinking and decision making improves.

If your agency wishes to book a seminar, please contact Hyatt Analysis Services for our pamphlet, including a very powerful example of analysis.

For professionals in the social services field, taking the Complete Statement Analysis Course in your home is a more efficient means of learning.

Enrollment also allows the professional the choice of entering live, monthly training in which CEUs are eligible for the work.  This accreditation is national.  This training puts to the test the work that is done in study.  It is invaluable especially as you work with other professionals for a common goal.  The input from varied experiences, background and intellects, critical for accuracy, helps accelerate the growth in detecting deception and content analysis.  

The accreditation is being presented and examined for acceptance in law enforcement of the mandatory hours of training that law enforcement professionals must have every two years.  This is the same teaching that is being given at HIDTA.  


Happy Healthy Hippie said...

I would love to take all your classes. I've been thru DV and a lot of abuse. I'm very intuitive to a person's body language. Being married to a obsessive compulsive liar, then to an abusive alcoholic, psychological warfare drug addict makes for good survival skills and perception to red flags.
I want to acquire more knowledge to be a human lie detector, which I'm not to bad at.
Fascinated by true crime. I'm on the ASD and have been following many of your cases.
I hope to write as brilliantly as Capote.
Your analysises are spot on, and easy to understand.
Thank you!

Jasmine said...

Just wondering Peter, if the social workers who entered the home of Philip Garreido, the man who kidnapped, abused Jacy Dugard had.SA training maybe the story would have had a better outcome? No doubt in my mind.