Friday, February 16, 2018

Congratulations: Arizona HIDTA


Congratulations to the training team at HIDTA, Phoenix, Arizona February 2018 class.  

This is a special group of professionals.  

We had a great range among us; some of who were newly hired, while others came with decades of experience to offer to all. The most experienced were, at times, the most enthusiastic for learning. This, by itself, inspires more learning. 

The team was enthusiastic, intelligent, generous, and even cut short a break to tackle something quite challenging. 

They are the first single day training seminar to attempt Anonymous Author identification.  

                              They were successful!  

We had some from Puerto Rican's National Guard, while others brought with them law enforcement experience from around the country.  Those who speak more than one language hold a marvelous tool that can be used in more settings as their learning goes. They shared their experiences and brought regionalism into the difficult challenge of identifying an anonymous threat. 

The administrative team of HIDTA Phoenix is vested in their students and run a terrific program. Students are well trained, but also depart with encouragement and wisdom for their careers.  The enthusiasm and love of investigation is pronounced. 

I highly recommend HIDTA for those who are eligible to apply for its wide array of training.  

I would have enjoyed staying later, as the next day came instruction on surveillance and warrant seeking...a timely learning. 

...and this public acknowledgement is a reminder of something only the attendees know to remind me of.

Yes, it is in writing.   

Congratulations to administrators and students both.  

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